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#7 6 years ago

Here's mine after my CPR swap and new plastics. I stupidly used the wrong style of pop bumper bodies, so that's something that I'll have to fix eventually.


#25 6 years ago

SunKing, those hot dog inserts look nice and clear. Mine arrived very crazed and crackled. Still, it looks a million times better than the old PF.

4 months later
#52 6 years ago

A blow dryer is totally safe. As you found out, the topside is a lot more fragile. Just put it on hot/low and they will come out if you work slow.

#64 6 years ago

It's probably just haunted.

#69 6 years ago

I'm going to the Pinball at the Zoo as well. If you need pop bumper caps, I have a set of these I could bring:


I never opened them after finding out they're slightly different than the originals. My originals weren't bad to begin with, so I kept them.

#78 6 years ago

Don't install the wrong pop bodies like I did. My bumper caps are only on with 1 screw and are sitting a little too far forward. But having recently completed the playfield swap, I couldn't be bothered to tear them out again. Does FP call for the older or newer style bodies? That issue, along with the door bell button that someone installed to the front of the cab, are things I still need to address.

9 months later
#237 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Has anyone in the club done the drop targets? I think that is THE thing to aim for.

I've swapped in a CPR field and if I could find reasonably priced drop mechs I would do it.

But I'm not sure if it's for everyone, it dramatically changes the speed of the game.

#241 5 years ago

Does it talk in attract mode? Not sire I've ever tried turning this on...

#244 5 years ago

It might only fire with earned replay credits.

#250 5 years ago

I used color 47s in my flakey backglass. I think I will stick with them even if I get a new one.

3 months later
#316 5 years ago

Just picked up 2 sys6 3 bank drop target assemblies to do the drop target conversion on my CPR playfield!

1 month later
#359 5 years ago

I just bought the drop target mechs for mine. System 3-6 with wiper contacts. Your playfield needs to be a CPR or an early run with the 10pt switch routed out.

#362 4 years ago

I just need to pick up a junk harness to get enough unique wire colors for the new mechs.

3 months later
#407 4 years ago

sys3-6 with the horseshoe wiper contacts

#417 4 years ago

I'm ready to put drops in mine. I just need a junk harness to salvage some wire.

3 weeks later
#455 4 years ago
Quoted from Its_me_aj:

I finally upgraded my rings to Titan silicon. I also created a kit in their database on the website for easy ordering. All of my other games are converted and I absolutely love them!
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

Looks good, I was thinking of doing the same. Is that cool white GI? I usually use bulbs for GI, but it might work with the space theme. Have any full playfield pictures?

#459 4 years ago
Quoted from HHaase:

Yep. Set audit #18 to zero, which is the 'max credits' setting. This puts it into free play.

Or drill a hole in the cabinet and wire a doorbell button to the coin switch like some idiot did on the one I own. Whichever is easier...

#463 4 years ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

I had a Firepower with a push button drilled into the coin door.
I guess this type information was hard to come by before the "interwebs" were created...

I didn't fault them until I saw it in the manual as well.

#465 4 years ago

3 balls

#469 4 years ago

If mine has a problem it's that with the cleared CPR playfield the right lock's rollover will send the ball flying up into the plastic like a ramp. I can't seem to find the right tension on the rollover switch to make it reliably register yet soft enough to let the ball just roll over it.

#471 4 years ago

oh, yep. Seems like it's always resting too high.

2 weeks later
#493 4 years ago

Cliffy should sell this!

#495 4 years ago

I did know. But I dont think his FP lanes are 1 piece as shown above.

3 weeks later
#513 4 years ago

Agreed. Yes for inserts, no for GI.

#519 4 years ago

Depends on how much money you want to spend and likely not ever recoup. You can buy a lot of repro parts for it.

#522 4 years ago

Agreed, that's high for a trashed playfield. Wait it out for a very nice one around 800 give or take. Much easier. I paid 300 for a trashed one and put about 900 in parts into it (cpr playfield, plastics, leds, etc) and still have a players cab and average backglass.

2 months later
#571 4 years ago

I will sell my CPR playfield and plastic set, but you have to buy the whole machine. lol

#573 4 years ago

never thought about it, let's just say 2k. playfield and plastics are installed but the cab still needs stenciling and backglass is meh.

I don't think anyone ever wants to buy an already restored firepower. I could see someone buying it just for the parts!

2 weeks later
#597 4 years ago

That's true for just about every game, ever.

1 week later
#605 4 years ago

Your GI looks pretty good for LEDs. What are you using?

Also look like you have piggy backed the lock lights to a flexy LED to light the saucer. That looks great.

#618 4 years ago

Do you mean how do you get #555 when you have 44/47 sockets? You cut the leads under the playfield, fish in the new socket wiring, and solder.

1 month later
#655 4 years ago

You just need some new foam backing behind those standup targets. Make sure you backbox lock is all the way turned over. If not, glass wont fit.

2 weeks later
#704 4 years ago

Looks like you have a new pawl/plunger and spring on the right one. I would check the flipper height to make sure it's not dragging on the playfield and then replace the return spring and solenoid sleeve. Search for Vid's flipper rebuild guide.

2 weeks later
#736 4 years ago

If anyone wants a set of the crap ones, I have a set that's just leaving a dump in a drawer somewhere.

#738 4 years ago

I would stick with one color or 2 colors diagonally across from each other. That single yellow skirt looks like an Op field repair to me.

10 months later
#1282 3 years ago

Interested in seeing this write up! I have my CPR playfield installed and the drop mechs are just laying in the cab waiting.

4 months later
#1552 2 years ago

Dark red. Half tones too!

#1556 2 years ago

A few months

Quoted from hepgeek:$860 + shipping. Here's hoping this encourages CPR to do another run. I'd be in for one.
I'm also down for one of the new glasses with the dark red.

A few months ago I would have taken 2k for mine with the CPR playfield in it. I bet I could sell it populated for that much. Prices are getting outta hand until those Hardtops come along.

4 months later
#1802 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Haha. Let me just go find the cash machine. I love how it’s a selling point that a ball as never touched the new playfield. Umm, so this game could play like total shit for the cheap price of 7-8k? Where do I sign up?!?

The coin door is all dented up too. Lovely molding though.

1 month later
#1967 2 years ago

Considering selling my machine w cpr FP installed but I think all the Chicago guys have one. Entertaining offers.

9 months later
#2577 1 year ago
Quoted from jvtalarico:

I have a Firepower that has recently developed a small issue. Activating either flipper or holding either flipper in causes scoring to rack up. Also, occasionally the ball release won't cycle until I hit one of the flippers. Any ideas??

Could be a switch contact gapped too close together, or a bad diode. Have you gone into the switch test to see which switch is registered as closed?

1 month later
#2681 1 year ago

Almost certainly not the physical switch. Try jumping the connection with alligator clips. If still no switch, it’s wiring, connectors, or a board/diode issue.

#2687 1 year ago

That upside down switch issue is more common in later system 7, like Black Knight. Time to repin your board and connectors.

#2689 1 year ago

Yep, their nipples are showing.

1 month later
#2744 1 year ago

The repro pop caps are trash. Mine live in the coinbox.

#2763 1 year ago

Turned on my FP today for the first time in awhile, I noticed I have some crackling in the speech. Is this a known issue on these Sys6s? It almost sounds like when you accidentally drop a screw or nut into the speaker housing. I guess I will try turning the speech board's pot back and forth to see if it's some kind of oxidation.

#2765 1 year ago

Hilariously enough, when I unbolted the speaker and turned it upside down a bakelite switch stack spacer fell out of it. D’oh! Guess I called it.

#2766 1 year ago

One more question while I’m under the hood, does anyone know where these standoffs go? Had them out since a PF swap years ago.

image (resized).jpg
#2773 1 year ago
Quoted from firefighter:

That's what I thought. I have never replaced one but one needs to start sometime.

People are going to judge, and yes it's a hack, but if you're not comfortable desoldering you can always snip the legs on the existing transistor and solder the new one right onto them. Much less likely to lift a trace.

1 week later
#2800 1 year ago

Mmm insert candy!

#2803 1 year ago

I wpnder what your red rails looks like on FP?

11 months later
#3330 75 days ago

Leaving the club, for now. Gold CPR playfield and plastics. Decent cab and passable back glass. https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/93342

1 month later
#3463 39 days ago
Quoted from scampcamp:

Should there be a plastic post here?
And should there be a rubber ring added?
It's under a plastic so I don't know why its needed.[quoted image][quoted image]

It supports the big plastic piece. No rubber need.

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