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The official Coronavirus containment thread

By Daditude

10 months ago

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#45 10 months ago

So you complain no one shows you the numbers. I show you the numbers and then you complain the numbers are confusing.

Summary = it’s bad

If that doesn’t do it for you, look at Italy and keep in mind northern Italy healthcare system is equal or better than USA and comparable to majority of Europe, Canada, etc.

#47 10 months ago

Read the reports.

#58 10 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Of course, they are testing more but only 17 under the age of 50 have died according to what was reported yesterday.
Again, just trying to put some positive perspective on the situation. The non stop doom and gloom is unhealthy in itself.

Part of that reason is doctors there are rationing care based on likely outcomes. So a 19 yr old with no conditions comes in at same time as a 90 yr old diabetic with heart disease. They are gonna give the 90 yr old a paper bag and the 19 yr old the ventilator.

#91 10 months ago

Update from one of the previous threads. Bad news, There are widespread baby formula shortages due to panic buying. Many online inventories/shops may say they have some, but they generally don’t.

Good news pretty much everywhere I have checked (local/national) expects to have plenty come the first week of April.

For some odd reason (pun intended) size 3 diapers are the scarce ones. All other sizes are plentiful. Again, come April the shops I checked expect to be stocked.

#108 10 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

I don't think he is as they were reporting about that around here as well, these are temporary do to the panic so the ship will right itself soon and we'll be left with just trying to stay healthy.

Exactly. If you have enough to get through the next few weeks then everything should work out. That or expand your scope Chicago is a bit far to drive for me, but if it was necessary I would make the trip.

Partial screenshot from Target app for my area. It says “limited” stock at local store not available for pickup. I walked the local stores and none on shelves or in back. Same story for Walmart (online/local). Amazon(online). And the local grocery stores. Again EVERYONE says plenty of stock come April. Not trying to fearmonger. This is my reality.
56C47C7D-F9E9-4B0A-92BC-4B2EF4ED440A (resized).jpeg

#292 10 months ago
CB90276C-442A-4EE6-884B-B7880A2BC85C (resized).jpeg
#312 10 months ago

We need to improve on our coordinated response. Otherwise we will get more mistakes like this:


#463 10 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

why so many?

Single use. For proper (safe) usage every worker involved will need several a day.

For example, you take a meal break, you should use a new mask when returning to work.

#480 10 months ago
Quoted from Dono:

So IMHO, for the "leadership" of California coming out with a statement touting a 70% infection rate potential, well, IMO that's just silly.

I suspect they pulled the numbers from the British (or similar) report I linked to on the first page of this thread. And I quote:

In the (unlikely) absence of any control measures or spontaneous changes in individual behaviour, we would expect a peak in mortality (daily deaths) to occur after approximately 3 months (Figure 1A). In such scenarios, given an estimated R0 of 2.4, we predict 81% of the GB and US populations would be infected over the course of the epidemic.

#481 10 months ago

Folks with far more expertise in epidemiological modeling than you or I compiled that report. Crib notes is if you do nothing deaths in millions for USA and Britain and high infection rate.

If you do everything and supply your heath care system, deaths in thousands.

And everywhere in between depending on what you do as a society.

They didn’t look at antivirals. They didn’t look at economic calamity. The thrust of the argument is if you want to prevent deaths, shut it all down.

Now there is a fair point to be made about the absolute shit show you produce if you shut it all down for 18 months. So governments at local, state, and national equivalents around the globe will need to figure out how to navigate all that.

#542 10 months ago

Wife just got the news early morning that all the satellite clinics in her network are closing and she has been assigned to a main clinic (internal medicine doctors represent!). Every two weeks the network will re-evaluate the situation. Current plan is that by closing the satellites and taking their supplies, they can extend the available PPE for a few weeks.

We haven’t seen a surge in hospital care here yet. Expect that to change soon. Clinics are swamped with scared sick people though.

Bad news is she will be working 12 hr shifts in the respiratory clinic with 3 30 minute breaks. One week on, One week off. The limit in breaks is to preserve the PPE as well as push through patient load. So for a week at a time she will not see her kids for more than an hour a day (in the morning when they wake up).

I know there are folks out there in other fields used to this kind of schedule, but it’s a brave new world for us. Country doctor primary care routine is much more our style.

They have also said they plan on paying “something” come May 1st. An improvement from a few days ago of “nothing”. I suspect that something comes from whatever the fed state and local governments can scrounge up.

Also, as an aside we feel for her nurses and support staff. They are considered non essential and are being put on one or two day a week work to keep them employed but not really pay them.

#545 10 months ago

Also big thank you to the construction crews and personal hoarders donating boxes of masks and gloves to the clinics around the cities. You are helping to minimize one of the bigger anxieties your healthcare workers and their families have.

#553 10 months ago
Quoted from presqueisle:

(edited) [quoted image]

Aaaand Lou Dobbs is in quarantine.

#643 10 months ago
Quoted from titanpenguin:

My son and I just got home from PE class. Did a playground workout for back and walked to and from. Gotta do something!

Around here they are shutting down the playgrounds. It’s a transmission vector. Sucks too because it just started getting nice outside around here and I have been bribing my 3 yr old with the prospect of the park swing set.

#666 10 months ago

Fivethirtyeight has a fun with numbers article where they asked a bunch of epidemiologists what their predictions are for USA.


#708 10 months ago

These are the kind of back and forth rubbery statements that drive me batty. Either ban all gatherings or no gatherings. Saying gatherings are “mostly” bad is confusing:


#923 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Full suits are expensive and hard to come by. I'm actually a little surprised they were using them in that video. They may have better PPE supplies in that state vs Texas, not sure. Here in Texas we are using a disposable paper gown, gloves, facemask with a shield or eye goggles for swabbing coronavirus patients.
Looking at the video again, I don't see the little respirator motor on a belt with him so maybe he's just in a full suit with no respirator.
Usually PAPR suits are only used for highly contagious things like Ebola. I have heard of docs in Europe using them for intubations of COVID-19 patients due to the high amounts of virus that are aerosolized during the procedure and it puts the doc doing the procedure at risk. Several ICU docs in Europe and Asia have died of COVID-19 after intubating and caring for patients in the ICU. Not many of those suits to go around though.

My wife also is using paper suit, face shield, respirator method here in Minnesota.

It is comically oversized on her.

5F988E69-055B-428A-8DCF-E7A807053730 (resized).jpeg
#933 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Hey man, if she can get it great. That's just about as safe as you can get.

That pic was from a few weeks ago when life was much simpler.

Now those are a wee bit harder to come by...

#1083 10 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Well...if that’s the best in the world, then we are all in serious trouble.

Pretty much. This is what several of us have been worried about for weeks.

#1084 10 months ago
Quoted from phototamer:

I am talking about fatalities.
If you are obese, heavy smoker , and never moved from your chair , you are in high change of hospitalization if developing symptoms , even if you are less tan 55.
You will almost certainly be ok but you will overload the health system that needs to care for people in their 70s 80s 90s.

And if you have type 1 diabetes, asthma, etc. you are kinda fucked too and that has nothing to do with life style choice. And no, “certainly okay” is not how I would classify it.

#1089 10 months ago
Quoted from PinJim:

Type 1 diabetes surprises me a bit. I would think type 2 would be an equal or higher risk, since a lot of that group is also obese. My wife is type 1 and honestly, she’ll handle it better than me (or that’s my prediction anyhow). Historically illnesses hit me much harder. But to be fair, I’m 10 years older than her and smoked until 3 weeks ago. The virus scared me into cold turkey.
I’m sure we’ll get it at some point so I’ll post the results. Both of us should survive given our age and overall health (my wife is obsessed with exercise).
Off topic, but my wife can maintain damn near normal blood sugars, even with a non-functional pancreas. We’ve been on a virtually zero carb diet for 6 months. It’s absolutely amazing what it has done for her blood sugars, A1C is 5.5 (non-diabetic range).

Autoimmune disorders are especially susceptible. (EDIT: by susceptible I mean to severe outcomes not to contracting. Contracting is a different set of variables).

Dang, best I do is a1c 6.0. If I try to go lower, I have too many lows. Usually 6.5 is where I can sit with minimal events.

#1102 10 months ago
Quoted from jlm33:

No - for the reasons stressed in the article.
1) It does take time (you need to send the sample back to the company, as far as I understand)
2) You need to be thorough with the oral swab (to avoid a false negative)
3) More importantly, you create a competition for ressources (polymerase kits) with hospitals, which are now in short supply. My own academic lab received a demand from the local hospital to give them the polymerase they need...

I assume it's a PCR-based assay. Basically you try to look for a specific nucleic acid sequence which is specific for the virus and you amplify it by PCR.
PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is relatively easy to set and you can do it properly if you work in a proper lab and avoid contamination by other samples. A PCR machine is now inexpensive, primer sequences are easy to find, and DNA primers are inexpensive and can be ordered from a lot of different companies. Including positive and negative controls would still be necessary but this is not rocket science (I could do it, which tells a lot !). I would assume their results would not be less accurate, as long as their employees are not sloppy.

Around here they ran out of the reagents first and tests second. Bulletins were sent out to the universities and various labs to send in their reagents. Tests still in extreme short supply like pretty much everywhere in the States. Next up on the list of things to run out of...cotton swabs. No joke.

#1198 10 months ago

Interesting website to mess around with:


“Hammer and the Dance” dude is one of the contributors FYI

#1215 10 months ago

Everyone who can, please consider parting with some of your mask stockpile. If you work construction, see if your bosses are interested in donating their masks. Not doing much with them right now anyway.

Check your local news, nurses association, local hospital webpages to see where they have drop off sites and what the hours are.

Help your local health care workers help you.

Something like:


#1244 10 months ago
Quoted from FYMF:

This is how I feel but he said they told him it wasnt Covid and it was some other virus.
Negative on both Influenza test.
No Covid test given. Wtf.
At this point I wonder if he should call ahead and bring her in elsewhere?
Florida is the only state to get 100% of their medical request filled by the government. They should be able to test her no?

If they are adamant on getting tested definitely call ahead first. Don’t just show up.

Honestly though, not a whole hell of a lot they can do for her even if she does test positive unless it gets serious enough for hospitalization. There is nothing to prescribe. The recommendations are the same. Quarantine for at least 2 weeks.

Running around trying to score a test is just going to cause potential spread.

It sucks not knowing, but people need to just stay home until they medically can’t.

#1247 10 months ago

cottonm4 the spin is that if he has no serious outcome then that is proof that this whole thing is just the common cold.

#1303 10 months ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Rand Paul, Senate typhoid mary:
During the Senate GOP lunch today, Moran told colleagues that Rand was at the gym this morning, per two sources briefed on the lunch, and that he was swimming in the pool. Rand got his COVID-19 results back this morning.

Honest mistake I am sure. Good thing he’s not like a doctor or anything cause then he would have no excuse....

#1342 10 months ago

sataneatscheese pulled up Target inventory for our formula for Towson just for fun and said 2 in stock. (I know nothing of Baltimore just pulled that store up at random). That’s 2 more than are available here!

Twin Cities getting shorted by our own home grown company.

Might have to request a favor if things get dire.

#1535 10 months ago

I’m having flashbacks to the time I had my wife cut my hair. Never again. Never again.

#1584 10 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

So, with all due respect, you do know that breast feeding is natural and free and the BEST lifetime boost to the immune system ever?

And would be fantastic if that was an option. Not every woman has the ability to produce and it really is heartbreaking and demoralizing to watch your kid whither cause your mammory glands don’t work right.

#1804 10 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

I have to call the hospital today as I'm scheduled for pulmonary test tomorrow but, to be honest I don't want to go in the hospital. I'm in the age bracket that is most at risk, although I question that with all the younger people coming up sick. Seems to me at this point there is no "at most risk" group, this virus is infecting and killing indiscriminately throughout our population.
Damn Who-dey, this will be the first time in 150yrs Cincinnati's Reds opening day parade will not take place. Lotta "first" unfortunately happening all over our nation during this outbreak.

Unless a medical emergency I am sure the hospital will appreciate the cancellation. I’m surprised they haven’t called you to cancel honestly. Everything and I mean everything that can be canceled/delayed/diverted is being done so here and again, nothing has even hit the fan yet. We just see the huge fan and a dump truck backing up.

#1805 10 months ago
#1850 10 months ago

I shook my head that my neighbors had family over for their weekly Sunday dinner. I was pissed when my kindergartener’s best friend’s mom posted a picture of them at church. I am furious that my cousin’s wife on Sunday posted a picture of herself eating inside a restaurant with a caption of “supporting local business”.

These people don’t get it.

Keeping it perfectly generic for you, when I see a freaking government official of any stripe going out and using facilities whilst waiting for their test results, any and all need to lose their jobs and be publicly ridiculed for being a dumbass.

#1874 10 months ago
#1886 10 months ago

rwh something tells me that even if crazylevi agreed with you, you two would have vastly different lists of banned media. And therein lies the problem and why your frustrated suggestion is actually quite dangerous.

#1938 10 months ago

Stone cold sober over here. Doing everything I can think to boost immune system.

My liver can’t pull an O-din to kill it off that way. Anything in between is asking for trouble.

#1946 10 months ago

Stern and CGC would probably be better at making coffins than ventilators.

#2245 10 months ago
Quoted from Vino:

So I plan to get more groceries - and let’s get real- no one seems to practice distancing when food is involved.
Should I use the self checkout (touch screen - no sanitizer around) or a clerk (more humans touching the food)
Thinking of wearing gloves, but which option is really “cleaner”?
Feel like I’m on some candid camera show in bizarro world. Need a drink.

Drive up is your friend. You pull in, they come to your window, you open the door, you give them money, they do their thing and best of all no eye contact!

#2248 10 months ago

Bad news on the automakers ventilators. Not quite as far along in the process as had been suggested by the powers that be. Not really surprised as I was scratching my head about how the hell they could already be up and running.


Good news is that they do plan to do it. More good news is that while they spool up it gives the government time to maybe organize how the new ventilators will be distributed.

#2263 10 months ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

US is going to overtake China for top spot by the end of the week (as of this morning 46,450 cases). Surpassing Italy most likely Thursday. Science insider has a pretty good video about what COVID actually does.

Showed video to my kindergartener this morning and she was like “oooohhh that’s why I can’t go to school”.

Thank you.

#2272 10 months ago

You know how a few weeks ago we were mocking the Chinese for using bras and water jugs as PPE? Yeah about that...We honestly aren’t too far away from that ourselves.

Wife and I were researching and making plans to produce our own masks in the event her work runs out. However, The word has gotten out and people are making their own, (presumably to donate) and now the fabric stores are running out of elastic bands and the like. We have enough elastic bands lying around to make a dozen or so and then...

So then we went down the rabbit hole and saw more and more how to’s about how to convert things like bras into masks.


#2331 10 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I guarantee Fauci doesn’t make it through the week.
It’s a shame really. It was nice seeing a glimmer of competence up there.

He will be missed.


#2400 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Is this the 'new almost there' agreement, or the old shot down agreement?

This is the House proposal that the Senate is ignoring for now.

Edit: wickerman2 types faster than me.

#2415 10 months ago

Liberty University just welcomed back all its students from spring break(approx 50,000 undergraduates, many live on campus). Gatherings limited to 100 people or less.

This will end well.

#2566 10 months ago
Quoted from SunnRAT:

Yeah, real easy for Dan Patrick to talk like he's some kind of fucking patriotic martyr when he's safe and sound in his mansion.

DD4A7E5F-A5B5-4554-A1FC-42789E1EC21F (resized).jpeg
#2591 10 months ago

Now here is a fun little bit about priorities. Family friend is also a doctor in a different hospital network. I have mentioned in this and previous threads that my wife’s network has PPE shortages and has had some “creative” solutions.

Our family friend said that in addition to creative solutions, her network is asking her to sign a waiver if she wants to continue to be employed. The waiver is to not sue them if she contracts covid-19 due to them not providing proper PPE.

There is soon to be one less doctor triaging the populace.

#2811 10 months ago
Quoted from skink91:

It never ceases to amaze me how hypocritical some of you are regarding humor and outrage. You are constantly using the terms ‘snowflake’ and ‘triggered’ but then when it suits you, you go nuclear about something.
I usually find that the things that outrage me most are things upon reflection are the things I don’t like about myself. I highly recommend using that filter on yourself.

#2823 10 months ago

@rwh and others angry or offended by @crazylevi joke. Good you should be angry and offended...just not at Levi.

Be angry at the folks in charge and commentators that he is referencing that mean this seriously. For example the Lt. Gov. Texas, the market commenter Rick Santelli, or certain troll pinsiders that like howling at the moon.

I didn’t laugh at @crazylevi joke, but I got it. And I got angry. Screw those guys (Not Levi) and the horse they rode in on.

#2927 10 months ago
Quoted from Methos:

Here it comes:[quoted image]

Wife works for a private hospital network and I can tell you that this crisis has destroyed their business model. Two weeks ago they were looking at being unable to pay the doctors past April. Now thanks to maxing out the credit lines and assurances from the state, they will be able to pay “something”.

The hospital networks are getting slammed big time. Most private ones are “not for profit” and so have a mission to use a portion of profits to serve unprofitable locations. Satellite clinics are going to be closed permanently unless someone steps in.

So, there are only a few ways to save the networks. Blank checks are one. Perma taking over is another. I hope we choose a third path of temporary support. (Govt takes over and keeps the lights on until the networks get back on their feet).

Honestly any path that keeps clinics open is acceptable to me at this point.

#2993 10 months ago

One small study contradicts the other small study on the miracle treatment. This is why it is dangerous to promote a treatment until the science is proven.


#3000 10 months ago

Flattening the curve does mean to make it a flatline. We are past the point of containment. We open up the markets once all the hospitals digest the current covid case loads.

Then we will have another rise in cases, which means another lockdown until the hospitals digest the current covid case loads.

Cycle this until we get to vaccine, more effective treatment, or herd immunity.

#3014 10 months ago
Quoted from Methos:

Where do you see that 'hundreds of thousands of Americans" dying?

Again, it’s based on the modeling. Not looking at where we are, but rather where we are going to be.

If we open up now (or in the next few weeks) the hospitals will be overwhelmed and the mortality rate will spike significantly.

#3165 10 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Gawd....she is terrible to listen to for any length of time. The patronizing know-it-all, lecturing attitude in that monotone voice. Like fingernails across a chalk board.

Trying to think of the equivalent on the other side...maybe someone like Ben Stein?
Monotone? Check
Know it all? Check
Generally fact based? Check
I do find him entertaining and funny though...

#3354 10 months ago
Quoted from RonSS:

I can't keep up with this thread. Has mandatory vaccination been discussed yet?

Step 1) create vaccine

#3357 10 months ago

Yikes, I see what people have been saying about Brazil.

This is gonna end very very badly.


#3363 10 months ago

Pulling this one out of the vault to share a little levity before I go to bed.

#3513 10 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Glad to year your son is healthy. The testing process does seem odd. If you have symptoms, and go to a drive up testing location you are more often then not (from what I read) told your symptoms don't warrant testing and to go home to self isolate for 14 days. If symptoms get worse you are then told to come back which for some people is too late as they needed hospital care earlier.

Everything involved is so scarce these days that we are left with the following.

From a patient care perspective, testing is not necessary until hospitalization. You think you were exposed? Stay home. Think you are super human healthy? Stay home. Think you definitely have it? Stay home.

Can’t breathe? Call ahead, then head where they tell you to. Maybe you get a test, but the benefits of that test are mostly for the healthcare workers around you so that they can save PPE if possible.

#3516 10 months ago

For me and my family we get priority testing, but only because they want to avoid quarantine for my wife if possible.

If I get a positive result, I just get locked in the basement until I recover or am hospitalized.

I’m kinda the opposite of an essential worker. I am just a vector to an essential worker.

#3522 10 months ago

rtr Oh yeah, it’s definitely a messed up situation. Everyday my wife comes home it’s hard to not get more and more worried. So many aspects of this are cribbed from a Kafka novella.

#3639 10 months ago


This just sounds insane to me. Classify risk county by county and encourage only the high risk counties to stay closed? How is that anything other than a recipe to turn all counties high risk?

Maybe just maybe this makes some semblance of sense if we have a robust and rigorous testing regime, but we don’t so....

#3642 10 months ago

If there is one thing this virus is known for, it’s respecting natural and arbitrary borders.

#3933 10 months ago

Thanks for the link.

#3947 10 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Its good to know u switch it up every now and then.....I won't debate politics as we both know where that will end.....the good news is you'll have another 4 years to complain

I think it is safe to assume that regardless of outcome, I will complain another 4 years. If I play my cards right, I will get to complain for another 30-40 years.

#3952 10 months ago

No more car based ventilators. Apparently they cost too much and we need to protect the pocketbook.


#4004 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Running for office is nothing more than a popularity contest. Most people don't like the truth, and most people without agendas have no desire to run for office.

Plus the $$$. Takes a lot of $$$ to run, and then afterwards leadership expects you to spend most of your time grubbing for more $$$. It is even more soul crushing than watching those in charge sip wine as Rome burns.

#4059 10 months ago





Or search for your local hospital / news station for info about how to donate.

PPE is universally badly needed.

#4175 10 months ago

I got a no-no for being a dumbass. It was only a matter of time.

#4179 10 months ago

Haha just got an email with this:

“Per the statement issued by Governor Walz, Squeegee Squad is classified as an essential services provider”

Window Cleaners are an essential business. Gotta have that crystal clear view as the world burns.

#4220 10 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Trump invokes defense act to have GM start making ventilators


#4231 10 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

They’ve already started production, but numbers were low and prices were high, He really tore into their CEO

Not true in first part as far as ventilators. They hadn’t lifted more than a pen on production. Also the bulk of the high price was cost of retooling.

So now GM gets to eat the cost? Does the government get to decide the price? That’s where I am fuzzy.

EDIT: also he wants them to reopen a plant that shut awhile ago and recently sold. How’s that going to work?

#4241 10 months ago

On the one hand, yay ventilators. On the other hand, daaaaaamn.

Eh, the other hand can worry about that stuff after everyone can breathe.

#4247 10 months ago

What happens if they don’t hit their numbers? (Besides people dying)

#4253 10 months ago

Another question(s): so far it’s just GM and ventilators. Is he gonna invoke the act on other high shortage items like gloves gowns and masks? How about other manufacturers capable of making ventilators at scale like Ford?

In for a penny, in for a pound. Let’s do this thing.

#4259 10 months ago

When we have EMTs using homemade masks and doctors being asked to use single use masks for a week at a time....I’m going with it’s necessary.

#4388 9 months ago

So many trackers and data analysis websites out there. Did a quick search and didn’t see this one mentioned. USA data:


#4398 9 months ago

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

#4406 9 months ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

Reposting this as I am curious as to what others think...
I have been wondering this exact thing and in no way do the answers minimize the seriousness of the situation we are in. How long has this virus really been in our country? If it has been here longer would that support the theory that the rapid rise of cases is not thru accelerated spread but thru the accelerated rate of testing and we are just getting “caught up”? The number of known cases, recoveries, hospitalizations, and deaths would all go up if this were the case. And the number of cases will continue to skyrocket until we do get “caught up”. This still doesn’t account for all of those that are asymptomatic. I guess what I’m wondering thru all of this is how these “real” numbers might affect the mortality rate. Would the mortality rate be much lower than what it is currently? Just thinking out loud...any thoughts appreciated as I have struggled with trying to understand this from the beginning...thanks in advance!

Yes we are still getting caught up on testing, but even then we have a pretty good idea of how long it has been here.

With exponential spread, it really only takes an extra few days or weeks to dramatically increase number of cases. For example, it doesn’t need to have been here since November, only beginning of January vs an assumed mid January to have a huge impact.

07944FF3-09EF-48F0-9BB1-546C78DECE5B (resized).jpeg
#4411 9 months ago

I wouldn’t generally classify ProPublica as inflammatory and certainly not a clickbait site.

#4414 9 months ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

Do you think this accounts for those that are asymptomatic? I don’t know how you could even begin to gather data and account for those that have no symptoms.

Extensive and rigorous testing. See Singapore or South Korea.

Edit: or a handful of small towns in Italy and elsewhere where near 100% of populace was repeatedly tested.

#4422 9 months ago

I get that in an overwhelmed system, tough choices will need to be made about which lives to save and which to not.

I guess what really doesn’t sit well with me is when it’s the state directing these decisions and not the doctors on the ground. In my view, doctors are trained to choose based on likely medical outcome, while the state is incentivized to choose based on societal “value”.

It is the value part that really disturbs me.

The state should be focused on scrounging up every last resource it can to support the doctors.

#4447 9 months ago

Data is already outdated but...Dang....

#4452 9 months ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

An Argument all week, has been issues of blame on Governors.
It has been their Responsibility, not the Federal Govt.
First, was Production Act, The decision Not to use,but put on Standby, to Motivate,
Now is covered by it being used.
The Need for quarantines, was up to Governors, Not a Federal decision, sometimes arguing it was unconstitutional.
So from the same source, Newscorp, and for Some that IS the Wall Street Journal, New York Post,....
Now shares this headline:
Please help me, How can he consider doing this with the Powers he has, but spend a week, with
his media arm saying, he cant, he shouldnt, and any failures belong to the state.
Is this under the deceleration of National Emergency?
What does it mean to New Yorkers, and NJ, and CT?

Legally he has very broad authority. Mostly under commerce clause.


#4492 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

I don’t expect that the PPE shortage will last much longer. I also think you underestimate the caliber of people that go into healthcare. Especially in the hospital environment it really becomes a family and you stay in there for those around you.

I really really want you to be right on the PPE.

Agree to a point on second part. I think it is far more likely for healthcare workers to start dropping from sickness and exhaustion than a mass walkout.

#4496 9 months ago

Related note:

My Aunt is a hospital admin in another state. She has a suspected case. Pending result. Uncle runs the labs. He is required to still work until he shows symptoms. I am fuzzy on symptoms required for him to stay home. He wants to work and is taking it as “I work until I drop”. That is the attitude of several of his colleagues as well. “I help those in the beds until I am in one of those beds”.

For me, it seems at some point that this well meaning attitude does more harm than good. It also seems like the hospital should try and save the staff from themselves and not encourage this behavior, but I am on the outside looking in on this one.

Here, we aren’t at that point. If I get it, my wife goes into quarantine too. They have said that is subject to change though.

#4569 9 months ago

N95 really should be single use. That is not the world we live in now.

Don’t touch the outside of it with dirty hands/gloves.

Definitely don’t touch the inside.

Make sure it fits properly (shave the quarantine beard).


Magic number hospitals seem to be using is 1 week...but I suspect it is due to the scarcity.

At my wife’s clinic they are now down to 1 gown and 1 mask per day. EMT get homemade masks. Soon my wife will be getting plain surgeon masks. Save N95 for hospital intubation.

#4585 9 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Being in a hospital working with the sick and going to the store are entirely two different things.

well yeah, which is why you really don’t need the N95 to begin with. Surgical mask would suit grocery shopping just fine.

Edit; working at the store is a different beast obviously.

#4650 9 months ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Seems like a lot of people are reaching the “cranky” stage of the pandemic...at least in this thread.

I start at cranky and go from there.

#4705 9 months ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Dougherty County. They have 10% of the confirmed cases in GA and probably 0.000001% of the hospital resources. It is serious.

My understanding is they stockpiled 6 months of PPE and burned through it in a week or so.

#4711 9 months ago

Anyone know why Connecticut was hit with the threat of a federal quarantine? Doesn’t seem like much is going on there number wise compared to other states that would warrant a fed lockdown.

#4760 9 months ago

So if we are fed quarantine states, how are they going to determine who gets closed and who doesn’t? New York is out of control sure, but I suspect they are just 10 days early compared to many many regions. We are past the point of containment.

Mardi Gras was a complete and idiotic fiasco. Louisiana is just now starting to reap what they sow. more cases, more growth than CT.

#4762 9 months ago

My main point is more along the lines of stop trying to divide the states up into little nations and instead have a unified national response. Also no criteria has been given for how does a state become a good little boy and get off the shit list. Or a naughty little boy and get on the shit list.

Us vs. Them isn’t gonna solve anything.

Also we are way past regional or state or county quarantine. Maybe a month ago but now? Can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

Those spring breakers and Mardi Gras partiers weren’t just from Florida and Louisiana. Those are national vectors that will lead to national spread.

#4766 9 months ago

Sorry for the ranting but I am just extremely frustrated with the lack of consistency STILL going on. There is no national vision, many states still have no state vision, my wife’s hospital network is still sorting out its vision (workflow, etc).

We have had months to brace for impact and we as a whole are still dithering.

What is the point of a national medical stockpile if we don’t release it and release it with a fury when needed? They are still holding back 25-50% of masks and gowns while healthcare workers are wearing trash bags. Literal trash bags. Empty out the god damn reserves.

Very very frustrating.

#4880 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

With all due respect, you don’t get it.
The article you cite is talking about inactivating viruses in the air. NOT inside the lungs. Bleach also inactivates viruses in the environment but no one is suggesting that you aerosolize bleach and have patients inhale it. You will KILL the patient.

Exactly. If I could give more than 1 thumbs up I would.

I appreciate the intent of the original idea. It’s good to have creative out of the box ideas, but sometimes they turn out to be bad ideas.

#4883 9 months ago
Quoted from phil-lee:

The article I cite shows a type of UV light that kills the virus without harming skin that is effective in micro doses. I see no reason why this could be used to alleviate clusters in the main airway in a safe manner.
Think outside the box.
Said nothing about drinking bleach, where did that straw man come from?
You said it would cause burns Solved
You said micro doses would not work Solved

Because your skin cells and lung/throat cells are entirely different. One of Your skins’ main purpose in life is radiation protection.

#4885 9 months ago
Quoted from Oaken:

Because your skin cells and lung/throat cells are entirely different. One of Your skins’ main purpose in life is radiation protection.

Also, just think of all the medicines that are topical use only. Or how many are ingestion only. Lungs are super duper sensitive. You can’t mix and match meds like that.

#4898 9 months ago
Quoted from jhanley:

Why does a ventilator cost $24000. Is it that complicated to make?

Low volume, high tooling costs, nice profit, low competition, tech support, training are all contributing factors.

#4900 9 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

When you manufacture things to medical-grade or military-grade standards, costs escalate quickly

If you think those are bad, try building something for NASA. They believe in the true definition of “frozen process”.

#4914 9 months ago

Florida. Duval county shutdown its beaches, its neighboring county did not. Wanna guess which is which (this is from Saturday):

#5094 9 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think the real story is that people in this country now hate China's government, not Asian people that are living here in the U.S. or even the people that live in China.

No, the real story is the racism. It is real. It is heightened. It is unpleasant. Wake up.

People aren’t posting letters to Hmong doctors doors complaining about the Chinese government.

#5180 9 months ago

Starting tomorrow, my wife is down to “up to” one gown and one mask a day. So, no more lunch. Or coffee. She is gonna be very grumpy.

Not just her site though. Regional article for all you twin cities folks.


When the surge hits, we will see what the PPE situation is. I have already told her that my opinion is that if they run out, or she feels it isn’t safe, then she walks. Dead serious about that.

#5279 9 months ago


“ On some recent days, reports of new cases in Florida have been accelerating as quickly as they were in New York.”

#5281 9 months ago

Aaand in asshole news:


Company is supposedly ImageNet Consulting. 100 million dollar company with 40% profit margin last year.

#5319 9 months ago

who-dey at least we still have bubble hockey amirite?

#5401 9 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Just wait until the virus gets on board those ships from a transported non-COVID patient or infected healthcare worker.

Hospital boat cruises are the best cruises

#5499 9 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

We are gonna have a surplus of ventilators in 6-12 months when this blows over...I’m hoping the secondary market prices drop low enough to where I can add a ventilator or two to my disaster preparedness items. Maybe grab one of those portable ones to toss in the bugout bag.

Lord help you if you or someone you know tries to insert one on the fly.

I mean, did you see the haircut the one dude’s wife gave him in the previous thread? Yikes.

#5514 9 months ago

St. Louis Fed economist estimates unemployment rate of 32% is possible for next quarter.


#5582 9 months ago

“ A prominent New York neurosurgeon who developed a procedure for separating twins conjoined at the skull died Monday from complications of COVID-19, the disease associated with coronavirus, officials said.

Dr. James Goodrich was the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Montefiore Mecial Center, in the Bronx, and a professor of clinical neurosurgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

He gained fame in 2016 after leading a team of dozens of doctors in a 27-hour procedure that separated 13-month-old twins, Jadon and Anias McDonald, whose skulls and brains were fused.”

#5776 9 months ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Did anyone else really needed a haircut when this whole thing started and now it’s completely out of hand?

Just beware the spouse haircut.

#5865 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Personal experience:
We are still only testing those who are high risk.
PPE is still in short supply.
Other parts of the country may have different experiences, I can only speak for myself.

MN: Testing is getting better. PPE situation is degrading rapidly.

#5914 9 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

He is appealing to my never going to see doctors train of thought.
Let's get some more prescriptions for antibiotics to cure all these viruses.

Viruses are not biotics.

#5921 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Prescribing antibiotics for viral illnesses is a problem that doctors are trying to police. It’s really driven, in my opinion, by patients who demand antibiotics despite the doctor telling them it won’t work. I’ve seen it way too many times in my own practice. It’s not an excuse, the doctor should be able to stand up to the patient and say no but in today’s consumer satisfaction driven healthcare market that’s often a tough choice.

My wife’s number one pet peeve. She won’t do it. Patients get pissed and leave negative feedback. Then she gets called in for having sub optimal feedback numbers.

#5943 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

No we’re humans who can and do make mistakes. I’m not saying it’s right and it is something I think the medical community is really trying to correct but there are still people out there who value their own short term benefit over the long term consequences of their actions.

Pretty much this. When you get bugged three times a day about your TPS reports, some folks just give in and do whatever it takes to make the TPS reports go away.

#5945 9 months ago

Not so fun to see though. Reason number 17 why I am not a doctor....evaluating sputum. Number 18 is the poop chart.

(Number 1 is my bedside manner).

#6031 9 months ago
Quoted from PinJim:

What are lockdowns doing their than slowing down the spread? I don’t see it stopping the spread, just slowing it down. I think the numbers are being grossly underestimated, just to control the panic. Until there is a vaccine or deterrent...

Slow spread means hospitals not overwhelmed. Which means people get treatment rather than a death tent. Treatment means a lot lower mortality rate.

#6088 9 months ago

State by state projections.

(Edit: they assume that we stay on lockdown thru May 1st).


#6285 9 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Wife haircut update ..[quoted image]

I recommend just jumping in with a number 5 trimmer all around.

#6425 9 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Highlight of the day.
Man derails train to run into the ship Mercy. The charges presented against him I have never heard before.
[quoted image]

D4A980A2-A1D0-4BFA-8E00-613F5257D517 (resized).jpeg
#6458 9 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Quest has a 160,000 test backlog right now. Given that roughly 20% of the tests have been coming back positive, there is another 32k probable positives we don't even know about yet. And that is just one lab.
Correction, the article says 35%, so 56k presumed positives. My state next door seems to be around 20%.

My wife’s clinic has the internal ability to do almost a days worth of tests per week.
The outside lab they use just told them they are overwhelmed and to stop sending samples.

It’s like whack-a-mole with these supply chain and throughput issues.

#6464 9 months ago

“Kushner encouraged Trump to push back against New York governor Andrew Cuomo after Cuomo gave an emotional press conference during which he said New York was short 30,000 ventilators. In a White House meeting around this time, Kushner told people that Cuomo was being an alarmist. “I have all this data about ICU capacity. I’m doing my own projections, and I’ve gotten a lot smarter about this. New York doesn’t need all the ventilators,” Kushner said, according to a person present. “


#6567 9 months ago

We ain’t at peak yet. Just about every hospital network is cancelling electives and trying to add a metric ton of capacity for the expected surge.

Even our itty bitty 25 bed hospital has emptied out as much as possible and mapped out where to cram as many extra beds as they can in anticipation.

Other hospitals around here are nearly empty because they have dedicated all 500 beds to 100% covid and as of today they have like 50 patients in there.

So yes, much hay and conspiracy is being made about how there are no sick people. Those posts will age just as well as those from a month or two ago that said no big deal, we will have at most dozens dead.

#6787 9 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

I found another interesting article in the NY Times from two research professors concerning how the severity of coronavirus might be related to the dosage.
In case there is a paywall, I will quote a small section of the article with the hopes that this is allowable on this site. Read the article. If this is true, then there is hope that many of us could acquire some immunity through normal activities as long as we curtail others.
“The importance of viral dose is being overlooked in discussions of the coronavirus. As with any other poison, viruses are usually more dangerous in larger amounts. Small initial exposures tend to lead to mild or asymptomatic infections, while larger doses can be lethal.
From a policy perspective, we need to consider that not all exposures to the coronavirus may be the same. Stepping into an office building that once had someone with the coronavirus in it is not as dangerous as sitting next to that infected person for an hourlong train commute.
This may seem obvious, but many people are not making this distinction. We need to focus more on preventing high-dose infection.
Both small and large amounts of virus can replicate within our cells and cause severe disease in vulnerable individuals such as the immunocompromised. In healthy people, however, immune systems respond as soon as they sense a virus growing inside. Recovery depends on which wins the race: viral spread or immune activation.”

Might also explain why healthcare workers are having statistically significant worse outcomes than the general public.

#6799 9 months ago

My wife has gone from 36 hrs a week to 45 hrs with the expectation that in another week or so she will be bumped up to 50-60 hrs a week.

Also her pay will be cut in half at that point.

I am a house husband for the foreseeable future.

#6804 9 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Wait....what? They are gonna double her work load and halve her pay? So work more for nearly the same amount of money? What kind of work does she do?

Yep. Double work, halve the pay. So if she was hourly, it’s like she is making quarter her hourly wage. She is an internal medicine doctor.

#6814 9 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Made even more difficult by the apparent number of false negatives that are showing up on coronavirus cases.
I am not which is worse right now, false positives or false negatives.

I’ll go with False negatives being way worse. You think you are clean and then you go be a Typhoid Mary.

#6972 9 months ago

This website lets you map infections by percentage of total population in addition to raw totals. You can then zoom in to the county level and click for stats.


For example in Georgia:

C077CAB9-F59A-4DA8-873C-E02DCD9C1D88 (resized).jpeg
#7095 9 months ago

This site uses the John Hopkins dataset and plots it in a way where you can compare each state vs. any other subset of states. (So MN vs. TX, MN vs. All, etc. )

Also has some global data. Both log and linear scale.


#7132 9 months ago

So feds tell states to fend for themselves.

Massachusetts Then buys 3 million masks.

Feds then seize the masks.

Our system is so broken right now.


#7160 9 months ago

“Mississippi currently has the highest COVID-19 hospitalization rate in the nation, at 31 percent, according to states’ health department data gathered by The COVID Tracking Project.”



#7192 9 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Wow. I see nothing has changed here. Surprise
Time to provide some perspective and facts again! Lol. Nvm
Doomsday, it’s game over people

Quoted from iceman44:

Survival of the fittest brother
200k is fake news. 3500 in NY city
Gotta learn to live with it
How many in US? Better stop dropping a lot faster to get to 200k
Many More businesses Are dying every day

Good to see you back Ice but man...watch out for that koolaid.

#7207 9 months ago

For you Iceman44. Remember the good ole days when we were debating dozens vs. hundreds dead? I miss those days:

#7224 9 months ago
Quoted from Mizzou0103:

They only update every few days. They’re supposed to update today, but their projections have been going up with each update. Also, this one tends to be one of the more optimistic projections.

My understanding is that this group is providing the projections that the feds are using. The big assumption (which makes the data optimistic in my opinion) is that stay at home lasts until May. I really want this projection to be accurate. Other numbers I have seen are more depressing.

#7249 9 months ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

Where does it say the "Feds then seize the masks."? The article I read clearly states:
"The governor did not say which agency or organization confiscated the masks."

He doesn’t say which agency, (my guess is that he is playing nice in the hopes he can get them back) but it was seized at a federal customs location. We don’t know if it was customs, fbi, treasury, etc...but highly unlikely it was Detroit or Maine, etc...because they have zero jurisdiction there.

This is apparently why he asked Kraft to take the Patriots plane to China to pick up supplies...to circumvent the Port.

#7596 9 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

Those numbers only show mortality. They don’t show hospitalizations. An inordinate number of people with Covid19 wind up in the hospital as compared to flu and they stay longer.
The numbers get a lot worse for everyone that requires hospitalization if the healthcare system in an area has been overwhelmed.
Younger people can still get their ass whipped by this and wind up getting better in a hospital bed. As long as good care is available, they don’t show up in the mortality figures.


#7678 9 months ago

Japan has started a serious trial of another existing drug for treatment of covid-19. They are also trying to distribute for free to other countries including USA for testing. Right now the very limited data suggests it is helpful in arresting mild to moderate viral loads. So an early treatment option maybe. Will be interesting to see if this pans out.

Avigan (Favipiravir)


#7701 9 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Damn ice cream isle at my local Kroger was bare bones again. I need a pint or two of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough (posting this while on an exercise bike lol).
[quoted image]

Lemme guess, the only things left are strawberry and cherry jubilee

#7880 9 months ago

For all those “I well what about all those other things that kill us?” Questions or arguments, here is a fun little visualization of the last month.


#7884 9 months ago
Quoted from Oaken:

For all those “I well what about all those other things that kill us?” Questions or arguments, here is a fun little visualization of the last month.

Oh and we are undercounting deaths too:


#7892 9 months ago

Don’t worry, it’s a routine, precautionary, measure...

Or to put it another way:

It’s just a flesh wound.

#7932 9 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

That drug he spoke of is hydroxychloroquine. It's already FDA approved and has been used safely for many years. And it's being used in clinical trials right now with FDA approval.

True, but it is a drug with potentially serious side effects that needs to be prescribed and monitored by medical professionals. Also it is in clinical trials as a treatment not as a preventative.

The impression given last night was that it is more like taking vitamin c supplements to ward off a common cold. Which is not at all how this drug is intended to be used.

#7940 9 months ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

If you post facts without personal comments, then how could it be a violation?

That’s totally zen man.

#7952 9 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Off label use, with doctor approval is used all of the time and with many, many different drugs. The FDA allows it.
Hydroxychloroquine is another tool with great possibilities and notable disease experts are the ones that discovered its use here. Not some politician. There are people in crisis right now who cannot wait a year and a half for a vaccine.

I love your optimism, but the vast majority of the time miracle drugs don’t pan out. Everyone needs to keep a level head. We simply don’t know if this one works yet. It will be months before we do.

Right now, the only published results are from very small studies, and they contradict each other. (Ex: One says it’s great, one says it does absolutely nothing).

#8010 9 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

That makes sense at first glance, but the problem is that the supply-chain is international. You start blocking stuff leaving, other companies will stop sending stuff in. This is not my opinion, these were in the briefings provided by 3M. They clearly warned that protectionist export policies will result in a net reduction in available supplies in the USA.

Aren’t some of the raw materials 3M uses to make the masks sourced from Canada?

#8064 9 months ago

Save the bread. Stack em high!

#8079 9 months ago

“A typical hospital morgue might hold 15 bodies. Those are now all full. So OCME has sent out 80 refrigerated trailers to hospitals around the city. Each trailer can hold 100 bodies. These are now mostly full too. Some hospitals have had to add a 2nd or even a 3rd trailer,”

#8132 9 months ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I finished the worst part of my quarantine deck staining project. No more tall ladders after this part. Don’t you love it when your spouse comes over and says “that ladder isn’t safe like that”, but then walks away without offering to hold it?[quoted image]

My wife does that every. Single. Time. Usually with a “I don’t want you to fall on me” type comment.

#8143 9 months ago

Pastor defies ban, holds service for a few hundred people, gets fined.

Yesterday same dude defies ban and holds service for 1500 people.


#8193 9 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

It's probably fair to note that TheBlaze is not a Wikipedia-deemed reliable news source and anything there should be taken with deep scientific skepticism.
I want it to be true but anecdotal evidence won't be enough to make it a real medical solution.
EDIT: what pinball_gizzard said!

The Blaze....I suppose even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but I wouldn’t bet my life on anything they are selling without significant additional research.

#8198 9 months ago

Some positive news from Allstate and American Family Insurance. Maybe some other companies will feel the pressure to jump on the bandwagon.


#8424 9 months ago

Interesting article on transmission:


A lot of transmission by folks who at the time feel fine or just a little under the weather. Also a ton of transmission by undocumented cases. Combo the two and you get the majority of cases being transmitted by untested people who feel basically fine.

Testing testing testing. No control until we have a huge testing program.

Or stay inside for much much longer.

#8572 9 months ago

Brief report on what we knew and when we knew it in the intelligence community and when it was disclosed up the food chain:


#8604 9 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Not sure if this was posted yet.
New York hospitals discharge more coronavirus patients than they bring in for four straight days
If you don't want to read the blaze then you can go here.

Honestly second source (and especially it’s founders) is even less reputable than the first.

I respect you, your opinions, and the work you are doing during this crisis, but your sources are another matter entirely.

#8674 9 months ago

That would make a great puzzle I would think.

#8701 9 months ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

New details from HHS and FEMA released by the Oversight Committee indicates that federal government has depleted 90% of its stockpile of respirators/gloves/other emergency equipment. Remaining 10% will be kept for federal workers.

Well good, that’s one less thing for me to be upset about (release the damn PPE).

Now to start working on the other 999 things on the list.

#8892 9 months ago
Quoted from woody76:

all models and projections of this thing where all OFF by miles and fauci (the so called expert) has been wrong almost every step of the way. January - Americans have nothing to worry about. March - shut eveything down. April - Ok we can now start relaxing the infected quarantine rules from 14 tyo 7 days.
We probably should have followed Sweden's model and keep the elderly and un-healthy at home quarantined and the rest of the population keep moving. All the projections are off by 80%.

Define miles

#8957 9 months ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Sorry but I don't know how it works in the US, I thought if you were not insured you had to pay, So if I was one of the 10 million that just had been laid off and have no money why would I go get a $2-3k Covid test.

Well on the bright side depending on where you live, odds are there wouldn’t be one available for you not to afford anyway.