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The Firepower II Lounge...members and fans

By ss-pinball

1 year ago

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“Firepower II replacements: plastics, back glasses, hard tops and playfields are not available. It would be helpful to have an idea how many owners would commit to purchasing the following. It would likely be a "limited edition" approach. see post #157”

  • Plastics 8 votes
  • Back Glass 3 votes
  • Hard Top 3 votes
  • Playfield 5 votes

(Multiple choice - 19 votes by 12 Pinsiders)

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#91 6 months ago

My Slings plastics are broke off at the front, which is ok. I’m looking for a set of clear slings Protectors that would find good. Thanks.

1 week later
#94 5 months ago

Looks nice, did you add FP Speech Board?z....

#96 5 months ago

I’m waiting on delivery to it as well, are all the words used? I know “3” can’t be used....I guess...

#98 5 months ago

What is this thing called and where can I find one. mine is rusted solid and has no balance it’s like hitting a brick wall. Thanks. For FP2, couldn’t find a Picture.

4CBE5A7C-6630-489A-82FB-45E1BA42A006 (resized).jpeg
#100 5 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

Is that the wire one-way gate?Could you please post a picture of your close up? Maybe the flapper is bent down to much....

#102 5 months ago

Yea, I’ll try that. Do you have the Original connectors terminals?

1 week later
#106 5 months ago

What pitch is best for this game the normal 7°?

#110 5 months ago

I put LEDs in the backbox it is nasty bright... But I don’t wanna put incandescenceS....

#113 5 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

My FPII backglass had a mix of warm & cool frosted white 1-SMD, Pinball Life "Ablaze" brand. Didn't seem too bright to me and I'm pretty sensitive to that stuff. There's a lot of masking area, helps keep the overall brightness down. I've heard people recommend using those cheap old flat-top style frosted LEDs. They kinda suck on playfields, but great for turning down backglass brightness.

That’s exactly what I did. Found some old LEDs that I was unhappy with elsewhere. Really dim, all is good now!

1 week later
#114 5 months ago

F-it made my own Protectors...too little to late on the Slings.... Where can I get some reproductions!!!

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#115 5 months ago

What pitch level in degrees works best for this Game? Almost got it ready to go.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

#117 4 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

mine is pretty dialed in at 7.5 degrees

Wow, how’s the game play?

#120 4 months ago
244D9AC9-531E-45D6-A211-47DC9F4B5D44 (resized).jpeg
#122 4 months ago

Metal grating cover is missing. Prevents accidentally touching the power supply.
Look over to the left And rear, Vacant screw holes...used to mount the metal mesh grading.

#126 4 months ago

3CA058B9-7BD6-41F3-9343-8B84E9FC0D15 (resized).jpeg
Painted black. Not original color.

#128 4 months ago

How do I put videos here?!!...

#130 4 months ago
Quoted from matirwin:

I uploaded mine to youtube then put the link here. Not sure if you can embed directly.


1 week later
#137 4 months ago

Ok some, unass your slings plastics spares...Lol.

#139 4 months ago

Ok, how to get extra ball ?

#141 4 months ago

Thanks. Is there a Way to Make that easier. Lol

#143 4 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

It's easier on later balls since letters carry over. For example, if you start ball 2 missing one letter, you just need to complete that one letter and spell it twice more to get credit for three completions on a single ball. Also a good thing to focus on in multiball.

Ahh... good info. Thanks. I was racking my brain on this. Couldn’t find any info...

1 week later
#144 3 months ago

Metal-mods making me decals to make my own FP2 Caps. Seeing that they are unavailable....this is placed on a blue cap.

8BC8BA8D-F32E-473F-A654-619EBBC5BDB2 (resized).jpegD4399E6F-459E-4A60-885E-6FA8C189F02F (resized).png
2 weeks later
#146 3 months ago

Check out what Metal-Mods got Firepower 2!! Oil Slick shine!

782F5664-4792-4111-B076-C30F754DD087 (resized).jpeg
#147 3 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

FP2 isn't the only pin that uses those caps. I think Laser Cue and maybe even another title or two use them.
Some folks use Firepower caps or just mod out like you have.

I’ve looked everywhere for this type cap....

#155 3 months ago
Quoted from topkat:

We just need a hardtop!

2nd that.

2 weeks later
#161 76 days ago

Thanks metal-mods

7426CB5C-FCA8-4A92-A2C5-0CEE456BDB85 (resized).jpegD1916574-BAFE-4F4E-BCDF-2D40E9A766ED (resized).jpeg
#163 76 days ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

There's a whole lot of no response going on about getting anything re-made for this title. sure right about that...

1 month later
#173 31 days ago

How many high scores does FP2 hold an save?

#181 26 days ago
Quoted from JakeJones07:

I recently picked up an FPII. I seem to only be able to hit the ramp by accident. Is there any trick to hitting the ramp? Which flipper do you have the most luck with?

....inlane rolls only, one notch Before end of the flipper....catch Then flip won’t do it...I’ve tried,! believe me.

#182 26 days ago
Quoted from yancy:

To be honest I rarely try to shoot the ramp. Not really worth the trouble unless it's lit for extra ball. But I definitely shoot it from the right. Not really a feasible backhand unless you get lucky and smack it on the fly.

how do you lite xtra Ball?

#184 25 days ago
Quoted from swillie:

Hmm...I can catch the ball on the right flipper and send it thru the ramp with an accurate shot.

My coils must be do you lite xtra ball?

#190 23 days ago

How do you make the bell ring?

#194 20 days ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

I have always agreed. So, I did something about it. I modified my game so that the mystery ramp is always on and any completion scores a mystery award. The coolest part is that during multiball, the mystery award scores double. I plan on posting how I accomplished this but need to take better pictures and explain what’s involved.
The scoring is so much more balanced now. The ramp is a very hard shot so now the value of hitting it more matches it’s difficulty.

Yes, please do. I’ll be

#198 18 days ago

Good stuff man!

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