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The Magical 1970s

By o-din

55 days ago

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#83 54 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

There was a period of time where the yoyo got big again. Without cell phones, we needed something entertaining in our hands.[quoted image][quoted image]

I thought cell phones would be a passing fad... Boy was that wrong... I still recall my dad refusing to pay a charge on the phone bill for tone dialing and instead using a selector switch on our phone that used pulse dialing to avoid that added tone dialing fee. We had one phone in the house and if anyone was on it more than 5 minutes there were questions on what was wrong. The standing instructions were to say what you had to say and get off the phone. I got a pong game for Christmas that we played on the black and white TV for hours.. I was on the "B" difficulty and everyone else was on "A".

#91 54 days ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

Man! I haven't seen a TRS-80 in years (excluding the Model 100 portable I have).

When I was in college, a guy across the hallway in my dorm had a TRS-80 Model 1 with two 8 inch disc drives.
But, I had a TI-99/4A with a 300 baud modem, that connected to my expansion box terminal card, that had muffs for the phone receiver, which was a brand new idea at the time.
I was one of the 1st people at my school to use a modem to call the mainframe instead of going to the computer lab to make punch cards for batch processing and pick up your printout the next day in the "OUT" tray.
Everybody said that I was "Cheating" the system.
The internet was not a thing and I rode my bicycle to class...
That was around 1984 or so...

#93 54 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

The 1970s. When you could park near the entrance of Disneyland.[quoted image]

You can't park there anymore?

#107 54 days ago

The only magic I can remember from that timeframe was when Olivia Newton John released Xanadu...

#142 53 days ago
Quoted from Phat_Jay:

Remember when you’d get a call, and the person that answered said to you “ it’s long distance.....” holy crap, someone either died, or was about to!

I am still agitated by the fact that I cannot dial 7 numbers to reach people that are not long distance.
I think it is a phone company ploy to extract more money from customers.
The story line was that there were not enough 7 digit numbers available in each area code, so additional area codes were required.
Cell phones just made that problem worse.

#171 53 days ago

Around that time, calculators still did not have a square root key or exponentials.
However, slide rules still did that quickly to about 2 significant digits.
I had a leather carrying case for mine.
If you needed more accuracy to about 4 digits, you had to go the tables in the CRC book.
I don't use that much anymore since now my telephone has a calculator on it with a square root key on the large calculator app.
Let's call that technological advancements.

CRC book (resized).jpgSlide Rules (resized).jpg
#177 53 days ago
Quoted from RWH:

1970 calling O-din, pick up![quoted image]

I saw this youtube video with some kids and a rotary phone.
People always say to "dial" the phone number, but we really don't have to dial anymore.
We just touch pressure sensitive keys on a touch screen and push enter.
I got a kick out of the video...

#182 52 days ago
Quoted from RWH:

Actually my grandson and his buddy figured out how to use mine in short order. They were the most curious about the "operator" and why it was printed on the zero. I told them that's because back in the day and operator ran the whole show and were needed him/her to do certain things, calling long distance, making an emergency call, or calling collect if you were in a booth with no money.

This whole conversation makes me want to try to call BR549.
I doubt that works anymore...
I always tell people I don't know that my phone number is 867-5309 and see if they write that down.
It is like a test...

#185 52 days ago
Quoted from Dent00:

This whole conversation makes me want to try to call BR549.
I doubt that works anymore...
Just in case anyone forgot what BR549 was...

#196 52 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

That only
Works if your name is jenny.

Or Johnny...
That phone number was so popular that there was actually a lawsuit in St. Louis, I think, where 2 plumbers named Johnny both laid claim to that phone number.
Not sure which one got the number...

#199 52 days ago
Quoted from Dent00:

Or Johnny...
That phone number was so popular that there was actually a lawsuit in St. Louis, I think, where 2 plumbers named Johnny both laid claim to that phone number.
Not sure which one got the number...

867-5309 (in case you forgot)

#215 52 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

After reading the book and seeing the movie, this was more essential 1970s reading.
But none of that ever made me stay out of the water. I've surfed with a school of porpoises and had sharks rub my legs, but now with the great whites making a noticeable presence off our coast and attacking people, I've gotten a little wary.[quoted image]

After seeing that movie I was terrified of salt water. That didn't keep me from going salt water fishing. But I am not swimming with jellyfish, stingrays, barracuda, sharks and lots of other things that can take smaller bites off me. Almost all salt water fish have teeth and I don't want to be the bait.

#219 52 days ago
Quoted from Jumping-Box:

I still hear my dad yelling at me about changing the channels too fast. But our Sony Trinitron lasted forever.[quoted image]

My dad refused to buy a TV with a remote control... Said that it was a waste of money. So, I was the remote control on command. I became an expert at tuning UHF/VHF and the color adjustments. I knew exactly which way to move the antennas to get the channels tuned in rapidly. No remote required. I don't think you can even buy a TV these days without a remote control.

#257 52 days ago
Quoted from Taxman:

I think I had all of those or at least played with them when other's owned. But the "Ker-Bangers" were called "Oy-Oys" (Yo-Yos backwards).

Or, so called "clackers" that were transparent...
kind of like a learned skill to use those and not hit your arm or other vital parts.
They were lots of fun until you got so good at it that they ruptured.
So then, you got to get some new ones and start over.

#259 52 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

Two kids brought them to school one day. The next day everyone had them. Clack city.
The following day they were banned.

Clackers demo, but they are not very adept yet...

#283 51 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

It was called the Idea Program where kid's from several schools were free to do what we thought best. They sent another one of my buddies so we played chess and drew war scenes. They got us a whole roll of butcher paper that went around three walls of the room. Epic battles all across.

In about the 8th grade, we had a chess club at my school with about 15 kids. I was president of the club and we decided to have a tournament. The winner got to play the teacher. So, I won the tournament and then, beat the teacher after that. It was epic and the teacher seemed a little miffed. I just laughed and rode my bicycle home.

#302 50 days ago
Quoted from wolverinetuner:

Remember the CB craze? Just about everyone had that extra antenna on the car, usually either attached to the rear bumper, clamped on above a window, or on a magnetic base, often with a wire running into the trunk. Part of the fun of a road trip was listening to drivers passing you the other way telling you what was “over their shoulder” for your trip, warning about “smokies taking pictures,” and telling you their “20”.
One of the best Christmas presents I got in the 70s as a teen was a full-power CB in a vinyl case with a battery pack that I loaded with Ni-Cads for recharging. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to carry that around or hold it while riding my bike.

I joined the local HAM radio club around that time. Well before cell phones. The club had a 2 Meter radio repeater connected to a phone line near the center of my city with a tall antenna. If you had a 2M radio in your car, you could patch to that repeater and make a phone call from your car. Of course, everyone on 2M radio could hear you, but no one cared. It was used mainly for emergency communication, but some just played with it some to make a call from their car, because they could. The club paid the phone bill and no one even considered calling long distance.

#379 48 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

Smart phones? Pfffft...
Who needs that when we've got these state of the art communication devices.[quoted image]

You might notice that these are "4" transistor radios in the photo. About this timeframe, the number of transistors in the radio was equated to the quality of the device, with more being better. Transistors were a good bit larger than they are now. Mosfets were common and tubes. People could still take their TV and have repairs done that might consist of replacement of one tube transistor that plugged in. Repair men had tube testing devices and kept stock of various tube sizes and types. A lot of that work has disappeared with the use of surface mount technology. Now, repair men just replace whole circuit cards and rock on, assuming a card can be replaced and it is available. It is like the art of repair has been lost.. Almost... And everything is "Made in China" by very short communists..

#383 48 days ago

Local electronics supply stores in my area have basically disappeared. Radio shack stores that remain, sell cell phone accessories and remote control cars. Resistors, chips, capacitors and other electronic parts are almost non-existent and there is very little left in drawers. Sales people follow suit and have knowledge on cell phone activation plans and accessories, but don't have a clue what a 4774 chip is for, color code for resistor bands or what a capacitor does, much less where to find it. Most of the sales people are millennials, not that this is bad. But they have no idea the way Radio Shack used to provide technical guidance and supplies to electronics repair people. All the experienced people have moved on to greener pastures. We don't even have Frye Electronics. It is really depressing... Everything has to be ordered on line and delivered if you want to do some serious repair to any electronic devices.

#412 46 days ago

I know it's 1981, but when the taracian defeated loc nar on the Heavy Metal movie, I thought there would never be a better movie.
That was near the same time as the original Star Trek and Doctor Who series...

#413 46 days ago
Quoted from Dent00:

I know it's 1981, but when the taracian defeated loc nar on the Heavy Metal movie, I thought there would never be a better movie.
That was near the same time as the original Star Trek and Doctor Who series...

The music and soundtrack was awesome...

#506 43 days ago

I never built models, but I did get an erector set as a kid. There was a book with ideas in it and I built something from every page. It included a motor that worked and I was always building something.

#510 43 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

I had that. And a chemistry set too. Combined you could build stuff and blow it up too, or at least light it on fire like Lincoln logs.
LTG : )

I never got a chemistry set, but I did have access to Draino, tin foil and a gallon glass coke bottle. Just put about 4 tablespoons of Draino in the bottle and fill with a sufficient quantity of tin foil with water. Draino mainly creates sulfuric acid and the reaction with tin foil gets rather hot, so we put the coke bottle in a bucket of cold water to keep it from exploding. The chemical reaction creates hydrogen, which can be collected with a rubber balloon on top of the coke bottle. Hydrogen is both lighter than air and flammable, so we would play with that. Typically, people would gather in the area to see what exploded. No one ever got hurt, but we did damage some coke bottles.

#519 42 days ago

If you tie a string to a balloon about 2 feet in diameter, filled with hydrogen and lite the end before you release it, you can watch the fireball similar to the Hindenburg, about 20 feet in the air. Typically, the fireball is about 3-4 feet in diameter. It is rather loud and impressive, but it only lasts for a brief moment. Kind of like a big firework.

#523 42 days ago

I am in no way condoning this activity with hydrogen. Acid is dangerous. Hydrogen is dangerous.
If you choose to do these things, take proper precautions and keep clear of other flammable objects and people.
Explosions can easily happen and glass is sharp if it breaks due to heat or explosion and it is covered in acid...
This activity is dangerous.

#529 41 days ago
Quoted from RWH:

Yes they used both tanks and believe me they never did that again.

I wonder if insurance covers busted windows due to a science experiment gone wrong...

#532 41 days ago
Quoted from RWH:

The only insurance was more assurance that Dad was going to go off the deep end. These were times when it was still politically correct to discipline your kids, ie. still using paddles in schools. lol lol

To me, that means that insurance was not in action...
The payment was made in flesh. Lesson learned. No more explosions near the house.
These days, someone would be calling child services to report some type of abuse...
What have we come to?

#533 41 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

Who needs acetylene when you can own one of these?

That is a very cute horse.. I had a friend that owned a Pinto and he painted it bright orange with black racing stripes. Replaced the motor with something probably illegal with a supercharger. It was scary fast to ride in and he made the most of it. I thought he was nuts and I also thought the motor would explode at any moment. Also had a nitrous bottle on it that he would play with occasionally. He had a budget and made the most of what he had.

#560 40 days ago
Quoted from Electrocute:

Looks almost identical to my first car. ‘77 Datsun B210 hatchback.[quoted image]

I owned a Datsun 710 with a 5 speed manual transmission... It was yellow. About the color of a lemon. I didn't keep it very long, but it was good on gas.

#575 40 days ago

I often use bad language when I get a check engine light on my modern cars and find out that is an emissions related problem (P0401 for example). I think that should be illegal to turn on a check engine light for that crap. The check engine light used to mean you had a serious engine problem (Heat, Oil pressure, coolant temp, etc), not some stupid emissions problem. I think manufacturers should have to provide a 2nd light that indicates an emissions "alert", which you could then ignore until you have time to find out what might be the problem in a controlled environment. An emissions alert generally is not a major problem and does not damage the engine, from what I have seen. Generally, they are just a pain in the nether region. Most times, they don't even affect engine performance.

#580 39 days ago
Quoted from mof:

I had a "check engine" light on my way to a pinball show. Lost 1/2 a day. Sucked. Turned around and went home to my mechanic. He checked it, and said my GF didn't tighten the gas cap enough. SMH. I have since bought a reader for my port, and can check the code on the road now if it ever pops up again.

This is exactly the type thing that I am referring to. Exhaust gas purge, insufficient EGR flow, oxygen sensor malfunction.. All emission related BS. Should be illegal to turn on a check engine light for those things that have really nothing to do with the engine. 9 out of 10 times, this is what I have seen. It happens so much, that I think a lot of people just ignore the check engine light now. I see people all the time that just ride around with the check engine light on and have no idea what is happening. It used to mean a serious problem that needed immediate attention, but no more... I also carry a OBDII reader in my vehicle for this reason.

#582 39 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I think the original purpose of the CE light was to highlight when the emissions were not working properly. The CE lights tells you if you have a misfire and are sending unburned gas into the atmosphere. Which can also destroy your other pollution control devise called a catalytic converter.
It used to be a regular thing to see come big old car with a bog old V-8 running on 7 cylinders belching out smoke and unburned gases because the poor bastard driving the car was either and idiot or too broke and could not fix his car correctly. Unbelievable, but I still see a car every once in awhile running on 7 or 5 cylinders clogging up my breathing air with the eye burning gasses.
The O2 sensors sends feedback to the intake air that the exhaust gasses are to rich and sending unburned gas into the atmosphere. Or the intake air is too lean which can make your car run hot and destroy other things.
I'd have to research it for sure, but I do believe if it was not for government mandated pollution control required on automobiles then there would be no CE light to begin with.

The irony of the situation on the check engine light, is that if you have a cylinder misfire, like a bad spark plug, spark plug wire, or ignition module problem, you get no alarm until the problem is so bad that the vehicle almost will not run. In contrast, the vehicle ECM immediately detects an oxygen sensor malfunction to make sure that you don't damage the stupid catalytic converter. I think it is a ploy to get more garage time for repair shops to fix emissions related problems. It also comes up in some states when you have your vehicle inspected and a check engine light due to an emissions problem that you are then required to fix immediately. It should be illegal in my opinion. Should be a 2nd light to give you an emissions warning and manufacturers should have done it a long time ago.

#584 39 days ago

I guess I am one of those rare people, that as long as I am physically able to turn a wrench, I want to fix my own vehicles. I just don't trust most repair shops to be honest about what is really required or what they did. They also charge a lot more than I think is justified and I guess I am just a penny pincher. But, I also don't like being cheated. I can easily see what parts cost online and they will deliver directly to my door, free of charge most of the time. I don't even have to go to the local Autozone and buy parts. Even Autozone is high when you compare to Ebay or other online outlets for parts. I just see the cost difference and what most mechanics charge by the hour and I just cannot justify going to a repair shop with a minor repair that I can do myself, especially if it is some stupid emissions alarm that turns on my check engine light for no serious reason.

#586 39 days ago
Quoted from Darcy:

On another note the Cimmeron was the only J-Car with a V-6. GM missed on this one as it should of been an Oldsmobile or a Buick not a Cadillac. If it would of been an Olds or Buick, GM would have sold them all. Not to many Cadillac owners at that time cared about buying a smaller car.

My 1st car was a 1968 Plymount Valiant with a slant 6 motor. It leaked oil, a lot. My dad didn't like it leaking all that oil and sold it out from under me and gave me the old family car, a 1982 Oldsmobile 98 with green velvet seats and a 455 Rocket V8 engine. I hated it and it got about 10-15 miles to a gallon, sometimes on premium gas. Had electric windows, power seats, spoked chrome hubcaps and one cylinder that needed a new spark plug about every 5000 miles. But, when you pushed the accelerator to the floor on that land boat, it would run like a scalded dog.

#588 39 days ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

It can also clear any code.

Yes, exactly.. Clear off those stupid emissions alert codes that turn on the check engine light for no good reason.

#595 38 days ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

1968 called. They'd like their Disneyland map back.

I recall having that exact map when my family visited Disneyland. I was the youngest in the group and I became the navigator at the park for my dad, mom, older brother and sister with that map. It is long gone now, by that photo reminds me of what it actually looked like.

#607 37 days ago

What I recall, most of all, was 20,000 leagues under the sea. Returned with my kids many years later and the ride was shut down for maintenance or something. I also recall the cars that I got to drive, which was the 1st time I ever drove a car myself. Also the haunted mansion which I recall being very cold on a hot day. And riding the monorail and train, that was cool. When my family went back, we rode that ride about "Its a small world" and everybody was creeped out.

#647 36 days ago

When my dad would get mad at me or thought I did something stupid, he would yell "go play in the street", implying that I should go outside, leave him alone and that he hoped that I would get hurt in the process.
No one dared to get in the street cause it was dangerous and if you were crossing the street even close to a car, drivers would lay on the horn and kids would scatter, because no one wanted to take a chance of hitting some kids with their car.
Now, kids walk in the street and dare you to hit them.
What happened?

#667 35 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

I've owned several vehicles from the 70s and although not a big fan of English built cars, I couldn't resist picking one of these up when the opportunity presented itself.
It was super fast and fun to drive, but a real challenge to adjust the valves and stop any oil leaks.
[quoted image][quoted image]

That machine looks really clean... Looks like something you might see in a car show..

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