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The Lord of the Rings LOTR Journey begins here members club

By skywalker

5 years ago

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#181 4 years ago

I have recently picked up an LE. Having now put a few months worth of evening games into it, I heartily applaud anyone who has ever made it to VALINOR. It has become my quest. I think it has been a lot of fun to start figuring out the modes and shot progression. I have gotten a few of the available mods to do - did the palantir mod which looks awesome and the have the lighted POTD mod. If I understand the directions correctly looks like I might have to make some drill holes underneath the playfield. That makes me nervous but I drilled the ramps on my Tron Pro for the Eli ramp kit so I am sure I can handle it. I also got the figures to place around (like in the standard edition) but seems like I would have to gorilla glue them in place or I might have to drill the plastic for plastic zip ties - hesitant to do either of those. And to be honest, I am not sure that I even notice mods when I am playing. Anyway, happy to be a member of the LOTR club and hope to join the VALINOR club someday...

Update: I have been playing LOTR very regularly and while I do get a rush from the Destroy the Ring Mode, the fascination with this game is wearing off. I don't think Valinor will ever be realistically achievable for me. I fear that it is going out in a trade soon - one of my grail pins (Monster Bash in a restored version) may be coming available so there it is...

1 month later
#237 4 years ago

Copied from a thread I started - realized I should have rightfully posted it here:

So Trent Augenstein comes over today to fix an issue on my Medieval Madness and we decide to play a couple of friendly games to check it out. I end up beating him 18 million to 14 million. Mind you he was testing the replaced components and I was trying, but still a win over a Top 5 player is a win over a Top 5 player. So then he had some time so I asked him to show me some tips and strategies on my LOTR LE. Ball one he drained faster than I usually do and only had 140,000 score. BALL 2 HE ROCKED ALL THE TO VALINOR!!! He did have a couple of extra balls in there but it was a thing of beauty. I was asking him questions at the start and then I realized he was really getting deep into the game objectives and so at one point I said, "Hey you could make it Valinor." He said, "Yeah, I might." So I shut my mouth and got out my phone and got it on video. I asked him when it was over how many times he had made it before and he said maybe 2 or 3. This was one game to show me a few tips. I got a full-on tutorial and a display of skill that was unbelievable. Game time 75 minutes. Final score was 725.3 million. I am still in awe...

3 months later
#309 4 years ago

I finally destroyed the ring - 2 minutes flat... awesome light show - for me this and there and back again (taba) are the wizard modes within reach at my current skill level - it has me really fired up to make it to Valinor -it may take me 10 yrs but I am going to make it there someday...


1 year later
#1710 2 years ago

Traded out my LOTR LE a year and a half ago. I have decided that LOTR needs to come back in. Hopefully resuming the journey to Valinor soon...

1 month later
#1826 2 years ago

Back in the club and, this time, will hopefully not be dumb enough to let it go again. My quest for Valinor resumes...

20170822_201013 (resized).jpg

4 weeks later
#1919 2 years ago
Quoted from Dbaum88:

Hello....I didn't want to search whole thread -
Does anyone know how to adjust wire ramp over Gollum VUK cuz the ball pops up and then falls back down in Gollum hole, over and over. thanks!!

I have the same problem - not just one or two launches but more like 5 or 6 failures in a row -but it makes the gollum multiball super easy to start...
Need some advice please.

#1942 2 years ago

Destroyed the ring for the first time since getting LOTR back in my collection. I had forgotten what an absolute rush this game can be forsuch a long playing deep game -truly a masterpiece of a game. It is never leaving this time.

20170929_203526 (resized).jpg

20170929_204327 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#2016 2 years ago
Quoted from pipes:

Based on what I’ve read on this forum over the past year that I’ve been here, it seems that the vast majority of people that get rid of their LOTR end up regretting it. I hear that with this particular game more than any other. IMO, it’s a special game that was made at a special time. It doesn’t feel as though any corners were cut and I get the sense that every effort was made by Stern to produce a quality game. That’s something you can’t really say about most games. This one is a keeper.

Yup, I sure regretted it --> so it's back now and not leaving. And hopefully, I won't be dumb enough to let it go this time around.

3 weeks later
#2176 2 years ago

I think that you can make the argument that LOTR is the greatest pinball machine of all-time. It requires strategy, has flow yet requires shot-making with shots that change, a deep ruleset, great dots with excellent sound package, interesting modes with several mini-wizard modes, and an immersive & well integrated theme. I understand the love for MM, AFM, and MB but if we are being honest LOTR just outshines them all. Really the only weakness I can think of is that upper playfield which just could have been better. It is back in my collection and never leaving again...

7 months later
#3134 1 year ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

The quest for Valinor is no more.
It was the best feeling I’ve had getting to a Wizard mode, and I’ve been to some good ones, this was arguably the hardest.
When I knew I had everything lined up my nerves kicked in. I had DTR lit but, I had to finish twin towers multiball, so I back handed the shit out of the right ramp to get 3 sets of KEEP locks and these were mostly shots on the fly, not stalled! You have to be so quick to do this. Finished it and grabbed a gift another gift just to be sure.
DTR time. I’ve been here before, I’ve hit that ball in the ring and drained shortly thereafter, but not this time. I tried not to over think it, balls just hanging in the ring, made the 4 shots good and boom.
Soft plunge to the right flipper and wouldn’t you know, I hit that ring twice, hit the ball again but did not jar it loose.
Regain composure, and this time it was dead eye, pop!
Destroyed and Valinor mode and music begins. My work here is finished.
Amazing game.

You should post your achievements in the Valinor Club thread... Now claim your rightful standing with the elite few.

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