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#909 12 months ago

anyone have issue with magna save only work on initial ramp shootout? it works on that one shot, but then when save is lit by rollover it wont grab it.
just replaced opto. Bought whole new magnet system before I replace, wondering if there is something else? in test mode mode it never grabs it, I was surprised it worked in game

#911 12 months ago

Yes tested with coin door closed. The solenoid wont ever grab it.. and inlane(magna rollover switch?) shows active
I would think it wasnt working at all, but then on that first ball it says save.. maybe the coil is suspect? I know the magnet core looks mushroomed.
Just trying to make sure a new one should solve it before undertaking the project

#912 12 months ago

btw how is this game not higher rated.. maybe I am biased being an eastwood fan forever, but it has allot good shots..

4 months later
#954 7 months ago

I’ve been putting off changing the magnet core, but is mushroomed to the point the ball gets stuck.
Did a tear down once before and stupidly didn’t replace then.
I think if I loosen and raise it there’s enough room to Dremel the edges smooth so I can slide it back down through the pf.
Has anyone done this?

#956 7 months ago
Quoted from locksmith:

I just did mine. 1 hour work. Remove houses and loosen the ramps to be able to remove mag from top. Opto bracket will swivel with one screw out. Make sure to file flat or replace. Real smooth when done with no hang up.

Hour isn’t bad. When I replaced the optos it took me a lot longer to loosen the ramps and get to it
Did you take the back wood panel off? That seemed to give me more room. Still wasn’t an easy project for me.
Did you get to the inner (middle) screw or the outer for the bracket

#957 7 months ago

So I must work super slowly. But was trying to label and clean
Big mess for tomorrw...
But look at that mag. Wonder it kept catching the ball

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#960 7 months ago

I have had continued issues with the magna save not working.(very sporadic, will sometimes work on initial plung) optos fine, continuity is there..
Ordered a new fliptronics board to see if that solves it. Aside from the two connectors on the flip board, if there is some other connection that plays a part I am not checking, please send me a message
than you

2 weeks later
#968 6 months ago

When you light the left inlane for mag save, does it pretty much always grab the ball when you get it to the mag?

#970 6 months ago

THats what I thought.
I’ve exhausted replacing everything involved with the magnet. It still
Doesn’t activate in mag test, and only grabs it on the initial
Ramp shot. Is there a rom that could
Be bad and not signaling the magnet to activate?

#972 6 months ago

Just wondering if my rom Is possibly bad, if that could be the problem

#974 6 months ago

Door closed and it only activates the opto in test.
The inlane switch comes up as it should in test mode as well
Has to be something obscure, that’s I thought a rom

2 months later
#1013 4 months ago

Does anyone know the correct multiball count. Is crime wave 4, regular
Multi ball 3, and instant 2?
If anyone knows please me know I am trying to be sure I have the trough optos working correctly

2 weeks later
#1019 4 months ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

I’m about to tear mine down and get the shroom magnet out as well. Do they make something to go over the magnet? With that being said...Are magnets still exposed on new games? I figured by now there would be something to install over top of them that still allows the magnet to function, but protects it too so it isn’t bashed all the time.

I agree why didnt they make some sort of a cover? not many have exposed magnet.
was pia getting it out good luck

#1025 4 months ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

Thanks! I hope to have it done in the next few weekends. I really don’t see the need for a magnet in this game at all. Seems like all they needed to do was make the ball gates open and close during certain modes. The skill shot that requires the magnet could have simply relied on left or right gate to be closed to send your ball back down the right side to shoot for ramp skill shot. Same could be done for the magna force light. I think once it’s lit all it does is catches your ball and drops it, just like the skill shot.
I’m not 100% sure that’s how the magna force works during gameplay, as mine isn’t working at all right now, but I think it would have worked using gates instead.

The magnet actually makes the game allot more fun..my wasnt working from the time i got it..
Since getting it fixed I gravitated to playing the game allot more

#1026 4 months ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Someone was smart and epoxied a 1/8 inch round plastic over the magnet on my machine. It seems to still grab fine and there is absolutely no wear. I thought it was factory installed until I read posts about mushrooming magnets.

Can you snap a photo of the cover? wondering what they used


#1028 4 months ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

What was the problem with yours? Mine doesn’t work really either.

So mine would not work in diagnostic test. The opto would trigger but magnet wouldn’t trigger. It would pulse in solenoid. It would sometimes grab in game on first ramp shot. Never worked when the magna Save inlane was activated.

#1031 4 months ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

What was the problem with yours? Mine doesn’t work really either.

What does/doesnt your magnet do? Work in test mode? any times in game? let me know

#1033 4 months ago

I would reseat the mag coil connector under the playfield just to try something easy.. then see if it pulses in the solenoid test ..
If not then agree check the flipper board. There are two connectors that supply power to the magnet ( a red white and yellow/ ? ) .

#1045 4 months ago

My playfield art is different. Which is the more common

Looks awesome though

#1048 4 months ago

I will look ... after staring at basketball for few days i could easily be mistaken

I thought the insert are was but
Now uncertain.

1 week later
#1057 3 months ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

I just figured somebody would know of somebody making them by now or something. Lol. No cuts.
Let’s switch gears a second. Anybody else missing a place under the playfield for the bulb on the jackpot insert for the right ramp? I seem to be. I’d post a pic, but again my DH is still at my brother's house. Maybe I’m overlooking it, but I’ve looked on the boards hoping there would be a socket for a bulb to extend from. I’m either blind or I’m missing a place for it.

I was missing the lamp socket. but there was a spot to solder one on the board

1 month later
#1083 73 days ago

what happens when try to use it? does the ball go in but not fire? or something else
Also I know there is a setting to disable the gun in settings..

1 month later
#1100 38 days ago

If someone could please let me know what their micro switch for the safehouse looks like, it would be helpful.
The one in my machine is curved at the end.and does not match the photo of the part# listed in the manual
It lists the switch as 5647-12693-31. It is a straight switch

#1105 37 days ago
Quoted from bssbllr:

Here is

the switch that’s for my safehouse. Funny you mention the manual cause noticing a few things about that like coil tubes showed installed different then mine and others I have seen. As well as the assemblies for gun load and warehouse seem to be switched compared to manual. I believe it’s the right way cause all the holes for assembly’s are in right the spot. Probably a last minute production change after manual I’m thinking. Like the warehouse drop target.
[quoted image]

Thanks that helps me out.

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