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The official Coronavirus containment thread

By Daditude

10 months ago

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#21 10 months ago

When did daditude become a moderator?

#99 10 months ago

Posted this in one of the other threads. Up here breweries and distilleries are turning into hand sanitizer makers. WHO provides the recipe and will help with the shortage. Hopefully next someone smart will design or figure out a way to mass produce masks and other supplies that hospitals and the medical profession desperately need.

#104 10 months ago

California officially shut down and 40 million ordered to stay home/inside

#403 10 months ago

Wife had a MRI today in Saskatoon. Upon entering the hospital she was told to remove her gloves and wash her hands. Every person entering the hospital must wash their hands or not be allowed in. At every station she was asked a series of questions involving being sick, travel. Overall she said the hospital was quiet and none of the nurses were wearing masks.

#473 10 months ago

Just got off the phone with my dad. His friends are down in Yuma. He's late 70s, has serious medical issues, no insurance and was like, yeah maybe we'll come back in a few weeks. Just clueless

#549 10 months ago

I was at Walmart in Lloydminster and North Battleford this week and both had full shelves of rubber gloves. No TP, wipes or flour but gloves are easy to come by.

#876 10 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

More exiting non-political back and forth news.
As of today most of the grocery stores are now paying hazard pay to there employees.
Also many stores are now installing plexiglass dividers between the customers and cashiers. Doesn't help all the people on the floor re-stocking the selves but it's a start.

I saw that Loblaws is giving employees a 15% pay hike

#1050 10 months ago

Anyone else remember the mouth watering smell that KFCs in the 80s and 90s emitted? I would be riding my bike as a kid and 2 to 3 blocks away you'd start to smell that smell. Damn you better exhaust/squirrel fans:/

#1100 10 months ago

Can't believe they still want to hold the Olympics but Japan is in denial. Saw yesterday that Japan has only administered 15000 tests total so have no way on getting actual numbers of infected. No way in hell I'd be going to Japan this summer. NBA is done. MLB won't even get started. PGA would be a possibility of returning as they social distance pretty much anyways and would be ratings gold. Praying that they have some kind of instant test by July so NFL can resume in August but I don't see it. Think we'll be waiting till 2021 to see any sports. This is going to be soooo rough.

#1378 10 months ago

Quebec is allowing police to breakup any group over 2 people.
Nova Scotia is fining people $1000 for not practicing social distancing.

#1597 10 months ago

If you haven't watched letterkenny yet, you're welcome. Great distraction

#1636 10 months ago

Canada has officially skipped the Olympics

#1660 10 months ago

Anyone else find it strange that Russia hasn't really said anything about the caronavirus? Is it because they keep their people inside their borders and no one travels there?

#1673 10 months ago

You know what fucking pisses me off? Mf'r just got back from Mexico 2 days ago and isn't self quarantine. Saw him going into the grocery store today. You can't get someone to pick some groceries for you? I pray in a week or two my town isn't one of the ones where the nursing home is ravaged with covid-19 because of one stupid fuk

#1858 10 months ago

Vancouver latest Canadian city to implement fines for not practicing social distancing/crowd gatherings. $1000 Fine.

#2297 10 months ago

One good thing has come from this in my house so far. Yesterday my wife finally used the pasta maker that we've had for close to 20 years. It was so delicious that I don't think I can go back to boxed pasta.

#2567 10 months ago

Damn, here's some good news. A Saskatchewan company at the University of Saskatchewan is close to a vaccine. Very positive tests on animals. Hope to have human trials by fall and cure within a year. Canadian government has contributing 24 million to it. VIDO-InterVac. First lab to issolate the virus.

#2638 10 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Shit! Not what you want to see after a long ass day. Things are more bleak than I thought.[quoted image]

Sorry my ignorance but can't you get goods delivered thru the mail?

#2822 10 months ago

I generally don't get stressed about anything but every time that yellow haired reality star speaks, my blood boils and get so angry at the shit and blame he spews.

I love you America but you really need some leadership in this time of crisis. You guys look clueless to the rest of the world.

#3020 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

In America, that would be a quart.

Why can't liquor bottles be universal in size? Up here we got 4 sizes. 375ml (mickey) 750ml (26oz) 1.14L (40oz) and 1.75L (60oz)

#3452 10 months ago

I wish there was a lockdown here. Yesterday i watched 2 nurses at the retirement home visit for hours with their husbands and kids like nothing is happening.

This other dipshit gets back from Mexico last week and is totally ignoring the 14 day self isolation orders. Saw his truck at the post office, grocery and liquor store. Guess he's special and doesn't have to follow rules? Or he's extremely stupid and selfish. I'm going with the later.

#3874 10 months ago

Better put troops at the border. Damn those Canadians and their Chinese steel

#3879 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

[quoted image]

I'm sure it's coming our way next

#3929 10 months ago

UK Prime Minister tests positive for covid19

#4375 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Same here but I got sidetracked by of all things the Tiger King.....WTF??? Crazy ass show let me tell ya!

Man all week all I've heard about is this tiger king show. Might have to fire up Netflix and check it out this weekend.

#4385 10 months ago

Couldn't even make this one up.
Pedophile R. Kelly is asking to be released from holding while awaiting trial on child porn charges fearing for life? WTF? If he's somehow released that judge should arrested

#4390 10 months ago

Brazil is fucked. President there doesn't want lockdown or social distancing.

#4768 10 months ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Same problem may apply for anything delivered at your home. Processed food or not. Once you accept delivery, remove the external wrapping and throw it away immediately. Then wash your hands extensively and and clean your door knobs... If the goods are not perishable, leave them aside for a few days (a cellar is cool - just try to remember when everything was bought) or sanitize them immediately.
There is a delicate balance to find between paranoia and carelessness.

My wife has been wiping everything for years but now when I get groceries we put them all in a room and fill the sink with bleach and rags. We wipe everything down and let dry. Also wipe down the car, throw out any produce bags, not needed packaging, etc. Takes a extra 10 minutes but not like we're in a rush to go anywhere.

#5268 10 months ago

Serious question for you guys. Would you go see a doctor or risk a hospital visit right now? I'm pretty sure I need to see a doctor but not even sure there's physicians servicing my area and would have to go to a ER at a local hospital most likely.

#5276 10 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I was in the middle of testing with my doc, and I'm putting it on hold until probably January or so. That's the earliest I see this ending... In our house, we're only going to the doc/hospital if we're seriously and immediately ill. That's just us though.

I might not have a choice as it's my heart. Going to lay off the hooch tonight and see if it feels better. Haven't been to a doctor in 13 years and wife keeps telling me to go but yeah not the best timing for a sore ticker.

#5358 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

For those asking about whether to go to the doctor:
Teladoc is one Resource you can use for minor things. There are limits to what you can use Teladoc for though and the physician may still tell you that you need to see a doctor or go to the ER. I just got credentialed to work at Teladoc so I’ll be starting that this week.
If you are having serious symptoms like chest pain you should absolutely go to the doctor. The risk of an untreated heart attack or other life threatening issue is WAY more than the risk you would contract coronavirus at the office or ER.

Thanks doc. I don't think teledoc is available in Canada but have a feeling they would tell me to go see a doctor and get some blood work done and a EKG. My wife is in the high risk category so I really don't want to chance a visit. Unfortunately I don't have a doctor and no ones taking new patients so I would definitely have to go the ER route. If it happens again I'll definitely go. Fingers crossed it doesn't.

#5601 10 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

At this rate my yard will be ready for summer before april. I got all of the brush burned today. Just have to fill some leaf bags tomorrow[quoted image]

Man am I jealous. Still snowed in here. -6 here today. Only get out to walk the dog

#5620 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Now to just let it bake. 375. Half hour foil on, 15-20 minutes foil off.
Now that wasn't so hard, was it?
[quoted image][quoted image]

Here's one my wife made the other night. Been eating good lately

#5866 10 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Someone forgot to tell Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa and Arkansas about Coronavirus. I know casinos are shutdown in Nevada so striking them from this list.
Coronavirus is real and Coronavirus is here. Everyone is being asked to comply with their state or local laws about keeping 6 foot social distancing, no group functions, only essential workers going into work and washing hands frequently to wearing a mask in public places now.
[quoted image]

I was listening to Dan Patrick on a radio station out of Bismark, ND and city official's met and decided to go ahead with the fair this year. Tickets on sale Sunday. Lol. Do they not watch the news and think they're immune to it coming there?

#5872 10 months ago

Does anyone else find themselves watching the sign language person? I zone out on whoever is speaking and am fascinated trying to figure out the signs.

#5874 10 months ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Does anyone else find themselves watching the sign language person? I zone out on whoever is speaking and am fascinated trying to figure out the signs.[quoted image]

I figured out masks so far

#6159 10 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

When they cancelled Letterkenny Live you knew shit was serious.

Too bad this all wasn't just the native flu

#6167 10 months ago

What's scary is some people don't show symptoms. A lady in her 60s from North Battleford, SK died Saturday from covid19. She contacted it thru community spread. She lived on a acerage outside of town and only came in for coffee or groceries. She collapsed Friday and rushed to hospital where she died Saturday. Her sister said she wasn't sick Thursday and never mentioned having a cold or flu.

#6247 10 months ago

Hey Odin. Going Mexican for today's lunch. Pulled pork soft tacos.

#6360 10 months ago

Damn Caronavirus. It's my wife and I's 21st anniversary and we usually go for dinner and hit the casino. This year it's frozen pizza, beer and cribbage.

It's also our best buds 13th birthday today. Made him some cupcakes

#6390 10 months ago
Quoted from vex:

Weed is collectively deemed essential as well.

Thank god!

#6405 10 months ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

None at my local Target this afternoon. An associate told me your best chance is to show up really early. Lysol and TP are the 2 things I consistently can't find.

Haven't seen TP in over 3 weeks at any of the major grocery stores in 2 cities by me. I go early when I shop and shelves are empty. Lucky for us my wifes friend works at a Costco so we could always get a 30 pack shipped to us if needed.

#6457 10 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

Glad Wolf is gone. Hopefully finding better things to do. Maybe exercise or something useful

Or signing up again as someone new and will be back trolling in no time. What a covidiot that guy was.

#6768 9 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

[quoted image]

Few things that stand out on that chart. Germany is 4th with 85000 cases but only 1100 deaths. Also check out the Netherlands death rate to number of cases compared to Canada. That's pretty alarming.

#8247 9 months ago
Quoted from loneacer:

I wish I would have anticipated the great jigsaw puzzle bubble of 2020. I dug this one out of the closet that I bought in 2014 and never opened. Somebody bought it yesterday. With shipping and tax, they paid $82. Just unreal.[quoted image]

Damn. Just when I donated about 50 puzzles to my library last fall after nobody would pay $.25 a puzzle at my last yard sale of the season.

#8633 9 months ago

13 year old Charlotte Figi died yesterday from covid 19. She's the inspirational girl who the famous Charlotte's web marijuana strain is named after. With cbd oil she was able to go from suffering 1000s of seizures a week to a couple. There's a 2 part CNN documentary on her called Charlotte's Web.

Rip Charlotte Figi

#8828 9 months ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

I love my 20th Century dinosaur! 1970 Plymouth road runner...I’ve owned it since 1997 and not once did I ever care about the gas mileage!!! [quoted image]

Sweet ride! I dated a girl in high school who had a 71 roadrunner. Unfortunately it had a little 318 in it instead of the 440 6 pack I thought it would.

#8830 9 months ago
Quoted from BigT:

I decided to take up a new hobby during the quarantine. I can cook and bake but have never done sourdough. I am day 5 into my starter and it is starting to double. Hopefully next week I will be able to make a loaf.[quoted image]

Are you feeding your starter? Equal parts water and flour daily? (4oz flour, 4 oz water)

Here's ours after 2 days. Bubbles up nicely and already reaks of yeast. Wife says after 5 days it will be ready to use

#8843 9 months ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Are you feeding your starter? Equal parts water and flour daily? (4oz flour, 4 oz water)
Here's ours after 2 days. Bubbles up nicely and already reaks of yeast. Wife says after 5 days it will be ready to use
[quoted image]

#8923 9 months ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

And if so, should it be Dr Oz, Dr Drew, or Dr Phil?

Dr. Nick

#8926 9 months ago

Hi everybody

#9002 9 months ago

May I suggest something a little more danker?

#9079 9 months ago
Quoted from BeachPickle:

This is some brilliant reporting..
“a joint of weed” bahaha. Did my mom write this??
A summary of why smoking weed is bad during a pandemic according to this article:
if you get a cough/ inflamed lungs, the doctors won’t be able to discern if it’s because you smoked “ a joint of weed” or if you have the corona.
Also, if you smoke to reduce anxiety and then have an emergency and end up in the ER you won’t have any idea how to handle the healthcare workers..
"They want the person who's agreeing and giving informed consent to be completely in control of their thought processes."
The takeaway- if you find yourself with a “joint of weed” you better eat it, and then avoid going to the the ER for 4-8 hours.

Haha. What I laughed about the most in that article was that if you never smoked marijuana before the corona virus but started smoking to relieve the stress, don't cause doctors will think you have the virus because you WILL develop bronchitis. Lol. So I'm out of work. Have no money or barely enough to pay the bills. But I'm going to buy a bag of weed and start smoking the relieve stress? That's a huge stretch.

Btw, I've been smoking dope daily since I was 13 and still haven't developed a cough.

#9081 9 months ago

Just a reminder to the burners out there. If/when you venture outside to the stores, choose a bowl and not to roll. Your fingers are constantly by your mouth when you smoke a joint. I pack my shatter pen full so my fingers aren't by my mouth after possibly touching something infected and disinfect the pen when I get home.

Stay safe

#10176 9 months ago

Our elderly dog sitter slipped on some ice and broke her hip last week. She spend 30 hours laying on a gourney bed in a hallway in Saskatoon university hospital. After complaining finally she was in surgery 15 minutes later. She said the hospital is extremely quiet. Probably due to lack of visitors allowed.

#10768 9 months ago

My wife is growing about 30 tomato plants to basically give away. She thinks there will be a shortage of fruit and vegetables in the fall and wants to help/give them away to anyone who wants/needs them. We're also going to plant potatoes this year, which we never do. Our buddy just outside of town has 800+ acres and is offering anyone local a community garden for those who dont have space or can't physically.

#11014 9 months ago

I try to limit the amount of news i watch daily but did you guys see the scary as shit news out of South Korea yesterday? Apparently up to 200 people who have recovered from the coronavirus, have contracted it again. If true this is a total game changer. We're all going to be lockdowned for the rest of 2020 I fear.

#11396 9 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

To be fair, Canada supplied me with plenty of Molson Golden and Moosehead when I was a teenager.

Man I miss Molson golden.

#11680 9 months ago

You know your bored when you're trying to get high scores on pinball arcade at 7am. I miss sports so much

#11759 9 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Yup, it’s an interesting game. Just finished an initial light cleaning, and PF looks real nice. Need to order a rubber kit.[quoted image]

Nice. I've owned contact a couple times now. Great artwork and colors. Love the backglass. First one I owned the alien was painted over.

#11927 9 months ago

Happy 4/20 everyone!

Just made some cannabutter and later my wife will turn it into cookies. The house smells awesome

#12160 9 months ago

Looks like Saskatchewan will be the test dummy province to see how reopening goes. Alberta officials fear that golfers will be travelling to Saskatchewan to golf for the day and potentially bring the Carona back with them. Lol.

#12172 9 months ago

Found a tote today I forgot about. Has a few puzzles to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks. Our new norm is cards and tunes at happy hour so will be nice to mix it up. Battleship tomorrow!

#12292 9 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

In NY, there was a big push to get plastic grocery bags out of stores, and instead have customers use reusable bags or sell paper bags for a nickel. The cutoff date for that was March 1st.
After the shut down, stores started refusing to pack reusable bags that customers brought in (for sanitary reasons), and some stores started offering plastic bags again. I'm assuming they were just offering what they had leftover, so I'm not sure how long that will last. I've been wondering if the plastic bag law will be reversed at some point.

Up here in Canada Walmart and Loblaws both were charging 5 cents a plastic bag and have now waved that fee. Safeway/sobeys got rid of plastic bags a couple months back and have a reusable paper bag for a quarter.

1 week later
#12989 8 months ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Drove past some idiot alone in his car wearing a mask today. Really laughed hard.

I guess I'm that idiot. I have 3 stores to go to when I shop. I mask up when I get to the first store. I don't take it off just to drive around the block to the Walmart. I take the mask off when I'm done shopping and then wash and sanitize it when I get home

#13156 8 months ago

New York has as many people as Canada does yet Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Cats and dogs comparison

1 week later
#14145 8 months ago

Update from our little slice of hell. No one seems to care about the virus. The grocery store hasn't put up cashier shields, no 6ft stickers, no arrows. Covidiots still standing around talking to each other everywhere. Yet to see someone wear a mask.
Now for some drama. I had a free bbq sitting on my curb. A 20 year old couple we know stop by on their bikes still drunk around 10am yesterday. So my wife and I stood on our front lawn and chatted for 5 minutes. They just came from a house party at the druggie, swinger couple in town house. I'm already shaking my head but it gets better. A nurse at the retirement home was there and got caught making out with the swinger husband by the wife and the fight was on.
I'm long past the stupidity of people during this crisis but this stupid fukn nurse should be called out/fired/drop kicked in the head. She'll be back at the home Monday working with the 100 year olds like nothing happened. Yet our friends can't enter that retirement home to see their mom's and dad's while being responsible themselves.

#14157 8 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

I would watch this Netflix series.

Right? First thing I said to my wife when the kids left was who needs soap operas. It gets better. Last summer we're at a bbq down the street and she shows up with her 3 kids whining and crying about how her husband is off doing meth with a tranny and asking how can she trust him again. I figured it was over then as I haven't seen her since around town but apparently not. Maybe she was off stripping again or in rehab? And I asked what the nurses husband thought of all of this as a crazy lunatic is screaming outside his house for his wife to come out and apparently he doesn't believe it happened.

Can't make this shit up. Stay tuned...

#14320 8 months ago

Went to Lloydminster for deck supplies. Alberta reopened today and it's a fukn zoo. The mall/retail stores are open again and couldn't find a spot to park to grab some liquor. People are absolute dumbasses and can't even care to pay attention to direction arrows. Finally had enough and snapped at a few people. Even coughed and sneezed to make someone turn around in a issle at home depot. When you have a mask on and cough, people move away scared quickly.

#14407 8 months ago

My wife stitched her first mask yesterday. 2nd design will be better but hey, first attempt. She says it looks more inviting then my n95 mask. Think I'll get her to make one out of one of my Harley Davidson bandanas or a Pilsner or Molson Canadian mini flag

1 week later
#15097 7 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

When I panic brought , I got 4 cartons of beer

Only 4? When this shit got serious I panicked and bought 24 cases. 75 days later they're all gone and I just picked up 6 more flats

#15122 7 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Bet you don’t get scammed like we do in Ontario and pay Over 40 bucks for a 24

I usually drive once a month to Alberta and stock up on cheap liquor. Of course brand of beer affects price. Bud, molson, Coors is all $40+ for a 24. I buy brewhouse for around $26/24 or sometimes PC brand is as cheap as $9.99 a case of 12. And it tastes good. Pilsner is always $29.99/24 or cheaper

#15156 7 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Time we home brewed Dirk. Let’s do it! Surely enough info from fellow pinside

It's been a while but never had homebrew that tasted good. Maybe it's different now?
I wish i liked wine. My dad has been making it for 30 years. Great bang for the buck. $40 box makes like 25 one litre bottles. Could get drunk for a month for $40. Lol.

#15273 7 months ago

Check this out. I'm eating the same amount. Still not working out. Drinking more beer then ever before yet I'm lighter at 42 then I was during my senior year of high school. How? I think it's because It's been three full months since I've eaten out. I also shaved and it's been years since I didn't have a double chin

2 weeks later
#15817 7 months ago

Who dey should have a clown as a avatar as everything he says is laughable

1 week later
#16098 6 months ago
Quoted from Darcy:

July 1st, Canada Day (153 years old), for us to the North. Coronavirus took this away from most Canadians. No pancake breakfasts, no parades, no Legion Beer Garden, no car shows, not even Fireworks. Around 99.5% of activates were all cancelled due to the virus. The day didn't feel the same.
I hope that on the U.S. Independence Day, we will see some Fireworks, maybe on PBS.

Saw a few fireworks out our window lat night. Lasted about a minute Must have just been some locals. With the groundhog day feeling we forgot it was even Canada Day. Happy belated birthday

1 week later
#16437 6 months ago

I feel like a bobble head lately. Shaking my head constantly.

I watched the kid across the street yesterday pull up on his bike. Takes a swig of a coca cola can and holds it out. Another kid pulls up and grabs it and takes a swig. Usually this wouldn't have even registered but in these times it sure did. On one hand I like that kids are doing the same thing today me and my friends were doing 35 years ago but on the other, wtf parents? Maybe its time to teach little johnny some new rules.

People in my small town don't give a shit. I've seen ONE, not exaggerating only one person wear a mask into the store since this shit started. Can't count the number of times of heard "well, it isn't really here yet so I'm not really worried about it" This attitude scares me the most. They also reopened the senior home to visitors this week despite the fact that numbers are starting to climb again in Saskatchewan.

#16677 6 months ago

Listening to fox sports over the weekend and during commercials they have a great one. Basically it asks you the following:

Do you want to watch the NBA?
You like hockey and want to watch the playoffs?
Do you like MLB?
Do you want to watch the NFL in the fall?

Then wear a fukn mask. Thank you from fox sports.

#16748 6 months ago

And they're supposed to open the border tomorrow? I sure hope not.

#16782 6 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

When this crap is over ..Please PM me if you want to visit north ontario ...bed / breakfast, weed, fishing on me.Too many drunkards in this thread so booze is omitted.

My wife's never been east of Saskatchewan and I've always wanted to drive thru Ontario (flew in to Toronto, drove to Niagara) Next summer maybe hopefully

#16997 6 months ago

Well it's here in my town. Veikle seed plant has a outbreak apparently. My wife was dropping off some lettuce for a senior and she told us about it. Look it up and sure enough the plant is closed.

#17043 6 months ago

Our little hell hole made the news. Yay.
Infected plant worker ate at the restaurant four days in a row last week. Unfortunately our 20 year old friend is a waitress there and is now in self quarantine with her boyfriend and they're both feeling sick. They reopened the long term care home to visitors last week and I pray no one infected visited. Guess we'll see how the next two weeks go around here.

#17270 6 months ago

Went to Costco for the first time since March. Yay. Was pleasantly surprised to see them handing out free face masks to customers. Even more shocked to see at least half of people wearing them.

2 weeks later
#17798 5 months ago

Starting Aug 12, masks will be mandatory in Walmart across Canada. Curious to see how they implement this. Are they going to have a security guard at each store? I can't imagine the usual senior door greeter trying to stop the ignorant assholes that you know will be kicking and screaming that they don't have to mask up.

#17846 5 months ago

The auction houses around me are online only now. And there's strict pickup times. No drop ins to pick up your stuff. Staff is waiting at doors with your items and only enter the building to pay if you didn't already.

4 weeks later
#18360 4 months ago

Check out the cool face mask my wife made me today. Found a old raiders patch in a drawer and she worked her magic. Fits nice and snug and no movement when I talk. Looking forward to going shopping tomorrow

3 weeks later
#18903 4 months ago

The USA/Canadian borders aren't really closed. Maybe to Americans coming up to Canada but if you're a Canadian with a US residence, or dual citizenship you're free to come and go as you please. Pretty fukn stupid if you ask me. They ask that you quarantine before crossing the border, but people lie. Had a yard sale two weeks ago and a guy asks if he can pay with a $100 us bill. I'm like sure but what's with the Yankee bill? Said his mom is up from Montana. Then a hour later, his mom was at our sale (without a mask) She's been back and forth three times during the covid outbreak. She never quarantined either way across the border. Makes me so pissed that this bitch just gets to do what she wants without consequences. She could have easily brought back covid with her and spread it everywhere she stopped along the way.

Selfish people are the worst

#19046 3 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

People will never get on the same page Rob. Some people are furious over these masks. I have a cousin that has been ripping my ass big time because I wear a mask.
He says out of all the people that he knows, he thought i would be the last person to be a damn sheep and buy into this bullshit. I told him that the biggest reason that I wear one is out of respect for other people, especially the elderly.
He is literally furious about this whole coronavirus thing and the masks. I swear hes about ready to go off the deep end over it, thinks it's no more than a cold etc. I'm like dude just wear a f*cking mask, it's not a big deal. He says I am a sheep and he cant believe I am bowing down to all these lies and that I should be embarrassed lol.

Your cousin sounds like a complete fukn moron.

1 week later
#19277 3 months ago

The new norm for me when I go shopping is always having a couple rags soaked in bleach with me in the car. Just give the keys and door handle a quick rub down when back to the car. Also, still wiping down anything that enters the house with bleach.

I generally feel safe at my local walmart and superstore as they both have mask wearing policies but not so much anywhere else. Started wearing safety glasses with my mask also.

#19346 3 months ago

Isn't the humidity higher in the summer and lower in the winter?

#19355 3 months ago

Herd mentality is mass suicide. Lets infect 200 million Americans so 2 million can die? And to develop "immunity" that may last only a year? Getting covid once doesn't mean you won't get it again. You guys really are fucked if the morons in charge go that route.

Btw, does the governments thoughts change in a few weeks when there's a new man in charge?

#19487 3 months ago

Wtf happened here? This thread used to be who-day and his gun buddy spewing all kinds of crap and everyone responding to it. Now it's O-din?

Can daditude go back to posting funny cartoons? At least they were worth a laugh. This is just a sad, bitching about my rights thread and nothing informative or funny anymore.

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