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The official Coronavirus containment thread

By Daditude

1 year ago

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#400 1 year ago
Quoted from ImNotNorm:

Italy had nearly 400 deaths in one day. This ain't your typical flu people!!

Italy dropped the ball and they have a very OLD population

#3698 1 year ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

Exactly. After 9/11 I would always view things as pre or post 9/11. Now the last couple weeks watching archived sports or concerts on YouTube I view as pre-Covid19 world.

#3702 1 year ago
Quoted from manadams:

I see a lot of calls for a total shutdown or lock down. Are you talking about martial law or the lock down honor system that they are practicing in the worst hit states?

no need for shutdown, maybe Cal, NY and a couple others. This virus is not a death sentence. If you are old or have existing conditions you can stay home.

#4005 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

And this is going to end by Easter, right?
Death rate growing at roughly 33% a day. In 14 days, we will be at 70,000 deaths.
I used days as my unit of time....14 of them.[quoted image]

LOL. okay dude. you freak out much?

1 week later
#7951 1 year ago
Quoted from embryonjohn:

Maskless reporters asking why he doesn’t wear a mask.
Reporters who condemned the initial ban on travel from China as hysterical racism, now asking, “do you have blood on your hands for not doing it sooner”
A governor with the highest body count being lauded for doing a great job and now might replace a senile front runner.
This country would be much better served with a mature press corp, not the bunch of political operatives masquerading as journalists.
Bad news for the haters...his re-election is now guaranteed.

this a 1000X over

#7956 1 year ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

I really wish this were true. Unfortunately, this will be a flashpoint event for everyone in their lives.
There will forever be a "before" and "after" from this point on with regard to this.

LOL. this is hilarious. I can assure it will not be for me

#8873 1 year ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Emergency Medical Service data first reported by Gothamist suggests the undercount of individuals who have likely died from the virus is massive. On Tuesday alone, 256 people were pronounced dead at home across the five boroughs. Until this month, about 25 people in New York City were found dead in their homes on a typical day, suggesting that most of Tuesday’s calls were related to the outbreak that has already killed over 5,400 people across the state and infected 140,386 more.

there are also studies suggesting overcounts of deaths.

#8890 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

Over counts and "smear the experts" are the new talking points.

all models and projections of this thing where all OFF by miles and fauci (the so called expert) has been wrong almost every step of the way. January - Americans have nothing to worry about. March - shut eveything down. April - Ok we can now start relaxing the infected quarantine rules from 14 tyo 7 days.

We probably should have followed Sweden's model and keep the elderly and un-healthy at home quarantined and the rest of the population keep moving. All the projections are off by 80%.

#10210 1 year ago

even on the worst corona virus death day, it still does come close to these things that will never shut the economy down. May 1st is coming soon boys, time to put your big boy pants on.

1 day totals

26,283 people died of Cancer

24,641 died of Heart Disease

4,300 people died of Diabetes

Suicide took 3024 lives - and this rate will rise daily as the economic downslide furthers

Moreover, Mosquitoes kill 2,740 people every day and Snakes kill 137 people every day.

#10251 1 year ago
Quoted from Dooskie:

And how many of these are communicable diseases? Mosquitoes, yeah, they can spread disease. The rest of this? Not so much.

but yet, no one blinks a eye at the deaths mosquitoes cause and in the end will kill way more folks than covid.

#10252 1 year ago

Covid-19 has killed .0000069% of Americans to date.

Outside of New York City, it has killed .0000039% of Americans.

Stay inside forever guys.
Do not question the narrative.
It’s the end of the world.

3 weeks later
#13548 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

We could use 10 more Bill Gates'.

I can't laugh at these comments any harder. tom foolery.

#13549 1 year ago
Quoted from chad:

Ole Billy Gates is no md, never could keep a computer virus free and is most definitely not in charge of anyone's Body!

agree 1000000 X over

#13551 1 year ago
Quoted from Gunnut40:

I can tell you one thing once the vaccine comes out. I’m not shooting up! You push something so fast like that. Bad things are going to happen.

especially over a virus with a .000002 chance of death. Lets be honest, this thing was no where near what old dr evil thought it was going to be

1 week later
#14392 1 year ago
Quoted from cait001:

I can't believe we have to go over this again but you probably shouldn't take this drug.
[quoted image]

I have been taking this drug for years when I go to Africa with zero problems. It has been around for 65 years. The drug is 100% safe and will have some side effects in some just like all prescription drugs.

#14393 1 year ago
Quoted from BobSacamano:

I wonder if he was taking TRT or steroids?
I've seen some studies and hypotheses that high testosterone has a negative effect on the outcome of infected males.
Lowering Testosterone May Reduce Severity of COVID-19 (May 15, 2020)

I would bet money he was on steroids and then when he got sick, stopped working out and got put on feeding tube for 6 weeks his body started dwendling away. A buddy of mine use to cycle steroids and he would blow up and then get skinny and blow up and get skinny. Dude is bald and has a steroid looking build to him.

1 year later
#23673 3 months ago
Quoted from herg:

My wife's cousin's husband had the J&J vaccine a couple months ago. He thought he had a cold, but ended up testing positive for COVID-19 today. That's my first close experience with a vaccinated person catching it.

There is a ton of this going one. They say the J&J vaccine is worthless.

#23674 3 months ago
Quoted from jhanley:

Just found out this morning. My wife's step fathers grandson died last night from Covid. Only 40 years old and his father has Covid now. None of them got shots. Fucking ridiculous. Get the shot people.

shots don't seem to be working. I know people who have had the J&J and Pfizer vaccines and still got it. I have a crazy insane liberal friend who went and got both vaccines because he said they are free and why not and his ass tested positive the other day. What a crap show.

3 weeks later
#24783 68 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I'm not sure I've heard of a confirmed case of someone who got the vaccine dying of COVID - or even being hospitalized due to COVID. That would mean they do, in fact, work.

do some research now. Lots of folks who got vaccine are not only getting COVID but also dying.

#24784 68 days ago
Quoted from jmadonti:

I've had covid and recovered. I have built up anti-bodies. Our doctor says we do not need the vaccine and i agree. Plus if you take a covid test they use the same test for the delta variant. What's the difference between the two ? survival rate is over 99%. What happen to all the normal flu deaths. Hmmm don't hear much about that do we.


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