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The official Coronavirus containment thread

By Daditude

1 year ago

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#140 1 year ago
IMG_1871 (resized).jpg
#149 1 year ago

Wonder how busy my lake will be couple weeks . glad I love to eat the fish I catch. I have been filling gas cans like there is no tomorrow.

#158 1 year ago

No podcast for Don? ...thought he would

#180 1 year ago

Didn't know you could fit the Stanley Cup in a pkg of Tp

1584722261063-1913737193 (resized).jpg
#183 1 year ago

That's good one !!!

#191 1 year ago

Thanks for making laugh! I need that

#200 1 year ago

This is fascinating Doctor. Thank You for your trusted information

#203 1 year ago

Lots of people will be following your lead.

#210 1 year ago

Any microbiologists here to interact with the Doctor?

#213 1 year ago

What is your best Guess Doctor on the business as usual time? 1, year?

#219 1 year ago

That is undetermined yet

#221 1 year ago

Doctor be prepared for alot of questions coming your way but we all knew you were a doctor anyhow..Thanks again for your info as you know it

#225 1 year ago

Doctor: Are there hiv threads attached to this virus making it hide?

#229 1 year ago

Thank You. ..A question I wanted answered

#235 1 year ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

I have a niece, who happens to be a teacher, posting pics on Facebook of her and her 4 boys and their girlfriends over for dinner. When someone posted about staying home, she said they're like family and share the same germs anyway.
I'm fucking speechless.

Shame them and call a family meeting so everybody can sink it in

#242 1 year ago

Is that jean Cretian asking about the elephant in the room? Any opinion is democratic until the person asking stops talking

#243 1 year ago

DOCTOR : the virus is just as active in hot weather?data says yes ...A certain strain is more active in heat ?

#248 1 year ago

Doctor: should we shut down the world until 2021? Your opinion. Last question

#264 1 year ago

Just Like John Carpenters The Thing !!!

#281 1 year ago

1 3 years immunity after recovery but relapse possible
That's comforting CNN and no push back From Jake Tapper as usual.

#364 1 year ago

I’m going to get drunk and shred my guitar ..see you later folks

#682 1 year ago
Quoted from hAbO:

In case the sh;t really hits the fan you may need this
LOL!!!! ..see you on the slippy slide to hell habo!
I hurt a stomach muscle...Thanks

#696 1 year ago

That's what I like about this thread. ..get out of line you get slapped back in...no BS

#699 1 year ago

Politicians can you out yourself ? Or mabey best to incognito

#703 1 year ago

Perhaps the doctor could let us know when he is available for live questions?

#1384 1 year ago

My wife and I will be spending alot of time fishing in a few weeks
I heard Freezers are selling like hot cakes

#1392 1 year ago

Mr Johnson seems bitter above everything else...not the greatest interview I have seen today.. Ana interviews like she is an android
Anyone else see this?

15849129298691120718869 (resized).jpg
#1470 1 year ago

First mistake: shortcut Taken to true destination put me in my wife’s path.
Second mistake: agreeing to let her cut my hair

A681910A-EE30-4E3D-9D97-440DD538D8ED (resized).jpeg
#1473 1 year ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

First mistake: shortcut Taken to true destination put me in my wife’s path.
Second mistake: agreeing to let her cut my hair[quoted image]

Third mistake: not facing the mirror

#1491 1 year ago

Laser Floyd...did that tour in the US as well ?

#1508 1 year ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

In her defense, theres not much to work with.

My wife laughed like shit at your comment and stays she agrees! Thanks for the bus weight Jay

#1518 1 year ago

I’m going to ask my wife for a picture of the back ...lord have mercy. I swear I’m in the Truman show.

#1520 1 year ago

Haha haha!!!!

#1523 1 year ago

Strangely she disappeared when I asked

#1524 1 year ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Strangely she disappeared when I asked

But in all fairness I’m in the garage pretending I’m busy

#1531 1 year ago

Not so bad eh?

A37ADD68-C7F4-4A26-939C-1333DE76E524 (resized).jpeg
#1546 1 year ago
Quoted from wesman:

The splayed and wavy Van Gogh sunflowers tie the look together..!

Ironic ..one of my wife’s paint by numbers

#1553 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

For some reason it hasn't been as bad this last week.
Perhaps I just miss the old men telling me WWII stories while at work.

I would highly recommended netflix Ken burns WW2 documentary

#1556 1 year ago

Trailer park boys is a great Canadian Comedy ..not recommended for minors

#1559 1 year ago

The Rush Episode is my favourite!

#1571 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

I recently saw the Xmas Special - it's kind of a prequel to season 1 and it was really good. Might be my fave. But the Rush episode is a classic too.

Yes ..one of my favourites as well...Laheydrunk with the plastic bag Santa beard!
Rickey: Santa takes care of presents for me....the look on bubbles and Rays face !

#1622 1 year ago

In a situation like this, would the Supreme Court judges be protected? What happens if the virus runs rampant in your congress ?

#2387 1 year ago

Good luck everyone! I'm taking time off from pinside. Miss this thread and hope everyone stays safe and sane.

#3776 1 year ago

I decided to come back to the thread and offer a good read by a friend of mine. Stephen Fenech has Backpacked in 193 Countries Around the world And written 2 great books about his adventures. He is also an award winning filmmaker and photographer. Here is a picture of him at my house just before the virus hit. Please look him up! He is a very interesting person. I included a passage that mentions the notorious animal markets.
4624A4FC-0F9D-4FE4-AA2E-E814E7683CFF (resized).jpeg82C725C7-D58A-4707-B5F8-4B946E88D320 (resized).jpeg860DB7E3-6126-4443-B592-8FC101B2978F (resized).jpegEC6D94AC-FB47-43C7-A334-CE30C35B30D2 (resized).jpeg

#3954 1 year ago

Mabey the Gods Just can’t stand to watch any more stupid Tv commercials

#4973 1 year ago

Show us your lockdown puzzles?

C41CDA93-003E-4C58-9936-968D9AEF3C98 (resized).jpeg59F15ED4-C237-4D10-A8C9-ED53CA0C2560 (resized).jpeg
#6270 1 year ago

Wife haircut update ..

20200401_153818 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#10703 1 year ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Guess who stopped carrying a cell phone since the first shelter-in-place orders.. May your chains rest lightly as you don the number of the beast.

666 the number of the beast! ..iron maiden

#11612 1 year ago

My wife and I are going to escape the virus tonight and watch American Graffiti. Haven’t seen it in years. Wish it was 1955 , At the drive in with my lady looking up at the stars, surrounded by cornfields and dirt roads. The neon diner sign Aglow like a firefly in the distance.

#11693 1 year ago

Wife and I have chosen Tonight’s Movie the last picture Show. The dusty wind swept streets in a small Texas town. I recall a pinball machine the last time I watched this movie..can’t remember if it was in a barber shop?

#12053 1 year ago

Thank You...I like this thread, entertaining and informative

#12073 1 year ago

I picture Phil Lee in a smoking jacket re-lighting his pipe

#12081 1 year ago

You don't have all the facts about the virus for such a drastic move imo

#12156 1 year ago

Nonsense Phil. Keep on truckin

#12320 1 year ago

The virus travels nicely in ocean breezes...much further than 6 feet

#12324 1 year ago

Purple toes..blood clotting..scarred lungs ..etc..and whats disturbing Is unknown if second time infection Is less lethal? wtf???

#12402 1 year ago

Back to work next Monday . This should be interesting as I see half ass social distancing everywhere

#12418 1 year ago

That's a shocking beach picture.

#12419 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I'm with ya there on the hair. One of part of me is thinking of doing a buzz cut but another part says to go full Dude and show up to the first day back at work in the summer like this with a Hawaiian shirt on lol.
[quoted image]

I say go.full dude ..looks good

#12674 1 year ago

Cottagers flocking North here . I have noticed but don't care. These people paid for their properties and have every right to occupy their cottage. Northern people are chastising people who live south...on radio now a year round northern person vs a rich Toronto cottage owner. Close to yelling at each other.

#13016 1 year ago

Murder Hornets!! They exist and are badass! ..if you you see a nest don’t pick at it..little bastards can kill

#13117 1 year ago

Out of the mist comes the bearded old man, his face and hands weathered by time and the Sun. In his right hand he carries an ancient scroll. He unfurls it and it reads: Plague and GIANT KiLLER MURDER HORNETS!?
These things freak me out

#13324 1 year ago

Just got back from Walmart. The vast majority 90% of people were not wearing masks And Practically no one wore gloves.
Most of the employees no mask or gloves. I happened to walk past the shipping area and inside no masks or social distancing whatsoever. I guess most people just don’t care and pretend too by standing 4 to 6 ft in line With no mask.
I was surprised to see the lackadaisical approach most people had. This is not going to work. I’m not going back to Walmart any time soon.

#13371 1 year ago

33D95207-619A-4908-848E-F09CE27F1509 (resized).jpeg Murder Hornets size vs, honey bee.

#13397 1 year ago

Camel Spiders! Agree the match posted above was a drugged Murder Hornet. Murder Hornet vs Camel Spider, like to see that match..not rigged.

#13398 1 year ago
Quoted from chad:

"Camel Spiders"

Or the Goliath bird eating tarantula ..nice to know they are the size of a roomba

#13453 1 year ago

Yesseriii you can have that ol pinball machine in the barn...y’all just have climb over them oil cans she’s tucked away in the corner...the last feller came screaming out Of the barn yellin somethin About some kind of crazy bee? He just ran past me and drove away!

#13493 1 year ago

What if government required people to be Naked during quarantine times?. Probably 95% stay home .

#13688 1 year ago

Just smoked a fat one and listened to your Beatles clip. Thanks !

#13690 1 year ago

Is that Yoko leaning against the wall and only noticed one guy rocking out.that happens to be black.

#13698 1 year ago

Yes I am...really,,have to look him up. Great video

#13813 1 year ago

You know folks I'm really disappointed in people ...hardly any one wearing masks anywhere and no one seems to care. I can't over rule the president of my company but I'm going to suggest it at tomorrow's meeting that he attends. No one in office wearing masks?? ..except me ..no one enters my office except the president.

#13814 1 year ago

The HR guy is a kiss-ass

#14017 1 year ago

Who's to say people don't come after you with knives or axes? I live in the middle of nowhere

#14101 1 year ago
Quoted from jlm33:

We are just machines and sentient A.I.

Sounds like lyrics to a great heavy metal song!

#14104 1 year ago

There is a very good chance I will be moving further up North (French river Area, Ontario), a lake and crown land as my neighbours. Starting to downsize and we are preparing a year in advance. Partly because of the virus.

#14163 1 year ago

Is this virus biological? I’m really torn And scared.

#14223 1 year ago

2020 just gets worse as a Canadian Snowbird Plane crashed into a home in BC. 2 pilots ejected , 1 survived

#14326 1 year ago

I never laughed so hard checking in on this thread ...well done. The Costco cat , space, chucky cheese, a guy about to get his sack munched by a German Shepard.

#14383 1 year ago

Don't forget the Canadians eh? I stand with my brothers too.

#14385 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Always brother!

Columbus vs. LEAFS first round of 2019 playoffs. Cool!

#14404 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Hey that sounds good to me!

Jordan biography fantastic!

#14405 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Yes...but do you ship poutine and Nanaima bars to American brothers in need?

And ketchup chips ..

#14572 1 year ago

Kansas is opening up. I thought I might try to get a haircut appt. set up. No haircut since February.
Just get your wife to cut your hair. I did and it went very well.

#14583 1 year ago

I just can't catch a break. My wife was up my arse to clean the boat so I decided ok , do it today. I noticed a new neighbor had a slip across from mine. What ev.. .except the new neighbors wife is a knockout...she was sunbathing on top of her boat in a bikini.
So I say hello blah blah. .cleaning away when a huge spider found its way to hang from my hand and I screamed like a combination of Ned Flanders and Debbie Reynolds. She really laughed her ass off at me and said I thought you were going to fall in the water.

#14584 1 year ago

Trying to look studley. ..before the spider

IMG_2098 (resized).jpg
#14723 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

There is certainly a job out there now for anybody that really wants one.[quoted image]

One very weird movie - American beauty image

#14735 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Not sure if you have looked at the camo job on that Jeep I am thinking about getting, but that's weird! It's got a V-8 and manual trans though.
[quoted image]

look doesn't matter anyhow when covered in mud. Kinda like it ...turn me loose cranked on the stereo !

#14758 1 year ago

Who Dey , you can hide in the hockey thread if you want.

#14865 1 year ago

Drove to the city of Toronto today, not downtown but 1 in 30 wearing a mask. I felt at least 10% smarter. Would my ratio be more like 70% because I wore my mask and gloves? Therefore is that not really bad news for all of us?
Why is not clicking in to people ??? The virus is still being studied.

#14867 1 year ago

Any interesting coast to coast radio with George Noory lately? Show Dropped by the station I listened to for years with my wife . Too bad ..Great night elixir.

#14869 1 year ago

Ok...had a few drinks
Anyone knows the Thomas internarional iq test. There is a company after me...I did so well on the 1st set of tests. ..They made me do it again!!! Hahaha! Mabey I'm a Q

#14872 1 year ago

Give us a kiss...let's have another!

#14874 1 year ago

Barbara Streisand: hot or not?

#14920 1 year ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Having traveled around the Midwest the last few weeks, the only place where I saw a majority of people wearing masks is my area, N Illinois. Everywhere else I’d estimate there was 10-20% of people wearing masks. With some areas that literally nobody was wearing one.

Same here ...not at all confident the west can get past our selfishness and ignorance

#14927 1 year ago

I have to have a chat with my daughter in law.
The worst social distancer ever. I love her to pieces but the conversation i will have this weekend will be a serious one.

#14981 1 year ago

Another gut busting video clip. Thank you Habo

That's the second time you have strained my rib muscles.

#14984 1 year ago

Just for you Habo...when I make water outside I want to kill myself...better move the branch cutter.

947507F8-7BBF-45FE-9DF8-C6736151139B (resized).jpeg

#14992 1 year ago

Or pinball Wizard

#15040 1 year ago

It's Musk and his Dracula wife.

#15118 1 year ago

Bet you don’t get scammed like we do in Ontario and pay Over 40 bucks for a 24

#15127 1 year ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

I'd definitely start home-brewing at those prices. Ooh!

Yeah I’m going that route I think

#15128 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:I usually drive once a month to Alberta and stock up on cheap liquor. Of course brand of beer affects price. Bud, molson, Coors is all $40+ for a 24. I buy brewhouse for around $26/24 or sometimes PC brand is as cheap as $9.99 a case of 12. And it tastes good. Pilsner is always $29.99/24 or cheaper

Time we home brewed Dirk. Let’s do it! Surely enough info from fellow pinside

#15130 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

We get ripped off same as you , over $40 bucks is the usual price for 24 beers . It's all tax .
Have you had any more incounters with your hot neighbour .

Haha!!! How fn embarrassing !
I was flexing my buns of armour and working so hard before I screamed! ...I was playing nice music and everything.

#15160 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

It's been a while but never had homebrew that tasted good. Maybe it's different now?
I wish i liked wine. My dad has been making it for 30 years. Great bang for the buck. $40 box makes like 25 one litre bottles. Could get drunk for a month for $40. Lol.

LOL. Smart man.

#15162 1 year ago

making a song around those lyrics posted by sad sack.. Thanks! We are just machines...and Sentient AI ..repeated in a drone voice with screaming metal in the background! Right on!

#15163 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

It's been a while but never had homebrew that tasted good. Maybe it's different now?
I wish i liked wine. My dad has been making it for 30 years. Great bang for the buck. $40 box makes like 25 one litre bottles. Could get drunk for a month for $40. Lol.

What this rusty town is sayin we get off our asses and just Mabey we save 50%? have no idea

#15179 1 year ago

I believe murder hornets and Arachnids are allowed in this thread.
I pimped this little toy. Works great!
Nice little Austrian puppet show toy. (That's what I try and sell it as)

20200605_222404 (resized).jpg
#15180 1 year ago
20200605_222412 (resized).jpg
#15250 1 year ago

Like an Invasion!!

#15302 1 year ago

Conrad Black...sneaking out files in the dead of night before going to jail.

#15303 1 year ago

Coconut crabs are legal as pets in Australia. ..Ozzy friends here..why don't you have one??

#15313 1 year ago

Crustaceans, Space, Arachnids , Sharks, Giant crabs, murder hornets. . I love this thread!

#15316 1 year ago
Quoted from hAbO:

Can you eat those? I guess it would be better than a mass of giant coconut crabs.
[quoted image][quoted image]

I want one ..coolest pet ever!

#15383 1 year ago

Give us a kiss

#15443 1 year ago

For the record, as of today 10% or less peoples wearing a mask in my town. I figure if it is a biological weapon then human stupidity must have been factored in.

#15572 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Zorb ball concerts... you might be on to something

Zorb balls would get too cloudy at a concert

#15683 1 year ago

If we were to gather in a war room...what are the facts so far?

#15684 1 year ago

We can start with origin: unknown

2 weeks later
#16512 1 year ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Yup, that a good read. Could be made a key post.

I think oaken duct tapes his ears to keep brains falling out of his head. Sorry Oaken I would Tonya harding your legs before debate class.

#16699 1 year ago

Virus needs more study before anything opens. Is it possible long term effects are worse than the first strike?

#16724 1 year ago

This Aussie is pretty cool!

We love Sydney!

Sidney s pretty hot

#16767 1 year ago

Very proud of my town. 99% with masks on my forced excursions.

#16769 1 year ago

When this crap is over ..Please PM me if you want to visit north ontario ...bed / breakfast, weed, fishing on me.Too many drunkards in this thread so booze is omitted.

#16772 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Well Hell yeah. I'd like to get a look at your neighbor that was responsible for you parking your boat in the wrong slip.

Oh man how embarrassing

#16902 1 year ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Oh man how embarrassing

Really haunts me I did that Cotton! Dammit!

#16906 1 year ago

The only wall that should exist between Canada and the US are pine trees.

#16910 1 year ago
Quoted from Oaken:

And thanks to the beetles we won’t even have that anymore.
What a world.

not the band though

#16911 1 year ago

not the band though
was gonna a winkie face but having issues. F that

#17133 1 year ago

Congrats Levi!
Let neighbor s aware you rip a guitar

2 weeks later
#17854 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

ACC will be next, unless Dabo Sweeney has all the say now.

Fyi the Air Canada Center is now the Scotia Bank Arena.

1 week later
#18012 1 year ago

Thanks for the laugh daditude!

#18013 1 year ago
Quoted from Oaken:

Another article on those unfortunate to have long term effects. Fun thing is they tend to be mostly healthy, relatively young (early to mid 40s) and women.
Kind of the opposite of the death statistics of tending to be pre-existing condition, relatively old, and men.

I would be interested in your and the doctors list of facts about this Virus currently.
Seriously. Some joke about coming here for facts...I come for the debates that equate to facts

#18014 1 year ago

This hobby/thread attracts alot of smart people I.m.o

#18059 1 year ago

More bad news..the arctic ice is melting fast and starting to have effects on the jet-stream. Now
new jet Streams in the northern hemisphere are starting to lock in permanent active weather patterns Around the word. drought, floods, wildfires, mostlyThe recent greenland ice Shelf melt is a prime example and constant flooding in Venice another. Massive hail damage in Alberta and
BC Canada battling big fires now.

#18078 1 year ago
Quoted from Oaken:

Don’t worry. We got this. Release the swarm!

I believe it was mentioned earlier, the Murder hornet may have been drugged. We always peel the onion until satisfied with the truth. Was fight rigged?

#18079 1 year ago
Quoted from rwmech5:

Yup climate change, we've never seen hail like this before. Only every other year for the last 40+ years I've been here.

Has the intensity/frequency increased? Fires?

#18082 1 year ago
Quoted from BazilBLast:

Don't forget about the zombeavers

Thread video of the year.

#18150 1 year ago

Canadian economy in rough shape ..If anyone cares.

#18163 1 year ago

Doctor, can you bring us up to speed on re-infection (my wife's question to you)
I said likely.

#18239 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I'm. not as diplomatic as Oaken. Dr. Fauci has stepped up to the plate and based on what he says, I can confidently say this in response to your soliloquy:
“ It’s not 9,000 deaths from Covid-19, it’s 180-plus-thousand deaths,” Fauci said. "

Bull hockey? Canadians may take offense to this .

#18257 1 year ago
Quoted from Oaken:

Re: USA universities reopening for in person classes
TL:DR mitigation plans were insufficient / was a bad idea

And the big 10 is getting hammered for not playing football...unreal

1 week later
#18464 1 year ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

ACTUALLY, if you consider significant digits and rounding, 2.3 + 2.3 = 4.6 which rounds to 5.
Had a SPC prof who would not give me the A based on my average of 89.4.
Damn number guys!

Isn't 2 plus 2 22?

#18564 1 year ago

Well if I was in a trench , I'd want Gunnut beside me.

#18566 1 year ago

True, but we are all in this together.

#18650 1 year ago
20200918_134058 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#19550 12 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

Nice - we still have 'both sides' arguments being made.
If anything - the article didn't place enough blame on the current administration that is currently in charge of pandemic response. If you think, "hey, we did a great/good/ok/acceptable job" - then perhaps a bias has clouded comprehension of the situation?
If I perform poorly on an important task - I don't look around and find other poor performers to commiserate with, compare myself to and make excuses or blame the task. I look around to see if anyone did better and if that is the case, then the task was not the problem - it was definitely me.
How did professional grievance, blame placing, projection, responsibility dodging, and pouty disgruntlement come into such fashion lately?

Well said RTR

#19562 12 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

The good news: COVID death rates are dropping across all age groups.
The bad news: The researchers think it’s a combination of improved treatments, masking, social distancing reducing initial viral load and younger age patients in general due to older folks staying home.
So, no change in policy on the horizon based on this study.

Doc, Can long term effects be permanent? If so,
That's really bad news considering it's possible to be re infected again and again ?

#19583 11 months ago
Quoted from Oaken:

Is it just me, or does that guy in the last image look like he is emptying a VERY full tank? That or having a VERY good time?

That's Jeffrey Toobin on a zoom call

#19586 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Antibodies that are not your own don’t last long and don’t confer any immunity over time. You have to make your own antibody producing cells for that.

Hi Doctor , sorry to slide off topic a bit but what is the significance of the new membrane discovered in our brains ?

#19591 11 months ago
Quoted from boscokid:

Not sure this is new, I think Cypress Hill talked about this in 1993.

I knew that was coming and thank you for posting the video!!