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The First Rule is.... Fight Club 20th anniversary homebrew build

By Mbecker

2 years ago

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    #401 85 days ago

    Well I’m ‘One step closer to hitting rock bottom’ (which will be a perfect drain quite as well). Getting a 22hr print lcd bracket done, and the lcd From China wiring up correctly took 3 hours longer than expected.. but look! A display in the correct place - finally!

    Unfortunately at some point during my wiring I’ve seemed to screw something up. Lights are all screwy on one side (signal interference?) and I can’t start a game because every 15sec it pulses the lift ramp even though that’s not coded yet. Can’t wait to troubleshoot, lol.
    73B4BE35-9A1C-4496-B673-7AC9209C33CA (resized).jpegE9DFCE75-5405-41D3-9CBE-F858FAD7B3AC (resized).jpeg

    09FDEDDC-AF81-4024-93EB-8A1CD115CDF7 (resized).jpeg
    #402 84 days ago

    Testing a router guide for an insert. Works well, accidentally used a bit 1/16” too big so not a perfect fit but proves the concept, courtesy of another insider who sent me files. Have an idea to adjust models to fit a second template piece for each template to route shelves For inserts.

    01AC01C8-FE42-45AD-8916-2097B176FC6A (resized).jpeg630F16B5-9588-4237-8B2A-18AF0D092BEA (resized).jpeg
    #403 79 days ago

    Installed upper ‘soap’ lane change switches. I bought 4 reed switches to go here a long time ago.. fun to not have holes in the pf but still detect the ball. Proxies would work too but I like how compact these are and that they are passive.

    D986C7C8-28B9-4924-BD99-5C40A1F048F6 (resized).jpeg022034A5-23EF-4ED2-8468-24A096AA68F6 (resized).jpeg

    Unfortunately this meant routing by hand, cause the space just wasn’t there for even the flat guide for the router.. kinda dangerous w/out it and hard to control but I needed these pockets. I can’t wait to do this on a new blank playfield with a template.. will be a joy in comparison.

    Fitting these also meant chopping off all 4 mounting tabs on each switch, so I 3D printed quick brackets to hold them in place. All fits pretty nicely.. my or it gate holder will require adjustments in cad but otherwise we’re good.
    96869E67-FDB4-4959-B84B-B5482E1DC1A9 (resized).jpeg

    #404 79 days ago

    Also one step closer to my lower playfield camera / screen. They are both here. The quad copter cam is insanely small, I had no idea. Huge improvement already there, and if there’s no lag and has a good field of vision it should be perfect. Realized however that even with all the inputs on the lcd, I don’t have one for the camera. Had to order a plug to wire in before I can test this.

    3969DC0C-7E36-4B82-9395-65D1DCB7EE2A (resized).jpeg
    #405 77 days ago

    80 switches wired with molex disconnects and 37 drivers... getting there. So slow but getting there.

    #406 75 days ago

    The only thing this game is missing is bob's bitch tits to jumble around. Otherwise its perfect.

    #407 74 days ago

    lol yeeah there's a very good chance he shows up on the playfield art or backglass though

    #408 69 days ago

    Been plugging away on this.. I don’t know why but at the time I started modeling this it sounded like a great idea to carefully do the whole mech, even though I really only needed part of it. Theory being that I would like to model a lot of my parts so I can throw them on a CAD pf to get the fit right for cuts and art on the next iteration.

    This def. took me a bit but I am getting there.. the main bracket and skyscraper will be 3D printed. Still gotta throw on the VUK and finish with attachment points for it

    FD5477BC-A2BC-40F9-B176-B4F55091DACB (resized).jpeg
    1 month later
    #409 26 days ago

    Modeling done, here’s some shots of this coming together. I had to angle grind it a bit to fit around existing stuff but this version at least fits now on the playfield for now.

    1DF08096-F57D-4A9A-811B-037834463F21 (resized).jpeg6F8E5226-AA52-4366-AA7C-B5C05064B85A (resized).jpegA26CC2AD-299B-4DF9-9D06-C8F09096E15A (resized).jpegDCF2F05D-7C07-48AE-B53D-FAAF24C31139 (resized).jpegF5C6CF42-CED6-495E-A760-CC27203AFE7D (resized).jpeg

    #410 26 days ago

    Got some high voltage el wire from Germany thanks to zitt — this stuff kicks ass. I’m going to use a lot of it on my next pin, but I think I can use it a few places on this one as well. More to come..

    87A58B9D-97EE-476C-ADAF-A5DAFDF0ED70 (resized).jpegEF8B7149-0144-4EEA-A884-104532AD6DAC (resized).jpeg
    #411 26 days ago

    Figuring out insert layout - also got this mini display figured out. Drone camera on the lower pf, feeding to the Tft display directly. Thank you kaboom for guidance! Unfortunately the display didn’t have an auto detect, so I had to order that separate (car back up cam system). A bit of wiring and I should get both the mini playfield feed and a feed from the computer to the display

    157D8F5F-1442-4748-81B1-9A0263E1A2A5 (resized).jpeg1A1CDF56-85E5-43B1-9013-DA0DF6D59987 (resized).jpegFF6E2733-8222-4DFB-A393-7A8B5BF29BFD (resized).jpeg

    #412 26 days ago

    I made a decision this past week, to install inserts on this white wood version. It means hand routing and disassembly of a lot of the top of the pf- but I’m gonna be working on this still for a while before moving to a clean one where I can use templates for routing so I’m just gonna go for it.
    847DDA39-108F-46AB-B39F-1874787173FF (resized).jpeg
    In order to save I inserts, I’m printing my own for this playfield. Not as pretty as clear plastic but still lets plenty of light thru to be functional
    DBFAD809-E52B-41BB-8EF9-BB521FA93EA3 (resized).jpeg

    Some inserts will get this treatment:DE68E9CD-7634-471E-9808-D76D7352899E (resized).jpeg

    #413 26 days ago

    Hand routing is a mess, slow, and nerve wracking. But it’s coming along:

    6D0185F2-EA2A-4826-B15F-DE497EF4FB94 (resized).jpeg21331EC5-6C3A-426C-989D-36D6A7CD7CB4 (resized).jpegAA240AFF-E0B9-4B4A-A28B-D6A18AB18493 (resized).jpeg
    #414 26 days ago

    I can’t even begin to tell you how impressive that is ...great work !!!!

    #415 26 days ago

    Incredible milestones! It's really coming together!

    #416 26 days ago

    Thanks! It’s something lol, I dunno about impressive as there are guys on here doing some amazing home brews at a whole nother level But that keeps me motivated to keep at it.

    Tentative plan is to finish inserts, sand or paint playfield, cut and install a very thin Lexan sheet and then repopulate playfield.

    Then I can finish up some mech stuff, clean up prototype prints, and finish up switches/switch wiring. I figure I can use this for some coding while I work on 3D modeling it all so I can print a layout of inserts and cuts to make a clean version down the road with real inserts and probably art at that point as well.

    #418 22 days ago

    Hand routing is a bitch. That much more so when you have to strip the top to fit the router in .. but it’s coming along. A few more not drawn yet to go in and a few left to cut. The shelf routes are time killing, but the full cuts go much faster.

    1A61897E-E4CA-4729-B135-813646046301 (resized).jpeg

    #419 21 days ago

    Might be worth looking into one of those Shaper routers, the ones that are computer assisted.

    #420 21 days ago
    Quoted from LynnInDenver:

    Might be worth looking into one of those Shaper routers, the ones that are computer assisted.

    Yeah, those are sweet but $$ last I looked. It’s all good, just a one time thing for this white wood. Next round I will be using the 3D printed templates. They only work though with a stripped bare playfield due to size and having to be clamped

    1 week later
    #421 14 days ago

    Done routing white wood, bondoing in some holes and sanding clean. I regret using sharpie marker now a bit. Still gotta strip a few things off to lay a clean lexan sheet on top and start tracing cuts.

    0CE2D7A9-4C1A-4679-92E3-780D6E2A5799 (resized).jpeg
    #422 11 days ago

    Inserts in. Time to cut lexan and start learning Inkscape and/or Gimp for some insert labeling and key lines

    8657C3F6-A4B0-4127-BCFF-2020C90F595E (resized).jpeg

    I think that’s near 100 inserts?!? Doesn’t seem possible, gotta count again

    #423 11 days ago

    Jesus dude. This project is amazing!

    So glad you’re pushing onward with this.

    #424 11 days ago
    Quoted from mrm_4:

    Jesus dude. This project is amazing!
    So glad you’re pushing onward with this.

    Thanks mrm_4 - just caught up on your FP restore last night - beautiful job!!! That’s a special project to me as it launched me down the road to building Fight Club. My restore didn’t come out quite as nice as yours though.

    This project has taken longer than I ever would have imagined but I am so far still pretty motivated to get thru the physical build so I can code some gameplay on this white wood, which will be a great pay off

    #425 11 days ago

    That's an amazing number of inserts!

    Cant wait to see what kind of light shows you come up with.

    #426 9 days ago

    Thanks to highvoltage for the protector sheet. Lotta cuts to make, Mostly down to little hardware holes. Busted a second $20 1/8” router bit - they are delicate running at speed.. but the router is great for larger / non circle cuts. Otherwise the spade bit is my second choice here, followed by a Brad tip bit and last would be the Forstner bits.

    Counted up 102 inserts, and 50 GI. Another 40 or so combined Lights on the lower playfield so it should come in around 200 controlled lights, excluding flashers.

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