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The Official Pinside Kevin Kulek Skit-B Predator Discussion

By Xerico

5 years ago

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Post #12066 What is PACER and where are you getting the court documents? Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12502 Links to where Kevin gives "his side of the story". Posted by BillySastard (3 years ago)

Post #12515 Updated court filings. Potential cash coming into bankruptcy estate. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12528 Good summation of 2 year look back and possible fraudulent transfers. Posted by flynnibus (3 years ago)

Post #12580 More legal pleadings. Posted by Wolfmarsh (3 years ago)

Post #12593 Facts & allegations document for VirtuaPin Posted by c508 (3 years ago)

Post #12801 Photos of Experts of Dangerous Posted by fastpinball (3 years ago)

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#35 5 years ago

So, I'm all jazzed for the latest and greatest updates.

So whats new since I left the other thread? Anything?

Go team SkitB!

#50 5 years ago

So, if I want information, I go to the locked thread. If I want to discuss SkitB-Predator I come here.

Got it.

4 months later
#3572 5 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

i think that any of us who run a business literally lol'd at the thought of "taking the weekend off" in the middle of a train wreck like this... i think that any of us who run a business have spent plenty of weekends at work for FAR FAR lesser issues...

^^^^ What he said.

Getting ready to go to my own shop and continue working on the move to my new shop.... On a weekend.... And I am still easy to get a hold of. And still working on customer motorcycles at the same time.... And I have no employees...

If a Dumb***K like myself can do it, I'm sure others can.

1 month later
#8075 5 years ago
Quoted from Enaud:

Sorry playernumber4, I have a little trouble following your logic. First, in such a civil case as this, neither side is allowed legal representation. It's me, Kevin and the judge/magistrate. This case and the criminal investigation are separate things. There's lots of good information provided in the links I provided above. This should help you understand the process a little better. Of course, I do not claim to be any expert, however the detective was very supportive and encouraging when I explained to him what I'm doing.
Now, if Kevin can't/won't pay, then it starts to get a good bit uglier. We file for a property discovery, and then force liquidation of assets. I sure hope it won't go that far. He'll just be digging his hole deeper if he plays that card.
Now, I do have a long drive ahead of me to get to Michigan, but hey I'm taking some time off and am going to make a little vacation out of it. So, I'm making lemonade out of lemons, if I can.

Every state must be different.
I sued in small claims in Illinois. Small Claims in Illinois is $5000 or less. I showed up representing myself. The other two parties showed up with legal representation. I lost. But learned a great deal. Actually got complimented how well I did prepare my case. It was simple, I had no written documentation of request for shipping insurance on a motorcycle I had purchased that was damaged in shipping. So that is why I lost.

#8210 5 years ago

At this point, the only real need for a lawyer by a Predator victim is for suing as a civil matter. Or perhaps sending correspondence.

One would hope that the detective on the case sees enough evidence of a crime to turn it over to a prosecutor or whatever department handles that. At that point, it is the state's job to handle it from a criminal perspective.

Most likely what will happen is Kevin Kulek's lawyer will try to do a plea bargain and work something out and this will never go to trial if he is even charged at all.

But letting a state handle getting your money back may not be the only move one makes.

1 month later
#9284 5 years ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

Fully understand the secrecy taking place but an update once court action is CONCLUDED would be appreciated.
Good luck to all.

I was in on predator at one time. So I have been following this with keen interest. I hope this turns out the way we all want. Can't wait for updates once this shakes out.

1 week later
#9365 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

I feel like I killed this thread
Or is everyone busy getting munted on 4th July?

makers mark for me this evening. Even had to make the old lady drive me to the fireworks show. Revolution, rebellion and independence! 'merica!

1 week later
#9381 5 years ago

phone calls can burn through a lot of cash with zero progress. How much is a billable hour? Lets say $200. billed in 15 min increments..

1 month later
#9562 4 years ago

i cant wait to see how this ends!!!

1 week later
#9796 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

All this time on Craigslist and I should have been cruising dark parking lots. Damn.

There is still hope for you.

1 week later
#9982 4 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

One of the keys is not letting any little thing go. Ever. For any reason. Each lead must be followed to its conclusion. Keith is doing an excellent job of going down the rabbit hole with not only Kevin kulek , but also his family , his partners , and people who got paid as they may also be held liable. A good day indeed. Mr kulek was not careful hiding his financial tracks...honestly - does that surprise anyone ?

Yes, but I know there are some good people that were sub contracted to do work. I have no idea if they got paid or not. But it sure would be terrible if they got dragged into this. Even worse if they were made to repay any money received for work and parts contracted for and delivered.

1 month later
#10074 4 years ago

I figured all would be revealed by now. Unless there is still some 'super secret' stuff going on behind the scenes.... moves and counter moves

2 months later
#10192 4 years ago

It really makes one wonder what constitutes a crime in USA these days.

1 month later
#10383 4 years ago
Quoted from asay:

Ahh yes, let's do away with welfare and food stamps so poor people start stealing more to get their food/drugs. That way we can spend 5x what we spend on welfare on things like public defenders, jails, and and skyrocketing insurance premiums due to record crime rates. But hey, I saved 2% on my taxes!

In all seriousness, it really is pacification of the masses. If you are warm and your belly full, you are less likely to riot....

#10394 4 years ago
Quoted from asay:

Exactly. People who say we should do away with welfare and food stamps are seriously inept to unintended consequences.

yes, it was called the french revolution.

2 months later
#10502 4 years ago

twenty days and no updates.

1 month later
#11179 4 years ago

and 5 pages of nothing new. Damn.

1 week later
#11476 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Amazing how Hilton's tune changes once he gets what he wants...

He is posting with a different tone. That is for sure..... But regardless of his motives, he is doing right by the community for this case.

1 month later
#11778 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Anyone find it ironic he lives in the city of "pinconning"?
That house was bought in May of 2015, and it apparently wasn't bought for $30k, it was bought for $89k
Spokeo says there are 5 Kulek's residing at that address. Get contact names for just 95 cents:

Basement looked nice

2 months later
#11977 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

So you're saying some buyers have recovered money from Kevin as a result of the legal proceedings?
If so, I stand corrected and I'm glad to hear it!

My score card says the only people that received money back, so far, at this time, has been from credit card reversals.

2 months later
#12436 3 years ago

nothing but hash and rehash this holiday... I want to see the christmas goose cooked. I keep expecting to see a cuffed and stuffed... But so far nothing. You would think with the members on this forums resources, this would have been a slam dunk.

#12499 3 years ago
Quoted from c508:

Not sure if first troll post of 2017 in this thread or he just hasn't read any of the posts from the past two months?

That cat actually drove his butt up to michigan and sued Kevin all by himself. He won. He got didly squat for his effort.

#12524 3 years ago


#12603 3 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

So if someone chooses not to be identified to the owners and rulers of this site then they should be persecuted? That's not scary, lol. Again, why not try discussing the topic and refuting reasonable questions instead of attacking individuals? This is EXACTLY how the pre-order folks treated everyone else when raising their hands to question something very odd with Kevin and Skit-B.

in a sensitive topic such as predator, yes one would be persecuted.

1 week later
#12971 3 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Sort of - except that online, the majority of those protections do not apply to you. Since that's where PayPal operates, it makes sense.
I've been pretty majorly screwed by credit card companies before from online orders. Make no doubt about it - no transaction company cares about the company they are using. The credit card company actually makes money when fraud is transacted (they charge the company who had the fraud transacted against it charged a "fee" for the privilege) and they have very few tools to allow people to completely verify who they are online.
Honestly, both methods are crap for merchants. I've found that for small things, PayPal is easier to talk with and show proof than credit card companies. And we've dealt with both, and follow both of their rules quite extensively. With larger items, the credit card rules definitely do favor not-PayPal.

Any more, If someone does not have a verified paypal account with a confirmed address, I cancel transaction. I get too many fraudulent orders.
I can't verify as easily with credit cards/

1 week later
#13024 3 years ago

sweet jesus.... north of one million dollars....

1 week later
#13908 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Is the witch asking to stop the witch hunt?

i saw that too. lol

#13924 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

If people want to really help, please help me find someone that can verify if/where Kevin or his associates have a route operation in the region he lives. I am offering 500 bucks for information/verification of this and guessing if that amount grows then someone (maybe even one of his friends) will be looking to make some side cash in exchange for information.
I have already recieved annonymous phone calls from some of his friends or previous friends with information. I just need some verification of this information.
If people want to add to that initial finders fee then feel free.

Sweet baby jesus. Remind me not to piss you off.

3 months later
1 month later
#16121 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Please tell us more about this fact you are claiming.

pXXXXXX and cXXXXX are not tangible assets. Once they are used and gone, they are gone.

#16438 3 years ago

plenty of good Samaritans on pinside.... just not to those that steal thousands of dollars.

#16708 3 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Karma and mother nature got these lying bastards. But fuck, do we really need to facilitate a total ban on basic necessities for food and clothing? There are 5 kids involved. Let them hang out to dry through the courts and hopefully some jail time.

I believe there are some very good services that will take care of children, no matter what. As long as the proper agencies have been clued in, social services will provide. The only way the children will not be taken care of is if the parents/adults/legal guardians deny the children access to any assistance needed.

4 weeks later
#16929 3 years ago

That was a lot of work and research writing that up.

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