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By Xerico

4 years ago

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Post #12066 What is PACER and where are you getting the court documents? Posted by c508 (2 years ago)

Post #12502 Links to where Kevin gives "his side of the story". Posted by BillySastard (2 years ago)

Post #12515 Updated court filings. Potential cash coming into bankruptcy estate. Posted by Wolfmarsh (2 years ago)

Post #12528 Good summation of 2 year look back and possible fraudulent transfers. Posted by flynnibus (2 years ago)

Post #12580 More legal pleadings. Posted by Wolfmarsh (2 years ago)

Post #12593 Facts & allegations document for VirtuaPin Posted by c508 (2 years ago)

Post #12801 Photos of Experts of Dangerous Posted by fastpinball (2 years ago)

Post #12872 Enaud's account of contacting fox regarding skit-b Posted by Enaud (2 years ago)

Post #13034 Description of an adversary proceeding (or AP) Posted by jasonp (2 years ago)

Post #13477 Discharge of debt denied by order Posted by Compy (2 years ago)

Post #13483 Stipulations for waiving chapter 7 discharge Posted by Compy (2 years ago)

Post #13528 Audio recording from Jan 27 court hearing regarding bankruptcy filing Posted by Wolfmarsh (2 years ago)

Post #13729 Summary of legal bankruptcy terminology Posted by Razorbak86 (2 years ago)

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#722 4 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Paid in full here since 2013. It's a small startup. They stink at communication. Things are FAR behind schedule. First world problems I guess.

With the now 20% exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, I wish I was also paid in full!

#841 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I can't wait to support them when they do a theme I like.

Starts with E and has big boobies.

1 week later
#1022 4 years ago

It's a scientific fact that the risk of getting fired by glimpsing upon Kate Uptons thangs is acceptable.

1 week later
#1135 4 years ago

I don't care how long it will take, but I wish I could get a guarantee that my pin will get made. That email certainly doesn't help generate any confidence.

#1334 4 years ago

Thread needs something...

#1436 4 years ago

It's beginning to sound like a feature film could be made of this whole story. Maybe a solid Predator license (if that's the problem) could be traded for the movie rights.

Either way, I think we're all very curious who these "certain parties" Kevin refers to really are.

#1634 4 years ago

Screenused auction coming up shortly has a few nice topper options...final scene clapboard, and Dutch's machete.

#1636 4 years ago

I feel the same way about Bretts ballcap from Alien that was auctioned not all that long ago. The clapboard I guess is not the final shot, but whatever it was used last for...very cool piece, I'll be watching it.

#1806 4 years ago

I too requested my deposit refunded shortly after the 2 recent emails. Haven't gotten any reply or acknowledgement of my mail, but that appears to be quite normal.

Hopefully I'll get everything back...I loved the concept/game but not so much all the secrecy towards the buyers. There are many other options to spend that money on for immediate gratification.

#1871 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

It's also possible that he got a cease & desist letter.

Which leads us back to the nefarious party trying to sabotage the project...that will add to the story if/when it ever sees light of day.

#1907 4 years ago

I see your point, but these people 'in the know' might've promised they wouldn't pass on the info, so that is understandable. I wouldn't either.
If the only concern is the information being 2nd or 3rd hand, or unverified they could simply give a disclaimer saying so...but sharing it could also help derail the project so I can see keeping it under wraps for that reason too.

#1947 4 years ago

These photos make me feel strange in my bathing suit area.

#2176 4 years ago

And if anyone watched the first season of True Detective...

#2480 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Maybe Hawaiian time zone ?


#2957 4 years ago

If I recall, when RAM Controls went bust on their Star Wars uprights and cockpits they ended up giving ghetto refunds in the way of extra parts from their website.

I'm sitting in the refund with no response queue, and right now even the 'take what I can get' idea is starting to look appealing.

#3271 4 years ago

I think we just want him to say something...anything of substance. And he for whatever reason is shutting us all out. I harbour no ill will towards the guy at all, and hope he can make something of all this, but the spin doctor fluff is simply frustrating. Just give us the straight truth.

#3275 4 years ago

Didn't realize there were chargeback extensions...something to look into then.
Thanks for the info.

#3913 4 years ago

I didn't know this was a big thing...I feel so naive now

#4161 4 years ago
Quoted from PismoArcade:

Can't believe Kevin still wouldn't address direct questions from Pinball News.

That's the proper way, if you're a punk rock style company.

#4191 4 years ago

It's really, really shitty that we all could've had a much easier out with PayPal if this super secret information was shared with us months ago.

#5701 4 years ago

It's amazing that of all the people who had these emails, not a single one decided to post. A simple disclaimer allowing me to make my own mind up regarding the validity would've been fine imo.

#5958 4 years ago

I think I need to fool around with Photoshop...looks like fun.
Oh...and get an American Express CC.

#5963 4 years ago

"As long as it's not a Canadian AMEX"

o_O inferior to the U.S. issued cards?

#6141 4 years ago

Interesting....and hopeful

1 week later
#6912 4 years ago

I blame the AG for boob moderation too. Apparently they've taken the mods "within their fold", at least the ones they think are important enough.

#6914 4 years ago

Our boobs man! They're gone...you know they had something to do with it...skulduggery, anarchy, it's their MO.

#7019 4 years ago

Slippery slope for one manufacturer to be bashing another for certain.
I'm sure AMH is a great playing game, but the artwork is no better than Skit-B's.
Still love me some Ben Heck though, I'd love to have a Spooky game someday.

#7091 4 years ago

They did come forward to those blessed enough to be 'let into their fold'.

#7104 4 years ago
Quoted from limelime20:

they saved everyone here as best they could

All the comedy I need for one night...

#7755 4 years ago

Kevin really had me with the "refunds are coming". Even up until today I thought he was going to start sending them. I'm probably the last one who thought so...time to wake up and smell the coffee. Gah.

1 week later
#8081 4 years ago

Just make damn sure you have written confirmation of vibrator theft insurance.

#8112 4 years ago


#8118 4 years ago

That is hilarious! (and accurate)

1 week later
#8328 4 years ago

On a watch site, someone created a website with the crooks name that provided all the details. I believe they eventually settled with the victim and it was removed.

3 weeks later
#8650 4 years ago

"Putting us all on a list..."...sigh

#8658 4 years ago

ditto on the lawyers email you used

#8812 4 years ago

Please post, I'll check it out too.

#8887 4 years ago

Got notice of my pending refund $3000 (paid in $3250) for June 9th. Fingers crossed and hopeful. I didn't have any chargeback in progress.
Feeling good again.

#8933 4 years ago

It has to be Kevin sending the refunds. I have had zero contact with PayPal or my CC, yet received the refund notice from Skit-B Pinball early this morning.

#8935 4 years ago

Also interesting, the exchange rate is an older rate ala June '14. Makes sense, I was wondering how that would work.

#9117 4 years ago

Same with me...denied

#9120 4 years ago

I really hope he didn't initiate those knowing his bank would deny the refunds.

#9126 4 years ago

"Refunds did not clear from the senders bank"

Likely not insufficient funds? Even the $250 refunds were denied.

#9133 4 years ago

The message says it didn't clear from the senders bank, and to contact them.

#9135 4 years ago

If my bank can't help, there's the Michigan lawyer who posted earlier...likely that route.

#9168 4 years ago

Hazoff, you got the denial notice but actually received the refund? I'm going to hope for the same when I get home to check.

3 months later
#9841 3 years ago

Reading the posts about guys selling speakers out of a van is hilarious. When I was in grade 5 or 6, I remember walking home alone from school through a parking lot and...you guessed it, 2 guys in a white van pull up and offer me speakers for sale. Clearly I was too young to have any money or even a desire for a stereo system but they were quite insistent I see them. I remember being a little afraid because they kept stopping me to see what they had, but thankfully they eventually left me alone.

1 month later
#10100 3 years ago

I guess CROOK fits better than PILEOFSHIT.

2 months later
#10193 3 years ago

I think he believes himself too clever to suffer any repurcussions.

2 weeks later
#10238 3 years ago

Agreed...just hearing reference to Predator anything is off-putting to me. I'm not even sure I could enjoy the movie like before.

3 months later
#10516 3 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Never got a dime back.

I lost $3250...Scotiabank Visa failed to help me out vs PayPal, so I dropped them and switched to a different card. Sadly the whole situation has soured anything associated with Predator for me (except Alien of course, that I'm excited for and trust I'll be getting).

I'm curious if anyone ever received any kind of apology, or if he even responded to anyone at all...to just go silent and ignore everyone...that is real low-life, shitbag behavior of the highest order.

1 week later
#10544 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

I wonder if he bought very some expensive equipment to use to produce the machines? If that's the case, could another person CONfiscate said equipment as payment in kind for services rendered?

I think Kevin considers himself very clever, and has had plenty of time to think about how to hide everything away. Some people are just greasy enough that nothing can ever stick.

#10621 3 years ago
Quoted from shakenbake:

I have also never worked with Kevin although he has called and texted me the past few months asking to build him arcade cabinets.

There probably lies a big box of 60-in-1 arcade boards in his basement...all his income will be under the table. He likely tries to sell his craigslist/auction buys, and attempt to operate the rest somewhere.

#10623 3 years ago

Right...likely makes the cabinets up, and gets them to a friend to sell for a small cut of the profit.

#10678 3 years ago

Even if he did 'just fail' as you say...nobody ever received any kind of message or response from him, not even a simple 'I'm sorry'...nothing! He took money from us and then completely ignored us afterwards. That's exactly how a d-bag, waste of life would handle things.

#10730 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Continuing here to lie that there were only 2 games (the Tim Fife one and the other black one) is sad, as many of us know there were 4 fully built prototype or preproduction games. We also know there are parts for the first 10 production games.

I'm curious now as to just how many of the 10 possible machines are out there...certainly nobody would ever admit to owning one.

#10851 3 years ago


2 weeks later
#10979 2 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

"fry in the electric chair!"

Nice...id get a MET just for that alone.

#11188 2 years ago

Man, the level of douche you'd have to be to own one of these now is off the charts. I'd love to have one simply to use as an outhouse.

#11238 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

and you just want a cloud to follow them

Maybe throw in some acid rain.

1 week later
#11519 2 years ago

if only I had seen the hat before ordering, things might be different.

4 weeks later
#11643 2 years ago

He brought it on himself is an understatement...he still hasn't so much as apologized. He barely qualifies as a person.

1 month later
#11876 2 years ago

I guess Kevin forgot about what I payed him, that must be it.

#11881 2 years ago

Who is Charles Hodgson? I'm the one not on the list and may need to talk to this person.

3 months later
#12414 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Haha did this really happen? Jesus christ...

It wasn't just Whysnow...when there was concern over the silence I recall a number of others chiming in to say the man was busy working at building the machines and not to bother him, or something along that vein.

What a shit show. I'd like to think I wouldn't have made the deposit had I met him...but who knows, big blinders on back then. I don't think he'll be able to produce any paperwork. My name wasn't even on the list that circulated, yet he still owes me too. Too much time elapsed for a chargeback.

#12684 2 years ago

If Storage Wars ever comes to Michigan, we could likely discover where all the money and parts are.

2 weeks later
#13163 2 years ago

Another thing...it might be that the small group that had the PayPal refunds declined days later have been omitted from the list of people he owes money to.
I know my name isn't on the list and i was one of those people. Not sure if anyone else in this group checked the list.
Not that it ultimately matters, but that dollar amount stated might be deflated.

2 months later
#15038 2 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

How much did the house go for?
I'm tempted to buy it and throw a giant pinsider party.

I'm still gobsmacked that you can buy a detached house for 25k.

2 months later
#16216 2 years ago

Actually all he had to do was say "Predator Pinball Machine."

#16381 1 year ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

I'm kind of curious if it was removed by youcaring, or deleted by the person who originally posted it.

I'm sure Amanda did...with the links posted, she likely didn't want all her friends learning the truth.

#16412 1 year ago

There was one moment when myself and a handful of others were told a refund was being issued by PayPal. We had to wait 4 or 5 days for it to finalize...on the last day Kevin cancelled them all. It was speculated that it might've been Kevin trying to do one final good act, but his lawyer found out and put the kibosh on it. But who really knows the truth.

#16456 1 year ago

No mention of Kevin in the news piece...where is he in all this?

#16650 1 year ago

I'm still waiting for an apology...he's incapable of that simple act, which speaks volumes about his character.

1 week later
#16844 1 year ago

Will Creditor preorders also be fully protected by a similar special arrangement with PayPal?

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