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The Official JJP GnR Owners Thread

By Dallas_Pin

1 year ago

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#290 1 year ago

Well, colored me genuinely concerned after seeing that gameplay preview of starting a song. I really hope there’s more to this game than multiball marathons all day. Where is the risk/reward in that? Don’t even get a chance to risk your jackpot and end the song ‘cause you’re too busy adding more balls to an endless multiball with a ball saver that never runs out. Hope there’s some good settings and adjustments to prevent this. Also, been a long work day for me so hoping I’m just missing the big picture.

#294 1 year ago

So i rewatched the video, and I’m a little more amp’d the second time around. Despite the candy like add a ball features and never ending ball saver, there is a moment that occurs where the ball saver is off and it’s time to load the guitar for the power chord jackpot. And down to one ball left to load, he drains and his reward.....more multiball! Instead - here’s my constructive feedback to the JJP Rules Gods; but instead, it should be a diminishing multiball and when you load the power chord jackpot down to one ball in play, it should be all or nothing. you either make the shot and collect the power chord jackpot and rewarded to continue your multiball; or you drain and it’s ball over. Almost like you slowly progress out of multiball only to build up a new stage of multiball. Risk/Reward.

#296 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I don't care how many game launches I've watched, I will never understand people throwing over $12,000 at a game without even seeing real gameplay, let alone trying it for themselves.
It's a phenomenal package. I saw the press kit last Friday and had to bite my tongue from saying a word about it, because I really was impressed by what I saw. And if you're just a wealthy collector and not a player that's cool, it's your money.
But all I've seen so far is one kick ass package. As far as how it shoots and plays? No clue. Light shows, theme integration, and loving design aren't the same as great gameplay. (LCD looking pretty sweet too. I assume it's still JP doing that?)
Keefer is a great player and thoughtful programmer, but that doesn't mean the vision of this game will line up with what you're looking for. Im with SKB, I really hope it's not a multiball fest. Maybe it's supposed to appeal to more casual players by giving them lots of long playing balls to flail at, I dunno.
Hey, all you whales out there, throw your money at new games and keep the hobby afloat, I'm down. But I hope the gameplay can keep up with everything else the game shows and it's not just eye candy.

Right on dude! For me personally, it’s been more than 1 1/2 years since i bought my last pin (Deadpool). Working from home, taking care of little kids, schooling my 2nd grader, parenting, being a husband, pandemic, etc... my stress and anxiety levels have been high during this time. I am thankful That my wife and i are still working during this time, but it’s been rough i wont lie. It’s time to do something for myself, so I’ve been working my ass off to get in a position to buy another pin. I got locked in on the next run of JP2 Premium...and that’s when it happened, this hobby is all about timing...time and time again. I missed JJPOTC due to timing and was all gung ho on it. This time around, GNR landed at the most opportune time. And now I’m in on GNRLE. I wanted something different than the ‘samey’ stern feeling which is why I’ve been really eyeing hot wheels. GNR checks all the boxes, it’s different, it’s loaded, it’s packed. Gameplay and rules may not be as good as Elwin or Lyman, but this game looks pretty dam packed in all the other departments for me to take a chance. So that’s how I got here today.

Looking forward to more on this game, but one thing I’m more concerned with than gameplay and rules Is whether or not JJP can deliver in manufacturing. Their track record isn’t so well, can they produce in a high demand market and not only that, but roll onto the next game when demand dries up. Something about this release feels different from JJP, so I’m pulling for them and hope they bring it all home.

#321 1 year ago

The true limited edition. Congrats! I have a sneaky suspicion the SE may be the better player for players who like speed and chaos.

#353 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

new code !
[quoted image]

Looks like another multiball added (line 3). Here we go, hobbit’s 38 multiballs appears to have a contender.

#374 1 year ago

Multiball bonanza worked with JJPOTC and Hobbit, layouts were suited perfect for it. Not sure if this is the right ‘table’ for a multiball fest. I guess we’ll find out. I have a feeling Keefer knows what he’s doing though

#398 1 year ago

Anybody know how the SE handles ball locks to translate it to the player? I know they’re virtual, but is there locks shown anywhere? It looks like there’s some lock lights where the upper pf would be.

#428 1 year ago
Quoted from Lounge:

From what I’ve gathered from game-play vids; you build up ball save from awards and rewards.

This is correct. Fantastic idea, a first in pinball? I do think it may be a little too generous, but maybe something that can be tweaked in settings?

That said, I think we need to learn more about the game before we start harping on all the multiballs. Trust me, I was one of the early ones to flag this, but i've been doing my research and here's what i've gathered:

1. Ball saver timer for song modes and ball locks are all awarded through single ball play.

2. This game looks brutal! From the streams and vids i've seen, people have had a tough time for the most part, staying alive in single ball play. And rightfully so, the shots are close to the flippers and that makes for a fast action game style.

3. After learning more about the rules and 'table', the multiballs don't bother me. However, the add a ball feature still has me concerned and hopefully there's adjustments for it. Add a balls appear to be easy to get and has no limit with the default settings. (I'll see if i can find out more about the add a balls and whether there's a setting to limit it).

4. The multiball rules look stellar, mainly the power chord jackpot > locking balls during multiball and then collecting it. Kevin and Joe said this is a very satisfying rule of the game; this is not available in the SE FYI.

5. The light show is over the top, it was hard to tell in the streams on whether there was any point or logic to multiball. Kevin pointed out many times that the display in the back (like hobbit) explains the objectives. Once i started seeing that display, the inserts and lights started making much more sense. But still hard to tell on a stream.

6. Album modes are qualified after 3 minutes of playing a song(s) in a particular album (keefer said the time can be adjusted in settings - awesome). Then you play the album mode - single ball mode - good luck on this table completing it! I think there's 4 albums total in this game? So that's theorettically approx 12 mins of play + album modes. so approx 15-20 mins to get to the final wizard mode? If so, this is perfect. My personal opinion is that any game that can be completed in <25 minutes is perfect for me as long as it has more to offer next time i push start. And well, most JJP games do.

7. We haven't even discussed patches...

Enjoy boys, JJP crew is hard at work. Game looks awesome.

#613 1 year ago

Jealous for you guys getting your LE’s already. And if it’s delayed a few days or a week, consider yourselves lucky still. JJP won’t even give our distributor schedules or ETA’s. Might be awhile before I officially join the club, unfortunately. But here’s to hoping for the best.

#722 1 year ago

Some good reviews, and why stop there. Here’s my initial impressions after about 7-8 games tonight. Big shout out to doomid with ontiltpinball.com at AYCE Gogi. Man, what a setup he has at AYCE. A sweet outdoor dining vibe, and he wheels pinballs in and out everyday for all to enjoy. That said, let’s get down to business.

My first game was a little underwhelming, the flippers felt weak, and I couldn’t find any rhythm. Every single game after that was FUN, with a capital holy Fucking fabulous FUN. The rules are easy to follow yet deep. The game is brutal, but not difficult. It’s hard, but it’s simple. It’s tough, but basic. You get the picture...? It’s got something for everyone it seems. I was wrong about the ball saver time stuff from watching the streams. Joe Katz told me flat out in discord, don’t sweat the ball save time, just go try the game; and of course he was right. I’m sure as I learn all the rules, I’ll eventually want to tone down the ball saver (i.e. adjust the settings to your play level). But, i had some songs with long ball saver, and others with little to no ball saver - and those times where the ball saver cut out short, my thought was shit, i gotta survive (and I can’t trap up or I’ll get boo’d, i love that! - definitely plays to my play style of on the fly playing).

The game has that one more game vibe going on and it puts you on the edge of your seat trying to start a song or other multiball so you can breathe a sigh of relief before you drain. And when you get in a song, it feels freaking gooohoood. THIS.IS.PINBALL ladies and gentlemen. Even my wife, who doesn’t play pinball much anymore, was having a really really fun time on this game (she also tried Hot Wheels, Avengers, & JP for her first time and kept coming back to GNR).

I love how the game plays before a song with clever sound effects for each of the shots and switches. The mini side multiballs and objectives are a nice touch. There’s a lot of attention to detail going on in this game. I won’t go over much of it but i love how the game will play an instrumental GNR song quietly as you come out of some multiballs. The ramps and orbits are late on the flipper and we’re a little awkward to get used to. But, once I found them they felt great. The left ramp is a really late shot on the right flipper, and the left loop is a really really late shot on the flipper. The right flipper could probably have been better with 1 or 2 extra power to it in the settings. I actually enjoyed the mini playfield and locking balls felt satisfying. But, I did feel like there was a sound effect (achievement) lacking when making the lock shot - maybe a little shaker mph of achievement and sound award? Anyway, The right ramp and right loop aren’t as late on the flipper as the other side, and both those shots feel really good. I really enjoyed hitting the Pyro target behind the Slash record, and the slash record itself was more satisfying than i thought it would be, this had a lot to do with the light show and effects surrounding the shot. I really enjoyed the Izzy center spinner shot, very satisfying.

Ok, now for some critiques. I actually dig the shooter lane and skill shot. But The exit over the right slinger to the right flipper did feel awkward. Mystery seemed to always be lit. I can’t tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing, it seemed excessive, but I was relieved to get a mystery each time because it gave me a breather and a chance to help progress to a song. The upper right flipper loop shot was tough to dial in. I think that flipper coil could use a power boost, but my wife did manage to hit 2 or 3 consecutive loops at one time. She even got a double jackpot from the upper loop and the call out and effect sounded great. I got some super jackpots throughout the night and those call outs seemed fairly underwhelming while the effect was awesome.

Highlights of the night. Getting a 3-ball power chord jackpot! The effect was bad ass, unfortunately the call out was underwhelming. The call out probably wouldn’t have bothered me if it was correct ‘Power Chord Jackpot’ but instead it said ‘Super Jackpot’ and didn’t have much enthusiasm. The other highlight was getting in on a multiplayer game with Karl D’ Angelo. I had him beat, well.... until we both got extra balls in which he blew up his extra ball and i drained mine in 2 seconds haha.

All in all, this game is great fun. And owners won’t be disappointed. I’ve had a deposit in since day 1 and have been back & forth on the fence from watching videos and reading all the criticism’s on Pinside about it. Should I should stay in, move to an SE, or jump ship altogether? Happy to say, after tonight, It’s an easy decision, I’m staying in. I just hope JJP can product games fast enough! They did a great job with this game and should feel proud. Well done JJP team.

Boo-ya 3ball power chord champ haha...

18FCEB74-1923-4482-AC57-AD6031D0D0AA (resized).jpeg
#735 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Sounds like JJP is getting hammered on all versions of this game. Very happy for them, because I want them to be around for a very long time. No way could they have anticipated this much buzz especially in such an odd year.
Hopefully we get some timelines this week on deliveries.

Agreed, and I think a lot of us have been wanting something different for a long time that not only feels good, but has a strong theme as well. GNR is this. Unfortunately, it has to be concerning whether JJP can meet the demand or not. We’re not getting answers, Distributors are not getting answers, How long will it take JJP to fulfill this demand? 1 month? 2 months? 6 months? A year? Their track record isn’t good, but I’ve seen nothing but positive’s surrounding GNR, hopeful this title will be different than past history. JJP is so close to checking all the boxes we want in such a demanding hobby, i hope they can deliver the last piece of the puzzle. Will excitement, hype, and deposits die out before they can make all these games and attention + $ diverted when the next new shiny thing is released? Time will tell, but I’m pulling for JJP - the game itself looks like a team effort on all fronts and it shows.

#775 1 year ago

For you owners; how difficult is it to stage the flippers? I didn’t get enough time to play with it. Are you able to play the upper right flipper and mini pf flipper while cradling balls?

One thing i remember while playing the other night is the crowd meter drops fast! I tried to be clever and just cradle while making shots with the other flipper but that is a no go. Can only cradle for a few seconds before you have to get the balls back in play. I thought that was really cool actually. Promotes on the fly playing which is actually more my style, and also makes for quicker gametimes.

#841 1 year ago

Maybe I had a long day and have to vent, or maybe some of you can relate. But JJP’s distribution model is certainly sucking the wind out of my sails. And maybe I should just proceed with my JP2 order than get stuck in this debacle. It seems like it’s always something with JJP. Am I wrong?

#851 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What do you mean? Did they mess up the LE sales too? Haha

Basically. Most distributors still don’t know when or how many they are getting. Listen to Zach on today’s pinball show episode, even he says it’s a mess and he’s a distributor. Lessons Learned = buy direct from JJP on any new titles going forward.

#862 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

So buy JP2, play the snot out of it, it's a perfect game for someone who plays like you, and then sell it and pick up a GNR once the dust settles. You'll have no problem moving Jurassic Park later, it's a hugely popular title. One of the only recent Sterns I've actually played, it's a shooter's game for sure.
It's always fun getting in on the hype, but after a week of owning a game it's just another pin, and when you got it doesn't make a huge difference.
Bonus: GNR bugs will be worked out, code will mature, and it will probably be a better game by the time you get it.

That’s what I did with JJPOTC and IMDN. 2-3 years later, i still haven’t owned a JJPOTC and I still have IMDN. This time I’m gonna stick to my guns (pun intended) lol.

As cool as JP2 is, I honestly don’t want another ‘samey’ stern. It’s time for something different, something fresh. This hobby is all about timing and GNR couldn’t have come at a better time for me in this hobby. I didn’t want another music pin, and was set on getting JP2, but GNR checks those missing boxes I’ve been looking for. Played it this past weekend to confirm that. Hot Wheels is another contender for a new game, and they’re shipping immediately. But, I’ll hold off a little longer and hope distributors start getting answers.

#1116 1 year ago

Warning, hypothetical post incoming. If they did sell 2500-3000 games. Let’s say they can make 100 games/wk in the new factory with COVID restrictions. that’s 30 weeks at best they’ll have all orders fulfilled, granted there’s no supplier issues or delays with parts ordering. Good for JJP, but a long long wait for a lot of us. It’ll be interesting to see how many people stick to their order and don’t jump ship when stern or CGC show the next new shiny toy.

Good luck and Godspeed to you JJP. You’re in the big leagues now, right where you wanted to be. But a lot hard work and bumpy roads still ahead. Pulling for you to be able to meet this much demand.

#1122 1 year ago

Not sure if this has been posted. Cool Fox News article on JJP and GNR.


#1348 1 year ago
Quoted from mamemaster:

I joined the club today! - the machine was literally built yesterday in Chicago (10/20/20), shipped to Mike at Automated last night, and in my home (Long Island, NY) this AM (10/21/20.)
Just a heads up - I had a "trough errror" that was a result of 3 plugs pulling free from the motherboard in the head (right side of board) - I found a 2 years old thread about Pirates with the exact issue - and with that info, I plugged them in and all was fine. Here's a link to that old thread if you had that issue - it has to do with how the zip tied the cables and folded the head:
Another note- I also had a tilt bob error. I didn't realize they installed it and it was surrounded by foam causing it to lock as tilted. I removed the foam and again, all was well.
The machine is beautiful - and absolutely Jack's best effort yet. Incredible, effort all around.
Now to enjoy the machine![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Jelly jelly. Amazing turn around from factory to distributor to your house!

#1440 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

How do you actually collect the power chord jackpot? I've had it set up a couple times now, and cant seem to collect?

I’ve gotten it once. As far as I could tell, when you lock balls and get down to 1 ball a hurry up timer begins (not sure if it’s displayed). You have until that timer expires to get the final ball locked, do it and get a big payoff with a cool effect (coincidentally an improper wrong call out too unfortunately).

#1449 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

When you shoot your first ball into the guitar neck during a song, a timer starts on the screen. You then need to lock the rest of balls in play (from 2 to 6) in the guitar neck before the timer expires to get the power chord jackpot. The more balls locked, the higher the value.

Do you know if any of the recent updates fixe the power chord jackpot call out?

#1558 1 year ago

RE: song jackpot. Heres an idea:
What if when you finish the song and encore starts, your song jackpot turns into a hurry up that you have to collect at the scoop. Example: you have a 20 million song jp > encore starts > song jackpot starts counting down quick til you collect.

#1585 1 year ago
Quoted from Valorguy:

That's a southern expression MEANING - "What do you mean" ?
Didn't know you guys in CA used that one, lol.

We don’t. He’s in San Francisco

#1731 1 year ago

Is there any documentation on what all the GNR patches do? Or is it on the instant info screen?

#1739 1 year ago

Do you have to do something to qualify the song jp cashout? Had one built to 10 mil. Drained to 1 ball, hit scoop, and....nothing. Flipped around for a bit, I think I hit the scoop again and...nothing. Then drained.

1 week later
#2212 1 year ago

Question for owners:
How’s the upper right flipper shots been for you guys. This is one of my biggest concerns on gameplay as I haven’t had much luck looping shots on the location game I play, much less even making the shot. Have you had more success on your home game and/or make any adjustments to that flipper?

#2226 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

No adjustment on mine and I can repeat the upper loop once pretty often but I think I’ve only gotten 3 loops once!
My “professional” advice;
Helps if you’re drinking a few beers...
Funny because the same happens when I play my Getaway HS2 when i’m drinking I usually make more loops! Otherwise I hit about the same 2 or 3 but not consistently.
Hope that helps!

It’s amazing how much beer helps improve flow!

#2268 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

[quoted image][quoted image]

Do you guys think JJP is applying this to current and future built games? Or should I plan on ordering a bottle of loctite?

#2421 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

The band member revolver insert color turns green when you have locked that band member. There are meters for Crowd, Pyro, Lights, and Amp on the LCD that show when they are maxed out. Circle meters.[quoted image]

Are you saying crowd, pyro, lights, and amp build your song value?

#2598 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

That's your California living tax
$1 is still common around here on east coast.

Correction, Nor Cal living tax :LOL: best place for location in so cal is $.50 to $1. Shout out to AYCE GOGI.

#2623 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

On the LE/CE you will get a GNR letter spotted if the ball drains through the hole under the flipper on the upper PF.

Whoa awesome! I didn’t know that, very cool as I thought the SE would be the better game for patch strategy. These guys think of everything

#2716 1 year ago

From my experience, all JJP games default with fairly weak flippers. This ruins the ‘on location’ experience for me. When I took a chance and boight WOZ, I had to increase the flipper strength and it was a night and day difference. The game blew my mind on how well it played, still miss it.

Same goes for GNR. Played it new on location, fun but weak. Played it a few weeks later at the same location where op said he tweaked the flippers; again, night and day difference.

I’m not adding much, just rambling, and sharing my experience. But, I wonder why JJP defaults their flippers so weak? Better long term for operators perhaps?

#2796 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

Like I said, there is going to be a feature that allows you to choose any song and play it from the get go with unlimited ball saver. I’m guessing she will love that.

This sounds very promising. Like a mini game, play one song in its entirety and see how many points you get. Could make for a great party game. I really like that Keith elwin is adding these mode options to his games as well (JP).

#2894 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

sloppy marketing nothing else

Sort of. Looks more of a Catch phrase to get your company noticed and people to call. Businesses do this stuff all the time. And it’s not entirely false; “same day shipping” ...*cough* <when you’re game is ready>

#3058 1 year ago
Quoted from BallPin:

It's funny, we don't hear about any new owners here, or unboxing, or anything. Its the same 5-8 ppl in here that own the game. Wonder how many LEs they are making a week. We had a few new people in this thread last month, but it was all SE's. Seems like the rollout is slow, and if its because they are figuring out playfield issues, then I'm cool with that, take your time.

I think only 1 new LE owner has posted in the last couple weeks, phoenixpin . Is JJP making 10-15 games a day, or 10-15 games a week? I don’t want to say what my distributor told me for an ETA as I don’t want to jinx nothing haha. I just hope JJP cranks them out and there’s a slew of owners that have no idea this thread exists; or all those games made in the last few weeks are going overseas. The crickets are deafening.

#3155 1 year ago
3435EAD0-2D52-4669-84E3-F74FA7276482 (resized).jpeg
#3208 1 year ago
Quoted from Galooch:

I think I saw this mentioned previously but I’d like to put it in here again in case Keith and co. are reading...I can envision a situation where I would want to have all the songs available but turn off the adult callouts. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous, but the language in the songs are more predictable and, in many cases, harder to hear, while the callouts are clear, very obvious, and can happen at various times. I realize it’s a long shot but it can’t hurt to ask.
The three options could be:
Family Mode <> Adult Mode <> Adult Mode (songs only)
Anyone else with kids around where this might be useful or am I on an island on this one?

You’re not alone. I have little kids and would very much love to see a setting like this.

#3285 1 year ago

This one took a little extra effort to make, but well worth it. A tribute to those in this next batch of LE’s.
Original pic taken from JJP Instagram.
F7D98467-AFC5-4150-BDD2-0560FA1BDE2E (resized).jpeg

#3315 1 year ago
Quoted from pins4life33:

I disabled the camera in the physical settings and still getting the reset issue on my third ball. Pretty frustrating I have to say, even more frustrating as JJP still hasn’t gotten back to me after I sent them the dump file. The game now has a left flipper issue I have to deal with now too, all I can say is I have a bunch of Sterns in here and they don’t have any issues hardly ever. This machine has been a nightmare right from the start. Too bad as I think it is generally a descent game to play once you tweak the settings a little for gameplay. One frustrated customer, what do you do.

Does it always happen on ball 3? Is it a certain song that causes? Can you replicate the issue? Or does it seem completely random?

It seems to happen often from your posts, so I highly doubt it’s a software issue or we’d hear more about it from the other 7 owners (that was a joke). Unfortunately, sounds like something more serious. Hope you start getting better support and JJP gets you back on track soon. Please keep us updated on what the fix is once it’s determined. good luck!

#3340 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Avengers won’t. I would be shocked. Really no comparison.

There’s just too many owners for it not to win.

My personal opinion on game of the year (and I’ve played all 4):

GNR > R&M > Hotwheels > ....................AIQ.

#3342 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

So are you saying GnR is best?

Of those 4 pins, yes. R&M is really close, what a cool game!

#3346 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

That’s what I thought but the dots threw me a bit and I peak at your pin collection.Thanks for being real instead of a fan boy.I have 2 JJP’s but I can easily say I enjoyed DP and JP 2

No bias from me, absolutely none whatsoever.....oh, except I may have a GNR soon

Quoted from punkin:

Have you played Celts?

No. Has anyone in America?

#3352 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

NOT disputing your vote just asking. You are ready to call it Game Of the Year yet you still don't OWN it?? I have played many titles over the year one dollar at a time and thought they were Must have incredible.....Till I bought one. lol

Don’t mess with my zen man
Those 4 games are the only new 2020 pins I’ve played this year. I have about equal time on all 4 (actually much less on hot wheels) but only a couple hours on each so really my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. But at least I got that going for me

+ AIQ definitely wins the layout dept.
+ rules and code are honestly great on all 4, but AIQ is way early vs the other 3. It needs a lot of polish.
+ lighting - GNR and R&M are exquisite
+ sounds and music - GNR and R&M smoke the other 2
+ fun and addictive play - GNR and R&M are a wash. Hot wheels close behind.
+ X Factor: i.e. energy, Adrenalin. Again, GNR R&M smoke the other 2.
+ overall: I give the edge to GNR because...well, basically I’m bias. Otherwise R&M

#3375 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Why? Almost everyone in this thread doesn’t have the game. Club threads are for owners and fans. Always have been.

Agreed! Should be owners and ‘fans especially’. That’s what made the GOT kicks ass thread so epic.

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Anyone know recommended pitch for GNR?

#3380 1 year ago

Welcome to the paradise city!

Big shout out to my distributor doomid and ontiltpinball at AYCE GOGI. He’s been real cool, up front and candid since day 1.

I’m a bit beat now, so not much time to play, but I can tell some dialing in and pitch adjusting and testing will be needed as I’m getting ball hops from the left inlane off the flipper.

Until then, here’s some pinball porn...

3F44CCB1-9C59-4BBC-81D2-BBFAC3E634C3 (resized).jpegC26E6EA8-4D70-4C89-B333-E91F6116178F (resized).jpeg07C63A5E-F799-48A0-9197-431FFF05D384 (resized).jpeg1258D00A-5047-4510-9D2A-CC5C001E7FE8 (resized).jpeg56622437-FC66-4C9C-83ED-C12BDE554B49 (resized).jpeg5B627E97-C8F8-45D9-917E-F40FDBD597A3 (resized).jpeg1DAB54FC-4A0E-4DF8-9255-6AEA92B54A21 (resized).jpeg8AC26567-2FC9-40E9-B38D-30397B6B4600 (resized).jpegDDC7CCB5-4C63-467C-81C3-BE8B25CB986F (resized).jpeg11E55D88-29B9-4579-B2F0-D2EC757E6AAB (resized).jpeg11CF684A-D4B7-419A-AC3B-CC5B8C9DE098 (resized).jpeg28EB41FA-57FA-4367-84EF-B7B71566C89C (resized).jpeg787D189A-303B-40F5-88CC-D855BE6C56AB (resized).jpegE1A1ED86-334F-46C4-9DFC-3CE7A30B4C2E (resized).jpeg97F92B6E-9A82-4788-9686-8FCAE5560A8C (resized).jpegC53ACD32-DAB8-4CDE-A1E7-F7AC7251E4C0 (resized).jpegECEF2D3D-CF35-4773-A5CD-4F3AEBD977DA (resized).jpeg9E9D8C33-CC1A-467E-9D6B-B0699E83937A (resized).jpeg2D00FE99-FE53-42A6-99D5-7672279833A7 (resized).jpeg
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Quoted from KevinG:

Just got our LE tonight, and a second huge shout-out to doomid at OnTiltPinball and AYCE Gogi in SoCal for being the BEST pinball distributor. Playfield is beautiful, plays flawless right out of the box, and downloaded the most recent code effortlessly. I can’t believe JJP has raised the bar again!

Nice! Lucky dog with the poster haha. Congrats Kevin!
...downloaded most recent code. Oh snap, knew I forgot to do something last night. I think mine was on 1.08, what’s the latest version at? In any event. I’ll setup the WiFi later today.

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Quoted from KevinG:

They said I had just missed you packing up your game! Looks like I did pick the right one to get the signed poster! What was your build date. My code was at 1.04 when opened. Congrats on the new game!!

Dang would have been nice to meet. Interesting we’re on different versions. I’ll check my build date when I get home.

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Dialing in tips - questions:

+ center spinner shot: more often then not, it goes into the pops. Sometimes it almost makes it around the 2nd loop up to lanes. But for the most part, it’ll brick or go into the pops. Any tips to dial that shot in?

+ once in awhile the drops off the drumsticks. Any tips?

I’m gonna pull glass shortly and look at both. My pitch is approx 6.7-6.8. I may try some experiments going both lower and higher but looking for any other owner feedback.


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Quoted from nicoy3k:

I don’t think there is anything to dial in with the pops, it’s supposed to go there and occasionally fly up to the lanes.
Never ever have had the ball fall off the drum sticks- are you level?

I was at 6.9 pitch actually. Lowered to 6.7 and seems better so far. I’ll keep experimenting.

I think my only gripe on the game so far, and I this may be a simple fix (or it’s by design?), but the momentum of the ball through the inlane will typically come to a halt as soon as it hits the flipper rubber, throws off flow and timing big time. Anyone else notice this?

#3419 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

It goes away after a few dozen games

Cool, good to know thanks. I’ll put my pinball OCD on ignore on that one for now haha.

Curious What flipper strength you guys have been going with? I increased the bottom flippers +1 which seems good. Factory had a little hard time making upper pf and loops. May experiment with some other settings too.

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Another tip on patches. When ball is in shooter or you’re cradled, and you press action button to cycle patches, the small display inside the game will briefly display the award for the patch you’re on.

Also, learning the inlanes and knowing how they work to spot a letter is key. Took me a bit to figure it out, but flipper buttons cycle through the 3 inlanes, you want the inlane lit when the ball goes through it (or have it on GNR inlane when ball goes in the gutter on the mini pf to spot a letter too).

Other than that, I haven’t dug as deep as kermit24 but that’s the beauty of deep games. I typically find a patch that’s cool and go for it. Got to play Patience tonight cause I got that patch. Real cool. Also, when selecting a song, itll have the patch lit up next to the song if you got it which will increase scoring for it.

Still haven’t broke 10 mil, but did lose a 7 mil welcome to the jungle jackpot today haha.

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Here’s a few criticisms after day 2:

+ ball fluency from inlane to flipper is still a little rough at times. My left flipper has gotten way better and practically 100% smooth. Right flipper can still be sporadic. But, like nicoy3k mentioned earlier, this gets better in time and I’m starting to see that.

+ upper flipper loop. I can hit consecutive shots, I can hit loops/ramps and combo it. Feels really really good. BUT, there’s no cool sound effects or fan fanfare for looping that shot like there is in games like JJPOTC. I still need to learn the rules, but ‘seems’ like there’s little to no cool rules associated with that upper loop especially in song modes. Hoping there’s more to come code wise.

+ the code is really solid with a lot in it. But, it still feels like it’s missing that ‘it’ factor to tie everything altogether. This could also be me still learning the rules, but hoping there’s still more to come in the code dept. especially when you compare it to other JJP games.

These are just a few criticisms. The game is still pretty darn phenomenal and I’m still learning. But, song modes still feel like flail fests mainly because I am still learning what to do. It’s only been 1 full 24 hour day since setting it up after all

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Oh one other thing - The inside spinner shot to pops/lanes. I know ppl say it’s random, and to me, it feels completely like the katana ramp in DP but less consistent. I noticed a plastic guard at the end of the ramp by the lanes, I have a sneaky feeling the ball gets hung up on that guard which is why it’s not completing the shot. I haven’t completely dug into it, but it’s awfully close to causing bricked shots. Also, there’s a post with rubber entering that guide rail which seems fairly exposed to cause shots to ricochet. Hard to tell to be honest.

Anyone investigate that or do any tweaking in those areas yet? I’m tempted to take the plastic guard out just to see if it improves. But figured I’d pick others’ brains on it first.

5A113387-9F40-41F7-97E0-5B71704C421E (resized).jpeg8F535C42-122E-4E50-89EF-F8E93BE674F2 (resized).jpeg
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Quoted from KevinG:

I’m having the exact opposite experience with GnR and we’ve both had the game the same amount of time. My inlanes are fast and smooth, my middle loop always has the travel fanfare when made, the song multi balls are what you make them, and if you can get them under control what fun they are! The patch rules are fantastic. Trying to max out the mini multi balls and locking as many balls in the guitar lock before you start a song is awesome. Every shot on my game is smooth. So far, I can’t stop playing it!

Yea. For the most part all the shots are smooth. Curious what your pitch is at? I am right around 6.7-6.8. May need to bring it down a touch. I’m super OCD when dialing in a pin, but don’t get me wrong, I got it playing fantastic for the most part. I was throwing stuff out there to see what other peeps are doing to dial things in.

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Quoted from kermit24:

I don't think the "S" shot won't go to the top lanes every time. There are just too many variables in play. Getting right from the spinner into the pops is very helpful when you are in a frenzy (switch hits) type mode. But it does make it up there a good deal of the time.

Thanks. Is this how the entrance of your ‘S’ shot is? Looks like that target is in the way of really setting up the beginning of the shot. There’s a set screw behind it though to adjust the guide rail, im tempted to toy with it.

207F910E-DF00-47F5-97D9-01935193E3F7 (resized).jpeg
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Quoted from KevinG:

Looks like mine may have a little more clearance, but this spinner shot works great in mine.

When you say it works great. Does it do the full ‘S’ all the way to the AXL lanes more times than not? Or does it work great in the sense that you can rip the spinner, after that it’s random?

#3464 1 year ago
Quoted from KevinG:

A well placed shot will rip the spinner and usually go to the rollovers. But, I agree with Kermit, there are a lot of variables and most of the time it seems more advantageous to keep it in the pops anyway for switch hits to complete modes. But, it is cool to have it whip all the way around!

Cool. I think my shot is fine. I may still toy with moving the target or guide to give better clearance.

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Quoted from kermit24:

Hard to tell from your photo angle. My JAM target is centered in the playfield hole for it. It does overlap a bit, but usually doesn’t interfere. Pretty sure it’s like that so it’s possible to hit the JAM target on its way through the spinner. I’ve done this a lot.

I moved it over a tad and moved the guide rail slightly right. Seems much better - I think the target is overlapping the guide by design to protect balls slamming into it. There’s an exit guide adjust as well, but looks like a pain to get at. Lowering the flipper power closer to factory helped too as I increased it a few notches. The 2nd part of the ‘S’ shot has some guide adjustments as well that I may tinker with later on but overall I think it’s fine, just the random design of the shot.

Back to flipper hop from the inlanes. Do you guys get it from time to time? I know nicoy3k said it’s normal on a new game and to give it time, but I’m tempted to readjust the flippers and see if it improves. It’s really not bad or anything, just my OCD kicking in and curious if it happens on other games as well (i.e. normal, or not).

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Quoted from screaminr:

Thanks mate , I played a carnage mode that looked like a fighting video game , is that in your list under another name .

That’s one of the 4 album modes (Appetite for destruction album to be more specific).

#3482 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I get a tiny hop on the right inlane, but I’m not using stock rubber. I think the rubber used makes a difference since they are not exactly the same.
Edit: really not much flipper hop at all here.

Swapped out the red for black rubbers and noticed an incredible difference. So nicoy3k is probably right about just giving the red some time to break in. But, black rubber on black bats makes it very hard to gauge flipper depth. Gonna play around with a few other types that I can scrape together from my bag of tricks bins or go back to the stock red and wait til they break in.

#3485 1 year ago

Think I got my flipper issue resolved. While trying different rubbers, I noticed this:

8ABFEE8F-5CFE-49F4-8820-B5B363378748 (resized).jpeg

Made an adjustment. These flippers are pretty easy to adjust with a small ratchet tool. Much easier than sterns. After:

2747182E-2861-4EE5-8678-7BAA643EDD1D (resized).jpeg

The black rubbers worked the best, but hard to see black on black. Went with yellow and those worked really good but the ball bounces wildly on yellow rubbers so no real drop or live catches possible. Found some Marco reds I ordered awhile back and that did the trick.

Back in action and rocking out! Finally enjoying the pin and it’s pretty freakin bad ass. Time to start really digging into the rules, speaking of which is there anything written down anywhere on how to build song values or other side objectives in the game? I found some cool tour patches so gonna mess around with those and try to stack with tour multiball. So much to do! ...even though it doesn’t seem that way on the surface.

#3489 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Are you using a wide angle lens? Why does your flipper look like it’s 6 inches long?

Because size matters! Haha no idea why it came out like that really, maybe the angle zoomed in close? In either case I’m rockin now! Just had a fun game collecting like a dozen badges and playing tour multiball and slashes solo.

B83C8B2B-F269-4416-8EEA-811C1D7A0C1B (resized).jpeg
#3500 1 year ago

So now that I’m enjoying the game and digging in deeper, I gotta say I really like the upper pf. The choices to hit duff, lock a ball, or take a GNR patch letter are very fun and strategic. Really cool game. Still haven’t broke 10 mil, but it’s coming.

Hope to see more unboxing pics this week!

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Quoted from kermit24:

FYI - I posted the Patch Sets on the Tilt Rulesheet. Spoiler Alert, but if you are interested.


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Quoted from NightTrain:

LOL! If you don't want to believe be, that's fine. It really doesn't matter.
Here you are telling people they will NEVER see it. I'm simply stating you're wrong. I've seen it with my own two eyes.
I didn't think to take a picture. I never thought someone on Pinside would ask for me to prove it with photo evidence.
You sure are something...
I'm honestly made at myself for taking the time to even type this.

He already corrected himself and apologized. Now let’s talk GNR, how freakin cool is this game!?!?!

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Quoted from kermit24:

Anyone grab any merch today?

Where do you buy? Navigating to their store site doesn’t bring up anything on my phone. Maybe I need to log in with a PC?

#3611 1 year ago

What kind of song jackpots are you guys building up to? I’m usually 2-3 mil with occasional 5-6. And is there a way to tell what you’re song level is built to prior to starting a song?
This game is pretty epic, riding a last game of the night high as I type this

#3613 1 year ago
Quoted from manadams:

Max out all your booster multiball meters and lock all balls before a song start, use patch combinations to increase certain song scoring. With this you can get 10-20 million or even higher, no one has explained what the individual booster meters increase scoring on exactly. No point in playing the album modes because scoring piddles in comparison to the songs unless you want to just progress through the game, all of them are easy to time out except for tear down the wall.

I imagine locking balls increases song level as well? It’s kinda fun to go into song mode with 1 or 2 balls and see how high I can build it. I’m more about exploring right now more than exploiting, but going for a max song jackpot sounds fun. Maybe go for the patch set that allows 2 boosters and max those even more?

#3626 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Ugh, I don't want to hear that. Lack of inlane to flipper smoothness is one of the biggest indicators of poor design in our experience. It was one of our biggest complaints with Alice Cooper. I hope it IS fixable.

I got it fixed. Replacing flipper rubber helped a lot. Adjusting the flipper angle and guide helped as well, my right flipper wasnt aligned. I've been having a blast since.

I still get a rejected shot on the second portion of the 'S' shot from time to time. I may play with the ball guide adjustments to see if it helps. But, but the inner spinner entrance to the 'S' I got tweaked to be better by moving the JAM target over to the left to allow a smoother shot to the guide rail.

#3632 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

To get more jackpots. The booster jackpots have a huge impact on song value.

I don’t know if I missed it, but is there an indicator of what your song value is built up to before getting into a song?

#3674 1 year ago

Patch tips helped, my first 10+ mil game

8603A611-16BF-478B-B3D9-8D5601AB143B (resized).jpeg
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Quoted from screaminr:

Lol , you don't look very happy for someone who has just got the Grand Champion score .
They need Slash or Melissa to call out " say cheese " or " smile " before the game takes your picture .

It’s weird, sometimes it uses your initials picture, and sometimes it uses some random picture during the game? Not entirely sure, I’m guessing it has some kind of programmed face recognition and if you’re doing something wild (like I was doing) when you enter your initials, it voids the pic and uses the other pic that it captured while you were playing (unaware).

#3687 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

I got tired of looking at a bunch of pictures of myself so I turned off the features where it takes a pic at the end and when it shows all the pics from high scores.
It’s still on so that you’re displayed on the lcd while playing though. And i think it still watches me drink beer too!

It’s always watching you. I got a kick out of watching the high score tables for the first time. Kinda fun. Got a cool one with my daughter and slash too. Looks like he’s really there I love it!

A0CEF34F-610F-4C00-974E-9CF3224FA0FA (resized).jpegA9A8D0D9-068E-4E09-BA95-E69EFA783124 (resized).jpeg
#3689 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

It’s a cool feature for sure. I’ll probably turn mine on whenever there’s company over, otherwise, like I said it’s just a bunch of pictures of me.

......with Slash!

#3706 1 year ago
Quoted from insight75:

Got my LE yesterday. Only issue to note is the spinning record wasn't aligned quite right. I had to play with it to get it even on the playfield. Its a little off center from the hole but I'm not sure I care that much. I do have a scratch on each of the red painted top rail (side near glass).....this likely from the swinging hinge when putting the head in the up position. I'm on the fence on if I should reach out to JJP about this. Would have been best to have some plastic protecting all painted surfaces like there was on the lock bar. I did get the signed poster which was quite epic!
[quoted image]

If it’s the rails that got scratched, I imagine JJP would send replacements. Ask your distributor for advice.

#3722 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

I knew mine was in transit, but was surprised by a door knock today. It had arrived and it is glorious. So happy with the LE model and the cabinet art is perfect.[quoted image][quoted image]

Hell yeah! Congrats!

#3732 1 year ago

150 games in after a week. Here’s some audits:

GC: 26mil
Balls saved: 115
Avg game time: 5m:55
Avg ball times: 111.7 secs
3-ball games: 125
4-ball games (1 EB): 19
5-ball games (2 EB’s): 1
6-ball games (3 EB’s): 2

Game times are nearly equal across the board from 1 minute - 15 minute games with 3-4 minute games the least and 6-8 minute games the most.

All in all, this game kicks ass!

If we get any kind of wishlist on the code front, it would be:
+ add more rules (with cool sound effects) to looping the upper flipper loop shot. It’s so fun to get 3-4 loops but usually there’s no reward but the satisfaction of doing it.
+ polish album modes
+ should album modes be more rewarding/enticing? They seem to be the riskiest thing to go for because single ball, no saver - however, I have yet to do good in one or complete it. So perhaps there is a reward? Maybe light song after completing a mode? Hell, I don’t know, I guess I should complete one before saying what it needs hahaha.

#3733 1 year ago
Quoted from PinHigh1:

I'm waiting on mine too...got the email a couple weeks ago to pay the balance in full which I did. Then what happens normally...did you get an email indicated it shipped along with tracking numbers as the next step? Just curious what to expect. Hope you're enjoying the new game!! Thanks!

From my experience; It took approx 28 days to ship after sending final payment to distributor. Got my game 5 days after that.

#3742 1 year ago
Quoted from PinHigh1:

Thanks for the feedback....thats helpful to know. I'll use my advent calendar to countdown!

Lego advent calendar for the win!

5D691629-1296-4F80-9AA4-0C2828000E5F (resized).jpeg
#3749 1 year ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

Just came down to play my GNR today. The opto's underneath the skill shot are not working. I checked for loose wires or something unplugged. So far I do not see anything anyone else run into this problem thanks.

My skillshot optos seemed weird the other day too (triggering skill shots without plunging). I heard those switches recalibrate themselves on reboot. That’s what I did to fix. Not sure if more needs to be done.

#3762 1 year ago

how does jukebox work? I have my lockdown bar button set to be used to start a game. Powered up my game and pressed the lockdown button to start a game but it wasn’t ready yet (still initializing), then jukebox started. Random played and played a song I never heard before from their new stuff - it Was really cool. But can’t figure out how to start jukebox besides that one accident. I assume it’s with the lockdown button so maybe I just have to disable the button for starting a game? I guess I could have tried that instead of typing all this out hahaha (but I think my alter ego in me hopes keefer is reading and may have to reprogram it this scenario?). Anyway, hopped up on Starbucks crack, time for some GNR!

#3763 1 year ago

More Starbucks crack happiness. While typing out that last post, with this weird and cool new song playing, I saw the credits scrolling for first time, song ended, hit start, instrumental GNR kicks in. It’s showtime! (Yes I’m high on Starbucks right now) haha

9E3EB74C-9115-4B8B-8BAE-D3F3EC225879 (resized).jpeg
#3765 1 year ago

If any of the programmers are reading (and so it begins haha). With demolition derby lit, start noise multiball, drain to one ball, scoop relit - shot it - spat it back out - shot it again - worked. Probably something funny with the grace period.

A spinner effect (inside spinner) in desert demolition would be nice too

#3778 1 year ago

Also, booster multiballs will release locked balls and/or pass thru locked shots.

#3785 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I’m trying to be happy for all you guys that have your games. I really am.

If it makes you feel any better, I just got my first 6-ball power jackpot!!! 2.5 mil. Game just keeps getting better.

#3801 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

Has anyone ever been booed off the stage? Seems like the song meter thing is way too easy to max out

My wife did on her first game. We got a good laugh about it. It’s set to the easiest setting by factory default (think its at 1 of 10 if memory serves - 10 being hardest).

#3815 1 year ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Is there any way to adjust the game to add more treble and bass to it, equalizer? There is way too much midrange...sounds terrible

It didn’t sound good to me either. I really need to try and pry myself away from playing and hook up a sub

I made these adjustments and it sounded much better (to me).

A4BD8DB3-B79F-4B9C-8501-0286DF784E86 (resized).jpeg
#3824 1 year ago
Quoted from punkin:

It's a rock and roll pin, mines been sitting waiting for the game to get here for more than a month.
Better than spending $300 on a toy to stick on the playfield or a shooter rod housing.
Anyway, just offering a solution as the question was "Yea, I can't believe there isn't a way to adjust other than that. High, middle and bass adjustment should be a bare minimum...the off sound is driving me nutz!"
[quoted image]

What you need Punkin is a $300 frame for a part of your NIB cardboard box

9218EB8C-ABAA-4446-8125-F0592BE64BFA (resized).jpeg
#3825 1 year ago
Quoted from pingrrrl:

I'd like to be able to adjust volume on the keyboard sounds.

Look at my screenshot a few posts up. There’s a volume level setting for FX.

#3833 1 year ago

Anyone know if there’s a penalty for draining during a song while ball saver is active? Like deduct .25 pt from song level or .25 secs off the ball saver?

#3838 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Yes. You can enable it in settings. Hold center button to turn it on and off. Can be music only, music + video, or music + video + light show. Ordered by album or random.

Oh nice. I’ll have to enable the video, didn’t know that was an option.

Btw I couldn’t get it to work when I had the center button set to start a game.

#3861 1 year ago
Quoted from bridgeman:

Also just checking it out, it will plunge and achieve the skill shot so I would think it’s not a case of the machine thinking a plunge has already been attempted.

Mine has done this on occasion. Since it awards a skill shot I imagine the problem is the skillshot rollover switches. However, calibration test shows no foul play. If it continues to become a problem I may reseat the connectors associated with that board of switches.

#3867 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

I've thought pretty seriously about it being a rockit meter hit, but it's not implemented yet..

Rockit meter would definitely be a cool way to do it. Tough decision as it’s more of a player based rule than a casual player rule. Maybe a setting with it default off (on for competition?).

#3868 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

The GnR to Led Zeppelin comparisons will be full speed ahead in just a few minutes.I want to be first to say the artwork on JJP GnR kicks the shit out of LZ in the art department!Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time,but I think GnR kicks their ass when it comes to pinball machines.I reserve the right to modify my opinion over time but I don't believe I will need to!

I don’t even know what to say, I’m so mixed. Own 3 sterns and now that I have my first JJP NIB experience, and a GNR at that! ...my first thought is there’s no comparison - GNR is in another realm. But there’s people gawking all over Zep, “look at that new light show”...I’m like wtf. Clearly they haven’t played GNR. Seriously, How do I ever buy another stern again after experiencing GNR!?
You guys at JJP suck!

#3893 1 year ago
Quoted from pingrrrl:

Is the rubber on your flippers falling apart?
Where do I get replacements and is there a different kind I should get? I've had my Iron Maiden since April and they still look new. I've had the GNR for 10 days, home use only. Also, where do I buy the clear-ish white rubber pieces. I noted one was missing but the machine only came with the larger size. You can see that I put it on the pin on the right side of the picture, but it is too big.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

My JP2 red ones wore down faster. In either case i found the red ones from pinball life were a better fit for my JP2 and the Marco specialty red ones were better for GNR. Go figure. Luckily I had both on hand.

I’m not a fan of titan silicone for flippers, but may have to try them on GNR next time I order from them.

#3894 1 year ago

Speaking of rubbers. Anyone know where to order replacement rubbers (posts, slingshots, etc...) that JJP uses for GNR?

#3895 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

You are not allowed to shoot the scoop back-to-back, you need to touch anything else first. Might be what you were seeing.

This reminds me the time I reported an IMDN bug to Keith Elwin that if you lock a ball on the right loop, the loop jackpot timer continues to count down and will timeout before it releases. His response: don’t do that.

#3907 1 year ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Yeah I’ve been focusing on the four boosters, and getting the maxed.. not necessarily “lots of jackpots” but are you saying even above and maxed there is benefit?
Any particular songs better than others? I find jungle and sweet child the most lucrative. Also I think the carnage mode is kind of easy backhanding the ramps over and over.

I do best on paradise city (i think it’s mainly ramps and loops).
‘You could be mine’ is tough because it’s usually just one shot lit.
I also like ‘Estranged’ as it has lots of shots to go for.
‘November rain’ is good if you have all 6 balls locked - switch based song.

Some other song strategies:
If you’re down to 2 balls during a song, go for the power chord as that’ll add a ball, then collect the scoop for next album level and boom, just like that you’re back up to 4-balls.
If you have too many balls at the flippers with the ball saver active, just let some drain (no penalty for that......yet).

More scoring stratgies:
Go for patches. This is the hardest part of the game right now as it takes more time to learn the patch locations to toggle quickly and remember which sets to go for and/or use a cheat sheet. The Horn, Lights, Amp, Firecracker patch set is by far the best, but also the hardest to pull off - Highest Risk / Highest Reward.
Poster + TShirt could help get to encore better.
Here’s the patch sets, courtesy of kermit24
« Spoiler! Click to reveal.
Patch Set - Benefit
Horn, Lights, Amp, Firecracker = Unlimited Booster Multiball Plays!
Gun, Rose = Welcome to the Jungle and/or Paradise City Scoring Increased
Bra, Underwear = Double Bonus Rest of the Game
IV Bag, EKG = Plus 1 Coma Multiball and Increased Scoring
Truck, Wings, Train = Tour Multiball Increased Scoring
Vater, Marshall, Gibson, Fender = Extra Ball is Lit
Poster, T-shirt = Rock It Meter Flipper Decay Halved
All 4 Albums = 2X Album Levels

#3929 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

When people say GNR doesn't have flow or no satisfying shots , I totally disagree .
For me , it does have great shots and Flow , if you're able to do it .
If you have a ramp that's so fat you can get it from any Flipper it takes away from the challenge for me .

200 plays in. The layout is amazing! The synergy with the layout, code, rules, theme, detail, everything...is top notch! You have ramp to ramp, or loop to ramp, or loop to upper loop (repeatable), or ramp to ramp to inner spinner wizzly doo (yea that’s what I’m calling it. You have a ramp diverted on both ramps, an mini playfield that not only is quick and fast (with little to no grind unlike pretty much every mini playfield in pinball) - but 4 strategic options to put the ball - I honestly think this is the best mini playfield in pinball! And I’m not saying that because I’m on a honeymoon....ok maybe I am, but seriously, you can lock balls from the bottom flipper, or you can put the ball in play and literally have 1-5 secs to choose where you want to try and put the ball (Duff Bass ramp, lights target for multiball, lock a ball, or take a GNR letter). Add in the power chord rules during a song multiball for add-a-ball + jackpot and it’s just icing on the cake.

That all said, I’m not going to fluff it too much (too late), the rules still need polish. The upper flipper loop needs some real cool rules/ sound effects for repeating the shot. The album modes need a lot of work. And some other balances are probably needed as well. But, we have Keefer! Mother F’n keefer in our corner! Live and Let Code!

#3948 1 year ago

Bug report:
Noise multiball - mystery lit - drain a ball and hit the mystery with the other ball during the ‘grace period’ - If rewarded a 10 second ball saver - noise multiball will continue as a single ball mode.

#3952 1 year ago

Another (bug?) report:
Extra ball lit - ball bounces up top on the lane posts and the

Quoted from kermit24:

Probably better to report these to JJP direct on Twitter. They’ve fixed some bugs I’ve reported there already.

Good idea.....ummm what’s Twitter?

#3953 1 year ago

Another bug?
I believe the intent of extra ball is to shoot the middle lane without hitting another switch. If you hit some pops and the ball goes up to the lanes and bounces for a couple seconds on the posts, the extra ball will relight, if the ball goes down the middle lane. Boom - extra ball.

#3959 1 year ago

I’m curious how much your song level increases for each ball locked? Example, I go for a lot of booster jackpots and if I start a song with only 2 or 3 balls, I’ll choose a harder (more accurate shooting song) like you could be mine. Then I’ll use the power chord to add more balls + regular song qualification add a balls. Sometimes works good for those songs that require precision shooting.

#3972 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

For starting song value: 20 sucks. 70+ Is decent. 100+ is good. 125+ is great. 150+ is amazing.
All of these numbers above directly impact the song jackpot. The song jackpot is driven by how many stages of the song are completed. They increase exponentially as progress is made throughout the song. The longer the song is played combined with the stages completed make the song jackpot what it is. Impossible to say that a specific song level equates to a specific song jackpot.
Throw a “band frenzy” in there and the jackpot is boosted even more.

Nice. And to add to this, if you can pull off an encore, your song level will carry over into that next song.

I need to learn more about band frenzy. I notice band members flashing during the song, Collect said band member and it seems to light the insert solid. Do that for all members and get band frenzy I believe? What I don’t know is what qualifies the band member to start flashing? Is it just based on who you hit first, then hit/collect them again to lock it in?

#3974 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Need keefer to confirm, but my understanding is that certain members are featured during certain points of the doing. For example a drum intro, Frank flashes. You hit Frank etc. Band frenzy starts when you hit the all the band members during their featured parts of the song. I’m not a “take the glass off” guy so I won’t test by cheating. Lol.

Nice. That’s a really cool rule if that’s how it works.

#3982 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

This is basically it. The featured member and "next up" featured member are in the bottom right of the song display.

Sweet rule.
Here it is in case anyone is wondering. 2 member icons shown, the big one in the bottom right is the active one to qualify band frenzy, the smaller one to the left of it is the ‘next’ member qualification. Thanks Keefer!

09A38F01-7EC4-41FE-948D-2D2B792F6CEC (resized).jpeg

Quoted from pinball_keefer:

It is infinitely more likely we'll see the twitter ones, but usually at least someone catches stuff reported here. This one was relayed to me this morning.

There are limits to our cruelty.

This is basically it. The featured member and "next up" featured member are in the bottom right of the song display.

Quoted from pinball_keefer:

There are limits to our cruelty.


#3985 1 year ago
Quoted from insight75:

What is the process for unlocking patience? I've done it once but have no idea how I did it. By the way.....I would pay up to add more songs. This is how it should be done. Let these machines keep making more money over time.....

There’s a patch that unlocks patience.

As for the other comment. The problem is that company’s will develop games with that intent prior to release, and they’ve been doing just that! Pinside and podcasts have been doing everything in their power to help pinball company’s rip us off even further, and it worked. We have a $600 topper that unlocks a mode (JP). We have a kit that unlocks lighting and artwork effects (STH). We have a freakin $1000 plastic topper (Elvira). $10 says stern has something up their sleeve for Zep - it’s probably a $1500 topper to unlock stairway to heaven or something along those lines. Do we really need DLC in pinball when they cost $6k-$10k.

We have 21 songs and one of the most beautiful (and best) pins ever developed, save the scams for stern and their 10 song zizzle-like music pins. Let’s leave the classy design intents to JJP, Spooky, and API.

#4004 1 year ago
Quoted from paulbaptise:

What are you guys averaging for scores?
I think the difficult part for me to love about this game is how much pre-game work you need to put in before you start a song. When that happens naturally I love the game, when it doesn't It can be cumbersome.

Pre-game work is much more fun with the boosters. It’s awesome when you get 2,3, or all 4 boosters stacked together! I’ve gotten a 3.5 mil noise jackpot! I’m loving the booster multiballs, especially stacked.

That said, I’ve put up some 10+ mil scores without boosters or many locked balls and I’ve dropped big jackpots too! When you go into a song quick, you can still score well. If you only have one or two balls locked, pick a song that takes precision shooting like ‘You could be mine’ or ‘civil war’. Additionally, if you only have 2 or 3 balls, use the power chord rule to help add a ball into play. The key will be pressing your luck and cashing in an applause and encore at the end. Risk/reward is the name of the game.

Additionally, here’s a big tip. You can cradle and have your rockit meter at 0 as long as you have the ball saver active. So if you get into a song prematurely, trap up and go for those power chords and/or band frenzy items. Add some balls, get band frenzy, then start blowing it up.

Soooo many ways to play the game. It’s what keeps me coming back. We just need some meaningful album rules add the next layer.

#4025 1 year ago
Quoted from KevinG:

Man this game just gets better the more I play. Has anyone else noticed some of the call outs in homage to earlier JJP pins. In one game today, as I was repeatedly pressing the action button to find the patch I wanted, Melissa says, “there’s no more gold!” From POTC. Now, that is awesome!!

That’s freakin hilarious! I haven’t heard that one yet but heard some other good ones. Melissa has some good call outs in this game.

#4042 1 year ago
Quoted from manadams:

So got to wizard mode, hit about 8-10 shots and then it timed out. Guess what my score for the wizard mode was.

The not in this lifetime wizard mode? I didn’t even know it was coded in yet haha. The deeper modes in the game definitely need some fluff and polish from choreography to rules to sounds to scoring.

#4047 1 year ago

Approx 20-25 seconds left in the song. Rockit meter Max’s; encore can potentially bring an additional 5-30 mil points or more. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

7B6F75C2-0E89-485D-81B7-0C940690ECB6 (resized).jpeg
#4053 1 year ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

This is my first JJP. I was reading through the owner's manual and it doesn't really recommend any specific cleaner or wax. Safe to use Novice One and Blitz?

I read somewhere like 5 years ago that JJP recommends Wizards mist n shine. I’ve been using it since then and love it.

amazon.com link »

#4061 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

When exactly does the right ramp diverter drop down during gameplay?
Never paid attention but mine doesn’t seem to do it.
In test coil does fire but doesn’t seem to drop completely .. can I get a pic of someone else’s in down position to compare?
In other words, any input appreciated!
[quoted image]

When the ‘Detour’ insert located right under the right ramp entrance is lit Yellow, that signals the diverter will go to the upper flipper.

Usually happens in tour modes, upper flipper shot lit for certain points in songs, and there’s plenty other times it lights as well.

4CF1C811-174D-42B7-B24F-C8A5AE229329 (resized).jpeg
#4062 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Okay in case this wasn't the ticket I answered I will write this here: Playfield glass off, start new game, open coin door with ball in shooter lane. Black button enter. Then choose full menu, tests, switch tests, matrixed switch tests. This brings up the big switch grid. Look for any closed switch that should not be; ANY switch can trigger an autolaunch it does not have to be one of the sensors in the calibration. If you see nothing odd, make fist, tap playfield between lower slingshots just above the flippers. This creates vibration. Watch the boxes and listen. Some switch that is possibly just too close may trigger from the vibration.

Mine does the same thing from time to time. It awards a skill shot so I’m pretty certain it’s those roll over switches. I reseated the connectors below the playfield and that helped, but still acts weird occasionally. When I reseated the connector, I noticed someone did an oopsie with the crimping tool - I imagine that’s the reason mine acts up occasionally. My distributor is working with JJP (maybe you?) to send me a replacement whip.

B639D05B-29B8-4B58-AFB7-3CAE21E1E7CD (resized).jpegFE7A60D8-2365-496B-A1AB-310E193460EF (resized).jpeg
#4064 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

It's Barry and me and yes I am getting you another harness.

Awesome! My distributor doomid and you guys have been great. Have a happy holiday, love the game.

#4065 1 year ago
Quoted from bridgeman:

Well this problem still persists for me. Ball will auto plunge whenever it wants to. I calibrate the sensors after about two games it’s back to auto plunging again. As you can imagine this is very frustrating. You have to stay by machine because it will just too plunge on you. Gonna file a ticket with JJP at this point!

Try reseating the connections (see my post above). A few other things I’ve done which seemed to improve it is wiping down the area with microfiber cloth. Also, anytime I power it up, if it acts up it usually does it in the first game, if so I’ll go into sensor calibration right away, perform that, and usually I’m good - sometimes it’ll act up one more time after calibration on that very first game, then after that it seems good.

#4067 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Thanks but as shown, my issue is with the Not In This Lifetime right ramp diverter, not the left ramp.

That’s what I was referring to. That diverter should divert the ball when the detour insert is lit. I’ll see if I can get a pic of mine in the down position later tonight.

#4075 1 year ago
Quoted from Stags6969:

Lift the playfield and give all the screws and nuts a check for tightness. Had a drop target bank collapse on my Hobbit BA and looks like some diverters are coming loose and falling off on the GnR

There’s a service bulletin for the ramp diverter. Check your serial # with it and if yours is affected JJP will send you the lock washers that most the games have.

#4086 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Having watched LZ stream and a few GnR streams, I am pretty surprised that GnR LE is the game I want in 2021.
There just wasn't a wow moment for me in the LZ stream.
It'll be a good, fun game, for sure.
But GnR - starting Live and Let Die. Wow!
Hope JJP can do a few more songs in this style.

Plenty of wow moments in GNR and plenty of live and let die moments as well. But more importantly, the game is addicting as shit!

My personal experience, GNR came down to timing and the perfect storm and so thankful to be in the right spot and the right time. I was in the market for a new pin in September and put a deposit in on sterns next JP2 run. I really wanted a JJP pin but had no interest in GNR. I had two music pins at the time and was getting burnt out on music pins that play the same 10 songs for 30-45 seconds. I was dead set on not getting GNR, until they did what they did (those assholes! Haha). They did everything perfectly with this pin and it just wow’d me, this is a music pin!

Needless to say, I sold a pin and picked up both JP2 and GNRLE. GNR flippers felt very lackluster compared to my other sterns and JP2. The sterns are just snappier with more umph. Well, as many of you know, I spent nearly a week tweaking my GNR flippers - from power settings, to realigning, to trying many different types of rubbers. Well, I went to play some JP2 last night for the first time in awhile, the flippers felt like toothpicks - I was shocked. Turned the game off and went back to GNR. I’m sure I’ll give my other sterns and my other new JP2 some love again in due time, but GNR is a beast and plays so dam fun.

#4094 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballZach:

Got my LE, but have a couple questions.
What causes the Duff ramp diverter to move up and down is it at random? And what do you do to unlock Patience?

It’s all situational. When there are locks available, you’ll be allowed to go to the upper playfield. Some songs don’t use the upper playfield often like live and let die and out to get me. There are some others that toggle back and forth. Sometimes there’s ramp combos in a song where it’ll be just a ramp. I think some (all?) the album modes have the diverter just be a ramp too.

#4098 1 year ago
Quoted from Jack8765:

What flipper adjustments do you recommend?

I should first mention I’m at 6.8 deg pitch. That said...

Take flipper rubber off and look at it from an angle to ensure it’s perfectly in line with the guide rail and maybe a fraction of a hair lower. Adjust as needed, put rubber on, test guides and returns by hand with ball. Adjust as necessary. I fiddled with guide rails too, loosening - move it up or down a hair and retighten.

I also increased power on each bottom flipper +1 notch. However, since I gave it a good wipe down, I’m tempted to put power back to factory as i have been getting some air ball - rejects off the left ramp maybe once out of 10 shots.

Lastly, I tried 5 different types of rubbers.
1. Black: this worked really well, maybe even the best, but it was hard to track the depth of the flippers with black rubber on top of black bats.
2. Red pinball life: not so good (but it’s what I used on some of my sterns and works really well).
3. Marco Red: this worked pretty good. Slightly Better than JJPs stock. Ironically, I don’t like how these work on sterns.
4. Yellow: yellow was great through the return lanes but super wild, no ball control, very bouncy. Fun for a game or two, but more annoying than anything.
5. I ended up with Titan red silicone. I Was never a fan of these kind of flipper rubbers but turns out they work really really well for GNR so that’s what I’ve been using. Time to order more as it was my only pair.

TLDR: all in all the biggest thing I did that showed the most improvement was using the titan red silicone rubbers.

#4108 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

I'm Addicted to D.I. do you really feel I'll like GNR more?
Waiting on mine and will wait till it appears!

No idea.
GNR isnt much of a mode based game. It’s a rock concert that suits different styles of play. I think the code needs more work before it’s more mode-quest based. But, it has elements and potential of a quest with the all the side objectives. It just needs to be tied in altogether. For now, it’s just pure fun.

#4118 1 year ago
Quoted from jalpert:

I gotta ask. If every pinball is manufactured to be played at 6.5 degrees, why raise it?
I see that people do it often, but if there isn’t a problem, it seems raising the pitch can create some? Is it because it makes the game easier?

I don’t believe every game is designed at 6.5, I read in other owner threads that Gomez recommends 7deg for DP and Elwin 6.8 or 6.9 for JP2. In the end, it really comes down to preference. Dialing in a game can really be a moving target.

Usually when I first get a game I leave the lift in my game room and play with all sorts of pitch levels and test out each shot, return, etc...I thought someone said Eric prefers GNR at 6.5-6.7. At 6.5 the game felt a little too floaty for my liking. 6.7-6.8 is right around where I have mine (6.8 according to my digital torpedo, 6.7 according to the app). I went back and forth with both pitches for days and a few others til I found a sweet spot. I tried steeper pitches too and the shots needed more tweaking than what I wanted to deal with. It’s just where I settled in at but figured I should mention the pitch when it comes to giving dialing in advice as it absolutely plays a factor.

There are so many variables to get a game playing good which is why we always hear debates on why some people think great games suck and vice versa. Pinside debate can be a vortex for this reason. A good example of this is me playing a friends R&M and I thought the game was one of the coolest, best games ever. Then I read about how people think it’s shit because of this shot or that shot, etc...

Whether it’s easier or not is to be determined. Less pitch = more likely to drain to the out lanes, but if your tilt isn’t tight what good is that? So there’s another adjustment needed. If the pitch is steeper, ball returns occur faster which means you flip more which means there’s a quicker chance of putting the ball in danger, and the close up targets become much more dangerous. All in all that’s why pinball is so great and why good programmers put in adjustments and settings to make games easier or harder. Heck, I have lightning flippers on my IMDN.

Sorry for the long post, I’m an engineer and can dig in a little too deep at times.

#4126 1 year ago

Anyone know which switch triggers Melissa? And which keyboard insert is hers, the left or right?

1237FC4E-E888-4DD1-A3BF-4298DEABBF53 (resized).jpeg
#4130 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

She’s the right insert - light blue.
Qualify her by rolling over the light blue keyboard key insert. Her skeleton is next to it. (see pic)
[quoted image]

Quoted from daley:

The piano key insert itself is the switch, similar to the skill shot inserts and sensors.

Thanks guys. For some reason I thought all those keys were for Dizzy, but makes much more sense now. Never noticed Melissa in the artwork haha.

#4151 1 year ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

Is there a way to cancel the desert, wall, and carnage modes? I realize you need them to get to wizard mode. They just seem anticlimatic after playing a couple of badass songs. I've just been cradling up and letting them time out.

Holding the action button will unlight them.

#4229 1 year ago

This game is freakin bonkers! JJP really nailed it out of the park. I’m jumping up and down, throwing out fist pumps, spitting out the “Wooooo’s” - hashtag Adrenalin anyone? Hallelujah! Holy Shit! Where’s the Tylenol. Thank you JJP and Merry Christmas.

Oh got my GNR shirt too!

161E1288-3945-412C-AA64-ACF80B895DFE (resized).jpeg
#4251 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Could not agree more, he's one of the best! I want to watch but I also want to save discovery and secrets for myself.
Hopefully the CE will happen next month.

He really did an amazing job in capturing how good this game really is. If you have one on order, I don’t blame you not watching. But it’s definitely worth a view at some point. I learned quite a few new things, like... « Spoiler! Click to reveal. the fender patch! »

#4263 1 year ago
Quoted from Balint:

It’s like that on mine too


#4264 1 year ago
Quoted from Balint:

Joined on Tuesday, but I just had to do this before the first play...
[quoted image]

How hard was removing the upper playfield and right ramp?

#4298 1 year ago
Quoted from Moomert1:

Anybody else have issues with this little bastard like me? This keeps popping out.[quoted image]

Mines popped out once.

#4315 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Played the game almost for 5 hrs today
Gotta say this is my favorite now
The ball flow is great
Sound is awesome even on high
But the light show ...... freaking insane !!!!
Each song has its own version
Rocket Queen is my favorite thus far
Very , very impressed With this game
Just few ball hang ups by pop bumpers
And one second screen glitch in paradise city
Can’t wait for some fine tuning in code
More sound upgrades
Put external sub on it that just add bit extra kick
Just need something for the high tones on top[quoted image]

Nice RVD! I can’t stop playing mine either. I also get my ball stuck in that same spot at the bumpers. I’m open to suggestions on how to fix, for now I put a small piece of ball drop foam next to the post which helps and also makes it easier to nudge the ball out of there too.

#4328 1 year ago