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Post #13528 Audio recording from Jan 27 court hearing regarding bankruptcy filing Posted by Wolfmarsh (2 years ago)

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#4752 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I'm just saying, before you start call out people as immoral for buying a unlicensed game that should have been licensed, you might want to take an indepth look at your own buying history. I wouldn't dare pass judgment on someone for buying something unlicensed, known fake, or some other item like that, because we all have something we bought that probably falls in that category. And if we want to keep seeing cool shit become available, we need to not care either way.

that's how the Chinese took my job! did not pay design people.same as stealing! no one cares until it bites them.i don't care if its a topper a machine or anything else

#4858 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

Kevin even had dear ol mom pushing Predator at Expo a few years back. Does this make her an accomplice?

it does if she made the boys chocolate chip cookies without a proper re-lease\license from neestle

#5114 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

It would be a whole new level of sad if Kevin is still lying now about this.

it would be a whole new level of stupid to believe he is not lying..

#5204 4 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

That just makes you lucky, not smart.

you just might hear from them in the morning after they read your post tonight

#5279 4 years ago

do paypal transfer fees apply in all this?

#5491 4 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

I hope you realize is what an IMPOSSIBLE situation we were all in.
If we run to the masses and present the second (and third) hand forwarded anonymous emails as fact, and it turns out to be bogus....we killed a project for no reason.
If we do nothing, and it is true...that's a bad position, too.
Also, if we ran out with the information early and presented it as fact...it WOULD have killed the project, right then and there. We would have been blamed at that point....like, "why didn't you guys fact-check this?" and "how can you trust a bunch of anonymous guys? You don't even know who they are!"
Even now, I really can't judge if they had an agenda, or axe to grind. None of them came to us, that's for sure.

no question in my mind that anyone who get this email first or second hand was thrilled to get it..how would anyone handle not being able to confirm or not? say what to who?again no way to confirm.you have a grenade in your hand with no pin and no where to throw it.

#5577 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

If it was a scam to steal money from the start, then it was one of the worst executed scams I've ever heard of.

you cant say that's the worst scams executed did you forget we live in the state of Illinois?

#5584 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

By "worst" scam, I didn't me the largest in scope. I meant the most poorly executed.

I stand corrected.lol

#6091 4 years ago
Quoted from jasonp:

Kevin must love reading this thread so he can weigh all of his options and what all affected people are saying and doing.

hi all- yes he is reading along with about a thousand other people.not all pinball people.people not involved in pinball might just look at all of this while reading these posts thinking this group of people reflect pinball as a whole..you might want to think about it for a second.im just thinking in future pinball deals with fox or anyone else might get that special look..you know the look

#6148 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

i don't think that if an established pinball manufacturer wants to talk with fox licensing that he has to worry about getting a "special look"... let's invent a guy, hmm, we will call him "gary"... gary has a proven track record of producing his products, following contracts and paying his bills...
after introductions and pleasantries are exchanged...
gary: ok. i want to make a commercial product with your ip attached... i'd like to use x, y and z... i want to use it in "these" ways... what are my options and what will it cost?
fox: we have total control over "x", and it will cost you $A... we have to consult with someone's agent on "y", they may or may not agree, and it will likely cost you $B... you cannot do "z" at all...
gary commences with seeing if he can get "y"...
in conjunction with this, he also finds the cost of the music rights he needs via the same method with different people...
he then does his math, chops out stuff dependent on cost and availability, decides if it's feasible, and signs the necessary contracts if it is feasible...
then he pays what he is supposed to when he is supposed to...
why on earth would someone who has a proven track record "get that special look" because some idiot in a basement decided to try and pull a fast one on fox?

I should have been more clear..not a company with a proven track record.i stand corrected.

#6152 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

fwiw, had kevin gone to fox ip to begin with, he would have gotten a "special look" anyway, as after all, he is just some kid in the basement... but that would be true regardless of which widget he wanted to make... if you think joe schmoe can just wander in off the street and say "hey fox ip guy, i want to make this" and the fox ip guy doesn't say "before we discuss any details, provide me the following about your business and we will get back to you", you need to change your way of thinking...
so no, nothing has really changed at all from the perspective of acquiring licensing...

no i did not think that easy at all.so if you think you have something to manufacture as a start up company you don't stand a chance? i don't know so im asking...

#6328 4 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Funny Nib, you don't sound angry.
Any bets on if/when SkitB goes to any shows? Yikes!

the lady at paypal told me he is not allowed to go to any shows

#6332 4 years ago
Quoted from belairjoe:

the lady at paypal told me he is not allowed to go to any shows</blockquo sorry all.i promise myself no jokes at all on this as very serious for some people and I am a firm believer in face to face comments or jokes an don't want to offend unless in person.these points have not been talked about so much because but down the road when you all get your money,,new machines will come an go...the 200 -250 who order can go to any show and most likely get a free beer...where could kevin safetly park his car at shows with out damage? even group x or y whatever they are called will be some what effected in the future good and bad.the world forgets hero's ..

#6336 4 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

pinball grab ass
9481ca2a650600d3253f39c6d2db9f2a.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

ok...im in on THIS pre-order!

#6570 4 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

LASTLY .. if YOU don't need any more information provided to you then what the heck are you doing here?? What more are you expecting to get from this thread? I keep coming back looking for new information or updates. What's your problem with all of the personal attacks?

im here because the lady at pay pal told im not allowed to leave

#6679 4 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I know how much it costs to build a prototype, including the BOM, having done so, I know how much it costs to get molds made for vacuum forming ramps, I know the cost/time involved in coding a game with the depth of Predator, having done that (and having seen the Predator code), I know how much effort/time it takes to create the animations and sound, having done that, I know how much it costs to hire an artist to do playfield and cabinet art, and I have reasonable knowledge on how much going to a show and travel cost, and I have a decent enough sense of how many shows he went to.
You are correct, I do not know how much he paid himself as I also don't know how much income he had coming in from other sources that would impact that. But sans that, I believe that based on what I do know, that my educated estimate is in the correct ball park.
I also know that it does not matter what I say here, since you have already decided to disregard my opinion on this, which you certainly have every right to do.

strange you bring up these points.when I first get on pinside the two big points I find id people like to challenge for really little to no gain..second thing I notice is very little experience as to the real cost of manufacturing .mostly guessing.no clue of mold costs as you mention as well as so many small cost and problems that add up fast..besides all this it takes manufacturing experience to pull off something like this..this project never went that far so kevin never made it out of the gate in reality.no need to convince those who are not fully involved in a major production project ..just smile and be thank full you have a clue

#6809 4 years ago
Quoted from cooldan:

don't twist my words please. i was talking about piracy, and so not paying for something, rather than taking it from someone. distinctly different. and yes, i do think rulebreakin' is cool, thanks for the suggestion. breakin' the law! breakin' the law!
gif beavis wigging out.gifgif beavis and butthead - dance.gifbeavis n b.gif
maybe you'd be happier playing a Wizard of Oz or something?

wow! a new twist on theft..just use different words

#6903 4 years ago

the next step is to hit another pinsider in the head with a rock and say its him its him!! then I chime in"whysnow was talking to the pay pal lady" its him its him!..

#7202 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

there is a reason that very few creative people run businesses... because they can't get out of their "creative world" and deal with the other 95% of the "stuff" you gotta do (like, oh, "production", for example)...

production? just minor details..i have a dream! channel 11 told me I was special..im also a bad ass because I say so..yes..the other 95% is what people should have questioned.

#7320 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

This is what it says about downvote:
"Downvote posts you disagree with, that are off-topic or that add little to Pinside."
I disagree with your accusatory rhetoric. I disagree with the immature way you are trying to "out people" who happen to live in 2 states as though their residence has anything to do with anything. Here's some sleuthing for dummies. AG were all buyers. Rob and I have never been buyers. We just think you're being a dick. End of story.

What is this, an interrogation? Who are you to tell me how I should answer your non stop accusations? What is this, the Pinside equivalent waterboarding? You think if you keep going and going you'll get the answer you want? It's not my job to be part of your nonsense....how about you start acting like a rational adult!

Look in the mirror, hypocrite. Me making it personal!? I was content to just read this thread to see if there was any new information about the situation, hopefully people getting their refunds. I didn't want to clutter it with this type of PinDrama BS...so hit the DISAGREE button when I saw people acting poorly....like you, with your incessant witch hunt tactics. I only popped in when YOU called me out by name...and now you're making personal references toward my job. I'm getting personal!? Again...do you lack all self awareness? You brought my name into it, and unfortunately I don't like to stay quiet when bullies and/or hypocrites are flapping their gums.

wow! possible new theme! pinball waterboarding...

#7483 4 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

I understand the pt your making. It would have been great to ask questions like
What is the process issuing refunds?
Who's first, second third?
What would you tell your preorder customers who are reading this infuriated with the lack of responses from you, when will they get their refund? Paypal versus paid by check?
So you collected $1M. What is the total amount you have left to refund?

these questions should have been the entire interview.nothing else matter now....

#7566 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Easy killer. Kevin lied to everyone, even the vendors. There is only one person blame should be directed at: Kevin Kulek.
Make sure to type out his name in full whenever you reference him. Google will eventually pick it up and search results for his name will start filling up with what he did to people.

no question kevin is the only one to blame but these vendors were one of your 'safety valves' and should have asked for to see this fox agreement before they even looked at work he wanted done.not blaming don't get me wrong but this is part of producing a product like this..if one vendor miss this maybe no problem but all vendors did not ask to see paperwork...wow...

#7765 4 years ago
Quoted from AaronJames:

image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

about the only good thing to come out of this.

#7769 4 years ago
Quoted from PEN:

Another reason why more people from our state did not give him money. Most of us have or do work in manufacturing on some level.
I really hope he pays back every cent, even if it takes him years of making payments. Even if it were all some honest mistake, I would feel so bad for what I had done that I would work as many hours and jobs to pay it back ASAP.

thank you!.most people with any kind of manufacturing back ground would question this project ip or not..

#7875 4 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

To think, this all could have been avoided by acquiring the license up front.

license or not this guy was not going to manufacture this machine.simple as that..another bullshitter with a big dream..no manufacturing experience...no sense in the least of how to do business..no clue or real plan just going week to week hoping all would turn out ok ...then the last mail....not even stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility fully for the out come of all this..this is a classic bull shit artist in all sense of the word..no punk rocker just another punk ass..license does not =finished machine.be thankfull this finally in the hands of FBI who don't care about how cool you are or hey wanna free glow stick..kevin will have to answer for all this now..his time has run out and all you people who paid just have to wait a bit longer for a real answer instead of this guessing if kevin spent the money ..

#7935 4 years ago
Quoted from PEN:

I don't think he is an evil guy. He just has serious issues that unfortunately effected his judgment, and character. A simple admission of facts, followed by apology and restitution is the only path to to fixing this. I know people want him to sit in jail....I don't know all the facts well enough to make a wise opinion on jail and or mental health help.
In my opinion regardless of the outcome, counseling of some sort would be a great idea ASAP.

yes counseling...that's what they called it at st. Martha catholic school back in the day so the people at the hospital did not ask questions

#7964 4 years ago

love the humor in this thread..but more than likely not a joke..since most of you stay in reality most of the time I see you can not think like he does..this true..my bet is someday he will try to make another game...in his mind he has to ..this is how these people think..i know hard to believe but I have seen this kind of thing before.2 years...10 years... someday this major ham bone will make his gallant return to pinball............beware..

#8025 4 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

It's not like we were groomed overnight. They had a prototype and charisma. They were regularly on the boards for more than a year. Basically, if he had a license to begin with, there's a good possibility these would have been made, even if they had to outsource production.

license does not = machine.this project was nothing more than a dream..i have read this a few times on other posts on pinside to outsource......what do you think that would do to original selling price?..outsource to who? I don't think other pinball manufacturing companies are waiting for people to walk in off the street with projects..to manufacture and support a project like this takes much more insight,production experience and money than kevin could ever hope to achieve..he never even faced full production with all the problems that go with that ...charisma?? is that the new word their using these days for a bullshitter??

#8027 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

Send me all the parts, I'll put the f*#king machine together myself.

good point already...the time and planning to get parts alone takes more than people really know or understand in most manufacturing projects.you depend on other vendors and their quality and delivery..did he order in lots of 20pcs? 60? are some items back ordered from vendor holding up schedule? was keven the qc guy? lol....while all this going on where is all this being done?.then the phone support..im sure in his little home shop he does not have a full shop with tools..to manufacture a prototype is not cheap or easy...but much harder to produce in numbers.my work experience was based on cleaning up the production mess on the tooling side from machine builders and dreamers like kevin..

#8029 4 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Wow, where were you two years ago?

in the hospital with a massive stroke...why? if I would have come on here and given my view I would have been blasted down same as others..im not at all trying to be a "i told you so"...I just wonder why these questions and concerns are not really addressed as a general rule here on pinside..these questions come from my work life before I buy anything..thats why I say this just a dream..i also read thru many posts and see many clear warning signs..this comes from my manufacturing background...no experience with production AT ALL...no factory,no qc.no money of his own....yes even in hospital for 6 weeks 3 more months in rehab end up mostly blind and some brain damage for real but still I could feel this was nothing more than a dream..the end results prove this to be fact..

#8102 4 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Free as in we're paying for it.

I know lawyer paid by hour etc....anyone have a clue on basic cost to have lawyer represent them on this? $400? 600? ..

#8149 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Gotcha. No one has determined who Kevin's lawyer is as of yet then?
If I were that guy and reading this thread seeing how angry everyone was and that it was getting worse I would consider a press release of some kind since his client's last public words were refunds were being processed...keeping us in the dark is clearly just resulting in the customers (if we can even call ourselves that) all taking aggressive independent actions.
Keeping us in the dark is probably not the best idea.

yes not the best idea for all you guys who paid but im thinking whoever his lawyer is sees that big old chunk of your money and is thinking what is best for him .the longer it takes...the more hours he bills

#8155 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Exactly right.

I'm not convinced the money we paid in is being used to fund the defense. It just doesn't seem wise to use the misappropriated funds that were generated from the crime/bad act to defend yourself from the legal actions stemming from the crime/bad act. That, in and of itself, is using our money for a purpose other than what he took it in on.
Repurposing our money to his personal legal defense is just as bad of an act as taking it from us under a lie to begin with. If Kevin is doing this he is digging an even bigger hole.

no question about a deep hole but I would think with no real corporation and using paypal more than likely as his business account that his personal money,and his business money are in some what of a mix..this only my guess.im not attacking lawyers but they see things in the legal sense not the moral sense or what seems to be the right thing to do may not happen.as of yet we have not heard exactly what his defense will be..because he said things on pinside does not mean this will be the approach his lawyer will take in his defense.so very important to all that whoever goes to court first will come back on to pinside with the exact facts of what kevin and company are using as a defense for this.....keep feelings out of it so the facts stay clear for all to see and use

#8161 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Co mingling...I bet he had no separation.

yes i think same but did not want to get some people on here mad with my guess..he did not do most other things in the correct business manner so im thinking complete chaos with the money part also..

#8242 4 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

What if the settlement comes down to:
Each unsatisfied Predator buyer and up to 3 guests can use the SkitB vacation home in Midland, MI for 1 weekend date (Saturday or Sunday) once every 3 years with unlimited access to high-end photography equipment and up to 10 partially constructed Predator pinball machines.

throw in the "Lady from paypal" for the weekend and im in!

3 weeks later
#8629 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I like your attitude.
Life definitely goes on, but I will be making sure Kevin refunds my money eventually. It may not make it back to my pocket but rest assured Kevin will pay for this theft for the rest of his years.
I have a long memory and the opportunity will present itself eventually.

this is now the proper attitude to take.maybe you will get money back maybe not.to make any threat or anything like that not good for your future..but to simply state you will not forget and will be ready in case opportunity knock is the way to go....maybe 1-week...maybe 5 years..don't matter.maybe at a ball game,when he is having dinner and thinks its ok,or maybe walking thru airport..as long as kevin understand long term that people will not forget.some people will not forgive.your reading all this kevin.think your lawyer can help you in the bathroom at a hot dog stand or maybe a day at the beach nice and relaxed...this how things work.you will always wonder who forgive and forget and who will not..easy to laugh now thinking you get away protected by the law.skip any karma bullshit blah blah blah..some people not stand for this based on principles in their lives and a sense of justice..funny? better get yourself a neck brace because you will need from turning your neck to see if any one following you.took me 8.5 years to discuss a deal that I loss money from lies that I needed for my family..no threats..no badass crap.laugh louder kevin..same as my rip off artist.they call this guy captain kid now as during our discussing the finer points of business he somehow loss his eye sight in one eye..hoping for the best for you also and if you need a pirate patch in the future drop me a line

#8637 4 years ago
Quoted from joestro78:

Is "in the bathroom at a hot dog stand" some kind of weird code?

no not weird code.just a lot of people in kevins shoes seem to have accidents in bathrooms in their local hot dog stand or bar..my guess slipping on water on the floor and cracking their heads open on the sink.many of these types of accidents.once saw a thief when I was younger slip and his hand end up in deep fryer at a jack in the box..just saying accidents do happen .

#8719 4 years ago
Quoted from Matt_Rasmussen:

Come on man, I was commenting on some posts in general, that have shown up recently. It's not about you, go back and read that part of the thread again.

trekie-relax...pretty sure people refer to me about some of these posts in general.i was not in position or able to comment 24 hours ago...don't really care to now and do not attend every argument im invited to..my comments start long time ago not just recently..fact is I should have not made some of these comments as does not help in the short term.that said no matter who loss what I am would never be on board like so many here to in any way effect his family.cops coming over or the middle of the night cop interview ok by me..but waking up kids.etc ..OSHA? parts removed from basement? by who?..kevin must pay and be responsible and answer..not kids.only kevins direct actions must effect his family...not actions by us

#8728 4 years ago

"fallen victim to the same hysteria"....is that what they are calling not getting a machine or your money back?..almost june now.....restart production..don't you need some kind of factory for that? .....

1 week later
#8944 4 years ago

hi all....are refunds still happening or have they now stopped? what time was last one and did anyone keep track of total people and money that has been refunded so far?

#9200 4 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Yea, but threatening bodily harm to someone on a forum that's publicly accessible and against forum rules shows disrespect towards the forum and results in a thread eject.
I'm also not sure the backstory on this "Amish" thing but if folks are using this to rag on them, i don't think that's cool either.

this forum was used to bait,then steal 250k from trusting customers.even"PINSIDE" must admit their part in keeping this scam going.dont confuse disrespect with with responsibility on pinsides part..you burn people for money..expect shit to happen.dont want people pissed,dont steal money and you don't have to worry about threats

2 months later
#9499 4 years ago

lets hope people are not killed for no turn signal or driving slow in left lane.i live in Illinois and the bodies would stack up like cord wood in seconds blocking my driveway.

5 months later
#10232 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

You couldn't give me a Predator or Magic Girl machine for free. I'd just set it on fire.

no! this machine should be displayed at every pinball show possible forever.it should have a large photo of kk as a topper with that red flashing warning light. large place cards with accurate info on this scam for others coming into this hobby to read.

1 week later
#10295 3 years ago

yes I heard the post office will be coming out with their new "'criminal series" of stamps

2 years later
#18237 8 months ago

car,bike that is reported stolen will stay on hot list in illinois. dont matter if you bought as 2nd 3rd or any other buyer.original owner can claim ownership with title and you must return..happen to me 10 years ago.if you buy with out title almost impossible to get title direct thru illinois..title can be obtained from other state if old enough..i did this with bike and travel trailer

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