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The Official-Unofficial For Sale/Trade Thread 2014

By pinmister

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Hey all I thought I would start a thread for the beginning of the new year for people to list games they have that they are interested in trading, selling and WTB. I myself am running out of room and have some pins coming in and I need to make room for them. It will be like a swap meet to start to move some pins or buy some pins. I got the idea from the thread-What is next on your chopping block? Because of the title many posted pins that they may sell next or in the future. This thread is different. List games you want to buy,sell or trade now. Many deals were done with that thread and I am hoping that this thread may get some deals done as well. So if you need to make room, have MMR on the way and need to come up with remaining balance, or simply want another title then feel free to post. I might also recommend a picture or two with entire machine,shooter lane and also make sure to give your location. Thanks

#2 7 years ago

I will start it off. I am selling a collector quality HUO The Rolling Stones LE. Game is really unique and fun. Stern originally had planned to produce 350 but production was cut short making it a somewhat rare title.

Asking $5300 OBO and willing to entertain trade offers
Game is in Denver
*Still available-I have got some nibbles but no bites


#5 7 years ago


#10 7 years ago

I am looking for a HUO preferably low play Stern IJ with immaculate shooter and no playfield warping around arc magnet.
Also want a HUO BBH for reasonable price
Any leads appreciated(:

#20 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I have a HUO Gladiators that I would hate to part with, but have considered it after your recent interest.

If your serious let me know. I found two other nice ones and two Barb Wires. Waiting to unload some pins for more room.

#36 7 years ago

I am offering up a Alvin G & Company Pistol Poker with full LED's. This game is really rare-only 200 made! Game is in good condition and the playfield and shooter are real nice. Only problem is some of the plastic shot targets are getting cracked,but still work.
Asking $2400-(Edit) SOLD
Also willing to trade towards other titles
Game is in Denver

-Just a side note: Do you notice how nice the shooter is. This game poops out the ball into the shooter lane like a soft turd. The ball just kinda rolls out. Unlike new Stern games where it rockets out and messes up your shooter lane quick. Pretty cool if you ask me.


#61 7 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Thinking of selling my restored Orange Indiana Jones and Chrome Twilight Zone for the right price. I might want to try and get Tron back, this time with Eli's ramp mod or an LE possibly.

Wow-I better check my drawers it reminds of this video-LOL.......

#78 7 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

SST, Restored by me.

Quoted from goatdan:

I'd like at least $4500

Wow lets not get the PPP(Pinside Price Police) to show up-LOL-Joking


#89 7 years ago
Quoted from Kurisu:

Can someone explain the purpose of this thread? Pinside already has a Marketplace section and a Marketplace forum. Why list everything in a single thread? I don't get it.

Hey Chris this thread is mainly to form relationships and network with fellow pinsiders. By putting out the word for a pin you are looking for or putting a pin up for sale to see if anybody has any trades to offer, etc. It is kinda like "Its not what you know but who you know". I have already talked with many and I am hoping this thread starts to move some pins. Hopefully a lot of local deals will be made. I tend to make mental notes of pinsiders wanted machines and ones for sale or trade and then when someone comes along looking it is a good referral reference. Also it reduces the number of threads by allowing people to put out feelers and list multiple games for sale, trade, and WTB.

#107 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Shippers are the divorce lawyers of our hobby. They are the only ones that really make any money.

Yes it does get pricey. It makes sense when it is a pin you really want or a collector quality. I also tend to bite the bullet and eat shipping because I really want another new title and usually I am ready to trade another machine out and keep it fresh. Usually it cost $360-$400 for one pin , but I always try and see what other pins the seller may have for sale to get two for one on shipping. For a small fee you can usually get the second or third... pin thrown in which helps reduce the shipping cost per pin. Always ask what else they have for sale-you never know.

I have thought about some of the old Adams Family or Twilight Zones and how many times certain machines have been shipped. I bet you some Adams have been bought and sold and shipped so many times that if you added up the overall shipping cost it would be in the thousands in terms of overall shipping cost for one particular machine? Shippers are getting paid but it is a big task to move a 300lb. machine across country. You can save money by palletizing yourself, and dropping off directly to a transit center but nobody can care for a pin like NAVL or STI-worth the money with certain pins.

#111 7 years ago
Quoted from Craig:

I need to sell a couple of pins and am struggling to decide which ones will go. The one I've had the longest and therefore could part with most easily is my Data East Star Wars. I am "underwater" on that pin, having put far more into it than I could reasonably expect to get for it, but I need to make room and am now willing to take a substantial loss.

Do you know if it is a HUO and what are you looking to get out of it, I would love to see pics? Thanks

#120 7 years ago

Pistol Poker is SOLD(; Found a good home with fellow Pinsider.

#136 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

You aren't the only one only one that seems to be looking for a Barb Wire lately.

No not me-LOL You know it son(;

Whatcha talkin bout Willis.jpg
1 week later
#146 7 years ago

Looking to sell or trade HUO Blue Avengers LE with Mods. Still looking for HUO BBH and HUO Stern IJ. Thanks


Avengers 010.JPG

1 week later
#152 6 years ago

Still trying to sell or trade HUO The Rolling Stones LE-Price reduced to $5200 also HUO Avengers LE reduced to $5500 or trade offers?

#158 6 years ago

Toddsolus has a WHO dunnit he could get to Denver

Jalpert-Switch in Wyoming is looking for a nice HS2

1 week later
#163 6 years ago

I am putting out feelers for possible trade/s for a NIB ST LE. Also I am looking for a Big Buck Hunter World arcade in good condition. Any leads appreciated

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#184 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinfidel:

Hey Pinmister. I happen to see this the other day. Pretty expensive though. You can definitely talk them down though. Good luck.

Hey thanks Derek-I came across that ad upon my search as well. My budget is between $1500-$3000 depending on condition. I think it is the best looking BBH arcade to date and the new one out is pretty ugly in comparison.

1 week later
#201 6 years ago


1 month later
#211 6 years ago

^^^I hope you tipped them-they don't look too happy(;-LOL

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