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The Dukes of Hazzard custom pin official thread

By Danzig

2 years ago

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#2 2 years ago

Super cool
All car pinballs should be rethemed as DOH imo Imagine how much more Hotwheels AP would have sold with this theme!

#3 2 years ago

Yee haw! My love of Duke of Hazzard may have overridden my distaste for Hot Wheels if it had been the different theme...

(and, I think we needed two Pac-Man avatars side by side on this thread)

#4 2 years ago

think #swinks was doing one these as well!

#5 2 years ago

watched the trailer ...very cool slick looking pin !

#6 2 years ago

The cab and backglass look awesome, the playfield art looks a trifle busy though.

#7 2 years ago

I'm always amazed someone can do these things, but this is extraordinary. It's a re-theme but also news rulesets AND added multiball to a Paragon?

Absolutely stunning.

#8 2 years ago

Really great work! Looks fantastic!

#9 2 years ago

Dream theme for me
Can't wait to see it in action!
Video coming soon?

#10 2 years ago

I’ll take one please.

#11 2 years ago

So Jake picked the theme and commissioned the artwork -- he can talk about that more if he wants. We've (so far) prepped the cab, applied the art, created a new wiring harness and assigned Chinese machines (jlcpcb) to produce a number of PCBs we'll be using for power distribution, clusters of controlled lighting, and the displays. We learned how to design PCBs about a month ago, and our designs are predictably similar to things you'd find all over the internet (we are software nerds by trade...hardware is a hobby). We will also be writing all of the code, light shows, etc., we have some pretty fun ideas for the light show in the chase sequence!

The Paragon ruleset was pretty easy to code. We'll be adding the additional features as new modes on top of MPF, so it will be pretty easy to have a setting that prevents those new modes from operating if you wanted to play "Paragon" (a little more work to use Paragon sounds for that mode but won't be a problem, still deciding if we want to take it that far for that mode).

We are waiting on a little bit more hardware to arrive before we are at the "initial flip test" stage, and we can really test out the wiring, new displays, etc. After that its full speed ahead on the code. Given that there is no LCD display (that the player sees) and we don't have to code a video game at the same time, we expect that to be limited only by our day jobs

Of course, as a work in progress, all features are planned and subject to change. However, we are pretty confident in our current gameplay design. We’ve come up with some ways to add multi-ball on this playfield that eliminate the possibility of lock stealing, stuck balls, etc., while allowing us to have stackable multi-ball options as well as configurable multi-ball ball save timers.

While the layout of the playfield is unchanged, we’ve made a few hardware changes underneath, including a mutli-ball trough (this will be a 4 ball game), auto launcher, as well as modifying the in-line drop targets with knockdown coils. This will allow some features such as a lower difficultly setting that remembers which players have knocked down which in-line targets, preserving state between balls, and another idea I was considering – increasing the value of the right 3 drop bank by awarding an in-line drop for completion (again, a difficultly setting that could be turned on and off).

Since there will be a number of configuration options to make this game more fun for Jake when he’s playing at home, and more suitable for tournament play when he hosts events at his place, we have added a 4 inch LCD accessible from inside the coin door. This will be used exclusively for the testing/adjustment interface, which will use the four button setup common on modern games today.

So we are a little ways away from gameplay video... but we will get there! We will share major milestones and cool stuff to show here, but often we post that stuff first at our facebook page (Outpost Kodelia).

If you are in the Phoenix area, and attending our Sor-Shu-Gon! event tomorrow (9/18/2021), you’ll be able to see the game in its current state in person, although it’s not flippable yet. We’ve had some problems with our CPU vendor (UpBoard) but have resolved them and should have that in hand shortly.

#12 2 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

think #swinks was doing one these as well!

yes, I had plans for a dmd style game with ramps, buildings etc - but life and challenges get in the way, cause delays, etc.

hopefully one day mine will happen, meanwhile Danzig 's is cool and I will be watching

#13 2 years ago

Holy S***!

This is awesome. Please put me down for one before it gets CANCELED.

#14 2 years ago


#15 2 years ago


#16 2 years ago

OMG, looks amazing. Your Phoenix retheme to black hole was amazing too! I imagine this DOH will become Legendary ...
Keep up the good work.

#17 2 years ago

Wow!! That is freaking awesome looking!
I've got the old school lunchbox and thermos but
this puts that to shame. Hahaha. Great job.

2 months later
#18 2 years ago

So we've mostly been working on software lately, but I can announce...

We'll be doing a livestream alpha reveal in partnership with The Electric Bat arcade Sunday, January 9th.

If you are in the Tempe, Arizona area, check out the EB and say hello!

If you are not, we'll share livestream details here as the date draws near.

#19 2 years ago

What a great theme, and so many options for the software. Lots of great seasons abs material to pull from.

#20 2 years ago

You should have a Vance and Coy mode that takes points off during this mode.

#21 2 years ago
Quoted from athens95:

You should have a Vance and Coy mode that takes points off during this mode.

HAHAHA!!! The machine goes all dark and sad and doesn't work quite right.

1 month later
#24 2 years ago

We'll be streaming DoH gameplay from The Electric Bat arcade in Tempe, AZ, this Sunday (1/9/2022) @ 1PM MST. Don't miss it!

stream (resized).jpgstream (resized).jpg
#25 2 years ago

The reveal was a huge success, everyone really loved it, I wasn’t expecting the fanfare it brought.

0044A3DC-B7E9-4F66-A808-EC634FEE668C (resized).jpeg0044A3DC-B7E9-4F66-A808-EC634FEE668C (resized).jpeg777C3175-29A2-485E-BE15-9BD869C8126A (resized).jpeg777C3175-29A2-485E-BE15-9BD869C8126A (resized).jpeg8DE5CCBA-6248-4CEC-91D0-ED723AD08E1E (resized).jpeg8DE5CCBA-6248-4CEC-91D0-ED723AD08E1E (resized).jpegFEB8B483-EEFC-4783-BE62-3EC3CE961739 (resized).jpegFEB8B483-EEFC-4783-BE62-3EC3CE961739 (resized).jpeg
#27 2 years ago
39D69DB4-F7D5-444F-BDCE-9A5F0D395118 (resized).jpeg39D69DB4-F7D5-444F-BDCE-9A5F0D395118 (resized).jpeg40DD7E62-15A7-42C6-9765-1EB90A89A06C (resized).jpeg40DD7E62-15A7-42C6-9765-1EB90A89A06C (resized).jpegC2806D0E-5456-456D-83AC-9929FBEDA802 (resized).jpegC2806D0E-5456-456D-83AC-9929FBEDA802 (resized).jpeg
#29 2 years ago

nice work, enjoyed some of the stream that I watched, like the negative points down the lhs

has given me a boost to continue on my version

#30 2 years ago

We had non-stop 4 player games running from 1pm-10pm!

We have a small slowdown sometimes after the wizard mode we need to investigate, and a balance issue here and there, but it was very well received and we have many who can't wait to take another crack at it!

#31 2 years ago

Wow that turned out great! Sorry I couldn't make it.

#32 2 years ago

Fantastic Job on the custom pin! So much hard work. It looks great. Great theme, I would love to have one.

#33 2 years ago

As of right now, DoH is scheduled to make 2 more public (and one semi-public) appearances before Jake takes delivery --

Starfighters Pinball Festival Feb 4-6 2022
Outpost Kodelia (Theme to be announced) Tournament March 19 2022
Zapcon 8.2 April 30 - May 1 2022

1 week later
#35 2 years ago

Very nicely done!

#36 2 years ago

Yeeeee Haaaw! This show and CHIPS had me glued to the TV screen for most of my childhood. Even had a Confederate Flag in my bedroom, and on my school backpack (glad I didn't opt for the tattoo in later life). Looks like a fun shooter... uncle Jesse would be proud.

1 week later
#37 2 years ago

Wow, check this out! Just received CPR’s first ever Best In Show Award. It was sent to me, but it truly belongs with everyone involved, primarily Stu Wright with Mad Voodoo pinball, Olivia Helm and Kaydee Helm of Outpost Kodelia, and also big thanks to everyone that helped with inspiration including all contributing members of the Strictly Custom Pinball group on Facebook and especially Brian Soares and Lonnie Mihin.

ACD78B1C-539D-463C-88E5-5B4625055C6F (resized).jpegACD78B1C-539D-463C-88E5-5B4625055C6F (resized).jpeg
#38 2 years ago

Anyone that’s wants the next chance to play the custom Dukes of Hazzard pin come on down to Starfighters Pinball Festival in Mesa, AZ this weekend.


#39 2 years ago

Here’s a short and not so great video of The Dukes of Hazzard in action, little hard to hear everything since this was video was made during Starfighters Pinball Festival last weekend and there was around 200 other pins being played. Yeas I had to do this as a link to the video on Facebook since Pinside doesn’t seem to have video posting capabilities.


2 weeks later
1 month later
#41 1 year ago

The custom Dukes of Hazzard pin will be playable to all at this years Zapcon Classic Arcade & Pinball show in Mesa, AZ Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st.

77A35E3C-8C6E-4188-B99D-8298F2782F29 (resized).jpeg77A35E3C-8C6E-4188-B99D-8298F2782F29 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#42 1 year ago

The Dukes of Hazzard custom pin just won “Best Pinball Machine” of Zapcon 8.2

004510C2-FC8A-4D96-9A72-E526EC30D422 (resized).jpeg004510C2-FC8A-4D96-9A72-E526EC30D422 (resized).jpeg1A2EFC33-CA58-41B7-837A-24E409B1F7BF (resized).jpeg1A2EFC33-CA58-41B7-837A-24E409B1F7BF (resized).jpeg1B8EAEAD-0566-471B-BD8D-D3D67D6D1CE9 (resized).jpeg1B8EAEAD-0566-471B-BD8D-D3D67D6D1CE9 (resized).jpeg20A47CD1-A965-4FB4-92A2-5A73F0379013 (resized).jpeg20A47CD1-A965-4FB4-92A2-5A73F0379013 (resized).jpeg30AECF55-0427-463F-AE06-52168DB4C64F (resized).jpeg30AECF55-0427-463F-AE06-52168DB4C64F (resized).jpeg3C472346-6080-4878-8740-77BBED97970D (resized).jpeg3C472346-6080-4878-8740-77BBED97970D (resized).jpeg467D136B-20FD-40DC-980E-6F24EE32F3E4 (resized).jpeg467D136B-20FD-40DC-980E-6F24EE32F3E4 (resized).jpeg4BDBE01C-CAAF-465F-888B-896649CFECFA (resized).jpeg4BDBE01C-CAAF-465F-888B-896649CFECFA (resized).jpeg51E21243-D3EF-4093-87C2-797F422A0550 (resized).jpeg51E21243-D3EF-4093-87C2-797F422A0550 (resized).jpeg7D634132-F7B3-4944-AC47-763BA5770377 (resized).jpeg7D634132-F7B3-4944-AC47-763BA5770377 (resized).jpeg8F67D85C-1BCC-4534-B39D-1F5C1267BE8D (resized).jpeg8F67D85C-1BCC-4534-B39D-1F5C1267BE8D (resized).jpeg9E075BB5-B0D6-4EE6-9DFD-5C78ED2AD6AB (resized).jpeg9E075BB5-B0D6-4EE6-9DFD-5C78ED2AD6AB (resized).jpegD21C03E9-8A28-42FB-B697-484AAE8F8CF2 (resized).jpegD21C03E9-8A28-42FB-B697-484AAE8F8CF2 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#43 1 year ago

For those that missed it live or on Twitch, here is the public reveal of the custom Dukes of Hazzard which took place at the Electric Bat Arcade in Tempe, AZ on January 9th, 2022. And please note, if you want to hear the game sounds better skip to 1 hour 30 min mark.

1 week later
#44 1 year ago

6 months later
#45 1 year ago


#46 1 year ago

Adding some pics from Pinball Expo in Chicago 2022

180C19CF-B049-4EE8-948B-DC7717975CA2 (resized).jpeg180C19CF-B049-4EE8-948B-DC7717975CA2 (resized).jpeg1AB9942D-AEBB-4C14-BA92-D50D4EBF6E55 (resized).jpeg1AB9942D-AEBB-4C14-BA92-D50D4EBF6E55 (resized).jpeg1FC08163-9A5C-48EE-AFA6-783559937315 (resized).jpeg1FC08163-9A5C-48EE-AFA6-783559937315 (resized).jpeg43161EB4-7ED5-4EE7-936F-E87F4B6EAF36 (resized).jpeg43161EB4-7ED5-4EE7-936F-E87F4B6EAF36 (resized).jpeg46A383D7-1ACF-49D4-A205-B262B0918055 (resized).jpeg46A383D7-1ACF-49D4-A205-B262B0918055 (resized).jpeg6D354305-AB76-4F4D-A618-7E5E5F8AD75A (resized).jpeg6D354305-AB76-4F4D-A618-7E5E5F8AD75A (resized).jpeg8811F1DF-540C-4A84-8B8C-FDAB2E823880 (resized).jpeg8811F1DF-540C-4A84-8B8C-FDAB2E823880 (resized).jpegA7269473-0C07-4106-AE8B-A832B66C97C8 (resized).jpegA7269473-0C07-4106-AE8B-A832B66C97C8 (resized).jpegC6E7C231-6C19-4794-92DA-A988822D9552 (resized).jpegC6E7C231-6C19-4794-92DA-A988822D9552 (resized).jpegCC27F62F-ED05-4F6C-94B3-E1FCA5A7DE04 (resized).jpegCC27F62F-ED05-4F6C-94B3-E1FCA5A7DE04 (resized).jpegCD3F460E-258E-4E2B-B0DA-BA7F20AC7450 (resized).jpegCD3F460E-258E-4E2B-B0DA-BA7F20AC7450 (resized).jpegD1FD2666-3BBE-442D-BCBF-8040C7283EE7 (resized).jpegD1FD2666-3BBE-442D-BCBF-8040C7283EE7 (resized).jpegF19883AE-EEE2-41D1-91E3-DE996853F68C (resized).jpegF19883AE-EEE2-41D1-91E3-DE996853F68C (resized).jpegF3C5ED20-908B-410A-AAAB-601B4F018473 (resized).jpegF3C5ED20-908B-410A-AAAB-601B4F018473 (resized).jpeg
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