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Post #13483 Stipulations for waiving chapter 7 discharge Posted by Compy (2 years ago)

Post #13528 Audio recording from Jan 27 court hearing regarding bankruptcy filing Posted by Wolfmarsh (2 years ago)

Post #13729 Summary of legal bankruptcy terminology Posted by Razorbak86 (2 years ago)

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#187 4 years ago
Quoted from johngravenews:

4 pages in and what have I learnt.
A couple of people wanted refunds and now seem to have got them. For me this is good news.
Not really sure what I can take away from any of the other comments.
As a customer it would be nice to see one picture of production to cut this entire thread off at the knees

There was a picture posted in one of the 15 other threads created in the past 3 weeks...it showed a bunch of cabs being made. I believe the number of cabs already made is well above 100.

#198 4 years ago
Quoted from woodworker:

While randomly looking at the Skit-B site today hoping to see an update, I clicked on their "crew" page. I thought there used to be another guy working on the project with Kevin. I remember seeing him in some of the old videos, but they have pulled all of the videos down. I looked back through web archives and found this:
His name was Aaron and apparently he was the engineer. Any idea what happened to him? Maybe this is old news, but I am curious why he is no longer part of the project. Is he on Pinside?

Old news, not a lot of info. They parted ways apparently amicably...private business to stay private. He's been gone for awhile.

2 weeks later
#489 4 years ago
Quoted from NoahFentz:

Hi Guys!
I just wanted to drop in and say that I would not be building cabinets and printing and applying decals for a project that's not fully licensed!
Anyone that knows me knows I won't even consider touching unlicensed projects!
Speculation can now rest.
Pre-owners can certainly look forward to receiving their PREDATORS.
Thank you.

Can you throw in an IJ too

1 month later
#674 4 years ago

I think this is why Kevin was reluctant to start regular updates. Now that he's doing what people asked of him, people are complaining that there's not enough info and that we're just seeing pics of parts coming in. It's like life folks...boring and mundane 90% of the time and no matter what you plan for, you're always thrown a curveball. Continuing with the baseball analogy, you can either sit and be patient and get the pitch you want, or strike out...it's up to you. I'm a big Yankees fan, so I don't mind doing what they do...work the pitch count. Patience is a virtue. If you guys can't handle it, maybe go out and get some exercise and another hobby? There should be no concerns unless Kevin up and dies on us

1 month later
#4046 4 years ago

Myth busters is a neat show, but it's run it's course. This statement of disbelief, "I can't believe they'd sign on with Skit-B" is rather silly because what do they have to lose? Do you really think some other company would give them any money for a pin license? We're talking a D-list show/title. Those guys aren't billionaires, so if someone pays to fly them to a show and gives them a percentage of the action...why not? It's no different than all the actors that do autograph sessions at conventions. A better title would've been Pawn Stars because those guys are at least more interesting and more current. Regardless, the choice of title, artwork, and follow-through does show a continuation of poor business decisions. However, my $3k is still with Predator and I'm drinking the Kool-Aid that it will still come to fruition. Fortunately, I'm in the position where that $3k isn't going to make or break me and I knew the risks going in.

#4395 4 years ago

I regretfully filed my claim with Paypal for my $3000...for whatever good it will do. If we don't have a resolution within a week, I'll go to my credit card. I should have protection there. Why anyone paid with their bank accounts, I'll never understand.

#5249 4 years ago

Just to add more info to everything here. I've always believed it's easier to attract flies with honey, blah, blah, blah. I emailed Kevin this morning and got a response several hours after. This looks promising to me. Here's to hoping that the account was locked and that all of (or most of) the money is still there. image.jpg

1 week later
#6636 4 years ago

Filed 2 claims with Paypal for my $250 and $2750...no dice, but I didn't call anyone. Called Chase today, they tried to contact Paypal, but nobody answered the phone. They're going to keep looking into it for me and have mailed me some paperwork. At least they didn't flat out turn me down.

1 week later
#6972 4 years ago

I just sent out a 30 page document to my credit card company (Chase) regarding a chargeback. I still hope that refunds will be issued without it, but if it's true that Kevin hasn't even contacted Paypal yet, then I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure that the money in that account is probably $100k short of the necessary funds to refund everyone, and maybe he's trying to figure out a way to come up with that money, but if he was truly trying to make amends, he'd be telling all of us that. However, we know that his ability to communicate is poor, so I'm not holding my breath on that either.

3 weeks later
#8273 4 years ago

I finally heard back from Chase. I got a temporary chargeback settlement for my $2750. They wouldn't do my $250 deposit because of the time passed, but when I called them again, they told me to send in a new letter explaining that the deposit was for a machine to be delivered in December of 2014 and that should work. Hopefully that will go through too. Granted, I have to wait 60 days for it to be finalized, but it's a start.

#8303 4 years ago

On one hand, I hate Paypal because they're not helping. On the other hand, I'm happy with them because they froze his account...so they can take money from him. They're just putting up a front and hiding behind their policy because it's easiest.

As far as Fox is concerned, I would think that just by stopping his production, that should be enough. He didn't make a profit and neither did anyone working for him (providing we get our money back), so hopefully they'll leave him be and not make it worse.

#8304 4 years ago


3 weeks later
#8555 4 years ago
Quoted from Buschjs:

I just got the final letter from my CC company indicating that my claim was valid and that the credit will be finalized. I'm still out the original $250, but it could be much worse.
Good luck to all of those still chasing their refunds, I hope everyone gets their money back.

I'm still waiting for mine to be finalized, but the credit showed up on this month's bill. They denied my $250 claim based on length of time, but when I called them back, they said re-submit a new claim and state more clearly how it was tied in. I got a card back from them stating that they're looking into it. Maybe there's still hope.

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