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#84 5 years ago

Man those call out are SO BAD when you first get the machine...then you can't get enough of them!

#95 5 years ago
Quoted from Vreuls:

Playfield pictures from my very bad dh

Holy crap...that's some PF wear!

1 month later
#123 5 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

So, 'Shoot Out' is the worst award and basically impossible, right?
Maybe I just stink lol.

Depends. I've heard people say it's easy and they seem to be playing by a diff'rent set of rules than mine has. I always assumed you got your ball back but people say that isn't the case. I have NEVER completed shoot out.

#129 5 years ago

Luckily never had it happen to me.

#143 5 years ago

Funny, Mine goes thru phases. It will get stuck in that spot once every 3 games for a awhile, and then not for weeks.

1 week later
#162 5 years ago
Quoted from Spraynard:

Anyone else have the problem of balls moonwalking out of the left inlane after being kicked out of head quarters? Super annoying, have no idea how to fix

Gotta be a pitch/level thing. Wait you mean it comes out of the VUK and then goes out the left outlane? Hows the damage on the inlane? Maybe you have the incorrect coil on the VUK that'k giving it more power than it should have.
Just thining of weird stuff as i can't even see how it could do that.

6 months later
#167 5 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Otherwise having never played one, I am overly amazed this game is not ranked higher after playing a half effort game there looks to be so much to it just in 15 min of play.

Welcome Meathead. Clean it up then go get yourself a hotdog.

3 months later
#182 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Guys: picking up a DH in another week.
Question concerning the modes: do they light randomly, or do they always start at the bottom and light upwards towards Stop Scorpio?

Pre-welcome to the club!
No they do not go in order. I forget how they move but probably pops change what's lit

#188 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Guys: Thoughts on Ledding out a DH? Picking one up this weekend and contemplating my route on Leds. I generally do Cointaker. Anyone ?

Used LEDs in inserts and like the look, left GI incandescent. I used Cointaker Frosteds for all of them I think...maybe a flex as the bottom mode or shoot again (forgot which) is pretty heavily blocked.
Basic color matching.

#190 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

I usually leave GI incandescents too. Maybe i'll use leds in the backbox though for the gi there.

Worth noting is the backbox uses some 455...or 454...or whatever the hell the number is. Not all 555s is the basic jist of it.

EDIT: 545s.

#200 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Yes, but I wouldn't worry about it unless the ball is getting hung up on or behind the magnet (as was the case for me).

Agreed...don't invent things to fix that aren't broken.

#203 4 years ago

Never seen one as dark as your before pick...but I never play with only the GI on.

2 weeks later
#213 4 years ago

AS far as I know they are riveted on. Although if you have the intact target istelf still on and just want new graphics, you can buy stickers for them.

#216 4 years ago
Quoted from aveamike:

I have never riveted anything. Can I pick up a rivet at a hardware store?

Maybe...hobby lobby type place for sure...autozone. Look for best deal as they well probably vary a lot.

You're looking for a "rivet gun."

1 month later
#225 4 years ago
Quoted from jkroeck25:

Dirty Harry owner now for about 2 months. Game is apart right now to repair ramp and check out some other issues. Can someone please watch my video and compare this switch test to their own machine. Thanks. ยป YouTube video

All tests confirmed same as yours on my machine.

1 month later
#232 4 years ago

Just playing some the other night...just a well balanced game. Crime Wave is actually a total bitch though

1 month later
#254 4 years ago
Quoted from schudel5:

Just wondering if this is normal behavior or if I have to start digging further into this issue.

Not normal at all.

#258 4 years ago
Quoted from radrats:

Better pic.

10414880_10102956492901355_62348... 123 KB

Looks like Futurama

7 months later
#305 3 years ago

Hmm without looking I would ASSume that it's the second switch on the ramp...entry ramp makes noise, second gives credit for making ramp. Might be an opto up there?

4 months later
#341 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

Still cant make it to crime wave.....lol

More pain after you do. I don't find it very hard to get to Crime Wave, but it's frikkin impossible to get anywhere in it. I talk to other owners around me and they seem to agree. Also, I've never met anyone that has completed shoot out, well other than people on here.

#344 3 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

So far best I could do in crime wave is 2 arrests. Shootout only completed it once ever. 4 years of ownership.

Yeah I've gotten 2 a few times...which isn't even enough to crack the leader board.
I've for sure been 1 shot away from shoot out, but that's it.

#352 3 years ago
Quoted from Cash_Riprock:

Now get the dirtbags! ; )

YEs! Jam a Hotdog up those Punks' #$&%###$!!!!

#355 3 years ago
Quoted from Slate:

I am interested in picking one up.
But watching a you tube play video of it, the sound track sounded like weird guitars/action track...

Music is fine...by your avatar I assume you like weird guitar action?

1 week later
#360 3 years ago

Jesus...that's weird.

2 weeks later
#377 3 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

cliffys are great for this machine, but you pretty much have to 'shop it out' to install them, all 3 cliffys.
enjoy your new toy!

Ha...I've had those cliffys sitting around for a long time in the coinbox...DH not a fun game to shop IMO.

#381 3 years ago
Quoted from TwilightZone:

The way the ramps intertwine....

You mean the way you have to torque the shit out of them to go back in...man I did not like that one bit.

1 week later
#391 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Anyone else get a lot of rejected balls off the right ramp?

Gotta make sure them flippers are in snip-snappy shape. DH has some of the toughest ramps for a B/W IMO.

#395 3 years ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

feed from the magnet is key...

Timing the left loop to upper flipper ramp is key also...the ball has a lot more momentum and goes up there easier.

2 months later
#422 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

I'm not sure I'm clear on how to make arrests during Crime Wave. Can someone offer tips? Thanks.

You have to complete all the badge shots to get 1 stinking arrest. Now that is hard, and you have to make 3 arrests to get your name on the scoreboard. So hard.

#424 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Yikes, I was afraid it was gonna be that...

Yeah it's pretty rough. But don't worry, completing shoot out is even harder

#426 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

It is so cool to drain and get this bonus mode, until you realize you have to hit all the bullets.

It's funny on Pinside I have heard a few people say they've completed shoot out; the real life people I know that own it, and they are good players, have never done it.

#438 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

No need to remove the playfield. Stripping it down is enough.

Yeah trust us...that is enough. Not a fun game to break down.

#441 3 years ago
Quoted from tslayer71:

Ya I know this will be a major project. Time to stock up on beer!

Yeah the buildings are a little bit of a bitch to get off, but the ramps are the real issue. I really had to bend mine to get them back in, since they intertwine with each other...wasn't a good feeling, but it works out

1 week later
#451 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

Is it just me being bias, or does DH seem to be getting a little more popular? Oh, watched Sudden Impact for the first time....definitely not the best DH

Oh don't know....it's one of those things it's not a high production model so i think you notice it more when you have it. It's one of those games people own it and really love it, or don't know anything aboot it. I bought it site unseen for a good price, and i don't think I had heard of it before.

#454 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I have a DH ...Gonna play it now and slap myself for even thinking about it.

And I'm going to eat this hot dog and act like I never goddamn heard you say this

#458 3 years ago
Quoted from shaub:

After owning my DH for over a year, I finally made 3 arrests in crime wave...

BULLSHIT that's a lie!

Quoted from shaub:

Not an easy wizard mode, that's for sure.

That is true it's tough

Crime Wave somehow the hardest wizard I've ever faced....and everyone around me feels the same way. Seems soooo simple!

#474 3 years ago

Letter bomb is a must attempt for me...I can't live without it. The voice work is just so damn good...that sneaky bastard "Hey Harry....you checked your mail today?"

#482 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

...I have it all tuned up and jacked up in the back so it is extremely difficult to play....the safehouse shot is unbelievably difficult to get to stick.

Think you answered it yourself. Game was designed to play at a certain pitch well, may be too steep to get in there. Mine almost never gets rejects.
New flippers kit shouldn't hurt you there unless the coil changed to a bigger one.

#485 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

thanks law. i'll lower it a bit. is there a place to find recommended factory pitch settings for all games or are they in the individual manuals?

W/B "True Pitch" should be 6.5 degrees.

#487 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

i'll have to grab a handy dandy pitch-o-meter. i have an inclinometer on my phone but I dont believe its the same thing even on games I have set up like that it's always around 5 or less

There is that pinball leveler app that works pretty well and talks to you whilst you're under the machine "lean left...lean left..."

1 month later
#515 3 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

I love Steve Ritchie, but no way T2 should be ranked higher. load da cannon, load da cannon, snoozefest.
ratings bump

Well you're going to have a lot of people here that have never seen a DH before, but everyone knows T2.

I agree completely with you of course though

4 weeks later
#526 3 years ago

It's the design of the ramps...you can see it's like a speed bump on top of the ramp; you can;t just wiggle one up there. Don;t try changing to higher coil then it's too powerful for safehouse shot.

You'll get used to it.

2 months later
#562 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

You know what it means when you buy back the most recent titles you sold? Well, I couldn't tell you. But Harry and Ripley's have come home. What I think it means is this time they might stick around a little longer.

Jesus I hope so...congrats

2 months later
#583 2 years ago
Quoted from BLACK_ROSE:

How the hEll do u do it .. It's gotta happen during Crime wave ,, but I CannOt dO it .. Who Has and Please tell me hOw ..

haha Crime Wave is such a bitch BR. I think the trick is to get down to 2 balls, and then complete all the badge shots. With all the balls going it's too much of a cluster fuck to get any damage done. I MIGHT have got 2 arrests once...once, and of course that isn't enough to get to the high score board. Certainly average 0 arrests.

amazingly it's easier than completing "shoot out," which I have never met anyone whom's done it (real people that is not internet superstars )

3 weeks later
#597 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I'm going ice blue and pink gi lighting on mine. Mirror blades whole 9. Gonna go well with my bsd and who dunnit.

Uff that sounds horrible.

#603 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

So anyone else notice the bug that there's no ball save on the skill shot if you choose the gun

Makes sense but you never go with the gun, always ramp shot, that's too valuable.

#607 2 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Yeah, but the gun is just too cool to select the ramp shot. Gotta shoot the gun, just because it's there.

The only time I don't go for the ramp, I go for bullets. Haven't chose the gun in years!

#610 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Also with leds mine strobes hard so I turned dimmed off. Anyone run an ocd board

Incandescent work great in GI

Quoted from Billy16:

I installed an OCD board on the GI circuit and it works great. Backbox now dims and darkens like it should, and I can live with the small amount of remaining insert ghosting. If you want to knock it all down, you could use an OCD board on that circuit as well.

1 week later
#618 2 years ago

There's only a drunken rumor that odin got the 6-ball MB once i think.

1 week later
#628 2 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

You guys should try a spotlight on the left sling, really helps that side out.

I find if you don't clown puke the PF with gaudy horrible overblown lighting you can see the left side just fine

1 week later
#640 2 years ago

Had a crime wave plus 2 5x playfield promotions game last night resulting in no real points earned and 0 arrests....still fun

#647 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I've had two and a half billion twice. But it's not easy to replicate that score for sure. I keep trying...

Depends on the EB settings...you really have to choke this beast down or it will give them out in droves. That's if you don;t go tournament.

3 months later
#694 2 years ago

That's good price these days. Make sure the magnet works going up the right loop. Make sure the gun fires, look for big divots in the PF from gun firing.

2 weeks later
#705 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

1 year is gone...
and tomorrow DH should be there
i'm happy already, but sad in the other way, as its a swap with my BSD
more to come


#710 2 years ago

Not a fan of powder coating really but black outs usually look pretty damn sharp.

#716 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

my DH came with lightning (than shorter) flippers
i could be wrong but from factory DH was set-up with "normal" ones, correct !?

Normal Flippers are standard

2 months later
#722 1 year ago

Airballs from right ramp? Wow never heard of that before. Those ramps should be tough to get a ball up *correct flipper coils?), so the idea of them squirting off seems strange...eXpecially with the plastic cover over the ramp. That piece in place?

P1050272 (resized).JPG

#724 1 year ago

Ahhhh...interesting indeed. Huh that IS a weird one.

#736 1 year ago
Quoted from Stones:

Who's in on a color DMD? The colorization...looks really good.....

I will be for sure

1 week later
1 week later
#743 1 year ago

Just put my colordmd in yesterday and it's fantastic. Great work as always

#747 1 year ago

Fuse or coin door?

#754 1 year ago
Quoted from Milltown:

Curios if anyone ever has had a issue with the ball shoot in back of the warehouse.. usualy it does load all the way up but sometimes it tries and doesn't make it all the way up then 10 seconds or so later on its second attempt it will work. ? I have not scoped it out under the pf yet... just looking for any tips on a fix..

Not normal. You need to get in there and clean that coil that fires it up.

#766 1 year ago

Looked awesome....riiiight up until that purple

7 months later
#852 1 year ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Thought I'd touch up the safe house and warehouse a little bit. They looked a little blah.

Man you painted it great can't wait to see it on the game.....oh and all that work down the purp'n drain

#854 1 year ago
Quoted from Scoot:

the problem I am now having is that on a clean shot to the right ramp, the ball launches off the ramp exit, over the lane gate and back towards me, missing the jackpot almost every time.


Do you mean after it makes it up the ramp? If so I wonder if Stones every got his completely fixed

3 weeks later
#875 1 year ago

Would speed the game up for sure. But no worries, we can all add our own if we want.

1 week later
#898 1 year ago
Quoted from Billy16:

--all the balls came back into play, but the flippers were still dead.

That's what I've heard

1 week later
#901 1 year ago
Quoted from ChrisPINk25:

I'm planning on getting one and can't decide between LCD and LED.

For me lcd always. Fattening up the dogs is a big deal to me and it looks great.

Well everyone sold mine yesterday. Loved the game but it was time to go. Enjoy everyone!

1 week later
#910 1 year ago
Quoted from topkat:

in test mode mode it never grabs it, I was surprised it worked in game

Are you testing it with the coin door closed?

Did you check the inlane switch?

#913 1 year ago
Quoted from topkat:

btw how is this game not higher rated.. maybe I am biased being an eastwood fan forever, but it has allot good shots..

Just not a super common game. Growing up/working in arcade in 80s 90s I never played it till I bought it.

Yeah Jeez I don't know... Did you factory reset it? Maybe a menu option for the time between switch and opto to activate magnet? Seems unlikely but it the opto, switch, and mag all work i don't know what to do

#917 1 year ago

No deleting

2 months later
#940 9 months ago

A lot of us have 2 arrests... Not many have 3

1 month later
#964 7 months ago
Quoted from Scoot:

. Instead of starting a game using the magna save and trying for the ramp, I chose to constantly try to load the gun and shoot for the HQ. ...

Problem with that is you don't advance your rank which is a big deal

#966 7 months ago
Quoted from RCA1:

I usually shoot the gun, just since it's cool. And my score isn't going to be great anyway.

Fair enough.
HQ shot is VERY easy, you need to learn it till it's second nature.
You need to advance the rank to light shit and then finally get the 5x PF multipler. Set that up with with a fat MB super jackpot and BAM! That's why you play. I mean it doesn't have to be but start rolling some advanced techniques in there and planning ahead; Another kind of fun.

#969 7 months ago

It should always grab it.

#971 7 months ago

Huh, I just had the newest ROMs and it always worked.

2 weeks later
#981 7 months ago

Mine had those as well. You can also just put some sockets there and jump some wires up.

dh (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#994 6 months ago
Quoted from seah2os:

No slings, trap door, jet bumpers...every item in solenoid test scrolls, but no action....

You have to have the coin door interlock pushed, or shut the door. It's intentionally turning off the high voltage

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