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Who are the Kings of Klunk?

By FlippyD

4 months ago

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#1 4 months ago

We often talk about how smooth a game plays or how much flow it has.

But what about games that are KLUNKY?

I'm not talking about klunk or klunkiness as a negative term here. It's a form of entertaining chaos and often increases the challenge of a game. It can also be comedic at how ridiculous some of these games are designed. Indeed klunk adds the funk to a lot of games.

I'll get us started with two nominations for THE KING OF KLUNK: Lord of the Rings and Barb Wire

Lord of The Rings is by far one of the klunkiest games I've ever played. The ball drops out of the path of the dead like a toddler throwing a toy at you... Who knows where it might land?! Then you've got the ring shot, which is super satisfying when you hit it, but most of the time you don't and the the ball will bounce and klunk all over the place. Oh and what about the sword ramp? It's deliciously klunky when you hit it, representing a shield bash followed by the stab of the sword. Already a top rated game, LOTR is my front runner for The King of Klunk.

Barb Wire is a game I have less experience with but wow is it klunky! The ramps will give you massively chaotic airballs. It might hit the glass first, then hit fatso, bounce over some plastic garbage, then straight down the middle! Klunktastic! Being a Gottlieb really adds to the klunk!

What are the klunkiest, funkiest, brickiest, and wildest games you've played and why do you love them?

#2 4 months ago

Totally agree with you about LOTR! Great example of some klunk being good sometimes. Same with the Demogorgon shot in STh.

Whirlwind can be really klunky sometimes, but it's definitely by design. The playfield is cramped with shots and posts close to the flippers, the tornado target in the center launches airballs everywhere, and the stand-ups on either side of the right ramp ricochet quickly down the middle. Hitting the side ramp rewards you with a ball plunked directly onto spinning discs next to an outlane or right above the flipper gap.

I feel like Stop-and-Go style games can be klunkier without it being a drawback as long as the klunk adds to the funk when incoporated into the design. WW has two large rubbers on either side of the lower playfield to help you regain control and bouncing into the Cellar scoops during the chaos gives you a quick break before a safe-ish feed back to the flippers. It's obvious that Lawlor understood how to encourage players to at least try to control the ball and make shots just through the geometry of the game.

I've often heard Iron Maiden and Batman '66 described as klunky too. I don't necessarily disagree, but they're two of my favorites and I think it's interesting that their playfields are at opposite ends of the design spectrum. Elwin continually nails the Lawlor cramped layout theory of klunk and horizontal motion whereas Gomez gets his klunk funk with tighter shots further away from the flippers on an open playfield so that any miss has a good angle towards an outlane.

#4 4 months ago

Ghostbusters. /endthread

#5 4 months ago

ghostbusters. Houdini.

#6 4 months ago

I have only played it once but No Good Gofers with the slam ramp shot. That’s some fun klunk!

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