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The official Coronavirus containment thread

By Daditude

10 months ago

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#118 10 months ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

So we shut down the entire US over 200 deaths?

All you are doing is baiting everyone here. You are gone.

Everybody, put is idiot on ignore. All he is doing is jerking your chain. And it looks like he has been a doing good job of it.

#123 10 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

My guess is that it will be announced once plants are ready, takes time to convert from Mustangs to ventilators.

Exactly. That won't be an easy conversion. The only auto workers that would translate well to putting tedious medical equipment together would be the people who build radios and under dash control systems. The big brute hanging fenders and doors is not going to have an easy time with putting microscopic parts.

It could take a year to figure out what kind of plant needs built, get it equipped and ready to go with all of the necessary parts on hand. And then you have on the job training to work through.

To me, it sounds like a last gasp pipe dream just so the powers that be can stay they are doing something.

#137 10 months ago

Same here. I went to 2 stores yesterday and the chicken aisle was bare. Now, they cannot just magically grow chickens overnight so I figure it will be awhile before we see chicken in the cooler.

Yesterday, I made a crock pot of chicken soup with some wings I had in the freezer. I figure it will be awhile before I will be able to make more.

#138 10 months ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Not the 60 nations that accepted the WHO covid test back in January. South Korea found it’s first case exact same day as US. They’ve tested how many ? 100’s of thousands AND they have containment. This stuff matters to our reaction going forward.

I need a link to this one, please. I need to shove it into someone's face and say "READ !!!"

#154 10 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Here’s something informative and relevant to this site. Just started putting more stuff in my Marco cart so I can at least work on games, and this notice popped up.
I did just get another order three days ago without any delay. But this notice wasn't there then.[quoted image]

Awh shit. No pinball parts? Now its getting real !!

#170 10 months ago


#178 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

If anyone has a question regarding COVID-19 I will be happy to try and answer.

OK. How widespread do YOU think it will get? Any ideas? Do you think we will get a handle on it? If so, how long do you think it will take?

Can we believe any thing we hear about a forthcoming vaccine? And what is your opinion with this off-label testing that is going on?

#207 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Without significant limitations on person to person spread it will become widespread within a month or so in the US.
Yes, we will eventually get a handle on it, the question is how many people will die before we do. If we keep our medical system from being overwhelmed we will have fewer deaths.
Vaccine is 12-18 months from being widely available from what I have seen and heard so far.
There are several drugs out there that may have some benefit based on anecdotal evidence but it remains to be seen if that effect will hold up under more widespread use. I will say that there isn’t a whole lot we have in our toolbox at the moment so most doctors are willing to try drugs that may help.
Thanks for your questions.

Thank you. Can I/we assume you are currently working in hospital? Of so, how are your PPE supplies holding up? Do you expect PPE shortages in future if you are not already experiencing them? How well is the mental state of the health care workers were you are located? Are they keeping it together or are they starting to freak out?

#228 10 months ago

Student loan repayments have been suspended. I can't give credit where credit is due in fear that it would be considered ....

#247 10 months ago

If the airlines get bailed out it still may not be enough to save the airline industry.

The small regional carriers do not appear to be a part of the relief package.

"Two regional airlines that fly feeder flights for United, Delta and American airlines will halt operations in the next few weeks, marking the first US carriers to be grounded by the coronavirus outbreak."


#257 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Apparently asking for words to calm the nation in this time of crisis is now considered a nasty question.

Yeah, I picked up on that, too. Softball questions only.

#325 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I'm not saying anything he is saying is wrong, or that he's not a doctor...but do we KNOW he's a doctor? We've had our share of healthcare workers telling us the last 2 weeks that this was overblown and not an issue.

You took the words from my mouth.

Let me see your bonafides. Oh, lemme see, I am on post #1457 in such-n-such thread.

#333 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Or the classic licensed themes.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Loved that movie. I need some squeeze !

How about a pin, instead of Back Hole, it will be Black Death.

#335 10 months ago

We are leaving France and South Korea in the dust. At this rate, tomorrow the US will overtake Iran and be in position #5 as the testing is getting started.

But don't worry folks. It is under control. I'm sure it will be gone in a couple of weeks.

As for the ratio of deaths to recoveries, the US is not the place to be.

233 deaths vs 125 recoveries.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.43.21 PM (resized).png

#345 10 months ago

I go to the Friday night auctions a local auction house has every week. Usually, I will drive up on Friday morning and see what will be for sale and if it is something I can use. If there is nothing I stay home.

This morning I went to have a look around. The auction house is not busy this time of day so I do not perceive a risk. Friday night is something different. Bidders will be packed in like sardines, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and coughing on each other. I did not see anything I want or need. I'm staying home

The sign on the door of the auction house is revealing: "due to the cronovirus, no children will be allowed inside. If you want to leave a bid on something see the office." That's it . They are staying open.

The juxtaposition of watching how the need to stay home conflicts with everybody's need to make a living is interesting to watch.

#410 10 months ago
Quoted from swampfire:

To compare countries you should sort by the last column. The country we just passed is China. US only has about 1/4 as many infections per capita as France (but only because we are a week or 2 behind them). See the chart below.

Recoveries lag deaths by several weeks, since you’re not “recovered” until you’re clear of the virus. Actually there’s no meaningful way to compare any of the columns at this point, because they represent different points in the progression of the disease.
[quoted image]

Thanks. I did not know you could stratify this table by clicking the arrows up top. In each column, too. And even alphabetically as shown here.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 7.30.02 PM (resized).png

#419 10 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Overcoming free will requires the government to step in for our own good. Want people to stop going to restaurants? You don’t tell people not to go, you order the restaurants to close so there is no choice. Fortunately many companies and state governments are taking the lead in this and that will help us.

I heard that China went so far as to weld people's doors closed.


#421 10 months ago

Google is going have to chase its search model. More and more links that shown on Google are falling behind paywalls. Pretty soon the only thing one will be able to look for on Google will be sites that are selling physical goods.

#495 10 months ago

Are you a capitalist? Or are you a socialist?

I suppose that depends if you need money or not.

Sometimes everybody can benefit from a little government help. Many of the less fortunate need more govt. help more often than others.

I am watching the airline industry turn into a den of socialists. What I don't want to be hearing about is stock buybacks and executive bonuses. It is time for many of these overpaid bastards to step up.


#556 10 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

I so look forward to the day we can all breath easier. The toll that has befallen families all over the world is so tragic it becomes harder each day to believe in our hopes for brighter days.
[quoted image]

Interesting. In the span of a few posts, I am seeing this thread morph into a condolences thread. Not passing judgment. It is just an observation and I wonder if it will become a trend.

#562 10 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I like the name of the thread, containment. Problem is, we havent. As a former nuc radiation worker, I have to say, containment is defined as think of all the ways it can get out, now, stop it from doing that. Are we doing that?, I rest my case on containment. We are in damage control now, folks. Triage is needed. We need to think of all the ways this could be transmitted and do something to stem each way. Lets get on the problem and stop arguing on why we should or should not take head and do the human race survival steps we need to. If we treasure the ones we love, for thier sake only, we should do this.

I find it interesting that both of our borders are now closed. North from Canada. South from Mexico. Only trouble is is that the virus is already here. I guess let everybody get stocked up on food and other basic supplies and shut the entire country down. Except for essential services, which looks like it will become a growing list.

#570 10 months ago

I never gave it a lot of thought, but truck stops are considered essential services.


So, medical field. Which includes hospitals, medical devise makers, mask makers, rubber gloves, PPE suits and hoodies.

Grocery stores. If truck stops can stay open then will all of the gas stations remain open as well?; If some people need to go to work they are going to need gas, so yes to gas stations.

People who die need buried. No funeral, but the grave diggers can't be away from work.

If the trucks are rolling then the roads are open. To keep people corralled could we see law enforcement barricading highways and we would need some sort of ration stamp that says we can be out and about?

Lots of questions. No answers. But it sure appears that if we can't shut down better than what has been done so far, this thing is just going to linger and no one knows for how long.

No easy answers.

#573 10 months ago

4 US states are lagging on taking strong action on the coronavirus — including Texas, the second-largest state in the country.


Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.57.48 AM (resized).png

" Texas, which has a population of nearly 29 million and is the second-largest state in the country, hasn't yet closed schools, bars, or restaurants in the state, or forcibly limited the size of gatherings and groups...

" At a press conference over the weekend, Abbott said he believed individual city governments would make the best decisions for their communities on decisions like closing schools and limiting bar and restaurant services.

But as the Texas Tribune reported, some experts have warned that such "patchwork" policies that allow various practices across the state can lead to confusion.

It "makes people feel that they don't really know what's going on and that the people who are in charge don't really know what's going on," Mary Bassett, director of the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, told the Texas Tribune."

There are 3 others states mentioned in the article. It is not just Texas.

#577 10 months ago

Here's the difference between an 'essential' business and a 'nonessential' business as states and cities announce coronavirus-related closures


( There is another list of essential list of services that I have seen and cannot find. This list looks like the entire country is staying open).

These are the haves.
Supermarkets and grocery stores
Big-box stores
Convenience stores and discount stores
Garbage collection
Healthcare operations
Daycare centers
Hardware stores
Gas stations and auto-repair shops
Post offices and shipping businesses
Veterinary clinics and pet stores
Farmers' markets and food banks
Businesses that provide necessities to shelters and economically disadvantaged people
Educational institutions, for the purposes of facilitating distance learning
Food processing
Feed mills
Warehousing, storage, and distribution

EDIT: Not mentioned: Airports and aircraft. If anything should not be open, I think all flights need grounded, but it will be suicide for any leader who pulls that plug.

And these are the have nots

Gyms and recreation centers
Salons and spas
Casinos and racetracks
Shopping malls
Bowling alleys
Sporting and concert venues
These are businesses for which the category varies by region:

Restaurants and bars
Liquor stores
Hotels and commercial lodging
Laundromats and dry cleaners
Industrial manufacturing not related to essential function
Businesses that allow other businesses to stay open

Some one else brought up liquor stores and it is being said the alcoholics will not be able to handle going cold turkey.

And I imagine some young parents without a washer and dryer at home will take exception to the laundry mat being off limits.

I suppose barbar shops would fall under the classification of salons. I need a haircut but am not comfortable going to any barber right now so I guess it does not really matter.

EDIT: The have nots consists of many businesses that are in the recreation industry. We may get a very good chance to see how much recreation contributes to the economy. And half of the recreational items are things my preachers called "living in sin" 50 years ago.

When I lived in Dallas in the 70s, Texas had what were called Blue Laws. What that meant was only essential items could be sold on Sunday. You could buy gas, but no booze (it you lived in a "wet" county); Grocery stores could remain open for essential items, but most aisles were roped off. The beer aisle was especially closed off. If you did not stock up on Saturday you were SOL.

#644 10 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

American industry ramped up production of vital war equipment and supplies during WWII. I cant understand why the same can’t be done to make basic items like medical masks and vital medical supplies right now. Have we really outsourced so much manufacturing to China that we can’t even rush items like medical masks for our own needs

We had a head start.


American Preparation for World War II

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), like most Americans, was not eager for the United States to enter a global military conflict. But unlike the ardent isolationists, he also figured it was inevitable. Even though American troops didn’t officially join World War II until December 1941, FDR started preparations in 1940. They included...

#645 10 months ago
Quoted from hAbO:

You can’t be this gullible. The guys in charge now look like monkeys f@cking a football.

I think he forgot to use the sarcasm icon.

#660 10 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

Patriotism was rampant people believed in their country and believed in themselves, the generation that spanned the start of WWII through the end of the Korean war will never be repeated again, they are the greatest generation in the history of America.

I am going to partially disagree with you on some of this info. I was born in 1952. I grew up watching reruns of WW2 movies where everyone was a hero. Hollywood came to the rescue with all of these patriotic movies, such as John Wayne in the Fighting SeeBees, for example. Hollywood's Frank Capra was contracted to make all of these propaganda movies about how eager people were to enlist and serve. But this was after Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is what galvanized the country into action because we had been attacked.

Before Pearl, FDR had to do all kinds of dancing around to help out Britain with the lend-lease program. Many, not all, people who had had their fill of WW I were not happy with the the thought of the U.S. getting caught up in another European war. Sedition was a problem. Also there were a lot of Jew haters in this country. America did not want to go to war. We can thank FDR for having the foresight to see what was coming and having the smarts to get some of his programs through Congress.

And we had the draft. Yeah, sure, you can read where a group of high school kids took off to join up. And we can read about the underage kids that lied so they could enlist, but a lot of people were reluctant to sign up. So, it took the draft, and a whole lot of Hollywood to turn many into the patriots we think they were. Not taking anything away from them, but there were a lot of reluctant heroes.

You go back and look at the newspapers of the day and it was pretty much business as usual. The factories were humming making war machines, Rosie was busy riveting, etc. But various and sundry items were still being sold. And the newspapers turned into geography instructors as battles in Europe took place.

Other than the rampant patriotism, I will agree with you on everything else.

No action was spared to get the American public involved and supporting the war. Propaganda posters were placed that vilified all Germans as the enemy. There was scrap metal drives for the housewives to give up their pots and pans to support the war. Ladies, save your bacon grease as it can be used in the production of ammunition. I have a copy of my mother's 1942 income tax return. There is a line in there that was called Victory Tax. Everybody got to participate.

Celebrities were employed to encourage patriotism. Celebrities in uniform were highlighted and the public was made aware of those celebs who were in uniform.

Bond drives were put on around the country, using celebrities, telling you to buy bonds to help with the war effort. The govt. did not need your help to finance the war with your buying of bonds. Instead, with all of the soldiers going overseas, and the people left behind who came out of the depression and found theirselves working 12 hours days, suddenly had money to burn and not much to spend it on as most items were for war production. The primary purpose of the bond drives was to get money out of circulation in an effort to help keep consumers goods price in check.

So, on this side to WW2, it looks like a lot patriotism, and there was, after Pearl Harbor.

Oh yeah, oner other thing: Those guys who did go to war did go in to battle fighting for you here at home. That's poppycock. They were fighting for their buddies who were going into battle with them.

#896 10 months ago
Quoted from jimjim66:

American corporations are stepping up. Example: Hanes is going to start producing surgical masks, and car companies like Tesla are switching over to start producing ventilators.

No, he did not call the virus a "hoax", he was referring to Democratic rhetoric on trying to nail him on events, here is exactly what he said in context:
“Now, the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus," and, "One of my people came up to me and said, 'Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.' That didn't work out too well. They couldn't do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. And this is their new hoax.”

Jesus, you can't even quote him correctly, get moderated, and I cannot respond for reasons I would rather not mention.

#900 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Stop spreading lies. That is 100% false!

That's fine line, Who-Dey. I do not recall anyone calling it a hoax, save one who made the reference in a rally speech. I wish I could play the movie.

#907 10 months ago
Quoted from zr11990:

The have seen pics of people shitting in the streets and so forth and I just don’t get it. One of the basic things one learns early in life is you don’t shit where you eat. Someone explain

One of the things that happens, in San Fransisco homeless, is that the city can put up porta-potties and then the thugs/gangs start exacting tolls from the homeless to use the porta-pottie.

#909 10 months ago
Quoted from onemoresean:

I was given essential service provider paperwork

Man, there will be a black market for those.

#911 10 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I would GLADLY secede to Canada now.
Couldn’t possibly be worse.

You would get free health care

#924 10 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

It can be argued that women and African Americans held the US manufacturing base together while the “greatest generation” was off fighting the war. When the boys got back home to reclaim their jobs, the people that held down the fort - quite well thank you - were thrown out on their ass. And then not allowed to buy property in good neighborhoods. All while we rebuilt Europe and Japan. This engenders deep socio-economic problems. And a couple generations later, after ongoing disenfranchisement, some have the audacity to call these people takers.
Well, we’ll see who becomes the engine of our rebuilt economy after Covid 19. A lot of potential candidates might not be allowed in any more.

The way black soldiers were treated during WW 2 was despicable.

The real kicker is that with all of our boys over in Europe fighting the war, getting shot and killed there were no young men to help on the farms in Kansas. Solution: German POWs were brought over here to work the farms and discovered all of the propaganda that Hitler had been feeding was a crock of shit ( is it OK to talk WW 2 German politics ?) and they found out that the Americans were not too bad. They worked the farms, made friends with the locals, were housed and fed, and many of them remained or came back after the war and made the US their home. I should add that these were the regular German soldiers, not any of the SS.

And the workers who manned the factories got sacked because the war was over and the govt. canceled all contracts. There were no jobs. I have an unemployment form that my dad filled out. WW 2 got us out of the depression and when that was over it took time to retool for civilian production. The pent up demand for automobiles was huge. IIRC, it took 3 years for the auto industry to get caught up to demand.

Also, one of my old WW 2 friends use to talk how, after the war, the politicians told people to go buy a refrigerator, or a washing machine . Go buy anything to help drive the economy. And then the baby boom happened.

#945 10 months ago

Sorry. It says "could" which also means it "could not". Not hammering you, but I would rather wait and hear when there actually is something that WILL work.

Should, could, it might, if this happens then this could, I feel, I think, I believe, there is a possibility, etc. I would rather wait and hear the authorities telling me what they know as opposed to keep hearing suppositional possibilities.

#951 10 months ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I don’t see a lot of value in rehashing how we got here over and over. There will be time for a post-mortem after we get through this. There’s definitely no danger of someone making a mistake and not getting noticed. This is honestly the best time to say the hell with politics for a couple of months, let’s support each other, and that includes the leaders we may really dislike.
If there’s any good news right now, it’s that we are ALL taking this seriously now, on a bipartisan basis. It’s not a left vs. right thing any more, it’s responsible vs. irresponsible.

Well, hell man, you sound just like someone else I know who has been busy trashing everyone who did not pet and pander and now we are all supposed to be one big happy family.

#959 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

That plant is close to where I work at and I have had friends that work there. It pissed me off and let's just say it made me feel much different about the Chinese. You can decide for yourself if that's good or bad.

The American Factory documentary was produced by Barrack and Michelle Obama.

#962 10 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Fauci/Limbaugh. I'm always getting those two confused.

Grsyzzz, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. New asphalt deck. Looks great !!

#971 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

And throw in a couple buckets of KFC. They no longer make it around here like they used to.

Buckets of KFC? I have not seen a bucket in years. Around here they all look like a paper coffee cup. With no handle.

#977 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

And throw in a couple buckets of KFC. They no longer make it around here like they used to.

Buckets of KFC? I have not seen a bucket in years. Around here they all look like a paper coffee cup. With no handle.

Quoted from phil-lee:

One person from a defunct Thread suggested microwaving used masks to kill virus. I believe it was cdnbacon?
There would be one important item removed before sticking it in a junk microwave (not for food).
Unfortunately this metal nosepiece cannot be removed/re-attached easily. So just chunk it in for 7 seconds at a time, you may see sparks.
Is this Scientific? Do I recommend it? Have there been any tests to prove it works?

I used to work for a scientific type. We worked machine tool coolants and fluids. Those fluids had to be tested for I don't know what. There always has impurities of metal fines in the used fluid. One of the methods, hell, there only method to remove the metal fines was to cook the fluid in the microwave. That microwave would be throwing sparks as Doc would be doing something else in the lab.

#983 10 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Glad you feel that way so you'll stay put. Good to know you're not only arrogant but a bigot as well.

I had friends from Salt Lake that moved out here for a little while. They moved back and I went to visit. They were LDS; I am not. I liked Salt Lake with those nice wide streets. IIRC, there was a church on every corner. The city was clean and looked spiffed up.

Not long after my visit, I joined the military. One of my workmates west from New Orleans and needed some help with the driving to go visit his family. What a shock treatment. Three bars on every block. 3 or 4 cars were banged up with drunk dents. I liked Salt Lake.

#987 10 months ago
Quoted from MotorCityMatt:

The world needs to hold them accountable.
Watch "wuhan market | Chinese Street Food | Street Food" on YouTube

Annual rattlesnake hunt in Waynoka Oklahoma. Snakes only. Ecologically devastating. Cruelty toward the snakes. Big money maker for the area.

#995 10 months ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I was watching America in Color tonight, with the episode on the 1930s.
It starts with the Stock Market Drop, and the Great Depression, and the Great Dust Bowl, sending Millions to California, because there were no jobs.
I learned so much I didnt know, and now it is so freaking relative to where we likely might be,
Part of the New Deal that took us out were Govt funded Jobs, of infrastructure, Bridges, Damns, Roads,
and National Parks.
Perhaps that is what will happen, A works program to get future unemployment issues.
I dont think we will be building any new parks, we seem to be selling them off.

Keep watching. When the Great Depression hit, the ramrods and the govt. built the Boulder (Hoover) dam. The Okies got blown out of Oklahoma and hit the road to California. Route 66, you know. The early ones got in. And then the rest were met at the Cali border and turned back because Cali had no jobs. The WPA were government employees and built roads and public buildings.

The CCC was government and hired young boys/men to work environmental conservation projects. They were fed and housed and every week their paycheck was sent home to mom and dad. All in the efforts to get cash in the economy.

#1022 10 months ago

Wow. I stayed around the house all day long. Around 4:30pm I thought I would take a drive and see what is happening around the city. As far as Kansas goes, The Gov. has closed the schools for the rest of the year and is taking it online. shut down all kinds of businesses. And has a limited the size of gatherings to 50 people.

And then she started taking heat. Parents started bitching and whining about how it is so ridiculous; Of course, the parents problem is the same baby sitting problem hammering everybody. Our governor is Democrat. And the other side is giving nothing but grief,


" Yet Kelly's order to close schools concerned some Republican legislators, and Senate health committee Chairman Gene Suellentrop, a Wichita Republican, called it “asinine.” He said schools could remain closed for two or four weeks, but shuttering them for the rest of the semester is overreacting.

“We are overblowing this thing,” he said. “It doesn't mean people need to be reckless, but we can't stop living.”


" As most of the U.S. raced to get ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, conservative Republican lawmakers in Kansas moved Wednesday to limit their Democratic governor’s emergency powers, including the ability to establish quarantine zones if the need arises.

Conservatives are angry with Gov. Laura Kelly's order to close all of the state's K-12 school buildings for the rest of the spring semester. They view it both as an overreaction that is fueling panic and a sign that she's willing to have state government move aggressively into people's businesses and lives.


You can call it whatever the fuck you want to call it but this is what is happening in this ass backwards state.


Other than stopping to get gas, I stayed on the streets, just driving and looking around. Some businesses were closed. Some restaurants were allowing. dine in meals. The bar where I USED to play pool had a full parking lot. Traffic was lighter than usual, but there was still a lot of it;Perhaps others are out checking the scene, as was I.

Oh, yeah, I was out for 1.5 hours and came back to around 300 posts in this thread. I went through all of them, made a few comments and watched my up thumb/ down thumb ratio go to shit.

#1029 10 months ago

Figures ? I don't understand. Would you have rather the documentary not have been made? To me, it shows what can happen in the country. It seemed like an honest assessment of what happened to that plant, whether anybody likes it, or not.

All I can say is that I am glad I am retired and not have to deal with this kind of crap.

I will say this from what I saw when watching it. That young Chinese guy wanted to hang some Chinese posters and the boss said, "No, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So some US posters went up.

I can't remember but I think that factory was flying the American flag. Japanese/American Honda dealerships fly the American flag. BMW flies the American flag. Actually, I think most dealerships fly the American flag, no matter where the cars are made.

Would you like to guess/know what flags GM, and Ford fly over in China? I would, too. But I am guessing they are not flying the American flag, even though China makes those, too.

#1205 10 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Just a thought, I wonder if the Europeans will stop with all the kissing on the cheeks after this is over.

I wonder if the Muslims in Iran will go back to their gatherings. Knowing how I hated to go to church, surely some of these guys would rather stay home, as well.

#1245 10 months ago

Oh my, how will they spin this?

Rand Paul tests positive for coronavirus.


"Kentucky Republican Rand Paul is the first US senator to test positive for coronavirus, according to a statement on Twitter.

"He is feeling fine and is in quarantine. He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events. "

This last sentence is spooky.

"He was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person," the post said."

#1249 10 months ago
Quoted from Oaken:

cottonm4 the spin is that if he has no serious outcome then that is proof that this whole thing is just the common cold.

Lord Have Mercy.

#1900 10 months ago

Man. I step away for a day and come back to 602 new posts on 12 new pages. Y'all been busy.

I got to play some new pins yesterday (is it OK to talk about pinball ). Alice Cooper ! I want one of those. Stern Kiss. I like it. And TNA which I have played before---but there is a big difference in chucking quarters in the arcade and being invited to someone's basement for some free play action.

#1901 10 months ago

Jeez. Brittney Spears. That girl's IQ has not improved as she has gotten older. You know.

#1908 10 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

To be honest the best thing this country could do at this moment to help us all is suspend the 1st amendment temporarily and begin to prosecute news outlets for irresponsible reporting.

Actually, I would feel more comfortable if Facebook and YouTube were shut down. I have pretty much always been an advocate for no censorship, but these 2 online rags have changed my opinion. At least, they got rid of Alex Jones.

Unless it is something showing me how to hammer a nail, or Scotty Kilmer banging his head on a car hood, I don't trust them.

#1919 10 months ago
Quoted from BobSacamano:

Put in Mike Pence.I have 100x more faith in his leadership during this time.

I have been impressed with the V.P., as well. Cool. Calm. Even. Just sort of glides along.

#1921 10 months ago

It's coming. Get ready.


images-2 (resized).jpeg
images-3 (resized).jpeg

Will lead to this:

images-1 (resized).jpeg
Unknown-1 (resized).jpeg

For anyone who thinks this cannot happen here, let's talk about New Orleans after Katrina.

images (resized).jpeg

#1940 10 months ago
Quoted from BobSacamano:

One thing that has really come out of the woodwork with this virus, are all the people sharing that they're in poor health or immuno-compromised. (Or that they have a loved one in that situation).
I did not realize we were so sick as a nation.
You'd think Healthcare would be the #1 issue at every ballot state/federal.

It is #1. It is called "sorry that you cannot afford any insurance. But we are sure you will figure something out. "

#1941 10 months ago

Alright. Danny is the first in the line of celebrities that is sure to develop. It is amazing who people will glom onto as their advisors.

#1942 10 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

It's not just young people. 1800 person church service yesterday in Louisiana. FFS.

Quoted from JodyG:

200 people at a service outside Pittsburgh.
“could possibly be, disguised in everything else, a direct attack on the church.”

Apparently, this preacher missed that part in the Bible where you are not supposed to tempt God.

#1994 10 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted a few videos so far. But to be fair, not only is he a big celebrity, he is also a former state governor.

And he has what it takes to kick this virus in the ass

article-0-05CE6527000005DC-2_468x286 (resized).jpg

#2013 10 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

I am a true independent. Our media is terrible. I watch all three major news outlets, (In alphabetical order) CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. It is criminal what all are doing right now. First weekend of major national restrictions and there were barely any informative pieces about the actual science of the disease and/or epidemics. CNN did replay their Town Hall with Fauci over and over, but it was older news and questions. FOX did have a great piece hosted by Harris Faulkner last night about this history of epidemics and pandemics. MSNBC was most criminal with the AM Joy shows being nothing but a total Trump bashfest. The only science they mentioned was selectively used to Trump bash.
Thank you Oaken for posting this article which explains the science behind why this virus is different than others.
The media should be educating the public, not inflaming emotions. Hatred for our nation’s leadership runs deeper than their care for their fellow human. It’s sick.

The media targets for the masses. There are not that many doctors per capita that will watch sitcoms, there are not that many scientists that will watch sitcoms. Not saying the highly educated do not watch TV, but there are not that many TV viewers that will watch much of anything that is scientific or anything else that requires study and thought. So, TV markets the masses and that means they are reaching for there lowest common denominator with TV shows geared for geared for a 14 year old. And this is why we get in front to the TV and zone out.

#2146 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

I've got my own solution.
When they show up next door and start up their equipment, I'll go out and say hi and start coughing all over the place.

Do it like Hollywood. Get a mouthful of egg whites and some chunks of ham and then go caught and upchuck on their equipment.

#2151 10 months ago

I had to make another Walmart run. Out of trashbags. 1st store was dry. 2nd was full up. Still no chicken in either store.

On way home, I passed 10-12 kids out playing touch football. I see a lockdown coming, but it will probably not happen in my town until someone dies.

#2158 10 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

This is true. When the machine shop I was working at closed down to move to Mexico we had one older guy have a heart attack. Believed brought on from stress of not being able to find work and his financial situation. And another person hung himself a for same reason. These were just a couple months after the closer. This was around 2009. At that time most of the machine shops in the area had closed down or switch to CNC. There wasn't really any jobs for these older guys that had been there for most there lives.

They must have been too young to retire and draw social security. I would be willing to bet they did not have any kind of pension, either. And probably loaded up with debt.

I am fortunate. I get SS and have a pension. But I understand what it has to be like for those who don't. I was 61.5 years. I could not even get a job as a janitor. Unemployment ran out so I retired.

#2160 10 months ago
Quoted from belairjoe:

story sounds fishy to me

This one is not fishy. It is more of the SOS.

#2163 10 months ago
Quoted from chad:

Allegdedly in Kansas Military base. The first case reported


Fort Riley Kansas. The Army base.

#2170 10 months ago



Someone did not get the news that cannabis is not legal at the Federal level. So I doubt state governors are going are going buy in on this.

"Cannabis advocates, medical nonprofits and veterans groups are urging state governors to not shut off access to cannabis businesses.

Marijuana Policy Project, a cannabis legalization organization, drafted a pair of open letters to state governors urging them to declare cannabis operations as "essential" businesses; to adopt measures such as online ordering, telemedicine, and contactless delivery; and limit red tape on aspects such as hiring requirements and medical card renewals.

#2207 10 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I hope you are right man. The vibe I'm getting is these idiots want America open for business in a matter of days. That's what Laura Ingraham wants, and she calls the shots now, for each and every one of us.

Funny. And I thought it was Sean Hanity who is the Wizard pulling the levers.

#2222 10 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I have a mowing business and our state was put under restrictions today. The list actually has my job as essential and it sld be imo. I take care of 80+ apartments and houses in town. I cant imagine letting them.go and getting super overgrown as it doesn't take long for mother nature to take things back over. Overgrown places can cause their own problems with bugs, animals and trash. I work alone and keep to myself most of the time but will definitely be with all this stuff going on. People going to the grocery stores and liquor stores are more a issue than me and most landscaping companies are imo.

You should thank the leaders. They all have big yards and fat asses, and need to keep their yards tip top. They will always feather their own nests.

Several years ago, many new taxes were levied on tobacco. The tobacco tax was going to get jacked. I rolled my own at the time and I could buy a 16 oz. sack of tobacco and 400 cigarette tubes for about $14.00. Phillip-Morris (Altria) pitched a bitch about it and said the roll-your-own tobacco makers needed to pay more tax, too. It was only fair, said they. So, the leaders jacked the tax on a one pound bag of cigarette tobacco and that one pound bag now cost $50.00 with the tax. But the leaders were smart to not cut off their nose. They did not tax pipe tobacco because many of them smoked pipes; They were not going fuck theirselves with this tax grab.

It was not long that all you saw on the shelves was loose "pipe" tobacco for just a dollar or two more than the old cigarette tobacco cost. Before I finally quit smoking I smoked a lot of "pipe" tobacco.

#2224 10 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

The media was asking Trump about months possibly into July and August and he was talking about possibly weeks for some states that are not getting hit as hard as NY and CA. You make it sound like he said in a couple of days and somehow you have no gripe about Dems holding up aid and assistance from Americans that needed it last week. Why don't we wait and see what states start easing restrictions sooner than later before you go full TDS, your in NY so they will be one of the last to follow suit anyway.

One of the sticking points is that McConnell's proposal only included 3 months of unemployment benefits for Average Joe, and millions of dollars going the big corporations with very little over sight. Basically, the money would disappear like a fart in the wind ( Stephan King-Shawshank Redemption). Some people want corporate accountability, some people want to make sure the corporation does not grab the money and then start laying off employees.

#2226 10 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Lost weight. Actually, HELL NO to both! [quoted image]

Hot Damn, Colson ! That Vampire is good looking pin. Nice work.

#2231 10 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:


image (resized).png

#2241 10 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I'm going with self-checkout these days, and I HATE self-checkout.
It just seems way too difficult at the register. Everybody is on top of each other, the other customers and the cashier. The machine, yeah everybody touches it, whatever. Just do a quick sanitzer, bag, scan and pay, re-sanitize, and grab your shit. I've been twice since this started and that's how I've done it, it's way faster and the machines are spread out nicely.

I've been self-checking long time now. It is like pumping your own gas. Cash register clerks are slowly disappearing into the world of the gas pump jockeys and telephone operators.

#2291 10 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Thanks Craig! If you want a distraction or break from our daily COVID reading extravaganza....
In times of crisis...always powdercoat the rear backbox panel.
Now back to our regularly-scheduled shitshow...[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

One of my favorite movies is The Right Stuff with Ed Harris, Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn, Fred Ward. I always like that part where these military wonks would look at each other and say, "fuckin' A Bubba" ! I don't want to repeat a vulgarity in polite company, so Fn A Bubba ! You do nice work !!

#2302 10 months ago
Quoted from Swainer80:

The US needs to lock down immediately and hard. After seeing this news report, we've been warned. This is terrifying but collectively we can be resourceful and hopefully hit the brakes.

When I look at that video and see all of those coffins, made of wood, and I ( I suppose it is strange logic) cannot help but think about how many trees are going get wiped out, as well.

#2308 10 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

There are way too many exemptions of the list of people allowed to stay open. Big businesses are pushing their suppliers to stay open, and some have questionable motives. Once a big chain store like Ace is allowed to be open for necessities, they push every supplier of theirs to stay open, which pushes everyone down the chain open. The cardboard box manufacturer, the truck driver, the wood skid manufacturer, the packaging plastic manufacturer, the product label manufacturer, forklift repair, etc. So now pretty much everyone is open. I hardly saw any businesses closed yesterday on my way home from work. Even the lawnmower repair place was business as usual.
A friend of mine works in the oil/air filter biz, and the big fire truck manufacturers and everyone else you can think of that uses their oil and air filters sent out pretty much the same letter.
All we are doing is allowing this to blow up worse than it needs to be. Are there that many cities out there that will be at deaths door if their new Pierce fire truck is delivered 2-3 weeks later than estimated?

This !! Will be the death of us.

#2309 10 months ago

EDIT: Wrong thread.

#2313 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

And then you have these f'Ing idiots here. This is a mega church, not your typical church...its HUGE!!!

Well, the church needs money, too.

If nobody comes to church
How can they pass the plate?
If they can't pass the plate
How are they supposed to get any money?
If they don't have any money
How can they open the doors?
If they can't open the doors
How are they suppose to get paid?

Interesting in how some of the
preachers say they can lay on hands
and keep you safe and pray it away,
but they cannot find the prayer needed
to make the collection plate fill up.

#2317 10 months ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Harris County in Texas just issued lock down effective tonight (3/25/2020) midnight.
Got my 'essential business' letter to show should it be needed. Just hope there are businesses near me that still need our products.
In the mean time I could ramp up translite creations.

OK. I think I get it now. Cities are waiting on shutting down until they have figured out who will be getting the "essential business" letter. Once those letters are out then the hammer comes down. Maybe?

#2320 10 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Yeah, hopefully Republican leadership stands up to him and tells him to pound sand on this one. Republican or Democrat, I just think this is a bad decision from a public health standpoint.

You are confusing me ( I agree that it is not hard to do) but who is "him"? Are you wanting the Repub leadership to stand up to Graham or to the Prez? Who is "him" ?

#2324 10 months ago

I went to this link and was blocked because I am not a subscriber. They want my email before letting me in. Now, every time I give my email out I wind up getting spam email for 2-3 months because every outfit lies and tells me that my information is safe with them; To which I say BS, you sold my email to line your pockets at my expense.

For this outfit, I gave a bogus email addy and was able to get in. Once in, the article was worth the read.

#2337 10 months ago

Shit man, Couldn't you supply us with some magnifying glasses so we can at least get a glimmer of what is being said?

#2345 10 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I knew Iger stepped down, definitely a year ahead of when he had been discussing that move. I just looked up IBM and Harley, they also stepped down.
Motives, who knows? But even this article in Bloomberg describes the Harley CEO as unexpected.

The CEO of Lockheed-Martin did resign as stated. What was left out was she resigned in 2016 !

The Harley guy resigned because of 5 years of lackluster sales.

That makes it false.


#2352 10 months ago
Quoted from zr11990:

Didn't think it would be so small, sorry. If you make your page bigger you can read it.

I can make the page bigger by one click but it is not big enough to read. The 2nd click makes it tiny again. I have tried it in both Apple Safari and Google Chrome. no dice.

Can you just give us the link?

#2356 10 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Yeah, seems to be serious concerns about giving one guy total control of a 500 billion slush fund, especially when that one guy is losing $500,000 a day because his hotels and golf courses are closed.
This kind of potential conflict of interest is exactly why a decent man like Jimmy Carter sold off his beloved peanut farm when he became president.
These days? It’s all just a big cash grab.

I never thought about that, Levi. Not only is the re-election golden ring being flung about like a cat's toy on a string to be chased, the hotel biz is in shambles. If there is no money coming in, then the hotel partners do not have the money to keep paying for the gold letters on the building. An empire could crash.

I had not thought of that.

#2368 10 months ago


#2373 10 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Sending people back to work is a really strange way of fixing Social Security for Gen Z.

I see what you did there.

#2378 10 months ago

Everybody is singing praises that China locked everything down hard. On a percentage scale comparing what was to what is, China's numbers have gone down. On the scale that really counts is that China is still getting new cases. Every day. China has not managed to stop it, even with the hard lockdown.

We stil have airplanes flying back and forth all over the country.

We are...pick your euphemism.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.46.39 AM (resized).png

#2389 10 months ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

I can’t wrap my head around this comment. I guess my only response is that it will be okay cottonm4...the trees will grow back.

Yeah, but those caskets looked they were all made of some nice hardwoods that take a long time to grow. If this keeps up all that will be left are cheap pine boxes made from 2 year old pine trees. If it keeps going the only option might be in open trenches. Don't cluck cluck. It is being done in Iran. Mass graves.

#2445 10 months ago
Quoted from zpinman370:

Here in Ontario we are being ordered to shutdown at 11:59 pm today for all but essential businesses. The thing is that the list of businesses that can stay open has 75 categories and you can find any kind of excuse to stay open including liquor, beer and pot shops. In reality its a complete joke and does barely nothing to help. I guess we are practicing the "cure cant be worse than the problem" mentality as espoused by the bubble headed blonde bimbo south of the border. We have our own here in Ontario. So sad for all of us!!

Sounds a lot when birth was given to Homeland security right after 9-11. There were 5 levels of threat. Green was all safe. Blue was safe but with caution. Yellow was not under threat but there was some some risk. Orange was we are under threat. Be cautious. Red was Go find a place to hide.

The govies did not want us to fell threatened and did not want us not relaxing and wanted us to keep shopping. so ,in typical keep everybody-satisfied-fashion they settled in on Permanent Yellow. And later on realized the farce that it was and gave it up.

#2447 10 months ago
Quoted from Oaken:

Liberty University just welcomed back all its students from spring break(approx 50,000 undergraduates, most live on campus). Gatherings limited to 100 people or less.
This will end well.

Liberty probably has already received and spent the tuition and cant afford to give refunds. Keep the place open--no refunds. You could see some powerful praying going on at this campus.

#2496 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

That's not true. All we had was overblown media trying to create a panic over something less than the flu. /s
The sad thing is that after all this time of people finally coming to their senses, we're still middle of the roading the situation. Real lack of leadership in a time of need.

Cheer up. The country will be up and running by April. Everybody is going to be working, etc. Two weeks.

#2498 10 months ago

Idiots abound.


A Florida county commissioner faced blowback after spreading a debunked claim at an emergency public meeting that sticking a blow dryer up your nose can kill the coronavirus.

“This sounds really goofy - and it did to me too — but it works,” Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryant Culpepper said at the meeting Friday.

There is a link in the text for a movie. At 30:00 in you can hear this ol boy spew forth his words of wisdom.

#2501 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

a freight train that's been gaining speed with a marshmallow

Grammer o-din. Grammer

#2516 10 months ago

I remember when during TV ads, the toilet paper commercials had to dance around what their product was about.

" Ladies, please don't squeeze the Charmin. To which, "OoooH, Mr Whipple.


White Cloud did not feel like toilet paper.

That was so 20 century.

Now, we just let all hang out. TP is BW. Plain and simple.


#2518 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I think it is classic that Boeing has the balls to demand what bailout they want. Let them sink. There's always someone else who can take up the slack.

Not with Boeing. That's the problem. All we have are Boeing and Airbus. Boeing is the largest exporter dollar wise exporter to keep out balance on payments in check. A company that big is too big too fail. But I would much rather see Boeing sell stock the public.

#2526 10 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

With Boeing they may not be in business long anyway, they still have to answer for those 2 planes that went down full of people due to their software.

Which brings me back to the point of when the FAA gives the all clear for the 737 Max to fly again, they are going badly need it airworthy the world around with every other country's FAA equivalent. If the 737 can fly in one country but not another it is good as still grounded.

China grounded its 737 fleet before the US finally did the same. And China just might think they will need to study the data a little more before ungrounding its fleet. That could be a big bargaining chip that China might decide to break off in someone's ass if the Virus trash talk keeps happening.

#2601 10 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Ummm... once again, they started that trash talk with the narrative that the virus was engineered by the US military and planted in Wuhan last October at the world military games.
Some may be okay with that but I'm not. In fact as an American, it pisses me off.

It is what it is. And there is not much anyone can do about it. But if China does not go along with the FAA then it will cause difficulties for at least Boeing. I am not saying it will happen. I am just looking at possibilities.

Before we went to war with Japan we were trading partners. Before we went or war with Germany we were trading partners. It could happen again.

The one that pisses me off is that that the entire world gave all of its manufacturing business to China in the first place. In 2003 the WTO signed off on it. China. A Communist Country has turned into capitalist.

While at the same time we have 60 old embargo with Cuba, another Communist Country, that has turned into a grudge match. I cannot buy a Cuban cigar in the states. But I can travel to Canada and buy one because Canada and Cuba are trading partners. And the only reason we are not getting along with Cuba is because Florida has 27 Electoral votes, IMO.

#2619 10 months ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Sitting in a room and quietly listening to both sides of Aqualung with nothing in our hands and a smile on our faces.

A little bit of Locomotive Breath. Yeah. Did you know that when Jethro Tull was starting out they were having a hard time getting established. And for each gig they would use different name. Finally, one night they were playing as Jethro Tull and were invited back. They went back as Jethro Tull and never looked back.

#2634 10 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

I have a feeling many countries including the US will be reconsidering the extent and depth of manufacturing and business relationships with China after this fiasco is over. Not worth the risk but something about 1.4 billion people makes it hard for some companies to resist.
The reality is a cold war between the two countries had already started before this situation. I think this will really accelerate a deeper freeze after it's over.
Our two countries outside of business ties created by US companies have little in common politically or philosophically and a decoupling I think is inevitable.

There could be a bit of problem with a kick ass attitude. Its is called natural resources. One that China is loaded up on and we are not is Rare Earth.

Here is a list of 10 countries and their place on the list. The U.S. comes in at #7. #1 is China. For most of the natural resources the U.S. uses, we have to import them. The U.S. and Quatar holds all of the world's helium.

But was far as Rare Earth, China holds all of the cards.


" America depends on China for 80% of its rare earth imports.

And what what do rare earths do?


Uses of Rare Earth Elements

Rare earth metals and alloys that contain them are used in many devices that people use every day such as computer memory, DVDs, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, catalytic converters, magnets, fluorescent lighting and much more.

During the past twenty years, there has been an explosion in demand for many items that require rare earth metals. Twenty years ago very few people owned a mobile phone, but today over 5 billion people own a mobile device. [3] The use of rare earth elements in computers has grown almost as fast as cell phones.

Critical Defense Uses
Rare earth elements play an essential role in our national defense. The military uses night-vision goggles, precision-guided weapons, communications equipment, GPS equipment, batteries, and other defense electronics. These give the United States military an enormous advantage. Rare earth metals are key ingredients for making the very hard alloys used in armored vehicles and projectiles that shatter upon impact.

Substitutes can be used for rare earth elements in some defense applications; however, those substitutes are usually not as effective and that diminishes military superiority. Several uses of rare earth elements are summarized in the accompanying table [6].

More at the link.


Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Found in China

China has extensive deposits of coal, oil and natural gas. Besides these fossil fuels, China is a top producer of aluminum, magnesium, antimony, salt, talc, barite, cement, coal, fluorspar, gold, graphite, iron, steel, lead, mercury, molybdenum, phosphate rock, rare earths, tin, tungsten, bismuth and zinc. China exports antimony, barite, rare earths, fluorspar, graphite, indium and tungsten, and it leads the world in domestic mining of gold, zinc, lead, molybdenum, iron ore and coal

The distribution of which countries hold which resources could have had a part in why China was allowed into the WTO. I don't know this but just guessing. But China has some stuff the U.S. needs.

Who knows what the future will bring? But it could get interesting.

#2646 10 months ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

The saving grace for Boeing in that situation is even in long range, the 737 is still a narrowbody short-haul plane. China could say "we're not letting these in" all they want, but it's not like any were flying across the Pacific anyway. It would be a significant market lost, but one China was going to protect via IP theft anyway. Eventually no different than how for many years Russia had its own analogues to Boeing aircraft, and US / Russian planes rarely if ever crossed soil. Actually I guess that's still true, oops...

There is a paywall


Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.27.03 PM (resized).png

China was the first to ground its 737 MAX fleet. The U.S. was dead last.


This link suggests that China owns 96 of the 737 MAXs. Our government is fixing to feed Boeing at lot of our tax dollars. The Prez. desperately wants Boeing back in the air. Anyone who thinks China does not have a big bargaining chip to hit him over the head with has another think coming.


The NYT is behind a paywall but you can register and get in.

This is copy and paste. There is more at the link.


And the U.S. was dead last to ground the 737 MAX fleet. Trump made the call but only after Canada grounded its fleet.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.39.08 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.39.23 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.40.00 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.40.00 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.40.26 PM (resized).png
#2649 10 months ago
Quoted from phil-lee:

From which most rare earth raws are recycled. It's not complicated, folks know what this shit is worth and recover it when they can.

Then why are we bothering to import 80% of what we need?

#2660 10 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:


Jaybird, you are hilarious

And I am:

But that is such a downer.

How about some Hot Tuna?

#2661 10 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

That shit ain’t made in China

No, but Fentanyl is.

#2693 10 months ago

You think we have problems. We joke about Mexico shutting down our southern border. This should curl your hair. Mexico's President is way out there. Makes me feel blessed.

#2701 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I'm more interested in more info on this:[quoted image]

I missed that 6% ad. I went looking for it and could not find it.

But I did find this.

My attitude is if the govt. wants an equity stake for handing over gobs of money to Boeing and Boeing would rather go without the bailout money than giving up a stake in the company then go without and take a frigging leap. Just go sell some stock without crying the blues. And we all would be happier.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 10.53.22 PM (resized).png

#2704 10 months ago

I caught an interview on You Tube with the Dr. Birks.

Ahh... she is well versed in Washington speak. Lots of words that say very little. Now I know where Crazy Levi is coming from. I'll take Dr. Fauci. Anytime.

#2707 10 months ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Well this is really worrisome, it tells me that won't be out of danger till we have a vaccine...too much stupidity abound.

With all of our bickering, bantering, and posturing here in 2020, I find myself wondering how it really went down for those who went through the 2nd wave in 1918-1919.

There were few cars. Few telephones. Few good roads. No mass communications. Medicine was nowhere advanced. All of that. What kind of fear did they live through? Or was the next day just another day?

I know there are no answers but it does not stop me from wondering.

#2899 10 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

Hope you guys who find such things funny and upvote this do not get touched by this virus, we should have some funny comments then eh?

I'm sure if Crazy Levi was to kick off that some of us could have some fun with that. He would never know and would be just as dead

#2906 10 months ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

There may be some of these left, because of the world now.
Normally, people keep, but when they finish production and go up for Auction,
it is usually, a 2x to 3X price, because demand outstrips supply, and you have to be on a list.
I just sold this yesterday at auction, for just under $4K, with an $800 cost.[quoted image]

Damn. Did you find the road to riches, or what?

#2929 10 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Looks like we have a giant aid package that just passed. I wonder if we're going to see inflation or if it will be all relative. If we do see it, I hate the fact that I'll be punished for being a good manager and saver with my finances.

I keep hearing that inflation is not a problem. That's what all of the government mouthpieces tell me. The country has succeeded in getting house prices jacked back so all of the people who were underwater in 2009 are no longer under water. Some of those are selling and a new group of replacements could wind up taking their place. But inflation is under control.

I go to the grocery store a couple of times a week. The stores all have milk priced at a $1.89 per gallon as they are busy sneaking prices up on everything else.

10 years ago, inflation was a problem, but it was hidden, not by prices going up but by package sizes going down. Cat food went from a 20 pound bag to a 16 pound bag (-25%). The price stayed the same. That is a 30% increase in unit price. It is the same for everything. A bag of chips went down in size, but the price stayed the same. And most of the items, if you did the math, the smaller package/same price worked out to about a 30% increase. But people did not notice it as much because a bag of cat food still cost $10.00.

There is not too much more room for the packages to get smaller this time around.

Compounded with this was my observation that when gas prices went up, everybody raised their prices (or smaller packages), then gas fell back in price but prices stayed the same. Then gas prices went back up and everybody raised their prices again. Then gas backed off again but prices stayed the same. Gas prices went back up ands so did prices.

Now we are at low prices on gas again. But I have noticed any prices backing off. So when gas goes back up in price, everybody will start jacking their prices again.

With this flood of money, it seems inflation will be a no-brainer, but if everybody is broke from not working it is anybody's guess.

As far as you being punished for being a saver, you have been get bent over by The Fed with 0% interest rates. Wall Street took everybody for a ride with the collateralized mortgage bonds and the savers got to help pay for that fiasco/criminal? action by low rates.

#2984 10 months ago

It is getting to the point that I cannot keep up with this thread. I have some pins to work on.

Here is Senator Schumer giving a breakdown on what is in this new bill.


#3560 10 months ago

I can no longer keep up with this thread. I'll leave you with this.

Several days ago I put up a pie chart. Perhaps you will remember it.

Here we are today.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.49.35 AM (resized).png

#3659 10 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

US is now #1 i in the world in documented COVID-19 cases.
[quoted image]

Yep. As expected, The US is #1.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.17.58 PM (resized).png

#4116 10 months ago

There are over 440 posts since I was last here yesterday. I would like to tell you that I have read them all bit no one would believe me

anyway, this is something that came in my mail yesterday. Enjoy.

Of course, the part about staying home if you feel sick might be a problem if you run out of money.

PREZ (resized).jpeg

#4118 10 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

I hope this is allowed? Eeep
[quoted image]

It will be interesting to see who will right, when it is all over.

#4138 10 months ago
Quoted from Pablito350:

Following up on my earlier post. Here's Cuomo's briefing today. Overall very informative, but if you want to see a heck of a speech to workers, jump to 35 minutes. It starts about there.

Nice video. Thank you. I did catch this; It went by real fast. It feels strange to see a military gathering with that much space between the soldiers. When I was in the military it was always shoulder-to-shoulder or nuts-to-butts.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 12.58.38 PM (resized).png

#4156 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Looks like business as usual to me.[quoted image]

O-din, I have been wanting a 1957 Ford station wagon for years. That green and white one in this pic would do just fine. Of course, that '58 Chevy just behind it would be OK, too.

280264079b84aa3a74bbc6f125b224f848e8e1df (resized).jpg

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 1.42.18 PM (resized).png

#4216 10 months ago

This is something I put up in one of the closed threads 46 days ago. Seems like a lifetime ago. In those 46 days, the daily death rate is averaging 585 deaths per day. But, averages, only tell one small part of a picture.


3ab129f5ca6d97d9a00bf31dcd943d315cfc66f7.png (resized).jpg


Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 3.43.09 PM (resized).png

#4559 9 months ago

330 posts since my last visit.

Amazing how all of our troubles have been replaced with this virus.

1) Global Warming? What's that?

2). Air pollution has magically disappeared from the lexicon.

3) Were there some riots in Hong Kong not to long ago?

4) high gas prices.

5) Carbon footprint? The airliners are flying the heavy jets at 20%-30% capacity. That's a lot of wasted carbon.

6) Will I get a government check for not being able to work?

I suppose there are other items that have been kicked off the front pages, but these are the ones I can think of.

#4718 9 months ago

With regard to the airline bailout, I find this interesting.

Airlines have cut back on the number of flights because of weekend demand. But read where some of the flight are only 20-30% full. That 's waste of fuel. I mean it is what it is but gas is being wasted.

The bailout package is this:

"The Senate's bailout package, which deals with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, will give airlines $25 billion in direct grants as long as they agree not to place any employees on involuntary furloughs or discontinue service at any airports they now serve until at least the end of September. Another $25 billion is available for loan guarantees."

I can see where the airlines need to keep paying their employees. No problem with that. But the (if this article is correct) requirement that they cannot discontinue any future service at any airports they currently serve. I understand this; Herculean efforts are being applied to keep the lines of transportation open. But if demand were to fall further, there is the possibility of a lot of empty airplanes flying around wasting gas on my taxpaying dime.

IMO, we will be seeing many strange things going on with so much government money floating around. Accountability will be lacking.


#4826 9 months ago

The governor of Kansas has put the entire state on shutdown. Essential stuff only. Food. Medical. Go take care of family member. etc.

Here is the scary part. Our previous governor did not sign Kansas up for the Medicade expansion that was coming around with Obamacare. And all of the government money being spent does not look like is helping some people in this state. We have people who are sick but not getting tested because they cannot afford to get tested.


" As the single mother of a daughter with a congenital heart defect and compromised immune system, Melissa Dodge is taking every precaution she can to limit her exposure to COVID-19.

She’s cut her hours at the grocery store where she works in Derby, Kansas. When she comes home, she doesn’t touch any of her four children before changing her clothes.

Worries about illness aren’t new for Dodge, 35. She doesn’t have health insurance, and getting sick means having to calculate the risk of skipping a doctor’s visit versus paying out of pocket. The coronavirus pandemic has amplified those concerns..."

But Dodge is caught in the triple bind that ensnares thousands of working poor in Kansas and Missouri. She makes too much from her part-time customer service job at the grocery store to qualify for Medicaid herself. She makes too little to buy insurance through the federal health care exchange, and she works too few hours to receive benefits from her employer.

Dodge is one of roughly 130,000 Kansans and 200,000 Missourians who would be covered by Medicaid if their states had expanded eligibility under the Affordable Care Act. The change would cover adults who make up to 138% of the federal poverty line — an income of a little more than $17,600 for a single adult, or $42,300 for a family of five like Dodge’s. "

" James Owens, a 51-year-old father of two, has Medicaid, but whether he keeps it each month comes down to a few hundred dollars.

He does handyman jobs for clients around Kansas City, but “unfortunately I report my income honestly.” That means the harder he works, the more likely he’ll earn too much to qualify for Medicaid.

Since the outbreak, all of Owens’ business has dried up. The bills haven’t. “I had work lined up, but it all canceled. I had a couple commercial jobs, too, and again economic uncertainty led to them canceling,” he said.

“When this is over, I need to catch up. I still have to pay my other bills. I’m gonna have to work my butt off to catch up on bills,” Owens said. “So I know I will lose my Medicaid again. There’s no doubt about that. I’m gonna lose my Medicaid coverage because I have to pay bills accrued during this economic shutdown.”
There is more of the same at the link.

#4986 9 months ago
Quoted from skink91:Any biomedical devices intended for human use need to pass FDA regulations. This involves not only the original research, development/verification and manufacture of but also the preclinical and clinical trials associated with the device(s). It is an expensive process. Complicated doesn’t always mean expensive, but regulatory considerations ALWAYS means expensive.
Quoted from skink91:

You tell me where it says that FDA regulations have been suspended... what company would be willing to open themselves up to the ensuing lawsuits?

Quoted from Jaybird815:

But the DPA was enacted, they won’t have much of a choice if companies pussyfoot like GM did.

They are going to fast track this stuff. Count on it. I have read where the company that makes these ventilators does not really want to share its high-profit low-volume secrets with anyone else and Gm did not want to participate but Trump said they will be participating.


And then you have Dyson, the UK vacuum cleaner company that is showing others how it is done.


" Dyson said the company had designed and built an entirely new ventilator, called the "CoVent," since he received a call 10 days ago from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson."

"A spokesperson for the company, which is best known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, said the ventilators would be ready by early April.

Ten frigging days with a new design. Ready in early April. And this, from a billionaire, in a country with socialized medicine. And over here, nobody seems to be able to get their thumb out of their ass.

#4994 9 months ago

Got a medium?? profile death. CFO from Jeffries Group has died.


" The chief financial officer of Jefferies Group LLC, Peregrine "Peg" Broadbent, has died from coronavirus complications, the company said in a statement Sunday.

Broadbent, who was 56-years-old, had served as CFO of the financial services company since 2007. The company has appointed Teri Gendron, CFO of Jefferies Financial Group, as the interim CFO and chief accounting officer of Jefferies Group (JEF)..."

I'm still waiting for some politician to make the horizontal news.

#5394 9 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

I caught a bass before that had a baby copperhead in it's stomach. I've also caught a bass that had eaten a bird. I'm not sure how those 2 things came to be, but I will tell you that a bass will eat ANYTHING.

Except for the lures that I throw out

#5398 9 months ago

Just like in the military, it is the soldiers that are on front lines risking their lives. All for a living wage. That could wind up killing you.


I salute these people who have little choice in what they are having to do and for putting their lives at risk.

Meanwhile, the privileged get to play.

"David Geffen flaunts riches while under quarantine on luxe yacht."


#5626 9 months ago

Too many posts to follow. I read a few and got to Forceflow's "we are stepping up the moderation, you have been warned post." It is funny to scroll along and see who is thumbing up and who is thumbing down. Some you have real thin skin and the slightest bit of humor sure seems to piss some of you off.

This youtube movie got everybody laughing 17 years ago. Maybe there is still some juice to be squeezed from it.

#5667 9 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

All the power to the workers that keep our society humming. You deserve safety and a living wage as the bare minimum.

South of the border, I imagine having some health insurance would be nice. Hopefully, no one gets stuck with a big bill and if they do, hopefully they don't have to deal with some outfit that is out-of-network, which would really jack up the prices.

#5674 9 months ago
Quoted from Pickle:

So what really grinds my gears about this whole stimulus package is I pay taxes just like everyone else.....you know what I get....NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH....why because someone decides if you make X amount you don’t qualify. Why should I even pay taxes if I get no benefit from it when I could use it just like most others....I don’t make hundreds of thousands or millions...those folks could care less about $1200. Was not married when I filed my taxes but I am now and I know what she makes and we would have qualified and gotten $2400....WTF!!! It makes no sense. Pisses me off...throwing money at people is not the answer anyway....

I really cannot figure out what you are talking about, other then you will not be getting some of this govt. money. Something about you and your wife is al I can make of it.

#5703 9 months ago
Quoted from Pickle:

There are better things the government can do with that money to take care of the people.

Such as?

#5710 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Fat chance of that around here. My last speeding ticket was about 6 years ago. I was driving to the hospital to see a patient who was actively coding. I sped up to pass a car and the cop was sitting right where the speed limit went from 50 to 45. He gunned me doing 53 in the 45 as I passed the car. He pulled me over, I explained I was a physician on my way to the hospital in an emergency and showed him my ID badge. His response? "License and registration sir."
What an a-hole.

Around here that are called hot-head tickets. A cop missed getting a speeder because I was coming from the wrong direction and he got PO'd and wrote me a ticket. I went down town and saw the assistant DA. I told what happened and she signed me off. I had a cousin on the force at the time and he told me I got a hot-head ticket.

You get ticketed again on a coding run, I would implore you to go downtown and talk about it. Might work, might not, but you have to ask. All that can be said is "no".

#5726 9 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

I think they would have better off getting this money to unemployment agencies to ensure it gets to the right people. Those being people losing jobs right now that may have problems paying for rent/mortgage and/or food.

Fiscal responsibility is not a prime part of this On-Steriods money pump. If you filed with the IRS last year, then The Federals have all the info. they need to send a direct deposit to your bank. No muss. No fuss. It will be fast--well as fast can be--it gets some walking around money into the hands that need it. And even then, they say 3 weeks.

It is not state-unemployment. It is Federal. A gift. It will not go far in New York but there are a lot of places in the midwest where $1200.00 will put a roof over a frugal person for 3 to 6 months.

Add the state unemployment agencies into the mix, trying to get up to speed while adding another layer of govt. and confusion to the dog pile, and you will watch time slow down. And those people losing jobs right now will get to wait a little longer. And also cross their fingers that they "are one of the right people".

The Federals way of doing this is the way to get the best bang for the buck. Simple. One transaction. From the U.S. Treasury to your bank account. No questions asked.

Nothing is 100%. Some people are going to get lost in the dust. There will need to be work arounds.

One transaction is simple. And easy to trace.

#5809 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

a lot of places in the midwest where $1200.00 will put a roof over a frugal person for 3 to 6 months.

Quoted from Daditude:

Really? I need to find a place like that.

Frugal people don't own pinball machines.

#5835 9 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

No odd... an obvious attempt to try to create credibility.... reason enough to not even watch the video

if you ever get a chance, try to get someone to give you a tour of one of your local TV channels where you can see a TV set for a news show. On TV, it looks all glittery and upscale. But up close you will see some of the backdrops are held together with scotch tape. The news caster is sitting there with his/her jacket and tie on while below desk level he is wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts and flip flops. And on either side of the set, you will see the brick walls of what is basically a warehouse building.

You cannot go by the backdrop and pass a decision about this guy. Some of the doctors' offices I have been in were barely big enough for the two of us. You can't go by with what you see on the camera. The guy was not in his office when this video was made. but no one can tell where he was at.

#5853 9 months ago

Something about pinball. And the economy.

I had been viewing a particular part (new parts) on Ebay from a name brand pinball part seller. Ebay has just sent me an email that this seller is offering me a 48 hour buy it at a a 5% discount. I don't know if this shop's business has slowed down, or if he has too much in inventory for this particular part. I have no clue at all about this 5% discount offer.

But I think it is strange to even get a discount. This guys is usually pretty stiff with his prices.

I have no opinion. Just passing this on.

#5897 9 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Missing in your whole comparison is the key point... the point that the backdrop is INTENTIONALLY CONTRIVED. It's setup to project some image or thought. That's the point. If you're doing that in your youtube video... it's because you're trying to project something.
TV stations do the same - but for different reasons. If you found a TV station trying to roll images of 'credibility' or 'awards' in their backdrop... you'd probably have similar skepticism on why...

True enough. I was not looking at it that way. And it was me who said I did not trust youtube or Facebook..

#6907 9 months ago

Wrong thread

#7234 9 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Want to start a ruckus in a bar full of rednecks? Play 4-5 songs of hip hop or rap in a row... or maybe some latin music.
Not everyone 'prunes' their internet jukebox fully...

The bar, where I used to play pool at has one of these new fangled juke boxes. You can download an ap for your phone and buy the music you want to hear just by your using your cellphone. But there are several bars around town with these electronic juke boxes and you can choose which box you are buying music for. The barmaids buy shitty songs for their competitors jukes .

#7236 9 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Btw, planning for death is part of life.
I did a bunch of Wills and Trusts last week for the procrastinators
I suggest you guys get your estate planning done. Especially you Levi

Always a way to make a buck in the world of finance

#7239 9 months ago

Screw it. I have been voluntary homebound for 3 weeks now. Except to go to Walmart for groceries.

I just got of the phone with my girlfriend who I have not seen for 3 weeks. Short story: 21 days at home. I should be purified. But as soon as I get out and go to Walmart I put myself at risk. Again.

Screw that. This is just slow suicide.

I don't know the solution for groceries or medicine, or TP, but I agree with one Wall Street guy. The country needs to shut down for 30 days and get cleaned out. Otherwise, this just drags on. And on. And your only hope is that summertime kills the virus off.

This "flattening the curve" is BS. That is trying to find relief for the health providers. But as long as this virus is around, flattening the curve is just going to make it last longer.

Shut down the borders. Hard ! Cancel ALL incoming flights. Cancel ALL local flights. Shut the busses down. Shut it all down.

And it may take martial law to make it happen.


Partially related: Only essential business can remain open. So this shuts down bookstores. This shut down Gamestop. This shuts down bicycle shops etc.

But Walmart get to stay open because it is an essential business that sells groceries, pet food, and pharmaceuticals. OK. I get that. But Walmart also sells bicycles, jewelry, toys,CDs, and DVDs and all kinds of other product not considered essential but Walmart gets a free ride at the expenses of speciality retailers because it sells groceries. Not fair.

#7524 9 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I don’t trust projections. Always skewed for the worst case scenario BUT Ok

We have a little bit in common. I don't trust Wall Street analysts whose only mantra is " this stock is a buy. It will only go up". And then when it tanks to $2.00 per share they finally say "sell" but only very quietly on page 6 below the fold.

#7528 9 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

208 deaths in Canada thus far.

And less than an hour later, Canada added another 23 for a total of 231. I'll extrapolate that as an hourly rate. 23 per hour. At this rate, in 24 hours another 552 will be added. We'll see.

#7542 9 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

You guys can stress out all you want but when it’s over soon we are going back to normal.

I really hope you are right, but so far your prognostications have not exactly been of the steller variety.

#7747 9 months ago
Quoted from loneacer:

That Koontz book is hot right now. When I first heard about it I bought up all I could find. I've sold around 70 at an average price of $60ish. Got my first hardcover one yesterday and flipped it in minutes for $115.


ebay.com link