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The long rant thread

By JohnnyPinball007

12 days ago

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#1 12 days ago

I confess at times I was clogging up the confessional with some long rants after a few Nattys.

Some people loved my long rants, and some people hated them.

So all the haters can just skip this thread, while I promise to no longer mess up threads you like.

Please, no one liners here, if you want to post here be extremely long!

Anyway, I have not noticed any postings from iceman, colsand, o-din, and a few others lately. Damn I hope everyone is doing well.

I have been selling some games, and the one I said would be my casket was sold also. JJPPOTCSE. It did have some pooling which never bothered me, and after 1600 plays it never chipped or had any issues. The main reason that I sold that game was from reading everything here making me so paranoid. All the comments about JJP does not have parts in stock, and thinking about just how complex that game is, and how hard it may be to work on later, I had to let it go. That is the best and most complex game ever made IMO.

After being able to get several games nib and playing each one anywhere between 500 times to over 2000 times, I have settled on 2 keepers. TWD pro, and OKT. For me those 2 games have everything I like in general. We loved playing every new game for a while, it has been a fun ride.

Honestly, currently we are hooked on Golden Tee. If that game had a adult setting, I would be so happy. "Jim, did you just see that stupid shit player one tried to pull"? Man if this game would say a few cuss words it would be so funny. A little funny anyway, with comments like "he made it to the green, but it is a 5 dollar cab ride to the hole".

And if LTG reads this, YOU ARE AWESOME! You have gave me great advice in the past that worked, and so many times I have seen you helping everyone on here. If you are ever in my area there is a great seafood place 2 blocks away that I want to buy your dinner.

And to hit the rewind button: at first I was just here, not a member, looking at the top 100 and reading comments to decide what nib I may want to try. No places in my area to play, if I wanted to try a game I would have a 3-4 hour drive at that time. And all that did work pretty good. It was after my 3rd nib I decided I needed to become a member here, in case I wanted to sell a game later. About 9 months later, ready to sell my GB pro, and that was a train wreck at first. And that was the first time I ever used the forum, and got awesome comments like "well, you are new here", and "well, you have not posted anything here, so no one knows you". Man that was awesome and woke me up into participating in the Forum, I love the Forum now!

And wow has this worked out so awesome. I have met so many awesome people here while selling my games. AND, I have even sold one game so far, and maybe another soon, without even listing them for sale. BUT, I will never short Pinside, the sales have came from being a member here, so if/when I sell a game through contacts here, I always will donate to Pinside.

And about me, I have a flip phone that does not have internet, I can read texts but no way I will even try to type anything on that tiny phone. And I love that tiny phone.

I am so glad that I found this site a few years ago, and I hope to be a part of it for a long time to come.

And please, if you want to add to this thread, KEEP IT LONG!

#2 8 days ago

This will be shorter than normal because while ago I burnt the shit out of my right hand while heating some frozen Buffalo wings in the oven and trying a new way of flipping them easier. (and no, Natties had nothing to do with that).

Probably on the 15th Natty now, needed for pain. And I confess I keep smelling my hand because for whatever reason vanilla extract is supposed to be good for burns, and not sure about all that, the ice seemed to work better, but the vanilla smells better than burned flesh big time.

As far as games, currently selling a MET premium to make way for a ping pong table. Yes, I have gone 100% crazy now.

MET was awesome for 2000 plays, always fun to fry Sparky, and those metal ramps I was just so dialed in on and could hit over and over. The only bad thing I can say about the game is that while it does cuss, I wish it had of cussed more, sometimes it was just a tad tame. And, while it did have a few songs I love, there were other songs I wish they could have had in the game.

I am just one of those people that get bored after 800-2000 plays on a game, buys nib to start with, and gives a deal to the next buyer.

As far as the decision to get a ping pong table, I kind of liked those, have not played in 10 years, and my girlfriend also wanted one so we can get more exercise.

We used to get exercise going to amusement parks and walking around and riding roller coasters, now we are not interested in being around crowds.

And there is a 18 hole frisbee golf course that is free 3 miles from here, and a year ago I bought 2 frisbees and we have still not had time to do that yet.

Not to mention the boat, lucky if it gets out 2 times a year for several years now.

Boats are a pain in the ass if you do not use them much. The first 5 years when getting used a lot it was always good. Not getting used much the batteries are always dead, will not charge back up, and that gets expensive.

IMO the only thing worse than a boat is a swimming pool.

BUT, Jacuzzis are good, not much work needed and always ready to heat your sore muscles and massage them.

AND, mostly pins are good also, maybe a game that has not been turned on in a year still boots up under a minute and ready to play.

And I have to say that while on Natty #20 now, while my hand does not look better, it is starting to feel better.

And please, if you want to add to this thread, KEEP IT LONG!

#3 7 days ago

I confess that while ago I paid a great repair guy to install the new chip on Golden Tee to give me a lot more courses to play.

A simple task for most, but in the last 35 years I have known that I can not handle tiny parts(screws, etc.) my hands just cramp and I drop stuff, and I did not want to chance messing up this tiny chip.

And after burning the shit out of my right hand last night, I played 2 games of Golden Tee left handed while ago, and that is so awesome, I did great!.

You have to have both hands to play a pinball machine, but you can play Golden Tee with one hand if needed.

Oktoberfest is awesome with the way they did the flippers so that you can play totally right handed.

All pinball companies should take note about what AP did, and have 2 flipper buttons on each side of the machine so if you are injured, or even missing a limb, you can still enjoy pinball. (AP only did it on the right side with Oktoberfest, but that was a first, highly innovative and creative, and I hope the entire industry will take note and expand this feature).

And honestly, at times I have been practicing writing, eating, etc. my whole life with my left hand at times, so that when there was a injury with my right hand I could get by ok.

Hell, if you are right handed, for the hell of it try writing or eating with your left hand, awkward as hell, but with practice you get better.

I never watched much baseball, but the players that could hit left handed or right handed was what first inspired me to try to get both hands more equal.

Sometimes that will mess with your mind though. Once you get your hands pretty equal, there are times that I have to think about which hand will do best with the angles and whatever of what I am having to work with.

And cool as ice, while ago I made a double eagle left handed, I have never made one of those in hundreds of games right handed. I big time noticed my brain was really kicking in, and trying to really help my left hand with the right hand injured and not useable. (and that was a brain thing, only on my 2nd Natty at the time, so no way was beer a factor).

And I confess that I am glad I left the confessional thread, because I was messing it up with my long rants I did not know when I was doing that. (I think the first time I ever seen that tread someone else had just left a long rant so I was hooked. Later I seen that no, it started out with just one liners).

I am not here to pee on anyone's whatever. I just try to be entertaining, and helpful when I can. I like to try to make people laugh after I have had a few beers. (and I try to make people laugh also, when I have had no beer).

Because of all I have currently going on, and all I have already been through, without beer I am pretty much serious and short.

But, after a few beers, I relax, chill out, and can talk to anyone about almost anything.

And by no means am I a total dick when I am not drinking, I am still nice and polite, but after a few beers, I am relaxed and the real me.

Some people after a few drinks want to fight. Some people after a few drinks want to start all this "I love you man". I have never been that way my entire life.

For me, a few drinks is I remember all of a sudden something that will make you laugh that I had forgot about for 20 years.

And no, I am fine.

My current schedule has me getting up at the crack of noon tomorrow, but after that I am looking at some 5 in the mornings so I will not be up this late goofing off.

I did once have a 9-5 job when I was a teen, that lasted 6 weeks. I could not handle that(now maybe in the porn business I could have had set hours and been ok though).

I am fine with 5am, or crack of noon. Although I can cut up more and stay up later with the noon time.

And I am getting older or something, because the old crack of noon joke never works anymore, I still get up a lot earlier than I want to, when I don't have to.

I confess that I would love to sleep until the crack of noon, like I did when I was younger. But no, my brain will not let that happen anymore.

I always thought it was weird how all these seniors was up so early eating breakfast in area restaurants. I was like what the hell, they have no place they have to be, they are retired, why are they up so early?

I get all that now. I am getting at that age. I see first hand what my system is doing.

When you are young, you stay up late and sleep as late as you can.

When you get older, you want to stay up late and sleep late the next day. BUT, your body will not let that happen. You end up getting up a lot earlier than you really want to, BUT then you have naps to make up for it.

And when I was young I thought old people were crazy for getting up at 6am, and then having a afternoon nap.

I totally get it now, all this crazy shit is not by choice, it is all just what your body and mind does as you get older.

Getting old sucks! I hate the way I am starting to get. I am still awesome!, but my body and mind are like f you, you Will get up now, and later you Will have a nap now.

And my Mom, awesome!, best Mom a son could ever have. Getting sad. She is in great physical shape and stays active with a whole lot of things...but her memory lately...she knows she just had a meal and is full, but if I ask her what she had for dinner, she does not remember.

Mom may remember what she was doing 6 years ago, but can not remember what she ate 15 minutes ago now.

Dad passed a few years ago, and he was the opposite. He could remember everything, but his body went to where he could not move or do anything his last months.

I helped take care of my Dad for years, and as long as I stay able I will be taking care of Mom now.

And anyone that actually read this far, once the short term memory loss stuff kicks in with a loved one, the worst thing you can do is say something like I just told you this 5 minutes ago. A friend gave me this advice from dealing with his Mom, and I asked my Mom about it, and she said yes, I did not know my memory was getting so bad, and you being short saying I just answered that question 5 minutes ago was hurting me.

I am doing the best I can. I was able to help with Dad for years, and now I will be also helping Mom for I hope many years.

And while I still have some fun and have a few beers like I have my entire life. It does hit me now, seeing how I have helped my parents, and still am with Mom....I am screwed...I never had any kids, never wanted any, so who is going to take care of me later?

But, at the same time while I have been a good son and helped my parents, if I had of ever had a wife, I may would have already lost half my shit by now, and no guarantee a kid would have turned out awesome and helped me in my older years.

My girlfriend cried while ago, she has grandchildren she has never got to see or hold, her son did not even call her on Mothers Day, and it is all about the woman her son married just messed everything up. Her son married the bitch from hell, and he is stuck, I have seen what was going on first hand with what that wife does to the family.

And I really like the Forrest Gump movie, with the whole thing "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get". Not sure that is what was said, something close, I love that movie, a shame that my lady was never into it or got it the way I did.

Basically, shit happens, man up and deal with it the best you can. And in my case, with no kids, hope that your good deeds lead to good karma when I am older and need help myself.

I hope this is my last long rant for a while. I hope it will help someone, or at least make someone feel better.

Just keep it long, this is the long rant topic.

#4 7 days ago

Worst thread topic ever.
Long rant over.

#5 7 days ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

Oktoberfest is awesome with the way they did the flippers so that you can play totally right handed.
All pinball companies should take note about what AP did, and have 2 flipper buttons on each side of the machine so if you are injured, or even missing a limb, you can still enjoy pinball. (AP only did it on the right side with Oktoberfest, but that was a first, highly innovative and creative, and I hope the entire industry will take note and expand this feature).

Just get an EM in the era where they used impulse flippers. You can use either hand!!

#6 6 days ago

Just throwing this thought into the open.

All the time as I pass by storage places I always see campers stored there. For the hell of it I looked up the prices, and people are paying around 150 a month to store their camper.

Hell, I have plenty of space, and fenced in and private, park your camper for 50 a month here and save yourself some money. I am serious.

Just crazy how much some people spend to park toys, I want in on some of that.

#7 4 days ago

I recently read that I am more likely to be in a traffic accident within 5 miles of my home, than anywhere else, so I have decided to move. (I can not remember who said that).

Why do they call them apartments, when they are so close together? (Gallager)

I liked Galager however his name is spelled. The watermelon smashing was a tad stupid, but he did say some funny stuff.

I am glad I did the pizza poll, I had been thinking of giving Dominos another chance after years of not trying one, so ya'll saved me some money from that.

And I know first hand that the small Mom and Pop places have much better pizza than the chains, there just are not any Mom and Pops near me that I know of.

I am all for supporting small business, but if you want 18.00 for the same thing I can get from Pizza Hut for 10.00, it better be pretty damn special.

However I would pay a Mom and Pop 12.00 for a decent pizza that PH sells for 10.00.

I am over 50, and for the last 30 years I have tried to do my best to buy products made in the USA, even if they were a tad higher.

One time I needed a specialty tool, Lowes had them from 125.00 to 250.00. I went right to the 250.00 thinking it must be USA. No, all 3 were made in China, and I bought the mid line 175.00 one. No USA made one and that disappointed me.

And no, I am not one of those people that just bash China and say their stuff breaks the first time you use it. I know first hand a lot of my made in China tools have been very good and lasted for years without any problems.

I just try to support local manufacturing. And if it came down to the USA one looks like it will break soon, and the China one looks solid, I will buy the China one.

Long ago I dated a girl that I thought was kind of weird because when we did road trips, she would almost run her car empty and she would wait until she got close to home to fill up. I asked why she did that stupid stuff, and she said she wants every tax penny going to her local government that she can.

And after hearing that, once when my local government pissed me off, I would drive a extra half mile so those assholes did not get any sales tax from me.

Right now a lot of people are doing some stupid shit. I get all that, but there are much better ways to go about things.

People are all over the news protesting cops, and in the meantime you know these cops are getting paid overtime for all that, so the protesters against the cops are actually helping the cops make more money.

It will never happen, but if people really wanted cops to all lose their jobs then everyone would just be nice and peaceful, and never do anything bad. And damn that would be a great world, if we were all so awesome to each other in the first place that there was never any need for a cop.

I 100% agree there are a lot of bad cops out there, and a lot of bad people period.

I really think in the end karma takes care of most all that.

I know all about karma. A few mild things I did as a teen that kind of bit me in the ass later kind of made me smile a very long time ago, and say I will always be the best I can from now on, and I never want to be in any trouble, or cause any trouble.

I am just neutral, while I see some wrongs in the world, I just have no clue how all of a sudden people will just burn a Starbucks or whatever. What did Starbucks do?

In the meantime we have a few bad apples out there. Some bad apples are supposed to be trying to do good, while others never have any plans to try to be good. And it is not a race thing at all, there are good and bad in all races.

It does seem to be a age thing though. I am over 50 with gray hair, and I never seen anyone on tv that looks like me doing the protesting and burning stuff. They all looked to be in their 20's.

And, I like to take road trips and I like to drive fast. I did awesome for 12 years and was never pulled over. I would slow down in areas I thought they may hide. BUT, the couple of times I did get pulled over, I knew I had messed up and I was just as nice as I could be. One time that got me a warning, and the next time I got a high dollar ticket.

AND yes, from tv footage I have seen about cops, I am terrified of them myself, and I never do anything wrong except speed when I think I can get away with it.

BUT, when I have to deal with police(the last time being they were on my dead end street lights going, I walked out after 15 Natties and said hey, what is going on?, and they were looking for a missing autistic child that lives behind me, and wanted to search the lake next to me, and I helped them and they were all very nice. I do have the easiest access to that lake, and they were glad I was helping, and never said a word about my buzz or beer in my hand, because I was chilled, on my own property, and helping them). They were cool as hell, and I also showed them other areas that I had seen that kid get in, so I was helping and all was good.

Long ago the police was looking for a fugitive at that lake, and I also helped them at that time, probably 20 Natties at that time.

I do get the other side. Once, 30 years ago, while I was trying to help the police about a burglary in progress, 911 asked me to stand at the road to direct officers to the place. The first car was un-marked, and that cop jumped out and tackled me. I said are you with the police, he said yeah, I said I am supposed to point you to the crime, and it is over there.

That always pissed me off that that cop, nor 911 ever apologized for me getting tackled, but, the business owner thanked me for years, and anytime he was around any of my family he would say what a fine man you raised, I am so glad Johnny was there to look out for my business.

And back to real time 2020. Umm, I think a lot of people have forgot we have a virus going around...and they seem to be a tad close to each other.

AND, all of this is just what I have seen, or lived myself.

Please everyone, take a step back and stay chilled out. This world is getting too crazy for a old man like me.

#8 3 days ago

For whatever reason, I liked some country music a very long time ago.

One song I remember was the Oak Ridge Boys, talking about trying to love 2 women.

I am at that point now, but in a weird way.

I love my girlfriend, but she has to go out of state with her Mom a lot to keep her Mom happy. (her mom is whiny and a pain).

My Mom lives with me, and she is the nicest person you will ever meet, one reason any one that knows me personally will tell you that I am very nice.

My girlfriend is awesome, but not sure anymore. Being around her Mom she becomes more like her Mom and I can not deal with that.

In the meantime, now that my girlfriend is away for a week, my Mom is all over wanting to spend time on the new ping pong table, watch a movie, and maybe try Gallaga, or Golden Tee.

My Mom is awesome, we only had one conflict my whole life, and I have since regretted the way I acted, while she just forgot about that anyway.

Mom is in great shape, except for her short term memory. 10 minutes after having dinner she can not tell you what she just had for dinner.

I was able to help with Dad for years, and in the end he was basically in the den in my house wearing diapers in a hospital bed, and I hope with the help of my girlfriend, my Mom also can always stay here.

At the same time I will also help my girlfriend with her Mom, but mean people live forever, so her Mom will probably outlive us all.

It is true, the good die young. BUT, I still have no clue why I am even alive, I have been pretty damn good.

It has to be the Nattys, I think they are the fountain of youth that are keeping me going.

At the same time I thought I was fine, but went to take a leak and I am running into walls, so I guess it is time for me to crash for the night.

Wild what beer does, relaxes, can still think and type fine, but the legs and everything else is like I am done, try to move me, you will just hit this wall.

(17)? (that is a old joke someone started that I thought was funny).

In the meantime, we are all getting older, take care of your parents as they age and need you.

Sadly my girlfriends Mom just treats my girlfriend as a slave, while my Mom is hell yeah, I finally get to spend more time with Johnny and try some of his games, but 5 minutes later, she does not have a clue what she just had for dinner.

AND, I have learned, when a loved one gets like this with short term memory loss, the worst thing you can do is get short and say I just told you this 5 minutes ago. Not only do they for real not remember, but now you have hurt their feelings throwing it back at them.

We all start off in diapers and have to learn everything when we are young, and then when we are very old we end up back in diapers and can not remember anything so we always feel like we are still learning, and sadly at that point we are not.

I wish all of you the best always, and I will always try to give any info I can here.

I mostly have no clue about how to fix your pin, but sometimes I have been a tad helpful with that.

I do see how life works, and I may can be helpful with that.

All I know is I am going to try to enjoy the life I have for as long as I can, and whether just being able to be entertaining here, or helping Mom or anyone else to also enjoy life, I am here for as long as I can be.

(and when I used to post stuff like this in the confessional, I would say sorry for the long rant).

When eventually someone else posts a long rant here, I hope it is not all sad or anything.

Damn Mom is still so awesome but her memory loss is just so sad.

And damn my girlfriends Mom is just so mean that she will cause my girlfriend to lose her mind soon.

BUT, so far so good and life is awesome.

(and please take time to help your parents, we are getting old and they may need a hand).

#9 11 hours ago

I am so glad that I sold some pins to make room for a ping pong table.

While ago I tried to get Mom to try Golden Tee, she just watched me and said it looks fun, but I will never remember any of that.

I tried to get her into Pole Position 2 racing, she did ok, but she was tense. I made a new high score!

I tried to get her into Galaga, she said it looks fun but it would hurt her wrist.

Mom used to love my pins, but after she had eye surgery she said they hurt her eyes, and never played again.

BUT, when I gave up, and said do you want to play some more ping pong? She lit up YES?

Sadly she can not remember what she had for dinner 15 minutes ago, a bad short term memory loss, but physically she will wear you out chasing the ping pong ball.

And I think ping pong is actually helping her with her memory loss problem. She seems to be starting to remember what she did that messed up with a serve or shot, and is getting better.

Priceless my 77 year old Mom is having fun and saying "shit, I hit that too hard". Or "sorry, I hope that does not leave a mark on you".

I am glad that I was able to help with my Dad for about his last 20 years. He had tons of problems, went blind, strokes, diabetic comas if not watched close enough.

Now I am taking more time and helping Mom, because she is at the point I know I need to be around for her.

I really wish she could still play pinball, because she loved it for a very long time. But now, after some eye surgery she had she says the lights hurt her eyes.

Mom and Dad gave me a awesome childhood, and life, and I have already paid back Dad, and now I am helping Mom to have the best time she can.

Anyway, if your parents just sucked and you was ready to get the hell away from them as soon as you could...then rock on, never look back.

If you had awesome parents, and wanted to stay close and help when they need you...then do that if you can.

I am glad that I have been able to help my parents as needed.

The first thing I did was the most financially, in 1992 Dad went bankrupt, lost everything. At the time I was doing ok and looking at buying a condo on the beach.

I dropped the condo dream and bought the family house I grew up in from the bank, so no one would have to move.

Life has been a awesome roller coaster ride. Great ups, sad downs, but evens out.

Still in the house I grew up in, but has a damn cool story behind it: (and a nice layout)

When Dad first moved to this area, his first job was the post office delivering mail. One person on his route had a house he really liked, and that guy had a restaurant called "the dwarf house".

Dad liked that house layout and told the owner Truett Cathy how much he would like to have a house like that built.

Truett Cathy was cool, and gave Dad the plans to his house, and in the end, we are in the same style house, built from the Ckik-fil-A founder Truett Cathy.

(this was happening in 1966, 1967, right before I was born). The house was finished in 1968, and I was one month old when we moved in.

Dad somehow went from a mail carrier at the time I was born, to a successful construction company owner hiring many employees, until he sadly got dementia at a early age and lost everything.

And I confess there have been many times when I wanted to go try to strike it rich, but I always said no, I never want to mess up like Dad did, and lose everything in the end.

And if anyone local reading, you will love this...remember back in the 80's going to Greater Southern on Marrietta Blvd, and taking a pin in to get worked on, or Billy there to sell you something new.

Billy was awesome, I hope he is here and reads this, this was many years ago. but anyone in the 80's in this area knew Billy.

I was lucky enough to have a few pins back in the 80's.

Anyway, unless they totally sucked, and wrecked your childhood, please take care of your parents!

They need you now!

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