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By Xerico

4 years ago

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#880 4 years ago

Another thing anyone in on this needs to really think about with the lack of communication.
Lets look at the bigger picture here.
Lets fast forward to when you do receive your game and the I/O board has an issue or there is damage upon delivery.
I guess you can just cross your fingers and hope you'll get support from them down the road as a buyer.

I've read enough so far or lack there of to make me a an avid pinball collector and BUYER to stay clear.
Sorry guys ya blew it.

1 week later
#1195 4 years ago

Inside scoop will be revieled shortly and made public. If you still have money in on this game, please request your refund now, although your chances are dwindling as time progresses.

Whysnow knows the truth as well and continues to feed and deceive others that don't know the details. Put his comments to the side and decide for yourself if this is still smart money to be invested into.

#1631 4 years ago

Can we change the name of this thread to:

"The blind faith Predator Pinball support group"

#1690 4 years ago

How can anyone feel comfortable with a company that wont communicate with its prebuyers or those that request a refund?

Here is a honest question, how many that are reading this thread are actually prebuyers? I for one am not, surprised?

How many are left? Sound off. Ive got to think after the delays, lack of communication and rumors abroad, that number has to have dwindled significantly. I know of four that were local to me ...and to my knowledge they have all bailed or are in the process of trying to recover their deposits.

#1845 4 years ago

Please see my new poll i have started for those in on Predator. I'm curious with so much talk of those that have jumped ship, and those that want their money back or those that are really still in on the game.

Lets see where this pre-order stands. This may show why those that have requested a refund aren't getting a response. Im concerned funds may be gone.


#1887 4 years ago

My hunch, The two week deadline is a last minute hail mary trying to get it licensed before he is served papers for copyright infringement. Wanna make a bet?

1 week later
#2450 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

So it's No News Tuesday

And this surprises you? Did anyone really have faith that you would really get news on the 14th day based off of Kevin's track record. I mean really if there was "great news" to be had prior to the two weeks wouldnt it just make sense to just announce it at that time.....why wait 2 weeks.

Seems like just another attempt at keeping the carot dangling to keep hopes up.
How can anyone have faith in this company even if you really are going to get your game, the customer service is pathetic at best.

God forbid your game arrived damaged and you need to make a claim, or the display goes out 1 month after ownership. Good luck with that. Isn't it about time for the prebuyers to file a class action case against this company for taking your money? I don't know about you guys, but $5k is a lot of money to me, maybe not to some of yall. I don't think I would just sit back without a fight. Doesn't any pre-buyer live semi close to where these guys are? I can't believe over all of this time, NO ONE has paid them a visit to REALLY check the progress of this project.

#2452 4 years ago

Whenever I read this thread, I keep thinking in my head to the old days of listening to Howard Stern when he would have the KKK guy on. Although his meaning was racist (which I don't condone). I chuckle thinking of this trainwreck thread and hear his voice in my head but for a different meaning "wake up white people!"

"wake up predator buyers!"

#2495 4 years ago
Quoted from DocRotCod:

10 minutes to go on my clock

Two weeks and another broken promise, Im losing count.

#3031 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Lets be more serious. What really are the expeditures formt he account?
So far we have seen parts for 10 games post deposits being sent.
If we take a random guess that those parts total 5k per game (over shooting on this one) that means $50,000 spent out of 750k on actual parts. That hypothetically leaves 700k in the bank.
If Kevin decided to call it quits he could refund 93% of the funds (minus paypal cut?) to each person with little issue.
Do people really think he has been blowing large sums of money in mysterious ways?
Many people have met him and think he is an over confident but all around good guy that is in over his head. If this is the case, then unlikely he has blown through much more than the parts for 10 games.
Do people think a bunch of cash is mysteriously gone?

I can tell you where I think some of that money went, although its just speculation.
You can't tell me over the past several years he was spendin on his own dime to travel and transport the prototype Predator Pinball to Pinball Shows. I'm sure that was looked at as a business travel expense and it came out of the Skit B till to fund these trips.

#3055 4 years ago

Last night's purchases in anticipation of the BiG Smoke at KimballsPinballs and TPF next weekend.
Might have to light one tonight.....just cuz

#3370 4 years ago

He isn't responding individually to emails. At this time NO ONE yet has posted that they have received a personalized response or better yet a real refund yet.

This thing is really starting to stink guys.
I hope you guys get your money back.

#3597 4 years ago

The situation is this. Wheither or not he is attempting a Hail Mary with Heighway Pinball to make this pin happen. His reputation is completely tarnished at this point. Step one is to refund all those that have requested it in the past month, weeks and days. If something can be salvaged with Heighway Pinball than a new preorder can be made with them should the project have a chance in hell to come together.

Also has anyone received a personalized email response yet?

Finally on the issue of refunds, I think none have been sent recently as it is clear that some if not all of the funds are gone. And he is trying to figure out how to evenly distribute what is left if any.

#5676 4 years ago

159 posts in this thread since I last opened it up at lunch time. Nothing but the same folks bitching back and forth between one another on was it a scam or wasn't it. Blah, blah, blah. I've come to the point of not even reading people's follow-ups because its been the same BS for 10 pages now. Bottom line agree to disagree..... group hug.

I'm simply looking for a post that says "i got my refund!"
Everything else yall are bitching about is point less in this thread anymore until we see refunds are being issued.

P.S. I got the mysterious emails from Greg Wells as well. I didn't post them as I was concerned the information within that email was true or not. I did send them to anyone that asked, as well as my close friends that were on the pre-order.I figured since Martin was working on a story and he is reputable in our hobby it would best to let him annouce the facts in bis story as he had gathered them. That's not to say that I have kept my mouth shut on this. I was one of the first in here that brought my concerns to the table about this project back in the fall of 2014. To some it was eye opening, to others I was considered a hater with no faith in Kevin and the project. That was never the case. I never wanted this to fail, I have several friends that were in on the game and at this point are hopelessly waiting on their refunds.

#5778 4 years ago

Quick question. For those that are in denial that it was a scam.

Will your mind change when you don't receive a refund?

#5930 4 years ago

Another day......same bs, now the finger pointing is directed at the AG for this going down.
Really? I don't think AG has over $750k of your money tied up do they, although I know someone that does.

Still no one stating "i received my full refund!"

Let me guess he'll start issuing them in .....two weeks. Reminds me of the movie "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long "two weeks"

2 weeks later
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