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By skywalker

4 years ago

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#4272 5 months ago

Awaiting my minty HUO LOTR, in the meantime i have been wading thorugh all 85+ pages of this thread.... a lot of good info and at the rate i am going i should be about done reading by the time it arrives!

It already has a bunch of nice mods but does not have the palantir mod which looks great, good to see that pinsider has taken up making these again but the wait list is long so being an impatient man i have been messing with making one for me. thought some trial and error i have gotten something that looks pretty good but will have to await my machine for tweaking and figuring out the mounting.

with a globe the image is sensitive to vewing angle as well as light intensity , . the machine has the led ocd board and if i understand i will be able to adjust the light intensity to just that bulb ? not sure if the ocd board will allow effects such as flashing or twinkling or fades does anyone know about this?

enclosed is one of the more promising options for the projection( tapping a light on my hook for illumination ) , really hard to get a good picture with the cell phone it washes out the lightest area. will post pics of my grail pin when it comes and update on this project for now back to reading page 18!

042 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#4336 4 months ago

received my lotr and have been really enjoying it what a great game. first time i made it through destroy the ring the i thought
the machine was going to blow up!! ! fantastic!

having some occasional failure of the shire vuk switch , i bent it up working for now but new one on the way

installed my DIY palantir , the machine actually had an non original palintir in place, a crystal ball with an loop of glass eye to which a rubber ring and a booby pin secured it to the base, with a colr changing led it looked pretty good. ,. i had the light bulb and reflector made the decal on my ink jet and got a globe and base from amazon , a few hours of fiddling and it is done and looks good to my eye, it is wired to the palintir bulb , so the eye lights up when lit,

i was thinking of adding a second bulb color changing bulb or fire bulb to the base that would glow without the eye when the palintir shot is not lit, i am not familiar with what things are lit when , anyone have an idea?
lotr 021 (resized).jpglotr 022 (resized).jpg

#4338 4 months ago

DIY = Do It Yourself

thanks for the input I have some interest with learning pinduino , this might be a simple application to learn on

#4348 4 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Show caseing some mods a colleague and I have been working on. The path of the dead comes with holes to mount the figures or in a cheaper alternative without has multiple etching options. Sword will be available soon, one pictured is a prototype finish will be a smoother crisper paint
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

both of those look really nice! I have the the etched potd plastic on order, I hope you put the sword handle in the pinside store soon !

#4358 4 months ago

robertstone( or anyone else) would it be possible to supply along with the etched path plug and play wiring for the interactive POTD figures?

#4361 4 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Figures youll have to track down i can take pictures of how to wire it interactive or you can always just tap into the GI

I suck at soldering but have a new iron on the way that might help , please post the interactive wiring thanks

1 week later
#4378 4 months ago

I have replacement flipper coils 2004 machine that have the stock part number 090 502020, they seem pretty powerful particularly with the gimli vuk shot which requires some finesse and a clean r orbit shot comes back quite quickly, the ramp shot is fine when hit clean maybe a little fade with play till destroy the ring and beyond but probably more poor aim on my part

I can't imagine using more powerful coils , I wonder at times whether these are the pbl upgrade coils but they would have LOTR printed on them with the same part number ?

#4389 4 months ago

installed my etched path of the dead mod from rpg models,the machine already had pot mod but it was wired to activate with the trough switch and the leds had stopped working.really wanted the dead guys to light up with the corresponding backboard light so did that as well.

the etching is really nice on the plastic and artistically done to not interfere with seeing the switches underneath. i used warm 5mm leds from modeltrainsoftware.com a great site if you like bright shiny objects in your pins!instead of wiring underneath the plastic i ran the wires down the side and hid them behind the postsfor a cleaner look , soldered some extensions and matrix female conectors on the end. I used matrix 1 smd bulbs with green condoms to power my dead guys . it looks great when most of the gi lights dim when the ball is about to be ejected into the path , the guys glow nice but not super bright , perfect...!!

005 (resized).jpg025 (resized).jpg
#4391 4 months ago

Decided i needed the bling from at least one gold ring under the glass so bought some 99 cent rings from amazon. (ok worked out to$ 5.00 for 3 with shipping), THe front of the cab needed a little something so i put one on a blue shooter rod.still have one more.....

Really enjoying playing playing all the modes destroying the ring ,playing all the crazy ring frenzies elf gifts and taba, i think i will shift focus to more strategy for the quest for valinor!!

003 (resized).jpg027 (resized).jpg029 (resized).jpg030 (resized).jpg
#4400 3 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Joined the club. Beautiful pin with lots of fun mods. Has full LED OCD kit, pinsound+, color dmd, balrog topper, led backbox with eye of Sauron flasher, FF speakers, Palantir eye mod, and many more.[quoted image]

nice ! hope you enjoy it. the only things that baby needs is the decal pack for the palantir and ring targets and shire and maybe the POTD mod!

#4403 3 months ago

those cabinet decals look nice but a huge change as compared to the original cabinet, might be an issue for buyers if you ever want to sell but personally I am not planning on selling mine for a long time !

my tilt topper seems a variation on those decals


#4406 3 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

I was today old when I learned ROTK actually doesn't mean completed when you hear super jackpots called out. Seriously 6 years later and I just learned this.
Also learning to not even try to beat TABA in order to get to Valinor - never thought of that. Duh. Why waste a ball on a score.
6 year owner - never seen Valinor. (refuse to watch the end of this video as I want valinor to be a complete surprise.)

spoiler alert! if this is the papa video he doesn't get there...

My understanding of the valinor strategy is to aim towards getting the 7 elf gifts 3 of the gifts must come from completing the 3 multiballs , the other 4 can come from completing modes ,TABA or destroy the ring . so for elf gift acquisition since only the shots in a mode count towards qualifying the multiballs it probably makes more sense to get the elf gifts from mode completion .

At least TABA times out.... but the DTRs either end with you making it or draining? I just realized this!

I saw somewhere that keefer coded that the ring frenzies will give an extra ball when you get to 3x( 2 shots made?) I do not see that extra ball is there a setting for this?

#4414 3 months ago

It's not cheating with 1 but the 2 ball dtr shot is one of the best shots in pinball!!

Have not had my machine that long but the 1st ball falling out usually only happens when I am flailing along with a 5 minute dtr

I would try tuning everything if you get it frequently before going to 1 ball.

Getting to valinor is quite an accomplishment either way but
1 ball dtr is easier. if I ever get to valinor and am inducted into the valinor hall of fame I don't want this

Pinballjj * *(1 ball dtr)

#4423 3 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

The quick dirty guide to Valinor.
1.) Complete 3 regular modes,.collect gift of the elves.
2.) Focus all remaining efforts on completing the 3 movie multi ball modes.
3..) Once all 3 MMB modes completed, collect remaining gift of the elves BEFORE you DTR.
4.) Destroy the ring one last time.
5.) Kind of out of order but DO NOT play TABA... stall ball on flipper and run out the clock
6.) Get to Valinor.
Seriously, I wish I had known this like forever ago. So help me God once I beat LOTR it's getting sold.

where are you getting the 7th elf gift from? if you complete the 3 mmb you are at 6 elve gifts but you cannot start another ring mode as the next ring shot will start DTR. maybe get to 4 non MMB gifts by a DTR along the way before completing the MMBs?

#4424 3 months ago
Quoted from drummermike:

My tip decal is clear. You can see the striations in the metal sword through the decal.

it is clear but I think the shading is biased for an underlying silver sword, it probably would like fine with the gold sword as well though

#4426 3 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

3 modes, 3 MBs, and 1 DTR. There are your 7 gifts.
Then you just have to line everything up so that the next time you go to DTR, everything is completed, including starting TABA.

Ah, makes sense

2 weeks later
#4500 3 months ago

ok so i found a few areas to jazz up with some smd strips or small leds, added a color led and glare guard as well

orthanc warm smd strips from comet underneath and color changing led ( rectified ) by model train software
have no idea how to improve the contrast the leds look washed out in the cell phone pic but look great in real life!
012 (resized).jpg

added red strip light underneath, i wish i could say i can now hit the shot regulary under the pressure of the waning seconds of war of the ents but it did not help!023 (resized).jpg

did the lighted gandlf staff mod

added sauron and lit his war club and put a "breathing" led on barad dur, put spot with a fire led behind the ringwraith on horse to illuminate barad dur and sauron 040 (resized).jpg

lit the faceless face of the ringwraith
046 (resized).jpg
added a hobbit size dagger to the top of the aragon sword, was going to just use the handle but it is a perfect length to use the blade too
045 (resized).jpg

017 (resized).jpg
#4501 3 months ago

dont' know if there any deadheads but for fun messed around with a different image for palintir ,(thinking of trying a smaller globe with a more standard eye of sauron as well), i could see gandalf painted to look like jerry garcia holdin a lit joint in place of the staff and a replica garcia guitar on top of the aragon ramp!

033 (resized).jpg038 (resized).jpg024 (resized).jpg
#4513 3 months ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

I would have gone with Led Zep due to their Hobbit tie-ins 'The Battle of Evermore" and 'Misty Mountain Hop'.
GD and Hobbit tie-ins are lesser known. (Such as - Phil Lesh named his 2002 studio album There and Back Again. etc.)

great link, I would never desecrate my beautiful LOTR merely pondering . I think retheming an older game to a grateful dead or allman brothers theme with some of the 60's psychedelic artwork or eat a peach artwork and a song package would be cool .

#4514 3 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Not sure if this photo shows it, but here goes....[quoted image]

hard to tell from your photo if you have it but there is also an upgraded heavier duty post for the spinner . ( original post would bend causing spinner issues?) stern service bulletin 154


aukrauts diagram very helpful! will check my orientation tonight

although I get a lot of ring fails or ramp rejects leading to STDM if I do not hit the shot clean I blame it more on my general suckage . I think I probably get some flipper fade over a long game and thinking of changing to upgraded flipper coils but then I will have nothing to blame....

1 week later
#4534 87 days ago

welcome! I went with a color led I thought it fit the overall game lighting and theme better , as well I had concerns with the dmd screen not being bright enough in a sunny room . installed a glare guard from comet that definitely darkens the display as well , had to turn up the led brightness to 8/9 to compensate, led looks great , dmd looks good too, although some of the settings look a little blobby to me

#4548 86 days ago

all the really nice mods are listed good call on a color dmd and palantir probably the 2 best , I would rank ledocd and potd mod next , lots of things you can light up with some different sizes leds and some matrix bulbs from comet . this shaker kit from pinballshakers looks interesting as well!


#4556 85 days ago

had a good game last night with a chance to get to valinor , had 5 elf gifts and TT and ROTK multiballs completed along with TABA ,choked at getting the last 2 members across the bridge on FOTR mb !! completed DTR for a second time but then drained working on requalifying FOTR,

If I had restarted and then completed FOTR would DTR start or do I need to restart TT and ROTK again before DTR?

#4571 82 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

You would have to start all MBs to get DTR started, before entering Valinor.
But as Paynemic said, you could just time them out.


1 week later
#4621 72 days ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

It's been a long journey, but I'm in the club.

longer journeys await on the road to valinor! congratulations on your acquisition!!

#4624 71 days ago

I say let people set the game to whichever whey they enjoy! valinor is meant to be a big challenge but for some skill levels at 5 balls or more they may never get there anyway.

I have my machine on factory 3 ball , I think you must be decent if you get to taba most games ,where are you getting the second extra ball for elf gifts?

I saw in papa tutorial comments from keefer about getting extra ball from the ring frenzy modes after so many shots but I don't think I have ever got one there

1 week later
#4659 64 days ago
Quoted from Digduglus:

Anyone have suggestions for powdercoating LOTR? Im doing a playfield teardown soon and would like to do both at once. Would love some pics suggestions on color matching

I like the hammered bronze look, see post 4639


#4660 64 days ago
Quoted from auspin:

Thanks for all your help guys, I used that app and I am happy with it. Out of interest how do I know if the bubble is installed backwards?

It look correct, there is a small lip on the bracket that faces the shooter lane when installed correctly as yours is. for fun unscrew it and flip it around and see if the bubble is anywhere near your app reading

#4662 64 days ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

To link to a post:
The post number at the top of the post is a link.
Open that link in a new tab, and copy and paste that url here.
post 4639:

got it!

#4670 62 days ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

Can anyone tell me if the game saves your progress in the multiballs. When i play a multiball again does it pick up where I left off in terms of progress?

Yes ,although I think for rotk and tt not to the exact shot made so for example if you have made 2 3/4 shots you will restart at level 2 when you restart

#4677 60 days ago
Quoted from Kronlar:

Looks like I should get to pick up one of these next weekend. Has been on my short list since I got back into pins 5yrs ago. Pretty stoked.
Time to go back and read 94 pages of this thread. Don’t foresee much productivity at work this week...

Haha, I did the same thing when I was waiting for mine back on page 86 or so. Budget your time as you will also need to review interesting side threads on cool mods and other topics as well!

1 week later
#4702 53 days ago
Quoted from jlbintn:

Where would I get this figure? A search returns many Twilight Frodo's, but not that one. Thanks in advance.[quoted image]

tht would look good with a 3mm led making it glow from behind!

#4725 52 days ago

If it had a 5 amp fuse in it and it says on the power supply to use a 5 amp ,it would seem a good idea to replace with the same.

The link you supplied say use an 8 amp but I would be careful with that without an explanation of why to overfuse.

Throw in the 5 amp fuse and get back to playing! If it keeps on blowing there is another issue

1 week later
#4770 43 days ago

thanks to sparky I have a new bright shiny object in my LOTR, took off my sword ramp mod...but it is fun to watch during a lull in action while playing. I have a few other ideas for the frame graphics I might try

20190831_080623 (resized).jpg
#4777 41 days ago
Quoted from paulbmathews:

Can anyone post a picture of the connections to the two white boxes just inside the coin door of the LE. Mine were disconnected while installing the shaker. Thank you!

not sure if you mean the safety interlock area or the coin slots . If you post a picture of what you are referring to I am sure someone will be able to provide a picture with the wiring or help you out .

#4779 41 days ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Joined the club last night with a beautiful HUO.
[quoted image]

nice, enjoy it! is it unusual for a huo to have the tournament topper?

another option to dress up the sword ramp is the nice handle from rgp!

have fun learning the rules by playing! I think it will be a challenge without at least some glass off confirmation of things that don't come up that often.

#4787 39 days ago

installed the ring of fire mod. check out the videos it is a great looking mod and a totally cool effect when the ball is trapped in the ring and the colors oscillate , i would put it right up there with the palintir and path of the dead mods !! worth the wait for mezel mods to get back in stock or direct from maker niro pinball in france.

also switched the graphic on the micro sd to a " warg battle" scene that seems to go with the warg and ringwraith theme of the right side.

my gimli vuk switch went bad , awkard bugger to replace!

021 (resized).jpg017 (resized).jpg
#4794 38 days ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

The fire mod looks like a great mod. I wondering if I can install this with the other mods I have without any power issues arising; speaker lights, path of the dead, pinsound board, volcano mod, the blinking eye mod in the backboard, laserific topper and Jays palantir mod. Should there be any issues?

I have all that (minus pinsound) and more,I don't think you will have any problems

#4800 36 days ago

after taba all the ring modes are available to be played again completed or not , prior progress is not saved

4 weeks later
#5003 7 days ago
Quoted from taylor34:

Couple pics
[quoted image][quoted image]

interesting idea, I wonder if you might see more pop outs from the ball hitting at a higher speed the back of the shire vuk ?
visually it looks not so much LOTR , did you 3d print it? maybe go for a cobblestone pattern , or I was thinking maybe a clear plexiglass ramp with a decal on the undersurface might look good.

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