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The Hobbit Rulesheet

By tiesmasc

5 years ago

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Post #86 Modes map, and images link (spoilers) Posted by koops (5 years ago)

Post #108 Mode order graphics and dependencies Posted by tiesmasc (5 years ago)

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#189 1 year ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

If someone wants to take this over I'd be happy to provide the Microsoft Word document that I had going for this. Between that, tilt forums (http://tiltforums.com/t/hobbit-pinball-rulesheet/1360) and the video above I'm certain this could use an update.
FYI: I doubt I'll get back to updating this one again.

tiesmasc -- Between kjlors & myself I'd like to take a cut at updating the rulesheet to reflect v3.10 and the gaps that are in the Wizard Modes. We have most of it documented now and just need to get a Word version of your doc to update, as I attempted to edit from the PDF and it was too difficult to reformat. If you can send it over to me, I'll take a cut at it and post it back for the group.

1 month later
#194 1 year ago

After some quality time with the glass off, we have updated the Hobbit Rulesheet to be complete with the latest v3.10 code. Here is the link:


Feel free to send me any suggestions/corrections.


cc tiesmasc

#196 1 year ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

What does it mean when the ring-button turns blue? A super-jackpot is available?

During Smaug multi-ball if you also have Beast Frenzy going, when you get to Super Jackpot for Beast Frenzy the ring button will turn blue. If you hit the button, that will end Beast Frenzy. This makes it immensely easier to hit the Smaug "kill shot" since you don't have beasts popping up all over the place.

#203 1 year ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Isn't the Arkenstone mode scoring dependant on what tier mode you completed to qualify the Arkenstone?


Quoted from pinlink:

Do I get more points for completing a ***** mode before starting Into The Fire than I would if I only completed a * mode?


Quoted from pinlink:

And what is the scoring difference?

Good summary in the post right before this. I don't think this was explained well in the rulesheet, so I am going to add a paragraph on this and re-publish, as it's very important for scoring.

Quoted from pinlink:

Does it matter if I have completed more than just one mode before starting the arkenstone? I have always wanted more info on this.

More than one doesn't matter, but the level of stars does. Note that if you complete multiple modes before starting an Arkenstone mode, the highest star value from any mode you completed will apply.

1 week later
#211 1 year ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Wow. Really impressive! I had no idea about the mode multiplier aspect of Arkenstone mini-wizard modes. It makes me want to have a go at playing some Hobbit just to experience the nuanced rules, even though I'm not a big fan of how the game physically shoots.
To help me understand:
1) The "*" calculation of Arkenstone scoring... confirm some math examples, if you would...
A) if I play one single * mode and one quintuple ***** mode, then my next Arkenstone scoring is at 1x? (1/4x times 4x = 1x)
B) if I play one single * mode and one double ** mode, then my next Arkenstone scoring is at a paltry 1/8x? (1/4x times 1/2x = 1/8x)
2) Do all the modes played (from the beginning of the game) prior to an Arkenstone wizard mode factor into the * multiplier? Or is it just the modes that are played between Arkenstone modes?
3) During the Treasure Hunt phase of a Mode multiball:
- Is the Treasure Hunt value = the total points scored in the Mode?
- Does your eventual Mode Total (that factors into your EOB bonus from Feeders/Map) get increased by the amount of points collected during Treasure Hunt?
4) Is there a good YouTube or Twitch video of someone going deep in the game on latest code?
Thanks again.

#1 -- already answered, but just to confirm that whatever the highest value mode you complete before starting multi-ball is what counts. So your A example would be 4x...your B example would be 1/2x. And just to make sure it's clear -- it's not just playing the mode...you have to finish the mode.

#2 -- just the modes played between Arkenstone multi-balls count toward starting the next one. If you're ever curious about where you're at during the game, just hold down a flipper (catching a ball) and you can scroll through on the screen to see what you have active going into the multi-ball.

#3 -- frankly not sure. kjlors might know.

#4 -- I haven't seen one that's current, so sounds like the other posts about one this week would be your best shot. We did link a short video of There and Back Again into the rulesheet, but that's just a tiny snippet of what it took to get to that point.

Bonus -- I'd second the comments about making sure the machine is setup well before judging the game play too harshly. For me, it was the first JJP/widebody that I'd played. I was very used to my LOTR LE, which plays fast and rewards precise shots. Hobbit initially felt slow/soft to me, but then we increased the pitch a bit and bumped the flipper strength. That, combined with learning the depth of the rules, makes a huge difference in enjoying the game. Despite both being from Middle Earth (ha!), they are very different games but equally enjoyable once you get good at them.

1 week later
#221 1 year ago
Quoted from Snailman:

bmlors Thanks again for all the work you put into refining this.
One minor suggestion: would you mind putting a page break in page 15, so that the table of the mode hex grid is all one page instead of split between two pages?

Snailman -- good call, I made that change. The link should always reflect the latest version, which now has the table all on page 16.

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