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#39 5 years ago
Quoted from greywolf:

Sound System is a Polk Audio 10" Subwoofer plus two pedestal home theatre satellites. On full volume it will rattle the playfield glass. Due to the directional nature of the speakers, I have not had to crank the volume to obnoxiously loud levels at the expos.

I'm thinking this machine actually inspired me to get into the hobby. It had the best sound of any pin at the Pin Expo in Marin in the summer of 2012...


#40 5 years ago

spybryon is starting his firepower resurrection + cpr swap.
Godspeed sir!

#41 5 years ago
Quoted from VDrums2112:

A friend of mine that has done many a PF swap told me that he'd never do another Firepower again. So I guess it was good that FP was my first swap.
-Steve Ridge

Not speaking from experience, but this surprises me to hear. I would expect all <1984 pins to be on the easy side without all the ramps.

#44 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I wasn't aware you could add drop targets to the center banks. That would be pretty cool. Are there prototype roms for it?

Making it easy for people to do the conversion would be awesome.

4 months later
#190 5 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Thanks to the help of so many Pinside members my Firepower is up and running.
So many people like the pinball Ninja, mwsmith, Andy_B, and viperrwk, provided so much great info to help me get this bad boy up and playing like it should.
Turns out it had some bad IC chips that I would have never tracked down on my own.
Thanks again to everyone.

Great success story!
Thinking about generosity of so many Pinsiders is heart-warming...

4 months later
#228 4 years ago

What was that sound -- did you hear something at club front door?


#231 4 years ago

Has anyone in the club done the drop targets? I think that is THE thing to aim for.

1 week later
#236 4 years ago


So trying to set up a Firepower

1. How do I get the outlane red "(S)" to light up? I feel like I have all the other settings correct.
2. With original boards, can I expect any sort of attract mode sounds?


#240 4 years ago

I got attract sounds ! With occasional talking -- and occasional blasts of sound effects for a few seconds.

#247 4 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

I had a request to post photos of my backbox lighting I used in the photo above as well as some playfield shots with LED's. All bulbs are Comet Frosted.
Just red, blue and cool white in the backbox. Just noticed one is apparently burnt out already.
Playfied is just cool white for GI and color frosted under the inserts.
Photos are with the glass on. I was in a hurry.

Yikes, that's a lot of PF glare.

I go ~10 47's in all my backboxes. I can't believe some people like to play with that much BG glare on the PF. (I get it on location, but not in a home)


#251 4 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Those photos are taken without the Backglass in place.
It is not like that with it in. Lol

Let's do a glare-off competition!

I'll take a pic when I get home, hehe...



#253 4 years ago
Quoted from Fresh_Wax:

Can anyone tell me if there are still pf's available for this classic pin? I've contacted CPR, and they said that i have to go to the open market to locate one.

Post a wanted ad and make a thread regarding it.

1 month later
#257 4 years ago

Had a big game of Firepower tonight.
Put up my first ever perfect ball 1:
1. multiball
2. freeball at 480K
3. earned free ball with "power"

Of course, I stacked up a perfect ball with 1.1mil, and then BIFFED 4 balls in a row for 1.2mil.


2 months later
#315 4 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Thank you so much.
We would always spell Fire and Power to advance it to 50,000 and then try and never hit the power buttons again so it would stay on 50,000 points. lol
But now we have a forehead slapping moment.
Plus it clearly says "Target scores 1,000" on the plastic. Not "Target scores lit value".

Yeah, it's a design flaw for an important shot. I'd love for that target to have more meaning/value to the game.

3 weeks later
#343 4 years ago

Can someone please post a picture of the left flipper eos switch for firepower 2. Please pm when posted.

#344 4 years ago

Pretty please with sugar on top?

2 weeks later
#365 4 years ago
Quoted from J_Cutler:

Just curious, I've read Williams installed many switches in early SS pins that had one leaf reversed in the switch. Have any of you found this in your Firepower's? If so how many did you find?
Question #2... Does the gap on the cabinet flipper switches affect flipper strength like the EOS switch does? If so, what is the proper gap for the cabinet switches?

They are messed up - all over the place in many different games. It's amazing how well some of them work ok in backwards. Others not so much.

#372 4 years ago
Quoted from HHaase:

Almost every bulb in the game is a #44 incandescent. Except the two #89 flashers. If you do have to replace every bulb (which has me worried) you would need probably 130 of the #44's.

When I rescue an old game from the wild, I'm used to about 1/3 of the bulbs being out. I remove them all, buff each socket, clean each bulb, test each bulb, and replace them all with 44s, and then about 10 47s in the backbox.

In your case, I'd remove them all and test them. If you don't have one already, make yourself a little bulb test station with a socket, a battery holder, and few a wires. (I just mounted all mine on a little block of wood with a 44 and a 555 socket.)


3 months later
#405 4 years ago

I'm sure this has been covered already -- can I ask someone to reiterate the range of drop targets that can be used for Firepower? I grabbed a Black Knight one, and it was said previously that that won't work, so I'm wondering what I need to start being on the lookout for.


#408 4 years ago

Ok, then that should be:

disco fever
hot tip
stellar wars
laser ball
time warp

#409 4 years ago

This game is so simple, it's great... While it's very exciting to REACH multi-ball -- I have never had a multi-ball last more than about 10 seconds. I wonder what contributes to that?

It's like, tease, tease, tease, tease, tease, tease, tease, tease -- and then -- wait, is that it?


#410 4 years ago

Can I ask someone with Firepower II -- please take a pic from above the outlane post on both sides (just center the post in your phone-camera, from about 6" above the PF glass. I want to see the relationship with the playfield edge to the top of the outlane to the top of the sling.


#412 4 years ago
Quoted from browne92:

Not sure I understood what you were asking for, but I hope these help:


#413 4 years ago
Quoted from browne92:

Not sure I understood what you were asking for, but I hope these help:
Now maybe you can help me. I pulled the main ac fuse from my Firepower II, but before I could get my super magnifiers (it's hell to get old) to read what it was, I lost the fuse. The manual only says "ac fuse", and the label on the board is long gone. Can you tell me the value of it? I've got a 5 amp in it to chase my switch problems, but I don't think that's going to run it all.

I'd say post a pic of the area where you pulled the fuse, and I'm sure someone will check it against the manual and give you the required type.

#414 4 years ago

I put in another 60 games (so like 1 hour), and FINALLY earned my first ever free ball from earning the 5x multiplier. What a rush!

I'm starting to appreciate how swell the balance is on this game. You are going for FOUR things at once (five if you still need a saucer) -- all equally dangerous. (I HATE how the ball can start acting up on the left wall as the ball returns from the F-I-R-E lanes... and leap SDTM)

At first I thought mastering the orbit shots would be safest, but there are no big points in repeating that shot (unless you have a lit spinner) then you leave yourself vulnerable to not having the left kicker lit... So I'm starting to learn to get it lit, and THEN get 4-5 of the targets lit up so I can earn it again WHEN I want to.

Am I on the right track to learning to play this thing?

Some day I'll earn the "power" free ball.

930,000 (2nd highest score so far)


#418 4 years ago
Quoted from Tbgolfen:

Let me know if you need help. I put drops on mine and love it. Pm me anytime.


1 week later
#442 4 years ago
Quoted from tonedef131:

Which strength shooter spring do you guys prefer in your Firepower? I can't seem to find what the factory original one was.

The stronger the better because it allows you to quickly get the ball back in action, with the slightest amount of movement.

#451 4 years ago

I'm wondering what this 10-pt switch should look like:


Will I have to craft it by hand?


2 weeks later
#470 3 years ago
Quoted from catboxer:

If mine has a problem it's that with the cleared CPR playfield the right lock's rollover will send the ball flying up into the plastic like a ramp. I can't seem to find the right tension on the rollover switch to make it reliably register yet soft enough to let the ball just roll over it.

Are you talking about the rollover star?

1 month later
#534 3 years ago

How do you set free play in FP2?


8 months later
#832 3 years ago
Quoted from dzorbas:

I'd love to hear opinions. And yes, I'm not a traditionalist so I don't mind putting some mods into the game!

PM Cheddar -- he tried to add a spinner to Centaur. I don't remember the outcome.
I am very interested in trying this out if you come up with the right shape/style to accomplish it.

#837 3 years ago


Should there be a wire ball guide on the right edge of the left ball lock?


20160902_001741 (resized).jpg

#841 3 years ago

Just drill one hidden hole behind the post in front, then put this one UNDER that post. Hopefully where the ball strikes the post raised 1/16" won't cause any issues. Might have to fatten the rubber a hair. I can't see not trying this out.

#842 3 years ago

(quick question) scroll up a few posts, I added a pic -- should there be a wire ball guide where those two pre-made holes are on that CPR playfield?


#843 3 years ago

Please link the marco version of the spinner above (first one)

#848 3 years ago
Quoted from Geocab:

I don't have one there.

thanks fellas, next question...

Has anyone adjusted anything left ball lock to make the ball lock better?

I have great luck with top right lock, but haven't tried taking a movie of bottom left and watching it in slo-mo to learn why some balls don't lock.


#852 3 years ago

I'm interested in doing the drop target swap -- can someone who has done it link the 10-pt switch that is required?


#860 3 years ago

Or go home.

3 weeks later
#949 3 years ago
Quoted from scampcamp:

it will kick to trough.

Common issue with system 7 games.

Do us a favor, and kindly please start your own tech thread so those of us who will help you solve this -- can easily see the whole conversation in one thread.


5 months later
#1232 2 years ago

I removed the LEFT-SIDE one-way gate from Firepower.
Highly recommended.

#1234 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I've thought of doing

Get ready to laugh your A$$ off when you shoot right orbit and it comes screaming back at the flippers. Hello High Speed!
19/20 times you can save it with a perfect slap save -- super fun.

#1244 2 years ago
Quoted from bbriese:

requires skill if you want FIRE

Yeah, and now I plunge specifically for "E" since it has the least risk to drain and that top-right pop tends to re-pop the ball back up into the E spot to re-earn more letters... thanks to the new missing one-way.


#1251 2 years ago
Quoted from CentralCACoast:

having some interesting problems

Don't know your familiarity with system 3-7 flaws/weak points -- but -- I I've had some recent success starting with:

(assuming it's an original mpu/driver board) Get all that potential flakiness from heat/motion/flexing/movement/transport out of the way first...

1. Reflow all header pins
2. repin 40 pin connector

...Am I forgetting anything?


2 weeks later
#1277 2 years ago

After owning a CPR Firepower for two years, I *finally* got all the parts together, printed out the instructions, and gathered about 15 hours of time, and installed drops on my Firepower this week, and booted it up tonight. Zero adjustments were required on first game.
I promise a full write up with pics but *when* I'll make time for it, I don't know. I've got to put some games on this thing.

I'm... speechless.
201703_Fire-drops-have-landed (resized).jpg

#1284 2 years ago

Thanks for the congrats fellas...

First observations after an hour of play:

1. "It plays slower with drops" is a myth, not sure why someone would start or reinforce it -- I could stop here.
2. When 2 drops are down, it of course plays faster than standups when you brick into a rubber
3. You frequently catch 2 at a time, which is really cool -- haven't seen a richochet of a 3 sweep yet
4. You can catch an edge to drop the one you need, which is really cool
5. It feels good to play drops (that's subjective to what I love in pinball)
6. You get the "thunk" of the 70's drops resetting, and that's a good feeling
7. You can "kiss" one with a slow-roll and it will drop and it's cool

...It is (like standups) that one bank will reset after you've earned them all -- so sometimes the User-Experience of the drops (being reset) and the controlled lamps (being out) are out of sync. That little oddity is well worth all the plusses.


#1287 2 years ago

You be the judge...

#1291 2 years ago

The new siegecraft system 6 drop wipe boards work like magic. Not one single fail...

4 months later
#1499 2 years ago

What lovely lighting -- what's your secret?

5 months later
#1903 1 year ago
Quoted from La_Porta:

fuses had slightly melted and were bad

Do not hesitate to install the solenoid saver board. It will allow you to see the correct fuse break, and still play the game while the other 5 fuses work. I ended up putting a breaker on my lower-right pop fuse, since I can get 20-50 games out of mine before it pops again. Never found the cause yet. But I have a manageable situation for home use now.


2 months later
#2045 1 year ago

I removed top right, after removing top left for a while. I just wanted to make building up F-I-R-E a bit less common.


#2051 1 year ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

You put them back on?

I kept top right off.

3 weeks later
#2092 1 year ago

How does the sling flashing work on each switch hit?


#2095 1 year ago
Quoted from dzorbas:

to double check

Wait but what triggers the light?

#2097 1 year ago

I do not follow. I would like to learn how to do this...

3 weeks later
#2118 1 year ago
Quoted from HHaase:

THIIIIIIS close to selling it

You have drops in yours, yes? Once you do that, it's never for sale.

#2138 1 year ago

Quick rules question: What is the best use of shots being in multi-ball? I don't see 3x scoring on the playfield -- are there any shots we should be taking?

#2140 1 year ago
Quoted from La_Porta:

banging them around

ok -- so zero scoring benefit, thanks! But at least you have a strategy on how to use that time.

1 month later
#2183 1 year ago
Quoted from Travish:

The laugh is missing in attract mode on Black Knight but that's all.

Yeah, I hear it on mine like once a year, and celebrate -- really odd.

1 month later
#2264 1 year ago
Quoted from Joydivision:

double horseshoe

Great idea! A year later I'm finally having horseshoe issues, but cleaning things up with a Qtip and 99% IPA seems to remedy it.


#2270 1 year ago

Doooooo ittttttttt..........

#2298 1 year ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

needs to be upgraded

Why did this happen to him

#2300 1 year ago
Quoted from La_Porta:

I think multiple things happened

I meant to ask - how did he end up with an older trough part?

1 month later
#2359 1 year ago

Do you prefer to dremel off the flanged edge or leave it? I would think removing it would allow for an easier entry, but then the flange might help it stay secured (which shouldn't matter, should it?)

I always dremel them off when replacing flipper frames, but that's more of a requirement with stainless steel.


#2361 1 year ago

Don't follow how that would work

Is the goal to squeeze into the punch?

1 week later
#2390 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Ok, scratch that last post, it was a Short where a wire a staple was hitting the pop bumpers bracket.

I have an intermittent short on my top right pop bumper, so I have a fuse breaker on it... Can you take a pic of what you discovered ?


7 months later
#2862 5 months ago
Quoted from Joydivision:

If you have a retro-fit you will know how using the bigger standard stand-up target plastics just doesn't look right with the overhang, so these should look great.

Please PM me if you buy this new set and do NOT plan to use the two new drop target plastics, I'd love to buy the 2 pieces off ya !

4 months later
#3042 41 days ago

Curious -- other than cleaning/aligning -- has anyone ever adjusted their kickout to become more powerful? (stronger coil perhaps)

I think sometimes I get a good launch half way up the right orbit (what I want), and more often, I just get a limp "pass" over to the right outlane or thereabouts.


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