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"The Irishman" in theaters and Netflix

By hAbO

14 days ago

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“What's your favorite Scorsese flick?”

  • Raging Bull 2 votes
  • Goodfellas 39 votes
  • Taxi Driver 4 votes
  • Cape Fear 1 vote
  • The Departed 10 votes
  • Shutter Island 1 vote
  • Gangs of New York 7 votes
  • The Color of Money 0 votes
  • The Aviator 1 vote
  • The King of Comedy 1 vote

(Multiple choice - 66 votes by 62 Pinsiders)

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#1 14 days ago

The Irishman directed by Martin Scorsese is out today with limited release to theaters and later November 27 on Netflix. This has an ensemble cast with Robert Denero, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel with numerous other familiar actors. Its getting really great reviews with Oscar buzz for Pacino already. The budget for the 3 1/2 hour film is approximately $140 million and used digital de-aging process. I'm really looking forward to the movie especially up for a good gangster movie with the cast they have.

Anyone else interested in this one?

#2 14 days ago

Hell yeah! Looks and sounds awesome!

#3 14 days ago

Actor age changing CGI too.

#4 14 days ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Actor age changing CGI too.

This is the thing that interests me the most and has the largest ramifications for the future of Hollywood.

#6 14 days ago

3.5 hours though. Ug. I'll likely wait till netflix and watch it in a couple parts.

#7 14 days ago

A lot of it based from my hometown in Wilkes Barre / Scranton / Pittston, PA - Russell Buffalino used to give my wife candy when she was a little girl, she lived around the corner from him... I went to high school with I believe a nephew of his... Just read the book - really good... looking forward to seeing the movie. Remnants of folks involved with these guys still are around - one owned a restaurant and recently passed away, another I just sat next to in a restaurant last month...

#8 14 days ago

i think dinero was in walking tall also?

7040C728-12F3-4F91-AAD8-FD29D331CB67 (resized).jpeg
#9 14 days ago

ok here's one I never forgot...

I was maybe 12/13 and was dating this girl who was the daughter of a guy who was in business with a 'guy' and all their last names ended in a vowel, you can assume from there... So when the carnival came to town each year, there was the fun house, and there was a dead end in the fun house where you'd go and make out or whatever you did at 12. So I'm there with her, we both go home that night, about an hour later, the phone rings - my father picks it up - seems a little weird then calls me to answer the phone... he hands it to me and stands like 2 feet from me... now mind you your in the 70s and when you talk on the phone you are connected to a cord and your parents are always on top of you... so I answer it and I hear 'this joe ?'.. 'yes'... 'This is Mr Valenti, you know who I am ?' First off when you're asked if you know who someone is you always answer yes whether you do or not... I knew it was her dad and I knew kids always said he was a hard ass and you don't mess with him, etc... so I answer 'yes'... now mind you both of my parents are staring at me like glue, especially my father wondering why a man is calling his 12 year old son. I'll never forget the words this guy had no problem uttering to a 12 year old : 'You go near my daughter again, I'm going to kill you, do you understand my words'... 'Yes sir'... Phone hung up... My father of course is on my ass 'Who was that ?'... Oh it was Coach so and so we have baseball practice on Saturday or some shit I made up... Now mind you I was 'dating' this girl for a while the next day at school I didn't LOOK at her, she didn't LOOK at me, I don't think we spoke again until we were 17, that's how serious we both knew he was... I found out she was writing a note to give me the next day (old school very slow version of texting) that said 'Please don't tell anyone we were in the funhouse together because everyone thinks I'm a slut' and her father snatched it... Well kissing doesn't make you a slut, but for the love of god who knows what her father thinks we were doing !... Needless to say he didn't have to ask me twice... I told some of my friends what went down and I think a few of them told me I should move. lol

So... I was very careful to find out what 'business' the girl's fathers were in I dated after that !

The mafia stuff around here doesn't go on much anymore - mostly all died off - but 2 years ago a known bookmaker who had a popular restaurant just disappeared one night after closing... They found a tooth in the kitchen and that's it. No blood, just a tooth. There are signs on his restaurant with a reward looking for him, billboards on the highways, etc... Ya good luck with that... he obviously pissed the wrong people off.

The nice thing about the mafia, like my call, is they always warned you when you were stepping out of line... They didn't ask twice. That's a lot of what Hoffa's disappearance was about - he wouldn't back down...

#10 14 days ago
Quoted from bintzknocker:

3.5 hours though. Ug. I'll likely wait till netflix and watch it in a couple parts.

Goodfellas was long but seemed like 15 minutes. I'm excited for this one.

#11 14 days ago
Quoted from robotron:

i think dinero was in walking tall also?[quoted image]

So as to appear taller in the movie? No camera angles to expose the elevator shoes? Interesting...

#12 14 days ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

So as to appear taller in the movie? No camera angles to expose the elevator shoes? Interesting...

I'm shocked...SHOCKED...that sometimes filmmakers use tricks when making movies to tell a story.

I have my suspicions that Pacino is wearing a wig in that picture as well. Someone tell Breitbart immediately!!!

#14 14 days ago

It will probably be very good but I wont watch deniro movies anymore.

#15 14 days ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

It will probably be very good but I wont watch deniro movies anymore.

Well, all movies cost money, so you're not watching any movies anymore? Kind of a weird critera, but okay.

#16 14 days ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

'You go near my daughter again, I'm going to kill you, do you understand my words'.

The word on the street is that Mr. Bufalino is still keeping an eye on you.

LTG : )

#17 14 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

The word on the street is that Mr. Bufalino is still keeping an eye on you.
LTG : )

It wasn't Mr Bufalino who called me thank goodness... But 'associates' of his, not that I knew that when I was 12... He's dead now... all these guys are dead... at least we got Frank Sheeran singing when he was ready to go so everyone knows what went down with Hoffa...

#18 13 days ago

I’m looking forward to this one.

#19 13 days ago

I started to read the book that the movie is based off but didn’t finish it. Kind of a death bed “confession” by the guy DeNiro is playing.
His story is VERY unreliable, especially in regards to Hoffa’s disappearance. I’m sure it’ll be a great movie but this type of film never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

#20 13 days ago

I love most of Scorsese films my favorite is probably Goodfellas I'm super excited to check out the Irishman.

#21 13 days ago

Casino is missing from the poll.

It's just as good as Goodfellas.

#22 13 days ago

I love Goodfellas, but maybe because it was so polished, it never felt like his best. Raging Bull is just one of the greatest movies ever made. And so many people haven’t seen it compared to Goodfellas. And King of Comedy is great, truly disturbing-bombed at the theatres cuz so many people thought it must be a comedy if Jerry Lewis is in it. I remember finding it more disturbing than TaxinDriver when I was a kid.

#23 12 days ago
Quoted from RTS:

Casino is missing from the poll.
It's just as good as Goodfellas.

Yes the correct answer is Casino.

#24 10 days ago

Holy crap, how could I ever forget Casino! The guys head in a vice was grueling Wayne Toth is an awesome makeup and special effects guy that worked on Casino. Heres a picture from his gallery of the head and vice he made.

Casino_Visehead (resized).png
#25 10 days ago

The poll is missing Bringing Out The Dead

#26 10 days ago

I missed a few and cant update it.

#27 10 days ago

I loved Goodfellas, but Casino edges it out for me. Don Wrinkles having a small role was a great choice. Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci were outstanding.

Can't wait for "The Irishman" to come out on Netflix.....

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