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#908 1 year ago

Just got mine this past weekend, it's my first pin. Love it so far.

2 weeks later
#918 1 year ago

Newb here, having a weird problem with my gun. When I start it up, it usually plays fine for a few games, but then the gun won’t stop rotating back and forth and the game won’t use it anymore. The weird part is, other aspects of the game change too after the malfunction- it auto plunges, the ball save gets very generous, and if you start any of the hurry ups the timer doesn’t count down. Disabling the gun in the settings makes the other issues stop. After the malfunction there’s a credit dot and the test message says “gun broken.” Before the malfunction there’s no credit dot.

Another time after the malfunction, the test message said to check switches 44 (gun chamber), 45 (gun popper), 76 (gun position), and 77 (gun lockup). When I run a test on each individual switch, 45 is closed and displays an (A), while the other three are open. I'm not sure what any of that means. There is also a gun test, but that looks like it's just testing whether the gun will move and rotate properly, which it does.

Any suggestions- especially bearing in mind that I know almost nothing about pinball repair, tools, etc. I'm trying to learn as much as I can and have learned quite a bit in the past couple of weeks, but am still getting started. So, idiot-proof explanations would be appreciated. Thanks!

#921 1 year ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Hello and welcome to the world of pinball ownership and repair! You have come to the right place, as people on pinside are very helpful and knowledgeable. Whenever I have an issue,the first thing I do is search the forums. Forums are loaded with wonderful information that can help with your problems. There are several posts within describing similar problems. I have looked them over and it seems you have an issue with the gun home switch. The gun when it calibrates looks for a switch to tell it to stop in the home position. Since yours does not stop, I would start there. Look for any frayed or loose wires near the gun assembly. If you don’t have a soldering iron you will need to get one. Check switches in test mode to make sure they are all working. Switch 45 is closed on my machine however I am not sure what the “A” represents either. Hopefully you can find the switch that is not working. Lastly, most of the problems I have encountered often times are remedied by simply cleaning.

Thanks. In terms of looking stuff up first, I always do- it's only fair to try to answer your own questions first before you ask other people to spend time helping you. But, I'm at such a low level with this stuff that I can't really interpret or use a lot of the information that's out there yet. For instance, my first issue was a broken flipper. I watched/read several tutorials, but they weren't that useful since the flippers in the tutorials weren't laid out like mine, or they skipped over the really basic stuff that I need, etc. Instead, it took hours and hours, and many people on here patiently answering my dumb questions. But I got it in the end, rebuilt all my flippers, and I have a decent understanding of the mechanics of flippers now. By the same token, if I had a ramp with a broken switch or something I'm sure there are plenty of resources out there, but I have no idea where to even start looking with something like the gun. I've seen a lot of those posts you mentioned but I don't really know enough to implement what they're talking about. Anyways though that's good advice to look for frayed or loose wires near the gun, and that a lot of problems just require cleaning to resolve- I can start with that!

2 months later
#938 10 months ago

Got to Crime Wave and popped mine for a billy for the first time tonight. Awwww yeah.

2 months later
#977 7 months ago

Does anyone know how many DH samples/prototypes with the drop target in front of the warehouse were produced? I read 200 somewhere, but that seems low.

1 month later
#995 6 months ago
Quoted from seah2os:

I'm having an intermittent problem with the Magna Save on Dirty Harry. At the beginning of the game, if I choose "Ramp Shot" and shoot the ball, the Magna Save sometimes grabs the ball and won't let go until ball search is performed by the machine. It then releases the ball and all is fine. I just got this machine yesterday and unsure where to start. Thanks.

This happens on mine once in a while. If I give the cabinet a good shake it pops out, so I believe it's just the ball getting stuck rather than being trapped by the magnet. The ball search gets it out also, but I think that's just the effect of the magnet going on and off moving the ball around. I've replaced the balls recently, so it's not that.

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