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5 years ago

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#615 3 years ago

One of the things that is cool about LOTR is that the Balrog bash toy is tucked away. It's not in your way on the playfield all the time. It comes out to play with you for 3 hits then goes away to never return as Bash Balrog. It does perfectly come out during FOTR multiball and plays a great role in the alternating shots. Not overused at all. Fabulous implementation.

4 weeks later
#665 3 years ago

Ever notice the LOTR haters always bring up long ball times?

#667 3 years ago

What is the average ball time on a pinball game?
What is the average ball time on LOTR?

I like facts.

#669 3 years ago

I "hear" iron man has shorter than normal ball times. That it is brutal.

Why would someone use this as the "standard" for arguing ball times? Clearly, it is not the standard.

#670 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Ball times seem about right now.

Compared to what?

#677 3 years ago

Extra balls have nothing to do with ball time.

Extra balls may make the game longer.

Everybody confuses what "long ball times" means. Probably on purpose.

Has nothing to do with rules.

Ball time is measured like 1:05 min per ball.

So much bad info from the community. Have to just ignore the lies and hate.

Bullshit like, "I once played the game for 2 hours". Total crap. Totally misleading. Intent is to put the game down.

Average ball time is like 1-2 minutes max. Long ball times is a lie. If not, prove it.

Can depend on the player and how it is set up.

Average ball times per ball. LOTR has average ball times.

#679 3 years ago

It's becoming clear to me that it is the people who OWN or prefer games with VERY SHORT BALL TIMES who are saying this like a broken record over and over and over again.

They always compare it to IM or some other brutal game with ultra short ball times.

They want LOTR to move down in popularity, and these games to be more popular.

Of course if you are in a tournament you'd prefer the game end quickly so you can go home.

A five year old says to a ten year old, "you are old". It's relative.

It's these people who are doing this and giving it a bad name. LOTR DOES NOT have long ball times.

Compare it to an average game. It's average!

Call them out! It's bullshit!

#683 3 years ago

There is some confirmation. A reasonable 1:43 minute average ball time. Just SECONDS above the other games!

I'd like more data from other owners.

Let's destroy this falsehood once and for all.

Then, if confirmed by our proof, let's put together a statement that can be quoted to refute this blatant attack against our game!


Long ball times are a lie.
The average ball time for LOTR is around x mins set up normally.
An average game of pinball is x mins.
Stop spreading false information.

Thank you LOTR owners

#684 3 years ago

Please report your:

Earnings audit 3 Ball time
Earnings audit 4 Game time


3 - 1:19
4 - 4:35

Thank you for participating and supporting LOTR owners.

#685 3 years ago

Look at these LOTR game time FACTS:


#687 3 years ago

People who did not help or worked against the LOTR ball time and game time study:


#688 3 years ago

Fellowship members:
(Helpful people who provided LOTR ball time, game time, or other data)


#691 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I would add that LOTR_breath is a top notch player and does indeed have LOTR on his breath. So his ball times should have been MUCH higher.

Yes. We will consider player and set ups. Thank you.

#695 3 years ago

I expect lots of negativity or hate from some people. This is Pinside.

I also expect helpful people. It's like a minute to get the audit and post it.

Which are you?

#714 3 years ago
Quoted from someoneelse:

Ball times weren't even a topic in this thread

Do people have to get your approval first to talk about LOTR topics in this thread? No, they don't.

You have added nothing to this discussion regarding ball times of LOTR.

You just waste everybody's time like you do trolling the ghost busters thread telling the guy to use an Orc topper for his ghost busters game.

#716 3 years ago

So far, from the limited number of ball time / game time submissions submitted, LOTRs average ball times are not that much longer than most games. Average ball times are are 1-2 minutes as stated by the games audits. Obviously, better players have longer games than average sometimes. And obviously again it depends how it is set up.

Under 5 minutes, is hardly a long game, taken by itself.

On the other hand....

If a tournament director wants to maximize coin drops and payouts for prize money, obviously they want as many ultra short ball time games as possible.

As usual, money is the whole motivation for everything. Forget about how good the game plays. Get those 4 players off that machine so more coins can be inserted!

If not, why not just have a tournament with FEWER longer ball time games? I suppose that is out of the question because money is the whole motive.

#722 3 years ago
Quoted from pauloz:

I run the tournaments

As you said, who cares?

#723 3 years ago

We will just have to disagree then.


Average 1-2 minute balls, per audits.
Average a little more than 4 minute games, per audits.

That's not that long of a ball or game in home use.

I could care less about its use tournaments.

1 week later
#745 3 years ago

Posts about changing a light bulb color...(to a non-authentic color in a non-essential mod mind you)

Please, keep this up. We need this quality content.

#748 3 years ago

Most over used, weak, and inflammatory comment on the forum. Why do you use it?

State why you want to know more about insignificant lighting changes. That would be an intelligent response.

#750 3 years ago

I used three squirts of glass cleaner and a paper towel to wipe my playfield glass.

The 11 x 7 inch, 2 ply paper towel was folded in half. It was a white paper towel, free of images.

#751 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Contents edited

Is this how unprovoked vendors should speak on Pinside?

#753 3 years ago
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