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The Lord of the Rings LOTR Journey begins here members club

By skywalker

4 years ago

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Post #4404 The Valinor Strategy Video Posted by CLEllison (3 months ago)

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#1864 2 years ago

Nice, where'd ya get it?

1 month later
#1993 1 year ago

Just got one myself.

Has anyone removed the head/playfield and have any tips?

#1996 1 year ago

Anyone know where I can get the CPU 10.02 (U210) chip and the OS 8 Bootflash?

thatpinballplace seems to be down.


#2023 1 year ago

Yea I read that. Hopefully they start at the beginning, some of the stories from The Silmarillion would be great!

2 weeks later
#2083 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Wow! Thanks Neal. I love Pinside.
Mostly the whole game kind of feels clunky - I am going to tighten everything up and see f that makes a difference. I know the game wasn’t maintained the way I prefer to maintain them. Looks like original coils and sleeves (!!) for example.
I read the shaker thread - curious if all that stuff is still available? I’d love to make that a project.
Already bought the new plastics set from PBL, will install when they arrive; I will look at Marco if I still need the supports. Thanks a lot!!

I'm trying to find the roms myself for shaker, will let you know. It sucks that thatpinballplace is still down.

2 weeks later
#2217 1 year ago

yes, more turns means stronger electromagnet

#2220 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

So if someone has the powerful coils, all they need to do is remove windings until they are happy with the strength.

Yes but you should know what you're doing. I don't suggest experimenting with electromagnets, especially when they're so cheap to buy the right version. And you'd have to rewrap with something, they do heat up when in use.

2 months later
#2460 1 year ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

Ok I am in the club now! Just got my LOTR today to keep my Met Pro company...

Brilliant combo buddy!

2 months later
#2827 1 year ago

Sauron was never in physical form during the lord of the rings era.

#2832 1 year ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

He is in the movies even if it is from a story telling perspective:
» YouTube video

Yea a story from a past age, the pin is based on Lord of the Rings, he's in eye form on the translite and above Barad-dur.

But it's your pin just giving my opinion.

#2834 1 year ago

Well, Isildur is in that backstory as well and I'm sure you can find figures of him but I can't imagine putting him in the Lord of the Rings pin. That storyline is backstory from the second age, LOTR takes place in the third age.

1 week later
#2905 1 year ago
Quoted from FlipsMcgee:

Well, that is certainly interesting. It happens to me, but only during Fellowship. What’s the fix?
Edit - Looks like replacements can be had for $30. I will tinker with them then replace if need be.

If you have the cave troll feature on you get ball saves during that, but not once the normal multiball/balrog shows up.

3 months later
#3224 1 year ago

Also check the shooter lane, gimli hole, and shire for playfield damage.

2 weeks later
#3248 1 year ago

Standard Figures Include:

Merry and Pippin on left sling

Frodo, Sam, and Smeagol on right sling

2 Orcs on the right side, one red one black. Aragorn on horseback above them.

Saruman upper left

Gandalf the white on horseback in middle

Orc with head in the back next to Barad-Dur

Ringwraith on horse, top of the sword

6 months later
#4113 6 months ago
Quoted from Jgel:

The switch on the left VUK - shire is not registering 50% of the time all of a sudden. Tried to bend arm a bit but no luck. Any way I can clean this or should I just replace the switch and move on?
I see people using...
the first is what is on now. Any preference?

Same thing started happening to mine. Bending helped but eventually I guess I bent too much and it broke off.

Replaced with fork works fine now.

1 month later
#4200 5 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

The VUK in my Shire is not popping up the balls consistently. 70% of the time, the ball ends up in the Shire, and stays there until ball search.
Then it usually tries to pop it up, but it ends up not getting onto the wireform, and dropping back into the Shire.
Does this sound like the switch or VUK or both?

The vuk is a switch, replace it. Happens after a while...

Bending it up may be a temporary fix but it'll stop working after a little bit.

#4208 5 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Bending it upwards or downwards?
I'll give it a shot before replacing.

Upwards. If you can trigger it with your finger then the problem is the metal fork not triggering the switch when the ball lands there. So bend the fork up to get it to work better, but you'll need to replace it eventually.

2 months later
#4495 3 months ago

I notice that most of you have black flipper bands, mine are red. I'm wondering if they're superbands...

Might try to find some default bands, I think it'd be easier to catch the balls with.

#4502 3 months ago


4 weeks later
#4625 70 days ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Alright I need to rant. What is the deal with people going 5 ball? Seriously why? I'm ABSOLUTELY not the greatest pinball player but I've come close to Valinor on 3 ball and almost always make it to TABA.
Collect 3 extra balls ... 2 with gift from the Elves, one from 7 shots to baldur. That's 6 balls and those playing 5 ball that's 8 balls!
LOTR is meant to be hard.
Want to make it easier without 5 ball? Disable Hollywood mode (balrog use outside of FOTR). On DTR disable the ring holding the ball. For the love of (insert what diety here) nut up and go 3 ball and enjoy the journey or ya might as well pull the glass off. Making it to Valinor on 5 ball is just not an accomplishment. There's a reason why LOTR is considered to be one of the hardest machines ever made.

Cmon dude, if someone spends $6k+ on a pinball machine they can set it to whatever they want, block outlines, 5 balls, etc. it's their money. They might have kids that aren't pros or a wife that plays casually.

Now the only problem comes into play with any future online tournament things I don't know how they'll accomplish that but anyway.

4 weeks later
#4781 40 days ago

Or he bought it at a convention and it was in the tournament.

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