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The Getaway Pinball Siren topper

By Willy39

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

I just recently acquired a Getaway Pin and it is missing the topper. The motor and lighting wiring is there and unhooked. I am just missing the plastic red topper, the spinning reflector and the lights. Is there anyplace that sells the topper for the game or where to look (other than ebay)?


#4 7 years ago

03-7981 is the part number for the plastic dome. Not sure about the light assembly.

$52 at BAA:

#5 7 years ago

FYI, Part #'s from manual:


#6 7 years ago

Spencer's sells a rotating beacon light that plugs in the wall.
comes with red and blue lens.
I'm sure it could be adapted to fit.
price is like $12 or $15.

#7 7 years ago

I heard about doing that with a Spencer's siren light. Wonder if its possible to incorporate it in the wiring so it goes off when it should. Maybe use the wiring that activates the motor used to spin the siren in the original topper?

#8 7 years ago

I looked at police light bars that work on 12 volt, but damn were they exspensive. They do have cheaper bars but they were not blue ones just DOT warning lights they were at GALLS

#9 7 years ago

a relay could be used. using the original dc power to trigger it.
sending the ac power necessary, or a little fab work with a radio shack motor .
lots of options for those with a little electrical knowledge.

#10 7 years ago

Those light bars are expensive but also would look really cool. So basically splicing that wire to the power cord of the motor would do it or is there more to it then that? I have zero electrical experience.

#11 7 years ago
Quoted from Willy39:

Those light bars are expensive

Yea, if I can only conveince a friend's brother who is a cop that he wouldn't get into trouble over one I'd have one for little to nothing. He is affraid someone "might" try to use it on a car and I know that is big trouble, he just won't believe I am putting it on a pin and it would never and I mean never be see outside the house, oh well.He only has 6 or 7 of various types, 3 alone of the current model, he does collect them, he hordes light bars we horde pins.

#12 7 years ago

Check this out below. Would it work for me? Cut the wires to the battery pack and either splice it to the light for the original beacon, or splice it to the motor from the original beacon?

#13 7 years ago

without looking at the schematic, no.
not sure what voltage the original is.
have to do some research first.

if the original is 5vdc, it would work, if its 12vdc,,you need one that would normally plug into cigarette lighter.

if it s normal solenoid voltage, you would need to explore other options.

doesn't look like the original style, most guys want something closer to the original.

#14 7 years ago

It is 4.5v. I am looking for a cheap alternative. I think it is better than no topper. And what I can do is then just purchase the red plastic topper that was original with the game, and it will have the same appearance, just the insides are different.

#16 7 years ago
Quoted from z28dan:

Spencer's sells a rotating beacon light that plugs in the wall.
comes with red and blue lens.
I'm sure it could be adapted to fit.
price is like $12 or $15.

That was actually my first thought. It is 12VDC so you could toss the A/C adapter and just direct wire it (assuming the original was 12VCD).

Edit: Yet, original motor is 12VDC.. I'll upload a pic of the unit, I have one in a box in my cabinet. DSC00809.JPG DSC00812.JPG

#17 7 years ago

If you want a full on seizure you could do what I did, bought from HK via ebay for £10/pair.

#18 7 years ago

The topper from spencers I would just hardwire directly from the beacon light to the original beacon motor inside the backbox and not use the ac/adapter of its wiring at all? Correct?

#19 7 years ago

The 12vdc one like I pictured? Yes. But to be real clean, use the molex connector from the original as seen in the illustrated parts diagram previously posted. (item #10 and #11).

Or go with the full on seizure LED topper.

#20 7 years ago

Damnit Kevlar now you got me thinking those LED clusters would be a good upgrade to my Secret Service topper.

IPDB File Photo:


#21 7 years ago

Awesome! Thanks! The full on seizure thing does sound fun though!

#22 7 years ago

Any chance of seeing a video of that in action Patofnaud?

#23 7 years ago

The red light or the Secret Service?

Red light is a pretty basic 12vdc night light type bulb. The reflector is meh. But it works.

The SS, there should be some youtube available lemme check...

And this video scared the crap out of me,,, note the silver dryer pipe up on the wall high and to the left and the start and where the SS is placed, then look at a pick of my line up... I thought someone uploaded me for a moment.


#24 7 years ago

Cool pin Patofnaud. I'm not familiar with it at all so thought the topper was your own work.

For anyone whose interested here are the LED strobe lights I fitted;

I bought 3 pairs and each pair came with a controller box but I connected them all to the 1 controller. Seems to cope no problem.

#25 7 years ago

according to the manual, the original motor was 12volts.

you would be best of finding a 12 volt one.

provided the board in the head that drives it is still present.

#26 7 years ago

yes, identify polarity of the new one, cut off the ac adapter.
determine polarity of original wiring and make the connections.

#27 7 years ago

Thanks! Yes all the components are in tact in the game. Just missing the light, the spinning reflector, and the red plastic beacon cover. Thanks to ALL for the help on this! It sparked up alot of good conversation and some really cool pics and movies of some great looking pins!

#28 7 years ago

Another way is to go the B_R way. When he gets them in again I'll be ordering a set. Check it out!

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