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By Xerico

4 years ago

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#1749 4 years ago

Nate Shivers nailed it (again)...his podcast was a bullseye shot.

I don't have any coin on Predator...but, in the name of rational sanity, how can Kevin take money and then do a political dance?

Just come out and tell your pre-order folks what the deal is. Invite them to your shop to see what kind of supplies you have for making the game!

It's pretty simple. You can't take people's money under the guise of promised product and then refuse to be transparent when the sh*t has apparently hit the fan.

Just curious, when pre-order folks forked over cash...was there legalese / fine print detailing the rights of the buyer in a detailed pre-order agreement??

This is totally nuts.

#1753 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I think there was just money sent with Kevin keeping track of deposits on the back of a napkin, ie. No formal contract.
My word is my bond type of deal.


Quoted from Enaud:

I've reviewed all my emails from Skit-B. No formal contracts, but the email confirmations of the transaction should suffice as a bill of sale. Also, I didn't see the company anywhere identified as a LLC. So, if this is a private agreement between two (actually 250) parties, I guess small claims court would be the step to follow, should the entire project fail with no refunds/settlements.
I hope the project succeeds! I want my #212!!!

I hope you get your game, too. Sorry you're having to live this out.

Just out of curiosity, how much did he require for a preorder reserve?

2 weeks later
#2891 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Fox is a business, I'm sure they'd rather get a check from Kevin than be involved with some lengthy legal proceeding.


If he truly used without permission, the suits at Fox will squash him like a bug

#2893 4 years ago

I thought Nate Shivers brought up a really good point. Game or no game...is the game Kevin is saying he'll build really even that good? Theme is good...the Multiball video I saw looked cool...gameplay didn't blow my mind...BUT, you never can really tell how a game plays until you get your hands on it.

I'd be curious to hear from some people that have actually played it

#3030 4 years ago

Would be humorous if he announced all 250 machines were shipping on April Fools Day.


#3206 4 years ago

Meanwhile, at the Skit-B Headquarters...


#3216 4 years ago
Quoted from GGBGROUP:

Is this their hq facility?


Probably something more like this:

7 Empty cell.jpg

#3245 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

I've gotten nothing from all his email address, text message, etc... He better not make us show up to his house to be acknowledged.

I'm actually wondering...at what point will people start escalating this beyond trying to send an email?

Just to be clear - I'm not suggesting or advocating physical altercations at all.

But, when you have thousands upon thousands of other people's money...and you've dabbled with radio silence and brutally obvious dodge techniques...one has to assume that someone is eventually going to go beyond a computer screen and attempt to at least talk to this guy face-to-face.

His reputation as a manufacturer has taken a HUGE hit...at the very minimum he needs to step-up as a person and have a true heart to heart with his buyer/investors.

#3605 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Regardless of how bad this situation currently is, it is pretty disgusting some of the posting of personal info and threats of vigilantly justice. Honestly sickens me more than a potential loss of game or money.

Right on. You can go about things in that fashion.

#3615 4 years ago

So is this guy currently holding between $3K and $5K for about 200 collectors?

#4726 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Fox wouldn't want to set a precedent

Ding-ding. This is it...you start to tussle with companies over IP and they give you an inch...that means the next guy can take an inch too...

If Fox isn't game with Kevin's project, then no-way no-how they'll call the dogs off until it is completely gone.

#4754 4 years ago
Quoted from Pubaw:

So you want other pinball players to pay for your loss? If you bought a stock and it went to zero, do you want other investors to pay for your loss? Tis is not like a family lost their house in a fire and need charity to provide a shelter and food for small children. This is not like a 10 year old boy/girl having a brain tumor and needing funds to go to Disney World. This is people (some silly for closing their eyes at all the red flags) that bought an object from a crooked vendor. You learn from your mistakes. Try not to do the same thing again in the future. Asking for others to pay for your mistake is way out of line imo.

I'm all for being charitable and hear the sentiment...but I have to agree...this is not a charitable situation. I feel really bad for folks that have funds that won't be refunded. But it's a little ridiculous to suggest that others should donate to help recoup money for folks that were wealthy enough to layout a few grand as an investment. We've all lost money at some point in this hobby...wether it was buying parts that didn't work quite right...mods that ended up being junk...or perhaps seeing the market value of a machine drop. To equate this predator fiasco to a true charitable worthy event is a total stretch.

#4882 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Wasted a bit of work time this morning reading the comments and the articles.
A big problem I have is with all the anonymous story seeding. Why did anonymous have to protect Fox instead of alerting all the pre-owners? How were they beholden to Fox and not pre-owners? Oh, Fox told you to sit tight? Ok, because suddenly Fox is the CIA and you have to listen to them? Fox was only out to protect Fox's interests of course.
Beans should've been spilled once it was learned the license didn't exist.

I agree with this 100%.

To quote the anonymous... they said that they kept "key members of the hobby and selected Pinsiders (mainly trusted & respected Immortals)" in the loop.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Seriously? "Immortals"????

That really rubs me the wrong way.

Just wreaks of lame.

So it's okay to let the "Immortals" in on the fact that plane is going to crash...but ole' Joe who worked just as hard for the money that's about to be compromised? Leave him in the dark.

This is not some game...we're talking about money which equates to a lot in our crazy societies.

While an interesting read, that whole wordpress document should have been circulated among every known pre-order collector known long ago. Long, long ago. Seems a little self-serving to pop-it-out in public right before Pinball News publishes. What's the purpose? Wouldn't the Pinball News article be enough?

If you were quiet up until now...I say just stay quiet and let the pro write about it.

Something just smells there. The "anonymous" owed more to the folks with skin in the game.

#4906 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The immortals part is just about the fun little Pinside titles you have by your name. Addict, guru, immortal, legend, whatever.

Roger that, Aurich. I guess that went completely over my head.

But still think they should have tried be as inclusive as possible with everyone involved. If not to try and get money back...at least be aware of what is going on.

#5494 4 years ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

I can only imagine how ridiculous his fake papers would have read...
"I, Rupert Murdoch, give my best bud Kevin permission to build the awesomest Predator pin ever. Oh yeah, Arnie and Jessie are cool with it too."

Made official with one of these:


#5853 4 years ago
Quoted from CaryCarmichael:

BTW. I enjoyed the coast (even after reading the WordPress piece and, yes getting upset). Then my family and I got to go to the Kauai Island Brewing Company, meet the brewer, drink some of his tasty brew, and play some games with him.
If anyone was worried.

Na Pali Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world... lots of sharks...but worth taking a swim if you get a chance. That mountainous coastline crashing into the Pacific... a slice of heaven on earth.

Enjoy it!

#5945 4 years ago

This Kevin guy should wise-up and start dispersing funds. Now. It looks like buyers are getting their CC companies involved. They're not going to mess around and play footsie over thousands in cash that they've refunded to clients.

What a mess.

3 weeks later
#7600 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

That rebuttal is lame, it doesn't answer a single question straight and is the worst apology ever. It leaves out all the crazy sh*t Kevin did and said. When the facts from this thread are overlaid with his story, it is sad to see how involved Kevin Kulek actually was in this whole fraud.

He does play a very weird "ignorance makes it okay" card. It's also strange how he intimates that just a month ago he had almost ironed everything out...but that the fervor created on the net has basically ruined everything.

I call shenanigans on that. If the deal was good, the deal would be good whether folks were throwing fits or not.

Lesson for anyone looking to manufacture anything: due diligance and professional help is a necessity from the start. Being blind is only going to cause problems.

#7788 4 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

This might be of some value to you all for your investigation. This is about an hour of video I shot at TPF 2014, 1 on 1 with Kevin Kulek. I have not watched it in a while, but I do recall that we discuss all of the "hot issues" at the time.
PART 1 - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/45518345
PART 2 - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/45519268

Watch Part 1 at 21:35.

This Kevin guy is stumbling and bumbling along about payments and about the availability of parts...almost sounds like he's just making stuff up as he's going along. At the minimum he is unsure of answers.

If you're going to run a business...and collect close to a $1 million from customers for a product, you need to have your house in order...you need to know specifics....I guess hindsight is always 20/20, but it is painfully obvious that this guy truly is just some dude trying to build a game in his basement.


1 year later
#14825 2 years ago

Is this the same Keith that's taking care of the legal push? If so... this is pretty amusing, if not a bit ironic!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.42.52 AM (resized).png

#14830 2 years ago

Yeah... that's a fairly epic pinside fail.

Too many charlatans getting sued in this hobby... can't keep'm straight!

240499 (resized).jpg

#14936 2 years ago

It's really hard to root for someone's life to come crashing down and fall apart... but, damn... these folks brought this upon themselves. And their resistance to the truth is digging them deeper.

You gotta wonder at what point life is so bad that you'd consider pulling a stupid - illegal - scheme like this.

I know a guy that just went to jail with a multi-decade sentence for a fake real estate investment scheme that stole close to $350k from a small group of investors. Pretty shocking - and needless to say, he's ruined.

Good lesson: be honest and be a good person. Way easier that way.

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