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The Nightmare Before Christmas

By MarkInc

6 years ago

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#23 6 years ago

layout looks great! Cant wait to see artwork. Looks like youve put some time in on this already, good luck with the rest of the project!

2 months later
#93 6 years ago
Quoted from MarkInc:

Currently programming the rules.
Been working with Kris (Gemini) from our league on rules.
He took a few rough ideas and fleshed them out adding modes for all the characters and holidays and some neat ideas for wizard modes, combos and 2x/3x scoring shots. 43 pages and counting!
Here's a brief overview:
Character Modes
Jack - What's This?
Frenzy mode where all switches award points and some increase the point value
Jack - Where's Jack?
Standard 3-ball multiball mode
Jack - The Scientific Method
Advanced multiball which starts with 2 balls but can be brought up to 4 (excluding add-a-ball)
Sally - Sally's Stitches
Spinner shooting mode
Doctor - A Marked Improvement
Clear major shots to win
Mayor - I Can't Make Decisions!
Must make a travelling shot, but it travels really fast, thus you have to shoot the mayor to hold it in place
Zero - Go Fetch!
Make random shots
LSB - Kidnap the Sandi-Claws
Standard 3-ball multiball mode
Hinterland Door Modes
Valentines - Love is in the Air
Increase the spinner value by clearing lit shots/targets
St. Patrick's - Pot o' Gold
Use the pops to fill the pot of gold, then shoot for the Hinterlands to collect, can only collect once in the time limit
Easter - Easter Egg Hunt
Certain major shots will have eggs hidden for points
Independence - Fireworks Festival
Standard 3-ball multiball mode
Halloween - Trick or Treat!
Complete the LSB target bank as many times as possible but don't bug Doctor Finklestein!
Thanksgiving - Harvest Frenzy
An inverse frenzy where only one shot will award points but the value awarded is increased by all other switches
Christmas - Naughty or Nice?
Standard 2-ball mutliball mode where two shots are lit at all times, one worth a few points, the other a lot more
Oogie Boogie Modes
Bug Bash
2-ball multiball mode where each standup target starts at a high value and decreases in value each time it's hit
Santa Vs. Oogie Boogie
Try to escape from Oogie Boogie by getting the ball off the playfield down a hole
Sally Vs. Oogie Boogie
Health-bar limited mode where health goes down constantly and must be recharged by making shots
Luck o' the Dice
Roll the dice as many times as you can without going over a cumulative value of 32
Jack Vs. Oogie Boogie
You must clear all the lit shots in a very short time limit while shooting the spinner to get more time
Oogie Boogie's Unravelling
Unusual 3-ball multiball frenzy which can't be completed until you're down to one ball
Wizard Modes
Characters - Deliver the Presents
Health-bar limited mode where you must make certain shots while avoiding certain shots
Doors - Holiday Rescue
Find random holiday individuals and return them to their proper realm through the Hinterlands
Oogie Boogie - Mega Oogie Showdown
Battle Mega Oogie with unlimited balls until someone wins
Ultimate - Christmastime in Halloween Town
Timed multiball frenzy where the more different switches you hit, the greater your scores are multiplied
Features List
Running value advanced by the pop bumpers which factors into your bonus, as well as the Deliver the Presents wizard mode
Mystery Award
Gives "random" awards based on the state of the game
All multiballs allow for one add-a-ball, qualified by hitting the mystery target and collected on the graveyard shot
Gate Keeper Multiball
Secret 2-ball multiball where you must bash the gate down with one ball and get the other ball past in the brief moment it's down
These lights get more valuable every time you complete them over the course of the entire game
2x/3x Shots
The Soup Shot opens the shooter lane diverter briefly, upon getting the ball in you can multiply the scoring of the next major shot you hit
Soup Scoring
Hurry-Up started every 100+ spinner spins where you must make the soup shot for lots of points
Whenever you shoot one of the 10 major shots, the other 9 will light for a combo potential, with each shot made clearing the combo light
This is Halloween
Video Mode which plays like DDR or Guitar Hero, awarded as the third mystery award (then every 5 following)
And here's a more detailed look at one of the modes:
Character Mode - "What's This?" Frenzy Page 14
Brief Description
30 Second timed frenzy mode where almost all switches award points. Hitting any of the JACK targets increases the frenzy value. You must reach a target score to complete the frenzy and progress towards "Deliver the Presents".
Jack's fallen through the Christmas Town door in the Hinterlands and is wondering what everything is.
To help Jack discover the magic of Christmas Town you must shoot everything! The base value for every switch starts at 40,000, but hitting any of the JACK standups increases this value by 5,000. The mode only lasts 30 seconds and you must score at least 2,000,000 to complete and end the mode.
Frenzy Base Value 40,000
Increments to Base Value 5,000 / each
The lighting in this mode is mostly just festive and fun and meant to distract the player. The JACK targets will be flashing yellow and will ALL flash green briefly when one is hit to indicate the increase in the frenzy value.
Difficulty Adjustments
Very Easy 40 Seconds - Goal of 1,000,000 Points
Easy 35 Seconds - Goal of 1,500,000 Points
Normal 30 Seconds - Goal of 2,000,000 Points
Hard 30 Seconds - Goal of 2,500,000 Points
Very Hard 25 Seconds - Goal of 3,000,000 Points

Amazing! This is going to be fantastic!

3 weeks later
#129 6 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

Great job with what you have accomplished so far Mark and looking forward to seeing more. Also I have a add-on for Photoshop that can convert any image into DMD dots in one step. There are several options such as square or round dots as well as the size of the dots. Let me know your email address and I can send it to you.
7-29-2015 1-52-20 PM.png
7-29-2015 1-53-25 PM.png

that is awesome!

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