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The Lord of the Rings LOTR Journey begins here members club

By skywalker

5 years ago

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Post #1907 Service bulletin noting lock down bar change Posted by Jarbyjibbo (3 years ago)

Post #4404 The Valinor Strategy Video Posted by CLEllison (1 year ago)

Post #5383 LOTR documentation for silicone rings and LEDs Posted by Daditude (10 months ago)

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#2426 2 years ago

Hey hey, just joined the club ! plenty of things to do, but seems to be a fun game.
Just 3 things to fix quickly :
- ball missing the left wire ramp exit and jumping on the outlane after hitting the glass, any idea ?
- ball leaving the path of the dead, i've seen multiple mods, will go for an easy one to protect Arwen
- ball missing the center wire ramp when exiting the VUK next to balrog, any idea ?

3 weeks later
#2501 2 years ago

You can use shipito..

#2520 2 years ago

Question about pinsound.
When you boot the piball, is it working directly, as the classical stern board, or is there a delay for the pinsound to initialize?
That's a point that would distinguish pinsound and raspisound for me, as the latter one has a 20 sec boot delay..

1 week later
#2532 2 years ago

Ok guys, will need some wisdom here.
My dad was playing on LOTR, and after one hour, shire VUK became ultra weak, not even able to throw the ball.
Then, nothing else worked.
I shutdown then restart. F21 blow.
I had a spare fuse, installed it, It worked again on coil test, but when the game was launched, suddenly blew again with a nice smoke coming from under the playfield.
Bottom bumper coil just burnt and fuse down !

As i was suspecting tranfo or diode dead on this one, i just cut the wires of this dead coil, and restart.
No more fuse blown, but coils 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11(obviously, as i cut this one) are not responding at all. all other ones are ok, flippers, flasher, slingshots..

What could be a root cause of all these coils to be out ? I've got my 50V, F21 fuse is ok..
can it be a simultaneous kill of 5 transistors ??

any help appreciated, i will for now just take the cards out and check them, but i wonder if there might be a common component or wire to check in addition.


#2535 2 years ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

Just take that bumper coil out of circuit. You want to temporarily remove the single wire. If you cut the daisy chained double wire, you will take out all cooks downstream.


Thanks, i did that already, but keeping the wires altogether, so i am wondering how it is possible that 4 coils are down in addition to the burnt one..

#2536 2 years ago

Some additional testing..
My Yel-Vio wire is not good.
I have two distinct circuits with the same wire

Coils 1, 3, 4 and 5
Coils 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

are supposed to be all on the same 50v line, and that's not the case.
I've spent 30 minutes looking after the location of the possible connection between these two loops without success.
Any help appreciated, as i don't want to do a dirty bridge between coils 1 and 2..

EDIT: NOOB ERROR.. These two circuits arz connected at the j10 driver level.
Driver board reinstalled. Circuits are connected..

EDIT 2: i've got 76 VDC on my 50V, is it acceptable ??

#2557 2 years ago

worth any penny

#2570 2 years ago

Is there anyone using a sdb004 from rottendog in their lord
My driver is not so pretty, and i'm considering the swap.

For the fun, i found my lord recently, don't know its history but surely a working machine for location.
I was testing coils, and found that diverter near orthanc was not moving.
In fact, the machine was never updated, following service bulletins, and the specific sb147 was never done.
That means that no one before did Destroy the ring on this machine, as the gandalf loop could not be made, going to orthanc was the sole shot..

So luckily me, i will be the first one to destroy this ring

#2575 2 years ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

I've got the Rottendog board and it works well. I had a lamp matrix short-issue and the sdb004 reproduced the behavior exactly.

Good to know, thanks

#2594 2 years ago
Quoted from talking_goat:

Also, that Pinbits plastic piece for the sword area COMPLETELY fixed the magnetization issue I was having. Just a general note!

How does it look like, can you do a pic ? Thks

#2618 2 years ago

A good poll subject...
How many destroyed the ring
How many went to Valinor

1 week later
3 weeks later
#2701 2 years ago

That's a challenge

#2713 2 years ago

I like it too, feel free to share your files

1 week later
#2781 2 years ago

Spraynard nice ! You should never play again and sell it now

#2800 2 years ago

One guy in our group recently picked a lotr gold still NIB. Yes, it exists.
No price discussed..

#2805 2 years ago

I have both LOTR and TSPP.
You can't do a bad choice, long ball time for each.
LOTR puts more adventure feeling
TSPP needs more focus, eyes everywhere between toys. Simpson is a bit cheaper.
Both are killer machine, often quoted as the best modern Stern

1 week later
#2933 2 years ago

I would go for a Whirlwind over a Twister..

#2942 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Ohh ya be nice to have links to certain mixes

link is in the first lines of the webpage

#2950 2 years ago

To all people playing with pinsound studio, do you know if the standard pinsound board allows no to drive a shaker via the extension port ?
Would be good to have more shaking opportunities than just Balrog..

4 weeks later
#3076 2 years ago

Man, they are nice !

2 weeks later
#3137 2 years ago


6 months later
#3712 1 year ago

I don't know about a production year, but there are 3 different playfield tint if I'm correct.
that's a first selection criteria.
and I can tell you that this will be a long journey , LOTR is a keeper for me.

#3736 1 year ago

i'm at the same stage. waiting coils to ride again !

1 month later
#4072 1 year ago

wow, these one are beautiful. I've PMed sillyoldelf if it would be feasible to have a new batch produced, if some other are interested, we may group the request ?

#4086 1 year ago

thanks !!
right on time where I'm redoing my lord.

#4089 1 year ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

The sillyoldelf blades from UK pretty but are on very thin, nonlaminated material. I ripped mine trying to install without completely removing playfield. Ive installed 4 other blade sets with no issues. wouldnt do them over again.

argh, just when I was considering a purchase. what about adding a side blade protector over ?

#4091 1 year ago
2 months later
#4339 1 year ago

Hi, I would like to share with you our current fundraising to purchase brand new pinball machines for our local Children's Hospital, they would replace the actual machines I've placed with my wife.
Share the love and don't hesitate to PM me for details :
all details :

2 weeks later
#4392 1 year ago

Hi Guys,
not sure it has been mentioned here, but there is an ongoing PIN2DMD colorization effort here :

I'm planning to set it up asap

#4413 1 year ago

Quick poll :

DTR setting #35 : set to 1 or 2 balls ?

I've set mine on 2 as it was designed this way, but I can't destroy the ring as ball falls down instead of going through.
Is it cheating to use 1 ?

1 week later
#4467 1 year ago
Quoted from latenite04:

Get a good scan of the plastic so you have the artwork. Trace the outline of the plastic and any mounting holes on a sheet of paper and scan that as well, you can use that to create an outline file to have the plastic laser cut. It always helps to have something next to the plastic for size reference, a ruler works well. The scanned art will probably need to be cleaned up but then you can print it on water slide decal paper and apply it to the plastic. The results usually look pretty good. There are options for direct print to plastic but I've never looked into them since they seem expensive.

CLEllison if you do that. I'd be happy to get the picture. Mine is broken too

5 months later
#5416 10 months ago

I put the medium coils and I decreased the power with the 3 coil settings
Perfectly tuned and long lasting.

3 weeks later
#5478 9 months ago

Wow, that's really great.
Well done!

#5484 9 months ago

Any advice to avoid additional damage?
New balls, playfield cleaned,.. Mylar ?

IMG-20200108-WA0000 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#5514 8 months ago

Hey guys,
technical question about Destroy the ring.
My game is set in DTR 2 balls but i can't manage to destroy it easily. Most of the time both balls falls from the ring or one go through and the other one takes its place.
Do you confirm that both balls ahe to go through to validate DTR ?
If so, any tips to improve the shoot ?
I've got he medium coils, the flippers plays really well.
I think i'm loosing a bit of speed at the spinner, but not so much, any recommendations on this?
Also, the tips of my central ramps are not longer sharped, there is a small sphere at the end, my that affect the ball power to go through the ring ?


#5517 8 months ago

Thanks, need to check the second switch.

#5528 8 months ago

Same here, again both balls hold by the magnet.. So frustrating

#5533 8 months ago

Switch behind the ring was not registering the ball, might be the issue

I'll tell you once I have fixed it.

#5535 8 months ago

Rotten dog boards can do anything..

#5539 8 months ago

Switch behind the ring was guilty!
Dtr is now working with 2 balls as expected

DSC_0278 (resized).JPG
1 month later
#5630 7 months ago


What's the best option to fix the palantir switch from going back and throwing the ball in the air, above flippers ?
I've read about an alternative fixation, from Capcom but was not able to find that, in Europe at least.

#5634 7 months ago

Yes, it's bent.
Any reference for a replacement?

#5636 7 months ago

Thank you

#5639 7 months ago
Quoted from MrSmiley:

Part number is 535-6452-00
There is also a complete Kit but changing the part should to the trick.

seems not the bracket behind the target, this ref points me to a VUK bracket ?

#5643 7 months ago

Thanks a lot

#5651 7 months ago

A metal file?
Interested in some guidelines or ref as mine as also these bubbles

1 week later
#5697 7 months ago

change the switch at the right behind the ring. This one fails and creates this issue..

4 months later
#6289 89 days ago

Bye Bye the club.
I sold my LOTR for a Turtles.
too long solo games, versus family friendly coop mode.
I know I'll miss you, but pinball is even better when pleasure is shared
enjoy !

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