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The Official JJP GnR Owners Thread

By Dallas_Pin

1 year ago

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#1397 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballj:

So I got a photo memory from the Oct 2017 Pinball Expo with Steve Epstein and saw that I had the 2017 Louisville Arcade Expo GNR shirt on. That was when I ordered my JJPOTC from Flip-n-Out / Larry Kitchen too. My brother and I came up with the design of that shirt while literally at the GnR Not In this Lifetime Tour concert in Cincinnati 2016. Turns out that concert poster is on the LE cabinet too! Needless to say, with Virtual Expo going on, and Steve telling me through this pic "You NEED to order this game too", I placed the order for a GNR LE with Flip-n-Out / zmeny !
Looking forward to joining the club![quoted image][quoted image]

Funny thing. The poster on the right of yours is the one from The Netherlands, Nijmegen which i was suppose to visit.

#1674 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Sorry about that. I do tech support for JJP. And try to help where I can. Right now with no game and only a partial manual. There are things I can't do or check. And by posting that people know I'm limited right now as far as posting, email, PM's, even stopping in my business.
And hopefully the person I'm trying to help. If they need more help then they have to turn to JJP for help.
LTG : )

Respect!!! Thanks for the helping hand for everyone here.

1 week later
#2138 1 year ago
Quoted from Shmilder:

Reply on Facebook, jjp says another run of le's currently on the line.

Yup. Saw that to. Hope mine's on there.

#2403 1 year ago

While waiting for our LE's to arrive here's something fun to watch.

#2407 1 year ago
Quoted from tp:I'm in with an se.
[quoted image]

congrats. in my opinion the best SE/Pro model value for money to date. I love the LE and am in for that one. Still waiting for its arrival.

#2425 1 year ago

for those who allready have their game. Does it have a real knocker installed or just a sound from the speakers?

#2458 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

It has a real knocker coil like the other 5 JJP tables.

Thanks. Wasn't sure since this one is gonna be my first JJP. What an entry it is gonna be. Hope to get mine before christmas so the family will be in awe when we celebrate here.

#2463 1 year ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

It is an amazing Promo in my POV. Thanks for posting this.
I Just saw that it is not JJP #001 ... indeed a very beautiful machine, I’ll take it!
[quoted image]

Thanks for putting a link here for this video. It was region locked when i wanted to see it so i could not.
if you look closely when pausing during gameplay you will see that the playfield also is not an CE playfield as the Apetite for Destruction art is not on there. It is an LE playfield in an CE cabinet. During some interview Eric said that this was his development game that was shipped from his house to the studio for the recording for this advertising video.

1 week later
#2817 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

You push the button to skip to the next song. You can set it to album order or shuffle.

This is looking just what i hoped it would be. I am so gonna love this game when its here.

1 week later
#3160 1 year ago

unfortunately i have not seen any new streams since the first week and i think the DMCA crackdown might have something to do with that seeing Guns n Roses music triggers the DMCA algorythm quite a lot. I also hope to see more since my LE has not arrived yet i am itching for my fix.

#3250 1 year ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

My come today.#339
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for those very nice quality pics. Saw the rightside plenty in good quality but did not see the left up close and that is the side that gets the most view the way i will be setting it up once mine arrives. Love the right side as a Dutchman with the Nijmegen poster on it but damn that LA and San Francisco art is also sick.

#3297 1 year ago

could you show some pics of the washers on the posts. Mine is set to arrive in january and if those washer help with the pooling i am quite ok with it if it doesnt jumps out that much.

#3339 1 year ago
Quoted from medic7000:

The transparent washers are only on sling posts. Throughout the playfield there are metallic washers. Not sure if these were in the first run or not. Again nothing obtrusive and looks good enough for me.[quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the photo's now i got a good idea of what it's like and nothing disturbing to look at in my opinion.

#3385 1 year ago
Quoted from KevinG:

[quoted image][quoted image]

That's a nice surprise to find in the box. Hope i have the same luck in january when mine arrives. Enjoy the holiday season while rockin that georgeous machine.

#3389 1 year ago
Quoted from andrewket:

Given the contribution from Slash and the access to all the assets, I can’t imagine GNR not winning. If we want to send a message to the manufacturers that theme, assets, and integration matter, GNR needs to win and people need to keep buying it. Look how much improved JP is with the alternate audio and video. Think about how much better DP would be with MOVIE assets. Similar story with AIQ.

And this is the reason i bit the bullit yesterday and let my distributer know that despite the 2800 Euro increase in price for the LE thanks to that idiotic tariff i still want it delivered in january. Paying more than CE price now for the LE version. It will sting now but i know i am gonna enjoy the hell out of this game and it will be bolted to the floor permanently. i missed out on POTC for the obvious reasons and will not miss out again.

#3402 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I've said it before but with all the technology and Innovations in these games , it would be nice if they gave you a remote control to turn them on and off and adjust the volume .

i use google assistent for that with smart wall plugs. "ok google, turn Tommy on". "ok google, turn Guns n Roses on" works like a charm.

#3469 1 year ago
Quoted from KevinG:

Found a pair of wire cutters in the cab of my GnR. Didn’t someone else find tools in there cab?
[quoted image]

Has Eric signed it?

#3504 1 year ago
Quoted from Darkfader:

Hey guys, I made a super cool unboxing video of my new GNR LE, the video goes live at 11:30am CST Monday! please stop by and give it a watch!!

Gonna check it out for sure after work. Can't wait for mine to arrive in january.

#3654 1 year ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Everybody’s enjoying their se and le’s before Christmas? Pretty sure there’s a lot more of us Le and Se guys that have a much longer wait than you CE guys. Yours is getting built within a few weeks now. Who knows when the thousands of le/se owners will get ours.
Only a small portion of le/se owners got a game. We’re ALL patiently waiting equally.

Nope, My LE is apparently ready for shipping. My dealer is waiting for the shipping info from JJP. Won't get here in Europe before january. But hey, it is finally coming.

#3808 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

ROCK ON with our New Guns and Roses Custom 3D Rock Pop Bumper Drum Kit! For such an incredible game we needed every detail to be spot on in character for a rock band of this status. Complete kit includes (2) custom drum pops with new mount hardware. Each drum is hand assembled, painted, and detailed. Custom laser etched translucent Logo drum heads so the Explode with color vs the stock blacked out caps. Simply Awesome when they go off! Mahogany wood grain sides with steel polished pin assemblies! Kit also includes a Custom laser etched logo bar table pop cap complete with hand painted and detailed drum sticks, a can of the bands beer (random cans..) and a half mug already poured to get the concern started. This kit is setup for the LE and CE models with clearance for cymbals. An SE kit is also available so order accordingly. This drum kit looks awesome lighted or off with every detail covered. Guns and F'n Roses! Available now! Thanks again for everyones support and interest.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

"Frank here, got myself a new nice piece of kit" Simply stunning.

#3812 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

ROCK ON with our New Guns and Roses Custom 3D Rock Pop Bumper Drum Kit! For such an incredible game we needed every detail to be spot on in character for a rock band of this status. Complete kit includes (2) custom drum pops with new mount hardware. Each drum is hand assembled, painted, and detailed. Custom laser etched translucent Logo drum heads so the Explode with color vs the stock blacked out caps. Simply Awesome when they go off! Mahogany wood grain sides with steel polished pin assemblies! Kit also includes a Custom laser etched logo bar table pop cap complete with hand painted and detailed drum sticks, a can of the bands beer (random cans..) and a half mug already poured to get the concern started. This kit is setup for the LE and CE models with clearance for cymbals. An SE kit is also available so order accordingly. This drum kit looks awesome lighted or off with every detail covered. Guns and F'n Roses! Available now! Thanks again for everyones support and interest.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

"Frank here, got myself a new piece of kit"

#4057 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Approx 20-25 seconds left in the song. Rockit meter Max’s; encore can potentially bring an additional 5-30 mil points or more. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?[quoted image]

Risk vs reward. Thats what its all about. I would be all in at this point. Just a month before i can truly make that call when mine arrives. Just color me jealous that you are allready there.

#4073 1 year ago
Quoted from onemilemore:

Anyone know if JJP has talked about making the color hot rails available for the SE?

not in this lifetime.

#4240 1 year ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Great Christmas bud!!! Congrats I was told I’m up there Jan/fed we’ll see .Trying not to watch any vids I want to go in blind .

Good luck on that one. I am weak. I need my daily video fix till mine arrives in january.

#4253 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

He really did an amazing job in capturing how good this game really is. If you have one on order, I don’t blame you not watching. But it’s definitely worth a view at some point. I learned quite a few new things, like... « Spoiler! Click to reveal. the fender patch! »

I have one on order and on the way to europe as we speak. It should arrive in january and I am looking forward to diving into this game. It's gonna be epic

#4261 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

I'm not one to brag, but when you're brother is the designer, you end up with some cool stuff.
Christmas 2020. Gnr se/le playfield personalized and signed to me by slash.[quoted image][quoted image]

Thats pretty sweet no mather from who you get it. Its nice to be close by the fire. I have the designer team (including your brother) signed upper playfield incoming. Unfortunately Slash was not around for that signing but, damn i picked a sweet game as my first JJP game. I missed his debut title because the run ended early. Maybe i will get my chance at pirates later in life. Have a good holiday snd enjoy that stunning piece of art.

#4313 1 year ago
Quoted from PDX-Mike:

Just got the text, my GNR LE is in!!! Going to pick it up in about an hour, SO pumped!!

Color me jealous but congrats and enjoy!!

#4326 1 year ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

Happened to catch Karl's stream today. That was a pleasant surprise as I was dialing up youtube for my daily workout videos and saw that IE had a new one. I'm always casting video of pinball game play to the tv while cardio workout vids play on the laptop. His streams are excellent and lengthy which is what i'm looking for because my workouts are over 2 hours most days. His calm demeanor, excellent stream quality and very good playing without any other distractions really makes me gravitate to Karl's streams. I've watched his WOZ videos at least 10 times each and most of his tournament streams.
I'm appreciative of everyone that is nice enough to video themselves playing pinball. I do wish they would put the playfield in the middle of the template. I'm not really complaining but have a severe OCD issue with symmetry among other things. Trust me it sucks and don't wish it on anyone as it has negatively impacted my life since I retired from the Navy over 13 years ago. Pinball and these streams are life savers for me so I'll take what I can get.
As far as this newest JJP game goes. It is insane in a good way. I missed out on the CE so I had to pass due to the Coma playfield thing. Unfortunately my disability scenario won't allow me to enjoy the LE version due to the playfield difference and some issues with quality control that I'm positive and hopeful they will solve very soon. Maybe they make another version or offer the LE someday with the same CE playfield and I'll jump back in. For now though I'm happy watching it on the tv. So thanks to all you streamers out there. Papa's Channel is awesome and really like Bowen's tutorials even though I'm not super interested in code depth as much as I'm interested in watching good pinball players stream pinball. Those 5-10 hour pinball tournaments are the best!
Jack Danger is also great to watch on most streams. STDM, Cary Hardy's stuff, all great. I'm missing a few here but thanks to everyone for their efforts.
In summary..... JJP Guns and Roses is incredible.

Good to hear as mine is floating toward Europe as we speak. Damn this is gonna be fun playing it.

#4366 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

My only criticism of the design is that the SE model is missing too much without the upper playfield. On SE you shoot left a turnaround ramp instead of the upper playfield on LE. Why do I think that omission is important. The upper playfield is your center for ball handling (think ball fondlers) and decision making. Prior to starting a song, a trip to the top can 1) put (1-6) balls into a physical ball lock and start album mode 2) hit lights target and start a multiball 3) qualify 2 band members 4) spell amp and start a multiball 5) spell GNR and collect patch and 6) spell GNR with short drain. In addition to being able to do these six things, I can pick which one I want to do, an accomplish that one specifically. It puts the player in control. There are additional uses of it during song modes too. I don’t know how the software chooses which of these items to award simultaneously for the SE, but the power to control one’s own destiny is taken away along without that big, beautiful, upper playfield.

And that is one of my main reasons i went for the LE. And i love the artpackage of LE way better over the other ones.

#4480 1 year ago

Getting excited.. can't wait to join club.. I debated about whether to keep my order for CE...but after studying the game more.. and Karl's stream.. should be a lot of fun and keeper.. so glad I got out of LZLE quickly..

After seeing LZ videos. Gotta say no contest. LZ aint bad but the art just does not do it for me and playfield feels a empty.

#4555 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Just posted. OMG.
[quoted image]

keep calm (resized).jpg

It has begun......

#4588 1 year ago

CE owners rejoice. CE's on the line. they even tossed in an Eric.

ce on the line (resized).jpg

#4589 1 year ago
Quoted from cybevenom:

CE owners rejoice. CE's on the line. The even tossed in an Eric.
[quoted image]

#4598 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Maybe he'll be one of the surprises people find in their game ?
LTG : )

Just got an email that my LE will arrive in the first half of february. Glad to know it won't be long now.
By the time my machine reaches europe he could be an extra skeleton in the game. Better keep him there for some new cracking game to develop.
My earlier won signed by the inhouse designers upper playfield is also on route to me so i am quite happy with his autograph on that one. I contacted JP de Win also to sign it and he is onboard for that. Benefit of living in the same country. The only designer missing is unfortunately Slash. But who knows. Maybe i am one of the lucky ones to find a signed poster in the box and that would complete it.

#4766 1 year ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

These are the cherry on the top![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Wow!! those sideblades are sick!!!! Guess i will have to check out Tilt graphics for those.

#4948 1 year ago
Quoted from Zplumb:

I was kidding!

The big question is if the wizard modes are all working now in version 1.11

#4987 12 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

You can. Hold down button on lock down bar during normal play and it will turn off album modes.

This is the way.

#5021 12 months ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

CE coming in the morning from R&L. Can’t wait to join the club.

Enjoy it. You have been waiting long enough. Just a bit longer for me. February my LE arrives.

#5087 12 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

For all the guys that were complaining that the export LE's left before you got your CE's, let it be known that the ship to the land of Aus is still on the water for at least 9 more days.
I'm happy for you that you got your CE's though.

So is the one to Europe. I expect/hope to take delivery in the first 2 weeks of february.

#5134 12 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Watched a friend stream his CE (with Rad-cals) unboxing a few days ago. All was looking great until the lock bar was removed and he noticed the left playfield hanger was off the receiver. Then he noticed the cabinet was cracked and the corner seam was split. Next he tried removing the backglass but the key would not turn. Closer inspection on the bottom left and right of the head had a large wood splits, so basically the head was warped. The shipper must have seriously dropped the pin to cause all the damage. Distro will make it right, but sucks to have the pin and not be able to play. Looks like JJP will have to make 201 CEs!

I was watching the same stream and really felt for him when they realised what was going on. So sick to go from full on bliss to totall horror in 1 second. Glad to hear the distro will make it right.

#5135 12 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

We specifically chose not to honor this because it is very specifically tied to the timing of the songs/video. So Applause and Slash Solo won't change in this regard, because they are synced up to external events (the song). Think of it as part of the charm (damn, should've cashed out when I had the chance!). Encore is still a good reward because you don't have to requalify the song.
However, we probably WILL put in the ability to cancel jet action by holding the flippers, but that's not in there yet. And it will most likely only work during times that really require it, like Applause and Slash Solo.

Risk vs Reward at its finest. Its what this game is all about and i think i will love it when mine arrives next month. Also my won designerteam signed upper playfield is arriving shortly as well. Got word it has arrived in the Netherlands. Happy days are coming.

#5245 11 months ago

Thanks Zachary Meny, Jersey Jack Pinball, Eric Meunier and everyone who signed this puppy. I never win anything so this was kind of a shock when i won it at the Standard Edition reveal stream of Flip N Out Pinball. Now to figure out which autograph is which design team member. Some are easy to read/decipher, some are not.
This surely will get a sweet spot next to my GNR LE which should be arriving in a few weeks. So looking forward to playing my first game on this masterpiece and problably loose my song jackpot while not cashing out.

20210125_174353 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#5576 11 months ago
Quoted from thechakapakuni:

When did the $10,500 LE price take effect?

I wish it was 10500 Euro for me here in Europe. my 10.000 Euro got a 2800 Euro price increase due to 25% tariff. Never thought i would be glad that i swallowed that hit and kept my order going. It cost me almost 13.000 Euro now for the LE. Do not want to know what the price will be with an additional 1000 dollar increase that gets the same tariff treatment. Either way mine is arriving in 2 weeks so i will be happy during the spring this year.

#5608 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Thanks for the support! I thought I'd post the jjGnR graph since it's an extreme example of temps and how much the fans can take off them. jjGnR was really tough to get the temps down on. I ended up stepping the fan CFM up twice and it will use a fan not widely available in the US in anything more than onesie-twosie qty, so I had to special order them from Taiwan. It has 50% more CFM than any of the other Tibetan Breeze kits for much better airflow, which in Karl's testing I found was pretty much mandatory to get the extreme temps down and keep them there. Unfortunately that means it will be a little more expensive, but the goal is to keep the cooled coils below the threshold of fade, so flipper performance stays crisp no matter how long you play. On jjGnR with the standard fan and even a +20% CFM fan it wasn't enough to guarantee it would stay below that threshold based on the tests, so the +50% CFM one became THE fan for all JJP games.
One interesting thing is the 3 flipper JJP kit leaves one power lead that can be used for a 4th bracket to cool the left diverter coil if people want. That diverter gets VERY hot, but I don't think the heat really affects performance in-game, just maybe smells like burning after a few hours. Initially in tests it hit temps of 219.9F after a few hours of play, but with the new software in Karl DeAngelo's latest test it never quite got above 200F, so...whatever JJP did made it somewhat better, but still not great. Cooling it will be an option for those that want to do it if they buy the 3 flipper kit because of that extra power lead.

Will these become available via Ministry of Pinball in the Netherlands? I am thinking this will be a musthave on my incoming GNR LE.

#5663 11 months ago
Quoted from Animal:

Does anyone know if PinGraffix is doing blades for GnR?

https://www.tiltgraphicsinc.com/guns-n-roses-jjp has some very nice ones, i am leaning towards the first set for my LE.

#5760 11 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Nobody can tell you, not even your distributor.
Past that, don’t expect any LE deliveries until late March early April.

My LE is arriving february 19th. But it has been floating to europe since before the CE's went on the line.

#5809 11 months ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

If they do that before europe opens up tax-wise, i sure hope they make a europe-special edition run.

i have my LE arriving next week and am living in Europe. Just could not wait and took the hit. Do not think i will regret it. Feeling like a kid waiting for christmas.

#5843 11 months ago
Quoted from Bmanpin:

Can’t believe I was playing this bad boy without a sub!!! Whole different experience, ties the room together...wait that might be the one next to it.
[quoted image]

I think this one pulls the room together better with this machine. I ordered one for my LE.

Screenshot_20210212-160927_Samsung Internet (resized).jpg
#5901 11 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Congrats .
It must be a nice feeling knowing it's sitting there .
Half the fun is unboxing and getting that new pinball smell .
I've got a long wait ahead of me but I'm loving living through everyone and watching them receiving their games .

6 days and counting till mine is here, patience is a bitch and a good song.

#5977 11 months ago

Here is the link to this rug if people are interested.


Screenshot_20210212-160927_Samsung Internet (resized).jpg
#6033 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

No list. It's too much to manage them with everything else I have going on. I'll put the JJP Tibetan Breeze kit in the store once I know the foam is shipped because it's 2-3 days out at that point. Then when it gets here, I'll have the orders ready and I can start shipping immediately. The brackets are the slowest part, but I've been printing them for a couple weeks to have a good stock headstart.

Will you be selling via Ministry of Pinball for these in Europe as well?

#6060 11 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

My gnr SE will be here Friday

My GNR LE will be here friday too. Congrats on your game.

#6061 11 months ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Is there an option to disable the Scorbit QR code from being displayed on the screen? Finally had to disable Scorbit and wifi to get rid of the QR code. The game is in my house, I don't need or want a QR code plastered on my cool attract mode screen.
I set the Global high score anyway, so done with Scorbit until someone beats it.

There is a menu setting which lets you disable the QR code to be displayed

#6083 11 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

The wifi update process is accessed via the game menu under Utilities I believe.
FWIW I connected an ethernet cable to my GnR bypassing wifi altogether and my game completed updating in less than 15minutes. AMAZING!!!
YMMV based on your internet throughput speed.

Aha that is sweet to hear since i have some ethernet outlets in my wall where my GNR is set up. Guess mine will be Lan powered on a gigabit connection as well.

#6135 11 months ago
Quoted from shokel328:

My slash mini Gibson’s have finally arrived. Way ahead of my actual game.
I’ll try them up top with the CE topper, all lined up and nicely lit from the topper leds. if that won’t work I’ll have to think of something else, they’re gorgeous. [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Those are pretty cool. I am thinking of hanging this on the wall or as a topper on my LE.

guns n roses guitar (2) (resized).jpg
#6139 11 months ago
Quoted from eharan:

Very cool...where did you get that from?

Its a store in the Netherlands but it is 230 Volts and they don't ship it because of the fragility.

#6142 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Yes, but YOU ship for your good pinside buddies willing to take the breakage risk, right?

Why? Are you interested pinmonk? I thought you would be far to busy to make sure our GNR's aren't overheating their coils.

#6175 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I can't even get my hands on a machine yet, so not for me, for your other US pinside buddies.
But thank you!

Well i am lucky enough to have picked up my GNR LE 106 today. So guess i will not be leaving the house this weekend.

20210219_144839 (resized).jpg20210219_150800 (resized).jpg
#6176 11 months ago
Quoted from JohnJ1366:

You are lucky to be on that side of the pond. I was quoted $450 to ship to US

yeah, but my GNR LE increased 2800 Euro's to 12700 Euro's so not so lucky on this side of the pond. Still i picked it up today and am enjoying the hell out of it.

#6182 11 months ago
Quoted from AvidPinPlayer:

Question, is the new code update worthwhile? I'm on the original version 1.08 and I understand that the latest is V1.14. This is my first Jersey Jack pinball and it seems that updating the code is not easy. I was told that because the pin was logged into my WiFi that code updates will load automatically, but that has not been the case. Conversely, using an USB stick seems tricky at best and complicated by the fact that I have a Mac computer so the download tool is different. I tried to download the "unebutin" tool for my Mac, but I can't open it up, same with "Rufus." If the new code is worthwhile I will continue to try; otherwise, I will just skip it. How about trying to do it via the WiFi instead of using an USA stick?, is one method better than the other?
I firmly believe not to fix something that is not broken.

As i understand leaving the door open when updating seems to prevent the problem some people have with updating theirs. I had an usb stick allready prepped for the latest update but when i picked up my machine my distributor had allready updated the machine for me.

#6201 11 months ago

So after day 1 of having my game i only came across 2 things to troubleshoot/fix. For some reason my game does not tilt at all. Even if i hold the tilt bob against the ring it will not register. Guess is time to follow that wire and see if i have a loose connection somewhere. For the rest i have only adjusted the diverter to the upper playfield from hitting the playfield. It had a little damage on the playfield from playtesting i guess since i adjusted it straight out of the box. LE game #106 is getting heavilly played here this weekend and just lost a 20 million jackpot. That stung a bit. but overall i am loving it!!!!!!!!

#6202 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

At what point do you just install a whole house fan in the cabinet? lol Pin-AC-systems

Bring in the liquid nitrogen!!!!!!!!!!!!

#6243 10 months ago

Kinda stumped. Cannot seem to get the tilt function to work. Some say thats a good thing but i like to play the game it was meant to. When i even put the tilt bob against the ring it should tilt i would think. Followed the wires and as far as i can see they run straight to the backboard connector. reseated that and checked the pins. The pins are seated correctly as i can see. All checks out. Anyone else had this problem and perhaps a fix? Game came out of the box this friday like this.

#6331 10 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

I'd turn the game off. Put a meter on the tilt plum bob and ring. Then hold them together. See if it registers on the meter. Could need cleaning of the ring or plum bob.
Then check continuity of each wire from the tilt to the I/O board. Could be a break along the way.
LTG : )

Thank you very much Lloyd.
I put the meter on the wire and it came out perfect. unscrewed all the connection screws on the tilt assembly cleaned them and the ring and plum bob. Put everything back together and it is working perfect now. Too perfect. hahaha i miss the tiltless days. Gotta change my playstyle to a bit less rough but i finally get tilt warning and earning them back is a lot more rewarding.
God i love this game!!!!!!

#6414 10 months ago

Little word of caution. I have my GNR LE for a week now and i noticed that the flipper rubber on my upper playfield had a cut in it. This was caused by the metal edge of the guide rail that was to close the flipper. Each time i used the upper flipper it would dig into the rubber. I solved it by removing the Axl sculpt and removing the screw wich holds the rail in the playfield the i slightly bended the rail a tiny bit away from the flipper. Put the rail back with the screw in the playfield. Checked that i now had enough clearance from the flipper with flipper in the up position and changed the rubber. All is fine now. Flipper rubber no longer meets the metal edge of the rail.

20210227_112834 (resized).jpg
#6415 10 months ago

Little word of caution. I have my GNR LE for a week now and i noticed that the flipper rubber on my upper playfield had a cut in it. This was caused by the metal edge of the guide rail that was to close to the flipper. Each time i used the upper flipper it would dig into the rubber. I solved it by removing the Axl sculpt and removing the screw wich holds the rail on the playfield then i slightly bended the rail a tiny bit away from the flipper. Put the rail back with the screw in the playfield. Checked that i now had enough clearance from the flipper with flipper in the up position and changed out the rubber. All is fine now. Flipper rubber no longer meets the metal edge of the rail.
20210227_112834 (resized).jpg20210227_112903 (resized).jpg20210227_112928 (resized).jpg

#6457 10 months ago
Quoted from Forum-ninja:

It got me bad, I tried to bend it as well,I don’t seem to end up with enough gap. Time for a new rubber,hope I can get one before this one expires. Pictures are before the bend.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

yup that was what happened to mine to. i bend the metal a bit and the screw in the playfield had some space as well so it got enough clearance after refitting it that way.

#6488 10 months ago
Quoted from DrJoe:

But the lunch IS free when the magnet works because orbit shots activate the magnet, dropping the ball into the extra ball lane.
My main point is that if your magnet isn’t working, extra balls are a lot harder to collect. So, choosing to light extra ball vs. continue a song on ball 3 is a very different decision based on a working magnet or not.

Free lunch???? Where???

#6494 10 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

quick update on my headphone adapter situation, the controller board with the proper connection/hardware was supposed to be included in the kit. They are sending it to me. Crisis averted.

Thats good to hear.

#6496 10 months ago

well, I just had an encore loop after live and let die. Missed the jackpot shot and it keeps on looping in encore. Had to open my coindoor and go in menu to get out of it. To bad about my score. It was reasonable. Hope it gets fixed in next update.

#6505 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Are you running 1.13 or 1.14? Seems to be a 1.13 issue.

i am running 1.14

#6577 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

So what's a toy?
Is it a sculpt? We've got the Axl skeleton.
Is it a mech? We've got the guitar lock and proximity sensors, as well as the hot rails.
Genuinely curious what the expectation is for "toy."</blockquo

So what's a toy?
Is it a sculpt? We've got the Axl skeleton.
Is it a mech? We've got the guitar lock and proximity sensors, as well as the hot rails.
Genuinely curious what the expectation is for "toy."

The whole game is a giant "toy" and i love playing with it.
Btw don't forget the drumstick ramp.

#6608 10 months ago

My GNR is feeling right at home. Gameroom upgraded and GNR is taking over.

20210304_180123 (resized).jpg20210305_161131 (resized).jpg20210305_163000 (resized).jpg
#6623 10 months ago

This is annoying me at the moment. Keep getting the ball stuck on the centre pick spinner. Can't shake it loose. Have to tilt to get it out every time.

20210304_182224 (resized).jpg20210304_182233 (resized).jpg

#6660 10 months ago

Dammit. Just saw this while playing with a buddy of mine. Anyone else have seen this issue. The decal is coming loose and will not re attach. What makes it worse its taken the text of the speaker. Issued a support ticket with JJP. Hope it will get resolved that way.

20210306_210723 (resized).jpg20210306_210751 (resized).jpg20210306_210759 (resized).jpg
#6665 10 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Here's a soft launch of 1.17. it should fix the current problems.
I didn't do a very good job of setting the expectation of balls draining after a song now, nor was it done in the best way. If there are still issues with this release, please post here or email keith at jjp.
Will probably release for real on Monday.

Thanks alot for jumping on this problem so promptly. Now thats dedication. Downloading as i am typing this.
Just to be sure. Is this a full install?

#6669 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Is that just an applied clear protector for assembly? Haven’t checked mine but it does look clearer without the protector.

the text is being pulled of the surface and sticking partly on the clear so it is not just a protector i think.

#6956 10 months ago
Quoted from DrJoe:

Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Vater. If still early in the game, then panties and bra, but don't bother if it's later in the game.

For me i start with firecracker, for easy triple jackpot in booster multiball, then Fender, to get easier to Band frenzy when a song multiball starts, after that one i start collecting the speaker, the horn hand and lights for unlimited boostermultiballs. when completed those is pick the patch for more scoring of a certain song i want to play. Lost a 48 million jackpot yesterday got 3 band frenzy's during november rain and during that the popbumpers score BIG points if you can keep the balls in them. Also in the same game a 23 million jackpot lost in another song of the same album.

Now i want to do that again but collect them this time around. Oops, i hear Melissa calling to me to play a game. Gotta go.

#6961 10 months ago

Count me in into the loser leaderboard. Just had a "You could be mine" jackpot of 54 million vaporize in front of me when the last ball drained.
God i love this game. Got a new target to hunt now!!!

#6962 10 months ago
Quoted from cybevenom:

Count me in into the loser leaderboard. Just had a "You could be mine" jackpot of 54 million vaporize in front of me when the last ball drained.
God i love this game. Got a new target to hunt now!!!

#6982 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I know a lot of jjGnR owners are waiting for the JJP Tibetan Breeze 3 flipper cooling kit, so I'm posting here (and in the CE thread) to let anyone waiting for one know that they'll go up on Pinmonk.com tomorrow (Sat) and start shipping next week. They'll be added to the Pinside Pinmonk store after that. Everyone will be able to get one that wants one, but there may be a backup at the beginning, even though I've stockpiled brackets for the launch.

unfortunately when i went on the site this morning (saturday) it was allready sold out. Just have to a bit more patience...
Game still plays great but if i might be going the streaming route in the future it will have to be there. Watching the website like a hawk....

#6985 10 months ago
Quoted from Animal:

So, has anyone installed a cliffy for the scope area? How much of a PITA is it??

I have one on order. As soon as it arrives its going in.

#6988 10 months ago
Quoted from TJG81296:

I had an unfortunate mishap. Went off the end of the rail. Seems like a stop is missing.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Ouch. Thanks for posting this. I just checked mine and there is noting there but a few holes. Guess i am missing it as well. Seeing i have a support ticket open for a peeling decal i think i will send an email so the can send that as well before i suffor the same fate.
Its gutwrenching to see those pictures of yours. Feeling so sorry for you man.

#6994 10 months ago
Quoted from Drenden:

This thing is so easy to make, I may just design some brackets for 3D printing and put them up on thingiverse with a link to the fans.

no offense meant but i rather wait and let the guy who put alot of effort and time in it reap the rewards of his idea and hard work. kind off an unwritten rule not to copy another modders ideas in this hobby.

#6997 10 months ago

After 4 weeks playing i started to notice that i sometimes have a ball hangup in my left outer lane so i started to look what it could be. Imagine my surprise when i saw a loose screw wedged in a microswitch cutout under the upper plafield in said outerlane. No idea where it came from or was dropped by a worker at JJP. Nevertheless grabbed an telescopic magnet pen an removed the sucker. People might wanna check before it wreaks havoc on a playfield.
Then i checked for missing guiderail stops i read about in this topic. And sure enough my left side is missing the piece of wood. Gotta figure out how to solve that but will check first with JJP about that.

20210313_180958 (resized).jpg20210313_181023 (resized).jpg20210313_181054 (resized).jpg20210313_181114 (resized).jpg

#7003 10 months ago
Quoted from reflex33:

Dumb question (I think), but want to verify...
So the pink monk fan kit... comes with three fans. I assume the three solenoids we are cooling are the left/right flippers and the left ramp diverter yeah? Meaning we are ignoring the upper playfield (on the LE) and the upper right flipper yeah?

Nope. No such thing as a dumb question, only stupid answers.
As far as i know the pinmonk 3 fans are for the 2 lower flippers and the upper right flipper. The upper playfield flipper does not loose as much power and the left ramp diverter just needs to hold up the diverter. flipperfade is no issue with that

#7010 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Please document the install!

Will do my friend. Will do.

#7016 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Just getting it set up. I needed to add all the JJP machines first, so it's 0 stock until I have that all ready.
Should be up shortly.

sweet. refreshing the site like crazy

#7018 10 months ago

Bingo. JJP pinmonk cooling fans ordered. Looking forward to seeing it in action in my GNR LE.

#7024 10 months ago

That should do it for you. Have fun at the party

20210313_224912 (resized).jpg20210313_225317 (resized).jpg

#7030 10 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Wonder if i offer my LE up for sale if it will be the first one sold second hand?

It won't. There have been others before you who sold theirs.

#7131 10 months ago

Updated to 1.18. first game i play powerdrain all my balls at once on rocket queen and before the bonus is added to my score the game reboots. Saw this happen on stream as well this weekend on Derek who was on Beta 1.18.

#7135 10 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Not sure, if you can get me a video or picture of what you're seeing, I'll let you know!
Certainly the game shouldn't crash, though. If you can send me a log dump, I'd appreciate it. keith at jerseyjackpinball.com

I send you a logdump of my crash that just happened in my first game. Hope it helps out.

#7190 10 months ago
Quoted from Chetrico:

This is a long shot, but... My right orbit isn't as smooth as I would like it. There is a slight chatter as the ball passes through. Although it has always been this way, now that I'm getting a hang of the game, it's becoming more noticeable to me. Is there an easy adjustment that can be made to the guide?

I also had troubles with the left orbit. Even got balls stuck in there. When i checked there was al loose screw hung up in the leaf spring switch gap. removed it and no more problems. Shine a light in the orbit and check if there is nothing hung up in there. Easy fix

#7195 10 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

So, has anyone heard anything from jjp on the reported bugs? Any acknowledgement there are issues? 1.18 is still on their support page, which leads me to believe they feel the code is good.

so far i only had 1 reboot. funny enough the first game since i patched to 1.18. Have been playing alot since then and nothing funny happening besides that huge ass grin on my face.

#7238 10 months ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Which numbers of the serial are the ones we can tell by? I have a SE and last 3 digits are 284 and was made end of February.

My LE ends on 133 and was shipped just before the CE's went on the line. It recieved it in Europe on february 19th.

#7240 10 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Sorry for the repeated bugs, guys. It is unfortunate but there's not enough internal resources to test everything every time, but it's not like we don't ANY testing. Anyway, we are testing 1.19 now which does in fact solve the crash and as a bonus also solves what I believe is the actual problem with infinite encore (I did a previous fix for this which turned out to be a red herring for the most common problem).
The crash bug was related to some additional not-directly-related-to-the-rest-of-the-fixes code to address display bog. The crash is resolved, and the display still looks a lot better than it did.
In all cases, we tried to turn around code to solve the previous problems, and sometimes, especially recently, it caused other, potentially worse, problems.
Not saying 1.19 is bug-free, but it should be a much better experience than everything else lately. If you are so inclined, here is an iso link: https://we.tl/t-O5LJgPQOD6 Otherwise you can wait for wifi or usb delta tomorrow.
Soon we'll be announcing some ways we'll mitigate these issues in the future.

Thanks anyways Keith, you guys jumping on it and even release patches in the weekend shows dedication. It sucks that bugs creep up but if programming was easy everyone would be doing it. It wil get there eventually. Just like Desert Demolition

#7333 10 months ago
Quoted from AvidPinPlayer:

Are there any new rules on playing the newest versions? The rules I found are V1.08 ...

Power Chord multiplier for shooting Duff's Bass Ramp during a song and added Power Chord boost for shooting Duff's Bass Ramp out of a song which boost point quite a lot.

#7372 10 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Has Cliffy made a protector for the scoop . After seeing some people have some chipping , I think it is a must-have .

He has made a scoop and shootlane protector. Mine is ordered

#7373 10 months ago
Quoted from Forum-ninja:

I wish I could help more,but the wife did it. It took 4 tries,unzip,format,witchcraft,don’t know what the key was but 4th time was the charm.
We did not do a full reboot,delta install.

You forgot to sacrifice a blessed goat.

#7413 10 months ago

For me, having the game a month now and playing the hell out of it.... Damn this game is hard on flipperrubbers, in a week i changed the stock JJP rubbers as the were about to snap. Titans installed on all flipperbats. Today had to change out my bottom flippers again. Chunks of rubber gone at the tips. But thats the same as complaining about how many times you have to fill your car with gas while driving 600 miles a day. Things wear out after constant use. Gonna order some more titans to have some on hand.
Other than that now i start to get the hang of the rules this game is pulling me in more and more. I love it. Even the frustration of losing a 60 million jackpot will have me walk away in disgust but keeps me coming back to take that hurdle some day. I hope it will come soon.
Back to playing now as i hear Melissa shouting for my attention. Cya all later.

#7439 10 months ago
Quoted from DrJoe:

Ah, didn't know that. I would personally then wait for the first one available, which may take quite some time, but you would at least have flexibility. Surely there will be quite a few popping up HUO after people play them out a bit.

People in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. Don't count on my LE to become available. This puppy is never leaving.

#7441 10 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Makes the game way too easy.

Easy is not the way i would discribe this game. And i have titans on them.

#7460 10 months ago

I was doing some exploring on my game on how to release the upper playfield to install cliffy's scoop protector when it arrives and came across this. Looks like a crack in the clearcoat/art. Any ideas how to remedy that. Game is out of the box 1 month now. Its located left behind the jam target.

20210321_141641 (resized).jpg20210321_141751 (resized).jpg
#7463 10 months ago
Quoted from bridgeman:

Is this a normal startup failure? Anyone else get this?[quoted image]

looks normal to me. Mine gives the same. I think it is the timeout for if you place an usb stick in to update the game.

#7471 10 months ago
Quoted from Vitty:

How to Remove the Upper Playfield (LE & CE):
1. Remove the bass guitar wireform - not going to describe this here as its super straight forward
2. (optional, but easier if needing access to work on song scoop for cliffy install) Remove the left catwalk ramp - also easy so won't describe
3. Remove the two nuts on the Axl sculpture on the upper playfield and remove Axl (see photo)
4. Unplug the leftmost hex light power cable and the two power cables for the spotlight above the upper ramp (see photo)
5. Flip playfield up and locate the wires coming off the upper playfield. Trace them to their corresponding plug locations and unplug them all. Leave them plugged into the upper playfield! (see photo)
6. Locate the 4 machine screws on the upper playfield and remove (see photo)
7. Gently lift off the upper playfield ensuring the wires are feeding up smoothly and not getting snagged
8. Celebrate your victory!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

this should be made a sticky. i have at least bookmarked it.
Thanks alot

#7538 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It took me a long time to dethrone my wife's 20M score but I did it!
[quoted image]

Congrats Derek. Wish i was there to see it. Big increase in GC as well.

#7592 9 months ago
Quoted from Forum-ninja:

Hate to top you but...... Had a good game goin then this!
[quoted image]

aha so i am not alone in getting that gate out of its sockets. happened multiple time since last week. Time to get crafty for a fix.

#7593 9 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

At first, there isn’t that much of a difference. At a glance or for a few games, they seem about the same.
But once you start learning the rules and strategy, a big chunk of that is missing because you don’t have the mini.

agreed. The upper playfield was a must for me. Glad i did because it brings so much more to the gameplay. Plus i was a big fan of the poster art on the LE.

#7668 9 months ago

Congrats Hogbog and everyone at Jersey Jack Pinball for sweeping the Twipy's. Well deserverd on this stellar game.

#7671 9 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Awesome GOTY video by JJP. Class! Who else celebrated with a game (or two or thirteen) on GNR!?!

i have been playing all day so far

#7733 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I noticed one of the patches lights Special - where is the Special insert on the playfield? Is there one?

Good question. I have been looking for it as well. Must be coming in the code update with Desert Demolition

#7752 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Album progress is time
Rock-it-meter is lit song shots
Band Frenzy is shooting the indicated band member shot until all the gun holes are filled.

album progress is progressed by shooting the scoop when shots are completed while in song. Each scoop shot is a level, which carries over to songs of the same album. At least thats how i experience it

#7774 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Album level (numeric) I think you're right, but I'm pretty sure album progress (silver/gold/platinum/diamond) is time.

you are fully correct on that sir.

#7813 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Cruel and unusual punishment. My wife texted that JJP emailed for final payment on our LE...I took it hook, line, and sinker...APRIL FOOLS!

Aw man. Thats cold...just plain subzero cold

#7832 9 months ago
Quoted from TaTa:

Send me the link to that swimsuit. My girlfriend would look great playing the game wearing that. And she would totally due it to get a rise out of me.

you better stream her playing the game that way then.

#7842 9 months ago
Quoted from jacksparrow0112:

I’m joining the club!!!
The wife and I played this game (an LE version) at a local arcade here in Indiana today. After a few games I heard those magical words “We need to own this pin!!!” I was given the green light to put down a deposit as soon as I got home
We are moving to Colorado this summer, so I got in touch with Colorado Game Exchange. Deposit has been paid and I am hoping to get this game in December. Absolutely cannot wait. Now I have to go back and read 157 pages of posts LOL.
Shout out to Floyd’s pinball in Roanoke for grabbing this game and letting us flip today. Sounded like they had the volume cranked to 11.
[quoted image]

Congrats. You are not goin to be dissapointed

#7858 9 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

If there are problems , I think they should be addressed publicly , I've only seen a few people post about magnet issue .
But if there are issues , people should talk about them to put pressure on jjp to fix whatever the issue is .

so far i have my LE game for a month and a halve and i have not experienced any problems with the magnet. Mine was shipped to europe just before the CE went on the line to give a timeframe for production. Still working fine.

#7871 9 months ago

It finally happened. I chickened out and got my first above 50 million jackpot cashing it out. Welcome to the jungle was 3/4 into the song and jackpot got so high i did not want to risk losing it again so i smashed that button like a mosquito. Resulting in an almost triple new GC. Felt so good.

20210403_224544 (resized).jpg20210403_224552 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#7909 9 months ago

a day after my birthday last sunday a package arrived. It was a package i won on facebook from Dayne Henry jr's fanpage. Dayne apparently heard i won the giveaway and knew i had the LE pinball machine for which he did the artwork on the playfield and the backglass. He added a little something i was told. Never expected it to be a sketch of Axl Rose which he made for the machine and he hand colored it. It wil be framed and get a place in the gameroom by the pinball machine for sure.

20210405_143947 (resized).jpg20210405_144045 (resized).jpg20210405_144309 (resized).jpg
#7917 9 months ago
Quoted from Anubis330:

Okay, I'll bite. What patch is it???

it's the appetite for destruction album patch

#7918 9 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

That looks sick , great if you could get that as a large print .
You're a lucky guy .

no kiddin. earlier on i also won a designer team signed upper playfield. GNR has been kind to my karma.

#7938 9 months ago
Quoted from PinFever:

today a new first...
Started a game. just finished ball one started playing ball 2. Friend comes over and asks , hey put me in . but i was on ball two. he presses button while i was playing (kind of snickered thinking it was going to drop my game and start game over) and it displayed a player two was added . i finished my ball and then he was on ball one , then he drained i was up for my last ball and played it , then he played the rest of his to finish the two player game..
never knew this possible and think it very cool option for a late comer to the party . Any other JJP do this ?

had this happen to me this week as well. Cool feature i must say

#7954 9 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Can anyone help with a question .My first NIB for registration when asked date of purchase woukd that be deposit,Paid in full or delivery date ?

The date that is on your bill of delivery from your distributor

#7987 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Strangely enough I have yet to see shooter wear against Wonka (~8000 plays) or GNR (~2600 or so).
I did order the scoop Cliffy though!

i just got confirmation from Cliff that he has shipped mine.

#8173 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

If you guys are done fighting...I joined the Cliffy club today
Big thanks to Vitty for his details about how to disassemble everything.[quoted image][quoted image]

Have a look at that. How did the install go? Any difficulties? Still waiting for mine to arrive.

#8274 9 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

Nothing more frustrating than losing a 17M jackpot!

here hold my beer..... come back when you lose 60 million like i did.

#8275 9 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah I’ve gotten these a few times. Definitely a cool feature. Another piece that seems undervalued. But I could be doing a poor job of maximizing the value though.

Shoot the Duff Bass guitar ramp on the upper playfield during the song multiball. It multiplies the Powerchord jackpots for each shot made prior to cashing the powerchord jackpot.

#8276 9 months ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

Will JJP sell someone a spare upper playfield?

Dunno about that but i won one signed by the design team.

20210125_174353 (resized).jpg
#8323 9 months ago
Quoted from Ponzie:

Ok... So two two things....
1. PLEASE pinball_keefer code a "lost song jackpot" screen somewhere if you drain and don't cash out...(or to be a bit cruel... a "high score")
2. I had a 118M jackpot on Paradise city going and LOST it!!
My kids ran down wondering if I was ok when I screamed in agony...
Damn this game is awesome...

I know the feeling to damn well. But better yet let the game use the camera to get your shocked face and add that foto to that lost high score leaderboard. Just to rub it in. At least i get the feeling then that i achieved something.

#8324 9 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I have a November build and the playfield has been holding up great. The clear washers are embedded with the clear, so they are not loose or tacky....well, I guess tacky is a matter of opinion but I don’t mind them LOL.

On the right backside of the playfield is a date stamped so you know when your playfield was created. Mine was 23th of July 2020. Machine was build in november as well. But i have pooling on the left lanes and cracks forming behind the jam target.

#8325 9 months ago
Quoted from BigT:

also the girl who does the call outs is great!!

That girl is Melissa Reese. One of the keyboardists of the actual band. The male voice is Duff mcKagan the bass guitar player.
This is game is bonkers to have actual bandmembers do the voices. Gotta love that.

#8357 9 months ago
Quoted from loneranger:

Mine arrived today also! No call or anything from the shippers, they just left it in my driveway. The only I reason I knew was because I got a motion alert from my security camera. Good thing my guard dog was on duty!
[quoted image]

And when you get home you hear Guns n' Roses blaring from the neighbors house.