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4 years ago

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Post #4404 The Valinor Strategy Video Posted by CLEllison (5 months ago)

Post #5383 LOTR documentation for silicone rings and LEDs Posted by Daditude (20 hours ago)

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#4404 5 months ago

I was today old when I learned ROTK actually doesn't mean completed when you hear super jackpots called out. Seriously 6 years later and I just learned this.
Also learning to not even try to beat TABA in order to get to Valinor - never thought of that. Duh. Why waste a ball on a score.
6 year owner - never seen Valinor. (refuse to watch the end of this video as I want valinor to be a complete surprise.)

#4421 5 months ago

The quick dirty guide to Valinor.
1.) Complete 3 regular modes,.collect gift of the elves.
2.) Focus all remaining efforts on completing the 3 movie multi ball modes.
3..) Once all 3 MMB modes completed, collect remaining gift of the elves BEFORE you DTR.
4.) Destroy the ring one last time.
5.) Kind of out of order but DO NOT play TABA... stall ball on flipper and run out the clock
6.) Get to Valinor.
Seriously, I wish I had known this like forever ago. So help me God once I beat LOTR it's getting sold.

#4431 5 months ago

Funny amazing story. I bought a complete LOTR replacemt plastic set specifically for the shire plastic. Somehow I managed to.lose this piece. A couple years later I'm taking a load of crap to the dump. As Im unloading the crap, I look down and I'll be damned if the shire piece wasnt laying there. Couldnt believe it. I have NO freaking clue what happened let alone how it got there. I appreciate the adding posts and rubbers post. Very helpful. I do believe the shire plastic gets hammered from a poor Aragon ramp shot where the ball ricochets off the rubber posts and slams into the shire. I'm considering doubling the plastic and using belly button style pop rivets to secure with.

#4443 5 months ago
Quoted from latenite04:

Have you installed it yet. If not any chance you could scan it?

No I have not installed it yet. Was considering trying to reproduce these just not sure how to go about it.

#4444 5 months ago

Pulled the trigger on full LED conversion. Installed the LEDOCD and the Gizmo board. After installing the Gizmo board I had several lights stop working. I tried jumper settings and to no avail. Pulled it off and lights working again /shrug. Anyway trying to not make this a clown puke mess I used green, red, yellow and white. Creating contrast best I could. The difference in being able to see the ball is astounding. Literally had the best game ever. Collected 10... yes 10 gifts, dtr beaten twice, beat TT and beat FOTR once. Freaking could NOT beat ROTK. Let TABA time out. 3 attempts to beat ROTK. End of game. I ran into a code bug after getting past collecting all the gifts. When you collect the "7th" gift all gift lights stay lit so you have no idea what you're given (which sucks because you cant smack sam around to change it). After I lost the ball then the gifts reset to normal. /shrug
Here's the list of what I used for LEDs.
I had way too many white 555s so you can drop that to maybe 75? Left 906 bulbs as incandescents.
Comet pinball is the source (cheaper than their kit). All standard LED type and LEDOCD board (ordered from Herg)
100 white 555 (super bright clear natural white)
6 green 555 (frosted)
7 green bayonet (clear)
12 yellow bayonet (clear)
10 red bayonet (clear)
20 white bayonet (clear)

20190628_184819 (resized).jpg
#4445 5 months ago

Ack... repost

#4447 5 months ago
Quoted from Waxx:

LEDOCD has been on my mind for a while similar to Pinsound but just haven't pulled the trigger.

I added LEDs without the LEDOCD and it hurt to even look at this game. Sharp nasty flashing. It sat powered off until I bought the LEDOCD. I'd do that before pinsound. And I fully agree ... I do want a pinsound now that there's an alternate sound package.

#4453 5 months ago
Quoted from Fastfred:

Thinking of adding LED's and was wondering which ones (package deal) I should get?

Kits are dumb. Seriously a huge waste of money that you could spend else where like buying the LEDOCD board so it doesnt send you into a seizure. Just make a list of how many bulbs, color and form factor and order them. Cometpinball is where I buy. I personally dont like colored bulbs under inserts so ordering standard bright LEDs for inserts and using the board programming to dim down where needed and using frosted bulbs in spots such as under the lower rail guard and slings to diffuse the light looks fantastic. Dont buy ghost busters, only standard. My .02

#4462 5 months ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

Hi all
I am wondering about the barad-dur eject on my game. It always ejects softly and the ball ends up in the ORC lanes. I saw on youtube that the PAPA game always ejected stronger over to the Orcanth tower. Is that what you all see on your games? The coil is nice and clean and I put in a new sleeve as well.

That's not behaviour. Play on.

#4463 5 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

That's not odd behaviour. Play on.

#4480 5 months ago

All.parts came in, time to get my poor mans pinstadium built! This setup is fantastic. Gameon with sensor run into Barad Dur plugged into the service outlet. 12v RGBW LEDs. Follows the GI going on and off and even better when I power off the game thaley shut off as well! No need for extension cords or nasty wall warts. Played with the color remote and out of all the settings blue and white looked best in my opinion (Also showing a pic with green with white with white turned down). The lights showing on the lower right hand side are the playfield GI light reflection.
20190706_204537 (resized).jpg20190706_203828 (resized).jpg20190706_110603 (resized).jpg

20190706_203334 (resized).jpg
#4487 5 months ago
Quoted from Filmstudy:

How do I find a circular switch similar to yours? Do you have a part number?
Thanks for your help.

I have found time and time again that when the fork switch appeared to be bad, after I replaced it I used a meter and sure as hell the switch checks out good.
I've learned that by pressing the armature down against the switch and then bending the forks up to the point of when released the forks barely set below the play field. This ensures when a ball lands on the fork it assures to get activated. I realized this after my 3rd VUK issue/replacement. Been solid for many many games over many many months now. Try it out. It's absolutely free

#4490 5 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Curious to know how you guys find the center ramp shot on your game. Do shots often go up the ramp and right through the ring with power, or do they rely more on the magnet to catch them?
I've owned two LOTRs, and on my previous games, I was doing DTR in 30-40 seconds at best. Now, 1:30 is considered quick on this other machine.
Seems that a lot of shots up the ramp end up just falling down, rather than crossing over into the ring.
I'm thinking either the spinner is impeding the shot, or the angle of the ramp is off.
Any suggestions?

It's a SDTM nightmare when the flippers get weak resulting in poor shot at the ramp. The magnet catches the ball a good 98% of the time. Yes, a bent spinner does in fact impede velocity and the spinners wire form does get bent. Go into test mode and spin the spinner and place the ball in the ring. Ensure the spinner switch works without that working the magnet wont come on. Check the magnet fuse. Use a 4 amp if 3 is present.

#4491 5 months ago

Last night I collected all gifts of the elves for 2nd time ever. The machine went into what I believe to be 4 iterations of ring frenzy (based of audio and pf lighting). Multi ballad on each iteration. Shot the ring made the completion audio and started another one. Is that normal?
And when those modes stopped, as the ball came out of the pops I heard Gimly say, "You got double points!" First time I've ever heard that as well.

#4496 5 months ago
Quoted from Raegor:

I notice that most of you have black flipper bands, mine are red. I'm wondering if they're superbands...
Might try to find some default bands, I think it'd be easier to catch the balls with.

Red is more pliable and the power transfer is greater from flipper to ball however more difficult to dead stop balls. Everything is super bouncy making ball control more difficult. I personally use red and just learned to become a better player lol.

2 weeks later
#4537 4 months ago
Quoted from Digduglus:

Any mods i should be looking for? Toppers?
Thank you for the suggestions, im already addicted

LEDOCD board. LOTR is a seizure inducing LED mess without it. Shaker motor from pinball life is an awesome edition as well. LOTR is also fairly dark. Either buy pinstadium or make your own. (I made my own for under $100) that also shuts off with the game and works directly with the GI.

20190706_204537 (resized).jpg20190706_203821 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#4623 4 months ago

Alright I need to rant. What is the deal with people going 5 ball? Seriously why? I'm ABSOLUTELY not the greatest pinball player but I've come close to Valinor on 3 ball and almost always make it to TABA.
Collect 3 extra balls ... 2 with gift from the Elves, one from 7 shots to baldur. That's 6 balls and those playing 5 ball that's 8 balls!
LOTR is meant to be hard.
Want to make it easier without 5 ball? Disable Hollywood mode (balrog use outside of FOTR). On DTR disable the ring holding the ball. For the love of (insert what diety here) nut up and go 3 ball and enjoy the journey or ya might as well pull the glass off. Making it to Valinor on 5 ball is just not an accomplishment. There's a reason why LOTR is considered to be one of the hardest machines ever made.

#4626 4 months ago
Quoted from Raegor:

Cmon dude, if someone spends $6k+ on a pinball machine they can set it to whatever they want, block outlines, 5 balls, etc. it's their money. They might have kids that aren't pros or a wife that plays casually.
Now the only problem comes into play with any future online tournament things I don't know how they'll accomplish that but anyway.

LOL. yes you are absolutely 100% correct! But to see people talking about how far they got on 5 balls grinds on me a tad. Youre in essence cheating! As far as getting to taba, not that I personally do this but start a mode, stall the ball, let the mode time out, collect 3 rings, start the mode, stall the ball... wash rinse repeat... play TABA. LOL. I'm a humble and funny guy. To each their own. But if a person plays 5 ball, they lose bragging rights.

My "skills" .... I have NEVER reached Valinor in 6 years. I have played a 45 minute game. I have NEVER "beat" ROTK. My highscore is 312 million. (Way above twin galaxies record and I am the epitome of average player). Pretty damn ridiculous and so help me God the day I reach Valinor that machine is going up for sale!

2 weeks later
#4708 3 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

[quoted image][quoted image]


Seriously that is how you get cancer playing pinball

#4709 3 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Seriously that is how you get cancer playing pinball

I think tonight it down will help your neighbors sleep at night

3 weeks later
#4834 83 days ago

Here's an idea. Other than a certain powder coat the only thing I'm aware of that will glow blue under a black light is quinine. If a person can get their hands on it (it is a prescription drug) you could either grind it into powder and mix it into clear coat and paint the blade or after rattle canning clear coat onto the blade you dust the blade. Now that would be cool as hell.

4 weeks later
#5028 54 days ago
Quoted from cerberusdog:

I am apparently an imbecile. My LoR periodically puts out an alert on the DMD that says "Attn.Operator #4 VUK" error. I cannot find a #4 VUK anywhere in the manual or the forum. I'd love to know which it is. The game still works. I believe it is the top right saucer but have gotten the message with ball in upper left tower vuk. I just want one on hand if it goes. If you know which part in the assembly is bad that's awesome or where to get a new assembly if I need a whole one. The model numbers for all vuks on LoR are out of stock online.
Also: What is the part number for the leaf switch inside the balrog? It has been adjusted and worked properly for about ten games and now again doesn't register hits very often. I already know from the previous adjustment that its always in contact and not a matter of being gapped too far to register hits. I just want to replace the switch. I have the proper switch tool but like i found on my iron maiden newton ball that just replacing a jacked up switch is sometimes easier.
As you can see I am not well versed in electronics nor manual reading.
Thanks for any help

There are 4 vuks. Shire, baldur, orthanc and gimli. It's very likely gimli causing the issue.

1 week later
#5075 46 days ago
Quoted from taylor34:

I've tried both 1 and 2 ball, neither works. Magnet works fine. I think I'm going to have to reset the game to factory settings to see if wiping everything will fix the issue. I feel like there's some sort of bug in the game caused by whatever is setup now. I was actually able to cause some sort of weird bug when testing this all...I got a replay when testing this, DTR ended and the game went back to normal (without actually doing the sequence). Does DTR time out after some period of time? I never thought it did, but maybe it does...the fact that it coincided with the replay makes me think it's a bug.

DTR does not time out

#5134 41 days ago

I have the shaker from pinball life. It uses the exact same setup as the LOTR LE. Aka game code based. I don't see much point of using anything else in a game it was literally designed for and works perfectly. My .02

#5189 37 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I can’t recall, but what are the code-based triggers? Balrog hits I believe, what else?

Many mode based triggers. A "few" examples:
March of the Ents. Succesful shots and completion of mode.
Shot to baldur
DTR completion
Basically every mode utilizes the shaker in some fashion making it superior as it's not based solely on a switch.
For games that weren't originally offered with a shaker the other product is a fantastic option.

#5205 34 days ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Just got finished with a topside teardown, cleaned, waxed, new titans, and 2SMD comets in sunlight white. This game was a bit more difficult then what it looked to be! Gonna do LED OCD board tomorrow. This will be my first time installing one. Anything I need to know? I saw something about connecting it to a computer or something?

Most of the time the OCD boards default settings are perfect. You generally only need to fiddle with it if you have any bulbs that are ghosting or if you don't care for the bulbs default characteristics.

1 month later
#5360 3 days ago

I'm a pretty damn savvy player, having owned my LOTR for ~6.5 years now and I still have NOT made it to Valinor. The day I make it is the same day it goes up for sale.

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