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The Hobbit Rulesheet

By tiesmasc

5 years ago

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Post #86 Modes map, and images link (spoilers) Posted by koops (5 years ago)

Post #108 Mode order graphics and dependencies Posted by tiesmasc (5 years ago)

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#1 5 years ago

This thread will be for discussion, development, and distribution of a Hobbit Rulesheet.

This first post in the thread will always link to the latest version for easy reference.

The latest version is currently here --> https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/the-hobbit-rulesheet/page/4#post-5735785

#2 5 years ago

First draft of the rulesheet attached below in PDF format.


2 weeks later
#9 5 years ago

First attempt at updating for code 1.10.

Major changes to Smaug Multiball, Resurgence of Sauron mode, and addition of Feast Frenzy.
Many minor changes beyond that and some additions to modes, mystery awards, etc.

This update would not have been possible without Metahugh posting playing of the game (and having a sweet setup that highlights the playfied, LCD, and book individually).

Note: PDF is low res b/c I couldn't upload the higher res version.

1 week later
#18 5 years ago

Ring Save Action (right outlane, preciousness)
When you build up to a level 4 mystery award and collect it you enable "Precioussss" which is a right lane outlane ball save feature. Basically when the ball exits the playfield via the right outlane and then hits the standup target you get a ball save feature. You have to time when you press the ring button to save your ball.

Fire Windlance (i.e. arrow?) left outlane)
Any time the ball is stored in the left outlane you can press the ring button to launch the ball (fire the windlance / shoot an arrow). Most often this will be because you have collected a Level 3 mystery award (Load Arrow). This enables at the start of a mode the option to fire the arrow at the right time so the ball will hit a MAN target and give extra scoring for that mode.

Postpone Lock (on right ramp)
Exactly what it says... when lock is lit you can postpone it. You might want to do this so you can start a mode instead, finish a mode, or any number of reasons.

Postpone Mode (on right ramp)
Just like above but postponing the mode... typically b/c you don't want to play the selected mode and would like the chance to change it.

Score Extra Points

Attempt Beast Backstab
I have different feedback on what this does. I don't know which is accurate. Below is what I've read:

Whenever one or more beasts are above the playfield and the ring button has enabled “Attempt Beast Backstab” you can press the button to kill (back stab) a beast. This is particularly useful when you only have the spider or warg left to hit to start Beast Frenzy or if you wish to hit the shot that a particular beast is blocking.

Whenever the Orc or the Goblin are above the playfield and the ring button has enabled “Attempt Beast Backstab” you can press the button to attempt to backstab him. This involves the game dropping the diverter in the ramp so you can hit a quick loop and come back down into the back of that beast.

#19 5 years ago

FYI: I've gotten some very nice feedback and information from others that is being worked into a new revision... And I'm always happy to get more information so I can further improve the rulesheet.

#21 5 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Since I updated to 1.10 code the ring button is no longer blue when starting a mode, to fire when ready. It now flashes red? and auto-fires after a few seconds. Is this a setting, or is it a change?

I don't know. I don't own a game or I'd check the settings. If someone does know I'll be happy to include the info in the rulesheet.

1 week later
#23 5 years ago

Updated again...

2 weeks later
#28 5 years ago

Thank you Pimp77! Hoping with the release of 1.21 I'll be getting a lot more updates. Also just watched MetaHugh's video of 1.21 with Into the Fire and that looks like a blast! (and very deep)

1 week later
#31 5 years ago

Thank you for the excellent information which I will include in the next update. (Already have drafted most of it but this will help clear out some of my questions.)


3 weeks later
#42 5 years ago

Thank you! Will hopefully get lots of input and game play videos so I can put together an update.

2 weeks later
#56 5 years ago
Quoted from ikrananka:

Any plans to update the Rule Sheet?

Yes just not in the very near future... more like over the next month.

If anyone is so inclined to write up some of the new sections (Barrel Escape, Treasure Hunt, etc) I'll be happy to copy and paste those into a "quick release" update after that is shared.

#58 5 years ago

Faster than I expected... but definitely needing assistance to improve and correct....


#62 5 years ago

Thanks to everyone... and especially pinballer0415 and Pimp77 (as I used many of your comments in this thread and others to get a quick update out).

Quoted from pinballer0415:

I know later in the game after a few Beast Frenzies it becomes harder to light the inlanes and during some modes you can repeatedly shoot ramps without lighting the inner inlanes

I actually observed this in a video on you tube (MAT associated with PinballStar if I recall correctly) and wondered what was going on. Especially b/c in this video instance he kept hitting the right ramp and no modes were qualified (b/c he had played all the modes with Bilbo as a qualifier I'm guessing) and no beast inlane got lit. My guess as to the inlane not becoming lit is that in this instance his outer inlanes were both lit (Warg and Spider) and I believe he likely had to "kill" one or both of those beasts before he could light the Orc and Goblin inlanes... but that is a total guess. If this is true then that is really cool from a rules perspective (IMHO) b/c beast frenzy gets harder to start (as it should) and then if you need to progress in a multiball you're more likely to not have beast frenzy going (which is beneficial).

I'll see if I can find more videos to watch to isolate on this bit of the rules... (and also to better understand the 1x, 2x, 3x, indications during Beast Frenzy)

2 months later
#78 5 years ago

Note: I'm currently watching a lot of Hobbit streaming with 1.90 to better understand the new rules and document them. (and it's amazing how much time this takes...)

One thing I'm finding very difficult to determine is the feeder modes... I can easily see the number of feeder modes but typically the resolution of the video feed makes it impossible to tell what "hexagon image(s)" (i.e. mode(s)) are displayed as a feeder. Anyone that can help with details on this it would be appreciated.

#81 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

You can use the game here if it will help.
LTG : )

Thanks! I plan to take you up on that the next time I have time!!!

#82 5 years ago
Quoted from koops:

What are you after exactly?

I'm trying to determine what the feeder modes are for each mode. Essentially when you are done playing a mode (complete it or it times out) the screen will show how you did. On that screen it will show the hexagon icon for that modes feeder modes. It's very easy in the videos to get a count of these (0, 1, 2, or 3 feeders) but I can't actually see the image of the hexagon icons closely enough to know which modes are shown.

Quoted from koops:

reading the description in the release notes still reads like gibberish to me :\

It did for me too... now that I've spent some time watching I've concluded this:

MODE TOTAL = Score achieved during Mode * (1 + Feeder Bonus + Map Bonus)
Feeder Bonus is the sum of the completions for all the feeders. So if it had 3 feeder modes and one was unplayed (0%), one was completed (100%), and one was played but not completed (30%) you'd get a feeder bonus of 130% times the mode score.
Map Bonus is a straight % (25% if you are past the location on the map where the mode occurs and +50% for every super spinner - throughout the entire game I believe... so once you get a super spinner you're always getting these).
Time Bonus is not applied during mode total (that I can tell) but rather only during the end of ball bonus.

END OF BALL BONUS = a bit more complicated See the below screen capture of what I've written up so far:
EOB (resized).png

#87 5 years ago

You just saved me a ton of work!!! Thank you. Credit will be in rulesheet and I look forward to your graphical map.

#90 5 years ago

I believe they continue throughout the game... not each ball. So if you have past the right point you get +25%. And then you also get +50% * the number of super spinners (regardless of whether current trip to erebor is past the right point).

So as long as you've completed a super spinner 1x you'll always get 75% and 2x = 125% and 3x = 175%, ...

#92 5 years ago

A way to earn bonus scoring...

Essentially if you play some modes before others it will increase your scoring. To make things even more complex... how well you did on those prior modes (% complete) also matter...

#108 5 years ago
Quoted from koops:

I'll see if I can make something clearer but it's a decent start.

I think it is a great start and your ideas along with some of the above will likely result in a great graphic.

I was also curious as to the dependencies... but from a perspective of what is the optimal order to play through the modes... from that perspective this "simpler" (but missing some of the critical detail) graphic was created... and it resulted in a nice simple to remember summary as well... basically play the modes in order by column top to bottom starting at the left...

FeederMap (resized).png

or this alternate version which keeps the alphabet in order left to right
FeederMap-Alt (resized).png

#112 5 years ago

Updated... (with some errors I'm sure) but wanted to get this out there so people can suggest corrections, additions, improvements, etc.

Hobbit Rulesheet v0.8.pdf

#115 5 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

on cover page row 2 - update version from 0.8 to 1.90

Thanks. That is to note the revision of the rulesheet (not the hobbit code). I'll make that more obvious in next update or come up with a change that does both things... Like 1.90v01

#116 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Battle of Five Armies was different than described for me. See my post above...

Thanks. I think it matches what I saw on video... I grabbed instructions for # of beast to kill from screen (lower right) since book was blank. And during stage 1 the elf and dwarf were green and collecting increased multiplier. Then for stage 2 man was Green and completing increased multiplier. I'll put a link up later... But it was Troz's video (https://www.twitch.tv/iepinball/v/96560897?t=01h26m56s)... And I need to find more to watch

#119 5 years ago

Note: I updated post 116 with the video link to Troz playing Battle of the Five Armies... link is also here: https://www.twitch.tv/iepinball/v/96560897?t=01h26m56s

1 week later
#123 5 years ago
Quoted from Cornelius:

I've been jamming out HARD on The Hobbit at the local (well, 30 miles one way) bowling alley. I'm sorry to be so dense, but... what do you mean by "feeders"? I got to that part on the rulesheet and I'm just lost now. Please to have pity on me and explain.

Don't worry... feeders are very new (and likely need some improved terminology). The simple explanation is that playing modes in a specific order will give you some scoring advantages. Thus you would want to play the "feeder" modes prior to the modes they "feed" into.

Said another way, your score within a mode has additional (end of ball bonus) score potential based upon how well you played prior modes that are associated with it.

#125 5 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

I believe you only have to hit thorin once between dwarf hits.
Anyways after that sequence you have to hit 3p beasts. So many.....

For the 3 pop-up beasts... is super jackpot awarded after the 3rd hit?

#129 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I think he meant 30, not 3p.

Yikes... that makes more sense but that is insane.

1 week later
#133 5 years ago

Anyone want to take the glass off and record full completions of barrel escape and battle of the five armies wizard modes... (screen shots of book and lower right corner of main screen) so I can see all the instructions ... Otherwise it could be years before we figure out all the steps in each wizard mode.

#137 5 years ago
Quoted from koops:

*sigh* i'll do it if I remember

3 weeks later
#140 4 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

So, this is something I don't understand. Don't think the ruleset explains it.
When the ring award is 'Light Thorin'
what does it actually do?
Thorin is the captive ball? And the captive ball is always available to be hit? So what does it mean when its lit? does that mean it skips the hits so that next hit is a multiple of 5 for an award?

Good question and I don't know the answer...
Another option is it could light thorin to collect a (non-collected) dwarf...

1 month later
#146 4 years ago
Quoted from FlashGordon:

Hi Guys,
There are 31 Modes but the only smart strategy seems to be to play it from left to right (A to 5) to get most points.
The wizzard modes are independend from each other an dont affect the modes.
This means to me at the end that there are only one strategy.
I cannot get benefit with different strategys where I can profit.
Im right or did I overlooked something?

In theory playing through modes left to right will give you better points... however, because of mode qualification requirements this is quite an undertaking and my guess is that unless you are a tier one player you'll score higher forgetting about that strategy and just playing through whatever is available (but perhaps picking the leftmost option of those that are available)...

That said, this game has so many concurrent things that can go on... that I estimate opportunities for strategy are not so simple... deciding when to include book multiballs or not... to avoid beast multiballs or not... what modes to bring into multiballs... and so much more that require real time decisions and understanding of the rules and quick decisions.

I'd definitely not call this simple.

3 weeks later
#148 4 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

The link to the rule flowchart on the JJP website on page 9 no longer works ... I don't see it on the JJP site anymore. But you do have that as your last page. Maybe send the hyperlink to your last page.

Thanks, will do.

3 months later
#167 4 years ago
Quoted from lschmidlin:

Still learning the game and just need to say that this is the best graphic ever. Thank you for that.

Thanks! I had to watch a ton of videos with pause, rewind, pause, etc for a long time to work out those details! (But it was like a fun puzzle.)

Planning to update the rulesheet again when another formal code release is put out... For all of the deeper gameplay things I'll definitely need people to share their findings and ideally have a few video streams to watch as I don't have a machine I can open up and experiment with myself.

9 months later
#181 3 years ago
Quoted from ikrananka:

Any plans for an update on the rulesheet to reflect the changes from 1.90 to 2.01 ???

I'd be happy to update it if someone provides the information or streams the content so I can watch and take notes.

Alternately, I can provide the word document and someone else could take it over.

The sad fact is that I don't own the machine and my interest in playing it at $1/play isn't as high as it used to be.

#183 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

You can play mine for free, glass off. If it will help.
LTG : )

Thank you! Forgot to mention it's also a function of free time
Hence the lack of updates to Hobbit and Dialed In Rulesheets.

I'm starting to like the functionality of the wiki (multi-user updatable) rulesheets that they have on tiltforums better... but I really wish you could make that look better (which was one of my goals besides just having an informative rulesheet).

1 year later
#188 1 year ago

If someone wants to take this over I'd be happy to provide the Microsoft Word document that I had going for this. Between that, tilt forums (http://tiltforums.com/t/hobbit-pinball-rulesheet/1360) and the video above I'm certain this could use an update.

FYI: I doubt I'll get back to updating this one again.

1 month later
#193 1 year ago

bmlors OchoFosho kjlors and anyone else...

You can download the v0.8 (last published) and v0.9 (last draft) versions here.

If you update please post to this thread so others can access it.

Also, if you haven't looked on TiltForums they likely have a more up to date wiki version also.

Thanks to everyone/anyone that has helped in the past and who will help in the future.


1 month later
#198 1 year ago

Great job updating! Thank you!

I also updated the first post in this thread to link to your post with the link.

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