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By skywalker

5 years ago

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Post #4404 The Valinor Strategy Video Posted by CLEllison (9 months ago)

Post #5383 LOTR documentation for silicone rings and LEDs Posted by Daditude (4 months ago)

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#4122 1 year ago

Does anyone find the middle ramp sometimes needs adjusting?

1 month later
#4199 11 months ago

The VUK in my Shire is not popping up the balls consistently. 70% of the time, the ball ends up in the Shire, and stays there until ball search.

Then it usually tries to pop it up, but it ends up not getting onto the wireform, and dropping back into the Shire.

Does this sound like the switch or VUK or both?


#4202 11 months ago
Quoted from Raegor:

The vuk is a switch, replace it. Happens after a while...
Bending it up may be a temporary fix but it'll stop working after a little bit.

Bending it upwards or downwards?

I'll give it a shot before replacing.


1 week later
#4261 10 months ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

Hey, isn't it awesome when you have a long first ball almost getting to DTR and think hell yeah! Then lose the 2nd and 3rd in a matter of seconds!?

Haha, yup that's pinball!

I have had so many games like that on LOTR, I'm surprised I haven't flipped the machine over!

The worst for me was getting within 1 shot of starting Valinor, but the weak flippers wouldn't make the shot up the ramp

I didn't play pinball for a month after that!

1 week later
#4331 10 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Destroy the Witch King is the one I struggle with the most... you really get one shot at making the Aragon ramp once you've made either the Legolas ramp or Merry orbit, you miss it and you're done... only time i've gotten a quick second chance is if I brick a shot into the plantir and it comes right back to my flipper and I make the Aragon shot...
What works for me is the Legolas ramp over the Merry orbit as I'm better at making the Aargon shot from the left flipper... if I do the Merry orbit, I let it bounce form the left flipper to the right one and time it right to fire it into the Aargon shot.
The *best* strategy for me making Witch King though is really to pair it Fellowship Multi-Ball, you are aiming for those two shots through the multi-ball so you can pretty much luck your way into it. I haven't owned LOTR for long, a couple of months now, and I'd say I've completed Witch King maybe twice while not in Fellowship Multiball.
Easiest mode for me would be Ents for sure.

I don't even play it anymore. My odds of finishing it are low, so would rather not bring in a MB with it.

Yesterday I had a game and had 8 gifts and everything finished except ROTK. Poop!

The rules on this game are superb!

3 weeks later
#4380 9 months ago

I was one very last shot away from starting Valinor, and the flippers were too weak to make the ring shot.

It's weird because it made the first ring shot, but the second just wouldn't go. I made about 7-8 shots, and some were very clean.

I also noticed that it's usually easy to make the first ring shot, but not the second. Even if I get into DTR early on.

Any ideas what that could be?

#4407 9 months ago

My strategy has always been to use MBs to complete 3 of the modes for gifts. If that goes well, you can forget about all the other modes and time them out, as the other 4 gifts must come from completing the 3 MBs and DTR.

I know if I have a fighting chance based on my first go at ROTK and DTR. If I F-up ROTK, and I miss completing DTR the first time around, the odds of Valinor decrease significantly.

ROTK is the real killer though. I've only completed it twice, and those two games were one or two shots away from Valinor.

In my opinion, this game in coding perfection!!!

Not sure how Dwight was part of this magic, and now he does games like Munsters

#4411 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

Every time I play this game I am reminded how perfect the code and rules are. You have so much to do, but it never feels like chopping wood at all. I defeated Balrog last night in the FOTR multiball for the first time. I always started the 3 MBs to get to DTR, but I never finished them. Now I’m trying to collect all the gifts from the elves, which requires a lot of skill and a little luck! They just don’t make them like LOTR anymore.

Remember, you only need 3 gifts from modes. It's best to start modes with a MB that has similar shots. For instance, Two Towers with Warg.

After getting those the other 3 gifts would ideally come from MBs, and the final one from completing DTR.

All of which is required to ever get a shot at Valinor.

There is a lot to do in LOTR but the strategy is to not do more than you have to

#4425 9 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

where are you getting the 7th elf gift from? if you complete the 3 mmb you are at 6 elve gifts but you cannot start another ring mode as the next ring shot will start DTR. maybe get to 4 non MMB gifts by a DTR along the way before completing the MMBs?

3 modes, 3 MBs, and 1 DTR. There are your 7 gifts.

Then you just have to line everything up so that the next time you go to DTR, everything is completed, including starting TABA.

#4427 9 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

Ah, makes sense

I seem to always screw up that first DTR, and that makes your chances at Valinor pretty slim. I think I need to upgrade to the medium coils, because I usually drain from a weak center shot.

Also, can anyone confirm, does DTR have to be completed before you start another DTR to get to Valinor? Pretty sure I know the answer, but just checking.

#4430 9 months ago
Quoted from MrKegFlex:

I upgraded to the medium coils and didn't notice any difference over the originals.

Didn't notice that flippers don't get fatigued during a long game?

1 week later
#4473 9 months ago
Quoted from APB_Enterprises:

The Pinball Life ones are far stronger. The ones I offer on here are between the PL ones and the stock ones.

I wonder if anyone reaches Valinor without your coils?

I know I was one shot away, and the factory coils had no juice in them.

I purchased your coils... Just too lazy to install them yet

#4489 9 months ago

Curious to know how you guys find the center ramp shot on your game. Do shots often go up the ramp and right through the ring with power, or do they rely more on the magnet to catch them?

I've owned two LOTRs, and on my previous games, I was doing DTR in 30-40 seconds at best. Now, 1:30 is considered quick on this other machine.

Seems that a lot of shots up the ramp end up just falling down, rather than crossing over into the ring.

I'm thinking either the spinner is impeding the shot, or the angle of the ramp is off.

Any suggestions?

#4492 9 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

It's a SDTM nightmare when the flippers get weak resulting in poor shot at the ramp. The magnet catches the ball a good 98% of the time. Yes, a bent spinner does in fact impede velocity and the spinners wire form does get bent. Go into test mode and spin the spinner and place the ball in the ring. Ensure the spinner switch works without that working the magnet wont come on. Check the magnet fuse. Use a 4 amp if 3 is present.

I put in a brand new spinner, so I think it might be the ramp. Anyone have suggestions on how to tell if it's level?

Can anyone who has one working well perhaps take a photo with a flat ruler showing where it is in relation to the ring opening.

#4504 8 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Is the spinner face angled back at the bottom? If the bottom of the spinner face is angled towards the front it will take some momentum away from the ball.

Not sure if this photo shows it, but here goes....

IMG_20190710_165420 (resized).jpg
#4506 8 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Bingo! When your ball hits that spinner it hits it on the bottom leading edge that is angled forward. That will absorb a lot of energy from the ball, making the ramp shot so much harder. Ideally the spinner should be almost perpendicular to the playfield, with the bottom edge just slightly away from the direction the ball will hit it from, i.e. in this case the bottom edge should be just towards the ramp. Adjust the spinner to that, and then the spinner will no longer absorb as much energy from the ball.

Can you share a photo of yours?

#4509 8 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Unfortunately my LOTR is "on location" at a friend's house, but I've made a quick crude drawing showing the spinner in both configurations. With the spinner bottom edge forward it absorbs a lot of the energy from the ball up the face, following that blue arrow upwards.. In the correct configuration the spinner just spins from the ball hitting it.
[quoted image]

I'm not sure how or where to bend the spinner.

Won't bending it negatively affect the circular motion it rotates in?

The spinner I have is brand new, so shouldn't it be set correctly?

#4511 8 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Slightest bending of the spinner arms is allowed that is needed in many cases. This thread got a few other hints:

How are you bending it to ensure both sides are done equally?

If the spinner was flat on a table, are you bending the arms up or down parallel to the table, or perpendicular?

#4515 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

hard to tell from your photo if you have it but there is also an upgraded heavier duty post for the spinner . ( original post would bend causing spinner issues?) stern service bulletin 154
aukrauts diagram very helpful! will check my orientation tonight
although I get a lot of ring fails or ramp rejects leading to STDM if I do not hit the shot clean I blame it more on my general suckage . I think I probably get some flipper fade over a long game and thinking of changing to upgraded flipper coils but then I will have nothing to blame....

I think I bought the upgraded post and have it in a box somewhere.

I'll have a look to see if the post has shifted. The game is almost brand new, so doesn't have much wear on it.

Definitely need to get this ring shot sorted because it's really getting in the way of my trip to Valinor

#4516 8 months ago

So any suggestions on what direction I need to bend the spinner arms?

#4518 8 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Leave the spinner in place, grab one of the arms with a pair of needlenose pliers, and slightly push the spinner into the direction you want it to move. Don't force it, those arms aren't very big. Next do the same to the other arm. Lather, rinse, repeat until you have it where you want it....


I wonder if it will need pushing or pulling based on the current position

#4521 8 months ago

Pushing the spinner toward the back of the game straightened it out.

Now just have to figure out how the heck to align this ramp with the ring!

#4527 8 months ago

One shot on ROTK away from starting DTR for Valinor... Not the closest I've been, but definitely close enough to blurt out some colourful language.

Still my favorite game of all time. An absolute masterpiece!

1 week later
#4550 8 months ago

Where did you guys get those speakers mods with the ring?

#4568 8 months ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I think you have to replay both Multiballs. But you could just one them out. But have to requalify and replay iirc

You would have to start all MBs to get DTR started, before entering Valinor.

But as Paynemic said, you could just time them out.

3 weeks later
#4672 7 months ago

Thought last night was going to be Valinor glory!

Completed everything and started DTR. Made the two shots left, and then the right ramp. Tried to hit the right orbit and it rattled off the post, came and drained!!!

Sooooooooooooo close!!!

Still my favorite pinball machine ever!

1 month later
#4900 6 months ago

Having issues with making the ring shot. It just doesn't seem to have the juice or the spinner is slowing it down.

I've adjusted the spinner so it leans towards the back of the games bit, but still having lots of shots that just go 3/4 up the ramp and roll back down.

This is the second LOTR that I have owned and the previous one definitely shot better than this.

Any suggestions?

#4913 6 months ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Just the basics. Have you rebuilt the flippers? Are you using upgraded coils?

The game was barely used when I got it. All coils were like new, so figured I didn't need to upgrade.

3 months later
#5465 3 months ago
Quoted from RGAires:

You can check my last video of gameplay on LORD, should i level it diferent, what can i improve?


What coil are you running? APB medium?

Curious to know if most of you getting these amazing DTR times are also using medium coils?

My ramp shots seems weak, even early in a game.

2 weeks later
#5492 77 days ago

Quick question about voltage... Some of my outlets measure around 121-122V, and others closer to 120V.

Could this 1-2V difference affect the power of the flippers?

IMG_20200118_182356 (resized).jpgIMG_20200118_181934 (resized).jpg
#5494 76 days ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

No. US & Canada voltage mains are ~120VAC +/-6%. The AC voltage is converted to lower DC voltages inside cabinet. Measuring the voltage supply at flippers & comparing to spec would be a better indicator.

How would I test power at the flippers?

Multimeter on coil lugs?

#5496 76 days ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

You can read the DC voltage between a coil lug and cabinet ground. (with the coin door interlock pulled)

Noob question... But while game is on or off?

Also, what reading should I get?

And cabinet ground is any ground in the game?

#5497 76 days ago

Just saw interlock pulled... So that would mean power on??

1 week later
#5512 69 days ago
Quoted from Junglist:

Looking for any tips on tightening this post in the picture (middle post). I'm hoping I can do it somehow without removing the whole sword assembly and too many other pieces. I can't seem to figure out how to get at this easily. It screws into a T-Nut under the playfield and it's tight against the sword lock mechanism so not enough room to get at it and put a nut on it.
Thanks![quoted image]

I'm curious about the same.

1 week later
#5548 62 days ago

Can someone post a couple of photos from different angles showing how your spinner is positioned (especially if your game has smooth ramp shots).


3 weeks later
#5607 37 days ago

Anyone use lube on their spinner? Find that the spinner sometimes rejects shots.

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