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7 years ago

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Post #12066 What is PACER and where are you getting the court documents? Posted by c508 (5 years ago)

Post #12502 Links to where Kevin gives "his side of the story". Posted by BillySastard (5 years ago)

Post #12515 Updated court filings. Potential cash coming into bankruptcy estate. Posted by Wolfmarsh (5 years ago)

Post #12528 Good summation of 2 year look back and possible fraudulent transfers. Posted by flynnibus (5 years ago)

Post #12580 More legal pleadings. Posted by Wolfmarsh (5 years ago)

Post #12593 Facts & allegations document for VirtuaPin Posted by c508 (5 years ago)

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#110 7 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

If I wanted to stir up bullshit I have more than enough information to do that.

What are you saying? You have undisclosed, known only to you negative information? Because that is what that sounds like you are saying.

#141 7 years ago

My refund from JJP took about 5 weeks.

edit - LOL . Because if a big company takes that long I don't expect the little guys to do any better.

1 week later
#236 7 years ago

If I have issues with mine either me or Rob and Taro will fix it. I won't use their support, I will use mine.

1 week later
#342 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

That's something a confidence man would say.
They keep you on the line "just enough" so you think everything is ok. Saying there are more important things in life, etc.
There is no excuse for the poor communication.
There is no excuse for other games to be "made" and at the shows (new stuff being announced even) while Predator pre-order owners have no idea what is going on.
Now granted not everyone has paid the full money down, the question is who/what/when on the deposit list is everyone? If everyone has been kicked off they need to refund the $250 to people that did not pay based on the deadline or actually give news when each person's game is being build so the remaining $4500 or so can be sent.
Either way you guys sure do have a lot of trust in something that is taking way longer than it should be with poor communication. I thought this was being addressed?

So , your position is that Hilton is a confidence man conning everyone on this forum? Wow. You must be a genius. I mean with that kind of flawless reasoning you should be in charge of something, right?

#349 7 years ago

Just so we are clear...

Quoted from Whysnow:

Games are being built.
We have seen photos.
Why so much doom and gloom from so many?

He said that...and then you said

Quoted from DreamTR:

That's something a confidence man would say.
They keep you on the line "just enough" so you think everything is ok. Saying there are more important things in life, etc.

So your position is...? It sounds like you are saying Hilton is a con man working for skit b. please clarify if I have it wrong.

#379 7 years ago

We know the license is fine - once again prove me wrong - innocent till proven guilty applies here.

Haters gonna hate! I love it - especially those not in on the machine like whats his name a few posts up. It means they have another agenda when they voice the same unsubstantiated claims over and over. And, frankly, even old heads look like raw idiot noobs when they whine about a machine they have zero interest in. So...I am all for the dummies showing their true colors so we all have a clear picture of them and can view future posts through those glasses tinted with the knowledge that they are just hating.

Seriously there are a couple guys in this thread who just post the same negatives over and over and over. Clearly self absorbed, self centered and with nothing to add. But hey, it IS entertaining to watch grown men make fools of themselves. At least that will never change

#390 7 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

That's not true at all.
I've gone out of my way to keep quiet in this thread and not say anymore. I've been quiet for weeks now. I've been deliberately avoiding responding to any posts you make or even participating in threads that you wonder in to. Now, you are dragging me into this again when I have not even posted in regards to the subject in weeks.
I have not done anything with Fox. I don't plan on it. Even if I had, I don't want to be the guy who's posts sinks the ship so I would keep the info to myself. I'm not even on the list for Predator, but when I was originally given terrible information about this project I felt like keeping to myself was the equivolant of assisting a crime. What I've realized is that if I say anything or not, whatever is going to happen is going to happen.
At this point all that can be done is to wait. In time, we will know a lot more than we do now.
I sincerely hope that all 250 games are made and shipped and I wish any pinball company the best of luck. Their success helps the entire hobby progress.
Kindly leave me out of this. Thank you.

You are saying that you have negative information about this project that will sink the ship? WTF man?!?

If you let me and everyone else get burned while you are hiding information that you have... Then you will be forever remembered here on Pinside as the guy who let the pinheads get burned. It will be your fault. Totally your fault. You could have saved us, but you were too frightened of strong words on a forum to help, nay SAVE your fellow hobbyist? Please tell us that is not the case.

#394 7 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

I have not done anything with Fox. I don't plan on it. Even if I had, I don't want to be the guy who's posts sinks the ship so I would keep the info to myself. I'm not even on the list for Predator, but when I was originally given terrible information about this project I felt like keeping to myself was the equivolant of assisting a crime.

Quoted from frolic:

To be fair, that isn't what he is saying at all.

I think you misread. He is saying even if he had contacted Fox he would keep the terrible information to himself. He is saying that if he contacted Fox he would get terrible information then hide it. the CLEAR implication is that Fox has terrible information. Prove me wrong, because that's how it reads.

#398 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

If that was ever the case, I'd be blaming whomever took my money telling me otherwise. I don't personally believe this to be true, btw, just that their business practices stink. I've said it before, I don't think a business that didn't communicate with its customers could exist outside the world of pinball, I know I would be out of business myself.

Are you kidding? Dude if you know my car is about to blow up you better tell me or I am blaming YOU as well as who put it there. Surely you get that ? This is a hobby forum. We participate in a hobby together. We look out for each other (see mad amusements thread for confirmation). To hide information that could "save us" or "sink them" is the same as being involved. And would be deplorable.

#400 7 years ago

Kevin just recently sent an email out to all owners. It's in this thread.

#415 7 years ago

Kevin said the license was fine.

#444 7 years ago


In your face haters and those with "terrible information" !!!

#448 7 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

his p,r,e,d,a,t, and o keys must be broken


#449 7 years ago

Hilariously predictable! Did you guys say that Skit -B was part of the 9/11 conspiracy as well? Can't recall...

#475 7 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

and you should stick to shitting on people's for sale threads mr HEP price expert….
talk about typical asshattery.
: )

I did nothing to you to warrant a personal attack or name calling. I get that you like to call names and that makes you look like a fool , but since everyone gets to see it here, I am fine with it.

#478 7 years ago

Woohoo! Cabs being built, parts getting ready, feels like...victory!

#508 7 years ago

He typed P R E D A T O R ... What's next oh great conspiracy theorists?

#517 7 years ago
Quoted from RobT:


head-in-sand.jpg 18 KB

Wow. Are you attacking me? Just for wanting a pinball machine? Sheesh, and I thought we were friends...

#518 7 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Rommy are you really that blind?
First of all, I would say that the reply/update is great news for buyers and it should come as a surprise to no one that the games may take longer than originally scheduled. Welcome to pinball.
Secondly, despite only 1 pic and a bunch of words, I for one would take great comfort, fully expecting that games will be produced and received eventually.
That's the important take-away of course.
That being said, there's NOTHING in any of my previous posts that has been dispelled or proven inaccurate by this email. The only time he said Predator was as a reply, and was a 1 word answer only.
Do you not admit that the fact he never refers to the pin by name is UNIQUE? JJP uses the names, Stern uses the names... I think you get the point.
Once again, SOMETHING weird is going on behind the scenes, but fortunately, it does not appear to be a roadblock to having the pins produced.
Again, it appears as though all buyers can sleep easy, expecting new updates and their pins eventually.
Congrats to those of you "hanging in there" with money on the line.

Was not talking about you. But...if you want to speculate and theorize ... Join RobT with his head in the sand! That pic is a great representative of the Predator haters club! You and Rob can be charter members! Hell, I bet y'all can be the head honchos! Go go PHC!

4 months later
#7303 7 years ago

I just dont think it serves any purpose to focus my anger on anyone other than Kevin. Recompense can only be collected from one guy, KKK (KrappyKevinKulek). If I am angry at how anyone did anything else, that ENTIRE thought process and emotion is a waste of time, for me at least. It will get me absolutely NADA, bupkis, the big zero. There is actually a chance at recovery from KKK - just look in this thread. Most victims will just write it off and do nothing. KKK and his family are counting on that.

If you want to help pinball as a whole and this community especially - GO AFTER KKK. No holds barred legally. Don't let spending a few thousand dollars stop you if you can afford it.

Do not let Kevin Kulek off the hook. He has victimized all of us. Time to stop being a victim, stop whining about how much it hurts (and it does), and go on the attack. Fight back. Don't just lay there and take it. Payback. Hit him where it will hurt him permanently with a non-dischargeable fraud judgement that will follow him forever.

#7377 7 years ago

I need help from the community. I have contacted two attorneys here and neither one wanted to help, even with a $2,500 retainer offered up front. It was clear there is more money than that as well. 2500, 5000, 10,000 , I dont care.

Some guys think they need to be licensed in MI to quarter back this case, which is just incorrect. You need to be able to HIRE an attorney to work for you in MI. That's all. I have had much better success hiring attorneys to be in charge of other attorneys, like is needed in this case.

I hire an attorney, from Louisiana let's say. Someone who totally understands the case and the issues. I pay that attorney thousands to start and that attorney hires a firm in MI to actually do the grunt work on the ground in MI. That prevents the whole miscommunication and "we know better than our client" attitude and gives the case a natural quarterback with attorney to attorney follow up. There really is no other way to operate if you are nationwide. You just can't find an attorney in my neck of the woods that is licensed in all 50 states.

I have several attorneys here in Arkansas that I could use, but it would be an uphill battle explaining all this to them. I want a pinball lawyer if possible - all this is going to be is sending letters and phone calls, I will bet $50.

So what I need from Pinside. all of you, is a recommendation for an attorney. A michigan attorney would be optimal, but as I described totally not necessary. What would be even better would be if a lawyer here on Pinside would step up to help me. I really need it. Not a joke.

If you are a lawyer reading this - if you can hire a lawyer to work for you in Michigan, you could do it. What matters to me is not where you are licensed, but that you care about this case and seeing a resolution. WHICH I WILL PAY FOR - no pro bono save the pinball world crap. I run a big company - if you take this case you can have access to the whole corporate staff to do your bidding.

So fellow pinheads...Please help me.

ps - if you are an experienced attorney and a pinhead reading this, please don't just sit on the sidelines, I need your help so I don't get screwed by an attorney to add to the shitstorm of Kevin Kulek.

#7578 7 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

Sounds like he's just burying his head, waiting for it all to blow over. Well, its not going to blow over. Not now, not ever.

It WILL blow over unless good pinheads stand up and demand their rights - by filing suit against Kevin Kulek , KKK . He is counting on victims not pursuing legal action. Don't lay down for this . Stand up and sue Kevin Kulek.

#7582 7 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

If you can suggest a way to do that for international folk. I'm all ears. I certainly don't intend to let this lie.
I have had some good advice from others on here (thankyou) but any other input would be gratefully appreciated.

I will have progress on that within 24 hours. I have progress now just not complete yet. You WILL be able to file or report or whatever it is though, I assure you of that now. Just remember that lots of people won't do it just because they can. Let's all be sure we help everyone who wants to stand up do just that . Don't tread on me!

#7720 7 years ago

If you are a victim please gather the following to report to,the detective in midland. Please don't wait. Please call,him right away.

1- all your details, DOB, address, how much you paid, when, how much, in a one page summary email. Include dates! Declare yourself a victim of KKK and here are my details.

2- evidence of any contact you had with KKK - notes from phone calls, recorded messages, and emails. Attach all this to your email.

3- another email attached labeled Web Links where you put links to incriminating videos, podcasts, and websites. There will be lots of duplication but don't worry about that just do it.

I have to make you find his phone number yourself. Detective Brent Benzing with the Midland County Sheriff. Only 5 people have reported today...WTF!?!

Don't lay down for this! Call the detective! Gather info and email the detective ! That information is bullets in his gun.

Right now, as we speak, KKK is relaxing. He DOES have counsel now. They are taking the position that NONE of this is criminal, it's all civil. His position is he never lied, never defrauded. Don't let him do this to us. Help prove to that detective what a rat bastard snitch Kevin Kulek is.

#7729 7 years ago

The detective is on the team already no doubt. CALL HIM! Do not listen to naysayers, CALL! Don't hold back (Ted) , let him know how bad this guy sucks. Be honest, never lie or exaggerate to a detective. And for the love of all that is holy DO NOT threaten anyone while speaking to the detective. Last thing you want is sympathy for KKK.

#7733 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yes! I'm still not sure if it would be a good idea to send this site to the detective....

It's done.

#7734 7 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

3- another email attached labeled Web Links where you put links to incriminating videos, podcasts, and websites. There will be lots of duplication but don't worry about that just do it.
Has anyone compiled #3 yet?

Yes someone has because the detective was looking through it when I talked to him. It was pissing him off.

#7745 7 years ago

Not really. We are doing most of the work and the evidence does not require much investigation. It's laying out on the table.

Also - he, like most detectives, HATES getting lied to. Kevin is lying to him and he knows it. It's making him angry.

Keep on lying Kevin! Don't for one instant turn to the one thing that could impress that detective, the truth. Kevin as long as you stick with your story as it is now - straight to jail.

Ps- to Aaron - gotcha! Yours is coming too. You got out too late bro. Lmao. Your trip to MGC was a perp walk.

Pps- to all victims - please add Aaron K(spelling) to your complaint. I'll update the instructions.

#7748 7 years ago

Bonus garbage - and an important reminder not to preorder ... The duck I mean.

#7749 7 years ago

It may be important to reiterate - the stages of anger are so clear here it is uncanny - the only person I can get satisfaction from is KKK. No other entity can provide me recompense of any sort. If I am angry at any other party it's just wasted energy cuz I can't do anything about it.

#7754 7 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

The detective is actually speaking with Kevin? Or did I miss that you mean the lies are being revealed through the evidence?

He has been and has an appointment with KKK and his counsel next week. Where Kevin assures him he will,show the detective he has not been lying.


Non pinball distraction - check!

#7757 7 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

"Game is officially licensed to carry the Predator brand and has a giant list of sound and voice clips cut from the movie itself. There is a vulgarity switch in the settings menu to turn off all swearing, if you have a family-friendly game room and aim to keep it that way."
"Production information: We expect the start producing our first handful of machines within the next month or two, meaning we SHOULD have a few people out there with Predators under their (gigantic) Christmas trees." (2012)
"The licensing and likeness costs and all that aren't really something we're allowed to talk much about, unfortunately. If you're wondering if certain characters will appear in the game / artwork, I can tell you that all of the notable characters are present in both.
I'm not exactly clear what you mean with the term "oversight." We haven't run into any qualms with anyone about how the characters are being portrayed or anything, if that's what you mean. I know there was a big hiccup with the Demolition Man over something like that with Wesley Snipes and they had to go through multiple backglass designs because of it, but we haven't had any issues with anything like that, so we're happy."
"This is the magic of being a small, non-profit company. Not only does it keep the games more affordable, everything we get goes right back into the company itself as a direct investment towards the next game. Sounds like a system that works, to me."
"When your game is about to go out onto the shop floor, you will be contacted in advance. You make your deposit and the game gets built. Once the game is done, you simply pay the remainder and get your game. If you need to opt out of your pre-order, you can just contact us before your game is coming up and let us know. Of course, your pre-order spot and number would go back up for grabs, as well."
(This was actually the reason I decided to gamble on this pre-order. Since I was far down the list, I figured I would see games coming off the line before I had to put any "real" money (i.e. $2750+) down.)
"Our company profile is set up that way on purpose. We are listed as a non-profit entertainment company, so any revenue that flows through our company needs to stay within our company. This means that every time a Predator goes out the door, we're that much closer to not only making another game, we're that much closer to getting our own fancy CNC machine, silk-screener, injection molder, etc. Whenever something else like that lands in-house, that's one less thing that has to be contracted out, and drives the cost of games down ever further."
BigPhil said:
Poeple have been burned in the past and I guess I'm just after as much reassurance as possible that this will actually happen.
"I wish I could say more, but I simply can't say anything other than the fact that we have legal right to use the Predator license for our purposes. I hate this legal crap just as much as anybody..."
swinks said:
does that mean no license is required or still is required?
"It's complicated It's not like one of those open-domain things, or something like that, if that's what you're asking."
"Playfield design and software is done by yours truly, Kevin W. Kulek.
Playfield artwork is done by James Dubay.
Assembly design and R&D is done by Aaron Klumpp.
All of our paperwork - both monetary and legal - is done by Kathy L. Kulek."
(Emphasis on MONETARY and LEGAL paperwork done by Kathy Kulek)
navajas said:
Non-profits, by definition, can absolutely NOT make a profit, that's why they're called non-profits. They can make "surplus revenue" which are the assets that must be reinvested into the company. And obviously they can take a salary.
"This is what it's all about, pretty much. We can take a salary, but it has to be documented and considered "reasonable" in comparison to the money flowing through the company, so while we will be able to survive, we won't be showing up to any shows with sexy foreign cars and slick suits or anything. My 15 year old American pickup truck and t-shirt-n-jeans will suit me just fine. For the people, by the people, I suppose... "
" As I said a second ago, we are very close to our release candidate, which, to a programmer or engineer, means damn near done. Now we just have to wait for the business end to catch up, along with legal stuffs in the interim. Art finished, art approvals, toys finalized, parts lists confirmed, suppliers stocked, the list goes on."
navajas said:
One question I was going to ask had I been able to go to the seminar was does Fox have an IP police/enforcer/oversight guy that you needs to sign off on things? Does the game have to go before some suits for review and approval or anything like that?
Also, I was going to ask what Kevin and Aaron did before this.
"Fox has access to everything they own, obviously, and they have a say over how it's all used. They generally don't care about much in the way it applies to pinball specifically, they just need to know that it's been unmodified and isn't being used way out of context. Likenesses are a little more touchy, but pretty much the same. In short, gameplay changes mean nothing to them, but art and sounds mean everything."
(2013-07-17) "For build timing, I can only assume here, but we expect initial units to be completed and shipping out BEFORE the Chicago expo this year"
(2013-08-26) "It's no secret that working with contractors to get parts made takes time and has holdups, but things are moving along quite well. We've gotten some stuff in recently that hasn't been shown/talked about yet that are extremely cool, like custom backbox lighting by CoinTaker lighting! The final game is coming together nicely, and no worries about a complete game this year."

You rock for posting this. Tyvm.

#7813 7 years ago

Just FYI - if the FBI decides to "help" ... Then it's all a negotiation on how much time he will serve. Thus surprises me a bit. And if you were KKK - right about now fleeing the country would start to look viable.

Don't stop calling yall. If you are a victim CALL him. once is enough . Do not just sit on your ass and email. Call him that one time please.

250 times 10 years per count...just think if he pisses off the judge by lying to him as well and he goes for consecutive terms. If this is fed time he could be looking at a life changing event and more than 10 years in the penitentiary. If I were him....I would be soiling my trousers to say the least.

#7816 7 years ago

Jpop better wake the f up.

#8021 7 years ago

I did not get an auto reply email. I may make a follow up phone call tomorrow.

#8122 7 years ago
Quoted from examiner:

sometimes I guess it's hard to detect sarcasm on a forum. The US Bankruptcy Court is designed to oversee the equitable distribution of assets to multiple creditors. If you guys really think he has a stash of money somewhere, force him in to involuntary bankruptcy. It only takes three of you that are fully paid up. Each of you send him a demand letter, give him 14 days to refund in full. If he fails to do so, file an involuntary bankruptcy petition. At that point, everybody files a claim as an unsecured creditor. The court will then make sure everybody gets their fair share.
If you think he's pissed it all away, then you should hope for federal prosecution and an order of restitution. The federal government is the most effective collection agency in the world. If he fails to pay, he'll go back to prison. He'll never see a tax refund the rest of his life. He'll be forced (under threat of imprisonment) to disclose all of his assets to the federal government on an annual basis. Many of you will unfortunately die before you get paid in full, but you'll at least know that he is living intimately with the consequences of his fraud for the rest of his life.

This sounds...familiar. Exactly this. Eventually he will pay it back...or die trying .

#8216 7 years ago

Class action = pie in the sky dream. If you want your money you better not be waiting on ANYONE. Let alone a group of international pinheads. One of the keys to this will be DO NOT WAIT. Those who wait will keep waiting...forever. IMHO you best get started if you want anything at all. And part of that, clearly, is not waiting...on anything...especially some phantom class action to get started.

If we could drown him in 200 civil claims...that would be optimal.

This is just one pinhead's opinion. If you were wondering...I am not waiting.

2 weeks later
#8456 7 years ago

Once you get a judgment ... Then you GET to collect. In this case ... It will be a pleasure .

3 weeks later
#8856 7 years ago

As a reminder, I paid by corporate check so I am still pursuing with law firm until I get a refund or we force bankruptcy or we start collecting. Guys who paid by check - you are not alone.

3 months later
#9603 6 years ago

I cannot believe some Pinsider has that machine - and was not even in on the preorder. I hope the lawsuit catches that guy and he had to make restitution to all of us. I intend to forcefully let the lawyer know who he is Monday since now we know. He purchased that machine knowing this situation so I hope he included hiring a lawyer in his purchase estimate - because I assure you he will have to hire a lawyer to defend himself at the very least. Go go pinball legal team - crazy hobby. People will screw everyone in the whole hobby over without a second thought. Makes me sick.

#9627 6 years ago

What a POS. I hope he has to pay minimum up front retainer to a lawyer just to start. He will pay or he will represent himself. He is getting added to the lawsuit. What a dumb move to post pics of this on his part. No denying it now.

#9793 6 years ago
Quoted from Warbound:

If you were in a Walmart parking lot and were offered that pin, on the spot, for $10...you would have said no? I do not believe that for a moment friend

Look I don't know who you are or why you are here - but you damn sure can't come on here and call LTG a liar. He is one of the most respected names in the hobby and has probably played pinball while you were in diapers.

And - just because your morality allows you to participate in shady/illegal dealings don't assume anyone else is that way. Most people would not receive stolen/potentially subject to lawsuit goods under any circumstances let alone pay for them. You would though, huh?

#9884 6 years ago

It just feels like the right time to let this rip. A second predator proto has been rumored now to be in private hands. Interesting to note - both were sold to pinsiders first. Both of those guys now have real FBI style causes of action. Then they were resold internationally - IMHO to screw over the original buyers even more, making it harder to go get the actual POS machines (like anyone would want them now). So there is one set of legitimate buyers of the protos with receipts that paid in full and bought over a year ago, maybe longer for at least one guy.

The goal of the thieves is to hold the machines until they can be resold for what is speculated by them to be huge profits. The protos don't play any more is the rumor (broken down can't fix, Kulek won't help). Kevin selling those to the two international thieves is actually helping the case - so I guess thanks ?

The reactions to the victims , the speculating over their loss with gleeful hearts and no remorse - it sucks. There are some real jerk wads on this forum for sure. Heartless.

#9911 6 years ago

Kevin will pay, of that I have no doubt. Been through this many times. It may take a while...but pay he will. Now the FBI thing is a much bigger deal. They have put enough time into this now that i feel a point of no return had been reached. They are moving forward now. Time will tell.

The protos are stolen goods. It's been explained several times - some guys do not have the mental acumen to see that and that is ok with me. The protos were sold to pinsiders , then sold again to third parties. It was not Kevin's to sell anymore - it belongs to a guy with a receipt for that specific machine. When he sold it a second time it was not his property according to him and the receipts at the time. Rest assured - legal minds are handling this now. The authorities will be the final arbiter - not idiot haters on Pinside

The real question is this now - where are the other protos ? If he sold them , and we have a good indicator he did, the charges get much more serious. Each one sold , if valued at $5,000 or more , will increase the charges against him. I suspect we find the third proto in someone's collection as well other stolen goods. The rumor is the thieves did not only get machines - they got other stuff as well. All of that stuff Kevin lied to the FBI about. Sold internationally to try and hide the fact. And now look what has happened - FBI found out about tim fife and BANG case reopened (if they ever really closed it, I now suspect they just told us that in order to trip up Kevin the thief and wife beater).

Note - just because (you) got ripped off, duped, whatever and did not recover anything - don't assume that's how anyone else rolls. I recover . I have started legal and other action against no less than 4 pinsiders. Two pending two settled in my favor - as usual. I never roll over for thieves. Outside of pinball it's much more prolific (before you ask , I was new and got scammed by 4 different guys on Pinside , including jpop and Kevin Kulek - so far. )

#9917 6 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

He started learning to swim by diving off a tower into a murky lake. Turns out there was some dangerous garbage under the water.

Quoted for accUracy, posterity, and as a reminder

#9977 6 years ago

One of the keys is not letting any little thing go. Ever. For any reason. Each lead must be followed to its conclusion. Keith is doing an excellent job of going down the rabbit hole with not only Kevin kulek , but also his family , his partners , and people who got paid as they may also be held liable. A good day indeed. Mr kulek was not careful hiding his financial tracks...honestly - does that surprise anyone ?

1 year later
#12083 5 years ago

Good morning. Smells like...capitulation. All of you who advised against pursuing this guy in the courts...you totally left out the fun factor watching Kevin squirm from your calculations.

I now change my prediction from "likelihood of money recovery - zero" to "likelihood of money recovery 30%". That's right. I now predict a one in three chance or so of recovering SOME money. Like $50 or some token amount. There is still a tiny sliver of a chance out there at substantial recovery.

Let me point out something from my personal criminal experience. Frequently, prosecutors wait. They wait for other cases that relate to their potential prosecution to conclude. That way they can get a guaranteed conviction and use all the work from other litigators. Once, when I was robbed, a certain prosecutors office drug their feet where I live. For a whole year they did nothing, not even responding to my many requests. The robbery had spanned two counties. The much smaller amount was litigated in one county and a plea deal struck almost immediately to avoid serious jail time. No sooner had that girl walked out of court, the other county hammered her and got 18 years added to her sentence. It was awesome. Her initial defense team had all defected by then, she ran out of money, and they pounced. Almost as if they had a plan all along...

1 month later
#13749 5 years ago

Keith - you rock.

10/10..would lawsuit with Keith again.

4 weeks later
#14350 5 years ago

We are getting closer to using Keith for his actual specialty...COLLECTING. Y'all think he has been good up to this point? Just wait.

One more time for posterity. 10/10. Would lawsuit with Keith ANYDAMNTIME.

#14367 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

What is baffling is that Kevin initiated this voluntary bankruptcy process, but refused to cooperate with it ultimately leading to his arrest, and had inadequate financial records anyway so it was bound to lead to further problems, as well as failure to discharge his debts.
Quadruple whammy? Very dumb.

It's actually very typical here and indicates the filer has little to no understanding of bankruptcy law. They think that filing bankruptcy means Rommy, the mean guy, will leave him alone. But Rommy hired Keith soooo...

1 week later
#14493 5 years ago

Keith Nathansen - Thug Life, a Dinner Sponsored by pinheads owed a big pile of money from a deadbeat. Held at the next show where he can make it. Keith eats free. He regales us with tales of other deadbeats he has pursued and brought to heel. Then we play pinball.

Let's do this.

1 month later
#15423 5 years ago

This is pro level debt collection. I have dealt with lots of debt and lots of court...this is a frikkin show. The skills, the focus, the determination, the ATTENTION TO DETAIL...I am sooooooo ready to have to collect from someone again just so I can hire Keith.

The Kuleks deserve to lose everything, and in public. But thank God we all don't get what we deserve, right? LOL .

I predicted the marriage would not make it through this last year. Does not take a rocket scientist to make that prediction , right? A liar is a liar is a liar. In business, with friends, with family. Crosses all lines. He lied to everyone, even his children. She even supported the lies and also lied to her kids faces. They lied to each other constantly. I mean to me it's clear they are lieing to themselves all day every day, so we should expect that I suppose.

Let me throw this out there - Since this was bound to happen this community is lucky it was Kevin Kulek. His ability to lie is not in question, it is clearly one of his strengths. But his lack of skill in covering his tracks and his determination to implicate all of his relatives thus dragging them in front of a judge is like a flashlight and a bullhorn. This public humiliation of his wife Amanda Kulek will serve as a warning beacon. We could be dealing with people who fled to the land of the Dutch and who are much more opaque. We are lucky this is the guy because we are going to be able to watch him and his wife drug behind the horse in the public square ... and so will all the other people thinking about doing this to us again.

#15467 5 years ago
Quoted from KeithinMI:

About as much as the Rule against Perpetuities.

My absolute least favorite part of law school was Property and this frikkin rule....sheesh.

#15531 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Compared to Kevin, yes.

In no way was John Popadiuk ever running an honest business. You may have bought his lies, but most here have seen through all of it now. He never intended to do what he said he was going to do, even when you were with him. He lied to you and everyone else and in no way is he legitimate even now. He refuses to respond, won't deliver refunds, tried to sell more fake machines to unsuspecting victims. Honestly , I hope you are not leading up to some "JPOP is ok" moment here. He is not. He still has my money and still won't even bother to respond.

Sorry, I just won't stand for people minimizing what John Popadiuk did to me. If that's not what you were doing ... Well it seems like that's what you are doing. A thief is a thief.

#15538 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Aaron Klumpp. - Good question and I'm wondering of any involvement with the lawsuit.

Aaron is hearing from The Collector as we speak. Just part of the ongoing process. To my knowledge we have not heard from Aaron however, no quotes out there afaik. I, too, would like to hear from Aaron - but I think we can predict exactly what he would say, barring an all out confession of fraudulent intent. I don't see that happening. He is forced from a legal standpoint to say Kevin Kulek and Amanda Kulek lied to him as well as us.

1 month later
#15984 5 years ago

Hilton...sometimes...YOU ROCK.

If VP does not drop this countersuit - Noah will waste time and money on nothing(legal costs). This shows where his real motivation lies. He has zero thought of us as victims and views himself as the "real" victim here. Also, he is extremely naive and gullible. He is getting sold a bill of goods by his attorney. Good on them for recognizing a mark and fleecing him of everything they can. Does not help us any. Can anyone read that post from Hilton and NOT think of VP as complicit?

To re-emphasize - Keith is the best collector I have EVER seen. And that includes guys who collect with bats If he actually gets $30k from witch wife...I might move just to be closer to him. Hope that some of whatever he has rubs off by osmosis. He is getting into 11/10 territory now.

#16032 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

goddamn illiterate pirate

Still laughing. I can see the picture you are referring to in my head right now...it's making it worse, he looks so serious! Oh and somehow juxtaposed your soapbox comment in my head...so now the serious pirate is standing on the soapbox proselytizing the virtues of unlicensed production.

Almost as funny as that comment from way back about jpop and kevin robbing us, it had pics also - something like "you thought these guys were gonna build something?" or similar LOL.

But also - your mock offense at his anecdote is comical. So LMAO at that as well All of your responses after that were funny viewed in that light.

#16033 5 years ago

Thanks Wolf! Settling in now for a 45 minute fun fest.

#16041 5 years ago

OMG - I had no idea KK was saving the pinball industry....all other pinball machines were junk during this period and KK came to save it all.

#16042 5 years ago

WOW - she went after Keith's Mom.

#16043 5 years ago

Her voice got louder and stronger...why is that? I mean she does not sound sick at all, or frail. She sounds mean and mad.

#16050 5 years ago

This just means the court will now end up looking at the rest of the evidence that Keith has.

Basically - if the court was gonna let the default judgement stand then Keith work on that front was done. No reason to spend another dime of the estate's $$. Now, Keith will have to present evidence against Mom K at a trial - or - more likely this will allow Mom K to reach a settlement with Keith like witch wife did. Once she sees the evidence he has and realizes she has ZERO chance of refuting it, she will probably settle by getting a loan against the trailer and giving the $$ to Keith.

#16127 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I personally love hearing the angst in the whole clans voice as they waste their time and effort to fight this.

This. So much this. This case is ON THEIR MINDS. You think witch wife and derelict mom are NOT giving Kevin an earful about this? I can see the pirate cowering in the corner as the witch screams at him "what do you mean you never had a license?". If I can't get a pinball machine...this will do

#16129 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Some here were dancing in the streets whenever the Special Counsel for the Trustee merely submitted Default Judgements. As always, they get signed and entered. When that happened, the party was even bigger.
As we are seeing, two have been set aside. Some significant issues have been raised about procedures not being correct.
The slam-dunks are being reviewed and over-turned.
I am in no way defending the Predator pre-pay fiasco. I am merely restating my opinion that those who paid for machines will be lucky to see even a 10% recovery after the legal team and court costs are paid.

Progress here is worth cheering. The default judgements were awesome. Looks like that was necessary to even get their attention. And now their BS is on the record and they won't be able to change their story. Keith will massacre them with this.

In the shadow of $30,000 settlement for wife and house getting mortgaged you want to express pessimism? Perhaps an objective review is in order...for you I mean

From where I sit this is getting good and $$ are just now starting to come in. Act 1 in a play with many more to come. I mean Keith has reeled in some new targets with more $$ than the Kuleks already. More to come. How can you not see that?

You really think the people in the lawsuit expect to collect a million dollar judgement? IMHO the people in the lawsuit have realistic expectations about outcome. Given that - perhaps the celebrations over small victories might seem more reasonable to you.

#16338 5 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Looks like the comment was very quickly deleted.

But Ted was FASTER

1 week later
#16722 5 years ago

This incident will have zero impact on Amanda Kulek's ability to get a loan for the $30k. Assuming that she was honest with the judge about having access to this loan.

I know it's hard to believe, but I think she lied. If she lied - she could have perjured herself - but look how lenient the judge has been so far. I don't expect any penalty for the lies. And if she lied we will be back to square one on the $30k with the exception of the judge's patience perhaps getting shorter.

And maybe this is her overall plan - she knows she can't get the 30,000 but she has the judge on board with the house being worth the 30,000 so, knowing she will eventually lose it to the trustee, she has no problem with it being worth far less when she eventually does hand it over. And in the meantime she can GoFundMe and try to collect $$$ from even more saps. Not a bad plan. She gets off the hook, collects the charity, and no longer has to deal with flood house or Keith N. Damn.

3 weeks later
#16923 5 years ago

This is a typical "both barrels" type of argument. She is banking on getting a foothold with this defamation suit. If she gets it she will convince Noah to continue paying her even if defeat is certain. This is a move made to fleece clients when defeat is certain while appearing to be a fighting tiger. It has a secondary benefit(second barrel) of potential identifying opposing counsel skill and dedication and running off the less skilled and less motivated. Won't work here grasshoppers.

2 weeks later
#16984 4 years ago

I want someone's from Keith's office to file a complaint about the judge. She is manipulative. She is manipulating the judge, making false accusations in open court. I want that dealt with. No more letting shit go. Sanction her ass. And his ass. I do not subscribe to the whole "don't beat a dead horse". Beat that sucker until it's dust.

1 week later
#17084 4 years ago

She is an awful attorney from my perspective. I am a stickler for correct legal writing and she gets an F. Look at all this crap - occasionally? imagineable? court should see through the dust? WHAT THE ACTUAL F$%#. Did she skip her law school classes on procedure? It reads like Harry Potter. 'court must accept'...she uses that one WAY WAY too much for any but the most tolerant of judges. 'this argument is just absurd' - where the F did she learn that was a legal argument? lady, no one cares about what you think is absurd.

'one can only arch an eyebrow'


this seems like a joke.

ps - still laughing, picturing Spock

2 weeks later
#17213 4 years ago

Hilton - wow once again, thanks for the...strategery. Soooo, what are the chances that there are more than two machines? In a state of at least full assembly? You said FOUR. That means there are two more EFFIN SNAKES out there that I would love to tussle with. And if I get a chance to go after Clay...oh sweet deities from South of the Mason-Dixon line, let me be first in line. Well - in reality there is already enough evidence for Keith to start discovery on Clay. It's the next two that are gonna get the "Hi you are on candid pinside".

Is there any chance that there are more than the four? yes, of course there is.

Remember, fellow pinheads, revenge is a dish best served cold. I, for one, will never let this go. I have the means and the determination to pursue justice against those that steal from me and my family.

If you are one of the people that has one of these machines - you have ONE WEEK(until 9/13/17) to contact me personally. If you do not I will come after you and your family with my entire legal team, no matter the cost. Believe it.

IMHO these machines have become too entwined with the identity of the designers. It was not like that in the 70s 80s, or at least I was unaware of it then. (please correct me if wrong) Now we have thieves, pedophiles, and scam artists as nearly the top word association with some of these pins. Like here - I don't get it. How could Clay keep one of these knowing that was punishing fellow hobbyists? It would make me sick. Guess Clay is just...different.

#17231 4 years ago

I'm siding with Hilton again here. If he had said to me by way of a pinside post to everyone that he had the extra parts...I would have been fine with him putting one together...and then auctioning it off and the proceeds being split between me and my fellow victims. Actually that would have been pretty cool. In fact it would be cool right now.

#17233 4 years ago

You may be unaware of my pinside reputation as "most thoughtful pinhead". I frequently look at situations and evaluate how I can better line my pockets.

2 weeks later
#17456 4 years ago

Luckily in this case there are actual lawyers in charge of what is worth going after. Looks like everything to me at this point. The threshold is certainly as low as $2,000 (trustee perceived value). Bravo Keith!

There will be some collecting, and some squealing...TBH, this is the fun part.

Anyone who has items of ANY perceived value is now on notice, if they were not before, that this trustee is definitely coming. Best course of action would be to go to the trustee via a letter that lists out what items you think might be tainted and could be potentially clawed back. That way you might avoid some of the legal fees at least. This new set of settlements definitely widens the net.

I mean is it really worth it to keep a box of old parts that might have value one day vs just ponying up now? Hell, the trustee might let you keep it and then you would be free and clear for real. If I were in those shoes I would definitively take that course now.

5 months later
#17943 4 years ago

I checked before posting this...with my dog.

Kevin - I told you so. LOL

I mean I could not have been more...RIGHT. Feels good. Where is Higgins? I am throwing a party in the cabana and I don't give an eff what Robin says.

2 years later
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