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    #101 5 months ago

    Stern epic/stern ˈepik/adjective/noun:

    An ambiguous advertising descriptive term designed to generate substantial amounts of additional income from non-informed consumers for a separate product, event, or service without possibility of refund prior to actual reveal that has has the same quality of other nearly identical items in the same category. The term may further be identified for confirmation when a product pre-production number is increased without justification prior to actual construction (before or after a reveal) and/or requirement for a buyer to apply for purchase and provide free marketing information to a company for future sales." Not to be confused with the term, "Epic Fail", which is a pure noun, and antonym. A "Stern Epic", is generally classified as an initial success, until initial consumers become self-aware based on information of repeated industry attempts at the same process.

    (See Stern BM66 SLE pinball machine for a qualifying example of this definition)

    #102 5 months ago

    Laundry Room.

    (Sorry for grainy pic, I couldn't find a clear closeup)

    It's the Future Spa version of The Beast's Lair on Paragon, but on the right side of the game. Nobody wants to be here because of the high chance of ball loss. While the Beasts Lair is dangerous, threatening and deadly, the Laundry Room is smelly, filthy and gross.

    Entering the BL will risk you being eaten alive by the lion/chicken beast on Paragon. Entering the LR is like risking your membership being cancelled from the juiced-up 70s fountain of youth called Future Spa. Stay away from here and you'll stay away from trouble!

    image (resized).jpeg

    #103 5 months ago



    "Increase of pinball prices caused by changes of economy over time, or artificial sources such as non-informed consumers based on perceptions of value or greedy manufacturers. Generally occurs in cycles of 10-15 years."

    3 weeks later
    #104 4 months ago
    Quoted from FunWithBonus:

    "You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion." -- L. Ron Hubbard

    You mean...L. Tron Hubbard

    2 months later
    #105 55 days ago

    When you have double dangered and can't even breath on the machine for fear of tiliting you are then on your "Flippy Toes"

    2 weeks later
    #106 38 days ago

    New Out of Box (NOoB)


    The latest replacement term for Home Use Only (HUO) by new owners when a game is attempting to sell a game with "under 200 plays". Usually, a statement of fabrication, or half truth due to removal of batteries, number of plays owner has played themselves, or prior to latest update of code in their home. Has no direct meaning of value in the market, whatsoever, similar to terms such as "mint" or "museum quality".

    #107 38 days ago

    Pinjitsu: the spastic movements made by a player while playing pinball.

    1 week later
    #108 26 days ago

    When it drains down the outside.

    #109 21 days ago

    Full House: When you get a house ball for all of your balls in a single game!

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