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The official PinCrossing Players Association thread.

By pepermintswirl

5 years ago

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#46 3 years ago

Kicking up the ol' PinCrossing thread to promote the Holiday League. We're running a three-week match-play session in December where you can use your Fall bank scores (or log new ones)!

1 month later
#49 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Can someone please confirm or deny that the next monthly Pincrossing is set for 1/14?

PinCrossing's going to be switching to a Quarterly Tournament format (as opposed to Monthly). We're still working out the details, but we envision the first one is going to take place in February.

#50 3 years ago

Jay hosted a NYE pinball party at his home. Here are the results:


Thanks to everyone who came out to Jay's Place for the NYE Tournament!

Amy Miller won the hidden flipper game and took home an awesome framed Pinsanity poster. Pete Tsipouras won the "Dollar Game" by rolling Captain Fantastic TWICE and posting a score of over 200,000! Nathaniel Gibson won both A Division and the Classics Contest, and Pete Tsipouras took home B Division.

Be sure to check out the photos from the event!

A Division Finals:
1 - Nathaniel Gibson
2 - Joe Miller
3 - Jay Robinson
4 - Matt Minton

B Division Finals:
1 - Pete Tsipouras
2 - Brandon Service
3 - Corey Hulse
4 - Gavin Robinson

Classics Competition:
1 - Nathaniel Gibson
2 - Brian Mills
3 - Michael Reimer
4 - Kristine Hulse
4 - Corey Hulse

#51 3 years ago

Winter Pinball is Coming! PinCrossing's Winter League starts on Jan 4 with Orientation & Bank Score Night, and League Play starting on Jan 11.

#53 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Please explain what the hidden flipper game is. Thanks!

Basically, we throw a sheet of cardboard over the bottom portion of the glass so that you kind of know where it's going but you can't be sure. Jay did it on Joker Poker for the event. It covered up until right before the lane divider, so you had an idea if the ball went outlane or if you should take a guess on when to hit it because it went inlane.

It makes for a fun side game that people can do if they're waiting for the next round to start. I've attached a picture.

15774883_929329563835828_6317011682358018219_o (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#54 3 years ago

From the Facebook page:

Announcing the PinCrossing Winter Open on February 25, 2017!

* Main Tournament *
Limited Entry Qualifying (Four Games Count)
PAPA-Style Finals for Top Qualifiers in Multiple Divisions
$5 for 2 Entries; Max 12 Entries

* Selfie League Finals *
Qualify RIGHT NOW by playing Fathom, KISS (Bally), Medieval Madness, and Metallica and posting your scores to the PinCrossing Selfie League
PAPA-Style Finals for Top Qualifiers in Multiple Divisions

* Fun Contests for All Skill Levels *
Come out and try your hand at our side contents for all skill levels! More to be announced soon!

PinCrossingWinterOpen (resized).png

1 week later
#56 3 years ago

A few items to share:

We have a Rob Zombie's Spookshow International on site:

Winter League Session #2 starts tonight at 7pm. The points reset, so come on out and join us!

Session #1 Results:
Congrats to those who won their group match-ups during Session 1 and are in the running for end-of-season prizes: Brian Service (2 wins), Mike Kalinowski (2 wins), Michael Reimer, Daniel Gilbert, Joe Miller, John DeOliveira, Dennis Gilbert, David Bartholomew, Billy Gilbert, and Ryan Boyle.

Session #1 Top 5:
1. Nathaniel Gibson - 64pts
2. Pete Tsipouras - 62pts
3. Corey Hulse - 60pts
4. Jay Robinson - 58pts
5. Billy Gilbert - 56pts

#58 3 years ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

Does the tournament on the 25th start at 11 AM sharp? I'm guessing the rules are different than how we played at the December tournament. Can someone post the rules for the tournament? I'm a newb and don't know what "limited entry qualifying" is.

We'll have eight machines designated for the tournament. Your best four games will count towards the standings, but the limited part is that you can only play up to 12 games. This is as opposed to unlimited entry tournaments, where you can keep buying as many entries and play as many times as you want during the qualifying. We limit it to prevent the lines for the games from backing up, and because we do everything in a day. Other tournaments may choose to do unlimited, and I've seen that where there is a much longer qualifying period.

Entries are two for $5, so if you buy four entries and put up mega scores, you don't need to pay for any more qualifying games. If you don't like your scores, you can buy entries two at the time, either until you're happy with the scores or until hit 12 entries. This also maxes out the entry you'd pay to $30.

Aside from the main tournament, we'll have the Selfie League and some other side games to play.

Let me know if there is any other clarification needed!

1 week later
#74 3 years ago

Hey everyone! Results from League Night at PinCrossing:


1. Pete Tsipouras - 66 pts.
2. Daniel Gilbert - 60 pts.
3. Dennis Gilbert - 59 pts.
4. Corey Hulse - 56 pts.
5. Brian Service - 54 pts.
5. Joe Miller - 54 pts.
5. Michael Reimer - 54 pts.

Congrats to the following winners who won their groups and qualify for a chance at end-of-season prizes: Daniel Gilbert (2x), Dennis Gilbert (2x), Joe Miller (2x), Brian Service, Billy Gilbert, Mike Kalinowski, Michael Reimer, Matthew King, Brandon Service, John DeOliveira, and Kristine Hulse!

Join us for Session 3 starting on Feb 22!

#75 3 years ago
Quoted from dsmoke1986:

Any new additions to the lineup lately?

Current line-up for the curious:

America's Most Haunted
The Addams Family (snap snap)
Centaur II
Game of Thrones
KISS (Bally)
KISS (Stern)
Mata Hari
Medieval Madness (Remake)
Monster Bash
Rob Zombie's Spookshow International
TX Sector (tx tx tx)

#77 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Is Rob Zombie fixed? I was there Saturday and it was down.

Still down, unfortunately. I am unsure of the current diagnosis, but my understanding is that Jay has been in communications with Spooky Pinball.

#78 3 years ago

Hey everyone, just wanted to share the games that were selected for the Winter Open, taking place on Feb 25.


Main Tournament:
The Addams Family | Centaur II | Dracula | Game of Thrones | KISS (Stern) | Mata Hari | Monster Bash | TX Sector

Selfie League Finals:
Fathom | KISS (Bally) | Medieval Madness | Metallica

Side Contests:
Covered Flipper Game -> The bottom half of the playfield is covered. Can you get the high score?
Dollar Game - Pay $1 to enter, and high score wins the whole pot!
PLUS, enjoy great food and drink from Railroad Bar & Grill!

11:00am - Doors Open
11:30am - Qualifying Begins for Main
3:00pm - All entries for Selfie League MUST be submitted
3:30pm - Selfie League Finals
4:30pm - All entries for Main MUST be started by this time
5:00pm - Main Tournament Finals
6:00pm - Side Contests Conclude

Game lineups are tentative depending on game conditions the day of the event.

1 week later
#80 3 years ago

Hey everyone, wanted to share the results of the Winter Open.


Thanks for everyone who came out to the PinCrossing Winter Open! After a combined 402 games of pinball between all the players, we had a TIE between Nathaniel Gibson and Jay Robinson, which was hashed out over a final game of Bally KISS. Congrats to Nathaniel on the win!

Ken Rossi won $33 on the “Dollar Game” of Funhouse, and Michael Reimer took home a t-shirt by being the “Hidden Flipper” champion on America’s Most Haunted.

A Division
1 - Nathaniel Gibson
2 - Jay Robinson
3 - Michael Reimer
4 - Ken Rossi

B Division
1 - Amy Miller
2 - Casey Cuene
3 - Justin Semke
4 - Nick Mirando

Selfie League
1 - Nathaniel Gibson
2 - Michael Reimer
3 - Corey Hulse
4 - Brian Service

2 weeks later
#81 3 years ago

Hey everyone, results from the Winter League Finals.

Spring League Dates:
Orientation / Bank Score Night March 22 -
Session #1 - March 29 -


PinCrossing had our own "March Madness" in the Winter League Finals with a four-way tie after round-robin play in A-Division. We went to a single tie-breaker game on Centaur II that featured a drama-filled contest which included a flipper button popping out mid-game! Congrats to Nathaniel Gibson for taking down the trophy. Brian Service swept his games for the B-Division crown and Ryan Boyle took home the C-Division title.

Spring League starts soon! March 22 is Orientation & Bank Score Night, and March 29 is Week 1. Come out and join us!

1. Nathaniel Gibson
2 (tie). Daniel Gilbert, Joe Miller, Jay Robinson

1. Brian Service
2 (tie). Mike Kalinowski, Michael Reimer, Brandon Service

1. Ryan Boyle
2 (tie). John DeOliviera, Amy Miller

1 week later
#82 3 years ago

Hey Everyone! Spring League starts this upcoming week on March 29:

3 months later
#87 3 years ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

Is there a date yet for the August tournament?

Jay and I are wrapping up some details, and should have something to announce soon for a date.

1 week later
#89 3 years ago

Since some of the PinCrossing regulars are going to be going to Pinburgh, we're suspending League for a week and running a single day non-IFPA Three Strikes tournament open to EVERYONE!

* Head-to-head Three Strikes tournament with randomly drawn games
* Opponents are determined using the Swiss format on Match Play
* No IFPA Points for the event

$5 to enter

1st: 50% of the entries plus you win an awesome vintage pinball coaster at the end of the season
2nd: 30% of the entries
3rd: 20% of the entries

1 week later
#90 3 years ago

The 2017 PinCrossing Summer Classic has been announced! Saturday, August 26, 2017.

Also, for those who may not have seen it, we now have a Dialed In on location:

2 weeks later
#93 3 years ago

Hey Everyone! We've got a new Attack from Mars machine! It's the LE Remake.

Brief video and some photos:

001 (resized).JPG

#94 3 years ago

Also, quick links to upcoming events:

Summer Classic - Sat, Aug 26 -

"Pinball Pinball Pinball" Event - Wed, Sep 6 7:00pm -

Fall League - Starts Sept 13 - Every Wednesday at 7:00pm -

Here's the current game lineup:

The Addams Family (Bally, 1992)
America's Most Haunted (Spooky Pinball, 2014)
Attack from Mars (Remake) (LE) (Planetary, 2017)
Dialed In! (LE) (Jersey Jack, 2017)
Fathom (Bally, 1980)
Funhouse (Williams, 1990)
Game of Thrones (LE) (Stern, 2015)
Kiss (Bally, 1978)
Kiss (LE) (Stern, 2015)
Medieval Madness (Remake) (Planetary, 2015)
Metallica (Master of Puppets - LE) (Stern, 2013)
Monster Bash (Williams, 1998)
Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Spooky Pinball, 2016)
The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern, 2003)
Spider-Man (Stern, 2007)
TX-Sector (Gottlieb, 1988)

1 week later
#97 3 years ago

Update from the Summer Classic:


471 games of pinball at the PinCrossing Summer Classic was not enough to determine a winner. We needed a tiebreaker on Fathom to crown champion Steven Bowden! Congrats, Steven, and congrats to all of our winners!

A Division:
1. Steven Bowden
2. Jason Zahler
3. Jay Robinson
4. Pete Tsipouras

B Division:
1. Bill Shupp
2. Brandon Service
3. Justin Semke
4. Ryan Altemose

Side Game Winners:
Ryan Weicker - Hidden Flipper
Francesco LaRocca - Dollar Game
Jack Sharrar - Closest Without Going Over - Kids
Jackie Himes - Closest Without Going Over - Women
Francesco LaRocca - Closest Without Going Over - Mens

Qualifying Scores:
Graphs of Qualifying:
Final Brackets & Final Standings:

Photo Set:

summer classic (resized).jpg

#98 3 years ago

Update from Summer League Finals:


Summer League Finals took place yesterday at PinCrossing! Congrats to our division winners!

A: Nathaniel Gibson (5-0) over Jay Robinson (4-1)
B: Kristine Hulse won a tiebreaker game on Fathom over Brandon Service
C: Billy Gilbert won a tiebreaker game on Rob Zombie over Ryan Boyle

Everyone who won a match during the summer was entered into a drawing for some awesome pinball-themed coasters. Congrats to the winners!

Join us on Sept 6 for our "Pinball Pinball Pinball" event:
Join us for Fall League on Sept 13:

coasters (resized).jpg

winners (resized).jpg

1 week later
#99 3 years ago

Some PinCrossing Updates:

Pinball Pinball Pinball! What a fun and hectic format! We packed 121 games into two hours. Congrats to Nathaniel Gibson for taking the win!

1. Nathaniel Gibson
2. Jay Robinson
3. Joe Miller
4. Brian Service
5. Phil Kline

Take a look at the full results here:

Don't forget that league starts up again on Wednesday, Sept 13!

IMG_6783 (resized).JPG

#100 3 years ago

We've reset all of the high scores at PinCrossing.


HIGH SCORE RESET! We've reset the high scores on the machines.

Here's the Honor Roll of Grand Champions, plus a link below to a sheet with all the scores.

America's Most Haunted - KEN - 351,897,640
Attack from Mars - JAY - 13,267,235,560
Dialed-In - CPW - 3,307,240
Fathom - MTM - 7,736,650
Funhouse - KEN - 54,961,770
Game of Thrones - KEN - 24,453,431,349
KISS Bally - NAT - 1,587,400
KISS Stern - PDT - 135,371,080
Medieval Madness - SLL - 52,000,000
Metallica - KEN - 1,625,477,990
Monster Bash - KEN - 3,248,556,750
Rob Zombie - COW - 20,000,000
Spider-Man - NAT - 604,614,040
The Addams Family - JAY - 356,000,000
The Simpsons - PINCROSSING - 213,856,570

Congrats to all our High Score winners, but a special shout-out to Ken Martin, who had 41 of the 112 High Scores! Ken has earned himself a "Victory Lap" as we'll kept his Game of Thrones high scores on the machines for a bit.

Who will be the next set of Grand Champions?

1 week later
#102 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

But my Dialed in score is still fresh!
It's all good though. I'll just have to stop in and find that magical combo of grilled cheese and just enough tasty bevs to get my crazy flipper fingers going.

High score is still under 1,000,000! Ripe for the taking!

Fall League Session #1 Results:

Congrats to our Fall League Session #1 Winners!

1. Jay Robinson - 64 pts.
2. Nathaniel Gibson - 61 pts.
3. Daniel Gilbert - 58 pts.
4. Joe Miller - 57 pts.
5. Billy Gilbert - 56 pts.

Congrats to our Match Play winners who are entered into the end-of-season drawing for some great pinball prizes!
Jay Robinson 3x, Billy Gilbert 2x, Daniel Gilbert 2x, Michael Reimer 2x, Nathaniel Gibson 2x, Brian Service, Corey Hulse, Dennis Gilbert, & Mike Kalinowski

Join us for Session #2, starting on Wednesday Oct 4:

3 weeks later
#103 3 years ago

Session #2 Results:


Congrats to our Fall League Session #2 Winners!

1 - Corey Hulse - 62pts
2 - Billy Gilbert - 60pts
3 - Nathaniel Gibson - 54pts
4 - Daniel Gilbert - 53pts
4 - Joe Miller - 53pts

And here are your Match Play Winners from this Session: Billy Gilbert (2x), Daniel Gilbert (2x), Joe Miller (2x), Corey Hulse (2x), Nathaniel Gibson, Michael Reimer, Dennis Gilbert, Brian Service, John DeOliveira, Ryan Boyle, Doug Darlington

Every Match Play win gives the player an entry for awesome end-of-season prizes!

The next three-week session starts on Oct 25, and you're invited! Come out and join us!

#104 3 years ago

Lots of great pinball events happening at PinCrossing!

Next session of Fall League starts on Wednesday, Oct 25! All are welcome!

Pinball Pinball Pinball Event! Nov 29:

PinCrossing is also participating in the PHILA Pinball Regional League. Play qualifying games any time that PinCrossing is open. Finals taking place at PinCrossing on Dec 2:

1 week later
#106 2 years ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

I saw "Jays Place New Years Eve Party" posted on the IFPA calendar. Link on the page takes you to Pincrossing's Facebook page but there is no Facebook event for it. Any additional details on this?

Work in progress! We'll have a post published on Facebook tomorrow (Oct 30) at 10am.

4 weeks later
#107 2 years ago

Hi Everyone! A few updates from the world of PinCrossing:


Check out Vol 1 Issue 2 of the "PinCrossing Post", where we share the latest pinball news from PinCrossing!

To subscribe to receive future issues of the PinCrossing Post in your email, visit this link:


Wanted to make sure that I passed along the list of upcoming events at PinCrossing:

"Pinball Pinball Pinball" - Wed, November 29 -
Come out and try this funky format where you get to play lots of head-to-head pinball games over the course of two hours.

PHILA League Fall Finals - Sat, December 2 -
PinCrossing is proud to host the PHILA Pinball Regional League Finals. Top 32 qualify for finals, and there will be a B-Division Side Tournament for anyone who wants to join. Read more about the PHILA League on their website:

Holiday League - December 6, 13, and 20 -
We run a fun, casual match play format every week on Wednesday! Meet fun people, eat great food, and play some pinball! We're running three weeks of league on Dec 6, 13, and 20 to wrap up the year.

Jay's Place New Year's Eve Tournament - Sun, December 31 -
Join us for a little friendly pinball competition at this IFPA registered event. This will be a casual Match Play format with A, B, and C Division finals so all skill levels can enjoy the fun. We are shooting to wrap things up by 6pm for those with obligations for evening activities.

1 week later
#110 2 years ago

Quick announcement about the Holiday League! We are pushing back the start of the Holiday League to Dec 13 because of a private event happening at Railroad on Dec 6. The league will now run for three weeks on Dec 13, 20, and 27.

1 month later
#111 2 years ago

Hey everyone! We're starting the league back up again. Tonight (Jan 3) is a Bank Score/Orientation night, and we're going to start with weekly competition on Jan 10:

The fall league will be run from January to March
- Dates Subject to Change -
Bank Score Night: Jan 3
Session #1: Jan 10, Jan 17, Jan 24
Session #2: Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 14
Session #3: Feb 21, Feb 28, Mar 7
Finals: Mar 15
Entry Fee for All Three Sessions: $15

Format: 4-Player Match Play, 4 Games Per Week, 7/5/3/1 scoring, IFPA Approved Format.

1 month later
#112 2 years ago

Hey everyone...sharing the current league standings after Winter Session #2

Session #3 starts tonight. Only $5 to enter.


1 Jay Robinson - 70 pts.
2 Daniel Gilbert - 62 pts.
2 Corey Hulse - 62 pts.
4 Brian Smith - 59 pts.
5 Pete Tsipouras - 57 pts.

Session #2:
Season Standings:

Match Play Winners from Session #2:
Brandon Service, Brian Service, Corey Hulse (2x), Daniel Gilbert (2x), Dennis Gilbert (2x), Doug Darlington, Jay Robinson (2x), Joe Miller (2x), Ken Cobb, Kristine Hulse (2x), Pete Tsipouras (2x)

3 weeks later
#115 2 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

New code has been out for a while now.

Hey Bob! Just want to acknowledge that I've see the post and flagged it to Jay. It's on the list of things to do at Railroad, and I'll post here when we've been able to update the code. I also apologize in advance if it wipes the existing Grand Champ scores.

2 months later
#120 2 years ago

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to announce that we're going to be having a Progressive Strikes Tournament at PinCrossing on Wednesday, June 20 at 7:00pm.

This is a Progressive Strikes event. You will be paired in groups of three or four people and play a single game.

1st - 0 Strikes
2nd - 1 Strike
3rd - 2 Strikes
4th - 3 Strikes

Once you have seven strikes, you are out of the event.

When the tournament has just two participants left, the number of strikes will be reset to put the person with the most strikes in a "must win" situation. For example, let's say the last two players have 3 and 4 strikes, respectively. We will manually give both players 2 each so they now have 5 and 6. This will maintain the competitive advantage earned by the better player, but allow for the event to conclude in a quicker fashion.

Top Three will receive prizes.

#122 2 years ago

We've added an Iron Maiden (Pro) to the line-up:

Current Game List:
The Addams Family (Bally, 1992)
America's Most Haunted (Spooky Pinball, 2014)
Attack from Mars (Remake) (LE) (Planetary, 2017)
Dialed In! (LE) (Jersey Jack, 2017)
Fathom (Bally, 1980)
Funhouse (Williams, 1990)
Game of Thrones (LE) (Stern, 2015)
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Stern, 2018)
Kiss (Bally, 1978)
Kiss (LE) (Stern, 2015)
Medieval Madness (Remake) (Planetary, 2015)
Metallica (Master of Puppets - LE) (Stern, 2013)
Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Spooky Pinball, 2016)
The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern, 2003)
Spider-Man (Stern, 2007)
TX-Sector (Gottlieb, 1988)

1 week later
#123 2 years ago

Congrats to our Spring League Champions!

A-Division: Michael Reimer, who won a playoff against Nathaniel Gibson on The Addams Family
B-Division: Vic Scelba, who won a playoff against Ken Cobb on The Simpsons

Join us next week (June 20) for our Progressive Strikes event!

League will begin again on June 27!

IMG_8198_2 (resized).jpg
#124 2 years ago

Reminder that tonight is the Progressive Strikes event at PinCrossing. We have some sweet consolation prizes for the first five people who get knocked out of the event: a VHS tape of a movie that has a related pinball machine!

FullSizeRender (1) (resized).jpg
#125 2 years ago

We've done some proper calendar planning and are announcing a number of events, including the Summer Classic and a new Monthly event (3rd Wednesday of the Month).

* Special Events *
PinCrossing Summer Classic - August 11 -
IFPA Tournament at the White Rose Gameroom Show (York, PA) - October 13 - Information Coming Soon!

* Summer League *
Bank Score Night - June 27 -
Summer League Session #1 - July 11 -
Summer League Session #2 - August 1 -
Summer League Session #3 - August 29 -

* Monthly Events (3rd Wednesday of the Month) *
Mini Match Play Event - August 15 -
Pinball Pinball Pinball Event - September 19 -
Progressive Strikes Event - October 17 -

1 month later
#126 2 years ago

I wanted to share a few items.

We now have a Firepower at PinCrossing, and we've modded it to include drop targets like the original prototypes!

We also have two events this week:

* Summer League Session #2 - Wed Aug 8:
* PinCrossing Summer Classic - Sat Aug 11:

We are very excited for the Summer Classic this weekend! Weather pending, we're going to open up the patio and put some extra games out there. We've also got some cool Firepower-themed shirts for sale, and the event should be a lot of fun! We've upped the amount of the machines in the event and the number of tickets that you can purchase. More details can be found on the Facebook page.

We'll also be streaming the event thanks to RAGE TILT PINBALL:

WE ARE LOOKING FOR SCOREKEEPING VOLUNTEERS! Anyone who volunteers for an hour will receive 4 free tournament tickets (a $10 value). If you are interested, please drop me a line at and I'll provide access to the sign-up sheet.

Looking forward to seeing people this weekend!
firepower (resized).jpgsummerclassic800 (resized).jpg

#127 2 years ago

We just wanted to share a few quick notes about the Summer Classic!

If you're interested to help with scorekeeping, please drop a line to and we'll send you a link to the sign-up document. We'll provide four free entries for every hour volunteered.

Qualifying is 11:30am to 4:30pm
Limited Best Game
7 Games Count
Max 16 Tickets

We will use the same Best Game scoring that was present at PinFest (modified 97.5% Decay Rate) that offers a greater points reward for achieving a Top 12 position.

We are planning to have an expanded bank of available games in the pool (12 to 14), which is larger than at prior Summer Classics. The exact games will be announced the morning-of after we finish our final tech inspections. We will be using NeverDrains and are planning on using the self-queuing portion of the software.

Finals Start at 5:00pm

Top 16 make A Finals
Next 8 make B Finals
Next 8 make C Finals

A Division - PAPA-Style Finals on Three-Game Banks
B & C Division - Group Knockout 4-Strike Aussie Format (0/1/1/2)

With this format, we will evaluate to 100% TGP.

Finally, the t-shirts are in! We'll be selling them at the event.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend! Let us know if you have any questions.

IMG_8927 (resized).JPG
#128 2 years ago

What's this? A second Firepower?!? Thanks to one our league members, we're adding a second Firepower to the Summer Classic on Saturday. This one will be hanging out on the porch and we'll use it for a fun side game.

We're still looking for scorekeepers! For every hour you scorekeep, you'll get 4 tournament entries. If you're interested, please sign-up at the linked spreadsheet:

doublefirepower (resized).jpg
#129 2 years ago

Thank you to everyone who came out to PinCrossing this weekend for the Summer Classic!

We had 38 people attempt to qualify for Finals across 15 machines. We even put four machines out on the porch for some awesome outdoor pinball!

Congrats to our event winners!

1. Jason Zahler
2. Jay Steinberg
3. Jay Robinson
4. Ed Zeltmann

1. Steve Zahler
2. Stephen Haberman
3. Ryan Altermose
3. Francesco La Rocca

1. Dave Peller
2. Josh Sosnin
3. John Moran

Side Contests:

Closest-Without-Going-Over Winners
Mike Pantino
Sarah Hopkins

Simpsons Project Pinball Charity Contest Winner
Jason Zahler
$30 was raised for Project Pinball!

Firepower Top Qualifiers
Winners of some sweet Summer Classic coasters
1. Brandon Service
2. Jay Steinberg
3. David Schumeister

Many thanks go to:
- Rage Tilt Pinball for broadcasting the whole day, including finals!
- Joe Miller, Brandon Service, Brian Service, and Michael Reimer for hauling extra games to the event
- The crew at Railroad Bar & Grill for letting us host and serving up delicious food all day!

Our next event is a "Mini Match-Play Event" this upcoming Wednesday! -

The main photo album is on Facebook, but I've included a few photos below:

DSC06535 (resized).jpg

DSC06526 (resized).jpg

DSC06509 (resized).jpg

DSC06502 (resized).jpg

DSC06515 (resized).jpg

DSC06451 (resized).jpg

1 year later
#131 1 year ago

Kicking up an old thread to mention two upcoming events:

Flip Frenzy Tournament on Wednesday, August 21 ->

We're also revitalizing the League format to be different than what has been run the past few years. ->

The regular season will run across five different one-night sessions. Your best three nights count towards the season standings, and a Finals Night will be held among all competitors split into A, B, and C Divisions.

It's still a match-play format where you will play four different machines and be grouped with various players. You will earn points based on your performance which will contribute to your placement in the end-of-season playoffs.

Session Dates:
September 4
September 11
September 25
October 2
October 9
Your best three of five nights will count towards your playoff standings.

Finals - October 23

League Nights start at 7:20pm

Cost for League Participation is $20 (plus venue coin drop) which will go to fund the end-of-season trophies, prize pool, and IFPA fees. Guests are allowed (and encouraged!) and will not have to pay the league fee until their second night of participation.

Full Rules document will be shared as we get closer to the season.

#134 1 year ago

Information about the Summer Classic:


Join us for our 7th annual Summer Classic event! Featuring famous Railroad Street Bar & Grill food, t-shirts, trophies, craft beer and of course all your favorite pinball machines!

This year we are featuring a Match Play Tournament and will host 40 players at the event.

The event will take place on September 28, 2019. Sure, that might technically be “Fall”, but we’re going to go with “Late Summer” instead.

Registration for the event will open on Friday, August 23 at 12:00pm EDT. The registration link will be posted on this page:

Main Tournament
September 28, 2019
Doors Open at 11am for Practice
Event starts at 12pm
12:00pm to 3:00pm – Match Play Qualifying (Seven Rounds)
3:30pm – Approximate Finals Start Time
5:00pm – Side Contests Conclude

A Division Finals : 1st-16th (Group Round Robin)
B Division Finals : Everyone Else (Three-Strike Fair-Strike Finals)

Event Cost is $40 and includes:

* Voucher for an Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic beverage of your choice
* Voucher for a sandwich or other food item from Railroad
* IFPA Fees for the event
* Coverage for event expenses (costs for additional machines, ticketing site fees, event supplies, etc.)
* Coverage for coin drop during qualifying
* Contribution to the prizes for the pool

We anticipate that there will be no cash prizes after expenses. Winners will receive non-cash prizes which will include trophies, t-shirts, pinball swag, and sweet sweet WPPR points.

Event T-Shirts (made by the wonderful folks from Rage Tilt Pinball) will be available for sale at the event.

Many thanks to our event supporters:
Railroad Street Bar & Grill
Rage Tilt Pinball

We're also going to have a IFPA Charity Side Contest benefiting To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc.

Full Rules document will be shared ahead of the event.

Please note – timing and format are subject to change based on requirements of our venue and sponsors.

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We have the trophy ready to go for the Summer Classic!

Registration for the PinCrossing Summer Classic will open today (Saturday, August 24) at 12:00pm EDT. (Apologies, as some of the prior correspondence said Friday, August 23).

We are using EventBrite to manage registration. When you register, you will receive instructions on next steps for payment via PayPal.

Entry fee is $40.

You will also have the option of reserving a t-shirt ahead of the event.

If tickets sell out, a waitlist will be created on EventBrite.

Looking forward to seeing people at the event!

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3 months later
#137 10 months ago

Announcing the Jay's Place New Year's Eve Pinball Party! Because New Year's is in the middle of the week, we're going to wait a few days and have the event the weekend following New Year's.

Tickets sales will go live on December 7, 2019 at 12 noon.

Doors will open at 11 am and competition will start at 12 noon. This will be a casual Match Play format with A, B, and C Division finals so all skill levels can enjoy the fun.

The entry fee covers lunch, snacks, drinks, dinner, prizes and a trophy for our champion. We'll also have some fun side contests for everyone to try!

Main Format:
4-Player Match Play Qualifying
12pm to 4pm, followed by Finals
25 TGP Expected

Unlimited Attempts on a select few side games
Top 4 will play in a Multi-Match Play format
13 TGP Expected

One-Ball Challenge
Limited Attempts on a single game set to one ball
Top 4 will play a single game set to one ball
1 TPG Expected

...And other non-IFPA events!

See document for more details:"

1 month later
#138 9 months ago

Hey Everyone! An exciting announcement today regarding the Pennsylvania State Championships for 2020:


PinCrossing is proud to announce that we will be hosting the 2020 Pennsylvania State Pinball Championships!  The event will be held in January 2021 and will feature the Top 24 players in the state.  All Pennsylvania-based IFPA events across the state will earn points towards the State Finals at PinCrossing, located within Railroad Street Bar & Grill.  We’ll be doubling-down on our efforts to give regional players as many chances as possible to quality for the Pennsylvania State Championships.  Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for upcoming events! 

StateChamps (resized).png
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