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the Final Battle.. Judgement Day

By DutchTommy

9 years ago

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    #1 9 years ago

    hi people / pinball lovers all around the world, i just decided to open an new topic for what i have about to say.

    this is not based on anything its mine personal opinion.
    i start to say that

    i have some information for you all,.

    and that is that Jersey Jack Pinball Will probaly make Stern blow right out of the water... Period.

    i am believing that Jersey Jack Pinball is building the future of pinball. we all pinball lovers want!

    the latest update from JJP about the multiball sequence was quite cool right!!
    the visuals were stunning i feel!! that might be an little piece of what we know of the game visuals currently to date

    but try to use your own imagination, of how the game should be done for WoZ in visuals, then prepare yourself,. because they are exactly doing what you guys would like to see about that in an pinballmachine.. they are simply creating what WE WANT and not what they are got to let us see.. what JJ is doing is creating

    The Ultimate Pinball Experience!! aka T.U.P.E

    and in my opinion is that stern is making pinball.. good old plain pinball, nothing more, nothing less.. they are cranking out pins with gamecodes unfinished,. ok i can live with that IF..

    IF they had an option build in to update the pinballmachine without the hassle of usb sticks and all that crap.. which takes quite a while too to update IMO! on top of that is that most Operators are not using that at all, they drop pinballgames with unfinished proto software on the street,

    and then after a while they are wondering why their income is so bad!? well we all know.. i cant even really blame the operators, they were used to the times that B/W were having their Pinballcodes Finished..

    why isnt stern not thinking a step further then all that.. by giving pinballmachines the simple option of updating their machines WIRELESS thru the internet on demand by the owner/operator,.. just fit the game with an integrated GSM Mobile Internet connection,. how about that??

    and update your roms,. just like you sometimes got to do on your smartphone/tablet to update their apps.. i feel that the same can be done with pinballmachines!! think of getting highscores on a machine on location sending the info to any source to show off.. make an picture because there is an cam installed on top of the backbox, machine could be saying where it stands on itself.. (make an machine privacy option) if it is turned on it could also sending your highscores directly to twitter / facebook.. announcing tournaments,. why not expanding the possibilities!! i can think of many more examples..

    we are living in 2012 for christ sake.. we got numerous industrial innovations sitting there to be getting used,.. but NO stern is sitting where it is.. and that is almost the same world where data east / sega were at also 20 years ago,. REAL innovation are not in their bible,. and even worse then that i cant find the simply thing like LOVE within the game.. LOVE!!! like TZ has or Funhouse, Funhouse.. it has LOVE all over them. my opinion

    STERN is like an unwanted marriage to me, i hope they are changing heart! and that they open their eyes.. stern their problem is that their foundation is build up in a swamp.. it doesnt matter how good the programmers or developers / designers are.. it goes down, the base is weak!

    i have faith that Jersey Jack is about to show the world and every pinball lover what we need.. and that they are willing to make Pinballmachines with LOVE and PRIDE on the label!!

    Gary said to Jack that the world is cold for pinball to enter into..

    Well that is because their heart for pinball itself is COLDER in contrary of their heart of money, but they were getting away with it,. because they WERE the only pinball manufacturer in the world,.

    not anymore!!

    an close pinball friend who is in the business,. made me aware, that we are definently in for an HUGE treat by jersey jack! id say save your money for them,

    the only reason i can think of giving out money for stern is not for their games..

    but for their wonderfull developers (lyman / steve / george and all the others) because those are the greatest people, and i dont want them see goin down when stern falls.

    i actually dont wanna see Stern goin down,. they definently got to change directions, or they might fall i love stern for making pins for so long though.. i got to give them that appreciation..

    i am an pinball lover 4 basically all my life,.started the love for it around the same time i could just use the walk and talk,and once again i say this for the BENEFIT of stern, in an attempt to open their eyes,. judgement day is around the corner. they gotta shape up big time or go down!

    i should write an book out of this bits.. bit instead of that, i do my saying right here.. i would love to share my opinion, i am not an stern hater at all.. i am actually an pinball lover overall whatever brand is on, i like pinball a lot! its my second nature..

    my problem with stern is that i just dont see much love in stern games.. my opinion..

    which is your opinion about the matter? would like to hear your opinion about it.

    #2 9 years ago

    That has got to be one of the longest posts in history.

    #3 9 years ago

    so i guess you have a woz coming up (sign up for one) ?

    #4 9 years ago

    @beatmaster if i had the money laying around for it ,. i definently would buy it absolutely.. would be an no brainer

    and offtopic thing to say.. if the money was just as good as mine pinball wizard skills are, then i would be an millionair for sure,. if that was the case i could buy 1 now..

    after the dreamscene above,. i am stepping back in the real world.. and realize ooh geeshh my super pinball powers was not worthy to build that high apparantly, as it dont pays off like tennis/ soccer or darts does in the real world in terms of money.. too bad

    still i feel it is more impressive to play real good pinball in compare to darts for example, like my play on tron. i think it is more entertaining to watch though.. then darts


    i builded the super skills because of the love of the game.. not for the $ which i could obtain by winning certain tournaments.. (this is an whole different topic) lets stay on topic

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