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#3252 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

So there's probably 225 people still in.... assume 1/3 asked for a refund, thats 75 emails... even at a snails pace of 5 minutes per email - the whole list is done is a few hours.
Sooooooooo, once again calling bullshit on this last message.

Let's not even talk about how long it takes to get through the entire list of emails, as there is probably multiples from people, so the list could be many multiples longer.

So lets just assume he has a Mountain of emails from the last few days to get through. Lets just see the first one. Unless we are to believe that the mountain of emails from the last few days began with an avalanche of emails from people who aren't in this thread, then someone here has a non-form letter personal response, hopefully with clear answers to their questions.

#4147 4 years ago

So is this a reasonable timeline everyone can agree on, giving Kevin the benefit of the doubt that he had good intentions to begin with? Feel free to fill in any blanks I am missing, or correct anything I have wrong (sources: Emails, PBN, Internet archive):

June 2011: Announced intention to build predator after getting license approval, which apparently was fair use guidelines and not a commercial license.

March 2012: first whitewoods shown, pre-order list is established under the "No money required until production" promise. I got my number 112 5-10-2012.

November 2012: $250 deposites were requested from everyone He also announced many deals with contractors guaranteeing the low price, guaranteeing the final price wouldn't rise. Benefit of the doubt states that he just had no idea what an actual build would cost beyond the parts.

Feb 2013: I was told by Steven Woods, their "Build Manager", told me the code was 100% finished and tested. They later bailed on TPF because, as Kevin told me, "the game is just going through too many changes right now to get it back together in time".

April 2013: Game shows at MPE, art is revealed, Virtual pin announced as cab mfg. Also that month, incentives are announced to try to get people to pre-pay up to the full cost of the machine.

August 2013: I had moved from build spot 99 to 83, so 16 drop outs over the last year or so in the first 100, probably due to the $250 deposit.

October 2013: Disastrous showing at Expo. Duck hunt and sonic side projects were shown. Website was scrubbed of any mention of Predator. This disclaimer was added to their website:

"Absolutely none of the items featured on this site or any of its affiliates are for commercial sale or use unless explicitly stated otherwise.
All images and likenesses used on this site are and remain copyrights of their respective owners."

OBVIOUSLY this is the time the C&D was issued.

Nov. 2013: I asked for my refund, it took multiple emails, excuses about junk folders, and about a month to get my deposit back.

Dec. 2013: Aaron (klumpp) has been removed from the website.

Feb. 2014: Mission complete video, deadline set for first $3k payment.

June 2014: Deadline for full payment. Funhouse 2.0 announced.

July 2014: Game 2, EOD announced.

Dec. 2014: Announcement of bi-weekly emails, Also claimed License was fine.

March 2015: Email 1: Certain parties threaten my very existence, major issues need handling immediately.

Email 2: Project not imploding, Everything moving along despite certain nefarious parties.

Email 3: Apology for silence, I can't build them myself, unnamed experience manufacturer is being contacted, the License wasn't what I thought it was. contact me right away for refunds.

Email 4: sorry, overwhelmed with emails, responding in order we received, will get to your's soon.

Aaron (fast) also revealed that Kevin read to him what he presented as the terms of a license, which Aaron said sounded more like the terms of fair use, in the last 2 weeks.

To me it seems impossible that Kevin's license realization only came in the last 2 weeks.

#4256 4 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Wow, I replaced you from the wait list. Always wondered who #112 originally was...

Yeah I picked that number because it was the start of the Fibonacci sequence, not really for any reason, really. I gave him a group of numbers, and that one was free.

#5427 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

bingo... there's no grey area here... the posts from the person in question left no grey area... they were clear definitive statements...
i still can't wrap my head around the fact that not one "vendor person" actually saw an agreement, yet still made "stuff" for kevin...

I think you are casting too wide a net going after all the vendors. There is a big difference between taking someone's word that they had the license (like we all did here when we sent this guy money) and jumping up on a milk crate to assure all the doubters that everything is fine. LOTS of vendors sold goods and services to Skit-B, or entered into business arrangements with them in good faith, only 2 of them put their reputations on the line to promise things they did not know for sure was the truth. I have no ill will towards the first group, and no sympathy at all for the second group. If you want to put your neck on the line for something you haven't verified, you can't bitch when it gets cut off by the truth.

#5520 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Good point, and one issue that seems to get glossed over (not hard to do with the multitude of lies Kevin told).
He admitted he didn't have the ability to make these games anyways! I forget who (aaron?) chimed in and confirmed there was barely enough money in the project for Kevin to assemble them inhouse, so shopping that out wouldn't be possible (without collecting more money).
Even without this recent meltdown, chances are you guys would be sitting around 6 months from now wondering why he still hadn't shipped any machines and hand-wringing over the next "biweekly update."
This thing was doomed from day1... before the fraudulent behavior even kicked in.

Depends on when he knew he didn't have the license. If he was lying about it from the beginning, then Day 1 fraudulent behavior was happening. I still can't believe in his latest email he is still claiming innocence, when EVERYONE, including his biggest cheerleaders, all agree he was lying.

One thing that is bugging me, though.

According to Pinballnews, Kevin stated that the license holders told him to remove their properties form the site when he scrubbed the site between Fall 2013 and Spring 2014, and Pinballnews says that is when the Original C&D came.

The anonymous group claims the C & D didn't come until late 2014, with subsequent requests in early 2015, all ignored.

It seems like a pretty big discrepancy. I sure would love to hear Martin clear that up. If what Martin says was true, even if you give Kevin the benefit of the doubt that he misunderstood "What he had", he had clarity before he demanded $3k from people. If what Mr. X says is true, then he only started lying definitively after late 2014, even if he had hunches that what he was doing wasn't right when he scrubbed everything and made up excuses.

I think it is possible Kevin got some notification in late 2013, and the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing at Fox, with the licensing department only becoming aware in late 2014. Or Kevin knew he was lying all along and just started covering his tracks in late 2013. Like I said, clarity on this issue would be great, but it seems pretty clear that, despite what Fox told Mr. X, Kevin very clearly knew he couldn't legally do what he was doing at least by late 2013.

#5538 4 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Same thing is bugging me - something weird.
Another weird thing is the actual knowledge of the licensing process by Kevin (according to one of the subcontractors - check one of the posts above). Did he get it via EoD only, or was he in contact with someone at Fox??

It's possible he talked to someone at fox, but it is also possible he got the information from literally anywhere else and just incorporated those details into his lies. I've talked to people who have gone through the licensing process on a few things and, if I wasn't such a terrible liar, I would have enough details to make my shit believable.

I am sure details were a lot clearer after getting some paperwork done for EoD (Who did that paperwork? Was it provided by the mythbuster guys? Did they get an IP Lawyer?) and it's pretty clear EoD was a legit license, which makes it even more crazy that they thought they could get away with their first game being an under the table bootleg that they were passing off as legit. After the EoD deal was struck, Kevin has ZERO excuses for not knowing what he had.

#5551 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

I noticed that too and have formed a theory.
Kevin's website was filled with YouTube videos. In December 2013 YouTube started Content ID, which flags copyrighted material, typically via audio.
Videos of the game at shows wouldn't have flagged anything, but the "Mission Complete" and "Mode Walkthrough" videos had clear Predator musical score playing, which would have triggered a flag.
Getting flagged isn't a huge deal, worst case you can't monetize the video and the audio may get muted. But for a guy trying to fly under the radar, seeing a COPYRIGHT CLAIM 20TH CENTURY FOX in your YouTube control panel might have spooked him into whitewashing.
When exactly did the whitewashing occur?

The internet archive shows the whitewashing of the website occurring between June 30th and Oct. 3rd, 2013. Also added in that redesign, the following statement:


He knew what he was doing at that time, no doubt. Whether he had gotten official contact from Fox by this time is the question. KEVIN says he did in the PBN article, but maybe he is referring to the youtube flagging. If he got official word from Fox, flying under the radar was no longer possible, and his further requests for payment after that time would reveal something pathologically wrong with this guy. If it was just a Youtube flagging, then I could see that idiot thinking he could just keep going quietly and pull it off. After the C & D, whenever it happened, would eliminate naiveté as an excuse.

It was wrong from the beginning to think he could just do it without getting caught and lying to his customers about it, but continuing after he had clarity with the C & D that the gig was up, that's where he truly crossed a line that no good intentions will excuse. I want to know when that happened. Martin needs to clear this up I think.

#5557 4 years ago
Quoted from Code_Blue:

The problem with your reasoning is you don't need to get a C&D letter to know you don't have the license.

Yes, I agree. I think he knew he didn't have the license from day 1. Many however, want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he "thought" whatever he had was a license for a while. I think everyone can agree that once you receive a C & D from the rights holder, you no longer have any foot to stand on, regardless of whatever tortured logic you used for the first few years on the project.

To me, he lied from the beginning, but even if you give him the benefit of doubt, playing devils advocate, once that C & D showed up, he no longer has any claim to the truth. I want to know when that line was crossed.

#5598 4 years ago

Can we quit playing semantics around the word Scam? He lied, he took money. It's a scam.

His goal was never to grab a big pile of cash and disappear. His goal was to use a guaranteed hit theme to bring in cash to fund his pinball company start-up and subsequent dream career of being a pinball designer (a dream he has not given up based on his recent emails). He took a huge, stupid gamble with other people's money, and kept going with it long after it was clear that the licensor was onto him.

Just because one of his motivations in the beginning was to "make a cool game for people" doesn't excuse his lying about the license and gambling with his customers money. He could have taken his paypal account down to Vegas with the best intentions in the world and that wouldn't mean it wasn't a scam.

Nice guy or not, naive or not, after the C & D, he has zero leg to stand on, and his continued lies to keep the money from flooding back out make this a scam. Now that he is caught, even if he figures out a way to pay back every cent (and I hope to god he does), that doesn't erase what he did anymore than a kid being forced to go pay for the candy bar they tried to sneak out of the store.

If it isn't a scam, then I have a pitch for MY dream start up company I would like you to fund, and I will tell you whatever you want to hear about who is endorsing me if it means I can get your money.

#5654 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

If this was a total scam from the start wouldn't Kevin have removed the money from PayPal as soon as it came in?

Semantics. Again, which term would you prefer to use instead of "Scam" to describe someone trying to fund their start up and fledgling dream pinball designer career using Stolen IP and lying to their customers about it, even after they got caught. Obviously you view the word "Scam" to only mean someone stealing your money and running off to an island, so tell me what we should call it so we can finally quit the whole "It is a scam because he lied/It isn't a scam because he had good intentions" argument.

#5661 4 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

So I will leave you now in your world where the bad guys tick a check-box that says "I'm legit" and you get all warm and fuzzy inside that your money is safe.

In his defense, it literally took the smartest man in the world to overcome such a system in idiocracy, and had he not, the world of 2505 would never have seen Not Sure escape from prison and go on to solve their crop crisis with toilet water and follow Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho as President of these great United States.

#5819 4 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

He knows everyone is super-peeved.

I know we aren't supposed to criticize the moderators, and I totally agree with your message that cool heads should prevail, but I just wish you'd cool it with the potty-mouthed blue language there, buddy!

1 week later
#6785 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

No and they haven't shipped any games yet either. Their platform looks very cool and I'm looking forward to playing one of their games. Heck if it turns out to be great I may buy one. However, just visually and feature wise I prefer a game like JJP with a large LCD in the head and more mechanical toys, insert lighting and artwork spread throughout the game. The large display on the P3 playfield prevents some mechanical features (as well as artwork) in 2/3 of the game. I need to play a P3 game though to properly judge it. The idea of not having to drop $8k on a NIB game ever again and instead spend a couple thousand for new game modules is very appealing.

Not to hijack the Skit B thread to talk about the P3, but there are a lot of misconceptions in this post.
The P3 allows for the same kind of art and features as a traditional machine, you just have to think differently about how you engineer those features. Art can be identical to a traditional game, and you can have the added benefit of making it interactive and dynamic. Mechanical features need to be floated above the pf, not under the pf. The truth it that most games put almost all of their mechanical features in the back 3rd of the playfield, but for those designs where you want to bring some features forward, The P3 allows you, the game designer, to do that.

Here is a video I helped Gerry with that really illustrates just how versatile the platform is.

1 week later
#7146 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Well, as the story goes, the reason all the websites were scrubbed was because of a Cease & Desist, so there was some awareness by Fox. But we don't know if Kevin's game of keeping things on the down low after that would have succeeded, especially with a 2 year+ production build.

And this gets back to the main discrepancy between the reporting of PBN and the claims of the AG. Martin claimed that the C&D was given when the site was scrubbed, but didn't go into great detail about that. The AG claimed that the C&D came after they contacted Fox. The first event happened in Oct 2013, the second happened Dec 2014. It sure would be nice if the PBN follow up article addressed this, if it gets written. It won't help anyone get refunds, but it would really help to resolve a final, clear narrative of how everything went down.

The following isn't addressing your post, Frolic, just the thread in general.

Regardless of whether he could have gotten away with it (assuming he could get them all built), the problem is that he lied to his customers, from the beginning. Put moralism about stealing IP aside, there is considerably far more risk involved with a project when the license isn't in place. If he could get a number of customers to sign onto that risk, no problem. They would know the full risks involved. But he didn't do that, he misrepresented, to be charitable, from the beginning, and he outright lied after he got the full clarity of the C&D, whether that was a year ago or 4-5 months ago.

I really really wish people would quit defending him because their definition of a scam means he had to take the money and leave the country. No one except straw men are making the argument that he was *that* kind of conman. He was a liar who took a HUGE amount of money under false pretenses, and he had good intentions. I have known lots of good intentioned liars in my life. Good intentions don't excuse what he did. He gambled while telling his customers their money was 100% safe, and lost.

I will never understand people who are pissed that the AG blew this up by investigating Kevin's claims (I totally understand being pissed about HOW they did it, as they have been pretty insufferable). If Keven had been upfront with people in the first place, there would have been no AG investigating them. Want proof? Look at pinnivating's Matrix kits. Everyone who bought one knew what they were getting into, and bye and large everyone in the community was supportive. Why? Because they weren't lying about it, and some knowing, non-risk-averse people got some cool games out of it. The blame for people losing money and not getting their games lies solely with Kevin, because he is the one who lied and put everyone's money at risk.

#7149 4 years ago

I am not. I think they've been pretty insufferable, and I don't buy their moral crusader bullshit either, especially given what I have read about how they were actively taunting Whysnow. I like everyone else have my suspicions about who it may be, but they are just suspicions.

I personally wish they would just come out and own up to it. I get not wanting to be the ones known for "killing the project" and that's why I give them slack for letting PBN vet the story and post it on their timeline, but the continued secrecy is just piss-ant cowardice. Not everyone is gonna like what they did, but their original excuse doesn't hold. Kevin admitted he couldn't build the machines anyway, and that the license "wasn't what he thought it was". So they were right. If you know you were right, just own it.

#7150 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

You are confused. People are mad at kevin. Also mad at AG. One does not negate the other.

I know they don't negate one another. I just don't buy being upset because they investigated his claims and found out he was lying. I totally get being pissed at how they went about it. I also get that everyone is pissed at Kevin.

#7230 4 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

How they did it. Bravo!
Me thinks the contingency from TX, CA and Canada due protest too much. Things that make you go hmmm......

See, because the AG has refused to show themselves, and have stated that they would deny it forever, and because Whysnow repeatedly called it the Texas group (I assume he's the main source of that, when he was calling out Jared, and I don't recall any other primary source for that claim), ANYONE from Texas who has a thought on this is under suspicion, even if they deny it. Another reason I wish they would just stand by their convictions that they did the right thing and own it. The sooner the entire story gets cleared up, the better for moving on.

Seriously, people are going to be pissed that they handed it off to PBN and they sat on it for months, and people are going to be pissed about how they handled it, and some people are going to be pissed that they did anything at all. If they are such warriors for truth, they should honestly assess how they handled it, own the shit they have conviction of being right on, and apologize for anything they might, in retrospect, feel shame about. Unlike Kevin, no one is going to sue them, no one is going to harm them, they aren't in legal trouble, they will just have some people on the internet angry at them. Part of being an adult is realizing you can't make everyone happy, and when you realize you actually wronged someone, all you can do is sincerely apologize and let THEM decide if and when to forgive you.

Bottom line, more secrecy isn't helping the community.

-Stephen Silver (fake internet names are dumb.)

PS. My meaningless vote: I'm fine with them handing off their big piece of info to PBN for respectability and due diligence, as the pre-PBN article environment was very non-receptive to license claims, especially with Keven letting others vouch for it on their reputations. It's unfortunate that said due diligence took so long, partly because of misguided hope that the project could be saved, that chargeback windows closed. But I'll give Martin the benefit of the doubt for not knowing what the average chargeback window was and thinking that no amount of rushing to print would have helped people with any refund options. They owe Pinside an apology for trying to have it both ways: giving responsibility to PBN, but also smugly taunting people, "preparing" an inner circle, and pompously making themselves the center of the story at every turn. If they wanted their actions to be vindicated so badly, they should have owned it and immediately brought all their evidence forward. If they cared about it being done right because they weren't 100% sure they had the whole story, then they should have handed it off to the adults and not done the whole cloak and dagger, secret inner circle warnings bullshit to increase the theater around the final reveal. It didn't help anyone.

#7241 4 years ago
Quoted from PEN:

You want someone else to blame? Blame me for not telling everyone what I thought 3 years ago. This is not an I told you so, it is an honest assessment after the fact.

Plenty of people were stating what they thought at various points along the way. People complain about negativity on these forums, but there is also a very real "positivity policing" that exists, and some people are very skilled at using to silence criticisms and opposing points of view. Lots of people had varying pieces of the puzzle, but I firmly believe that nobody but Kevin and probably Aaron K. had the whole picture, until the PBN article landed. Hell, even the AG and Martin thought that there was a possibility that last minute scrambling could save the project right til the end.

I was in on it, I had my reservations, and got out well before the $3k demand. I was honest with my friends that were still in about what I saw, but there was enough compelling evidence on all sides to make anything plausible, until PBN.

I guess what I am saying is that more voices speaking up early on wouldn't have changed much, especially since Kevin was able to manipulate people's general value of positivity, and the willingness of others to put their necks on the line to add legitimacy to his claims. I don't begrudge anyone who looked at the sum of the evidence and claims provided, and came down on the side of believing Kevin, even to the end.

I think as long as you were decent to people in however you expressed yourself, you have nothing to apologize for.

#7258 4 years ago
Quoted from PEN:

My comment must not have translated well, or you missed a few.
How many people in my area paid for the game? I only know of 1 or 2. In the future that should speak volumes. Michigan has a huge collector base, and a lot of us know eachother at least to some extent. Pay attention to the local Pinheads opinions.

Ah, I totally didn't get that. Yes you are right, that does speak volumes.

#7335 4 years ago
Quoted from nintendo:

I think Pinside needs to do what Disqus did, and that's removing "Downvoting" as a whole. Only use the "Upvote" which is more productive and does not generate hate between two users. Probably half of the arguments on Pinside happen because of downvoting. Sorry but that's the truth.

Quoted from PEN:

Meh. Facebook is weak, and their theory is wrong.
Many people prefer to simply down vote as apposed to a written response. The written response encourages participation. In affect Facebook gets people to debate eachother instead of click a button.
We can do both.

I agree with Pen. If this thread has taught us anything, it is that positivity policing can be just as bad for a community as runaway negativity.

Like others have said, both the upvote and downvotes are useful tools in discourse. Sometimes it allows people to disagree or agree without coming in and repeating the same arguments as 70 different other people (we have enough of that already). Sometimes it is a very quick visual identifier of trolls or thoughtful commentors. Sometimes both can be abused, as factions arise to flood comments with popularity or scorn based on who wrote it, and not the content. But to go after only the downvote is to ignore the other side of the coin, and give even more power to the positivity police.

I would say that "Half" is an exaggeration, but nintendo is right that at least some arguments happen because of downvoting. From my view, the mods are pretty good at moderating things when they devolve in to silly back and forth bicker-fests (the logical conclusion to almost all "Quit downvoting me" posts), and that is a better trade-off than the complete elimination of a useful tool.

EDIT: Sorry, started hit send before I saw the request not to derail further. Feel free to downvote

#7338 4 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

Upvoted out of spite

I should start fights with people who upvote me.

"What's your problem, man? If I want high fives, I'll give them to myself over a pint of ice cream and a Golden Girls marathon. I come to the internet to argue with people who are wrong! Either point out my logical flaws and strap into this semantic see-saw, or GTFO!"

#7472 4 years ago

"It was the talk of the pinball world when we published our report into the Predator Pinball project and confirmed for the first time what had only been suspected up until that point - that Skit-B Pinball did not in fact have a licence for the use of the Predator name or any of the other assets used in the game."

I've been giving Martin at pinballnews a bunch of slack, even giving him the benefit of the doubt when he stretched the original reporting out with the ridiculous idea of saving a bootleg project when it completely burned most people's chargeback windows, but this article just pisses me off.

Maybe stop patting yourself on the back for your crackerjack reporting and possibly ask some real questions instead of just giving this s#!tbag a platform to position his uncontested side of the story as "the middle truth".

Seriously, you've been working on this story for months, you could have confronted him with numerous quotes that were provable lies and get him on record owning to the exact moment when he switched from "Naive idealist" to "Liar committing fraud". But no, he's given free range to still maintain the bulls#!t claim that he was never knowingly lying.

Yeah I know. Don't kill the messenger. But this is Sparta, Baby.

#7480 4 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

I understand the pt your making. It would have been great to ask questions like
What is the process issuing refunds?
Who's first, second third?
What would you tell your preorder customers who are reading this infuriated with the lack of responses from you, when will they get their refund? Paypal versus paid by check?
So you collected $1M. What is the total amount you have left to refund?

Yeah I agree, but I know those questions would be answered with lies, so I would have liked him to ask some questions with evidence that would have directly contradicted his narrative and stopped his bullshit train in it's tracks.

#7484 4 years ago
Quoted from asay:

If he asked any hard questions, Kevin would have refused the interview and blamed Pinball News for the project failing.

You offer him a place to state his side. You act like a journalist, not a stenographer, when you interview. If he gets backed into a logical corner and ends the interview early, you report it.

#7492 4 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

Honest question, can the mods lock Skit-B's (Kevin's) Pinside account? Or is there another way to prevent him from scrubbing (editing) all of hist posts? (If he hasn't already, but I doubt it.) I'm sure all of his comments on here can be used against him in a lawsuit. In this thread in particular I'm seeing a lot of claims such as "officially licensed".
I'm not sure how Kevin hearing a "here is what is considered fair use of IP" translated into "officially licensed." He just cannot claim ignorance there. No jury or judge in the world would believe it.

This. It would be an absolute farce if he could scrub away the proof of his lies.

#7519 4 years ago

It is slightly possible that he got "fair use" guidance from someone at fox, despite no one in fox licensing ever hearing about him, and that his stupid @ss thought that meant he could make and sell games in small numbers. It is not possible he didn't understand that was bullshit in October 2013 when they told him to stop advertising his bootleg game. It is not possible that he didn't understand that his "fair-use" guidance was not the same as a license when he got a REAL license from the Mythbusters guys. He was educated by both those incidences that his "new smart way" of doing things wasn't right at all. There is no way any rational adult can believe that he was just naive until the end.

All he had to do to prove any of those claims was to produce the guidance correspondence fox sent him, to anyone. But he wouldn't even do that for his good buddy Aaron, just paraphrase over the phone. For a guy so determined to "set the record straight", sure seems like an easy thing to do after the project was dead, seeing as it is his entire defense. Therefore, I, as a rational adult, can only surmise that he is lying about ever contacting fox in the first place.

There is only one verifiably true thing he said in that entire article that really tells the whole story, and it reflects how he felt about his chances of getting caught.

"And it’s like, this really dark corner of this really small, niche community and, you know, it’s no big deal.”

No, @sshole. It is a huge deal, you lying, stupid sack of s#it.

#7631 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

So how much of the Preator money did Kevin Kulek spend on EoD?
Did the EoD pin start after the first time Fox said stop?

Whatever he did with EoD was an official license, because Jaime appeared with them at the announcement. The announcement of EoD was July 2014. They whitewashed the Website in Oct 2013. Kevin has now admitted twice that that was when he received word from fox that they can't be advertising their bootleg game.

He cannot claim ignorance any time after october 2013 on the illegitimate status of his project, and he cannot claim ignorance of the legitimate license process any time after July 2014.

He asked for $3k Payment in Feb 2013 after the mission complete video. He set a deadline for that payment of June 2013. Those actions occurred AFTER he got clarification from fox that he can't be doing what he is doing, and AFTER or (at best) DURING negotiations with the mythbusters for a REAL license, thus ending his naiveté about how real licenses work.

Anyone who wants to give him the benefit of the doubt that he truely was just a dumb, naive kid thinking it could all get done legitimately, like he claimed, needs to remember those facts. He is a god-damn liar, most likely from the very start, trying to fund his Barbie-Dream-Career of being a Pinball Designer on the back of pinside.

#7632 4 years ago

things that make you go hmmm….

Interesting detailed post… Maybe too detailed… Look, he's from TN… That's really just one letter away from TX… I bet there are a lot of Trees in TN… Both Trees and Witches burn… But Trees are made of wood… and wood floats… Just like ducks!!! And Crash's avatar is Wet Willie, WHO ALSO FLOATS!!!! AND I BET HE WEIGHS THE SAME AS A DUCK!!!


#7680 4 years ago

Question. Will local law enforcement be able to handle claims from out of state victims? My understanding is that very few guys in Michigan were in on this project because they all knew Kevin was a dipshit from the beginning, so I have to assume that almost all of the fraud complaints currently with the local authorities are from out of state people.

When I won full custody of my daughter, I had my court order in hand when I was in her state, and I talked to a local officer about coming with me to pick her up to make sure everyone kept their cool. He told me that since it was an out of state order, he could not and would not assist me in enforcing it, he could only go to make sure no one tried to kill each other. That was a civil case I had already won. I know this is criminal and not civil with the police involved, but I wasn't sure if the interstate nature of almost all of the victims would make it had for local authorities to do anything.

Signed: Obviously not an Internet lawyer.

3 weeks later
#8360 4 years ago

Well, I guess we now know what was in that suitcase in pulp fiction. This lady's luminescent newborn.

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