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5 years ago

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Post #12066 What is PACER and where are you getting the court documents? Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12502 Links to where Kevin gives "his side of the story". Posted by BillySastard (3 years ago)

Post #12515 Updated court filings. Potential cash coming into bankruptcy estate. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12528 Good summation of 2 year look back and possible fraudulent transfers. Posted by flynnibus (3 years ago)

Post #12580 More legal pleadings. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12593 Facts & allegations document for VirtuaPin Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12801 Photos of Experts of Dangerous Posted by fastpinball (3 years ago)

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#8865 5 years ago

I paid $4,750.00 via PP, but no news of a refund yet.

#8882 5 years ago

Could someone PM me Kevin's lawyer's details? I've emailed Kevin before, but of course no replies.

#9134 5 years ago

This sucks- sorry to hear this, guys. If it makes you feel slightly better, I never even got the first paypal email (I paid the lot via PP).

What's the consensus re getting money back- worth waiting longer, or Better Call Saul? I guess Zane Smith couldn't do a Michigan case as he's in Chicago?

#9234 5 years ago
Quoted from Enaud:

T minus 9 days and counting.

This is tremendous news! Bet you can't wait 'til you have main engine start

BTW could you PM me your attorney details? As you know, I'm one of the plaintiffs vs Jflop, and I'd like to add Kevin to my pinball litigation collection He's my Silverball...

#9235 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

If anyone wants to discuss action going on outside of the forum, please contact me.
There are some things happening and easiest to talk about it over the phone.
PM me your number and I will call this evening.

As with my post to Enaud, please PM me! I feel the frenzied urge to litigate Well, urge anyway.

1 week later
#9266 5 years ago

I'd like to sue Kevin if someone doing so could PM me with details. I'm one of the people suing Jpop. Similar question about joining the FB group.


#9274 5 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

PM Whysnow, he's coordinating Kevin's victims and could probably offer the latest information.
You could also contact the lawyer that's posted in this thread offering to represent people (I'm assuming that since you're in London your not interested in visiting Michigan to represent yourself in small claims court as enaud did):

Thanks. Yes, I contacted Enaud, and unfortunately I couldn't do a small claim as would have to attend in person. Helluva reason for a holiday though

#9304 5 years ago

I've contacted Keith to sue Kevin for $4,750...

#9362 5 years ago

I paid and signed up with Keith today. Another legal suit for Kevin Coolaid to deal with

I also emailed Kevin several times BEFORE I filed the suit, to give him a last chance to pay up and avoid all this hassle. He didn't bother to reply. What a shyster. Another example of a conman f***ing the pinball community. Well, time for some retribution me old mate. hahaha.

Keith is great BTW- highly recommended if you want to try to get your money back.

Amusingly, in one of Kevin's old emails to the Predator 'pre-owners' list, he listed all the recipient email addresses i.e. I have them all. I'm not sure if or how this list could ever be used, but thought it was worth mentioning. I sent all pertinent emails to Keith. All my $4,750 was paid via PayPal.

#9363 5 years ago

I feel like I killed this thread

Or is everyone busy getting munted on 4th July?

#9367 5 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

Mike, this is America; we speak American.

"I am an Americorn"

#9369 5 years ago


No, I didn't try his lawyer, and it's academic now, I guess.

2 weeks later
#9403 4 years ago

Agreed. It's important that victims of Skit-B sue Kevin, otherwise he gets away with it scot-free...

I gave him plenty of opportunities to pay me back. The most annoying aspect was how he cut off contact, given how verbose he had been previously. Communication, which is honest, is so important. People will put up with a lot as long as they know what's going on, and can trust the information. The same communication issue was apparent with Jpop.

I'd really recommend that any other conned customers get in touch with Keith and sue Kevin!

1 month later
#9500 4 years ago
Quoted from Warbound:

My friend told me he thinks Kevin's mom took a big chunk of the money to Arizona with her. Like over $100k. I asked him why he thought that. He said he met her at pin expo and she was hyping the pin and factory with tons of BS lies, to the point it made him sick so he walked away within 2 minutes. Soooo, if true call it her paycheck. I don't know since I was not there. I wonder if you guys can hire a detective and see if she made any large bank deposits in the last two years?

Keith is very on the ball, and of course is on this forum. I'm sure he'll check out all the leads

7 months later
#10431 4 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

I missed or forgot about a purchase for 9 of them overseas. That is just terrible.
Kevin, look forward to seeing your story on American Greed.
I will never understand why you arent in jail....

9? That's horrible I thought my $25k loss to Jpop was bad enough, but at least I don't go bankrupt over it.

9 months later
#13303 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Well, the US Marshals picked Kevin up and took him in to the judge.
I haven't listened to it all, but it's here if you want to listen: https://soundcloud.com/user-800669943/1bk2016-21030-20170120-111818

This is fantastic- thank you. Is there a way to download an MP3, as this facility seems to be turned off?

#13306 3 years ago

From my perspective, I submitted documents to Keith proving what I paid Kevin. Kevin is now being sued for that sum, using due legal process.

One definition of 'conspiracy' is 'a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful'. As due legal process is being followed publically, this is clearly not a conspiracy. Kevin needs to remember who is responsible for wrong-doing, and it is not his victims. On the recording he sounds like a smooth-talking, if somewhat obtuse, con-man. I'm sure the judge has seen such people many times before.

#13310 3 years ago

They can be sold at bankruptcy auction, along with Kevin's RV, laptops, house, photographic equipment and other stuff that was bought with our money. Might be nice to have a skull as a memento Hell, I'd fly over for that auction.

#13313 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

This is my first time using Soundcloud, is there a way to enable that? If you want me to email it to you I can do that as well, just drop me a PM.

I confess I'm unfamiliar with Soundcloud. However, I found a solution to rip the MP3:


Thanks for the offer to email though!

#13354 3 years ago

As a client of Keith's, I would like to convey extreme appreciation for his superb work and exactitude in this matter. The MP3 may have been heard and not seen, but IMO was a wonderful, appreciated example of justice being seen to be done. For the victims of Kevin around the world, it was most satisfying. Hell, I'm listening again to an MP3 in the car tomorrow

In addition to the free beers at pinball shows, I would like to add free accommodation at my home for whenever Keith is in the UK- really It would be a pleasure and an honour to meet you in person, Sir. Maybe we could have an outing together to the Heighway Pinball factory?

Regarding the next hearing, I reiterate what others have said- we need audio! Audio of Kevin being sent down would be... restorative.

#13361 3 years ago

Jpop case has gone very quiet, and Zane needs to kick start it!

#13507 3 years ago

Theresa May made an error today. When she said the Queen had invited Mr Trump for a State Visit later in the year, she did in fact mean Mr Nathanson

#13629 3 years ago

The cross-examination from 59mins onwards was damning. Kevin seems to have poorer recollection than Oliver North. Very dodgy and makes him totally look like a crook (allegedly).

He seems to think that by obfuscating and 'not recalling' where $500,000+ disappeared, it will be forgotten. Rather, my understanding of this process is that, if you cannot pro-actively PROVE what happened to the money it is assumed to be bankruptcy fraud on your part.

I find all this remarkable. Kevin initiated this bankruptcy process so he could avoid paying back any money, but he has now lost this 'discharge' element at the 27th Jan hearing, and moreover is behaving so badly and incompetently that it's now turning into a bankruptcy fraud case (allegedly)! He literally is being hoisted by his own petard. And the potential jail time isn't even for the alleged fraud (which may come later), it's for not complying with providing the pertinent documents at this early discovery stage.

Have I got the jist right? Quite remarkable.

Before Kevin started this bankruptcy process, shouldn't his attorney have confirmed he had the appropriate documents, knowing that not to do so might cause all sorts of pesky shenanigans (that we are now seeing)? Still, from a plaintiff perspective, I'm delighted at this hole Kevin is digging for himself. Justice is being seen (well, heard) to be done.

Kevin is accusing people of conspiring against him. As he initiated this bankruptcy case, and his lack of documents are what has led to his current predicament, in reality he has actually conspired against himself. And, of course, with the help of the amazing Keith

A final thought- I suspect Jpop won't be pursuing the bankruptcy route (which he had previously considered)!

#13684 3 years ago

As Kevin has signed over his house etc to his wife, does this mean that, if he gets divorced, he gets nothing?

#13688 3 years ago

Despite the fact many of us would like to see some custodial time for Kevin, I have nothing but admiration for the judge's fairness, decency and professionalism. Justice is truly being seen to be done.

#13690 3 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

Maybe I've missed it, but is there any reason why the records and documents Kevin refuses to produce haven't already been subpoenaed?
Also, does anyone else love the judge as much as me?

As I understand it, it is unusual to have to subpoena records in these cases, because the wannabe bankrupt is the one who wants to be made bankrupt (to discharge his debt), so usually is most cooperative and forthcoming. What is weird in this case is that Kevin requested and started the bankruptcy proceedings, then refused to cooperate with it and behaved negligently and unprofessionally. As a result, he has already lost the discharge request (the whole point of him starting this process!), so is liable for the lot. Also, as he didn't bother to set up an LLC he is personally liable for the lot.

If he doesn't comply now then they will subpoena for the records, but wouldn't normally need to, plus there is a cost and delay in so doing. If it becomes a criminal case in a later, new action (as is likely), then I imagine subpoenas are more standard practice.

I think that summarises it. Very bizarre, and shows how Kevin is not only a conman (allegedly), but a stupid one to boot.

#13691 3 years ago
Quoted from stangbat:

Keith stated this:

In response to this:

Can someone comment on this? Is this stay a normal thing when something like a bankruptcy discharge happens? Why was there a stay that prevents collection of the debt in civil court? It seems like the expectation is that it will be lifted and then his assets will be pursued in civil court. Or am I not understanding this correctly?
The US attorney seemed to think aspects of the case seemed fraudulent, but that probably pertained to the bankruptcy petition and not necessarily anything criminal on other fronts. But as others have mentioned, it makes you wonder if the possibility of criminal charges might be reconsidered now that more details have been drawn out.

Had the bankruptcy case discharged the debt, then by definition the debt proceedings would be terminated. As the debt is not discharged, these proceedings will presumably (eventually) re-start

#13694 3 years ago

Once the painful process of extracting information from Kevin, as if from an itinerant but hopelessly naughty child, ends, the tax implications of all this will be fascinating.

Sadly for creditors, the IRS will presumably have first dibs on Kevin's assets, such as they are.

Personally, however, I just want to see this alleged fraudster prosecuted and sued to the full extent of the law. It's not about the money, it's about justice for the pinball community, although getting some dosh back would be nice, of course.

#13759 3 years ago

So her payment was the $35k RV?

#13764 3 years ago

The thread reaches a new low.

1 week later
#14013 3 years ago
Quoted from the_one:

I got informed today by the US Bankruptcy Court

I got this letter yesterday (I'm in the UK).

#14103 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

The worst thing to me is when I hear of some where this event has completely ruined the hobby for them.

This nearly happened for me, as I was stung by both Kevin and Jpop (MG and RAZA).

But Nemo arrived a couple of days ago (#2/30), and it's re-ignited my love of this hobby, even if my trust has gone. Then I'm awaiting P3.

I do think that Pinheads are a crazy but amazing bunch of guys This is such a cool hobby.

"Immerse the Naut-eeeel-uss" )

#14161 3 years ago

The RV is coming to an auction near you

I have to say that Keith is a very effective and rather impressive attorney!

#14163 3 years ago

I don't understand why people who did some work for Kevin and were paid for it should be sued in this way? Isn't it fair payment?

Obviously I ask this question having as much legal knowledge in the matter as Kevin did when he set up Scrotum-B.

#14170 3 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

I'm sure that will be cleared up when Kevin releases the payroll/tax/corporation/etc information for all of these 'employees'...

Kevin could have contracted their services. It just seems sad that, for the lack of a 1-page service agreement, these guys lose the money they were paid (assuming they earned it). Kevin's absence of paperwork is penalising a lot of decent people potentially, not just the folks who ordered from him

And I say that as one of the plaintiffs who may benefit from getting this money 'back'.

#14211 3 years ago

Bang to rights, innit.

dc406a1ac7db43fc3797444e46397d72 (resized).jpg

#14332 3 years ago

Those MAME cabs, yes. Coming to an auction house near you soon.

#14335 3 years ago

I'm surprised they didn't contest it. $70k seems a lot for a few MAME cabs.

1 week later
#14365 3 years ago

What is baffling is that Kevin initiated this voluntary bankruptcy process, but refused to cooperate with it ultimately leading to his arrest, and had inadequate financial records anyway so it was bound to lead to further problems, as well as failure to discharge his debts.

Quadruple whammy? Very dumb.

#14400 3 years ago

We are expected to believe from this hearing that Kevin has no business records, not even emails because he deleted the account. This is what he told his long-suffering attorney.

I agree that Keith should have agreed to hold the next hearing at the courthouse (as the judge recommended)- don't worry about the travel expenses Keith, really - because Kevin is going to jail at some point soon IMO. And damn well should, frankly. A million dollars and he has no business records and wiped his email...

This looks like a blatant case of fraud that requires criminal prosecution (allegedly, your Honour).

#14416 3 years ago

Given that at the last hearing Kevin claimed he had ZERO business records, I'd say some jail time would have been a cert.

4 weeks later
#14866 3 years ago

Love the Lambo. Pure admiration, no jealousy. It's fun & motivating to aspire to these things.

In London recently, I took a wrong turn for Harrods as I was gawping at a brand new Lambo directly in front of me. Cost me 10 minutes due to the traffic, but it was worth it, and gave me extra gawping time

There's a young Arab who lives near me in a rather big house, who drives around in a bright red Ferrari. But is he happy?

Renting out luxury cars is quite a good business idea. Personally I'd be paranoid about some scrote keying the car, though. It makes you a bit of a target.

#14941 3 years ago

I fear Amanda and Kevin Kulek are headed for jailtime for fraud. I really hope, if they read this thread, that they grasp the nettle and tell the truth before it's too late. It's in their interests, as well as the people who were allegedly defrauded by Kevin. For goodness sake, guys, save yourselves from prison before it is too late.

#14949 3 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

I think he means "mettle" in this case.

It's a UK vs US difference (UK is nettle), but hopefully here's a solution

Tender-handed stroke a nettle,
And it stings you, for your pains:
Grasp it like a man of mettle,
And it soft as silk remains.
Works, by Aaron Hill, Vol 4, 1753. Hill was a dramatist and poet and at one time manager of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, where — in 1724 — he staged the first-ever performance of Handel’s opera Rinaldo. The inclusion of mettle might seem to give comfort to those who prefer the grasp the mettle form, but it has obviously been included for the rhyme.


#14950 3 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

No, he's in the UK. He means Stinging Nettle. Trust me, it's not something you want to grasp. Suggesting somebody grasp the nettle is like saying bite the bullet, do something you really don't want to.

Sort of. It shouldn't hurt if you grasp it firmly like a man, but will otherwise. Probably Kevin doesn't have the mettle to grasp the nettle. Maybe Amanda does? I hope so, otherwise IMO significant jailtime beckons for both of them.


People are clearly puzzled by grasp the nettle. Why would anybody want to do that? Nettles sting. If you want to advise somebody to boldly tackle some obstacle, surely mettle, a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties, would be a better choice?

The answer lies in a minor but intriguing bit of botanical lore. It is said that the hairs on the leaves of nettles sting you if you brush up against them but don’t if you grasp them firmly. I haven’t experimented myself and it’s always possible that it’s just an old wives’ tale, or perhaps a wicked country joke on ignorant townies, though the story was first mentioned in Elizabethan times (16th century):

True it is Philautus that he which toucheth ye nettle tenderly, is soonest stung.
Euphues, by John Lyly, 1578.

Whatever the truth of the belief, the idiom grasp the nettle is based on it.

1 week later
#15107 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

There is some new audio in the Amanda Kulek associated case.

Many thanks!

I've been asked to register with soundcloud to download (didn't have to previously). Is there a way to just download this as before?

#15166 3 years ago

Kevin is receiving the justice he deserves. This is a classic example of hoisted by your own petard. Kevin initiated the bankruptcy case, but remarkably has not cooperated with his own case, and has proven himself to be incompetent, criminal and really really stupid. Ditto his family. Allegedly, obviously

Seeing him and his wife humiliated and shown to be extremely dumb-ass criminals in public, in front of the global pinball community, is a fantastic example of seeing justice to be done. Not only will we likely get some money back thanks to the amazing Keith, literally the Lamborghini of attorneys, but following this case it seems likely a criminal case will occur, and Kevin will then go to prison or at least be fined to destitution. I look forward to seeing this, because using our money direct from the paypal & business accounts to buy an RV, laptops, wife's photographic equipment, pay off mortgage, buy new boiler etc etc is truly unbelievable and despicable.

Kevin is (allegedly) utter, utter scum, and I will be delighted when he gets what he deserves. Let due legal process slowly and surely annihilate him. More broadly, I hope this case will be a salutary lesson for any wannabe scammers out there! We will get you, and it will destroy your life. This case was always a point of principle for me, regardless of whether I get my $4,500.00 back. Ditto for Jpop.

1 week later
#15256 3 years ago
Quoted from MotorCityMatt:

Welfare and Medicaid fraud in the state if Michigan is no joke. Up to 4 years just for the welfare fraud for anything over $500. You would think with 5 laptops you would figure that out.

Hiding money in Skit-B business account in order to defraud Medicaid was a defence argument. Good God.

#15259 3 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Wait so this guy got a C&D right before he asked for the $250 extra?
What a bastard.

Agreed. This is a key piece of evidence. We were asked to pay the remaining balance (beyond the $250 deposit) AFTER Kevin received C&D letter from Fox. So this is clearcut fraud and he will going to prison later.

#15262 3 years ago

I thought the Judge was tremendously fair and balanced, and explained things well to the defendant as she had no attorney. He clearly doesn't want the children to lose their family home (and quite right too), but rather get Ms K to get a mortgage to pay whatever sum is decided. A truly decent and impressive chap, who is also trying to ensure that the 21 litigants (of whom I'm one) get their money back.

An aside, but women really do have a secret weapon with all the fake crying and emotion to get sympathy and help. Try doing that as a man...! Slappage would result. Such is the twisted reality of 'equality' That said, living with 5 kids and Kevin the kid in the basement, would do your head in.

#15283 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

You seem to be forgetting the billing for photography work for Skit-B that she can't seem to find any proof of the work she did... but took money for.

I believe she was paid $18k to take photos for Skit-B, but has no paperwork and no photos to show. Which suggests fraud & hiding money.

Also, Kevin took $123k salary out of the Skit-B bank account (according to Ms K's testimony), yet he filed zero income to IRS and claimed unemployment and other benefits, even food stamps.

Criminal fraud case will follow the bankruptcy case for sure, IMO, followed by prison time.

#15284 3 years ago
Quoted from c508:

Ask and you shall receive!
Audio from yesterday re: adversary proceeding against Defendant Amanda Kulek.

Not sure of the exact nature (might just be a phone conference with the Judge Opperman, keithinmi & Trustee Randall L. Frank) because I need captions for audio and video (unless person is looking straight at the camera) but am sure one of you will have comments on it soon.

Huge thanks for this, as ever

Can this be downloaded? Previous MP3s could be, but this one doesn't seem to have a download link, unfortunately.

#15286 3 years ago

Zillow values the house at $130,366.00:


If they bought the house as 'distressed property' for $28k, seems a good deal. From a UK perspective, I'm very jealous of these prices!

ISdcq8emmsmw0r1000000000 (resized).jpg

#15362 3 years ago

After up to a million dollars going missing, I have zero sympathy. But would like my money back.

1 week later
#15631 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

There's some irony that Kathy was billed as their "legal department" for Skit B pinball

A shame she couldn't look up 'cease' and 'desist' at the law library.

#15633 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Just once I'd love to hear a defendant admit that they received all mailed notices, but they just chose to ignore them.

I'd like to hear any of these scummy criminals say 'sorry'. Instead, they give excuses like they're applying for more benefits.

#15647 3 years ago

Whining, crying, whinging. Pathetic. Where's the $750k you stole, legal advisor to Kevin? You are not the victim. You are the criminal. Enjoying your free RV? Hopefully not for much longer.

Cut the shit and give me my money.

#15650 3 years ago
#15656 3 years ago

It's fair enough. Decency should prevail, and I deleted my post as really what's the point skirting these things with a lame-ass not terribly funny joke. Enough already.

The important issue is- where is the $750k? All else is a distraction. This thread is not derailed. Rather, people are upset, which is clearly understandable.

I respect the mods- it was right to moderate. Civility and decency are important, and are what separate us from the Kuleks

#15729 3 years ago

Despite so-called equality (men don't get this favoured status so it isn't), isn't it amazing how women just need to cry and whinge to get sympathy, as if they are children? Kathy and Amanda's despicable, child-like manipulative antics make me want to vomit.

Shame on you two women-children, exploiting your entitlement. I wouldn't, as a man, cry in court, but if I did would be rightly slapped! And I'm sure most women would be disgusted by their pitiful antics too.

3 weeks later
#15852 3 years ago

So Kevin is selling undeclared assets. For a change, like...

1 week later
#15887 3 years ago

It gets more interesting if the defendants are in jail while doing it.

1 week later
#16118 3 years ago

Kuleks- just give us back our damn money. Everything else is distractionery bullshit. Entertaining for us and must be terribly humiliating for you, but it doesn't really help. Do you honestly think it will get get y'all off the hook?

Money. Back. Now.

#16142 3 years ago

We might get some money back, but mostly this is about seeing some justice done, and no-one (hopefully) invests money they can't afford to lose- first rule. The audio recordings help a lot with the justice side

Kevin and clan did not get off scot free.

Just a thought, but should Keith get someone to go over the Kulek's back yard with a metal detector? Lots of hidden cans with cash, I suspect. Rusty I guess, with the flood plain and all.

#16150 3 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

So maybe not $25,000.00 nor $250.00 but $2500.00.

This seems likely, although who knows in an area where houses sell for $35k? I understand the judge's decision, and his sympathy for the alleged dying old woman, being a man of clear and impressive decency, but personally I would have liked to see some hard evidence first before making a court decision i.e. title document for the vehicle (hopefully including transaction amount), and ask the chap who sold it how much he sold it for (Keith could arrange this). But if it was $250, then this avenue for money recompense seems closed.

The two Kulek women are impressively manipulative- I've now listened to both audios. Shame about the lost million dollars, huh? And where in the world is Kevin, the man who has made his family's lives a misery? Ultimately, Kevin is the cause of all of this, and the misery experienced by both his customers and his family. Shame on him.

He is a coward, and is hiding apparently. He didn't even bother turning up to the court hearings of his wife and mother. Shocking. What a pathetic worm.

#16254 3 years ago

Me neither. Friendface and Twatter are bleedin' liabilities.

'Hot or not' was the origin of FB, tindering Harvard female students. Bunch of pervs, and now they are leering at hundreds of million of people.

#16256 3 years ago

I'd go for a more subtle approach and get an amphibious car This one costs about 1 KH (Kulek House).

Amphibious-motor-crop (resized).jpg

#16398 3 years ago

The next court hearing will be interesting.

As for the house, it's on a flood meadow and will flood every year. Only a true dullard would be surprised and shocked by this.

Justice is being served currently. Eat it, Kulek (alleged) criminals.

#16490 3 years ago

I think they deliberately bought Flood House as a get out of jail free card, plus might get a few million in compensation. What they are doing currently (FB posts and reaching out to journalists) supports this hypothesis. Utterly despicable if true. A Hillbilly Investment plan.

#16506 3 years ago

I've posted the comments in case they get pulled. Kevin's 'mom' Kathy is manipulating emotionally and lying to a laughable, farcical extent, implying pinside is a porn site. Kudos to John Gordon for calling out her despicable lies, and confirming the fact that pinside is a pinball fan site and not, um, an 'adult site'. I wonder where the million dollars went that your son allegedly stole? This is the elephant in the room which the former legal advisor to SKIT-B is trying to distract people from. And where is Kevin? Has he buggered off like his father did? What a pathetic, shameful family. Brazen though judging by their media pleas for MORE MONEY. Send more money. Money money money. (The Kuleks like money).

Dennis Dodel
These people are scum and swindled many people out of many thosands of dollars. Please do not fall for their cry for help. Only the children desrve help at this time. They should be taken from this family.
Like · Reply · 6 · 5 hrs

David Slaymaker · Rockford, Illinois
These people are known scam artists and liars and are currently fighting court battles for their crimes. They swindled a couple hundred people out of 100's of thousands of dollars. Search "predator pinball" for the details.
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Kathy Kulek
This is a tragedy caused from an act of nature. Oh, how cold hearted can pople be? Look, you people took us to court in Midland that the Judge dismissed. You put us back in court in another county. I am holding in my hand right this second, the order from the Judge that was "Granted in MY favor". You went after the house and lost there too so you attacked the children. I believe that you are from that adult forum that the Judge just ordered pictures of children to be "removed immediately". Why would an adult site post pictures of children anyway unless it was to endamger them. This is harrassment with the sole intent to cause nothing but more harm. It;s pretty obvious that we have nothing to hide if we welcomed in a television crew with cameras. Use your heads..maybe even your heart.
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John Gordon · Works at Unemployed
Mrs. Kulek,

What adult site are you speaking of? You mean Pinside.com and the picture that YOUR family posted on Facebook? A website of pinball enthusiast open to all ages? The same website your good for nothing son used to promote his unlicensed, never produced pinball game that he pre-sold to 350 people for $4500 each? Then embezzled that money from the preorders and purchased that flooded home, your trailer, computers, camera equipment, and so on? You need to tell the whole truth ma'am. People are not suing all of you for random goodness that you have all performed. You are in the courts because of monies spent illegally and the crayon and paper napkin records you all kept for the sham of a business called Skit-B Pinball.

Yes, most of us have a heart and feel for the children. But you, your son, and his wife are now victims of ther own creations and wrong doings. Boo hoo, and nature cried you the river for you all!

#16507 3 years ago

The story in case it gets pulled:

The work continues after last week's historic floods.

Families are sorting through their ruined belongings and preparing to replace floorboards and drywall.

Some families have been hit harder than others.

Those directly in the flood zone saw feet of water in their homes.

One Mid-Michigan mother said her family can't go back home because their house was swamped with 11 feet of water.

Amanda Kulek lives with her husband, their five children and her mother-in-law who is disabled.

The family was rescued by air boat when the flood water rushed through their home, destroying everything in its wake. All they have left is a shell of a home they used to love, tainted with water lines.

Now they are struggling to find help during the aftermath.

"We haven't called anybody because we don't have the funds to call anybody. I'm a local photographer up the road so re-fixing my house is not in my budget. I'm the only one working. My husband stays home and takes care of the kids. My mother-in-law, who lives in the camper, is disabled and it's just me," Kulek said.

She said her family is now living in a hotel.

With all of the destruction to their home, the family is hoping a good Samaritan will step forward to help them fix the storm damaged carpet and walls.

"They might not have a home to come home to. We don't know if we can even let them live here anymore," Kulek said.

Copyright 2017 WNEM (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

#16529 3 years ago
Quoted from PismoArcade:

The negative comments are gone.

Someone should post the comments here in case they are pulled from FB etc.

#16685 3 years ago

I don't trust hacks, particularly in our current clickbait economy. This is a job for Keith.

The weirdest thing about recent months is how the Kulek women have been deployed and are in attack mode over their allegedly free house and free trailer, predictably playing the whinging victim card. Meanwhile, Kevin is completely and utterly in absentia.

1 week later
#16828 2 years ago

Music-wise, it needs to include Deliverance's Banjo Duel.

#16863 2 years ago

Huge thanks for the screenshots. It's gratifying to see that the truth will out and people have been informed. Obviously the children must be given social support etc, but I don't want the good, well-meaning people on that site to be scammed out of money and goods by the brazen, begging parents.

You'd think Kevin would have cracked open one of his pots of gold. It takes some doing to blow $700k- he must have some left? And shame on him for not using his ill-gotten gains for his kids. As usual, his priority is to cover his own ass, even if it puts his children's lives in jeopardy. And he lets his mum and wife take the court actions on their own, without even turning up to court to give them some support. Not much of a man.

Of course I add allegedly, but the truth will out in court, and much already has, even though criminal prosecutions are still awaited. It seems likely Kevin will cut and run later, like his father did. Shouldn't the authorities put a GPS ankle bracelet on him if he's a flight risk?

1 month later
#17073 2 years ago

Lawyers suck the money out of everything...

11 months later
#18016 1 year ago

Is Keith going to email us? Should we be posting about this case in public..?

#18018 1 year ago

Thanks - a helpful summary! I'm also in to the bitter end with this case; ditto Jpop.

#18021 1 year ago

I've emailed Keith several times and he hasn't replied- quite disappointing. Please could someone with some intel PM me?

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