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The Jetsons Revealed

By ZenTron

3 years ago

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Post #17 additional confirmation from PinballStar that this is a contract game Posted by PinballSTAR (3 years ago)

Post #29 Pics as of 1/30/17 are prototype only Posted by SpookyKT (3 years ago)

Post #514 Interesting numbers ! Posted by PinballCompany (3 years ago)

Post #659 Jetsons gameplay video from TPF Posted by ngoett (3 years ago)

Post #666 Jetsons play field close-up shots Posted by Jeremy8419 (3 years ago)

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#371 3 years ago

I was about to order one, if the price was $4000. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me at $6000 since I have no idea if the gameplay/rules will be to my liking. Just a bit of a stretch to me.

If they had a full working game with video rules etc. maybe I could see, but just as a shot in the dark not interested. Sad that you'd need to pay more if you wait and see.

For the life of me, I don't understand the 300 limit.

I think Jetsons is a fine theme, but I'd rather have Speed Racer

#431 3 years ago

My reservation would be if the code was too shallow for well experienced players, great looking game for novice players kids or older folks I'd bet.

#463 3 years ago

One ramp is a demerit and really can't imagine a second ramp would cost much at all.

#467 3 years ago

Did I say that? Maybe $20 on a $6000 machine.

I'll let them sell it to their target audience.

#527 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballCompany:

You are not far off. Let me help you...
Cost to build is actually going to be close to $3800 per machine after adding toys and finishing touches. The license cost for 300 machines is in your range (good guess). Assuming an average selling price (1/2 at wholesale and 1/2 at retail) of $5875 and that 1/2 of the customers will pay by credit card, that takes another $27,000 in credit card fees. We also have advertising costs and warranty costs. The total return of the project is a roughly $400,000 over 4 years if it is successful. Keep in mind, we have been paying out money for R&D and license fees for 2 years already.
If you want to put up $500,000 of your money to build a pinball machine and sell it with no profit, that's your choice.
If you want to buy the machine but think the price is too high, call us to work out a trade or cash price like many other Pinsiders do.
As for why 300 machines? It is all that we can reasonably get built before the license expires. By then, they will all be sold to happy buyers.
Calling someone greedy suggests they are being selfish with their choices and that's just rude. I have a tough skin and like who I am as a person, so it really doesn't bother me that you think I'm greedy. I did this project for all the families that call me wanting something for the kids to play and their feedback means the most to me. I would love to sell the machine for much less, but it wasn't in the cards.

thanks for your openness and I think you are doing a good job at helping us to understand.

I am may or may not be a potential buyer. My question is, what type of rules will be involved? Is there a framework such that a skilled player can still be challenged at the same time having enough front end fun for lower level players?

I'd give PotC as an example where there are maybe 4 tasks to complete (aside from ancillary tasks like x many pop bumper hits, or hit the stand up targets one time each.). But aside from 4 tasks, being able to stack modes of multiply jackpots (such as combo rewards) that would bring an advanced player higher points.

So it's easy to get started, but to get all the real tasks completed takes a bit of skill and would be rewarded with a full blown wizard mode that would be rewarding to a skilled player.

I am not against the layout (maybe similar to Avatar without the toys) but if the rules are good, and considering a game like WNJM sells for $5k, I think this would have some good value as a novelty and rare machine so long as it's got acceptable rules for a more advanced player.


#529 3 years ago

just a further point (IMO) to me having one of 300 pins (total) is more valuable than having a SLE or LE version of BM66 which is just about meh to me, since if successful I'd just as soon have a pro/premium.

I realize that 60 SLE and 240 LE are the same as 300 Jetsons but then you factor in an unlimited pro versions.

#532 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballCompany:

I wanted the rules and layout to be simple, but by all accounts it is super fast and will keep you wanting more. I think it will be enough game for most pinball players. I can't wait for more and more people to play it and give their feedback!


I am trying to understand. Example, PotC is very simple, I could explain it on the back of a napkin (if I wrote small) IM also quite simple but there is extra nuances if you want to play more smartly than simply just lighting all the inserts..

Do you know for example will it have Wizard modes, multi balls, and maybe feature adjustments like a real pinball machine which can be tweaked as needed?

also, is the price including shipping?

#538 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I thought I mentioned rules several posts back.

Rules work for what the lay out is. BUT, if people truly hate them, I have no problem rewriting the rules.
Rules are as follows
You have to collect all the characters. Outer orbit (orbitty), targets(george), pops(rosi), loop back(elroy), spinner (left astro), ramp(judy), Jane(lower lanes)
Collecting all characters starts orbit city MB. Rinse repeat by collecting the characters while in multiball, using the newton ball to collect jackpots.
Lanes above pops grant a mystery award, and multiply end of ball bonus.
Left scoop 3 times to "lock" balls, then shoot spacely captive to start cogs vs spacely. Shoot left scoop a couple time to release the captive ball. shoot captive to activate jackpots, collected from newton ball.
Right spinner will be a super spinner type scoring .. spinning it up to advance the points. Score may be related to how many characters are collected.
eep opp ork activates when you beat cogs and orbit city. This will be a take on collecting XX about of switch hits.
Then there's Jet Screamer.. Activates, when eep op ork, orbit city and cogs have all been beaten. Rules not fleshed out yet, but you may be force to collect X amount of random characters, locking them in the captive, then releasing with jackpots shots.
Another take on jet screamer would be to collect 2 or more characters again.. using left scoop or right captive(most likely) to start mode. Depending on how many characters you collected before starting, determines your jackpot amounts.

thanks a lot.

I wish Stern would give half the feedback you guys are giving

2 thumbs up

#566 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I know it would probably turn into a logistical nightmare; but in theory could 300 guys get together to make a pinball machine for $4,000 to $5,000?

If we got enough guys together on pinside it could possibly be done maybe pinball company or someone else as an intermediary

#603 3 years ago

I'd grab one for $4000 if they don't sell @6k

#630 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Me too, but doesn't seem like an option though. I'd like to lose 10 pounds too, that outcome looks certainly unlikely.

$6k plus shipping seems like a lot of coinage

#633 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Agreed ...look at what awesome fully loaded pins you can get for 4800-5k shipped ..... twd, met, st, got and tons of others .

Can get a *loaded* Lotr for less I've seen TH for not too much more.

Jetsons would be good for the novelty low run, but seems just ok in terms of theme and layout. Hit GEO RGE targets mm Kay.

1 month later
#661 3 years ago

Probably a great game for little kids, too bad it's not using assets from the TV show or movie as jjp did with TH.

Looks like the modes involve spelling all the characters names.

#682 3 years ago

I wouldn't assume these will sell out even 300 units is a lot for a subgroup of an already small pinball hobby these may be rare pins indeed.

I bet 90% of the world does not even know pinball machines are still being made (or care).

you have to find 300 people who satisfy *all* these characteristics

1) will spend $6300 (I'm adding shipping) on a pinball machine (more in other markets)
2) like The Jetsons (can't be that many people from above group)
3) are satisfied or prefer an empty layout or basic rules

likely 95% of pinballs trade hands at less than $6300 and the other 5% is fighting between the high end pins and premium or higher NIB pins and The Jetsons.

#684 3 years ago

I will add the art looks very cool.

this will probably sell to people with very large collections who don't worry the price and would like to have a unique machine in their collection.

#686 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Remember rai, these aren't for Pinside. I'm sure they'll sell all 300 to non-pinheads.

I',m sure *some* Insiders will buy.

I see, but do many non pinball enthusiasts own pinball machines?

I have met some that are not pinheads and they they have one pin like an old Getaway in their basement or an old EM that doesn't really work that they inherited from their dad. But I have yet to find anyone who is not into pinball who had bought a $6300 pin.

I was just saying from Pinside it would have to be the mega collector.

#700 3 years ago

was the game available to be played? I'm surprised only one person posted, maybe we're not the target audience is right.

#704 3 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

Yes; two of them, playable. Played a single game on it.

can't say anything about the game?

#721 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

It has sold. Spooky was contracted to build it for The Pinball Company.
LTG : )

I hope it's successful and maybe can see more contract pins in the future. This entire run is just $1.8M dollars.

Maybe in future small runs games like Predator could follow a similar path.

1 month later
#728 3 years ago
Quoted from Jjsmooth:

Played Domino's at VFW. I don't care who is sponsoring these machines, spooky is putting their name and reputation on them.
Not good.

Quoted from wdpvideo:

Played it at the TPF. Was a horrible game. Great title (Don't see allot of kids titles in pinball) not taken seriously. Worst design ever.
I think Aspen would be more popular. Sent a friend over who was really wanting to play it. Told him don't waste your time if anyone is a head of you. Did he listen? "NO" waited and walked away on the 3rd ball. I ask, "should I ask what you though"? He's response was "I would have been better off waiting in a long line for a hotdog". Game is so bad! There's not real fun built into it. Thrown together IMO.
That Allen town Jetsons would have been worth a quarter.

We're not the target audience.

8 months later
#754 2 years ago

My guess is less than 50 sold, price is too high imo

#757 2 years ago

Agreed, it could have sold well at $3-4K

It’s the same cost as TNA which has a lot more sizzle, I’d imagine if you weren’t buying every new pin but instead picking them based on overall appeal you’d buy a AFM remake or TNA or something else unless you were crazy about The Jetsons as a theme.

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