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The hz frequencey of pinball machine noise

By Snailpin

11 days ago

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    #1 11 days ago

    I'm looking to make my pinball machine a little more quiet. Thought I would throw some thick insulation material in it, but different material works better with some frenquencies than others...

    In my case I reckon the flippers themselves are making the most noise, would someone make an educated guess what frequency they are so I can pair them with right isolation material?

    An example of typical isolation material.... NCR 500-4000hz doesnt seem to be a problem, where as 125-200hz seems far more difficult to quiet, so if flippers and typical pinball mechanical noise are within that range, then it becomes a little more difficult.

    #2 11 days ago

    Impact of the plunger on the coil stop is probably exciting a wide frequency range. Plus your dealing with both airborne and structure born paths here. Those require different approaches.

    I’d think the best bet is to seal up the cabinet openings and glass. But that’s kinda hard since ventilation is needed for the electronics. Not to mention there’s lots of openings for speakers, wiring to the head etc that may or may not be wise to block. You might be able to stick a panel of acoustic material like foam to help kill airborne noise resonating within the cabinet.

    #3 11 days ago

    You could get a virtual pinball at a set of headphones and it be silent

    #4 11 days ago

    There are free sound analysis apps available

    #5 11 days ago

    Most mechanical things make noise. Pinball machines were typically operated in noisy environments, so quiet operation wasn't really necessary.

    Adding insulation or plugging up holes will probably cause overheating, which would be bad, and cause problems with the game.

    Why are you concerned about the noise? Is it disturbing other people, or does the noise just bother you?

    If it's just you, noise canceling headphones might be worthwhile. Additionally, Pinnovators have amps & headphone jacks for most DMD-era games.

    If the noise is disturbing to others, maybe try sound proofing the room.

    #6 11 days ago

    If you're talking about AC buzz, it's 60HZ in the US. Line frequency.

    #7 10 days ago

    There's a risk of overheating but doesn't todays games run cooler considering they're now LED lamps? I'll give it a shot plugging the ventilators and measuring the tempature... maybe 1 hour of play will not be so bad... i rarely play for very long, my concentration seems to be limited

    I want to quiet the machine so it doesn't disturb others so much, so throwing some insulations in it might work with the mechanics and having it on a some kinda vinyl carpet might help with vibrations (I'm thinking one of those they use at gyms under threadmills)

    Soundproofing a room is very difficult to do, but of course it's not totally empty, I do have some heavy rugs etc

    I'll let you know if I have any success and if you have any other suggestions feel free to share.

    #8 10 days ago

    This is why I never considered getting a Pinball when living in an apartment. Even with the sound turned off, these things are noisy. Lots of metal-on-metal action going on at a high rate of speed.

    Good luck with your quest.

    #9 10 days ago

    Anything is possible. Sound deadening materials could be added to the interior of the game, especially a modern game were there are less electrical parts in the cabinet. You do not want to cause permanent damage to the game, if you plan on selling it. Leave room for the playfield, do not block any air vents. It is your game do what you want.
    Just getting the feet of the game off of a solid floor, will cut some sound transfer. One Pinsider has cut up some flip flops, using the sole of the shoe as an insulator, he said it worked good enough for him. Others have used various rigid foam boards attached to plywood to make insulating foot pads, trial and error will be needed.

    #10 10 days ago
    Quoted from Snailpin:

    There's a risk of overheating but doesn't todays games run cooler considering they're now LED lamps?

    A little bit, but that's not the only source of heat. And LEDs still do throw out some heat.

    Quoted from Snailpin:

    I'll give it a shot plugging the ventilators and measuring the tempature... maybe 1 hour of play will not be so bad... i rarely play for very long, my concentration seems to be limited

    I would highly discourage this. Heat is bad for electrical components, which may shorten their lifespan even if symptoms don't immediately surface. Think of it like cooking an egg--at low heat not much will happen for a long period of time, but at high heat it will burn up quickly.

    #11 9 days ago

    right maybe thats not such a good idea. as far the insulation material i put in the machine maybe it's a good idea to get some that doesnt make it much warmer than it already is...

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