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5 years ago

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Post #12066 What is PACER and where are you getting the court documents? Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12502 Links to where Kevin gives "his side of the story". Posted by BillySastard (3 years ago)

Post #12515 Updated court filings. Potential cash coming into bankruptcy estate. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12528 Good summation of 2 year look back and possible fraudulent transfers. Posted by flynnibus (3 years ago)

Post #12580 More legal pleadings. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12593 Facts & allegations document for VirtuaPin Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12801 Photos of Experts of Dangerous Posted by fastpinball (3 years ago)

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#4723 5 years ago
Quoted from the_one:

Interesting model within a community, first save your own ass and than let explow. Great stuff

I have mixed emotions about Mister X being a good/bad player in this debacle. Yes, two out of three of them recovered monies (if I remember what I read last night correctly). But it looks like there was no way to save everyone. My first thought was that they helped to 'F' everyone. But further thought makes me say this project was never going to complete. Even if it went under the I.P. radar indefinitely those who may still stand to lose $250 or $3,000 may have just been taken for more money. It looks like 10 were going to by built giving the investors the false sense of security to squeeze the final payments out. So Mister X might have still saved 190 people $1,250 or $4,000 more. The debate about the Mister X group falling on their swords and taking a loss with everyone else I wouldn't bother with. They saw something wrong, started investigating and pulled out. You would have also.

As for Kevin, assuming he's not in jail in the end goes from rock-star to hermit. With the loss of his life-long pinball hobby I think he should start collecting license plates. Maybe he'll be better at making those.

I hope this has a happier ending for all investors who just wanted a cool pin.

#4791 5 years ago
Quoted from the_one:

But why they didn't came out with that right at the moment they started their own refunding or at least in November at that time they got the info from FOX? For many pinsiders (including me and my friends) PAYPAL 180 day payback rule would be active, now 4 months later it doesn't work any longer.

Simple, when a lawyer from a big company tells you to keep your mouth shut in a nice way with intimidating words you tend to listen. You don't want to be an obstruction to justice.

#4805 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I'd be pissed off at Mr X if I wanted this game, because now it probably won't happen.

We will find out for sure. But from what we hear so far it never was going to be done.

#5004 5 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

Right? Plus, Kevin had everything going for him:
Lower Price/when everyone was getting upset about higher price

I'll bet if Gary did not have to go through licensing he could lower the prices also.

#5450 5 years ago

Don't forget to get the rights from FOX before making the movie. Or if it was made under the FOX label do you "assume" you automatically have the rights?

#5455 5 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

they do not give purple hearts for self-inflicted wounds....

John Kerry got a Purple Heart, Silver Star and an Honorable Discharge for a self inflicted wound.

#6033 5 years ago

Is this thread ever going to close?

#6037 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Story ain't over yet. No ones gotten any refunds afaik.

Agreed. But this thread went too far off topic. Stupid pictures have nothing to do with refunds.

2 months later
#8818 5 years ago
Quoted from asay:

Today I learned I'm a sociopath.

Today I learned I am not. Go figure.

#9107 5 years ago

Holy crap. Does this mean today everyone who got the refund is going to find out it did really happen?

2 months later
#9432 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

How can a guy with no job or income pay for a lawyer?

OPM - Other People's Money.

As in Pre-order Deposits.

3 weeks later
#9575 4 years ago

Fvckin A

This thread did a lot of venting. Deserved and needed. But now it is time for calm information.

And maybe some court room sketches of crying and then and interpretive dance play involving prison sex.

You want to see a Predator? Grab your ankles Kev.

Edit: But I in no way condone any violence. Just acceptable retribution as delivered by the court and prison system.

#9670 4 years ago

The owner of the machine is Fox. They will probably have it confiscated and no money returned to anyone.

#9742 4 years ago
Quoted from PinRebel:

And why is nobody going bat sh.t crazy over all the people that create pinball toppers and other mods using copyrighted IP? It's everywhere.

Go and make something with Disney IP or Star Wars and list it on eBay and watch how fast you get a C&D. Or take a Gottlieb manual to a copy machine to make manuals for sale and you will hear from Steve Young pretty darn quick.

People have a lot of money into IP and are protective.

#9954 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I hear this all the time. It is a common myth because we were designed as a country to not have a debtors prisons...but try to avoid paying your pay roll taxes...watch what happens to you.
There are plenty of instances where people lose their freedoms for a period of time because they can't pay money they owe.

Oh No, another thread getting political . . .

#9983 4 years ago
Quoted from KeithinMI:

My password for my computer is "Zyzzlyxxnx87452##&&!". Is that all you needed?

Hey, that's the same as my luggage.

#9986 4 years ago

Coming up on post 10,000 today. 14 to go.

I hope no one gets the idea to post a bunch of blank posts real quick and then go back to edit each one to show the count down. No one should even think of sneaky things like that.

#9989 4 years ago
Quoted from Xerico:

I really hope people don't start posting, just to hit the 10K mark. (12 to go)

No one would do that, 11

#10017 4 years ago
Quoted from asay:

Not when you find your lawyer from a commercial at 3AM.

Or from a magazine that has a coupon for him.

I won't do that a third time.

4 months later
#10291 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

That pic gives me the heebie geebies
It's fri, feb 19, 2026.
...Yep, Kevin Kulek is still a massive douchebag.

Sorry, Feb 19, 2026 falls on a Thursday.

1 month later
#10410 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Probably better if Kevin never saw his dad blowing truck drivers at gas stations.

Why not? It is a skill he can use in prison.

2 months later
#10592 4 years ago
Quoted from c508:

... and a full list of debtors and amount owed to each of them.
Some of those people are well known in our community by both their Pinside handles and real names and addresses (e.g., WhySnow/Dayhuff), but others are not...

Thank you for the leg work.

Is this "full list" the list of people who filed in court against him or done from the Predator sales records? I ask because a friend of mine was taken and so disgusted with the whole thing he just turned away to forget the whole thing and did not file anything legal against him. But it would be nice to know his money is included in the final total of this guys debt and still being held against him. In case it is determined by the court that he did commit fraud it would be nice to know the whole large number is being held against him and not just a portion.

#10593 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Everyone who hasn't received their "refunds", should write a letter to the IRS.
Enough letters and they will definitely look into it. They'll see all the money he deposited and want to know why it wasn't declared.

Get him for tax evasion also? Now there is a collection agency that won't let him off so easily.

#10837 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I don't think it's considered income, until he wasn't put into the business. Like if he finished buying parts, labor, and everything else he needed. The money over the top of all that, would be considered actual income.

If he has the records to show the money went into the business. Any monies not accounted for are in his pocket. Any monies paid to labor better have had social security taken out and W-2 forms issued for that tax year. Those receiving needed to pay income tax even if he was paying himself. Do you really think he tracked every dollar? I'm with Trekkie on this. I think this was large enough where IRS involvement will haunt him much farther than trying to collect.

#10846 4 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

He operates and sells amusement & redemption equipment to support his family. Cash businesses are amazing.....

And someone with a video camera documenting this cash income would also be amazing. Approach the owners of the places he has these machines.

#10902 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

... You can really run a man down that is already at the bottom..

Wow, so depressingly true.

#10913 4 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

Shirley you can't be serious.

I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley.

I was going to do the same post yesterday but then realized when typing it out it is "surely". So it gets lost in type.

2 weeks later
#11021 4 years ago

No one thought they were being lied to. They were taking a pin to shows and had promo stuff on websites. The best camouflage of all was being so out in the open. Many people were fooled or they would not have built cabs, put money down . . .

Hindsight is 20/20. There is only one place to point the finger.

#11102 4 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

You guys should start a go fund me for it, I'd donate to help put a nail in this coffin

I think that is great and probably a first. Post the story and see if people want to pitch in to go FU-- the guy.

#11156 4 years ago

Well, if they were practicing medicine without a license they would go to jail.

No license, crime.

#11191 4 years ago
Quoted from HappyDayz:

... I don't care. No, I'm not Kevin. No, I don't know Kevin personally. ....

Quoted from HappyDayz:

... While I do know Kevin I can honestly say I have not seen him in years now (or anyone else that was associated with Skit-B) and have no idea what he is up to these days. ....

Before - I don't know Kevin
Now - While I do know Kevin

Your quotes.

#11199 4 years ago

If HappyDayz is Tim Fife then he is using a duplicate account to get around his frozen PinChilli account correct?

The fact he came here to talk people out of continuing litigation and if anything has now fired people up with the opposite effect is just great. Let Kevin fight with his family and friends.

#11203 4 years ago

HappyDayz is now Frozen (can they still get PMs?)

#11234 4 years ago

If Tim bought the game from Kevin then Kevin has to declare that money and pay taxes correct?

If it was not a sale then it is still property with illegal IP and open to confiscation and destruction.

3 weeks later
#11547 3 years ago


(I always fall back on Klingon)

2 weeks later
#11576 3 years ago

Does that mean he could lose his house after all? (Item (10))

#11608 3 years ago

Reading this again here is what I interpret (with no legal background or even nights in a Motel 7)

I guess he can file bankruptcy but the court assigned "Randall Frank" to be trustee of the estate to liquidate and remaining assets. Keith sued on behalf of the buyers. He also convinced the court that his intimate knowledge of the whole situation would make him a valuable resource and got himself appointed by the court to be "Special Litigation Counsel" to the estate. This means he would be able to identify property bought with deposit money and help with the asset liquidation to cash for return to those owed money.

During a hearing he got Kevin to admit he didn't have a license, he continued to take money knowing he did not have a license and he bought the house using Predator money. On top of that he admitted he signed it over to his wife to try and protect it from this type of process.

It leaves him open to more lawsuits. I have no idea what this 2004 examination means. It also mentions some statues that we can only hope means he violated some laws that may lead to criminal.

Overall I think this was a good day.

#11648 3 years ago

Every time his kids ask "daddy, why don't we have nice things like the other kids" his wife should tell them "we'll kids, your daddy is a lying piece of crap".

#11655 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

The game would be completely level, as to create a slow moving game, just like the justice system. Sometimes, you put your money in, and never get a chance to play, you got robbed!

The instruction card is 15 pages of Latin gibberish.

#11657 3 years ago
Quoted from KeithinMI:

Keep going.....

There is a document from the court with a list of names and amounts if someone wants to get the exact number.

#11692 3 years ago

No one mentioned section 2 (b) where he deposited "over $54K Income" but reported no income 2013, 2014, 2105. To me this reads tax evasion. While good for getting him criminally it is bad because the treasury department will want to be paid first from any money discovered.

So yes the bad paperwork and disappearing money is big and leading to criminal. The treasury department considers you guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. And this guy does not have the paperwork to prove anything.

I'm also interested in the pinball machines and equipment held in other people's names statement. Are these other Predator games, vending equipment bought at auctions and/or paid for by Predator money and used to run a vending company. This is real interesting stuff.

#11713 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I think people give Kevin WAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much credit. The guy who simply admits to embezzling during a simple deposition is going to setup offshore accounts and shelters? That's funny

Agreed. Everyone keeps trying to find some "master plan". I think the story about him walking into the ramp maker's meeting in his jeans sums up his business sense.

#11716 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Not defending Kevin, but dressing a certain way for business is old school.
I know several big time CTOs that wear shorts and sandals to work. Some of us do it to intentionally be underestimated, taking advantage of that whole "wear suits to be a businessman" mentality.
That said, I doubt that was Kevin's motivation, he is too dumb to have a plan more then 6 inches in front of his face.

I still do the Hawaiian shirt Friday thing. But only when I know the audience I will be seeing that day. I dropped the full jacket and tie monkey suit a long time ago. But when I have a meeting and there will be people I am not that familiar / comfortable with I still wear a collared shirt and tuck it in or I feel I am being disrespectful to them.

Sorry, but people coming into my office with resume in hand for a job interview wearing sandals (yes, it did happen) might as well spit on my desk. Until you know the comfort level or have proven yourself you are being disrespectful to me.

1 month later
#11812 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Item #22 seems to pertain to the money Kevin used toward the purchase of the house in his wife's name.
Here is an excerpt from the document, and the check in question. Below the images I have hotlinked the 18 page PDF from a drive location so you can view it in it's entirety if you want.
Can someone who is a lawyer read the document and give us a better synopsis than I can? IANAL. ( just love typing that every chance I get)


IANAL either. Heck, I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express. But I like that the first thing on the document says "COUNT I". To me it seem like a criminal identification.

1 month later
#11904 3 years ago
Quoted from Enaud:

Don't be disillusioned that this will get you your money. It just means that he can't walk away from your claim due to his bankruptcy filing. I imagine you'll have to sue yet again to actually go after any money.

That is the issue. While it is nice to think "this would make it stick" the legal road is a PITA. It would be nice to know the expected twists, turns and cost ahead of time down the road. But this road was designed by lawyers to keep their pockets lined. If you really knew the costs of time, energy and money more people would make the decision early to bail and that does not benefit the lawyers.

If the money is nothing and the time gives you satisfaction then go for it since he should pay his debt. If you need to move on there is nothing wrong with that either.

#11906 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

From what I've seen so far, the lawyer representing the buyers has been doing his due diligence and then some.

No argument. Keith seems to want this right. And maybe he gives ore details to his clients. But it always seems you never get a list or flow-chart showing where these things can or usually go. If you knew from day one it would mean paying a lawyer, years go by, continue this, he declares bankruptcy here, you need another fee there. I just would want to know what to expect. Otherwise along the way you either have to say "I'm in it this far might as well keep going" or "can't keep throwing good after bad I'm out" and wish you never went this far.

#11911 3 years ago
Quoted from ZNET:

As far as your pedestrian comment that the justice system is designed to line the pockets of lawyers, I suggest that your comment does a disservice to many lawyers, including Keith. You're Taxman. Is the IRS Code designed to line the pockets of certified public accountants? Of course not. Such sweeping comments disregard the complexity of the specific situation at hand.

Lawyers wrote most of the laws we can't navigate without paying a lawyer. Congress writes the laws. While the percent of lawyers in congress has dropped dramatically to 40% now from 80% about 50 years ago it is still a huge percent and does not reflect the people they are supposed to be representing.

Your pedestrian assumption about my nickname Taxman thinking it is related to the IRS or taxes in anyway is a totally wrong assumption. But funny you should mention that since the job of the IRS is to implement the laws created by (wait for it) that same lawyer packed group in congress. People blame the IRS for making things so complex and convoluted when they should be pointing the finger at the same group who made civil and criminal laws as well as tax laws. Why are they so complex? Because in order to get elected and get favors (akin to lining pockets again) they write special little loopholes into the tax code to appease their constituents.

Quoted from ZNET:

Lawyers who represent plaintiffs are akin to doctors who treat patients. Neither professional can guarantee the result.

Funny you should bring in another profession riddled with litigation healthcare with medical malpractice costs for physicians. Legal costs for hospitals and drug companies...

Please don't tell me society has not become over litigious. Common sense laws to fix issues like frivolous lawsuits would be fairly simple. But this would cut down on the need for lawyers and the only people who can make this fix are - lawyers.

When people talk about the legal system being long, slow, broken, ... there is a reason and a group you can point the finger at and they invented the system they have to navigate.

#11913 3 years ago
Quoted from ZNET:

Your comments have some validity as to federal and bankruptcy law. But, they do not apply to state law. Accordingly, your statistics miss the point. My disagreement with you is primarily your unjustified scapegoating of Keith in his role as the lawyer seeking justice for the Predator victims.
... As a litigator myself, who has an understanding of the litigation environment and the frustration of Predator victims, I feel compelled to alight upon this soapbox and come to Keith's defense.

My point was never against Keith. I believe he actually wants justice and is doing everything in his power to get it. The fact that he got the court to agree to include him shows he is not just filling out paperwork, but working for the clients. You do not need to defend Keith.

My complaint is with the system he is navigating. It seems to have too many ways to drag things out. As you say using obstructionism. People who deserve justice get less because due to attrition.

#11964 3 years ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

Pretty sure dotEXE is kaneda. no point in arguing with him, he just likes to stir up drama. That's too bad, it's a really sad way to spend your life.

I don't think it is him, just his type.

1 week later
#11981 3 years ago

Keith, if you listening. Start the meeting by saying "This meeting is being recorded". End the meeting by uploading to YouTube!

(I know he can't do it, but to watch his face without the cocky grin would be great)

At least tell us what he was wearing.

1 week later
#12006 3 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Just say who you are and it's done

He can't since he is Inactive.

Quoted from dotEXE:

Good post trying to level the water ForceFlow but at this point I'm out. I hope labnip is in it for $100,000 and I hope he loses a hundred more in legal fees. He's written a perfect example of how to turn away neutral parties from your cause in the smallest number of posts possible.

I guess he did post against a victim before going away. I guess he's not going for the Verified check mark.

3 weeks later
#12063 3 years ago

Add a poll. Is the rabbit going to run or get put in a cage. I can't imagine he will have anywhere near the documentation to satisfy the court.

#12105 3 years ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Or maybe he's just an idiot.

the_more_you_know2 (resized).jpg

#12106 3 years ago

As long as it double-posted me I might as well type something.

So his lawyer did show up but he didn't? The lawyer that Keith tried to contact 7 times?

#12174 3 years ago

It says he will be detained until he fully complies with the court order. If he can't produce the paperwork does that mean he could spend life in prison?

#12177 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Of course not. There is a difference between 'will not' and 'can not'. ...

I was not serious. And I while I want justice I would not want that either. I'd rather see people get their money back and he just go away from the hobby.

I was being sarcastic because the justice system, while great in many way, does have flaws. When you have murderers being let out and people with minor offenses with a harsh minimum sentence in for years things can get lopsided.

#12185 3 years ago
Quoted from damageinc55:

Man, I get paranoid when my vehicle plates are about to expire. Can't imagine how much this type of thing would weigh on my conscious...

Because you have a conscience. People without shame or that don't have empathy for others only care about themselves. Those things that would keep us awake at night let them sleep soundly with pride of getting away with things.

1 week later
#12305 3 years ago

Clay made sure every time he talked about them that there are only two "Kevin Built" machines.

#12336 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

What person or persons snitched on Kevin with regards to him not having the license? Was that ever determined?

Why would someone admit to it? You're calling them a "snitch" and that does not exactly sound positive. I think that is why the original article came out in Pinball News from "Anonymous". People would come after him/her/them with pitchforks claiming they would have gotten their games if he was just left alone. (and they would not have)

Rather than calling them a snitch why not call them the person who may have saved other people from risking their business. There were people making cabinets, parts and other items under thinking there was a license. This is not just about this idiot taking people's money he was also risking people's livelihoods.

#12463 3 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

For the record, I agree 100% with you. Its become wrong to ever speak your mind or you with offend someone who has nothing better to do than complain. Its pathetic really...

Not really. This is a long thread with people discussing the legal case being pursued against this guy. And it is obvious that he or someone he talks to reads the thread. So they do not want even the appearance of some kind of mob mentality or any kind of encouragement. It really is wise. Nothing to do with being offended.

#12508 3 years ago

And buying mom a trailer.

#12608 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

What's Kathy Kulek maiden name?


#12667 3 years ago

I know these are the only "Kevin Built" games asked to be returned to the estate. But when it comes to cabinets and parts is Clay going to have to give back what he has or does he have a receipt? Anything magically appearing in the future sounds like it could be a liability until the debt is paid.

#12680 3 years ago

I always loved "It's a Mad Mad mad mad World". So much talent in one great package.

#12701 3 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

This probably doesn't matter (I'm not sure) but technically it was traded for some arcade games deemed equal value at the time I believe. THEN a while later cash was paid for Predator by the current "defendant" in document 37. The "defendant" never dealt with or even saw Kevin. Not sure why document 37 does not make that more clear but it was testified to under oath by both individuals. Probably won't change anyone's feelings or opinions but just for clarification sake.

Well Tim, did you have receipts for the sale and value of the arcade games? Or is "deemed" just good enough for the courts in PinConing?

#12704 3 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

I'm just curious but how many receipts do you have for games you bought used from another collector? Do you not typically pay cash in person after inspecting the game and forgo the receipt?
Regardless, there is zero burden on the defendant here to prove with a receipt that he bought something. He testified under oath he did and another person corroborated it under oath as well. I suspect this is why Kevin did not show up in November and again in December (it may have conflicted with his saying under oath that he "loaned" the game.) Never happened.

Another collector? Kevin declared himself a producer and seller and collected $1M+. That is not a collector so if he sold an item it should have a bill of sale and a warranty statement. These crank-barrel arguments are not even good in a cartoon court.

#12721 3 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

From a legal standpoint I honestly believe 100% a person had a right to legally buy it (especially since it was bought second hand and not from Kevin). Still do. A prototype constitutes fair use IMO (although NO, you can't build 250 prototypes, lol). Was it anticipated some folks would be miffed? Sure. Did I anticipate folks going berzerk and literally threatening to show up at my house and "forcibly" take it? Umm, no. It's a freaking pinball machine. All that money is out there somewhere (it wasn't inside the game). Some folks may know I'm (slowly) making my own game so I really did want it for a lot of the code and to look at things like the powering up and the computer specs used, etc. Pinball is not easy and this has given me some solid help. Could I have possibly gleaned that same info from a miriad of other sources? Apparently so, but this sure seemed awfully convenient. I got a somewhat unique game and I learned a fair amount with it.
In the end, I'm only losing sleep because of a newborn child. Not because of this. If the courts actually demanded I return the game and EOD parts (which are worthless now)? No problem. Remember, it wouldn't be Kevin I would be looking to recoup my money from so I'm sure it won't be an issue.

No. You can't be the only person to get one of these games because you are the criminal's friend while everyone else who paid actual money gets screwed.

Just the thought gets people even more unhappy. Thanks.

#12913 3 years ago

Kevin did "try" some kind of a panicked refund from PayPal after the total collapse and everyone requested a refund. Victims received a notice that money was returned. Not sure if the money was not there, locked down or just Kevin doing a stall tactic. But they went to access it there was no money there. So the victim went from feeling like crap to getting a bit of hope and back to feeling shafted again.

Did anyone ever figure out what that was?

Edit (I type too slow)

#12982 3 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Whoa! More big things are happening people... I won't go into detail, but I did uncover some pretty damning info last week and was just asked to share it with the legal team. Fingers crossed for all of you.


1 week later
#12992 3 years ago

Daaaaaammmn this sounds good.

#12994 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

An mp3 means one thing to me. Looking forward to listening.

I'm not sure what I want to hear more. His voice squirming or a judge's voice explaining the colonoscopy.

#13011 3 years ago

I'm listening in pieces during commercials while the ole lady watches her show. This is killing me it is so good.

Mr. Nathenson should never have to buy a beer at a pinball event - EVER

#13158 3 years ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

How did the audio get recorded? Is it public? And please tell me its going to be recorded next week?

I doubt it. Sounds like it was recorded for the record since the marshals grabbed him, broght him in front of the judge and Mr Nathenson has to call in. So it was recoded for the record. But next week they will meet at the court for Kevin's safety ( ) and there will be a court reporter.

#13165 3 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Another thing...it might be that the small group that had the PayPal refunds declined days later have been omitted from the list of people he owes money to.
I know my name isn't on the list and i was one of those people. Not sure if anyone else in this group checked the list.
Not that it ultimately matters, but that dollar amount stated might be deflated.

My friend paid with PayPal. He received the notice that Kevin had refunded the money except for the $250 initial deposit. When he went to get the money of course it was not there. He is included in the list the court has for the full dollar amount.

#13247 3 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

This is my thoughts exactly. Who the hell knows how many machines were sold. Especially, if just like Jpop, he knew the jig was up and kept selling anyway. The math to 1.2 million does not add up unless all 250 were paid in full and ZERO refunds were issued. We know 100% that did not happen. You want paperwork? Yeah, that napkin went out with the weekly trash.

Is the 1.2M "only" people ordering games? If he ordered parts and did not pay the vendor would that also not be debt from this sham that he owes? I doubt Keith pulled that number out of thin air without a paper trail to back it up. I would love to see the next meeting when asked about paperwork for things he had no idea he needed to track in a real business. The jaw drop dumb look would be a picture used for Pinball MEMEs for the next decade.

I wonder if The Smoking Gun will have his booking photo?

#13250 3 years ago
Quoted from Drewscruis:

For some reason the judge reminded me of the judge from the movie my cousin Vinny lol.

Na, Fred Gwynne? (AKA Herman Munster - RIP)

#13290 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Oh damn just saw this now...congrats and I can;t wait to listen!

I've listened to it 3 times now. It is like a classic movie and holds up to experiencing again.

#13326 3 years ago
Quoted from KeithinMI:

I'm going to take you up on that!

I think you need to wear a special t-shirt at the shows. We can have a best design contest.

#13374 3 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Anyone else get the newest mezel mod email last night lol.

OMG that is great. The Freakin Kulekmobile.

#13426 3 years ago
Quoted from jasonp:

Did his wife take this photograph ???

If she married him I'll bet her photography looks like the fuzzy pinball pictures "Fun" use to post.

#13589 3 years ago

Did I hear (at the 1 hour point) he got pissy with Keith when asked if he sold or traded a Predator or EOD pin with a Michael Menendez? Whose that?

Oh boy, his wife makes the money part - 1:12:30 as emasculating as it is . . . What a tool

So in the end he thinks there is an internet conspiracy out to get him. But if that were true wouldn't one of them been able to identify the route he does not own or have a friend of his running?

#13614 3 years ago

Time to find a paper trail of the purchase of the RV. If there is a large withdrawal at that time I bet the judge won't be too happy with him lying and hiding assets.

Who is this Mike that might have another machine?

#13768 3 years ago
Quoted from damageinc55:

Didn't someone have a story about the early days, and Mom talking about buying a couch with pre-order money?

That sounds real familiar. Something like her being at a show and heard saying to someone she got new furniture out of this deal or something.

#13770 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Ashley, Value City or Ikea?

I think the furniture store choices are Autozone or Pepboys.

#13780 3 years ago

If I remember correctly Kevin said he loaded the games to Tim for development purposes. Tim said he bought them. If Tim did buy them they would be his and Kevin responsible for reporting the sale. But since Tim does not have receipt they should still be considered Skit-B property and part of the estate.

Quoted from galaxian:

What ever happened to the memorialized TZ he brought to mpe a few years back?
How much did Mike and Tim buy in the pre bankruptcy liquidation? Will they be forced to give it back?

Keith is asking about this. So if you have details you should probably PM with him. If not find out someone who knows. The more details that can be provided to Keith the more fun we have listening to Kevin explain this stuff to a judge.

#13812 3 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

We went the unlimited tech route at first too, until I caught the young'n under her bunkbed watching Minecraft porn. Now the firewall blacklist is updated and no unsupervised interweb nonsense.

I don't have kids.
I know "kind of" know what Minecraft is (South Park).
But after reading your post I figured this was real and not a joke.
I googled.

#13887 3 years ago
Quoted from waldo34:

I think this was a picture of the toys. Crazy this stuff has magiclly disappeared.

Yes but he told the court he did not realize they had any value. Does that mean Back Alley Creations made them for him for free?

#13955 3 years ago

You know if someone was to get hurt by one of those machines and threaten to sue the owner / operator I think the licensing and other questions would get answered by the owner of the establishment they are placed in real quick.

Ouch, I cut my finger on a sharp piece of metal . . .

#14034 3 years ago

We are all Icelanders?

#14134 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I love how the judge simiply never responded each time Kevin mentioned this aspect of the case.
"Oh wow mister Kulek, you say that people on the internet are being mean to you? Why didn't you say so?!? You're free to go. "

He's too stupid to even realize this would count against him.

Judge: So who are these people on the internet and why would hey care?
Kevin: Um, they are the people who I ripped, I mean paid for my family upgrade.

Judge: And what are they saying about you on the internet?
Kevin: Well, they seem to be giving the prosecution information against me I did not want to court to know.

Seriously. Why would he tell the judge something so stupid. He took money, tries to declare bankruptcy to get away from it. Has already admitted to trying to hide a real estate purchase. And thinks the court is going to care if people are talking bad about him?

#14138 3 years ago

What is new? We already knew the court denied the discharge.

Never mind. I see you beat me to the post with some new listening material.

#14173 3 years ago

Oh man, I was listening and just lost my connection. It is like a cliffhanger.

The judge asked Kevin's attorney what he thinks he should do. He said something like -

Last week Mr. Nathanson said I should throw him in jail for a few weeks and maybe when he comes out he'll be move cooperative. But I was hesitant to do that.

That's not true. It was the judge saying he would toss him in if he wanted. I think the judge really does not like Kevin.

Kevin's attorney wants out. He wishes Kevin had some paperwork.

That Collier on the phone was great. Fraud, Fraud and Criminal. Great words to throw out.

I'll have to try to connect and finish later. Great stuff.

#14283 3 years ago

While I have never met any of these people in person, I hear their voices as if they are people I now know from a show I look forward to each episode.

Can I send "fan" mail to a judge?

#14292 3 years ago

Did I miss any audio? Bump for a link, I need my fix.

#14295 3 years ago
Quoted from spandol:

scroll up. It's there.

Thanks. It is so much more fun when we get to hear Kevin act as if he has a brain. Trying to avoid a direct question or telling the judge how people on the internet are saying mean things.

I saw the paperwork for the collection of the RV and monies. But I did not hear that discussed in court last week. Are these separate?

#14302 3 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

The thread index has all the Key Posts in one handy list.

Yes, I am all caught up. I still want to know where the RV confiscation came from. We saw the written court order but nothing was mentioned on the 3 audio episodes.

3 weeks later
#14611 3 years ago

I don't care if the IP is worth $1, I don't want Kevin to have it anymore.

1 week later
#14736 3 years ago

I think Keith is recovering a heck of a lot more for the estate than his payment from the estate would ever come near. If people were going after Kevin without him would they get an RV, CNC, accoutrements, ... No they would get Kevin shrugging his shoulders in court saying he has nothing and a judge saying he can't squeeze blood from a stone. And [without Keith] the judge would probably not see the snake for what he is, give him the bankruptcy and release his debt.

Also the entertainment value of those court tape is priceless.

#14772 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

... You were the king of leading the fight against Jpop and then cut and run for a hefty profit once you had the chance. ....

MG is not the only game involved here. I have a feeling he is still not "ahead". So this is more minimizing damage.

#14790 3 years ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

Curious how legitimate the "wrong address" excuse could be here. Would think the courts would get it to the right place. Certified / signed mail ?

Actually the "Wrong Address" excuse seem quite appropriate.

Think about it, she lives in the RV -

"Your honor, I was parked at the WallMart on Dewey Street when the mail man was delivering subpoenas last week"

1 week later
#14946 3 years ago

I think he means "mettle" in this case.

#14954 3 years ago

kettle (resized).jpg

1 week later
#15044 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

That isnt the most damning. The cashiers check from Kulek's business account was for that exact amount. 28K was transferred from paypal account to the skit b account the day before the cashiers check was written. That's the paper trail...Kevin was funneling money from paypal which ONLY had deposits from predator sales into the skit b account. From there he bought a house and transferred 18k to Amanda for photographs she now says she didn't save. The stupidity is an 11. You know the Judge will be talking about this one at cocktail parties for years to come.

Yes and no. The exact amount is expected since she admits the money came from the account to pay for the house. What she was saying it was her money put into the account to hide it from the state. But then Keith debunked that by saying all of the deposits to the account were done from PayPal account transfers populated by Predator purchasers only.

Her Photography work for Skit-B better have a receipts, withholdings, income taxes claimed and everything else in order or the Judge will just dismiss that as B.S. also. And since her paperwork seems as good as Kevin's it is laughable. I love how Keith brings up a hand drawn receipt for a car with no date on it and puts the cherry on top by saying there was no transfer of title.

It seems Kevin is scared of jail and finally telling the truth. Or at least trying to prove to the court that he spent the money. He has admitted to the court all of the different bills he paid to maintain the house using the Skit-B account. Even buying a furnace. He really got so use to treating that business account as his personal check book he was not even sneaky.

#15045 3 years ago

Keith, I think you have the highest ratio of thumbs up ever. With about 500 posts you received over 1,400 up-votes.

#15111 3 years ago
Quoted from galaxian:

Ok just curious when does this go criminal? What are the triggers to start the criminal case?

Below is text taken from Nolo. And since the "knowingly concealing assets" seems to be shown already he is facing up to 5 years.

(From Nolo)

Most bankruptcy crimes involve fraud. Although you have probably heard the term, you might not know that bankruptcy crimes are not prosecuted in the bankruptcy court. Like other federal crimes, they are prosecuted by the United States Attorney in the Federal Courts.

Examples of bankruptcy crimes. Bankruptcy crimes are punishable by fines and/or up to five years in prison. Examples of bankruptcy crimes include:
•filing false claims
•knowingly concealing assets
•making false oaths
•embezzlement, and
•filing fraudulent petitions.

#15156 3 years ago

Never mind. After a refresh I see it was covered.

1 week later
#15264 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

As much as I have little sympathy ...


Quoted from toyotaboy:

I can see how she's pissed off that she also trusted kevin "IE sharing a bank account and mixing money because he's your husband". ...

Just stop. She agreed to keep his name off the mortgage for no reason other then trying to get away with something.

Quoted from toyotaboy:

... Kevin seems to just be denying everything and putting off helping the system as much as possible. I'm guessing when this is all over, they won't be together.

Actually he seems to be realizing facts and law are overpowering the defense of "internet out to get me". She still seems to think sympathy will be found when you benefited from screwing others.

#15316 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

IIRC there was a receipt for 200 some gallons of fuel oil. Where do they keep the 200 plus gallon tank?

You can prepay for fuel to lock in at a certain rate. So you own the oil in the companies tank and call them when you need some delivered.

When you sell a house one of the last things you do at closing is get a measurement of the oil left in the tank and the buyer has to pay for it.

So Keith - One more thing to go after is that oil. Don't let them use it up if it was paid for with Predator money.

I have not been in a house that uses oil in quite a while. But I think the tanks are actually 300-400 gallons. (edit: a quick search shows they usually start at 275 gallon)

#15359 3 years ago

I thought the problem was a place called "East Hanover, NJ". Home of some creature known as the "Jersey Boob".

#15375 3 years ago
Quoted from Underspin:

... I believe her when she says her business isn't worth anything...

Not when she works for Skit-B. They pay top dollar for pictures of 2 pinball machines. I know there is no proof in the form of receipts or even picture. But I'm sure the story will match the tax returns for the photography business.

I don't know about her state. But here if you are found collecting from the state while making money you didn't declare they not only cut off the money, but make you pay the state back.

#15524 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

New documents up in the VirtuaPin related case, including some audio.
Here is the link to the audio: https://soundcloud.com/user-800669943/1ap2017-02002-20170504-133936
One of the new documents is an affadavit from Paul, where he admits getting the case information.

Another couple of related documents are Keith's motion for sanctions and a brief from Keith in response to Paul's motion to set aside the default judgement. It basically says Paul's defense that they weren't properly served is ridiculous, and his lawyer doesn't understand the law he tried to use as a defense.

No wonder Paul went silent last fall. He is admitting to taking ~$100K in money and never checking the license. He only produced 6 cabinets (but had expenses). Some money transfers are documented in the form of 6 sequential numbered checks for $9,800.

And here is the kicker - He provided Keith with "the location of certain items the debtor had been concealing such as Motorcycles, trailer, racing suits". His lawyer's words "concealing"!

#15526 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

I missed that....was that in the audio?


1 week later
#15653 3 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Nouveau Riche

I was going to say that earlier. But some Nouveau can handle money. They might be very smart people who earned what they have and realize the pitfalls of abuse. Not the Lottery Winner type.

The problem is they still get looked down on by "Old Money" people by not having the High Society / culturing that has been engrained on generations of traditions.

#15660 3 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

I would gladly testify in regards to said couch.

Please stop. Discussions of the stains on a Kulek couch is way too much.

#15662 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

LOL, you are the first person to mention stains on the couch...

??? Who else would be sitting on it ???

1 week later
#15746 3 years ago

There was a list right after things blew up and after Kevin did the PayPal refunds with no money to fund. The court used this list to send out letters to everyone to see if they were going to fight the discharge.

My buddy was on the list with an old address he was at when he first paid (and the dollar about he had into it). I let him know so he could contact the court and give them his new address. But before he could even do that the court sent it to his new address.

So even though we have a tendency to not trust these bureaucracies to get things right I have a feeling it is like airline luggage. Most of the time the system works and things function properly. We concentrate on the times they don't but if that was the majority of the time the system would have collapsed a long time ago.

Kevin might suck at keeping documentation, but the court (and Keith) are good.

2 weeks later
#15796 3 years ago

They would not keep pictures of him around with the kids in case the state social workers came by. Could cut into the benefits.

1 week later
#15884 3 years ago

Don't do this on a Friday. When I saw a new post I got all excited and thought I was going to get the next episode.

It is like a soap opera or series that you know can't have a happy ending because too many good people were already hurt. But you just want to make sure the bad guy get his due in the end.

Edit: I hope I am not assuming Kevin's pronoun is a "he" after seeing Captain Kulek's pirate picture.

#15889 3 years ago

I just thought of a great way for criminals to pay back the victims. Since everyone is so into reality shows these day; what about a pay-per-view for jail cell cameras.

#15892 3 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

I'd rather take their house and everything they own. Put him in the gutter/jail where he belongs.

I did not say those were not the starting points. I am kind of sad it seems Keith has to play the game with the courts and give her a chance to buy the house back from the estate claim. Since the money she uses might still be stolen money. I want to see the paperwork from that transaction also. Will the bills still have backyard dirt on them?

#15908 3 years ago

I wonder if the court follows anything after an agreement is reached. If she goes to a bank and says her house is worth $35K and she wants to use it as collateral for a $30K loan she might get them to say yes. Thinking it is like %16 down and if they default they make $5K.

But is there tracking of the loan payments and where the money is coming from. Like sd_tom says about the mattress, if each month she goes into the back yard and digs up a coffee can to make the payment is anyone account for the money these people spend for a certain amount of years?

#15917 3 years ago

Have it delivered to a picnic bench outside the prison.

#15978 3 years ago

I hope the younger people here understand the joke about the Goatee beard meaning Evil.

The original Star Trek series had an episode called Mirror Mirror where the ship gets sent to an alternate universe where they meet the evil versions of themselves; and the evil men version all had the beards. The joke has lasted decades.

South Park did a spoof episode called Spookyfish. The evil version of Cartman was good.

evilcartmaniq9 (resized).jpg
Spock_(mirror) (resized).jpg
Evil_Boys_-_Spookyfish (resized).png

I wonder if . . .

imagesE5T1XHND (resized).jpg

#15991 3 years ago

I'm not so sure. I remember after I listened to one of the audio court files I did this post -

Quoted from Taxman:

No wonder Paul went silent last fall. He is admitting to taking ~$100K in money and never checking the license. He only produced 6 cabinets (but had expenses). Some money transfers are documented in the form of 6 sequential numbered checks for $9,800.
And here is the kicker - He provided Keith with "the location of certain items the debtor had been concealing such as Motorcycles, trailer, racing suits". His lawyer's words "concealing"!

While he "might" have been tricked at first about the licensing, those 6 sequential checks show [to me] he was trying to hide something.

The revealing of "concealed property" shows he knew what Kevin was doing with the money. It just makes it look like he thought if he threw Kevin under the bus he could get away with his chunk. Now that he has to give it back he's in a panic.

at 24:06

#16066 3 years ago

How the heck did you pull up something like that? 1994, Juniors 12 and under, Zack first place and Kevin second.

#16111 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

... what does any of this have to do with the motion in front of us?"

Entertainment value.

#16159 3 years ago

Now that Keith has accepted the 30K I don't think he can get more now that they have a pool.

#16199 3 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

I get that. But if you go back and listen to it again, the judge specifically says he's inclined to believe her story over Keith's.

Well I wonder if she's going to put in her insurance claim for $250 because if she goes for more I think the judge might see things differently.

#16224 3 years ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

Karma is bs. Again, what did his neighbors do to deserve being flooded?

The Karma I can see is they have locked in values in front of a judge. If they now try and play any games with insurance claims they would risk insurance fraud and well as fresh ammunition for the bankruptcy court. So now the max that can be claimed for the trailer is $250.

#16286 3 years ago

She pretty much said she was saying it for our sakes. That the judge would know nothing of Williams or the Sharpes. She wanted to tell us how great her son was. Top notch pinball player and the person making great pinball machines. While she thinks she's impressing us she does not realize we are either laughing or choking down the bile.

Moms tend to convince themselves that they brought up great kids. She will still believe it even on visiting days.

#16293 3 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Here , I don't want to hijack the thread, but here is a prime example of how society no longer takes responsibility for their actions. I belong to a local Facebook group for my community. One of the members posted a picture(below) and captioned it with "What a jerk, I had to move my car up so I could load my stuff in the back!" She is the driver of the white Scion XB. She backed into the parking spot and left enough room so she could load. When she got back, she saw that the owner of the Expedition had parked 2 feet over the line and her efforts to make it easy to load and leave were now fruitless.
You would not believe the people who blamed her and called it her own fault because she backed into the spot. Really? About half said it was illegal to park that way, some said it was rude to park that way, some just said it's stupid to park that way and she caused her own problems. The other half said yeah, Expedition driver was careless and rude. I still shake my head in disbelief! What I don't understand is how people think they are smart to defend and point fingers the other way when something is so blatantly and factually wrong? I really believe it's the art of distraction and this what society has become. It's everyone else's fault, don't blame ME or facts for what I did!
Kathy Kulek believes she can take the heat off of herself by creating alternate facts about everyone else involved. See, they are the real bad people, not me, not my grandson. What we did is nothing compared to THESE people who a ruining our lives because they are trying to hold us responsible!

Who the heck would buy a white Scion xB?

#16400 3 years ago
Quoted from Hitch9:

I wonder if the value of the home, is based on land value, rather than the home. It strikes me odd, that a house would be valued around $30K. If that is the case, a bank still might set up a mortgage if the land is worth that much.

Because if your land is 10' under water your well does not tend to go dry?

Quoted from greenhornet:

too bad it wasn't a more seaworthy pirate appropriate Dutchman

Alright, this Dutchman don't float is pretty funny.

#16414 3 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

There was one moment when myself and a handful of others were told a refund was being issued by PayPal. We had to wait 4 or 5 days for it to finalize...on the last day Kevin cancelled them all. It was speculated that it might've been Kevin trying to do one final good act, but his lawyer found out and put the kibosh on it. But who really knows the truth.

I still don't understand that. My buddy who was paid in full, called me so happy that is was everything except the $250 deposit being refunded. But then when you went into PayPal to get the money it was cancelled or rejected or money not there?

If the money was not in the account would PayPal have even allowed him to do that? I don't think so but I don't know how that system works. If the money was there how did the refund get pulled or frozen and where did that money go? There has to be dated transaction recoded in the system. I hope some day Keith can tell the victims how Kevin was able to double-screw those people by getting their hopes up.

#16416 3 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

It's would be easy for him. Issue all the refunds from a linked bank account. It takes PayPal 3 to 5 days to confirm the funds. When the funds weren't available the refunds got cancelled.
I got the PayPal email saying I was getting refunded too but it was cancelled the day before it cleared. I'm out the full purchase price.

How do you knowingly issue refunds from an empty account? Everything has hit the fan and is coming out into the light and you do something to buy a couple of days before it comes crashing down twice as hard. Did he think it would buy him good will because he "tried" to refund?

#16527 3 years ago
Quoted from dontfeed:

I guess there's no room for the truth on a TV news webpage.

The year of Fake News

#16669 3 years ago

Agreed, I would contact Keith in private. You do not want to get in trouble or cause issues for the case itself.

Pointing them to court documents is one thing since it is them digging into public available records.

The fact that you are out of the USA probably provides you some personal protection, but you do not want to taint any case that might go to court if it becomes criminal.

#16675 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

... You might want to pick a level headed, articulate person instead of the "Oh well kids are homeless family deserves it" idiots around here.

This 100 times over. You don't want a reporter looking for a local scope to make herself look good get you into saying things like "this one LIED about this and that one LIED about.." or you can be in trouble.

Quoted from TheLaw:

EDIT: Oh and try to say "meow" once a minute.

This just goes without saying

#16691 3 years ago

Also tell how he was going to Ponzi it to game two and send a picture with the Mythbusters. They will run with that stuff.

#16701 3 years ago

Hold on. I was looking at the Kevin / Jamie picture earlier.

#16739 3 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

That was the nice way to think bad thoughts on someone. I guess its better than fantasizing about killing someone in their sleep which is what I usually think of my enemies >:/

When I die I want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.

#16746 3 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Remember Cornelius?

Zira's husband played by Roddy McDowall?

Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.

#16759 3 years ago
Quoted from swf127:

So whatever recovery that's possible hinges on the value of the land less disposal cost of the mold-infested structure? Wow.
I'm surprised this guy isn't in jail. You guys should report him to the IRS and get a slice of what they recover. You know damn well he didn't report those deposits as income.

The lawyers are doing their jobs recovering. There are "probably" items purchased in others hands that can be reclaimed. And the IRS can possibly get in the way by claiming recovered monies before it gets into the hands of victims.

No insult meant here, and I do not expect you to read all 300+ pages of posts. But this thread does have key posts marked if you really want to catch up.

Listening to the audio of the court has become a very popular podcast. It is a mixture of The Peoples Court and Honey Boo Boo.

1 week later
#16838 2 years ago

While I love the decompression of the situation that comes with joking about a serious conversation it is really getting annoying.

I ask the moderators to let a second thread be opened for the “Creditor" pinball ideas. Sounds like fun and I will join in with ideas. But at least I will know what is in the thread. This thread is getting to be a mess and on a Friday when I see new posts I want to see court progress.

Here -> https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/creditor-boutique-pinball-goes-underwater#post-3865743

#16840 2 years ago
Quoted from c508:

Does this mean you won't be preordering?

My thread got locked

I know they like to contain the dumpster fires but this was getting a bit off. I was hoping for one thread for information and one for venting, insults., MEMEs and Hitler Videos.

So I'll add my own mode list - Dox mode (in French), CNC Purchase, Fae Laume Photography, Pagan Pathways Temple, all leading up to the great flood.

In the end you realize Kevin is missing from the entire game just like the game was missing from Kevin.

1 week later
#16884 2 years ago

It is short. 10 min max.

The text below is my quick listen paraphrasing. Feel free to correct. Don't take this as actual "legalese"

Judge: Heard there was a flood, did you work anything out?
Keith: No your honor. Haven't heard from them.
Judge: So did you have insurance? Is the place dry?
Amanda: Only home owner, no flood. Demolition done.
Judge: The house was demolished?
Amanda: No, lower half of wall removal on 1st floor, and basement dried out. . .
Judge: So, the loan?
Amanda: Going to take me a bit to get house ready to . . .
Judge: See you in a few months

Edit: I type slow. There were two posts slipped in before my answer. But sound in the same vein.

#16886 2 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

They will walk away from the house. This is probably best case scenario for them"See you in a few months"

I think she really wants the house. No idea what Kevin wants and I don't think she cares what he thinks. He put her in the situation. She wants it over and a "home" for the kids. It is not a soggy house to her and she does have her community around her. Do you think her relationship with Kevin is livin the dream?

I think see would raise money by selling his balls on ebay if it would get anything.

2 weeks later
#16951 2 years ago
Quoted from CNKay:

I don't know why they are trying to mail stuff to her? The court should know by now that the USPS is broken and she will never receive it!

mail (resized).jpg

1 week later
2 weeks later
#17236 2 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Machine was never approved by the licence holders, it should be destroyed.

I don't agree. I think Milton is right about the way it worked out being a shame. If it was an out in the open "grabbing what exists for posterity" that would be "fairly" acceptable. The weasel phrases like "Kevin Built" is going to haunt him.

If his plan was to wait out the court case(s) he should have kept it in the closet and would have gotten away with it after time had passed. After that gavel drops the court and people's blood lust would have been too minimal to bother.

There is no real happy ending.

1 week later
#17379 2 years ago

Oh snap!

1 month later
#17567 2 years ago

If the seller was contacted and confirmed a small amount on the RV it is game over for recovering money here and not worth pursuing in this court.

But, it was good for the entertainment value. She started off weak and coughing like she was in her final days. Ended off a fireball of hate against Keith talking about her son making the best pinball known to man and beating the Sharpe Boys in competitions. And time to snow-bird to CA.

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#17601 2 years ago

Next spurt about to be posted. Being verified.

#17605 2 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you are following up on this...

Not me. I do not have Pacer.

#17645 2 years ago

Don't forget. The scam was bigger than just the bringing a game around. They were "about to produce" Predator with Experts of Dangerous in the wings as game two. You take your eye off the ball when Jamie Hyneman is standing there signing translights. Looks like a real company and no license is not in doubt.

EOD (resized).png

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Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Talk to your accountant.

Yes, if you end up audited by the IRS using the old "I read it on Pinside" defense won't hold up.

#17660 2 years ago
Quoted from dgoett:

taxman - if anyone should know the answer it's you!
I was hoping to show the predator loss against my litecoin gains [if I sell] to balance it out.
Don't have an accountant but might have to look into that.

I am a software developer not an accountant. Taxman is because my last name is pronounced "tax".

Anyway if what I had read about writing off theft or scam loss it has to be done in the tax year of the theft since that is when you took the loss. Also, you would need the amount declared on an official document to file. When I had a loss it was on a K-1 form from a real estate loss given to me by an accountant that filed it with the IRS.

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This is more serious than a court filling. IT WAS ON FACEBOOK!

#17676 2 years ago

Wait, she has a photography business and he has been home with the kids. Watch him go for custody and make her pay child support.

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East coast - Soda, never pop.

If you ask for a coke and they only have Pepsi they will make sure - Pepsi OK?

If you ask for a cola they will give you what they have. Mostly Coke, good percent Pepsi, rare but possible RC and Freaky Dog. (pretty sure Freaky Dog is a Fairfield and New Haven county CT thing.

I avoid confusion and just order beer.

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Quoted from Whysnow:

I always liked RC! Good stuff!

Royal Crown is great to drink and collect.

With coin op collecting the old RC are harder to find. Coca-Cola is iconic and easy to sell. But Pepsi and RC machines are worth more. Just like Everyone drinks Sprite, but the 7-up stuff is what you collect.

Quoted from Dooskie:

Yeah, and in Wisconsin you call a drinking fountain a 'bubbler.'

They used to be call Soda Fountain. But I think these days it is just "Drink Machine" since they also usually have a "Hi-C" or some other choice. See how I worked "Hi-C" into the discussion? Come on, and whose a Florida "Mr. Pibs" person?

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Quoted from desertT1:

Soooo, about Kevin?...

Quoted from Dooskie:

I think he stepped out to get a soda.

I figured he was going out for a pack of "butts". What did his dad do?

See how I worked in the next round? What are cigarettes called in your area? If the Kevin thread goes into a name game for "vices" we can cover everything from the homemade hooch to the backyard barrel crank.

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Quoted from j_m_:

btw, it's mr. pibb, not pibs
» YouTube video

Thank you, no insult meant btw. It is what I drank at Disney for one full week a year for 10 years from 1997-2006 to rehydrate from the gin.

#17725 2 years ago

Called "FIZZIES" = Fizzy Drink Tablets. You can still get them


Or Alak Seltzers

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Quoted from spfxted:

....I STILL don't know the difference between seltzer, club soda, and tonic.

Seltzer - sprayed on you by a clown with a fun-gun on purpose
Club Soda - sprayed on you by a bartender that will apologize
Tonic - Sprayed on you at a strip joint telling you to just ditch the tie

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Quoted from ForceFlow:

Despite the harm that has been done, I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone.
Keeping poisonous/venomous pets probably isn't a good idea in the first place, though.

I would feel sorry for the Cobra. Probably never get the taste out of its mouth.

Promoted it