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The Dirty Harry Club

By Mato

6 years ago

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#276 4 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Joined the Dirty Harry club today! Did not get a lot of time on it, but hope too soon. Game is in decent shape, but needs to be restored/shopped out.

It has the magnet wear and the ball sticks on that area during game play. Is there a fix for this?


Rob Bell

First make sure the game is set at a proper angle as well as the adjusting the height of the magnet...

#277 4 years ago
Quoted from tslayer71:

I'm excited to join the club! Just got my DH this week. Judging from my picture I would say my magnet is mushroomed. So the only way to remove/replace is to take everything off on top of it? You can't push it through from under the playfield? Do you need to remove everything on top of the magnet so you can pry it loose/out?


Whoa! Never seen anything like that before

#278 4 years ago

Some of you guys need to get that backboard decal, makes a huge difference for DH esthetics.

2 weeks later
#296 4 years ago
Quoted from TwilightZone:

How long have you been collecting? That's very, very common especially on DH. The magnet is totally hidden so most assume it is fine and over the years it gets worse and worse.

Almost 3 years.

#297 4 years ago
Quoted from tslayer71:

So what does installing the decal involve doing? I take it that it won't be as straight forward as sticking it on......

Question has been answered already.

In short, it's an easy backboard to do compared to many others...

3 weeks later
#300 4 years ago
Quoted from Drumheadz:

I just finished shopping a Dirty Harry and everything's great except somehow
I find the sound to be "crackling" sometimes like the level is too high and it's clipping, Any DH owner who can confirm this is normal or not?


no, it's not normal.

However, I did get that type of noise when my speaker cables (+/-) where touching each other briefly...

4 months later
#323 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurium:

I can't seem to find the other end for what its for? Game dosen't show any errors / Credit dots..... Could anybody help with this?

I have the same...goes nowhere.

Maybe shaker motor?

2 months later
#333 3 years ago

DH was my first pin (4+ years ago) and I play it almost as much as my NEW Sterns. Make sure you have the correct rubbers for the outlanes (1 inch ring) what I mean is the rubber is supposed to stretch from the adjustable post to the nearby starpost. If you just use a small rubber ring over the adjustable post then yes the game will be much easier as the ball will constantly bounce out.
Make sure your flippers are good.
Game is great!

Quoted from RipleYYY:

i have some interest in a DH, can you convince me it's (really) good !?
i'm already OK with the theme, and the calls out (even if i'm native french) from Clint itself
let's admit the artwork is just OK
i need more infos about the gameplay & rules, from a player point of view, as i feel the pin is quite easy and there're no much to do on it !?
in fact, already tested (only few games) and i finish it while scoring 2B pts... the videos posted on PAPA make me feel same idea...
than, did i'm wrong about it ? tell me

1 week later
#343 3 years ago

So far best I could do in crime wave is 2 arrests. Shootout only completed it once ever. 4 years of ownership.

4 weeks later
#375 3 years ago
Quoted from t2:

Just got a Dirty Harry. 2nd time. Does anyone sell the ramps? Are there cliffys?

there may be a site in Australia that has ramps. Cliffy sells protectors for DH (just not on his website yet) email him

1 week later
#396 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

DH is easy compared to RoadShow or Demolition Man.

Ive done all 3. DH is more labour intensive but not by much ... Those long overlapping ramps go over everything.

#397 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Anyone else get a lot of rejected balls off the right ramp? I wonder if I just need a new ramp. Not going up as smoothly as I'd like when I have good fast shot at it. Maybe it's hopping when it hits he ramp and knocked down by the roof. Happens so fast it's hard to tell.

I did not have that problem with my first DH. My second one occasionally pops the ball up when it hits the metal flap dead center, so I raised the ramp a bit and placed a little bit of foam under the flap to stop it from flexing and popping the ball up when it gets hit. Seems to help.

1 month later
#404 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

Has anyone ever made decals for DH? My cab is not bad, but I would like to powder coat DH....I'm afraid if I do this.....the imperfections of the decals will stand out....

I haven't seen them anywhere yet. Not even backbox decals...

#405 3 years ago

Aside from the decal at the back of the playfield (which in my view is a must have) and maybe a few extra lights are there any good playfield mods out there for DH? (I can't remember any from this thread)

#410 3 years ago
Quoted from TwilightZone:

I also found DH surprisingly challenging. When I looked at it, I thought, "Piece of cake". The ramps, wire frames and diverter really increased the time to get it done.
I also did a DM and found that one a chore. I have a RS, as well. Fortunately, that one was bought shopped. Ted looks like he would be a pain to take apart.

If you got the right tools and your hands are not the size of a bears, then Ted can be done without pulling the ramps...did him twice.

#411 3 years ago

How's the fit around the lower left VUK? It's a pretty tight area for the added thickness of a plastic protector there...

1 month later
#467 3 years ago

Most modes can be completed but not Scorpio.

#475 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

If you hit the safehouse....that stops Scorpio

You are correct.
I was thinking of it from the point that as long as you hit the shots it would continue...no fixed number of shots...

#480 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Maybe not the best idea, or maybe a good idea, but an idea for a topper...

Hope it doesn't topple over...

2 weeks later
#492 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Wait, what - there's an Alcatraz MB??? +1 on the sub.
EDIT: found this by searching... "Alcatraz MB is the other wizard mode -- sort of. It's the end of the Safehouse awards that come from rank advances (via side ramp) then a shot to the lit Safehouse."

Decent amount of code in DH...

#493 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

The star of the Dirty Harry club is about to drop out of the top 100. Maybe ratings are not important, but I'd like to see DH on the first page and not in the archive. No way DH does not belong in the middle of any top 100 list. If you haven't yet rated, maybe now would be a good time to do so...

Games like Cyclone, Xenon and Space Station ahead of DH?... gimme a break

2 months later
#539 2 years ago
Quoted from Weed_of_Crime:

Can anyone answer this? : my DH it's almost impossible to catch the ball on the lower flippers. Is this a trait of every DH? Or do I need to make some adjustments?

I have no problem catching on mine.

#541 2 years ago
Quoted from Weed_of_Crime:

Just trying to hold the ball. So that it rests on a flipper and I can aim a shot.
Seems impossible. Always rolls off

You'll have to send us a pick of your bats... they should be lined up with the inlanes.
or it could be your EOS switches are not set properly...

#544 2 years ago

... don't forget Devils Rider just made it's grand entrance at 26...

5 months later
#625 2 years ago

You guys should try a spotlight on the left sling, really helps that side out.

#631 2 years ago
Quoted from aerobert:

Picked two of these machines up recently. However one died on me after an hours play and gives me the double D20 blink, U8 bad ram. Haven't swapped the CPU board from the other yet but I will soon enough.
It's such a great game. Love it! Even made me rewatch the DH movie series again after about 20 years.
I love the skyline backbox mod. I found it for 35 bucks from some american seller, but they wanted 37 dollars for shipping overseas. No way. Haven't found it in europe. Will have to check out how an extra spotlight looks. You mean to light up the center PF more?

Yes, if you like playing in a dark room, a spotlight on the left sling helps with the center playfield lighting quite nicely I find.

.... no "clown puke" lighting on this machine ....

1 month later
#653 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Anyone every ordered from here. I got a cherry dirty harry and new decals would push it to collectors level. Not looking forward to putting them on

It's about time somebody did something for this game.
If I can get the head decals seperate I may just get those.

3 weeks later
#668 2 years ago

Anybody in Canada have a DH proto for sale?

4 months later
#726 1 year ago

Maybe try pitching the game up another degree to slow down that ball going around the ramp...

4 weeks later
#765 1 year ago

Nice powder coat job.

1 week later
#778 1 year ago

Loaded a color DMD in my DH...looks great

2 weeks later
#782 1 year ago

Hey Stones! Get a back board decal for that bad boy!

5 months later
#826 1 year ago
Quoted from Aahzz:

Maybe someone here has had this issue and can help. I’m having issues with my gun. Sometimes it loads a ball and fire then resets but other times when I fire the ball the gun will continue to swing back and forth and never reset. If I play with the trigger it sometimes resets. I took the launcher apart, changed the switch but still does it. Any ideas?

It could be the gun cables are at their end. I had to replace mine a while ago.
I think I got the cable at Pinball Heaven (UK)...

#829 1 year ago
Quoted from alimerick:

Have done this to a TAF and it is nice and clear. Currently stock DH sounds like it is over the phone now compared to others in the room. Want DH to balance with other pins in the room that have had similar done. All the games are in the basement of hand built 1958 house. Basement has boiler baseboard heat but no AC except what comes down the steps. For all the games to fit in the room, operate on the electric that is available they are all led so less heat and room still needs 3 fans in the summer. Powered subs on a bunch would not work and it is the basement. All outlets are raised, all games are on surge protected outlet strips mounted on the walls. Nothing electric on the floor. Learned this the hard way a few years ago during a hurricane when power was out. Had to run an inverter to the car and run the car for 12 hours to operate a small pump to keep the basement from flooding. Ruined the battery in the car and really did not like messing with electric rigging extension cords like this in water. But Pins First after Family and house. Have a small propane generator now that can run sump pumps etc. Of course this is the only time this basement has gotten this way since the house was built but lesson learned. Was not fun spent weeks cleaning up stuff that was stored on the other side of the basement in boxes. On the plus side was a good time to have basement entrance door replaced with one wide enough for pins to fit through without having to remove the door and trim every time.

May want to consider a dehumidifier for your basement if ventilation is poor. I don't imagine the pins like long term exposure to humidity.

3 months later
#925 12 months ago

DH was my first game also. Very underrated.

9 months later
#1102 69 days ago
Quoted from whitey:

I have one coming myself, color dmd,speaker upgrade,Hot Rod plating
And LEDs a must for me . Best playfield mods ?

one or 2 added spotlights,
back panel decal a must
side panel decals are ok
back panel lighting
cliffys a must
plastic protectors
trough light

back box - added a few blinkers for bridge lights...
sound - subwoofer

can't think of anything else that would be good...game doesn't need much

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