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The Official Pinside Kevin Kulek Skit-B Predator Discussion

By Xerico

5 years ago

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Post #12066 What is PACER and where are you getting the court documents? Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12502 Links to where Kevin gives "his side of the story". Posted by BillySastard (3 years ago)

Post #12515 Updated court filings. Potential cash coming into bankruptcy estate. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12528 Good summation of 2 year look back and possible fraudulent transfers. Posted by flynnibus (3 years ago)

Post #12580 More legal pleadings. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12593 Facts & allegations document for VirtuaPin Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12801 Photos of Experts of Dangerous Posted by fastpinball (3 years ago)

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#1308 5 years ago

If you actually *read* Pinball News you'll see that it's unbiased, non-litigious reporting. Hell, they didn't even cover the whole TBL blowup, only that the artwork had changed. The idea of them doing a 'exposure' article about Predator is downright laughable.

2 weeks later
#3807 5 years ago

Has anyone considered the possibility that there was no 'Mr X' ringing up Fox and it was simply one of the Youtube infringement bots that had seen one of SkitBs videos, flagged it as it had images/sounds from the film and sent it off to Fox?

Also, Amazing Predator Rap:

#3935 5 years ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

Nothing meaningful will be accomplished here.

Amen to that. Time would be much better spent adding cool features to the already awesome Mission Pinball Framework rather than trying to stem the flow of utter b*llshit on this thread.

#4987 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

How do we know "mr x" wasn't someone from JJP or Stern?

Highly unlikely IMO. Why would they care? SkitB were never the 'competition' to them.

#4997 5 years ago
Quoted from nintendo:

I'm pretty sure it's the same with the big boys JJP and Stern, don't piss on their territory lol

And get embroiled in this mess? I've already seen the flak Martin has been taking after people decided to 'shoot the messenger'. JJP or Stern probably took one look at it, laughed as they realised how much sh*t Kevin was in and moved on.

#5017 5 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

When the messenger is purposely late and people are wronged because of it, expect nukes, not bullets.

Have you considered the possibility that due to another manufacturer getting involved, he would be subject to an NDA? Therefore, unable to tell anybody what he had discovered without legal ramifications until said manufacturer had passed on the project?

#5029 5 years ago

That's the thing with NDAs, it's kind of like a super-injunction (or fight club rules). He won't be able to say if he was subject to an NDA or not. If you know him, you know Martin is a nice guy and I'm pretty sure he would have let people know what was going on if he could have done so without jeopardising himself or the possibility of someone else picking up the pieces.

EDIT: And one more thing, at least Martin had the balls to put his name behind it, rather than hiding behind an 'anonymous' moniker.

#5051 5 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

art that looks like the weird kid from your high school shop class drew in his notebook?

Or stole from the front of a DVD cover:

1 week later
#6789 5 years ago
Quoted from galaxian:

Kevin is a registered vendor for Michigan Pinball Expo. Maybe you should talk to him there?

You sure about that? Or are you going off the information here (which looks like it was for the 2014 show):

1 week later
#7437 5 years ago

It was reading that part about "The refund process has begun" that made me lose the slightest bit of sympathy for Kevin. I understand how hard it is to make a pinball table and I could just about believe that his passion for the project and naivety was what kept it going, even though when it was clear that he hadn't got a snowballs chance in hell in getting the machines ready.

But reading that, knowing that 0 people have received refunds yet just makes me think that he's a pathological liar.

3 weeks later
#8362 5 years ago
Quoted from KingDaddy:

Yup, a Google search lasts forever... I would list his full name and details as much as possible.

Not in Europe, see "The right to be forgotten":

In a nutshell, Europeans can apply to Google to have search results removed from the listings. This only applies to Google searches carried out on using European TLD, so if I search I might see this at the bottom of the listing:

Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe

It's quite easy to get around though, just by using instead.

Anyway, slightly offtopic.

1 year later
#14483 3 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

his absence speaks volumes.

He's not absent, he still logs in to check what's going on (his last logon was yesterday) and his last post was from 15 days ago. He hasn't posted anything related to Predator in about 6 months as far as I can see.

From a year ago:

Quoted from NoahFentz:

And for that, I've apologized. I feel horrible about it.
I hope you can understand that I was duped, like the rest of you. I had five years of really hard work establishing my company jeopardized by his deceit. I'm on the same side as you on this.
I've even offered my assistance to the investigation. That's all I really can do.

From 5 months ago:

Quoted from NoahFentz:

I didn't 'disappear' anywhere. I'm currently working on behalf of the 'pre-owners' to get them their money back, and it doesn't require posting to do so.

So if you're reading this Noah, what exactly have you done in the time between you posted that and now that has helped get people their money back?

3 weeks later
#14934 3 years ago

Sweet, just had to scroll past 2 screenfuls of pictures that have nothing to do with anything. Top job Bud.

EDIT: If you want to show off your shiny new cab, perhaps start a new thread or pick one more suitable:

#14939 3 years ago
Quoted from Bud:

I was trying to shed some light and ease the minds of people who were considering buying cabs from Paul.

I don't think people are worried about the quality of the cabs VP are selling. They are worried about the ethics of VP being involved in the Predator sh*tshow, especially as noahfentz has gone radio-silent on the matter. Posting pictures of VP cabs doesn't 'fill in the blanks' that people are looking for right now.

Didnt mean to fill up your screen with pics

Just copy and paste a link to your original thread. For example:

2 weeks later
#15175 3 years ago

Removed offtopic post.

1 week later
#15202 3 years ago

I feel so bad for the kids if they have these two clowns as their parents

#15204 3 years ago

Is it just me, or does she get really defensive when the topic of where the money for her cameras came from? I mean, it might just be that it's her only form of income and she wants to make sure that doesn't get cut off, but the way she was acting was a little bit off?

For example, when Keith calls them 'Very expensive cameras' her retort was "My very expensive camera equipment isn't very expensive". It's clear that some of the equipment she has is of a 'professional' level, so to try and make it sound like this is all $80 point-and-shoot equipment seems a bit fishy.

Oh and of note, she mentions several times about online harassment and tries turning on the waterworks a few times. I'd highly advise whoever may be thinking it's a good idea to give her a hard time, maybe don't. For one, it gives her less ammunition in court.

#15287 3 years ago

It 'looks' cheap, but as pointed out, it's on a flood plain, apparently up to 'waist high' in the basement, so probably won't last another 10 years before it falls to pieces.

Perfect house for them both, really.

#15503 3 years ago

Love how the lawyer complains that he doesn't mumble and that his number is easy to remember, then immediately rattles off a number so quickly and with such bad enunciation that I couldn't understand a single digit.

#15522 3 years ago

Was it a custom driver board? I thought they were just using 'off-the-shelf' P-ROC stuff from Gerry?

1 month later
#15815 3 years ago

Completely different, Amandas stuff was all Canon and this is Nikon gear. It could be that she started off with Nikon and switched to Canon.

Or it just could be some dude trying to sell some gear and getting hounded by some internet sleuths working off of very circumstantial evidence. Who knows?

1 week later
#15959 3 years ago

Wait, so VP are complaining that their business is in the toilet because of what's been written on Pinside by that Evil Keith? (I hear he is a real piece of work).

How on earth did they think that threatening to sue for defamation would fix their public image?

He said here he'd been busy working to try and get peoples money back, what exactly was he so busy doing?

Capture (resized).PNG

#16067 3 years ago

In her ramblings, she goes on about Kevin being a world champion and getting a Williams factory tour when he was younger. I'm not sure if that's the tournament she was talking about, but it shouldn't be that hard for someone with the IFPA data to have a look through.

EDIT: Seems he won B division back in '94, beating Roger Sharpe:

#16164 3 years ago

So here's the thing. Didn't she say (paraphrasing) 'Oh the trailer is a wreck, that's why it was so cheap, it couldn't survive the trip to Arizona', yet in the Facebook post she says 'It's been really well looked after and everything works'.

Well, It seems Mama Kulek is a fortune teller, as that trailer is certainly worth $250 now.

#16166 3 years ago

Perhaps she mistook Keiths rain dance for waving a gun around in the air?

2 weeks later
#16778 3 years ago
Quoted from c508:

Is VP's attorney really this incompetent (in terms of thinking the defamation claim had an actionable legal basis)?" OR "Does she know it is BS and that Maletich/VP is throwing good $$$ after bad by pursuing the defamation claim, BUT she is doing what her client wants (and is paying her to do)?"

My guess would be the latter, she figured she could make some money whilst making the client 'happy' that she scared the Big Bad Evil Keith with a nasty defamation claim, fully in the knowledge that it wasn't going to go anywhere.

1 month later
#17082 3 years ago
Quoted from cliff_clavin:

Such a waste of time and energy.

Got to protect the good name that is VirtuaPin cabinets!

1 week later
#17134 3 years ago

"Not sure where you got that figure, but it's incorrect."

Love how he kept on with saying that the information was 'incorrect' but never actually offered the 'correct' information.

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