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4 years ago

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#209 4 years ago

Cool looking cabinet. can't wait. This and Aliens, 2015 is going to be a great year.

#218 4 years ago
Quoted from BlackRabbit:

Observing 6 unprotected cabinets....an 1/4 Inch off the floor....2 feet away from a steel garage type door (where rain/snow usually sneak past joints) seems like a concern to me. Perhaps some tarps and plywood on 4x4 stud horses would be more protective of the work in progress.

What a foolish comment

#223 4 years ago
Quoted from BlackRabbit:

Hook, line and sinker. Thank you. Now for the funny part. It actually was commented to me by somewhere here on the phone yesterday. Lol. I informed my Pinside bud I would comment here and I wagered that I would be insulted within 5 posts since it was not a rah rah post. Thank you, I won quicker than I thought. You were baited right in.
I simply cannot understand Predator threads. Here is a perfect example. An Predator owner is concerned with issues in a photo. A non-Predator owner posts it here instead of the owner. Immediate personal attacks result. Some things will never change.
Thanks Hazoff!!! Too funny. Happy holidays to you and all!

I don't care if you're an owner or not, it was dumb based on being dumb. Storage of the cabinets? I think you're too close to the floor and couple feet from the door, I don't want you're damage getting into my Predator cabs. Foolish.

#232 4 years ago

I don't think so, has to be 250 die hard Predator fans out there that must have this pin, I know I do. I'm either going to get shafted, get a refund, or best case I'm playing Predator and loving it. No one is denying that SkitB isn't exactly revolutionizing the communication and public relations world, I still have faith.

#268 4 years ago

I don't think Kevin cares anymore about what pinsiders think, not that he shouldn't care but, jesus this site can be brutal maybe he's pissed off and I know how easy it would be for more updates and communication and wish there was but at this point don't care. The refund thing is unacceptable, that needs to be taken care of, all the rest I'm used to now. It took JJP 3 years to get some guys their pins but I'm still getting The Hobbit. I'll say that if wasn't Predator I would be out, or probably would never have invested in the first place. I can't take a chance losing out on a Predator Pin, I just can't and I'm going to down with the ship if need be.

#282 4 years ago

I would say Calm, I feel that we will get an update in the next couple of weeks and maybe even see a few built by Xmas.

#292 4 years ago

Well as much as I like to stay positive with this pin, I really can't understand the lack of Predator info on the website? I'm trying to be strong here, its fading Kevin please help me out.

#298 4 years ago

Why nothing on the website? I'm just curious, you have to admit that's strange, forget pinside updates and the lack of timely responses but zero mention on the site of either game is puzzling.

#300 4 years ago

Love the shirt.

#337 4 years ago
Quoted from Half_Life:

Do you remember WoZ?
Lastly, it's my money. Why should anyone be concerned about what I do with my money? I made the decision to back this fledgling company. I've not changed my mind. If this goes south, then I've lost that money; a hard life lesson. At that point and only that point could anyone say that I was a dumbass for jumping on that bandwagon to end up losing money. Until that comes to pass I will continue to support SkitB, period.

That stems from a desire for this project to fail, if you bailed and then we all get the game and its awesome, see what I mean. Not everyone of course but there are always a few, I don't care about TBL, RAZA, WOOLY hope they get their games but I'm not invested. I will say this SkitB is trying my patience, I want this pin but if nothing is updated by Xmas I will have to reconsider my pre-order.

#346 4 years ago

I sent an email to Kevin just stating my faith is wavering and I need some info soon, lets see what happens.

#347 4 years ago

I wonder if the Pin Ref guys or Matt from Back Alley have any info, if you do please post.

#350 4 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Hazoff not you too lol. Hope you hear back soon.

I just want the smallest thing, an indication that games are being built. Not much, but there's no way I could give up my spot.

#399 4 years ago

Listen it would be easy for Kevin to just post "Hey everyone games are being built, relax nothing to worry about" that's all I would need. I'm in till the end, I mean everyone has a breaking point and I remember all this happening before then the video with rules and gameplay and back to silence, then an email with info and request for what I wanted on my plaque, then silence. Its nothing new but just one simple sentence would go so far right now to easing the tension. I sent SkitB an email stating this last week, I hope Kevin responds. I just want the game and would be hurt more by the fact that the project fails and I don't get a Predator pinball machine than I'm out 3K.

#450 4 years ago

Always interesting to me that pinsiders with no investment in a game care what's happening with it and furthermore seem to love that we might get shafted. RAZA, TBL, WOOLY, AMH I have zero interest in those games and zero dollars invested thus I couldn't care less how production is going, communication etc.

#510 4 years ago

My problem is still the lack of info on the website? I just can't figure it out. I actually sent Kevin a PM regarding this and suggested that it would alleviate a lot of concerns. no offense but forget pinside for the most part and post some pics, video's and updates on the website. Why not? I just want the pin so whether he does anything about it or not I'm in.

1 month later
#610 4 years ago

I feel relaxed with regards to The Predator now, almost like I want but don't care enough to worry about it anymore. That's part of the issue with these boutiques pins and waiting years. For me anyway my patience and attention span is limited, still want it but I have my TWDLE, new code coming soon I hope for STLE even though its great right now and THLE is a few months away, maybe. Aliens is on the horizon so Kevin take your time and hurry up.

#636 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Like I offered to the DP guys, I offer to SkitB and their efforts any help I can give them, as a fellow pinhead and lawyer, free of charge, even if its just as a second set of eyes.
Whatever I can do, not that its needed, the offer is there. Sometimes the non stop BS discussion can get tiresome if people aren't willing to just step up and help right?

You're a good man Ice.

2 weeks later
#663 4 years ago

I'm really starting to consider backing out of this one, I think they will be made but if it doesn't become clear in the next month that these are under construction then I will have to reconsider, just becoming boring now and I can't believe it considering the theme and how much I love it, I am starting to lose my passion for this project and just not caring anymore.

2 weeks later
#741 4 years ago

Just glad its happening and the 2 week updates put my mind at ease.

#752 4 years ago

In a sea of horseshit themes I will gladly wait, I never thought a Predator pin would be made and to be honest the same thing with Alien yet in time I will have both right beside each other and that is cause for celebration, even though I've had this celebration many times and its Tuesday off to the beer store I go.

1 week later
#869 4 years ago

I think Kevin is really lucky in that the Predator theme is the only thing keeping him going here, I would have been out long ago but I just can't take the risk losing out on a Predator Pin, the gameplay video looked great to me and even though the game is fairly simplistic its still Predator with all the movie quotes and sfx that come with. I will wait 5 more years if I have to but he is really digging himself a grave in terms of future pins.

#923 4 years ago

Yes sir, I'm in for the long haul.

#958 4 years ago

I think a Castle Wolfenstein pin would something special, Killing Nazi's, maybe Nazi Zombie mode, tons of possibilities.

#967 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

there might not have been a Premium if all those LEs hadn't sold


#1042 4 years ago

Forbidden Planet is a great theme, and that's the best part of these boutique's and newer companies making pins.

1 week later
#1144 4 years ago

I'm concerned now more so than anytime in the past, the theme will keep me in till the end even if it means taking a loss.

#1351 4 years ago

I've been trying to stay positive but these emails worry me big time. Its not even about losing money or having to wait but the possibility of not getting a Predator themed pinball, I love the look of it and the gameplay so its just very disheartening that after all this time and waiting it might not happen.

#1398 4 years ago

Well one thing is for sure, Stern, JJP and I think Heighway will be the only companies I order pinball machines from in the future. This is starting to make sick, Dutch, JPOP, skitB what a shitshow.

#1422 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Spooky is good too.

Yeah, I see they are delivering games and I do hope that Dutch comes around and starts building and delivering games as well.

#1528 4 years ago

Well all I have do is go the video tutorial that a pinsider found and it becomes clear that I can't pull out, its impossible and with spfxted confirming he spoke with Kevin and everything is still moving forward I'm very happy. This really is a dream theme for me, Aliens LE being built, what a side by side line up.

#1688 4 years ago

Next update has to show games built or in process for me, I'm trying to hang on here but its fading fast, almost like I don't care anymore. I really hope Kevin brings something to the table to regain my confidence but if not I think I'm done. I love pinball and this is a negative scenario that I don't want to think about anymore. 2 weeks

#1739 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

As pointed out above, Nate at Coast to Coast Pinball has weighed in:
I very highly recommend that everyone listen to this.
Very well done.

Thanks Rob had no idea this pod cast existed, very informative. I've been a supporter of SkitB for a long time but this is my final 2 weeks in the project, Kevin either has to show me this is happening with built games or I'm out.

#1768 4 years ago

If the licence was not fully obtained them why did he even go ahead with this, I never understood the lack of mention on the website or the fact that it does seem to be a secret word with in SkitB, look at Heighway and DP, JJP etc. I just don't understand why and I went along with it so I'm to blame as well and I can even understand a special clause that disallows him from showing The Predator but why not tell us and put our minds at ease, this was amusing for a while but its over man. I do not want to do this anymore and Kevin knows how many of us feel confused, upset and ready to bail. Those 2 emails were crap, nothing to put my mind at ease and only re affirming my concern. At this point I will wait the 2 weeks but have to admit even that is tasking. I could buy a nice Whirlwind with my 3000 or 3600 Can dollars, I would forget about Predator pretty quick once my money was refunded, which is appearing to be another challenge. Please Kevin throw in the towel or address the issues. I'm a serious Predator fan of both films and want this game but I was expecting the major update to be 10 games built and ready to ship, we are in business.

#1797 4 years ago

I agree but then why zero mention of it on the website and the video pulled from youtube? Like I said I do understand that the terms of the licence might prohibit this but why not tell us, I cant show the game on the website due to the licence, you see what I mean. I just want the game and starting to panic.

#1801 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

Perhaps the "2 weeks" are intended to allow Kevin time to fly to Sony's office to negotiate (or renegotiate) the licensing agreement? Only the insiders know for sure, and they ain't talking.

Then tell us that, this is what is becoming unbearable for me, as stated many times we are a forgiving bunch when it comes to a pin we all want so if that email said I'm going to try and solidify the licence and progress further into manufacturing then isn't it better to let your pre-ordered faithful supporters in on the mission? Doesn't make any sense to keep us in the dark with vague reasoning and read between the lines messages. As of now I have no idea what is going on and it sucks.

#1821 4 years ago

Look even with restrictions Kevin's lawyer could write up a proper letter that includes everything that can be discussed and explain in more detail what is happening. I doubt Kevin is under a gag order to reveal what is transpiring with the license, time frames for building games, severity of outside influences jeopardizing production and why refunds are not processed in a timely manner. The Predator and all the best Arnold films are a big part of my youth spanning well over a decade and others in my age group (40) know what I'm saying, I can't hear 2 weeks without thinking Total Recall, Let off some steam Bennett, Get ur ass to mars, terminator, Running man even "Hello this is Vincents car may I help you please". I have such a strong attachment to this theme and it being part of a pinball machine which is also sacred filled me with a lot of emotion and happiness, its special and Kevin should know that it means a lot to many pinheads, all we ask at this point is a little more transparency. Sorry but I'm considering backing out and I don't want to, I'm just getting tired.


#1917 4 years ago

This is the best she looked for me, some meat on the bones and those lovely large dairies. Great scene when I was a little guy.

#1938 4 years ago

Making of.

#1941 4 years ago

Oscar better stay away from Scarlett, she does not have the head for a skinny body.

#1946 4 years ago

What a delightful picture of this glorious women, I love brunettes more than blonds especially large breasted ones. Beautiful.

Jennifer-Connelly-26.jpg 27d155a78d01ca5437f26698847fda15.jpg
#1967 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Not me.... I'll take curves over 14-yr-old-boy-physique all day long!

This image got 1 "unsafe" tag and has ben hidden automatically, per your settings. un-hidem201887705-Kate-Upton-BodyPaint.gif 1

Me too. Unless the women is naturally thin and that's ok by me, but a women who is voluptuous and starves herself looks accordingly sick and unattractive. Where the hell is my Predator pin. Come on Kevin while were young, ok fine.


#1991 4 years ago

Damn that camera man, goddamn him. just a little lower please.

#2159 4 years ago

I love all women and Jennifer is great but have a sweet spot for beautiful busty mature ladies, here is the cream of the crop.

Susan_Sarandon-soft-lovely_thumb_585x795.jpg susan-sarandon.jpg susan-sarandon-023.jpg susan-sarandon-025.jpg
#2162 4 years ago

Another beauty who altered her fantastic rack, what a shame.

ChristinaRicci.jpg christina-ricci.jpg
#2220 4 years ago

Well we are almost ready for an update, I have a Centaur I can buy and if Kevin doesn't deliver some positive news its refund time and Centaur time, either way I will be quite happy. I really am starting not to care anymore if I get this pin or not and the my friends is the beginning of the end. Now back to something important.

#2410 4 years ago

What the hell, Kevin should at least let the pre-orders know to some degree what's happening. I'm in my final days here.

#2535 4 years ago

That was enough to keep me in for now, only time will tell but as always anything other than the Predator theme would have killed this deal. Kevin bought some more time but didn't put my concerns to rest. I do like that hopefully JJP is now manufacturing the game if that's the company involved.

#3900 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

I'm actually digging Mrs Barlow. Shes the oldest actress on the show, but she's got an awesome "Milf-thing" going.... And awesome cleavage squeezing out of most of her costumes

Nothing sexier than a beautiful mature women, don't get me wrong love'em all but always had and still do a big thing for mature beauties.

#3907 4 years ago

I think I'm just going to make peace with all this and go down with the ship, if I get a Predator one day then great but don't care anymore, It seems even if I wanted a refund that day may never come. I'm staying away from this thread for a while, have a Space Station coming soon, maybe a Firepower, looking at a couple others and with The Hobbit LE, Aliens LE on the horizon this has become a horseshit situation that only shines a negative light on one of my passions.

edit- I'm out, well I sent an email to Kevin for a refund so maybe, who knows at this point. Good Luck

#4201 4 years ago

I'm out, just needed a final push and really couldn't care less anymore. If I get my refund I will be suprised but who know's. One thing I do hope is that Heighway takes over the licence and in the next year or so I can put a Heighway Predator LE pin next to my Aliens LE.

#4208 4 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

Its already been said that Heighway has walked away from negotiations. All that's left is for him to refund or dig an even bigger hole for himself.

No, I meant I hope Heighway can get the license to manufacture a Predator pin, and for me as a fan of both P1 and P2 maybe incorporate both films into the gameplay. Kevin is finished in the pinball world as far as I can tell, who would ever buy anything from him again. Anyway I'm out and done with it, if I happen to get a prompt refund I will post it for sure.

#4266 4 years ago

Well I for one will not just take the loss, legal action will follow non-refund of payment made. Your messing with the wrong guy.

#4465 4 years ago

Kevin lied and made it out on several recent emails as if all is well and that makes this an issue with principal, no one is going to steal 3K from me, not happening. I already filed a claim with paypal and will be contacting both my CC company and lawyer tomorow.

#4583 4 years ago

I'm getting back every cent, this will not end well for Kevin if my refund isn't prompt. I think the notion that the money is gone is ridiculous, it is to me anyway. You can't take funds for a product and not deliver without consiquence, I have to give the man a chance but no way will i take a 3K loss, its enough that we had to wait years and now will not recieve our game, that hurts me as it was one of my dream themes but to add to all this stolen funds as thats how I would deem it will be unnaceptable. I really supported SkitB and if Kevin had been forthright and honest and simply could not complete the project then hey I would be sympathetic and lenient in terms of partial refund but the deceipt is at that core of it all, that I cannot forgive and will pursue legal action to the fullest means, not cool.

#4590 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

There is a high likelihood that this is what you are dealing with *allegedly*

Me or Kevin?

#4603 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

Brother, c'mon. Clearly not you in any way (I don't even know you), I'm just pointing out that reason and rationale are likely not involved in either of us getting out money back out of Kevin's guilt, read that link and apply it to the person that knowingly fucked us out of our money. He will likely have to be forced by an outside influence to do the right thing.
I hope to hell I am wrong, but that is likely what we are dealing with here.

I know I forgot to put the laughing face at the end although after reading that I'm a good candidate.

#4972 4 years ago

I spoke to my CC company today and they can't do anything after 6 months. Not sure if anyone got the same or different response but Kevin will have to move quickly or I will be looking into legal action and before someone steals from me, I will spend a shit load more to make sure they suffer, only way I could sleep at night.

#5104 4 years ago

I think its in Kevins best interest to refund asap as I'm sure he has had a rough couple days of harsh emails from us and paypal not to mention possible legal action forwarded in his direction. I doubt what he has accumulated in parts will set him back very much and unless he went on a shopping spree the majority of cash is still there. I have to be optimistic and give him till the end of the week, after that no more Mr.Niceguy.

#5162 4 years ago

I only blame Kevin and myself, the warning signs were there but I was blinded with Predator themed pinball goggles and Kevins attempts to put my mind at ease which were not exactly tangible proof of anything happening since the tutorial video came out. I just made a final deal for a Centaur 2 which will happily fill the spot i had for Predator but I do feel decieved and I don't like it one bit. Lets see what happens in "a few short days" then lynch mob.

#5842 4 years ago

I think he will refund, I'm sure he has spoken to his lawyer and the advice was most likely pay these people back ASAP. I know for myself anyway legal action will follow lack of refund, I don't think Kevin wants to deal with all that as I doubt I'm the only one. I'm giving him till Friday.

#6017 4 years ago

One of my favorites from Living Color.

#6021 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

^haha, I was wondering if anyone would get the reference. I should be going to sleep, but have been watching the old skits on youtube for the past 15 min XD
edit: another gem » YouTube video

We have similar taste, thats another of my favorites. I remember the early 90's as a young teen and the greatness it offered, watched alot of living colour and yes Martin. There was a better feeling then with regards to music and films and well everything else, although I was smoking hash joints and doing alot of other things including not going to school and living in arcades but man was it fun.

#6381 4 years ago

The bottom line is if my $250 deposit is gone then hey I took a chance and i'll pay the price but Kevin asked for another $2750 claiming the project was in good standing and everything was moving forward. If I don't get back that money then there will be a resulting shitstorm, I have to believe Kevin will refund this cash but my patience is running thin and I better hear something this week or I'll have to treat it as stolen funds. Paypal and CC really couldn't do anything for me outside of filing a claim but I'll get medieval on Kevin's buttocks if this isn't made right.

#6425 4 years ago

I really hope kevin breaks his silence and starts refunds, I'm not sure he understands the backlash that is headed his way. There is legal action being taken against and fraud is not a minor offense, as for the stealing let me just say that I'll be headed for Michigan if I don't get my refund soon.

#6443 4 years ago

In Canadian right now its $3600 that has been stolen from me, I'm sorry but no one is going to get away with stealing my money. Kevin can pay for his own expenses regarding Predator products and advertising etc. I said before I'll take the $250 loss but the rest is mine, Kevin take your time and hurry up.

#6502 4 years ago

Wouldn't the most sound legal advice be to pay back what can right away and avoid as much backlash as you can? I know silence is probably the best move for him right now but just curious as I know there are a few Lawyers among us.

#6597 4 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

I am in the same position as you,they will credit me back 4500.00.
MasterCard as well,paid final payment April 30 2014.
He has 45 days they told me as well to dispute it.
But since he said he would issue full refunds,he now has 15 days to dispute it.
The 250.00 deposit would be history.

Did u have to send emails via fax and all that? I just did this morning, but they didn't say on the phone that I was going to be credited. Please PM if you could with some more info. Thanks

#6644 4 years ago

Very strange that a grown man can turn his back on all the faithful who stuck through till the end and now have to deal with trying to get our money back, 10 days ago it was a few short days and then silence, Kevin is real douche and I hope even with full refunds he goes to jail or worse. I apologize for sounding harsh but this is very disheartening, DOUCHE.

#6853 4 years ago

I'm sorry but kevin really has let us all down with no update 2 weeks later and not one refund made this guy is a douchebag.

#6990 4 years ago

Theres really nothing to say at this point, the man has not made any contact to the faithful who stuck it out till the end regarding refunds for over 2 weeks after stating a few short days, nothing at all. Regardless what his lawyer might have told him why not release somekind of statement via said lawyer with regards to this issue, unnacceptable and extremely unprofessional.

#7074 4 years ago

I wish one of these guys had ordered a Predator, prompt refunds would have been issued.

#7485 4 years ago

If he had issued prompt refunds then most of us I think would have been cool with it all, Ok he gave it a shot, he lied and blew the whole operation but at least we got our cash back. 3 weeks after the few short days comment and no one other than CC chargebacks have recieved shit, not one email explaining the delay, nothing. Bastard

#7553 4 years ago

That article caused my first SkitB nightmare last night, well it could be deemed a great dream also but let me just say it didn't end well for Kevin. I sometimes think just let this go but its obviously causing inner turmoil, come on man just issue the goddamn refunds and problem is solved. I just can't believe this guy thinks he will ever be able to be part of the pinball world again, he doesn't deserve to be part of any world, well except this one.

#7565 4 years ago

The prospect of making money blinds many of us, the vendors ofcourse should have been more aware but people are easily fooled when it comes to the dollar, also if they recieved the money for their service, oh wait I meant our money then they are staying far away from all this.

1 month later
#8631 4 years ago

I don't think Kevin is aware of the trouble he is in, some people you just do not steal from. He better make a statement soon.

1 week later
#8923 4 years ago

Got my refund today, say completed on paypal so I assume a couple days it will reflect that on my CC. Its about goddamn time.

#9048 4 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

and also those that were paypal refunded recently, if this money has actually cleared into their account, and out of the pending stage.

Nope, I recieved my notification on Thur and I heard it takes 5 days so I'm hoping by mid week this shit storm is over. Still Kevin gets to keep the 250 deposit and times 250 is over 60K. I don't care I will glady take my 2750 and curse the Kuleks back to the trailer park or what ever rock they crawled out from under.

#9113 4 years ago

Your refund by Skit-B Pinball didn't complete.
Woke up to this.

#9150 4 years ago

I just checked my CC balance and the refund went through even though I got that message this morning? It shows refund SkitB and the funds are there. Anyone else?

#9183 4 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Hazoff, you got the denial notice but actually received the refund? I'm going to hope for the same when I get home to check.

Yeah, I keep checking my balance online and its still there. I did send a lot of info to my CC provider and made a claim over a month agao so I think this was done through the CC and they are after paypal now, doubtful Kevin is behind any refunds, I'm going to call the CC company tomorow to confirm that its finalized and then I'm done with this. I will say that I hope Kevin pays for the deciept and how he handled this situation. You know what really sucks is that I won't receive a Predator pin which I was looking forward to putting beside an Alien LE at some point. One thing is for sure, at least I hope and thats Kevin being out of the pinball game all together and forever. Anyway good luck to everyone else, I hope you get propmt restitution, and Kevin you can kiss me between the back pockets.

June 05, 2015

#9185 4 years ago

The 250 is gone I think, I agree that its still not cool but I'll take that loss. In the words of a great man, Beldar Conehead.
Kevin if I didn't fear incarceration by human authority figures I would apply sufficient pressure onto your blunt skull as to cause its collapse. bastard

#9187 4 years ago

Come on thats not bad. What are you Amish?

#9242 4 years ago

I'm back and hiring these guys, for justice I must go to Don Ishmael

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Pinball Machine
Deadpool Premium Out of stock
Flip N Out Pinball
$ 275.00
$ 24.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 5,799.00
Pinball Machine
Gulf Coast Pinball, LLC
$ 19.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 12,500.00
Pinball Machine
Great American Pinball
$ 5,599.00
Pinball Machine
Classic Game Rooms
From: $ 218.00
From: $ 39.00
Cabinet - Toppers
Full Tilt Pinball LEDs
From: $ 19.99
From: $ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 22.00
Cabinet - Sound/Speakers
ModFather Pinball Mods
$ 48.00
Cabinet - Other
ModFather Pinball Mods
From: $ 75.00
The Flipper Room

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