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5 years ago

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Post #12066 What is PACER and where are you getting the court documents? Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12502 Links to where Kevin gives "his side of the story". Posted by BillySastard (3 years ago)

Post #12515 Updated court filings. Potential cash coming into bankruptcy estate. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12528 Good summation of 2 year look back and possible fraudulent transfers. Posted by flynnibus (3 years ago)

Post #12580 More legal pleadings. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12593 Facts & allegations document for VirtuaPin Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12801 Photos of Experts of Dangerous Posted by fastpinball (3 years ago)

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#270 5 years ago

Glad to see you! Happy Thanksgiving!

A Predator Thanksgiving!

#291 5 years ago

I have a T-shirt that says, "Be Like spfxted!" (Ted)

Is Tedding allowed on Pinside?

#389 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

You said it all. Nothing left to do now but wait.

What? There's a game being made based on Predator?

Can we start this all over again?

1 month later
#671 5 years ago

Has Anyone on the order list (or not) visited the "production" location at anytime recently?

2 weeks later
#759 5 years ago

So this begs the question..."How many Pinsiders does it take to assemble a Game?"
....and the punchline is....

1 week later
#910 5 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

It certainly feels like most of these smaller companies are guys who are super passionate about pinball, but have never dealt with million dollar budgets before and the expectations that come with that.


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#1006 5 years ago

Ted! Where did you find that picture of M !?!?!?!?

OK guys, Thats really Blonde Tall!

...and I am leaving now for Miami so I wont see this thread for a while....sorry you are not here, M.

1 week later
#1107 5 years ago

Always checking the thread.....always hoping for the best....I am glad I am no longer on the roller coaster, I dont think the ticker would have lasted...but I do hope for some news...good news....for those
hanging in there.

#1118 5 years ago

Has anyone visited Kevins place of "Assembly"? or has this been refused to anyone who as asked?

#1136 5 years ago

Feed Me!

#1335 5 years ago

I have had nothing but the best wishes for Kevin and all his supporters. I do hope some good comes from all of this. I hope a small tongue in cheek humor about how I feel, is not taken badly.....

#1671 5 years ago

I like Snow! Ted Snow?
Why Snow? I like Whysnow too!

I also like Green Eggs and Ham!

#2069 5 years ago

Sorry Jennifer...heres one of my favorites.....

...........donated on behalf of blondetall...........

#2168 5 years ago

Yeah, Baby! and my other favorite!

#2293 5 years ago

I hit 40 years this year with my wife being together....Do I win a Predator keychain?

#2726 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

They have to keep making them for people who shop at Wallmart.

I didnt know if she was facing forward or backward! At first, it was a Boob pic!

#2739 5 years ago

I am not disagreeing with you...but I love this so much, and have waited so long to repost...


I know, I am no help...but maybe a laugh...

#2924 5 years ago

In moving Forward, there are only a few options:

1) Stay on board, and hope for the Best, and see what happens
2) Request a refund, and then see what happens.
3) In the absence of results from 1 or 2, then one either accepts their loss, or discusses any opportunity
of legal effort.

Am I missing something?

#3179 5 years ago

...the start of the emotional rollercoaster....bad news...justified bitchin....boobs.....bad news.....justified bitchin....boobs.....

#3181 5 years ago

OK, you talked me into it.

#5360 5 years ago

Small info.

Paypal rates can be below 2%
Funds can be transferred from your bank to Paypal easy.
Paypal gladly accepts funds transferred in.
If Kevin wishes to refund through Paypal, I dont see any difficulties.

#5363 5 years ago

He can open a new account...wifes name...
....also locked accounts can have different restrictions,

Likely the fee he paid is his to eat, or deduct in a refund, but by his email, if its true,
he will use paypal to distribute....

of course there are other methods....

Just sharing.

#5437 5 years ago

Predator MODS!

Anyone need a Neca Playfield Skull Set?

Too soon? Too Late?

#6003 5 years ago

My CC tip...and I use it to get to pin shows.

Amex SPG, First year free...25,000 issued when you use....
Thats good enough for 8 free hotel nights at the Texas show! Great Hotels...
$99/year afterward....pretty easy to put electric, cable, etc, and get a weeks free hotel around the country, and overseas.

Then a Southwest Card. $99 for the year, but they give you enough mileage to kinda get
2 free round trip tickets in the US.

Even if you use both for just one year and cancel....$99, 2 free round trip tickets and up to 8 nights free Sheraton/Aloft other hotels...

If possible put everything you can on a CC, always pay it off, and get points for cash, hotel or air.

But also Amex is good for Predator protection!

#6529 5 years ago

I wish to merely suggest, that at ones bank, or Credit card Service provider, the first person reached is usually someone new. They are trained to know the 30 days, 60 days, and to share that, in the hopes to close the situation and call.
I would like to suggest you try escalating this beyond the first person...A supervisor, fraud department...be persistent, it could help.
As I work with both sides, many of the resolutions I have needed in Business and as a Consumer,
have come from moving "up the line". When I have had a supervisor, who has said, "The first Person
you spoke with is correct" I thank them, and recall later, requesting a supervisor to start..I avoid the first agent. Way to often, has this produced different results.

Just some of my experiences. Maybe it might help someone.

#6572 5 years ago

Pinchili, It would appear that you may not know Martin personally, in passing, or anything about him.

First, since the Newsletter is Free, and he does so with his time, why does he owe you or anyone a follow up, especially if you are assuming he has more information, yet dispute any lawsuit information.

It is possible there is no news TO report?

Second, what will any report change? All this is in Kevins hands, and those that capitalized this
venture. What could be said that makes a difference...Kevin thought he had a license?, Kevin says he is
refunding money? Kevin says he has an attorney or doesnt? Fox files a suit or doesnt?
None of this stops the process or changes what needs to be happening now as it is.
kevin has stated its over and hes refunding....Last statement to be "trusted"....What are you hoping for?

Lastly, before you go further with Martin, his integrity is impeccable. He is a Gentleman,
His career is with BBC News. He wont put his foot in his mouth, slander, guess, gossip or anything.

Focus on Kevin...Not Martin, but if you believe there is more, perhaps you can invest your time
and get the "scoop" you are looking for.

I hesitate to post, because I wont battle a reply....but I think you should simply state what you are
hoping to hear....

#6580 5 years ago

OK, you are correct, nothing legal has been filed....Now what?

#6627 5 years ago

I agree.

Other then waiting for the story to change, all anyone can do is be supportive and empathetic,
to those invested.

Regarding those that are new, not invested, or comparing to RPG, etc....
Its more the sensitivity of those that are invested, have read every page of this and every thread, rode the emotional roller coaster...its painful, frustrating, and possibly a large financial loss.
Understanding that they need their feelings respected, supersedes, IMO, new thoughts on what has happened, and what should happen. They are likely tired and still hurt....at least many of them.
Understanding what they have been through, hopefully those not understanding ejects, or defensive
posturing etc, comes from the frustration of those involved and those who may have been part of it.
New conjecture, new finger pointing, rehashing ,any concepts only opens wounds that are raw.

I hope this makes sense, as it seems, new, otherwise innocent comments, get a tougher time on this thread.

People now want solutions, support, genuine news.....I think, IMO, as a whole, burnt on new, or non productive conjecture.

The correct answer to much of the rehashing is simply to repeat, "Ask Kevin"...nothing more.
In the absence of his responses, new input often wants to blame the messenger, and pages have already been through this, so its frustrating to read a new post, that is unaware of all that has transpired, hence the ganging up on, or dismissal of what normally have been a reasonable question.

A new poster, may not understand this, which is fine...but maybe, whats left of this thread will continue to report what people are able to accomplish in refunds, pro and con to help others,
any legal news, any supported New developments,

Dont take it personally...its simply a sensitive issue, not needing new, rehashing.

#6634 5 years ago

Ill hug Rob Lowe! Thanks lordunder....sorry, underlord...perhaps it comes from generations in Pittsfield, Concord, and Lebanon...!

New Hampshire Humor....so few pinsiders from NH!

Now, the Porn industry..........................................

#6876 5 years ago

Very few like that are worth it over time....just my experiences, and my brothers, and my friends...sigh...IMO

#6910 5 years ago

tImE 4 a NeW tHrEaD

#7420 5 years ago

OK...now refunds, please....

#7796 5 years ago
Quoted from Half_Life:

Stuck in the middle truth with you
Stealers Wheel, almost.

I cant tell you how good this line is!

1 week later
#8191 5 years ago

My brothers a Lawyer, Pinhead, and lurks here on Pinside.

Entertainment Law Extreme, and the stories are beyond belief!

Yes, Sex and drugs are alive and well in Hollywood!

1 week later
#8336 5 years ago

A little laugh....2:30 mark

2 months later
#9416 4 years ago

I wonder if they were made by Matt to first go in the game per Kevin's instructions. They then found out they were too big or didn't fit or work.
Can't throw them away, so perhaps that was the "solution".

When is the next court appearance scheduled?

1 month later
#9563 4 years ago

Like this:


2 weeks later
1 month later
#10076 4 years ago

Wheels of justice spin slowly....each turn supports the legal industry as a business (my peeve)...my hopes for some news for all.

#10081 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

That would be an interesting conversation to evesdrop on...I just picture Kevin turning JPop into his girlfriend for some reason.

Ouch..that hurts!

2 months later
#10198 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

At this point it seems the only way JPOP & Kevin risk any legal consequences is if they fail to pay taxes on all the money they ripped off from their "customers"

Please check if Legal advises and will notify IRS.
It has helped me in the past in litigation to collect.

3 weeks later
#10243 4 years ago

In lieu of GB Reboot.....So goes predator:


Not that we have to think of starting again.....just the franchise rebooting.


1 week later
#10369 4 years ago

I thought Pinconning was a joke....seriously, Pinconning?

3 months later
#10564 4 years ago

Im sorry to hear this.
Ive been through this more times than I wish to think about.
It disgusts me for that an obvious wrong, is "rewarded".

Systems broken, Big time.
Respectfully, I wont criticize those in the system,
but a truly sad ending likely that is unjust in every single way.

A Lifetime of Bad Kharma might be all thats left.

#10694 4 years ago

How about a fake Rolex?, Ted.

#10850 4 years ago

Maybe someone has a relationship with someone at the IRS, or a Tax Attorney, that has a working relationship with the IRS.

In my past, when I have had to do just this, a good friend my tax attorney, (Now deceased) was able to make 1 call, at get a mind blowing, PITA event to follow, from the IRS.

It was very effective.

BTW, I think Al wasnt so bad....I know his niece, Deirdre here in Florida.......

3 weeks later
#11290 4 years ago

One thing I believe, his life will know nothing but bad karma.

#11397 4 years ago


1 week later
#11525 3 years ago

I questioned myself too.....I suppose if you are an Alien from another Planet, and you happen to look like this,
and you happen to be upset at the Predator Project, Kevin and the results, then that Alien/Predator might be Violent as a reaction.

Otherwise, its a parody.

But hey, anything I post now, Im getting a poke in the side!

1 week later
#11553 3 years ago

Now Ted, You KNOW you are not suppose to post a picture of Kevins Contract with Fox!!!

He said it was written in Stone!

(or cuneiform!)

2 weeks later
#11649 3 years ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

If he didn't have kids,...............

I have Kids and Bad health, Kindly Paypal $5000 for my fully licensed Judicial System Pinball..........

#11680 3 years ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

I still don't think he went into this with the intention of scamming anyone...

You are fine to think this if you wish.

But what does that matter, when he had the chance to make right, knowing he was wrong, before he hurt so many people.

Had you been involved, invested, dreamed, worked hard and paid for, you might understand with the empathy you have for Kevin is misplaced 100% IMO.

1 week later
#11789 3 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

But...but...but...what about the children?

For some reason, this came to mind......

2 months later
#11954 3 years ago

OK, OK, one side is logical, mathematical, and financial.
The other side knows this, they are saying you are missing the emotional,
because you are posting "new" and likely did not go through the same experience as others.

Same language....More Husband and Wife!!

Any Help?

1 month later
#12154 3 years ago

Do you think he reads this?

Drained it?

Will anyone admit that they have spoken to him

1 week later
#12314 3 years ago

Having been "ripped off" so many times in business, Ive lost count.
The pain, if I did remember, hurts too much.

I think, from my experience, I will guess, in my opinion, that Kevin feels he "earned" this money.
His conscious never let him address the masses here, nor did he respond to the court requirements.
I dont think hes "shaking in his boots" about a Marshall coming.
He simply creates a delusion that suits his needs.

I think thats the core of what we see happening, and most all of us could not imagine behaving in this way.

But I think as others have mentioned, his father did some wrong, and the Apple didnt fall to far from the tree.

#12323 3 years ago

...so what does it take to have a Marshall execute the order?

#12440 3 years ago

Ive had many cases...this one is doing very well, thanks to Keiths work, and those in Support.

#12526 3 years ago

To Keith.....We dont know each other, Im not on your list.

But personally, Thank you!

Your work has been astute and generous.

Pinheads should be glad that they retained you!

#12551 3 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

I'm not suggesting this is a get rich scheme. I'm suggesting this is exactly how he makes a living and this is his bread and butter. He is a debt collecting lawyer. This pays for his Beamer or Jag, guaranteed. He isn't doing this out of the kindness of his heart.

No one said he is?

Have you ever hired an attorney for fraud, specific performance, debt, contracts?

It was simply my opinion, maybe others, having done this, that Keith is doing a good job.

I cant begin to share the amount of stories of hiring attorneys who dont perform,
as well as attorneys that dont receive funds owed to them.

The cost per hour varies. I have legal aides I have paid $25-$50 an hour that did better than attorneys,
and Ive also sat through $8000-$12000 an hour in actual work by an attorney.

If your point is, "its his job, hes getting paid, and if hes doing a better job and gets paid more" than thats true here
and in life. If your concern is that some of us wish to say, "thank you", please allow us.

If you feel $350 an hour is too much for an attorney, your opinion is fine.

#12570 3 years ago

Do I need to have my account verified?
Being verified is not mandatory, however you need to be verified if you want to:
- post to hot (flaming) threads

We have a flaming thread here, and Brickshot is not verified.....

Step up, Join the club, get verified! Maybe even Donate!

#12572 3 years ago

well, you have the right to be here as you wish, but I dont feel the desire to entertain it.

(if a mod sees this, I believe non verified cant post here, a flaming thread)

Im grateful for the feature of blocking, and guess what?

Never see you again! Awesome!

Perhaps others may too.

#12678 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#12682 3 years ago

I can think of cheese anymore without this

#12830 3 years ago

I played Tigger at Disney in 1976!

Blocked Tim way early...glad i saved my health.
Maybe others should.

#12867 3 years ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

No, no, no, it's if he weighs the same as a duck. That would mean he's made of wood, and wood floats, same as ducks and witches, proving he is also a witch.
It's science!

...also Lizard People!

#12901 3 years ago

Id be damn curious as to who was in AG,
If anyone feels comfortable to pm me.

1 week later
#13081 3 years ago

Isnt that a new TV Show,
" Kulek and the Marshalls"?

#13254 3 years ago

Cant help but think of this!

#13367 3 years ago

.....Just another round of thanks to Keith!

Its not just your clients you are making happy, but thousands of pinheads that have an interest
and a belief in the hobby and justice.

Ive personally been failed by many legal issues Ive been involved in, but from the sidelines, I cant say Ive ever seen more passionate work done before on behalf of clients!

Thank you!

#13421 3 years ago

One more day......

Cleaning up some files, found this with a limited exposed email list dated 11/8/12.

Good evening, everyone. You are receiving this email because you are currently on the list for pre-orders of the Predator pinball machine from Skit-B Pinball. Since this is the first email to the group, I believe it would be best to start by going over the major points of the project as they currently stand.

The project is moving ahead at a very steady speed. As far as the gameplay is concerned, the rules and balance of the game is now fully complete and only remains to be tested. We test as much as we can here, obviously, but the real test will be out in the wild. Within the next month or so, we will be taking a test machine out on location here at the Shark Club in Howell, Michigan for some real-world testing. If any of you are from nearby enough, we urge you to come by and check the game out for yourselves once it's there. Of course, with enough planning and notice, we would love to come meet some of you for food, drinks and pinball, as the Shark Club is a wonderful pin-stop with many top-notch pinball machines from multiple generations to play aside from the Predator, which will soon be a permanent addition to the lineup.

Matt from BackAlley Creations has been hard at work on the sculpts for the toys for the game, and I think you will all be very impressed with what he has to offer when they are mature enough to be revealed. Expect some very realistic detail and graphic presentation. Of course, as soon as we have something concrete and tangible, pictures will be going out immediately. If any of you are at all unfamiliar with his previous works, I urge you all to check it out at www.backalleycreations.com.

James has also been slaving away at the pencil to bring you all the very best in playfield art for your game. We all understand that this is a major part of the machine, and we are doing everything we can to make sure it is the best on the market. We can expect a new scan of the playfield art regularly to keep everyone up to date on how it is coming along.

On the business end of things, you should all be happy to hear that the projected price range has not needed to be adjusted. We have managed to secure many contractor deals that not only keep the project affordable, but local, as well.

While the pre-order list has been filled, we are still keeping an active waiting list for those who would like to be added in the case of someone dropping out of their pre-order spot. People have been holding onto their places on the list fairly consistently, but the reality is that may change once deposits become necessary.

Lastly, you can all expect a personal email within the next few days solidifying the details of your own machine. This may take awhile as all of the emails will have to be done individually for everyone on the list, but this will be necessary to avoid any numbering issues and to make sure we have all the information we will be needing to move forward. With this in mind, please be ready with full address and phone number and try to be sure of what you would like to have on your name plate when the time comes.

Thank you all for being a part of this vision and helping it all become a reality!

-Kevin W. Kulek of Skit-B Pinball

#13457 3 years ago

Time is Ticking...................

pasted_image (resized).png

#13538 3 years ago

judge asks should Kevin go to jail for 3 weeks....chew...chew...chew

#13552 3 years ago

Boy, those checks will/should show perjury!

#13582 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#13612 3 years ago

I dont know what I did with 1/2 Million...!!! Expenses and stuff! Right? hmmm...

pasted_image (resized).png

#13625 3 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

I'm sure this information is somewhere in the 13K+ posts, but I'm going to ask anyway. What was the state of this pin when the plug was pulled on it?
Did the black light features work correctly? If I remember the original idea was that black lights would light certain shots for different modes. I never went to any shows during the time it was being exhibited so never saw it first-hand.

I worked with Kevin, as did others on the UV.....brought him every wavelength commercially available, with no luck.
Got tired of it being the "UV light" to hear in the end that the clear coat he used had UV
protection in it for auto/fading, but on a playfield, it did its job, and practically eliminated the
possibility of the affect.....Could have worked, had their been a bit more thought behind the Issue, instead of hopping from one help to another.

#13695 3 years ago

Indeed. I would hope someone involved has blown the whistle, pulled a string,
choked a chicken, for the IRS to look into....

#13713 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#13714 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#13843 3 years ago

well, they do live in pinCONning......

#13937 3 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Does that mean we can 'christian bump' other things?

Dont let RobT see this!

#13993 3 years ago

...or to send a stale Pizza

#14207 3 years ago

Gotta be a great deal of "buzzing" among other parties and Kevin,
with all these filings.
I wonder if the Mrs, still feels its a "Witchhunt", or at what point
the blinders fall off.

2 weeks later
#14392 3 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

I want my limited edition Predator Pinball Shirt #81!
Did he sell my #81 spot to somebody else as well?

Did anyone even get the T-shirts?

1 week later
3 weeks later
#14905 3 years ago
Quoted from c508:

masterfully rips Defendant Amanda Kulek's ANSWER to shreds. And then shreds those shreds... and those shreds' shreds... and so on until we are left with sub-atomic particles.

Poetry....Pure Poetry!

1 week later
#15050 3 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

Choked on my coffee and nearly spit it all over my keyboard. Frickin' hilarious! Thanks.

I did so reading your comment, Steve!

Good vibes, to you, my friend!

#15075 3 years ago

I sure wish you were practicing in Florida, Keith!

Ive had maybe a dozen accounts play this tune in my career, and never was able to find a "Tenacious d" type Attorney to
take it as far as you have!

Amazing work!

#15076 3 years ago

Any vids?

Not these guys: The Fireants

and not these guys: Fire Ants

pasted_image (resized).png

This one?

2 weeks later
#15196 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#15310 3 years ago

Its on the "other side" of Town.

#15504 3 years ago

I cant help but think of this!

3 weeks later
#15780 3 years ago

Todays look:

pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#15797 3 years ago
Quoted from jasonp:

Could it be a witch ?

Cant resist....See if she floats?

#15800 3 years ago

Asking a friend to sell or trade before seizure?

#15823 3 years ago

Wernt the cameras listed in court docs, simply a "supplied" list?

Maybe they submitted false info?

1 week later
#15948 3 years ago

Well, I guess if they thought business was turning south because of their previous position,
I doubt this action will sit will with the community.

Im sure they have a tale to tell, but suing Keith?.....

#15958 3 years ago

When Keith......

pasted_image (resized).png

#16270 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'd like to see them post pics of their new living quarters on facebook.

......about 1/4 KH.

Absolutely pee in the pants at this new unit of measurement! Thanks!

I think Ill price my games for sale in KH units!

#16442 3 years ago

always wondered what a Bad Samaritan was............

#16503 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#16609 3 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

A bunch of gamblers lost out on a unnecessary toy.

I would agree with you except this was not a failed business, this was clear fraud.

They would not have "gambled" their money if theft was not the reason.

No Toy was to be able to be made.

If you feel otherwise, please, I have a Predator spot available from someone at half price $2500.
Ill send you my Paypal address, and after you send me the funds Ill send you my toy.

#16626 3 years ago

To Melissa.

Please help the Kuleks with a donation for the toys they stole or funds.....sorry WE didnt "Lose" them.
A minimum of $500,000 should cover it.

Im sure since you know them well, they will pay you back shortly. You trust them. We dont.



Man Opposed to Bullshit

#16655 3 years ago

In todays Market, it takes only a couple of "toys" to buy them a new home, or solve all the problems they are in.

#16681 3 years ago

Rockin Keith on an interview for this case is best,

#16735 3 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

Look, all whysnow and I are saying is that there has to be some personal responsibility assumed for taking a chance on pre-ordering a game from a guy with no commercial experience producing a large run of a major licensed title.

Yes, it was risky, but I backed out when lies started coming.

It baffles me that there are differences between failed businesses, and Fraud/Theft, and you cant see the difference.


I can build a pinball, please send me $4500. It has a full license.

I cant build a pinball, I dont have a company, I dont have a license, but Ill lie and say I have all these, please send me money. (...and send it now because I have a C&D in my hand)

Maybe some of us had foresight, but can you see this difference?

Can you see that you come across as a troll in support of the Kuleks, to the extant people question your motivation
and Agenda?

1 week later
#16846 3 years ago

I think the UV would work the same....it doesnt.

also in UV mode, instead of "glowing" it grows darker, and moldier, call it basement mode. (mold).

1 month later
#17015 2 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

And to whom they sold it to!

Is this public record?

3 weeks later
#17235 2 years ago

Maybe if we erect a statue for it.................

1 week later
#17351 2 years ago

I agree.
In the grand end, even in the most optimism, the value that will be available, less all costs and fees, might not make people happy in terms of money, but justice hopefully will be served.
For some, this would be their first experience with a case like this in our courts.
For Hilton, and the above replies, even if Hilton and everyone else, both sides being right.
The reply above is correct, maybe a few pizzas. If it wasn't complete, it's worth the parts.
I hope this thread can move forward beyond this crusade, and back to an understanding of the court proceedings.
I had game #13, and started communication from day 1, and have been with many of you since the start.
At some point, for all of us, it's about reaching closure.

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4 months later
#17864 2 years ago

Time for the Oak Island Team......Lost treasure of Kulek!

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#17955 2 years ago

Did Keith run out of funds, and the process stops?

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#18224 1 year ago
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